05x13 - Princess Cleo/Basketball Stories

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Clifford the Big Red Dog". Aired: September 4, 2000 - February 25, 2003.
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Clifford, a 20-foot-tall red dog who loves stories, and his owner, Emily Elizabeth, enjoy new adventures as they explore their island home.
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05x13 - Princess Cleo/Basketball Stories

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Hi! My name
is emily elizabeth,

And this is clifford,

My big red dog.

♪ Clifford needed emily ♪

♪ So she chose him
for her own ♪

♪ And her love made clifford
grow so big ♪

♪ That the howards
had to leave their home ♪

♪ Clifford'’s the best friend
anyone could know ♪

♪ He'’s the greatest dog ever ♪

♪ I really think so ♪

♪ Clifford'’s so loyal ♪clifford!

♪ He'’s there when you call ♪

♪ I love clifford,
the big red dog ♪

♪ So they packed up
the family car ♪

♪ And the howards
left the city ♪

♪ They moved to birdwell island
and found many new friends ♪

♪ There to greet
clifford and emily ♪

♪ Clifford'’s so much fun,
he'’s a friend to us all ♪

♪ I love clifford,
the big red dog ♪



Oh...ho ho ho!

Just look how cute
you were, cleo.

You'’ve always
liked getting dirty,
haven'’t you sweetie?


And here you are,

Sleeping like
a widdle baby.

You played and played
until you were so tired

You just plopped down
and fell asleep.

[Arf arf
arf arf]

oh, I forgot
about this picture!


That'’s queenie.

Isn'’t she beautiful?

Queen ann
was your grandmother.

She was a very special dog,
just like you.

She used to love to wear
fancy collars and ribbons.

But this golden crown
was always her favorite.

Ohh! There.

Oh, my goodness.

You look
just like queen ann.

Ahh! Scratching your back
on the grass

Sure feels good.

It sure does,

There'’s nothing like it.
Right, mac?


It'’s ok, but I'’d rather
let jetta scratch my back.

It'’s not so, uh, messy.


Hey, hey, hey, hey!

Careful, mac!

I don'’t want
to get grass on my...

Golden crown.

your crown?

You have a crown?

Well, it'’s not exactly
my crown.

Whose crown is it, cleo?

It belonged
to my grandmother,

Queen ann.

Your grandmother
was a queen?

Of course you realize
what this means,
don'’t you, cleo?


Oh, uh, heh--
yeah, of course!

What does it
mean, cleo?

Uh...it means...

Well, um...it--
you tell him, mac.

It means that we
are in the presence

Of royalty.

What does that
mean, mac?

Uhh! Don'’t you see?

If cleo'’s
was a queen,

It means that cleo
is a princess.

A princess?

A princess?

A princess.


I'’m a princess!

♪ I am a princess!
I am a princess! ♪

♪ I am a princess!
I am a princess! ♪

♪I am a-- ♪

Uh, hellooo?

Isn'’t everyone
supposed to bow down

In front of a princess?

Of course,
your majesty!

princess cleo-ohh!

Are you ok, t-bone?

I--i meant to do that.

So, uh, so I could

Finish scratching
my back on the grass.

Sounds good to me.

Unh! Uhh!

Don'’t you
want to scratch?

I was kind of hoping

Maybe you would
scratch my back
for me, clifford.

What do you mean?

Well, I am a princess,
you know.


And it wouldn'’t be right
for a princess

To get all green
and grass-stained.

Oh! Ok, cleo.
I'’ll scratch your back.

Hee, ha ha! Yes!

Ahh, I love
being a princess.


[All laughing]

Here it comes, mac!

Whoa! It'’s all
yours, clifford!

Heads up, cleo!

That'’s princess cleo.

Go on, princess cleo.

Go get the ball,
and let'’s keep playing.

You know, mac,
I don'’t think a princess

Should have to chase
after her own ball.

Why don'’t you go
and get it for me?

Uhh! Why would
I do that?

Because chasing a ball
can make a dog very tired,

And a princess
should never be allowed
to get too tired.

I'’ll go get it
for you!

You will?

Sure, I don'’t want you

To get too tired,
princess cleo.

Hee hee.
Thanks, t-bone.

Gosh, cleo.
I thought the rules

Were that whoever
missed the ball
had to go get it.

Oh, that'’s still
the rule, clifford.

But the rules are
different for me.

I am a princess,
after all.

Find any bones
yet, guys?

No, wehaven'’t.
Have you?

Gee, mac.

I don'’t think cleo
couldfind any bones.

She isn'’t digging.

Yes, I noticed that.

Why aren'’t you
digging, cleo?

I'’d get much too dirty.

My job is to tell
everyone else
what to do.

It'’s a princess thing.

But--but you love
to dig in the dirt, cleo.


[Both laughing]

I used to,
but it'’s different now.

I'’m different now.

I am a princess.

You still
look like cleo to me.

Hey...i found one!

That'’s really big, mac.

Why don'’t you crack it
into pieces, clifford,

So we can all share it?


Since you found
the bone, mac,

You get to pick
the first piece.


Don'’t you think
I should pick first?

But we always say
that whoever finds the bone

Gets to pick
the first piece.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That was before we knew
I was a princess.



Pardon me, mac.
Princess chooses first.

You understand, right?



Nah. Uh-uh.

Nah. Mmm.
Well, mmm...

I don'’t know.


Uhh! That wasn'’t fair.

No, it wasn'’t.

Being a princess
shouldn'’t mean

That you
can be unfair!

Cleo is acting
like a completely
different dog,

Just because
she'’s wearing a crown.

I liked her better
the way she was

Before she became
a princess.

Me, too, t-bone.

Mac: me, three.

♪ Oh, I'’m a princess ♪

♪ Yes, I'’m a princess ♪

♪ Say, I'’m a princess ♪

♪ A little-- ♪

Hmm, let'’s see.

What will princess cleo
tell her friends

They'’re going
to play today?

Ball at the beach?

Hide and seek
at the library?

Tag in the park?



What'’s going on?

They'’re already

Without me!

[All laughing]

oh, perfect!

This pile of leaves
is gonna be great

For jumping in.

Ok, guys...

Look out.


Ha ha! Ha ha!
That was great.

I don'’t believe it.

They'’re jumping in leaves...

Without me!


Is that any way
to treat a princess?!

Ok, guys, the pile'’s
almost ready.

Who'’s next?


I believe
it should be me.

Hi, cleo.


What are
you guys doing?

We'’re jumping in leaves.

I can see that.

Why don'’t you invite me
to jump with you?

Well, the leaves are on
the grass, princess cleo.

You could get all
green and grass-stained.

I don'’t mind
getting all green
and grass-stained.

You can get
pretty dirty, too.

I never heard
of a princess
getting dirty.

Or tired.

Jumping in leaves
makes me really tired.

But--but I love
getting dirty

And tired
and grass-stained
and all that stuff.

I know that you used to,

But that was before
you were a princess.

But just because
I'’m a princess

Doesn'’t mean
I'’m any different
than I was before.

Then why were you acting
so differently yesterday?

I wasn'’t acting
that differently.

All I did was make you
scratch my back

And fetch the ball
when I missed it

And give me the biggest
piece of the bone and...

Oops. I wasn'’t being
very nice, was i?

I'’m really sorry.

I thought
it would be fun

To try and make you guys
do everything my way,

But that'’s not being
a very good friend.

Can you forgive me?

Both: sure.

Hey, you wanna
jump next, cleo?

No thanks, t-bone.
It'’s your turn next,

Then mac'’s turn,
then it'’s my turn.

Ok, then. Here I come.

Ah, just as I thought.

A perfect fit.


[All laugh]

"And so the princess,

"To prove that she was
a real princess,

"Was ordered to sleep on
a mountain of mattresses

Underneath was
a single bead..."

You know, clifford,

I think
it'’s a lot more fun

To read about
being a princess

Than it is to really
be a princess.

Emily elizabeth: clifford!

It'’s story time.

You wanna hear
a speckle story,
don'’t you?

[Woof, woof]

Heh, heh. I thought so.

He'’s your favorite.

Today'’s story is speckle
and the costume party.

Speckle and his
friends were reading
a wonderful book

Filled with pictures of
a colorful costume party.

Luna had never seen anything
like a costume party

And she thought
it was fantastic.

The g*ng wished
they could be invited

To such a special event,

But speckle said they didn'’t
have to wait to be invited.

They could have
a costume party of their own.

First, they turned
speckle'’s backyard
into a festive place.

Speckle dressed
as a brave pirate.

Reba and ravi came as
playful circus clowns.

Darnell was a regal king...

And luna arrived
as an invincible superhero.

In all their costumed glory,

and his friends agreed

That the party
they had made together

Was even better than the party
they'’d seen in the book.

The end.

That was a great story.
Isn'’t reading fun?


Heh, heh!

Do you see him
yet, emily?

Do you see
skyscraper jackson?

Not yet.
[Horn blares]

I see the ferry,


I see him!

There he is!


[All cheering]


It'’s so cool
that your dad

Actually knows
skyscraper jackson,
emily elizabeth.

He'’s the greatest
basketball player
in the world.

He and my dad
have been friends
for a long time.

Last time he was here,
he picked out

A brand new puppy
to take home, remember?


I remember.

That was cool.

[All cheering]

All: ooh!

[All cheering]



Oh, it'’s great
to see you.

You, too.

You remember my daughter,
emily elizabeth.

Nice to see you again,
emily elizabeth.


Eh, but where'’s your
big, red, ball
playing friend?

[Clifford barks]

[Woof, woof]

Ha, I wouldn'’t mind
having this big guy
on my team.


[All laugh]

These are some
of my friends,
mr. Jackson.

I think you
met them all

The last time
you were here.

I sure did,
and call me

I can'’t believe
we get to play ball
with you tomorrow

In the charity
basketball game.

Charley is still
your absolute

Number one fan,

So tell me again
how this charity game

Is going
to work tomorrow.

You'’ll play on our team
with all us kids

Against some
of the grown-ups...

And all the money we collect
from selling tickets
will go to charity.

Sounds good to me.


And with you
on our team,

There'’s no way
we can lose.


I bet together
we score baskets

At tomorrow night'’s game.

Charley, are you
feeling all right?

sure, mr. Howard.

my throat'’s just
a little scratchy

From too much cheering--

Nothing that'’s gonna
make me miss this game.


I'’m sorry, charley.
You have a fever.

I can'’t let you go
to the game today.

Oh, no, but dad--

There are some friends
here to see you, though.

We'’re sorry you'’re not
feeling well, charley.

I bet you'’d have been
the best player
on the floor today

Next to skyscraper,
that is.

Thanks, but I'’m sure
you guys will all play
your very best.

We'’ll come back
tomorrow morning

And tell you
all about it.

Feel better.
We'’ll see you
in the morning.


See you
in the morning.

Have a good--

Well, you must be
feeling much better
this morning, charley.

I do feel better, dad.

Do you know
how the game went
last night?

Well, emily elizabeth
and vaz are here.

I'’ll bet they can
tell you all about it.

Hi, charley.

Hi, charley.

How was the game?
Did we win? Was it fun?

Did skyscraper
make points?

Jetta: hello...

Is it safe?

it'’s safe.

The doctor says charley
is no longer contagious.

That'’s great
because I wrote

The most amazing story
about the game last night,

And I wanted to personally
give it to charley.

You wrote me a story
about the game last night?

We all did.

That way, you can
keep the stories

And read about the game
any time you want to.

Will you read them
to me?

Of course.

Why don'’t you start,
emily elizabeth?

It'’s always good
to save the best for last.

ok, jetta.

I'’ll go first.

"The stands were
filled with cheering fans.

Jetta was coaching us
from the sidelines."

Yay! Hit a touchdown!

Mix it up! Score a goal!

sh**t a home run!

Emily elizabeth:
"everyone was playing
their best.

"The game was almost over,

"And the grown-ups team,
the island giants,

"Had scored points,

"But the island sprouts
were only points behind,

And we were determined
to catch up."

Look out, giants.
The sprouts are on the move!

Huh? What happened?

Skyscraper: alley-oop...

And into the bucket.

[All cheering]

Emily elizabeth:
"now the score was tied.

"One more basket,
and our team would win.

"Soon, skyscraper
had the ball again.

"Everyone was having
so much fun...

even mr. Bleakman."


Emily elizabeth:
"but you'’ll never believe
how we finally won the game."

"I stole the ball
from my dad."

Huh? Hey!

That'’s it! Fake left!
Fake right!

Score a touchdown!

"Then somehow, the ball
got away from me."

Get it, clifford!

[Woof, woof]

[All cheering]

Emily elizabeth:
"then vaz got the ball,

But he started running
the wrong way."

"Then skyscraper got vaz."

Come on, vaz,
we'’re going in
for the score.

Emily elizabeth:
"and together,

"They made
the game winning basket...

Just barely
beating the buzzer."

[All cheering]

[Woof, woof]

[All cheering]

"And so, thanks
to great teamwork

"And a lot of help from
skyscraper jackson and clifford,

The island sprouts
won the game."

That was great,
emily elizabeth.

It was great,

But it wasn'’t quite right.

Here'’s how I remember it.

"Emily elizabeth did
get the ball from her dad,

"But she got
a little confused

When coach jetta
started yelling directions."

That'’s it! Fake left!

Fake right!
Score a touchdown!

Vaz: "things got
even more confusing

"When clifford
got the ball.

"I knew
it was crunch time.

"I was going
to have to get out there

And give it all I had."

All: go, vaz!
Go, vaz! Go!

[Woof, woof]

Vaz: "I took the ball
down the court

"In the wrong

But it was all
part of my plan."

Clever move, vaz.

Come on, skyscraper.

Let'’s take her in
for the score.

Vaz: "I directed skyscraper
through the maze of players,

"Guiding him skillfully
toward the hoop...

"But my brains
and skyscraper'’s height

"Just weren'’t quite enough.

It was time to call in..."


Who lifted us up
to slam dunk
the winning basket."

[Crowd cheers]


Ooh, I don'’t remember it

Happening that way
at all, vaz.

So how do you
remember it, jetta?

"Well, the pressure was on,
and things were lookin'’ tough,

"But lucky for our team,

"I am absolutely amazing
under pressure.

I knew it was time for one
of my brilliant strategies."

Fake left! Fake right!

Score a touchdown!
Go, go, go!

[All cheer]

"my players, however,

"Were not being
very good listeners.

"It was time to call in
our ace player..."


[Crowd cheers]


Jetta: "in an amazingly clever
bit of strategy,

"I had vaz
confuse the other team

By running the wrong way
with the ball."

Go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go, go!

"And thanks to my
remarkable coaching skills,

"Our team
got the striped ball

"Into the hoop thingie

Just before
the alarm went off."

All right, jetta!yay, jetta!

[All cheering]

"the end."

That was a really
great story,
too, jetta.

Thank you,

And here'’s
your very own copy

So you can read it
anytime you want to.

Thanks. It'’ll be fun
to read all these stories
again and again.

Samuel: charley...

You have more visitors.

Hey, charley.



And clifford.

Glad to see
you'’re feeling better.

We missed you yesterday,
but I thought

You might like to have
the game winning ball.

Wow, and
you wrote on it.

"Let'’s get together
and play some

"The next time
I visit
birdwell island.

Stay cool.
Skyscraper jackson."
You mean it?

You know it.


[Crowd cheering]

I'’ll keep this

[Clifford barks]

Ha ha. Looks like
clifford'’s up
for a game already.

[Woof, woof]

[All laughing]

Emily elizabeth:
playing with someone
else'’s toys is fun...


But it'’s best
to ask permission

Before you use something
that doesn'’t belong to you.

Hey, what'’s this?


Wow, cool!

This must be
clifford'’s new toy.

Let'’s see what it can do.

I don'’t know, cleo.

That toy isn'’t ours.
It'’s clifford'’s.

I don'’t think
we should use it

asking him first.

How would you feel
if someone used
your favorite toy

asking first?

Mmm, I wouldn'’t like it.

Ok, I'’ll wait till
clifford comes back

And ask if I can use it.

Hi, guys.

Hi, clifford.

We came to see
if you could play

And saw your
cool new toy.

Can we play with it?

Sure, thanks
for asking, cleo.

Emily elizabeth:
asking permission

Before you use something
that doesn'’t belong to you

Shows that you
respect that person

And the things
that belong to them.

That'’s why clifford'’s
big idea for today
is "have respect."
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