05x22 - Second Chances

Episode transcripts for the TV show "21 Jump Street". Aired: April 12, 1987 –; April 27, 1991.
Series focuses on a squad of youthful-looking undercover police officers investigating crimes in high schools, colleges, and other teenage venues.
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05x22 - Second Chances

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[tires squealing]

[police siren]

Come on, ease the
bumper, pop the damn bold.

The socket's stripped.

Put it in reverse.
You're tightening it.

What's the matter with you?

Damn, I forgot to lock it.


never thought we'd

find the place where we belong.

Don't have to stand alone,
we'll never let you fall.

Don't need permission to
decide what you believe.


I said jump, down
on Jump Street.

I said jump, down
on Jump Street.

Your friends will be there
when your back is to the wall.

You'll find you need us, because
there's no one else to call.

When it looks hopeless, a
decision's what you need.

You better be ready
to, be ready to jump.

Jump Street.

NICK: Hey.

I learned a lot at
the juvie ranch.

I learned the ingenious ways the
guys smuggle drugs into prison.

I learned how to make
perfectly innocent objects

into totally lethal w*apon.

But most of all, I
learned that I don't

ever want to go back there.

That's easier said
than done, right?

I mean, mostly of you got jobs
given to you from your mentors.

What was mine going to do?

She's a cop.

I mean, not to say that she
isn't a good mentor and all.

It's just that I ain't exactly
police academy material.

Why you always got to make
a joke out of everything?

Makes the medicine
go down easy.


Fine with me,
as long as I know

you're taking this
program seriously.

Believe me, I'm
taking it seriously.

The part about the job?

Very serious about that.

Nick, maybe you
should think twice

about taking a job right now.

Maybe you should concentrate
on doing a little bit better

in school.

Judy, you know how
much it cost to repair

[inaudible] these days?

Or go to a movie?

Take a chick on a date?

What about your mother?

She barely makes
enough to make rent.

HOFFS: Look, I got
this friend who runs

a Rocket Dawg over on main.

Let me give him a call.

Maybe he's got an opening
for you at the counter.

You mean you want me
to be one of those guys

with the hairnets and zits?

No thank you.

Look, you better be
realistic if you want a job.

The guys with the
hairnets and the zits,

they got money in their pockets.

That's one double
rocket dog and fries.

Auto theft ring.

Mostly expensive German cars,
eight in the past month.

MAC: Since when do they toss
grand auto our way, Captain?

Since Sunday morning.

Couple of uniforms
chased a stolen Audi

being driven by teenage male.

HOFFS: So where do you want us.

Let me guess.

Back to school.


Mac, the transcript says you
are fresh off a juvie ranch

for auto theft, so brush
up on your hot wiring.

You got it.

So what about me?

Don't worry.

We'll find you another case.

Another case?

We're a team here.

Well, this case only
warrants one officer.

What's going on, Captain?

Going on?


There's something
you're not telling me.

Jude, all the thefts happened
in a small area of Weston.

So Mac's going
into Weston High.

Nick's school.

Whose Nick?

CAPTAIN FULLER: It gets worse.

We ran the records of all
the students in the school?

Only one came up with
priors for auto theft.



Hello, anybody here want
to tell me who Nick is?

Hoffs has been
working with him

in the Second Chances program.

You're involved in that?

You say that like I've
gone to some trance channel

or to get my aura fixed.

MAC: No, no, no.

I didn't mean to put
down what you're doing.

I'm just saying that, you
know, usually, uh, young juvie

cons grow up to be adult cons.

Well not Nick.

Hey guys, can we
get back to the case?

HOFFS: Yeah, sure.

You were just accusing Nick
of being an auto thief.

has priors for grand auto.

Like it or not, the procedure
is to start with him.

HOFFS: But you'd be
wasting your manpower

and your time, Captain.

I know this kid, and I
know he didn't do it.

Well, then he'll
come up clean.

MAC: Why are you so d*ad set
against investigating him

if you're so sure he's innocent?

Well, as soon as he knows
he's being investigated,

there goes my
whole relationship.

I'll be careful, all right?

He'll never know I'm a cop.

He'd better not.

Nick, Nick.

You're so nervous.

Calm down, it's in the bag.

He just wants to
meet you, that's all.

Detective Hoffs.

How you doing?

Hi, Randy.

This is Nick Capelli.

Randy Adanado.

Nice to meet you.

Yeah, likewise.

You ever shovel burgers
or dogger before?


You ever work a counter?

No, but how hard can it be?

I hear you've been
in the juvie jail.


You're going to be
responsible for any losses?

What's that supposed to mean?


RANDY: Look kid, no offense.

I got nothing against
ex-cons, they need a chance

just like everyone else.


RANDY: But I gotta
protect myself.

How do I know you're
not going to stick

your fingers in
the cash register

the moment my back is turned?

If I was planning on
stealing, I wouldn't need a job

at a hot dog stand to do it.

Fine, you start tomorrow,
: PM, minimum wage.

We're even, detective.




You here?

Ma, can I come in?

DOOR): What do you want?

I got good news.

What is it, honey?

I got a job.

Good boy.


I'm proud of you.


Listen, run down the store
and get me some cigarettes,

would you?

Yeah, OK.

What's she doing here?

Ma, you remember Judy.

Nice to see you
again Mrs. Capelli.

Judy helped me get the job.

Well, why didn't you ask me?

I could have got you a
better job than she could.

I know, Ma.

I just didn't want to
bother you with it.

Well, I'm your ma.

She ain't.

I would never try to
take your place, ma'am.

Yeah, well.

Get me them cigarettes.

OK, Ma.

What happened to Jimmy?

He took off.

You sure work them fast, Ma.

Let's get out of here.

Don't forget them cigarettes.

MR. DRAKE: The thermostat
allows water to circulate

back through the radiator.

Then it's cooled
and recirculated.

This engine, standard V,
uses a degree thermostat.

NICK: Mr. Drake?

MR. DRAKE: Yeah.

Wouldn't it be
better to use a ,

and then have the
engine run cooler?


No, it's designed to operate
at a precise temperature.

I don't advise
tinkering with it.

That's pretty stupid advice.

Excuse me?

I've done it before.

My own Chevy kept overheating,
so I pulled my

and stuck in a .

It worked great.

Why do they let you teach
this thing if you don't

know what you're talking about?

You're Mr. Johnson?


I stand corrected.

This thing looks like
it's late for a date

with the wrecking yard.

Gimme a couple of weeks, man.

You wouldn't even
recognize this baby.

You always make your
teachers look like fools?

Only when they are.

So were you a
rancher, or just parole?


Mr. Drake always checks to
see if a guy's got a record.

Wants to make sure
he isn't dangerous.

Ranch or parole?

Ranch, what of it?

I was, too.

A couple of years ago.


I was in Maisley.


What did you do?

Stole a couple of Porsches.

I was king of the hot
wire, thank you very much.

What did you do?

Same thing, different end.

I'd strip them.


Match made in heaven.

Or not.


If you're trying
to earn yourself

a ticket back to
the ranch, I ain't

interested in knowing you.

Hey, man, I'm clean.

I'm just saying back
in the old days,

we could have made a go of it.

Say anything you figure the
other guy wants to hear, huh?

MAC: Yep.

If that's what you want to hear.

You as good with the wrench
as you are with your mouth?

Nowhere near as
good as you, I'm sure.

Well, take one.

They're working on the interior.


[school bell]

Yo, Hey, Nick.

What do you want?


I want you to meet
a friend of mine.

- You've got friends?
- Yeah.

Who's the kid?

Yeah, yeah.

Hey Nick, I want
you to meet Floyd.

I know who he is.

My ma told me not to
talk to strange old men.

And he's at least three of
them, or at least first two.

That any way to treat
a potential employer?

I already got a job.

Hot dog joint got you
under a lifetime contract?


It's an honest
job, man, and I get

all the grease that I can eat.

Your friend here has some good
things to say about your work

with cars, Nick.

He ain't a friend.

Well, he could be.

So could I.

Not interested.

Not even for five times
what you make in a week?

Why don't we take
a ride and talk?

[music playing]

Cheeseburgers, order of onion

rings, chocolate shake.

So you like the job?


HOFFS: Are you getting
along all right with Randy?


I hear he gave you
$, a week raise.


Nick, Nick, earth to Nick.


Think she's pretty
cute, don't you?

Is it that obvious?

HOFFS: I'm afraid so.

You think she saw
me staring at her?

The way she was staring
at you, how could she miss?

Why don't you go talk to her.

No way.

HOFFS: Why not?

Because that's Vicki West.

And I'm an ex-con working
at a hot dog stand.

How does she know
your an ex-con?

Well, I mean, kind of tough
to keep secrets at Weston.

HOFFS: So what?

That doesn't mean she still
won't go out with you.

I mean, look at the way
she's checking you out.

I wouldn't know where
to take her, anyway.

Well, my trained
detective's eye tells me

she likes Bon Jovi.

And aren't they
in town this week?

Yeah, but I mean I can't
afford to take us to Bon Jovi.

HOFFS: Don't you
get paid tomorrow?


And isn't that why
you took this job?




You enjoying your
grease burger there?


Very funny.

I noticed you wearing
a Bon Jovi shirt.

You a fan?

Yeah, I love them.

Well, I was thinking about
getting a couple of tickets,

and wondered maybe if
you wanted to go with me.

I don't know.

I mean, I hear things about you.

NICK: Like what?

Like you were in jail.

That's right.

What did you do?

I stripped a stolen car.

So how about Bon Jovi?

I'm not sure
that's a good idea.

Yeah, maybe not.


Sorry for bothering you, huh?

Listen, I'm not some kind of
dangerous criminal you got

to be scared of or something.

I stripped the car for
a couple of guys I knew.

I- I didn't k*ll no one,
I-I didn't r*pe anyone.

I didn't even scare anyone.

I just took a car apart
and sold the pieces.

I mean, it was a stupid
thing to do, granted,

and I don't plan
on doing it again.

I'm sorry for wasting your time.


I'd love to go to
Bon Jovi with you.




hot dogs, hold the mustard,

two large chocolate
shakes, to go.

Who's that?

His name is Floyd Henderson.

He's been talking to your kid.


So, old Floyd is
not exactly what

you'd call a model citizen.

He, uh, he ran his own body shop
in Oregon, then they busted him

down for using stolen parts.

So what are you going to do?

Arrest Nick for
unlawful conversation?

Haha, you joke.

But isn't it interesting
how Floyd just

opened up a brand new body shop
two blocks from Nick's school.


I think not.

You're wrong, Mac.

I hope I am, Jude.

I don't want to be
the one to tell you

there's no Santa Claus.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means I'm scared
that one of the things

I like most about you is
going to end up hurting you.

Which is what?

You're a believer, Jude.
You're an optimist.

You believe in all the
good things in life, like--

like good over evil
and world peace.

And criminal rehabilitation?


And I suppose you don't
think there's any such thing?

Let's just say I
haven't seen it work.

Well, what do you
propose instead, McCann?

Maybe we should just
sh**t all the criminals.

That's what you think?
- No, of course not.

Maybe I should
just write Nick off.

Let you bust him,
put him behind bars,

and start the cycle
all over again.

Is that what you're proposing?

All I'm saying is that
you should brace yourself

in case he lets you down.

I don't want you to hurt
too bad if Santa Claus

doesn't come around this year.

Well, thank you
for the advice.

Hey, kid.

How's it going?
- Great.

It's about to get better.




I think somebody
made a mistake here.

What's the matter?

I don't see your problem.

Well, I mean I work
hours this week,

and I ain't even got enough for
a couple of concert tickets.

Seems right to me.

See this, is your
gross here in this box,

but then you've got these
other ones over here.

This is the federal
tax, state tax,

social security, disability.

They take that much?

Welcome to the
working world, kid.

Manager to the front counter.

[music playing]

Hello, is Vicki there?

Yeah, it's Nick Capelli.


- Ma.
- Who?

It's OK, Ma.

It's just me.

Go back to sleep.

It's OK.

Yeah, hi Vicki.

It's Nick.

Yeah, actually that's
why I phoned you.

I'm going to have to cancel.


'Cause-- well, my
ma's kind of sick.

Yeah, I'm real sorry.

I am.

Maybe we could-- maybe
I can make it up to you.

Next weekend?

Yeah, OK.

I'll talk to you then.

All right.


So Nick.

You make up your mind yet?


And the answer's no, Philips.

Opportunity comes
your way once, man.

You don't want to pass it up.

Plug it back in.


Go ahead, look at it.

You might think different.

All right.

That's one double
rocket, fries and a cola.

That's $..

Great, thanks very much.

For me?

No, silly, for your date.

My date.


I mean I figured
you wouldn't have

time to go out and get
her something nice,

so I took the liberty.


This will score major points.

So what are you going to wear?

I don't know.

What I got on, I guess.

I mean I'll change the hat.

And the shirt.

I better keep working here.

Randy's going to get mad.

Oh, yeah, right.

Get back to work.

But I expect a complete report
in the morning, you hear me?

- Yeah.
- Have a great time.


Mind if we get out of here?

Yeah, go ahead.


[music playing]

All I want's the front end.

You got minutes.

I'll only need .

Well, you don't get a $
bill working at Rocket Dawg.

You said it was half a bill.

How do you know he even
collected the other half?

I don't.

Good, then stop
jumping to conclusions

just because of Nick's record.

Calm down, Hoffs.

If you didn't know the boy--

[phone ringing] you'd make the
same assumption Mac is making.

But I do know him.

He's not the one
you should be after.

Then who is?

How about Henderson?

Oh, why?

Because he has a record?

CAPTAIN FULLER: Thank you, sir.

Well, vehicle was
stolen last night.


Jogger found that this
morning minus the front end.

Well there you go.

Nick was on a date last night.


I mean, were you there?


Look, you're supposed
to be his friend.

Why don't you just
ask him about it?

How about I ask his date?

You know her name?

[school bell]


You're Vicky West, right?


Who are you?

I'm Tony Johnson, I
just transferred here.

That's nice.

So, where were you last night?


The party down on Blair road.

They say the party
doesn't start to roll

until Vicky West gets there.


Yeah, sure they said that.

OK, I lied.

I lied.

Actually I've just
noticed you around school,

and I kind of was hoping I'd
run into you at the party

and maybe we could
talk a little bit.



Well, if I'd known about it
maybe I would have been there.

Instead of sitting home
alone with Arsenio.


You were home alone?


Well, I'll see you later.

OK, we'll see you then.

Sorry I'm late.

Tony, this is Judy Hoffs.

My mentor in the program.

Listen, I invited Tony along,
to see what we're doing here,

you know?

I didn't think
anybody would mind.

Oh, it's real nice to
meet you, Miss Hoffs.

My friends call me Judy.

Well, I hope you get
something out of this.

These kids are really trying.

Yeah, well.
Why don't you take a seat.

I'm just going to
talk to somebody here.


Now you've really
crossed the line, Mac.

I can't believe you came here.

Hang on a second
here, all right?

He insisted I come.

He wouldn't hang
with me if I didn't.

Well, that's great.

Did he say why he
wanted you to come?

No, why.

Because he wants to
help you stay straight.

He doesn't want to hang out
with you unless you are.

Well, I might agree with you
if it weren't for one thing.


When I talked to Vicky
West, she says that he

blew their date off last night.
Come on.

Are you sure?

She sat at home alone
when the car was stolen.

Well, I'm sure there's
a perfect explanation

for everything.

I'll just ask him about it.

What are you going to do, huh?

Tell him another cop is
investigating him in his date?

You're going to
blow my cover, Jude.

This just keeps getting
better and better.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.

Set the bait, I guess.

Forgive me if I
root for the fish.

[school bell]

Hey man, how you doing?

I'm all right.

Auto class.

I can't stand another
hour with Mr. Drake.

I'll catch you later, man.

Where you going?

I got some business.

What's her name?

Cathy Corvette.

MR. DRAKE: Can anyone explain
to me why we need a muffler?

[engine running]

[tired squealing]


Sit down, guys.

Come on.

How's it going?

Fine, you?

No complaints.

How's your mom?


I mean she's still
a little shaky.

Headache, upset stomach.

No energy.

There's a flu going around.

NICK: Yeah, yeah, that's what
the doctor thought, you know?

He said she should stay off
her feet for a couple of days,

she'd probably be all right.
- Here.

This is for you.

I went by your house,
because with you working

and everything, I
thought maybe your mother

might like some soup.

Was she there?

VICKY: Uh-huh.

She was all dressed
up to go out.

Said she felt great.

Let- let me let me explain.

VICKY: No, don't bother.

Look, if you don't want
to go out with me, that's

your privilege, but at
least have the decency

to tell me the truth.

I wanted to, but
I just couldn't.

VICKY: Like I said,
don't bother explaining.

It's too bad, you know.

I was really looking forward
to getting to know you.

hamburgers, two order of fries,

one vanilla shake,
one chocolate shake--

I only got minutes.


Manager usually don't mind if
I take an extra five, though.

So how you doing, man?

Did I miss anything in
Drake's class other than being

bored out of my mind?

Exhaust systems, mufflers,
kindergarten stuff.

Took care of your business?

MAC: No, man.

I just went to the park
and hung out for a while.

Shut my eyes.


Most Vettes got a
decent stock alarm,

which I didn't hear go off.

Yeah, well most mack
trucks have big motors.

What are you getting that?

You didn't go to the park.

MAC: So what if I didn't?

Well, you're good at wiring.

I'm good stripping.

We can work something out.

How so?

You haven't already
got rid of that, what did

you call her, Cathy Corvette?


I might be able to get
you some extra cash for it.

What do you mean, exactly?

I'll strip it, and we can
split take in the parts.


Sometimes I really
hate this job.

What job?

You're under arrest, Nick.

What are you talking about?

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say
can and will be used

against you in a court of law.

If you-- in the court of law.

You have right to an attorney.

If you cannot afford one,
one will be provided for you.

Do you understand these
rights that I've said to you?

do you mean exactly?

I'll strip it, we'll

split the take on the parts.


Well, what?

Do you have anything to say?

Yeah, that's entrapment.

One little stint in
juvie, and you guys all

think you're F. Lee Bailey.

He didn't ask you to
fence it for him, Nick.

See that would have
been entrapment.

You offered.

Was talking about getting
him a job at a body shop.

You know what burns me up?

That you actually think
I'm as dumb as you are.

You could let me explain.

I don't want
explanations, Nick.

I want the truth.

I haven't lied to you yet.

Oh no?

How was that Bon
Jovi concert, Nick?

I didn't go, OK?

But you told me you did.

You call that telling the truth?

No, I told you.

I want the truth
and I want it now.

You want the truth?

I'll tell you the truth.

The truth is that I can't
make it in the outside.

I can't take taking orders
for burgers and fries.

I just can't hack it.


Sit down.

[chair sliding]

It's not for the
rest of your life.

Like hell it isn't.

Not once you go
to college, Nick.

That's a joke.

We got guys coming in
every week from college

looking for an assistant
manager job at Rocket Dawg.

You think that's what
they thought their college

degree was going to get them?

Don't run that American
dream hustle on me.

Well, it seems to me that
hustle worked the other way

around, didn't it?

I tried your way,
and it didn't work.

What, so you just go
back to stripping cars?

Just like that?

Yeah, just like that.

No way.

No way.

I put my time in you,
and effort, and trust.

You just can't spit on me
and walk away like that.

NICK: You just don't
get it, do you?

It's not about you.

It's about me.


Then I'll just take
myself out of the picture.

[door closing]

Yo, Jude.



Jude, would you come
here for a second?

Hey Jude, are you OK?

Leave me alone, McCann.

Look, for what it's
worth Jude, I really feel--

Look, it's not your
fault, OK, so go away.

Get out of here, Mac.

Not till we talk, Jude.

You want to hear
you were right?

OK, you were right.
Now leave.

No I was wrong, Jude.

If you can help just
one kid, it's worth it.

Well too bad mine
wasn't the one.

So you'll find another kid.

No, I don't think so.

Jude, look.

You'll feel a lot
better tomorrow.

No, I'll feel lousy tomorrow.

Don't you see?

That's why I got
involved in this program

in the first place.

All we're doing is busting
kids, junkies, hookers, thieves.

It's got to be where I
was just hating this job.

It's just garbage
in, garbage out.

And then I heard
about Second Chances.

And I thought, hey, here's
a chance to break the cycle.

Put something good
back into the system.

All time you're
telling me Nick's bad.

I'm saying it can't be.

He's a good kid.

Then I heard that tape.

You were right, Mac.

There ain't no Santa
Claus, and I'll never

wake up believing that again.

Jude, Jude.

Jude, wait a minute.

I, uh, I was just leaving.


Nick Capelli is
requesting your presence

in the interrogation room.

What for?

He didn't say.

Well tell him I've gone home.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I didn't think you could
turn it off that fast.

Turn what off?

Well, a week ago you'd do
anything to help this kid out.

Yeah, well, what this
kid doesn't want my help.


I guess he's on his own.

What about his mother?

She wouldn't even
take his phone calls.



Captain Fuller said
you wanted to see me?

NICK: Yeah.

I just wanted to say sorry
for some of the things I said.

Lost my temper.

And I'm sorry for
letting you down.

You let yourself down.

People just don't want to
get close to a con, you know?

They're afraid.

You weren't.

You were different.

You trusted me.

Yeah, well, I was
a sucker, wasn't I?

And it's going to be a long time
before I ever trust you again.

Jude, what do I gotta do?

Get yourself a good lawyer.


That other cop friend of yours?

He still got the Vette?


Because I know a
couple of guys who would

probably be interested in it.

And you and your
cop friends, they'd

probably be interested
in the two guys.

All right, slow down, Nick.

This baby's got power.

Wonder what it would it
do if I opened it up.

MAC (ON RADIO): Yeah, well,
don't even think about it.

Nick, it's your last
chance to back out.

This could be dangerous.

No way.

Pull it over right here, Mac.

You're on, Nick.

See you in a few.

All right, Mac, be
straight with me.

Before I had my talk with
Nick, what kind of deal

did you and Captain Fuller offer
him for setting these guys up?

We didn't offer him anything.

I thought you did.

[music playing]

You scratch the
dash wearing it?

I was in a hurry.

It's not like I had all
day to worry about a couple

of scratches.
- Oh, man.

There's a lot more than
just a couple of scratches.

People come into my shop,
they want things nice.

Spare me the lecture, Floyd.

What's the car worth to you?

Seats look OK, and
the doors I can use,

but the body's
mostly fiberglass.

I can give you $ for the
interior, and $ a piece

for the doors.

That's it, Mac, let's go.

Strip it for me and I'll
throw in another $.

$, for a
$, car, used?

That's $, more
than you have now.

You better shut up and take it.


HOFFS: Hold it!

[g*n drops]

You OK?

Go, go!

[music playing]

Oh, ah!

Damn, I've got
to start running.

Get your butt up there.

[barking and growling]

Hold it.

Let's see now.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can be used
against you in a court--

you all right?


Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm fine, too.



I wondered whether you
were going to show up.

Well, I figured if the DA
could give you a third chance,

I could give you a second.

Thanks, Jude.

MAC: Hey, guys.


Judy, Nick, this
is my man Daryl.

How you doing?

Want to get a bite?

What was that you
said about teen ex-cons

growing up to be adult cons?

I also said if you can
help just one, it's worth it.

[music playing]

[theme music]
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