Sx05 - The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Space!

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!". Aired: August 7, 2010 - October 14, 2018.
Animated series follows the magical adventures of 6-year-olds Nick and Sally, who travel the world with the Cat in the Hat as their guide.
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Sx05 - The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About Space!

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Have you been to the Moon?
Or whooshed round the sun?

Well, climb aboard, my friends,

there's exploring to be done!

It's a splendiferous space
explorer show!

And we're lifting off
in three, two, one, go!

♪ Hey


♪ Come over here

♪ The Cat in the Hat
is about to appear ♪

♪ He's whizzing over
to whisk you away ♪

♪ On a fabulous
journey today ♪

He's coming!

♪ And now he's arrived
in the Thingamajigger ♪

♪ The thing that he drives

♪ He's a cat
and he's oodles of fun ♪

♪ With his hairy helpers,
Thing and Thing ♪




♪ Can't stop
the Cat in the Hat ♪

♪ All of our adventures
start like that ♪

♪ Wherever you're going,
wherever you're at ♪

♪ The Cat in the Hat
knows a lot about ♪

♪ He knows a lot about,
he knows a lot about ♪

♪ He knows a lot about--


[Children laughing]

[Nick imitating bird calling,
cat meowing]




Did you hear that?

That was me. It's like
we're in a jungle,

so I added some
jungle sound effects.



Did you find anything
interesting yet?

Nope, not yet. There should
be something new to find.

We've never gone exploring
in here before.

Whoa! Dinosaur bones!


This is the best
discovery ever!

We may...


A shovel!




Do you still think
that's from a dinosaur?

Sure. We found the
big fork it eats with!



What was that?

A snake?

Snakes don't have fur!

[Rustling, gasping]

Then we've discovered
something amazing!

Something no one's
ever seen before!


[Laughing, grunting]

Group hug!

It's the Cat!

The Cat in the Hat!

So glad I dropped by
at just the right thing.

Whatever you've lost,
I'm sure we can find.

We haven't lost anything.Hmm...

We were just exploring.

But now that you're here,
we can have some real fun!

But I'm happy
to join you exploring.

No, that's okay. There's nothing
new to discover around here.

We're done exploring.

Explorers are never done

If you wanna discover something
new, you have to explore

where you've never
looked before.

[Gasping, laughing]Wow!


♪ Discoveries aren't
always easily found ♪

♪ So explorers go further,
and search all around ♪

Where do they go to
find new discoveries?

Do they travel on ships
to far-away countries?

♪ Discoveries can happen

♪ Wherever you are

♪ You don't need a boat
or an airplane ♪

♪ Or a car

♪ What you need
is a curious mind ♪

♪ To look past the surface
to see what you'll find ♪

Hi, Nick and Sally!
Where are we going?

We're staying right here
to do some exploring!

You've checked on the surface,

and found nothing new.

♪ Now it's time to dig deeper

♪ For a worm's point of view


♪ Now don't move too fast

♪ And look all around

♪ If you look very closely

♪ There's so much to be found

Ohh! I saw something wiggle!

♪ In the roots of that fern

♪ Now look at it closely

♪ And see what you'll learn!

Ah! I learned
it's a wiggly worm.

♪ Here's a sparkly rock

♪ That you'd never have found

♪ If we hadn't dug deeper,
and gone underground ♪

Follow that bug!

We have to go higher,
look wider, go crazy!

I know what we need:
my Ups-ama-daisy.


♪ We will go higher

♪ Up into the air

♪ And discover new things

♪ We didn't know were there

♪ Where others would stop

♪ Explorers keep on going

♪ Discoveries appear

♪ When a mystery
needs knowing ♪

♪ Just have a curious mind

Wow! I can see so far!

What a view!

I didn't think we'd see
so many different things.

And it was right
under our noses.

I wish the Ups-ama-daisy would
lift us up even higher!

What's that?

It's coming this way!

Then maybe we should
get out of its way!


Well, isn't this delightful?

Something new for us to explore.


[Panting]It's a dog!

It's a robot!

A robot dog!

What's it doing here?Exploring,

just like us.

[Beeping, camera
shutter clicking]


Hey, I think
it found something.

I wonder what it is.

Oh, I can't wait to see.

It's gonna be something
fascinating, I just know it!

[Barking, panting]

A rock?

He ate the rock?

Now I know what it is.

A rocket-gobbling,

rocket-robot space dog!

[Gasping, Cat laughing]

Oh, dear. I hope it's not
a goldfish gulper too!



[Shouting in panic]

Put me down!

[Camera shutter clicking,


Hmm, it's curious
about you, Fish.

Curious? It almost made
a snack out of me!


Oh, get ready! Group sh*t!

Say cheese!


[Camera shutter
clicking, barking]

That robot dog's so cool!

I wonder why it came here.

And where it's going now!

It's going to explore space.

Wow! That would be awesome!

Then exploring in space
is what we should do.

And follow that dog
to see what he's up to.

Really? We can do that?

Sure! We'll go into space,

a cat and his crew.

Your mother will not mind
at all if you do.

Let's go and ask.

Mom? Can Nick and I explore
space with Cat

and follow a robot dog?

Follow a robot dog into space?

Alright. But when
you come home,

don't track moon dust
through the house.

We can go! We can go!

I know, I know!

Then let our mission
of discovery begin.

To the Thingamajigger!


Let's go!

Prepare for blast-off.

We're going into space?!

Yeah, Fish, it's our
mission of discovery!

Why can't we just do some
more backyard exploring?

Space is Planet Earth's

And wouldn't it
be fun to explore

the biggest backyard there is?

[Gulping nervously]

A lot of fun!

And if it's a lot of fun,
what are we waiting for?

Buckle up.

[Horn honking]

Pull the space-ama-racer.

Ohh, wow!


Get ready for the
boom-aba-blasters in... ten,

nine, eight, seven, six--

Get ready for blast-off, Fish!

Five, four, three, two, one!


♪ Here we go, go,
go, go ♪

♪ On an adventure

♪ The Thingamajigger
is up and away ♪

♪ Go, go, go, go

♪ On an adventure

♪ We're flying with
the Cat in the Hat today ♪

♪ When travelling in space,
there's so much to explore ♪

♪ Like where robots fly to,
and what are they for? ♪

♪ Here we go, go,
go, go ♪

♪ On an adventure

♪ Go, go, go,
go, go ♪

Okay, explorers, keep an eye out
for that robot dog.

Look! There it is!

It's going to
the space station.

Where Astronaut Audrey works.

Then that's where
we're going too.


How do we get in?

Looks like we can't.
So, let's--

♪ Go, go, go, go
on an adventure ♪

♪ Go, go, go, go

♪ All the way home!

Home? I was hoping
to discover more stuff.

So was I.

That's exactly the attitude
explorers should have.

I always say when the door
to explore is closed,

try knocking.

[Horn honking]


Don't you love it
when things are easy?


Woo-hoo! Whee!


Ah, so nice to stretch
my legs. And my tail!


Welcome, Sally, Nick and Cat,

to the space station!

Hi, Astronaut Audrey!

Nice to see you again.

Nice to see you all again too.

It's such a surprise
to have visitors.

We were following
the surprise visitor

that came to Sally's backyard.

Yeah, a robot dog!

Ah, yes. Let me introduce you

to my fantastic assistant,
Space Rover!

We've met.

He's helping me explore space.

How exciting!

Nick and Sally are explorers.

Can Rover talk?


Well, Rover's more of a barker
than a talker.

But I'm sure he's brought back
interesting things to show me.

He's programmed to get
photographs and rock samples

from the planets
in our solar system.



Look at all the craters!

Is that the Moon?

No, but it's not much bigger
than the Moon.

It's Mercury!
The closest planet to the sun.

No grass? No trees?

No animals!No nothing!

Well, Mercury is too hot

and too cold
for plants or animals.

Too hot and too cold?

Yes. Too hot in the daytime,
and too cold at night.

Hey! Let me see that!

Whoa-- whoa!


Where else
did you go, Rover?


Wow, cool!


You mean "hot". That's Venus,

the hottest planet
in the solar system.

Look at all
the bright colors!


It's prettier than
an autumn day in the park.

Let's go for
a stroll, shall we?

Such a lovely day on Venus.

The colors are bright,
it's such a delight

to share this time between us.


If you were really
walking on Venus,

you'd be cooked to
a crisp in seconds.

Cooked to a crisp?!

Ooh, ooh, hot, hot, hot, hot!
Ow, ow, ow, wah!

[Nick and Sally laughing]

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


Hey, that's our planet!

Planet Earth!

Roger that!

Look at all
the lakes and rivers!

So much water to swim in.

So much water helps support
so much life on Earth.


Ahh! A space monster!

[Sally laughing]

I think that's you, Fish.

[Giggling nervously]

I guess it is.

Now there's an
excellent discovery!

Three great-looking



Hey, that's the rock
he found at my house.

It's his souvenir
from Planet Earth.

Ohh, very good!

I hope Rover brings back other
interesting rocks and photos.


Looks like he's re-energized
and ready to go.




Back! You're smudging
my fishbowl.

Okay, Space Rover,

to the flight deck.


[Sighing in relief]

Ohh, to be Rover.

I wish I was Rover!

Footloose and fancy-free
in the wide open galaxy.

The solar system is so huge!

What if Rover gets lost?

Ohh, he knows his way.
And this collar

sends and receives radio signals
so I know where Rover is.

Stand by for launch!

Bye, Rover!
Have a good space mission!

Don't come home with
space-fleas, please!


He's nearly
out of sight already.

But you can still see him
on this space map.

[Beeping]See? There's Rover.

On his way to Mars.


I wish we could explore
the solar system too.

Well, it just so happens
you can,

with Astronaut Audrey's complete
guide to the solar system.

It has everything
under the sun,

you might say.


Wow! That's so cool!Wow! That's so cool!

All the planets
in our solar system

travel around the sun,

a star at the center
of it all.

The sun is a burning fireball
that is so enormous

you could fit all the planets
and all their moons inside it.

But put lots and lots of
sunscreen lotion on them first.


Oh, that's a funny idea.

[All laughing]

[Beeping][All gasping]

What's that beeping sound?

Uh-oh. It's a space map
special alert.

Rover is stuck in one place.

What happened?A rocket malfunction.

A fuel leak, maybe?

It's really hard to say.

Is Rover's mission over?


Roger that, Nick.

I'm afraid it is.

But explorers are never
done exploring,

which is why I am launching
the Rover rescue mission.

Yeah! A rescue mission!

That's a great idea.
I volunteer to help.

So do I.

That's wonderful.

Hold on now. There's a lot
of space out there.

What if we get lost?

You can use the space map
to guide you.

Perfect. Let the Rover
rescue mission begin.

To the Space-a-ma-racer.


Prepare for launch,
Rover rescue team.

Exiting space station
in five, four,

three, two, one.

♪ Where others would stop

♪ Explorers keep on going

♪ We're off and away

♪ To rescue Space Rover

♪ We'll find him
and help him ♪

♪ His mission's not over

♪ The best of explorers
can get stuck in one place ♪

♪ On oceans or mountains

♪ Or even in space

♪ We'll find him
and help him ♪

♪ And get him unstuck

♪ If his booster's been broken

♪ We'll be his tow truck

♪ Where others would stop

♪ Explorers keep on going

♪ When the going gets tough

♪ Explorers keep on going

♪ Discoveries appear
when a mystery needs knowing ♪

♪ Don't let setbacks
prevent you ♪

♪ From following through

♪ Keep on going

♪ And do what you set out
to do ♪

The space map
shows Rover is here.

But that is definitely
not Space Rover.

So, what is it?

Maybe Astronaut Audrey's
guide to the solar system

will show us what this is.

Hey, that's it, Sally!

Sky One
was a satellite

that tracked weather patterns
on Earth.

With its view from space,
it gave people lots of warning

about approaching storms.

What does she mean
"was" a satellite?

We can see it right there.

SkyEye doesn't work

like thousands of other old
and broken satellites

that are now known
as space junk.

Well, then if that's
just space junk,

no one will mind if we put
some "lost Rover" posters on it.

Who's going to see posters
way out here in space?

Astronaut explorers
like us,

passing through
the neighborhood.

Look! Rover!

He's all tangled up.

That's what happens
when there's too much junk

cluttering space.

Calm down, Rover.
Don't grind your gears.

The Rover rescue team
is here.

Untwist here,
unravel there.



This mess is more tangly
than I thought.


The harder I tug,
the tighter it tangles.

Now what will we do?

We'll go for a space walk.
Space suits, everyone.


Space is a place
without any air.

So we'll bring air to breathe
in the suits that we wear.

Opening bubble top.

Follow me,
Rover rescue team.



We'll have you on your way
in a jiffy, Rover.

[All grunting]

This wire is tough stuff.

What was that?

More space junk.

Fish, look out!


We've parked
in a hazardous place.

I suggest we leave


We can't leave just yet
when there's still work to do.

But we can get some protection
from Thing and Thing .



This orbit is littered
with junk gone astray.

Please catch any pieces
that come flying this way.

[Both chattering]


Okay, Sally, pull!


Got it.

And I've almost
got Rover free too.

Come on, Sally.
Let's help.

[All grunting]

That's it.
Keep on pulling.



[Things cheering]

It's a good thing
you stopped us.

I was afraid we were going
to tumble into the next galaxy.

I hope Rover's okay.


He's bright-eyed
and barking

and ready to explore
the solar system again.

Fly, fly, little Rover
robot dog.

Onward to planet Mars.

Bye, Rover!

Good luck, Rover![Rover barking]

Mission accomplished,
rescue team.

Yeah! We did it!

Wait till we tell
Astronaut Audrey.

She'll be so happy.

If Space Rover
is on his way to Mars,

why does the space map
show he's still here?

Hey, what's with that?

Hmm. Ah-ha.

I see exactly
what's happened.


We pulled Rover
right out of his radio collar.

Oh, no!
Oh, no!

Now Astronaut Audrey
won't know where Rover is.

Or if he gets stuck
somewhere again.

Then we'll put this
back on him.

No time for chitchat.

To the Space-a-ma-racer.

Hurry.Let's get out of here.

Five, four, three,
two, one, blastoff!


I'd know that planet

Me too,
because it's red.

Just like an apple,
only much, much bigger,

and without a stem.

[All laughing]

I don't see Space Rover

Where do you start looking

for a little dog
on a big planet?

On Earth, I'd check the nearest
tree or f*re hydrant.

That, however,
does not apply on Mars.



I'm a lot jumpier on Mars.


Yeah! Whoo-hoo!


Look how high we can jump.

I wish we could
jump like this at home.

Since Mars is about
half the size of Earth,

there's much less gravity
holding you down.

When you weigh so much less,
you can really jump around.


That's easy
for you to say.

I have fins,
so I can only jump out of water.

And there's not much
of that around here.

But your suit
has a boot,

so you can jump
on Mars too.


Look at that.

I just grew a foot

and my space suit
still fits perfectly.



Whoa! Whoa!

Follow that bouncing fish.


Oof!Nice save.

Good one, Cat.

Whew, thank you.

My pleasure.

I believe that makes me
the first astronaut

to actually catch a fish
on Mars.


I think Fish led us
to an important clue.


I did? Where did I
lead us to?

Rover was here. Those are his
tracks, aren't they?

They are.

I'd recognize those little
robot paw prints anywhere.


[All cheering]

Crater ahead.
Don't trip on the lip.

Space Rover really covered
a lot of ground.

And the ground he covered

is getting covered
with too much dust.

I'm starting to lose track
of his tracks.

I hope it doesn't
get any windier.

Me too.


I found a Mars
wind warning.

Watch out for dust storms
on Mars.

Some are so big they can cover
the entire planet

and last for days.

If we don't
find Rover soon,

we won't have his tracks
to follow.

Well, I'll just have to clear
dust off the trail

with my clean-a-machine.

[Whirring][Cat humming]


Small problem.

I'm sucking up the dust
and the paw prints.


And a big Mars rock.



Oh, dear.

I'm glad we're wearing
space suits.

So am I.[Laughing]

Thanks, Cat.
That's better.

Yeah. Now, what about
finding Rover?

We'll continue this way until
we pick up his trail again.


[Rover barking]


[Panting]ALL: Rover! It's him!

Oh! Poor Rover.

Now, where did I put
that radio collar?

Hurry, Cat.Stay, Rover. Stay!

Now I remember.

I put it in my hat.


I think we have a problem.



Wait. Don't go yet, Rover.

Not yet.

Ah! I know
what I can do.

Okay. Do it quick.

One Rover radio collar
ready to go.

Oh, no!

Hold on to him, Nick.

I'm trying to.

[Cat screaming]

Almost got it.


[Nick screaming]

Nick! Cat!
Come back!

They're probably halfway
to Jupiter by now.


No, they're not.

CAT: Yahoo!NICK: We did it!

Whoo-hoo! Yay!

Rover's space mission
is back on track.

Now can we go home?


And why don't we do
some exploring on the way?


Explorers are never done


To the Space-a-ma-racer.



I don't see Earth.

Are we going the right way?

Of course we are.

Astronaut Audrey's space map
would never steer us wrong.

It's upside down.


Oh. I guess we are
going the wrong way.

Cat, look out!


What was that?

I don't know,
but here comes another one.


[All exclaiming]

This space highway
is much too rocky.

Where are we, anyway?

We're somewhere called
the asteroid belt.

The asteroid belt
is a band of space rocks

that orbit the sun,
just like the planets do.

We should take one back
for Astronaut Audrey.

An excellent idea,

She'd love an asteroid

Asteroids come
in all sizes.

Some small enough
to hold in your hand.

Some as big as a car.

And some bigger
than buildings.

Cat, look out.


We'll take a smallish one,
thank you very much.

I'll scoop one up
in a jiffy.



Well, so it is.

What a small world.

I mean, solar system.


This is a dangerous place
for Rover to be.

Yeah, it's like crossing
a busy highway.

We need to help him.

You're right.

Let's scoop him up
and carry him to safety.

Ah! Asteroid alert!

[All screaming]


While' you're
scooping up Rover,

who's going to drive?

Hmm. Oh, I know.

My co-pilot.



But I've never flown
a Space-a-ma-racer.

Oh, you'll catch on quick.

It flies like a dream.

More like a nightmare if you're
flying through asteroids.


[All exclaiming]


You got the hang of it

Now aim us at Rover
and I'll do the rest.


I'll try.


Now for the big
swoop and scoop.


[All shouting]


How amazing is that?

I caught an asteroid
without even trying.


The whole solar system
is spinning.

In that case,
I'd better do the driving.


Good news.

The map shows we're almost
out of the asteroids.



Oh, no!

Wouldn't you know it?

He almost made it through
without a scratch.


That asteroid
really knocked Rover for a loop.

He can hardly move.

But he's still moving.
That's the important thing.


Hmm. His wiggle-ma-wagger
has got a loud squeak.

And his thumper-ma-pumper
has sprung a small leak.

I guess his exploring days
are over, aren't they?

Explorers are never
done exploring.

I'll have Rover
fixed in a jiffy.

That's great!

What do you know
about fixing something

as complicated
as a space dog?

That's what I'm about
to discover.

I'll soon have him working
so he's better than new.

But I first need some help
from Thing and Thing .


[Both chattering]


Rover's in need
of some robot repair.

Could I please borrow
any tools you can spare?



[Both giggling]


Great job.

That's a lot of tools.

Thank you very much.

[Both chattering]


♪ Where others would stop

♪ Explorers keep on going

♪ I'll unscrew this panel

♪ And open it wide

♪ We'll let in some light
so we can see what's inside ♪

Hmm, interesting.

♪ There are gearlets
and spring things ♪

♪ And wires that connect

♪ And a booster still boosting
if that gauge is correct ♪

♪ Can you tell
what part's broken? ♪

♪ Can you see
what's gone wrong? ♪

♪ I see gack
in his gearbox ♪

♪ Where it doesn't belong

Hmm. Let's see here.

♪ If I re-clip this cable
back onto this junction ♪

♪ It should activate that thing
and make something function ♪

♪ Whatever you did there,
it sure did the trick ♪

♪ His eyes wink and blink now

♪ I saw his legs kick

♪ Where others would stop

♪ Explorers keep on going

♪ His tummy is closed now

♪ The repair work is done

♪ He's put back together

♪ Let's see how he runs

I hope it worked.

Oh, so do I.


[Panting]He's working!

You fixed him.

Welcome back,
Space Rover.




What's the matter
with him?

I think he likes you.


A lot.

And who wouldn't
like you?


You're just so orange
and fishy.


Rover's acting kind of
different than before.

Yeah. He's a frisky
space pro now.

Hmm, it is possible
I got some wires crossed.

It's possible?

I'd bet my fishbowl that you
got some wires crossed.

Look at him!

Uh-oh. He shouldn't
play with that.

Give Sally
the computer tablet.

That's a good robot doggy.

Come on, Rover.



Need some help, Sally?

Stay. Stay.


[Both groaning]

Rover, come back here.

Stay, Rover, stay.

We'd better stop this game
before something gets broken.

I think you're right, Fish.

I know just
what to do.

Rover, look who I have.

Hey, what are you doing?


Got it.


It worked.[Barking]

Ooh. Uh-oh.


Whoa. Down, doggy.

Ah! Put me down,
put me down, put me down!

Stay, Rover. Sit, Rover.

Come, Rover.

SALLY: Rover, stop.NICK: You put Fish down now.

Naughty robot.



I am not a dog toy.

I am a fish.

An astronaut
explorer fish.

What are we going
to do, Cat?

How about this.

Say, look over there.

Isn't that Sirius,
the dog star?


To the Space-a-ma-racer


[All exclaiming]

[Barking][Sally sighing]

We can't play anymore, Rover.

You've got a solar system
to explore.

Yeah. Astronaut Audrey
is counting on you.

See? You still have
four more planets to explore.


He doesn't know
where he has to go.

Oh, so sad.

Yes, an asteroid accident
can have that affect on a robot.

Can you fix him, Cat?

Obviously not,

or he wouldn't be the friskiest
dog in the universe.

What Rover needs
is some help

from his fellow explorers.

What kind of help,

A ride to the next planet.


What?Jump in, Rover.



[Both laughing]

Onward to Jupiter.

[All cheering]

Could I have a little more
wiggle room, if you don't mind?


That's a lot of planet
to explore.

I've never seen
anything that huge.

Jupiter, the biggest planet
in our solar system.

The big red spot on Jupiter
is an enormous storm

that's been raging
for hundreds of years.

Remind me not to park there.


Jupiter is a giant
hot ball of gas

with no surface
to land on.

Aww. That means
we can't go exploring there.

Objects pulled in

by Jupiter's tremendous
gravitational force

get crushed to bits
before melting.

In that case, I'm perfectly
happy not to go there.

[Mechanics rattling]

Huh? Now what's the matter?

This Space-a-ma-racer
is going slower

than a snail with a limp.

Slow? I think we're going

It's Jupiter's strong gravity
pulling us in.

Hurry, Cat.
Make us go faster.

Get ready for the force
of full power.

[Engine whirring]

[Engine backfiring]

Okay, we're ready.

that's full power.

But we're still
going backwards.

Hmm. Indeed we are.

Ah! I have an idea.

Rover, you want to play fetch?


Uh, do we really
have time for that?

I can't think of a better time
than right now.

What's Rover
going to fetch?

His favorite toy.

What? Ah!

This is a terrible idea.

Well, it's the only idea
I have.

And-- Ah! I don't want
to go to Jupiter!

Oh, all right, then.

Ready, Rover.

[Rover barking]


Got get him!



So long, Jupiter.


[Nick and Sally screaming]


Phew. Finally, Rover is chasing
after something other than me.

Dog bone coming your way, Nick.



Back at you, Sally.


Safety tip of the day:

In case of emergency,

always carry a towing rope
and a goldfish.


Or, better yet,

avoid flying
anywhere near Jupiter.


On the count of three,
throw it up there.


One, two, three.


Huh? He's fast.


And smart.

Smart? He doesn't know
a pickle from a planet anymore.

Do you remember
what that planet is, Rover?


Astronaut Audrey
needs to give him

all his mission
instructions again.

Too bad he has to go back now
when he's come this far.

Rover can still finish
his mission with some help.

He could? You think so?He could? You think so?

Absolutely. He's forgotten
his mission,

but he knows how to play.

We'll make exploring a game,
so he'll do what we say.

Rover, do you want
to play a game?


Try to take my picture.




Oh look where I've moved.

I'm over here now.

Ah! Too slow.

Now I'm over here.

[Both laughing]

Here I am.

Click me if you can.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Oh, you got me.

[Cat cackling]

How does taking a picture of you
help Rover do his mission?

Rover, show us that picture
you took.

I get it.

Rover took a picture of you
and a picture of Saturn.

And he had lots of fun
doing it.

Then wait till he sees
where we're going to explore--

I mean, play next.


♪ Na, na, na

♪ Na-na, na-na, na, na

Who wants to float
in outer space?


♪ Billions of bits

♪ In a circular pattern

♪ Pattern

♪ Are what makes the rings

♪ That go around Saturn

♪ Let's float around
the galaxy ♪

♪ Na, na, na

♪ Na-na, na-na, na, na


Just float around!

♪ Some chunks are rocky

♪ But most are ice

♪ We've saved seven samples


♪ That should suffice

♪ Let's float around

♪ The galaxy

♪ Na-na, na-na, na, na

♪ A fact about Uranus
that I think is fun ♪

♪ Is how it tips sideways
so it rolls around the sun ♪

♪ Let's float around
the galaxy ♪

[Camera shutters clicking]

♪ But of all the gas planets

♪ Neptune rules

♪ It's called an ice giant

Wow, that's super cool!

♪ And that's the last planet

♪ The eighth from the sun

♪ We helped Rover get here


♪ Our mission

♪ Is done

[Nick and Sally laughing]


It sure gets c-c-c-cold at
the edge of the solar system.

I'm freezing my fins off.

I have just what you need.

My jet-a-ma-dryer.

This will warm up your water
in a jiffy.



I must remember
never to switch that on high.

Where did Fish go?

Help! Help!

Oh, no! Fish!

Fetch Fish.


Rover. Whew.

I never thought I'd say this,

but am I glad to see you.


Settle down, Rover.
Settle down.

I spilled enough water


[All cheering]


It's the return of Rover
the rescue robot.

Good job, Rover.

Yeah, that was great.


Welcome back, Fish.

Now that the jet-a-ma-dryer
is switched to "gentle",

I can warm you up
without blowing you into orbit.


The first thing I need
is more water.

There's barely enough in here
to stay wet.

One large refill
coming right up.

Odd. Now where is that

Ah, here we are.


Oh, dear. It's empty.

There's no water?

That's a serious problem,

especially if you're a fish.

What do we do, Cat?

It's a long way home
without water.


Uh, could I interest you
in a little milk?


I don't think so.

What was that?

A comet.

That's just what we need.

Everyone in the




Shouldn't we be trying
to find water?

Yeah. Why are we
chasing a comet?

Because comets
are cosmic snowballs,

and I have a plan.

Prepare for landing.


Rover, how would you like
to do some digging?



I thought you'd say that.

Let's get to it.


[Nick and Sally laughing]

Good work, Rover.
Keep it coming.

This comet doesn't look
like a snowball to me.

Me neither.

Think of it as a dirty snowball
filled with rocks and sand.

Gulp. On second thought,

maybe I will
have that milk.

Your breathing problem
will soon be over, Fish,

now that I have this.

Uh, is there enough
oxygen getting to your helmet?

Just wondering.

Of course there is.

You have to have
a sharp mind

to come up with a clever plan
like this.


[Cat humming]

The ice is melting
into water.

And the big rocks are all
sinking to the bottom.

Yes! Water! Water!

That ought to do it.




There. Our fish-out-of-water
problem is solved.

Yay! You did it!Yay! You did it!

Open up, Rover.


I have a special
treat for you.

Fish got his water,

Rover gets his rock samples
for Astronaut Audrey.


It's a win-win for everyone.

Oh, wonderful.

Another great

We put the first snowman
into space.



Snowmen sure look different
with the snow we use at home.

When all you've got
is dirty snow,

all you get
is a dirty snowman.


Like the planets,

comets orbit
around the sun.

And the closer they get,
the more they glow.


Another story?

All right.

Here's one you'll like.

Space Rover is a robotic probe

built to explore
our solar system.


Hey, there's Earth!

Earth! Ha!
That's our stop.

Hurry, to the Space-a-ma-racer

Countdown for takeoff.

In five, four, three,

two, one...

[All exclaiming]

We're still anchored
to the comet.

The things you forget
when you're in a rush.

And now there's no time...

[Grunting] fuss with it.

[All screaming]

[Fish groaning]

Sorry about that
little space spin.

Little spin?
I'm totally spun out.


Did we get off the comet
in time?

Are we close to Earth?

There it is, Nick.

Behind us.

Isn't that a welcome sight.

I see the space station too.

Right over there.

So it is.


We're almost back
where we started.

I can't wait to tell
Astronaut Audrey

about all the space exploring
we did.

I can't wait either.


What are we
waiting for?

To the space station.

[Satellites beeping]

Thank you so much for returning
Rover safe and sound, everybody.

You're welcome, Audrey.

Now, what till you see
what Rover brought back for you.

Oh, I can't wait to see.


These are some of the best
planet photos I've ever seen.

Oh, there's a good one.

Nick and Sally


Those rings can't be seen
from Earth without a telescope,

and you got a close-up.

That's Titan,
Saturn's biggest moon.

Saturn has more
than moons,

and you captured four of them
in one photo.

We did?
Where are the other ones?


Rhea, Hyperion and Iapetus.

There I am,

doing my imitation
of Uranus.

I was spinning sideways.

[All laughing]

Very creative.

Scientists think Uranus
may have gotten tipped sideways

after hitting an object
as big as planet Earth.

[Sally laughing]

That's a trick sh*t.

It looks like I'm holding
Neptune on one finger.


Well, if you could do that,
your finger would get very cold.

Neptune is known
as an ice giant.

And that picture
went totally wrong.




What's interesting?


It's a moon,
but I've never seen it before.

Did we make
a new discovery?

Quite possibly.

I'll have to examine that
for future exploration.

It's a discovery
you'll have to share with Rover.

He took the photo.

Right. Too bad Rover
isn't in any of the pictures.

Someone had to be
the photographer.

And Rover did an excellent
job of that,

along with collecting
these rock samples to study.

For a small space probe,

he could sure gobble down
a lot of rocks.


Well, his mission
wouldn't have been a success

without the help of top-notch
space explorers like you.

Glad we could be
of service.

It was great.
We had fun.

What was the best part?


Let me see.

I say the best part
is yet to come.

It is?
What's yet to come?

Returning home
to good old planet Earth.


To the Space-a-ma-racer.

Yay! Let's go!


Oh, sorry, Rover.

There you go.

Oh, Rover.

I'll miss you too.

So will I.

Same here.

Oh, dear.


This is turning
into a dewy-eyed goodbye.

Group hug!

[All laughing]

Bye, everyone.

You're welcome to come back


I know it.

See you later.
Bye, Audrey.

Bye, Rover.

Standby for launch.

Ready go exit
space station

in five, four, three,
two, one!

[All cheering]

Aww, look at that.

I've seen everything
from Mercury to Neptune,

and I think we live on
the prettiest planet there is.

So do I.

I think so too.

When I look at Earth from here,
I see so many places

we haven't been to yet.

It may not be
the biggest planet,

but it sure has the most
interesting places

to go and explore.

You're right about that.

♪ We're on our way home

♪ Our space mission is done

♪ We made new discoveries
and had lots of fun ♪

♪ New backyard adventure

♪ That started out boring

♪ Took us way out
to Neptune ♪

♪ Because we kept on
exploring ♪

NICK: Wow!SALLY: That was amazing!

♪ You've seen your world

♪ From a new point of view Look!

[Both laughing]

♪ From higher and wider

♪ Like explorers do

♪ Earth might be smaller

♪ Than a lot of those others

♪ But it's still
full of mysteries ♪

♪ There's so much to discover

Buckle up,
my dashing discoverers!

It's time to go down,
down, down-a-ma-daisy.

Here we go!


Perfect landing.
Thanks, Cat.

Yeah, thank you.

My pleasure.
As always.

Doesn't the gravity
feel great?


It's like Mother Earth
holding us close

because she's glad
we're home.

Oh, and I'm glad
to be back too.

Come here.

Let me give you
a big hug.

[Both laughing]

Well, then, what are we
going to do now?

What are you going
to do now?

You just finished exploring
the whole solar system.

But explorers
are never done exploring.


Right you are, Nick.

And I have that curious
cat feeling

that can only be satisfied
by discovering

the interesting and unusual.

Then let's go back
to the garden.

There's lots more exploring
to do there.

Why, that's a splendid idea.

Lead the way, Sally.

We'll dig deeper.

Peek closer.

Look wider.

Go higher.

Welcome to Hat Chat.

We're interviewing
Astronaut Audrey

in her space station.

So tell us,

have there been
any new discoveries

since our last visit?

I'll say.

I just put some new
snapshots of Pluto's moons

into my space family album.

Did you say moons?

You mean Pluto's
got more than one?

Unlike Earth,

Pluto has five moons.

Charon, Styx, Kerberos,

Nix and Hydra.

Wow. Imagine looking up
at night

and seeing five moons.


That would be awesome.

Space scientists
are so good

at taking pictures.

You can tell a lot
from a great space sh*t.

What's this one?[Gasping]

Is it another one
of Pluto's moons?

Nope. It's my thumb.

Which is why I leave space
photography to the experts.

[All laughing]

Oh, hi.

Just doing a little

I have a question
about space.




What's one type of sample

astronauts and space rovers
like to collect

from other planets?

Did you say rocks?

[Barking]You're right!

Astronauts sometimes
collect rocks

to help them learn about
the planets they come from.

You got it this time,

but next time
I'll stump you for sure.

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