04x18 - A Girl's Sacrifice

All episode transcripts for this TV show, "Every Witch Way". Aired January 2014 - July 2015.
A teenage girl moves with her father to the suburbs of Miami, Florida, where she learns that she is a witch who is said to have great powers and abilities, as are many of her classmates, good and bad. Based on the Latin American series Grachi.
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04x18 - A Girl's Sacrifice

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- You'’ve been so long from this place.

Come back now, end your disgrace.

I'’m waiting to receive you here.

You and your shadow reappear.

- Ahh...

Oh, it'’s great to be back

in Miami.

- I did it!

- What is this?

- Did you really think I would bring

you out of Limbo without being able to control you?

- I was stuck in that horrible place

with only one thought to keep me going:

that one day I'’d get out,

and I'’d take my revenge on you

and your little sidekicks.

- Hey, who are you calling a sidekick?

- You can use all the tricks you want.

A holding spell won'’t stop me.

I will get my revenge.

- No.

She'’s mine!

- Is she supposed to be here?

[upbeat pop music]

WOMAN: ♪ I cast a spell

♪ It takes a hold of you

♪ I see my dreams

♪ And they'’re all coming true ♪

♪ Come on

♪ Let'’s go ♪

♪ You and me together

♪ Look up ahead

♪ There'’s a magical adventure ♪

♪ Every witch way

♪ Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

♪ I'’m trying every witch way ♪

♪ Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

♪ I'’m going every witch way ♪

♪ Ay-ay-ay-ay-ay

♪ Every witch way

- Ugh, what are you doing here?

- Hitching a ride.

Did you think I was gonna let you get out

and have all the fun?

You thought you could create me

and then banish me.

Think again.

- Emma!

- It'’s time to get back at you for sticking me

in that boring place.

- [laughing] Please.

As if you'’re capable of destroying anyone.

I'’m here for revenge, so step aside.

- Um, no.

I'’m going to get revenge.

- Did you hear that?

Those are fighting words.

You'’re gonna let her get away with that?

- Your playground powers are so juvenile.

- I'’m taking your powers.

[rock music flourish]

- Jax, it'’s me, you copy?

- Jessie, come in, come in.


I'’m not sure if Mom'’s still here, though.

Be quiet.

- Emma'’s not here.

Actually, no one'’s here.

- Keep looking for her.

Try her house!

Try Andi'’s house... try school.

Just-- just warn her!

You have to warn her.

- I don'’t know if I can.

I'’m suddenly feeling all... funny.

Like something'’s off.

- What'’s wrong?

- I don'’t know.

It could be the ice cream I had for dinner last night,

or the ice cream I had for dessert,

or the ice cream I had for my second dessert...

- Jessie, listen to me.

I need you, Emma needs you.

There'’s no one I trust more with this.

You might be her only hope.

- You'’re right.

Funny feeling or no funny feeling,

I'’m on it!

I won'’t let you down, Jax.

- You'’re eating ice cream right now, aren'’t you?

- Uh, we'’re breaking up.

Gotta go, bye!

- Through darkness and light,

sunshine and showers,

I hereby commence the taking of your powers.

- Hey, um, when you'’re done,

you think you can unstick me?

You know, I think you have the comfiest chairs,

but my back is starting to hurt.

- I have the powers of so many witches.

The Orb has to work.


it'’s time to bring my mother back.

- Em...


- Yes!

It'’s really working!

- Yeah, if you'’re trying to blind us,

it'’s definitely working!

- Hey, usually it goes dim by now.

It'’s so...

it'’s so bright!

- [groaning]

- Hello, Emma.

- So... it'’s true.

Mr. Novoa wasn'’t lying.

You really are a wi-- - Witch.

I am.

- I always knew something was up with this lady.

- Is Jax with you?

I'’ve been trying to get in touch with him all day.

- I'’m afraid not.

I just came by to say thank you.

- Thank me? For what?

- Your powers. - My powers?

- The ones you placed in the Orb.

They are mine now, Emma,

along with all the powers in it.

- What?

No, you can'’t!

- That'’s weird.

- What is it?

- Andi, she texted me.

[dramatic music]

It'’s definitely not English.

It says, "Hocksin miss attrubel."

- It looks like some kind of code.

- Yeah, it'’s probably just her lame attempt at

trying to be funny.

Some people are just so immature.

Somebody find me an outfit!

- I know what this is!


- Great, so it means nothing.

- "M," now that'’s short for Emma.

"N," that'’s "in."

And "ruble."

That means "trouble."

Oh, sorry, guys, doesn'’t mean anything.

Oh, well.

- Emma'’s... in... trouble!

- Emma'’s in trouble?

Guys, we need to go right now!

- Wait!

I need to pick out an Emma'’s-in-trouble outfit!

- I'’ve waited years for this moment.

You were a pawn in my end game.

How do you think you got your spell?

I planted the Conjure-pedia so you'’d find it.

I engineered this whole thing.

- Why are you doing this?

- It'’s a question of power, my dear.

Once I'’ve got the Orb'’s powers,

I can transfer them to Jessie and Jax.

- Jessie... and Jax?

- Of course.

Someone will have to be the Chosen One

now that you'’re powerless.

And once my children take power,

I'’ll be able to take over the entire Realm.

- That'’s not how this works,

you don'’t get to pick the Chosen One.

- Yeah, and not to be picky,

but it'’s Chosen One, not Chosen Two.

- I'’ll be able to make whatever rules I please

and no one will be able to stop me.

- There'’s just one small problem with your plan.

Jax would never go along with it.

- You'’re so naive, Emma.

Have you asked yourself

why he'’s not returning your calls?

Or why, in this time of great danger,

he'’s nowhere to be found?

- Jax, come in, it'’s me.

JAX: Go, Jessie.

- It'’s bad, Jax, real bad.

Mom is sucking up light from a green ball

and screaming at Emma and it'’s all "creeptastic."

- Oh, no.

It'’s too late, she'’s already got the Orb.

- Jax, I'’m going in.

- No!

Don'’t even think about it.

It'’s too dangerous.

You need to get out of there right now!

- Emma needs me, you said it yourself.

Now let me do this.


- What happened? Are you okay?

- No, I feel really weird, Jax.

I don'’t think it'’s the ice cream.

- Get home right now!

- You poor thing.

Did you forget your powers are now mine?

- This can'’t be.

- Your rule as Chosen One,

short though it was, is over.

There'’s only one thing left for me to do.

[dramatic music]

- Are my powers in that thing?

- Ugh!

Somebody doesn'’t have any respect for cashmere!

- Hey, I gave her that sweater!

- I demand my powers back right now!

- Me too!

- [laughing]

- What are they doing here?

- [groaning]

I have something special for you.

- [gasping]

Andi, no!

- Emma, no!

Come on.

[dramatic music]

- Take that!

Here, quick, keep them going!

DIEGO: Here, everyone, follow me--come on!

Go, go!

- We can'’t leave her!

- Get her out of here!

- Emma, we'’ve gotta get out of here, now!

- We need to go back for Andi right now!

- We need to calm down.


- Lily, this is all my fault.

She should have never even been in that position.

- You'’re the one Liana'’s after, not Andi.

She'’s going to be okay.

- You don'’t know that!

- Why don'’t you just text her?

- '’Cause, Sophie, that would...

actually be an okay idea.

- Wait a minute.

- What?

- What if that evil sweater-destroyer

has Andi'’s phone and reads the text?

I mean, I read people'’s texts all the time, so I would know.

Can you believe this hole?

The nerve.

- No, Maddie'’s right.

Oddly enough.

You have to tread lightly.

- I got it.

I'’ll just ask a question that

only Andi would know the answer to.

It'’s her!

- Mad Face?

- Oh, um, that'’s nothing.

Okay, fine, it'’s our secret nickname for Maddie.

Get it?

- Oh, yeah!

I do now!

- Look, I'’m glad Andi is okay, but are we safe?

Is this over? - No.

Liana has the Orb; she has my powers.

- And mine.

- That'’s right.

She'’s more powerful than ever.

If she takes over the Realm,

our world doesn'’t stand a chance.

- There'’s one thing left to do.

Get Emma to the Realm.

There are enough witches with powers to keep her safe,

at least for a while.

- Yeah, but won'’t Liana expect that?

- And what if she shows up at school

to try and stop me, then what?

We can'’t have a w*r at Iridium High.

What about all the students?

And my dad?

- Did someone mention Francisco?

I can take care of him.

- We can help out, too.

Right, guys?

Interference, distractions.

Whatever you need.

- All right.

Let'’s do it.

I'’ll text Andi to meet us at school.

- Okay.

- Who was that, Andi?

- It was...

Emma. - There, there.

Don'’t fight it.

Now, what did she say?

- She'’s going to school.

- School?

For what?

- To learn?

- The whole truth.

- She'’s going to school

because she needs to ask the Realm for help.

- Good, Andi.

- [laughing]

- What are you laughing at?

- Your signature move.

- Excuse me?

- I'’m sorry, but come on.


I mean, it'’s so lame.

- I'’ve had enough of your honesty for one day.

Oh, just in case.

You kids with your technology.

[upbeat music]

- What are we doing here?

This is not how I thought I'’d be spending

my time away from Limbo.

- Would you zip it?

You don'’t have to be here.

We see enough of each other.

- You said you knew where to get your powers back.

- When you look over there, what do you see?

- The opportunity to destroy some property.

- No!

Behind that wall is a room with

years worth of books.

- School?


So not into this.

- They'’re not normal school books.

They'’re books composed by witches.

Books that might tell us

how we can get our powers back?

You fool.

- Stand back!

Oh... right.

Can'’t believe I'’m about to say this, but very cool!

- A much-needed fashion accessory for any witch.

Plug it in.

- Principal Torres.

Emma, why are you not wearing your school uniform?

- Principal Alonso!

I was in the neighborhood and thought I'’d come by

and see what you'’ve done to my old office.

Your daughter was showing me around.

- With a... sabre saw?

- Yes, uh... about that--

- Uh, um...

That'’s mine, actually.

It'’s for a... school play

about... construction workers.

Punk construction workers!

- Emma! - Andi!

- Okay, no time for hugs.

- I'’m so sorry, Andi,

for all the hurtful things I did...

and said.

And what you did today?

You really are a guardian to me.

I owe you so much.

- Well, like how much?

- Like... so much.

- Oh, well, good, '’cause Liana knows your plan.

- What?


- I'’m sorry, it wasn'’t me!

Okay, it was kinda me.

But-- but it'’s because she cast a spell on me

and made me spill the beans.

- A truth spell.

I should have thought of that.

- Well, she'’s on her way over here right now.

What are we gonna do?

- Let us help.

- Ah... ah...

- Help?


Like I trust the two of you.

- All right, Miss Teen Angst, cool it with the drama.

- Protecting the Realm against a psychotic witch

bent on taking control

is much more important than a childish feud.

- Emma, they can help.

They wanna help.

- [sighing]


Why are you staring at me like that?

- How did you change so quickly?

- What are you talking about?

- I just saw you

and you didn'’t look like this.

- Where? - Well, over there.

- What is she doing here?

If anyone sees her...

- Oh, no.

- Hi, Emma.

Hi, other Emma.


- [whistling]

- Guys, I think we need those distractions we talked about.

- We'’re on it.

Diego, come with me-- I need both of you.

- Excuse me?

- What-- where are you taking us?

- Do you want to help?

I have an idea, come with me.

- Can you help your mom keep my dad occupied?

- Ugh, gross.

That'’s a yes.

- Andi, you'’re with me.

Liana is coming, we can'’t stop that,

but we can throw her off.

I think I know someone who can help.

[dramatic music]

- What are you doing here?

- Um, trying to get my powers back.

- I don'’t have them anymore.

Liana does.

- That woman!

When I get my hands on her,

I'’m gonna wring the powers out of her!

- So you want to stop Liana, too?

- Of course.

And did you not just hear me?

She has my powers.

- Mine too.

- I'’m listening.

- Is it weird I'’m kind of enjoying this?

- Uhh... vitamin C?

- Ow!

- Juice?

Ginger ale!

Ginger ale is supposed to help with stomachaches!

- Ow!

What kind of stomach flu is this?


- Jessie!

Jessie, you'’re not getting sick!

You'’re getting your powers!


- Let me in, I need your help!

- You thought you could outsmart me, huh?

I'’ve been outsmarting other witches

since before you were born.

Any last words?

Choose wisely.

- Those are some really nice shoes.

- Buttering me up won'’t save you.

- You might want to tie them though.

- Huh?

Oh, no, you don'’t!

- Oh, I'’m so sorry.

I didn'’t know you were in a meet...

- Ursula?

- Francisco?

What is this woman doing in your office?

- This is an old colleague of mine--

- Oh, really?

Is she a new girlfriend of yours?


- Mom!


- Well, hello.

Lovely to see you again.

- Maddie, you remember Principal Torres, don'’t you?

- [chuckling]

Of course, how could I forget?

- [gasping]


[door creaking]


- It'’s over.

There'’s nowhere left to run.

- Wait! I'’m not Emma.

- Ha!

Spare me the desperate ploy.

If it makes you feel any better,

you'’ve been a lot harder to destroy than I thought.

- No, for real.

I'’m not Emma.

I'’m the Evil Clone.

Well, I don'’t think I'’m evil.

That'’s just what everyone calls me.

I'’ll prove to you that I'’m not Emma.

- Oh, yeah? How?

- Would a goody-goody Emma ever do this?

- Impressive.

- And if that'’s not enough,

how about I help you get the real Emma?

- Why would you do that?

- Because I want my powers back.

I help you get Emma, and you give my powers.

- Fine.

But if you cross me, not only do I keep them,

but I send you right into Limbo.

- What was that?

Girls, what is going on out there in the hall?

- Nothing.

Just school-related activities.

- I hear a ruckus.

- Could you describe the ruckus?

- Hello?

Anyone? It'’s Emma! - You know what?

Maybe they'’re on a lunch break or something.

- It'’s usually not this hard.

They just open.

- You should have VIP access to the Realm.

Yeah, perks of being the Chosen One.

- Hello?

- So, how long have you two been dating?

- Ursula...

- I just can'’t believe you'’ve never mentioned her.

- There is nothing to--

- Do you still like... like me?

- Of course.

- Are we about done? - Hey!

I am the one asking the questions around here!

- That'’s it.

I can'’t take any more of this!

I'’m leaving.

- Uh, I think we all need to leave.

- No!

Francisco, don'’t you follow her!

If you do, I will know you...

you like her better.

- We'’ll go with her. - What?

- Yeah, we can show her around.

- What do you think you'’re doing?

- You didn'’t really think we'’d let you

walk around here alone, did you?

Group text from Daniel?


Let'’s go.

You'’re coming with us.

Hi, Proxy.

- Oh...

- Oh, relax, she'’s powerless.

Okay, where'’s the f*re?

We got your texts.

Why are you still here?

Shouldn'’t you be in the Realm by now?

- Did the plan not work?

- Oh, it worked perfectly.

LIANA: Humans.

So easy to fool.

- Wait a minute.

You'’re not Emma!

- So if you'’re not Emma, then who...


- Bingo!

- ♪ Was his name-o

- Not right now, Sophie.

- Um...

what are you gonna do to us?

- Keep you out of my way.


♪ And Bingo was his name-o ♪

[Katie groaning]

- Please! I need help!

There'’s not much time.

- Ugh!

This is not a drill!

Open up!

Actual Code Red Witch Emergency here.

- Why won'’t they open?

- Maybe the Realm is mad at you.

- Why? What did I do?

Okay, you'’re right.

But can we talk about it later?

You'’re my only hope!


- [laughing]

- Clever, Emma.

Using your clone to trick me.

But not clever enough.

- I thought we had a deal.

- Lady Tough Stuff over here

offered me a better one.

- Where do you think you'’re going?

For help?

From who?

Get back over there!

- Leave her out of this.

This is between you and me.

- She can keep you company where you'’re going.

- I'’m not scared of Limbo.

- Oh, you'’re not going to Limbo.

- We'’re not? - We'’re not?

- They'’re not?

- I have a Realm to rule.

What fun is that gonna be

if I have to spend all my time looking over

my shoulder, wondering if some

misguided wizard

is going to try and bring her back?

- So where are you sending us, then?

- Somewhere a little cozier,

where I'’ll always know where you are,

and you can never escape.

The center of the Orb.

- Stay behind me.

- No way!

You get behind me.

You'’ve already risked your life for me.

- It doesn'’t matter who stands where.

The Orb has the power of seven witches.

A little flesh and bone isn'’t gonna get in its way.

I'’m sorry it has to be this way, Emma.

It would be easier if I didn'’t like you,

but I do.


- Wait, wait!

- Now what?

- You'’re not taking my jacket with you.

Give it to me.

- Hurry up!

My arms are getting tired.

- I could really use a cup of coffee.


- That sounds lovely.

May I pour?

- Ursula...

coffee time is face time.

As an administrator,

I need to walk the halls

or else I run the risk of

being out of touch with my own school.

- Oh, well, that sounds fascinating.

Why don'’t you tell me your ideas about running a school?

- I never knew you were interested.

Maybe I could

read you a couple of chapters on the book

that I am writing...

"Principles of a Principal."

- That sounds... fabulous.

- This is awesome!

How do I use my powers to get what I want?

Can I just make up a spell?

- You just need to settle down.

First unfreeze me.

- Right, right.

How do I do that?

- First, start doing your move and repeat after me:

I have the power to break Mom'’s spell.

- I have the power to break Mom'’s spell.

- Set Jax free and all will be well.

- Set Jax free and all will be well.

I did it!

I'’m a real witch now!

What'’s next?

- We need to find Emma... and Mom.

- How do we know where they are?

- There'’s a spell for that.

Finding Emma is a crucial mission.

Show me her exact position.

[playful music]

She'’s at school, let'’s go.


- Jax!

I knew you wouldn'’t desert me!

- I'’d never desert you!

Hold on!

Jessie, you'’re gonna have to take control of the Orb.

- Sure.

But any hints on what rhymes with "Orb"?

Absorb... "distorb"?

- You'’re gonna have to do this one

with just mind power, pure focus.

You can do it, I know you can.

- While we'’re still young!

- You'’re not helping, Cruz!

- Hey, get off her!

- [gasping]

- Good sh*t!

Now, quick, get back to the Orb!

- Jax, what do I do?

- I don'’t know!

- It'’s your big day.

My little girl has finally gotten her powers.

You have more power at your fingertips

than any witch has ever had right now.

Let me show you how to use it?

- Don'’t listen to her, Jessie.

- He doesn'’t want you to have that power

because he'’s afraid.

You'’re not afraid, are you, Jessie?

- Stop confusing her!

- You'’ve got the Chosen One at your mercy.

You can be the master of everyone and everything.

- Jessie, no.

- Jessie, yes!

- I don'’t want to be the master of everyone.

I'’m only ten!

Jax, we have to get Emma out of here!

What are you doing here, Hex?

- He'’s telling you what to do.

Read the spell, Jessie!

- This is my most important assignment.

Free these two from their Orb confinement.

- Whoa.

That was a really tight squeeze.

- Thanks, Hexie!

- Hey, who said you could call him Hexie?

Be my guest.

Call him whatever you want.

Good job, kiddo.

- What do I do with this green thingy?

Can I give it to you?

- I need my powers back first.

Take my hand.

- [exhaling]

I got it now.

- You were amazing!

I'’m glad my first day with powers wasn'’t like this.

- Uh, Em, what are we doing with her?

- Can we take her powers and let her go?

She'’s still our mom.

- I don'’t know.

- I don'’t know, either.

- Jessie... Jax!

Don'’t let them take me!





- Mom!


- Jessie.

- Where did she go?

- Probably to a place they call Limbo.

It'’s where they put bad witches.

- Will we ever see her again?

- Of course we will.

She just needs to cool down right now.

We'’ll go and visit her soon, okay?


- I'’m so sorry, you guys.

[shouting in the distance]

MADDIE: Help! Somebody get me out of here!

[banging on lockers]

- Stand back.

- Can I do it?

- Go for it.

- Ceilings walls and even floors.

Open up all the doors.

- Don'’t worry about it.

It'’s still your first day.

- Today has not been a good day.

- So... is it over?

- It'’s over.

She'’s gone.

-And you'’re still here.

So win some, lose some.

- But it...

You'’re all right?

- Well, now that it'’s over,

how about giving everyone their powers back?

- But...

I still need them.

[playful music]

- "Chapter Six:

"A sticky school is an icky school.

Or my zero tolerance gum policy."

- After all of... this,

you'’re still gonna go through with your horrible plan

to turn back time and bring your back mother?

- It'’s not a horrible plan...

just a very dangerous one.

Which you'’re not gonna do, right?

- No.

I'’m not.

[all sighing]

You guys are true friends.

You were mad at me,

but you still came together to help me when I needed it most.

How can I put you all at risk just for something that I want?

It'’s selfish.

- I'’ve been selfish, too.

I guess I should accept that I'’m never going back to--

- Please don'’t say it.

- The Everglades.

[all groaning]

ALL: "That great, beautiful river of grass."

- I may be stuck here with people

that don'’t understand me,

and I probably won'’t find happiness

ever again in my life,

but I'’ll make the best of it.

- Ahem.

And since you'’ve decided not to destroy the entire Earth

and every living thing on it,

I do believe you have something of ours.

- Oh, yeah.

Agamemnon, Desdemona, Maddie.

I'’m so sorry, you guys.

It was wrong to take your powers.

I promise I'’ll make it up to you.

- Eh...

Eh... - Make a little room?

- [clearing throat]

- Don'’t forget about me!

- Through days and nights and endless hours,

I hereby grant this transfer of powers.


- Yes!

- Since you'’re passing out powers...

- Oh, no way.

- Well, they'’re not yours!

- I'’ll just hold onto them until the Realm decides

you'’re ready to have them again.

Where are you going?

- I, uh, I have a lunch meeting.


- You'’ve done bad things and still must pay,

so Limbo is where you shall stay.

- I'’ll be good, I promise!

- You almost forgot about this one.

- You don'’t have to send me back there.

I helped you, remember?

- Yeah, until you double-crossed us.

- Please don'’t send me back to Limbo.

It'’s so boring.

- I'’m not sending you to Limbo.

- You'’re not?


Maybe there is hope for you yet.

Stick with me and I'’ll teach you to be cool.

- You'’re a part of me.

The bad part.

I thought I didn'’t have one but I was wrong.

I need to learn to control my bad side.

Another me is worse than I could know,

so back inside me she must go.

- No!

Not that!

You'’re more boring than Limbo!

You'’re such a goody-goody!

- [sighing]

- Well, I guess we ought to go to class.

[all groaning]

- Emma, what is that thing doing here?

- Em, you didn'’t change your mind, did you?

- You really don'’t want to go to class.

- Emma, what are you doing?

- What I should have done a long time ago.

- Emma.

- Don'’t you see?

Absorbing her evil clone has turned her evil.

- I don'’t think so.

I believe in you,

and I'’ll stand by your side no matter what.

After everything we'’ve been through,

have a little faith.

Whatever she'’s doing, it'’s what'’s best for everyone.


between us, what are you gonna do?

[all gasp]

- He'’s gone.

He'’s really gone.

- Who'’s gone?

- Daniel.

- Who'’s Daniel?

- "Nothing should happen

without the principal knowing about it."

- Purses!

No, no!

I'’m-- I'’m-- I'’m listening.

Zero-tolerance gum policy.

- Ursula, why do I get the feeling that

you'’re trying to keep me in my office?

What'’s going on out there

that you don'’t want me to see?

- No, no, Francisco, wait!

- Why?

- This is why.

- Hey! - [chuckling]

- Looks like someone'’s having a good time.

- Emma!

- Hello, ladies.

- That'’s so nice.

You didn'’t have to wash the car for us.

- We wanted to, it'’s fun. - Yeah, it was fun.


- You girls all set for your trip?

- All set. - Yeah.

- Where are you going?

Can I come?

- Sorry, sweetheart, but you'’re not invited.

And you have to pack.

You'’re leaving for W.I.T. Academy soon.

- Why do you have a toy truck?

- To puzzle you.

- Aren'’t you a little old to be playing with toys?

- Oh, I'’m gonna miss you so much

when you go off to witch school.

- You are? - No.

- You guys want the top down?

- Yes, please. - Yes, please.

- Thanks for letting us borrow the Jax-mobile.

- Hey-- - No problem.

I just don'’t understand why you guys want to go

to the Everglades so bad.

There'’s nothing down there

except for humidity and snakes.

- I want to check on an old friend.

Make sure he'’s doing okay.

- He?

- Don'’t be jealous.

He'’s just a friend.

- He better be.

Stay safe.

And call me when you get there.

- Why do you have that toy truck?

- I want to give it to Daniel.

Yeah, he buried me in the sandbox

the first time we met.

I want him to keep it.

- Even though there'’s no chance he'’ll remember it?

- Yeah.

It'’s like he'’ll always have a part of me.

- I like that.

- But, hey, why didn'’t you restore

Jax'’s memory of Daniel?

- I don'’t know.

I guess I just figured

the fewer things I mess with, the better.

- But you made me remember.

- I had to.

You'’re my Guardian.

You need to know everything.

[dramatic percussive music]

[bird call]

[bird squawking]

- Hey.

- Hey, yourself.

Are we ready?

- Yeah, we'’re just waiting on the T- .

You know where we'’re going?

- Wow... they look so happy.

[bird squawking]

Don'’t you think?

- I think I did the right thing.

- Should we go say hi?

- I don'’t think so.

I don'’t want to mess with things.

I just wanted to make sure he was doing all right.

- Hello, brothers.


- Uh, I think we just messed with things.

- What do we do? - Say hi?

[bird squawking]

- Hi!

- Sorry. We'’re closed.

- That'’s okay.

We were just leaving.

- Normally we'’re open, but we have a gator emergency.

But come back another day, I'’ll give you guys a tour.

- Maybe we'’ll do that.

- Hey, we gotta get going, Daniel.

Who are your friends?

- Oh, uh...

- Emma. - Andi.

- Well, hi, I'’m Cristina.

What'’s with the truck?

- Oh, um...

I just saw it by your entrance.

I thought that it maybe belonged to one of your kids

or something.

- Nope.

Never seen it before.

Well, come on, all hands on deck.

- I hope to see you guys again.

I'’m Daniel, by the way.

- I know.

- You do?

- Yeah, your mom said.

- How'’d you know she was my mom?

- Are you kidding?

You look just like her.

- Yeah, I guess people say that.

- Bye, Daniel.

- Bye, Emily. - Emma.

- Oh, right.

- And, uh... Caroline?

- Close.


- You... didn'’t give him the--

- The truck?

Yeah, I know.

I decided I want to keep it to have something

to remember him by.

Was that selfish?

[sentimental music]

- I'’m definitely going to miss him,

but it was the right thing to do.

I'’m gonna to miss you, too.

- What are you talking about?

I'’m not going anywhere.

- Yes, you are.

To W.I.T.s Academy for your Guardian training.

- No way! - You deserve it.

- I'’m not much of a hugger but...

[grand orchestral music]

- Hey, Em, are you ready?

- Me?

Are you ready?

- Oh, I'’m all packed up.

I'’ve got my tools, my PX DVD,

my homemade Guardian'’s belt.

Everything I need.

- Not everything.

- Wait, what'’d I miss?

Emma, no.

- It'’s just a loan.

Take good care of him.

I'’m gonna need his help to run the Realm.

Take good care of yourself.

I'’m gonna need you, too.

- What are you guys doing here?

- We couldn'’t let you go without saying good-bye.

- And making sure you'’re really leaving.

- Take care of my sister?

- Ugh.

I forgot she'’s gonna be there.

[sentimental music]

- It'’s a care package.

- Even though it'’s in a bag.

- That way you'’ll never forget the Panthers.

- And me.

- Like she said, the Panthers.

- I don'’t think I'’ll ever forget the Panthers.

- You'’re the best.

- You are.

You know, I hope you go out there and find

a million Kanays...

and a new girlfriend.

I'’m kidding.

- Funny.

Just be sure to not destroy the academy, okay?

- Get in here.

- No, I can'’t cry!

My makeup!

- Ready to go?

- Whoa! What is that?

A nuclear reactor?

Right in the hallway?

Is the radiation safe?

- I got this.

- I wish you wouldn'’t do that all the time.

- Relax, she'’ll be fine.

- Remember, I'’m here for anything you need.

- I know.

- Are you nervous?


- No!

W.I.T.s Academy, here I come!

- Remember to concentrate on where you want to go!

- I don'’t think she heard you.

That landing is gonna hurt.

- Well, we'’re off, too.

- Off to where?

- To find Kanays.

I know that they'’re out there.

Look, even found my first clue.

It'’s from the Everglades.

- Who gave that to you?

- It'’s weird actually.

I don'’t know.

- I feel like a part of our lives is ending.

- It'’s true.

But it'’s also a new beginning.

- What do you think it'’ll be like?

- I'’m not sure.

But I do know one thing.

As long as we have each other,

we'’ll be okay.

[upbeat rock music]

[dramatic music]

- Well, looks like that'’s where we'’re going.



Is anyone there?

I'’m here for my Guardian'’s training!

Hey, wait, no, don'’t close up shop!

I'’m supposed to be inside!


Help, someone get me out of here!


[upbeat pop music]

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