03x10 - A Battle of Concepts

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Haikyu!!". Aired: April 6, 2014 - December 19, 2020.
Follows Shoyo Hinata, a boy determined to become a great volleyball player despite his small stature.
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03x10 - A Battle of Concepts

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Title: Haikyu!!

Sign: Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy

Sign: Shiratorizawa Karasuno

Sign: Episode : The Battle of Concepts

volley-internal-top,Kei: We've basically used up all our options for switching out players.

Kei: But right now, the setter's on the back line,

Tana: Hinata, nice serve!

Kei: and there are three attackers in front.

Kei: Along with Hinata's super-fast back att*ck, there are two attackers.

Kei: This rotation is % a super att*ck-style rotation.

Kei: If you guys can find a chance to att*ck...

Kei: With Nishinoya out and Sawamura in front,

Kei: receiving is also really light on this rotation, too.

Kei: Everything is riding on the blockers.

fly ,Sign: Fly

Leon: Got it!

Leon: Hayato!

Hina: It went in.

Kage: Hinata, change positions with me!

Shir: Time-difference att*cks don't work against Four-Eyes...

Shir: Then we'll get through the center with sheer speed!

Azu: They're going for the center at a time like this?!

Kuro: Listen up, brat!

Kuro: Read blocking is a block that consists of restraint and persistence, but it's also...

Kuro: The block where you laugh last.

Tsuk: One touch!

Kei: Chance ball!

Tana: There's no other...

Azu: ...choice...

Tsk: ...but to...

Sawa: ...att*ck!

Hina: A minus tempo...

Hina: Back att*ck!

Tsuk: Go!

Ten: Jump on it, Taichi!

Ushi: Shirabu!

Shira: Right!

Tsuk: A straight!

Tsuk: Ready, and...

Yach: Hinata!

Tana: Kageyama, get the last!

Tana: Hinata, are you okay?

Hina: Yeah!

Gosh: It's in!

Shir: Got it!

Shr: They returned it to a terrible spot.

Shir: There's no time to hesitate!

Shir: Ushijima-san!

Gosh: Follow!

Gosh: This toss isn't going up for me...

Gosh: It's so frustrating...


Gosh: Because I want to see his spikes...

that's also frustrating.

Tsuk: We're going to stop him!

Wash: This is their first -person block today

Tsuk: Ready, and...

Wash: where they're closing in on a straight...

Tsuk: Whenever we do -person blocks,

Tsuk: we always closed in on cross spikes,

Tsuk: but on the last one, let's close on a straight spike.

Tsuk: It'll be a trap we set up

Tsuk: for one whole set or more.

Tsuk: Out of the dozens of three-person blocks we've jumped today,

Tsuk: we've always made a route for the ball to escape through.

Tsuk: We can't mess up this timing.

Tsuk: We won't let it go above us.

Tsuk: Ushiwaka knows that this is the one spot where he can comfortably hit a straight.

Tsuk: Even when his form was crumbling...

Hina: He changed it to a cross at the last second!

Hina: Damn it, damn it...

He's so damn cool!

Swa: Asahi, get the last!

Tana: Chance ball!

Kaw: Their # is coming!

Ten: Their # isn't running up?

Old: He's slowing down his tempo,

Old: from a minus tempo to a first tempo,

Old: and then...

Old: mixing in.

Ten: Shit!

Old: Volleyball is sport of height.

Old: It is an absolute that tall players are strong.

Sign: Fly

Old: Strengthening each player is a strength,

Old: and so is finding a new way to fight.

Old: That's exactly why there are so many different att*cks and defenses today.

Old: There are truly various kinds of strengths.

Old: The great coach Arie Selinger once said,

Old: "There is no reason to believe that there will be no development or changes

Old: in the future."

Sign: Shiratorizawa Karasuno

Shir: What? Seriously?!

Aki: That's my little brother!

The one with the glasses!

Mich: They did it...

Mich: They really did it.

Yaa: Tsukki!

Ten: Farewell, my paradise.

Kage: Hey, it's time to line up.

Hina: I-I can't stand up...

fly ,Sign: Fly

Nish: Come on, Shoyo!

Hina: Hey!

You can do it!

Both: Thank you very much!

Guy: Talk about an upset.

Oik: Damn it, why doesn't that bastard Ushiwaka look more upset?

Kara: Thank you very much!

Wsh: Is Karasuno's # about as tall as I am?

Guy: Huh? Yes, I believe so.

Wsh: He'll probably continue to grow, though.

Wash: The higher his goals get,

: the more treacherous his path will be.

Azu: Sorry, Hinata. We were trying to close in on that straight

: but we didn't make it in time...

Azu: Are you okay?

Hina: Totally fine!

Kage: It's because the course was so narrow that he was able to pick that up.

Ima: Kageyama does good work.

Oika: Did you notice it, too, Iwa-chan?

Oika: Apparently when Four-Eyes came back,

he gave them some kind of directions about blocking.

Oika: Like closing in on Ushiwaka's straight.

Oika: That's why after the serve,

Oika: Tobio suddenly switched places with the shrimp who was in the path of the cross,

Oika: because Nishinoya-kun wasn't there.

Iwa: And then he returned the ball at the last moment.

Your student's not bad.

Oika: He's not my student!

Oika: And on top of everything,

Oika: he was able to accommodate the shrimp, who came here to do something different.

Oika: It's painfully obvious.

Iwa: Well... all of their good work only happened

because of the blocks of that first-year with the glasses.

Oika: But I guess the shrimp is a spiker you end up wanting to toss to.

Oika: No wonder he's got Tobio wrapped around his little finger.

Oika: Come on, let's go home.

Oika: I'd rather die than see the awards ceremony.

Iwa: You really are a crappy guy.

Sawa: Thank you for all of your support.

Kara: Thank you very much!

Taki: Well done!

Shim: Great job, you guys!

Sae: I love you, Ryu!

Sek: Shoyo!

Izu: Sho-chan!

Mich: Sawamura, Sugawara, Azumane!

Congratulations on your victory!

Sign: Certain Victory Charm

Sign: Be Courageous Warriors Shiratorizawa Academy Volleyball Team

Shira: Thank you very much!

Leon: Kenjiro, are you all right?

Shir: Yes.

Shir: My head's just spinning a little.

Shir: I never thought we would lose.

Leon: Well...

Leon: No one here thought we would lose...

Wash: We'll have a meeting when we get back.

Wash: Once the awards ceremony is over, get onto the bus.

All: Right.

Wash: And you'll be hitting a hundred serves later.

Take: Great job, you guys!

Take: I'm...

Take: I'm... sho happwy...

Kei: Sawamura!

Kei: Great job...

Kei: Great job completing that three-man block in the end.

Nish: but even if your thighs were to split open,

Nish: I'm counting on you guys in the mid-air battles.

Sawa: Well, I made a promise.

Kei: Tsukishima!

Kei: No matter what anyone says,

Kei: you're the MVP today.

Tana: I'm always the MVP, so I'll let you have that title just for today, Tsukishima.

Kei: You're definitely the mental MVP.

Ten: Wakatoshi-kun, you got pissed off in the end, didn't you?

Ten: Usually, you'd regroup or leave that to someone else in that situation.

Ten: I got chills thinking they might actually block it.

Ush: I wanted to say, "I'm stronger than you."

Ush: Is that childish of me?

But I still wanted to say it.

Ten: Isn't what drives most people childish in general?

Ten: That was a great straight.

Ten: It felt like I got to see a new side to you, Wakatoshi-kun.

Ten: I'm gonna quit volleyball after high school,

Ten: but I'll be watching you on TV

and brag that we were best buds,

Ten: so do your best.

Ush: Yeah.

Ten: When Jonetsu Tairiku makes a documentary about you

Ten: you totally have my permission to let them interview me as an old comrade.

ushi: Okay...

Sign: Karasuno Shiratorizawa

Hina: Ushijima-san was so damn cool...

Ushi: Hinata Shoyo and Kageyama Tobio of the concrete...

Ushi: I'll defeat you next time.

Hina: I'll make sure I'll be able to stand on the same level as you!

Kage: I'll make you say that I'm better than Oikawa-san!

Yama: Tsukki, the awards ceremony is starting.

Yama: Is something wrong?

Tsuki: I said I would stop a handful of his spikes,

Tsuki: but I was only able to stop one...

Even though there were five sets.

Tsuk: Talk about lame—

Yama: There's no way that you were lame! Are you stupid?!

Tsuk: Stupid—

Yama: This isn't the time to be down! We're going to nationals!

Yama: But before that, the awards ceremony!

Guy: And now, I present this award to the victors. Miyagi Prefectural Karasuno High School.

Guy: Concluding the Miyagi Prefecture Qualifiers of the National High School Spring Volleyball Tournament,

Guy: your team has emerged victorious.

I present you this award in acknowledgment of your commendable performance.

Guy: Congratulations!

Ann: To praise both teams for their good match,

Ann: and to wish the best to Karasuno High School for their performance

at the Spring High School Volleyball National Tournament in January,

Ann: I'd like to ask the audience to give them another big round of applause.

All: Let's go...

All: Let's go...

All: Let's go...

All: ...to the Spring Tournament!

iza ,Sign: Closed

iza ,Sign: Izakaya Osuwari

Kei: I'm pretty sure I recently saw my relative's one-year-old do the same thing...

Kiyo: Tanaka, wake/get up!

Tana: Kiyoko-san is scolding me!

Sign: Yuhi Beer Dry

Kei: You guys need to decide if you're going to eat or sleep!

Take: Ukai-kun, I'm... sho happwy!

Kei: Sensei, your face is a mess...

Kei: And that's the eighth time you've said that.

Kiyo: I'm so sorry.

Kei: Those guys worked hard on this match like their lives depended on it.

Suga: Make sure you guys don't break any plates.

Kei: And now, we're the ones that are gonna have it rough.

Kei: It's gonna get real busy, Sensei.

Sign: Haikyu!! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy

Sign: Haikyu!! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy

Sign: Congratulations On Going to the Spring Volleyball Tournament, Boys' Volleyball Team!

class,Sign: Class -

Guy: Hey, so our volleyball team is going to nationals?

Guy: You guys didn't go to the match, did you? It was awesome!

Girl: Our boys' volleyball team was a powerhouse to begin with.

Girl: Really?

Guy: There's a really scary third-year on the volleyball team, isn't there?

Guy: There's a second-year that looks like a punk, isn't there?

Guy: Are you really okay, Hinata?

Girl: Their manager is so pretty!

Guy: Seriously?

Girl: Where are they holding nationals?

Hina: The Tokyo... Metropolitan Gymnasium!

Guys: That's awesome!

Hina: I know, right?

Tsuk: Looks like the idiot's got a huge head now.

Girl: Are you going, too, Hinata?

Hina: Of course!

Guy: He's in charge of holding the players' belongings,

Guy: and like running errands and doing their laundry.

Guy: So he's an errand boy for the scary people.

Hina: I'm going to be in the match!

Guy: Really? Well, good luck.

Hina: You don't believe me!

class,Sign: Class -

Girl: Hitoka, what are you drawing?

Yach: A rough sketch of the volleyball team's poster.

Girl: Huh...

Girl: We're moving rooms next. I'm gonna go ahead.

Yach: Got it! I'll be right there.

Girl: That seems rough. Is that the manager's job, too?

Girl: Who knows? But she seemed to be having fun.

poster,Sign: The Crows Fly to Tokyo

phone,Sign: Kozume Kenma Re: We won!!! Congrats.

Hina: The representative team from Tokyo is just about to be decided, right?

En: Yeah.

En: I think for Tokyo, four schools get decided in the first qualifier,

En: and then I think the qualifier to decide the representative is in November.

Tana: I think that Nekoma and Fukurodani both made it.

Nari: It's amazing that they made it into the top four schools in Tokyo.

En: It makes me realize we went to a training camp with some really crazy guys.

Hina: We're gonna b*at Nekoma!

Hina: Right, Kageyama?

Kage: That's if they make it through the qualifiers.

Hina: Of course they will!

Hina: We're gonna play a match like there'll never be another match again...

Hina: at the Spring Tournament!

sumi,Sign: Sumida City Gymnasium

Sign: Nekoma High School

fuku,Sign: Fukurodani Academy

,Sign: Nohebi Academy

Sign: Itachiyama Academy

positions-upper,Sign: Congrats! Karasuno High School Boys Volleyball Team Confirmed to go to Nationals!!

Sign: Nice k*ll Ramen Nice Serve Gyoza

positions-upper ,Sign: Nice Receive Fried Rice

Sign: % of the proceeds of the support menu will be donated.

Sign: Congratulations! Karasuno High School is going to nationals!!

shop,Sign: Sakanoshita Shop

stands,Sign: The Crows Fly to Tokyo Once Again

shi-jersey ,Sign: The Karasuno High School Boys Volleyball Club will be going to the Spring High School Volleyball National Tournament!! We are currently asking for donations. We thank you for your support. Contact: Karasuno High School Boys Volleyball Club Advisor: Takeda

class ,Sign: Faculty Room

Guy: Takeda-sensei, you've got a call. It's on line .

Take: Yes, hello, this is Takeda.

Take: Yes...

Take: Oh, yes. Thank you for calling.

Take: Yes... Yes...

Take: Huh?

Guy: What are they doing?

Guy: They're measuring the highest point

Yach: That was centimeters.

they can hit for the Spring Tournament pamphlet.

Guy: Huh... I guess that's what you do when you're going to nationals.

Kiyo: Next, Kageyama.

Yach: Um... centimeters.

Sawa: Right now, Kageyama's at the top.

Suga: And there's only one remaining...

Kiyo: Next, Hinata.

Hina: Right!

Hina: How many centimeters?

Kage: How many centimeters is it?!

Yama: Just wait!

Yach: Um...

Yach: centimeters.

Kage: Yes!

Suga: That's about the same as you, Asahi.

Kage: You owe me three curry buns.

Azu: Damn it... I'm not gonna lose.

Hina: Next, let's battle with whoever gets the most blocks!

Kage: The loser buys the winner g*n Yogurt for a week!

Hina: You're on!

Take: Is everyone here?

Sawa: Gather round!

All: Right!

Take: Thank you all for your hard work.

Take: This is sudden, but I have some big news.

Take: Kageyama-kun,

Take: you've been asked to attend the National Youth Intensive Training Camp.

Sawa: The National...

Yama: ...Youth...
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