03x25 - Sid Wings It!

Episode transcripts for the T.V. show, "Sid the Science Kid". Aired: September 1, 2008 - March 25, 2013.
Sid, an "inquisitive youngster" who uses comedy to tackle questions kids have about basic scientific principles and why things work the way they do.
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03x25 - Sid Wings It!

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Hey, scientists. It'’s me,

Sid. I built wings like a bird,

But I still can'’t fly, so my

Friends and I are going to the

Science center to explore how

Things fly in the sky. Come

Explore with me, sid the science

Kid, coming up next.

Hey, is this thing on?

Heh heh!

♪ Hey, sid, what do you say?

What you want to learn today?

I want to know why things

Happen and how

And I want to know

Everything now

Oh, yeah!

How does this thing work?

Why does that stuff change?

How does that do

What it just did? Hmm!

What'’s up with the sky?

You think I could fly?

The world is spinning

And I want to know why

I got a lot of questions

And big ideas, I'’m... ♪

Hello. It'’s me--sid--and I'm

About to do something amazing,

Something spectacular.

It'’s probably the greatest thing

I'’ve ever done in my entire


Ladies and gentlemen,

I am going to fly!

Whoo hoo!

Ha ha ha!

Yeah. You see that bird up

There? He'’s been flying all

Morning by flapping his wings,

And I want to try it, too, so I

Made myself these wings, climbed

Up here, and now I can fly like

A bird. Ha ha! How hard can it


Ok, here goes. I just need to

Flap really, really fast.


Hmm. Well, that didn'’t work, but

Don'’t worry. I know what to do.

Ok. I just need to climb up here

Again and flap faster.

Here goes.



I'’m not flying. Hmm. Ok, well,

Now I'’m ready to ask my big

Question about why I can'’t fly,

But where'’s my microphone?

Aha! There it is.

Ok. Uh...

Can'’t...reach my microphone.

Oh, well. I'’ll just pretend like

I'’m speaking into my microphone.

Now I just got to know. If I

Have wings, why can'’t I fly like

A bird...bird...bird...bird?

Sid, breakfast is ready!

Yay! Breakfast time. Whoo


Breakfast time!

Oh. Whoa!

You ok, sweetie?

Yeah, mom, no problem. I'’m

Fine, really. No problem.

It'’s--just need to--wow. My

Wings are bigger than I thought,

So I'’ll just slide in and--ha

Ha! I'’m in!

Oh, wow. Check out those

Wings. Very nice.

Yeah. Well, they'’re nice, but

They don'’t work. I tried

Flapping my wings just like the

Bird I was watching, so I

Flapped, but I didn'’t fly.

I just flopped.

Sid, let'’s look at a picture

Of a bird. Maybe we can figure

Out the problem together.


Ok. What do you see?

Well, the bird has wings just

Like I do, and he'’s spreading

His wings just like I did

Outside, and he has feathers,

And--aha! That'’s it. I need

Feathers, and then I can fly.

Sid, I like the way you'’re

Thinking, but sometimes feathers

Aren'’t enough to fly.

Dad'’s right, sid. Take a look

At this picture of an ostrich.

Hmm. Well, he has feathers,

But he looks way too big to fly.

You'’re right. Now, how about


Oh, I get it.

My body is too big to fly, too.


Wait, wait, wait. An airplane

Is really big, and it flies way

Up in the sky.

Ok, I don'’t get it. How does an

Airplane fly?

Now, that sounds like

Something to investigate at

School. But first, how about

Having some birdseed for


Ha ha ha!

Birdseed? No, thanks. This

Bird likes eating your pancakes.


Ah. Then I'’ll go investigate

Flying at school.

But for now I'’d better take off

These wings because no flying

For me.

Oh, sid. We can'’t fly to

School, but if you'’d like, we

Can walk.

Yeah. Let'’s walk.

All right.

Chirp chirp.

Flap flap.

See da birda.

Ha ha ha!

♪ I love my mom


My mom is cool


But now it'’s time

For having fun in school

Yeah! ♪

Ha ha ha!

Hi, sid. Hello, alice.


Did you all walk to school?

Yes, we did.

Wow. What a wonderful thing

To do.

Oh, bye, mom.

Bye, sid.


Good-bye, susie.

♪ I'’m looking for my friends

I'’m looking for you

There'’s gabriela ♪

Watch what I can do.

Yeah! Ha ha! Ready, set, go!


♪ I'’m looking for my friends

I'’m looking for you

Hey, there'’s gerald ♪

Yeah! Check out my moves!

Ha ha ha! Yeah!

I'’m a rock star!

Gerald in the house!


♪ I'’m looking for my friends

I'’m looking for you

Hey, there'’s may ♪

Ha ha! May I show you how I

Groove? All right. Whoo!

So cool!


♪ We'’re looking

For our friends

We'’re looking for you

Hey, there'’s sid! ♪

Did you hear the one about

The kid who wanted to know

Everything about everything?

That'’s you!

Ha ha! You got me!

[All humming]


♪ We'’re looking for our friends

And look what we found

We found each other

Friends! ♪

Ha ha!

And now it'’s time for the sid


I am airplane sid, and I want to

Know how airplanes can fly, so

Let'’s go get some answers.

[Imitates airplane flying]

Coming in for a landing!

[Imitates airplane stopping]

Hello, gabriela.


Do you know how airplanes can


Yes, I do.

They have wings!

Hmm. I agree, but since

They'’re so big, don't they need

Something more than just wings?

Hmm. I don'’t know.

Neither do i. Well, let'’s fly

Over to gerald and ask him.


[Both imitate airplanes]

Coming in for a landing!

Hello, gerald.

Hi, sid.

Do you know how airplanes


Yes, I do. Airplanes flap

Their wings like a bird, and

Then they fly into the air.

Uh, I'’ve never seen an

Airplane flap its wings before.

Oh, well, neither have i.

Let'’s go ask may.


All right.

Let'’s fly!

Oh, yeah!


[Imitating airplanes]

Hello, may.


Do you know how planes fly?

Oh, yeah. They go really,

Really fast, and then they take

Off into the air!

[All imitate airplanes]

I think you'’re right, may,

But airplanes are so big, how do

They actually go up into the


Well, they--um, I don'’t know.

[Imitating airplane stopping]

We don'’t know either!


Class, we'’re going on a field

Trip to the science center!


Wow. We'’re going to the

Science center with teacher

Susie. Come on.

Hey, I see some speedy

Airplanes zooming around the



Susie, we want to know how

Real airplanes fly in the sky.

Yeah. Susie, how can they fly

If they'’re so big and heavy?

You know what? Lots of people

Have asked that same question,

And lucky for us, the science

Center has a special exhibit all

About flight.

Come on. Let'’s go investigate.

Everybody on the bus.

♪ Field trip, here we go

Field trip, move your feet

Field trip ♪

We'’re ready!

♪ Get on the bus

And take a seat

Field trip ♪

Teacher susie!

♪ Good times on the way

Field trip ♪

Come on, let'’s go!

♪ We'’ve got a lot to learn

Today ♪


Hey, you'’re a scientist.

You can go to a science center,


Field trip to the science




Ok. If we'’re going to

Investigate how airplanes fly,

We should start by looking at

How birds fly.

Hey, that kind of looks like

The bird I saw flying in my

Backyard this morning. See, I

Built my own wings so I could

Fly like the bird.

Whoa. How high did you fly,


Did you go higher than the


No. Actually I didn'’t fly at

All. I flapped my wings and then

Flopped right down to the


You know, when people wanted

To make a machine to fly, they

Did the exact same thing you

Did, sid.

They looked at birds, too?

They sure did. In fact,

Scientists have made lots of

Discoveries by observing things

In nature. Come on. I'’ll show



All right.

Let'’s go.

Over here?



Look. Hey, that kind of

Looks like a giant bird.

Yeah, gabriela, you'’re right.

Look. It has big wings, just

Like that bird over there.

Very good observations. This

Is called a glider because it

Can glide in the wind, just like

A bird.

But wait, wait. Hold on. What

If it'’s not a windy day?

Good question. Inventors had

A different idea. Come on. I'’ll

Show you what they came up with.



Oh, no.

Is that an airplane?

Well, sort of. It has wings

Like a plane that could flap

Like a bird.

If I were too heavy to fly

With flapping wings, then that

Thing is way too heavy to fly.

You'’re right, sid. It

Couldn'’t fly. So let's find out

How inventors finally got a

Plane to fly. Everyone turn

Around and look up in the air.


Check it out!


Look at that! It'’s a plane.

This is a model of an

Airplane called the "wright

Flyer." It was the very first

Airplane that could fly.


Oh, look! Look, it has an

Engine! Susie, did the engine

Help this airplane to fly?

Yes, it did. The engine

Helped the airplane move forward

Really fast so the wind could

Lift the airplane into the sky.


Airplanes are amazing!

Yes, they are. Come on. Let'’s

Go investigate and explore lots

Of airplanes here at the

Science center.


Yeah, let'’s investigate! Hey,

You'’re a scientist. You can go

To a science center and

Investigate how airplanes fly,


The air and space museum is a

Great place to investigate how

Things fly. When people first

Wanted to fly, they made this

Glider. It had big wings just

Like a bird. It could glide in

The wind but not for very long.

This is a tiny model of the

"Wright flyer." It'’s the first

Airplane that could fly in the

Sky. It had wings just like a

Glider, but it also had

Something special. Yes, it had a

Motor. Here'’s a bigger model of

The "wright flyer." Here are the


And here'’s the motor. It helped

The plane move really fast so it

Could lift into the sky.

Engineers then put a motor on

The front of a plane and added a

Propeller to help it fly. And

Here'’s the real plane. It's

Called the vega. This propeller

Allowed the plane to fly really

Far. Look at this passenger

Plane. It has big propellers on

The wings to help it fly. Later

On, engineers made jet engines.

These allowed planes to move

Really fast so they could fly

Really high in the sky.

Today, passenger planes have jet

Engines, too, so they can fly

Really fast and really far. Ok,

Now it'’s your turn to pretend

That you'’re flying your own

Plane. You can control the wings

So you can fly way up in the


It'’s so much fun to investigate

All the ways things fly in the


Hooray for the science



All those gliders and planes

And jets are so cool!

And lots of them have big

Wings, just like a bird.


Hey, talking about wings

Reminds me of a joke.

Go for it, sid. You always

Have funny jokes.

Ok. Everybody spread out your

Arms like an airplane.


And what are these called?


And what'’s one of them


A wing.

Now say that two times.

A wing a wing.

Now say it times.

A wing a wing a wing.

Hello. How are you?



Hello, my winging scientists.

After you throw your trash away,

We have time to explore the

Science center some more. Come

On. Let'’s fly.


You guys, come on, come on!


Let'’s play pretend.


We'’re on an airplane, and

I'’ll be the pilot.

Ok. I'’ll be your copilot.

I'’ll be a passenger going on


And I'’ll be the flight

Attendant. That'’s the person who

Helps the passengers.



Hello there, passenger. Would

You like some milk, orange

Juice, or perhaps a waffle?

I'’ll have a waffle, please.

Yes, yes. There you are.

Thank you.

Ok, it'’s time to fly.

Yeah. Let'’s start the engine.

Oh, uh, gerald, could you please

Push the button over there?

Because that starts our engine.

Yes, of course. No problem.

Thank you.


What happened? We can'’t fly

Without wings.

Oops. Wrong button. Ok, wings

Coming right up.

Ha ha! Gerald, those are

Bird wings, not airplane wings.

Yeah. It'’s the wrong button

Again. Ok, time for some

Airplane wings. There we go. Oh,


Those are brooms. We need

Wings to fly.

Right, right. Wings. Ok, just

Hang on a sec. Hmm.



I know, I know. We can'’t fly

With forks. Ok, let'’s see. Aha!

I know what button to push.

Yay! Wings!

The engine is starting!

We'’re taking off.

Let'’s fly to teacher susie.

Yeah! We'’re flying!

Cleared for takeoff.

Bring the plane right over


We'’re coming in for a


Hold on tight.


Isn'’t it amazing that we can

Fly way up high in the sky

Inside an airplane?


And just think, it all

Started by observing birds in


Susie, there are lots of

Things in nature that fly, like,

Um, bats.

And dragonflies.

And bees. Bzzz.

You'’re right, and they can

All teach us how to build things

That fly, and that reminds me of

A song.



Here you go.

Thank you.

♪ People

Wanted to fly

So they looked to the sky

And watched the birds

Soaring high

Studied their wings

And learned to fly

We studied birds

And other flying things

Observed the movements

And copied their wings

Some wings spread far and wide

The shape of wings allowed them

To glide

Wings and propellers

Stay in constant motion

So birds and planes

Land on the ground or ocean

A running start is what some


Before they take off

They have to gather speed


Wanted to fly

So they looked to the sky

And watched the birds

Soaring high

Studied their wings

And learned to fly


Wanted to fly

So they looked to the sky

And watched the birds

Soaring high

Studied their wings

And learned to fly

The osprey takes off

From where it'’s standing

Planes and swans descend

With a graceful landing


Wanted to fly, yeah

So they looked to the sky

And watched the birds

Soaring high

Studied their wings

And learned to fly


Wanted to fly

Wanted to fly ♪


Thank you. Ok, my flying

Scientists, time to head back to

School. Follow me.

Wait, wait, wait. Susie, see,

I have an idea. Instead of

Taking the bus back to school,

Let'’s take an airplane!


Well, we can'’t take a plane,

But we can pretend that our bus

Is an airplane with wings and

Imagine that we'’re flying back

To school.


Let'’s fly.


[Imitating airplane]

♪ Going back to school


Who'’s back from the science


I am, grandma!

Bye, sid!

Bye, sid!


Oh, mm. Okey-dokey. Let'’s


Yeah, let'’s roll.

Whoo! Ha ha ha!


♪ Backseat driving

With grandma ♪

Whoo! All righty, sid. Tell

Me about your day at the science


It was great! We learned how

Airplanes have engines so they

Can zoom really fast and fly

Into the sky. Airplanes are so


Oh, I know, and you know who

Else thinks airplanes are cool?


Your dad! In fact, when he

Was a boy your age, he built his

Own airplane.

What? Really?

Yes, indeedy do! When your

Dad was a kid, he loved to make

Airplanes out of paper. How

About that? And just like real

Airplanes, the paper ones flew

In the air because they had

Wings. And because these planes

Were made out of paper, they

Weren'’t too heavy, so they

Didn'’t need a big old engine to

Lift them into the sky. They

Just needed a good, strong arm

To throw them into the wind.

Whoosh! Oh, your dad used to

Make all kinds of planes--big

Ones, little ones, and fast

Ones. Some of them could fly way

Up high in the sky. Whoo hoo!

Wow. I wish I could see the

Paper airplanes my dad made. I

Bet I'’d really like them.

Oh, I bet you would, too. You

Know what, sid?


You remind me a lot of your

Dad. You like a lot of the same


Yeah. We both like things

That fly.

I love when my grandma tells me

Stories about my dad.

♪ I learned something cool

Something cool today

I know it upside down

And inside out

I learned all about

Flying ♪

Scientist in the house. Yeah!

[Recorded applause]

Dad! Hey, dad, I'’m back from the

Science center!

Hey, sid. So how was it?

It was great. We learned all

About how airplanes fly! And

Grandma told me that you used to

Make paper airplanes that could

Fly really high.

Yup, that'’s true, and right

Now, I'’m gonna teach you how to

Make one.


You'’re gonna teach me how to

Make a paper airplane?

Absolutely! So go ahead and

Pick a color for your airplane.

Hmm. I'’d like to make a

Paper airplane that'’s yellow,

Just like the color of my

Favorite fruit, bananas.

Ah, good choice. Ok, sid. Are

You ready to make one of dad'’s

Super duper world-famous paper


Yeah! Yeah, I'’m ready!

All right! Here we go. Now

First you'’re gonna make a big

Fold right here.

Hmm. Ok.

And done.

All right. Great. Now you

Bend the paper here and fold it


Ok. This is tricky.

There you go.

Ok, I'’ve got it.

♪ Ta da

Nice. Ok, now here'’s the most

Important part. You fold it

Right there to make your wings.

Ok. Hmm.

Almost done. And...

Done! Does this look good?

Well, it'’s...


Yay! Oh, dad, this is


Yeah, it is amazing. So are

You ready for a test flight?

Yes, I am. Ok, this is

Captain sid, ready to fly into

The sky. Control tower, do I

Have permission to take off?

Uh, this is dad at control

Tower. You are cleared for

Take-off. Good luck, captain


Ok. I'’m ready. Countdown,


In , , ,


Yay! Look at it go!

Wow. Well, I don'’t have wings,

But my paper airplane does. Go,

Airplane, go!

Whoo hoo! Yeah!


Oh, wow. I wish I

Could go to the science center

Every day. It'’s such a cool

Place. We learned how birds and

Big, heavy airplanes fly in the

Sky. Whoo! I still wish I could

Fly, but I don'’t have wings. Oh,

Well. Hey, wait a minute. Maybe

There is a way I could have

Wings. Ok, I'’ve got it. Here's

My super duper ooper schmooper

Big idea! I'’m going to invent

The super duper wing pack. It'’s

Like a backpack you strap on,

And when you push a button, you

Can have any kind of wings you

Want! Push one button, and you

Get fast-flapping hummingbird

Wings. Push another button, and

Big glider wings pop out. You

Can push another button for

Airplane wings. But wait. For

Airplane wings, you also need an

Engine to help lift you into the

Air! Don'’t worry. This super

Duper wing pack also comes with

A handy dandy jet engine to

Help boost you into the sky.

Whoosh! Now I can fly anywhere I

Want, just like a bird flying in

The sky. Hey, here comes a bird

Right now. Hello, ms. Bird.

"Hello, sid. Nice wings. You can

Fly just like me." Yes, I can,

Because I'’m wearing my super

Duper wing pack! Whoo hoo!

And that'’s my super duper ooper

Schmooper big idea. Yay!

[Recorded applause]

Hey, maybe one day I'’ll be a

Grown-up scientist and I can

Make a real super duper wing

Pack. Hey, you know what? One

Day you can invent something

Super duper amazing, too. Just

Think--a long time ago, nobody

Thought we could ever build an

Airplane that flies, but we did

It, and that means anything is

Possible, and I should know

Because I am sid, the science

Kid [echoing].

And remember, keep

Asking lots and lots of

Questions. See you later,


Ah. Hey, dr. Beaks, can penguins

Fly? Let'’s see.

Watcha. Nope. I

Guess they just wobble. It'’s ok,

Dr. Beaks. Still love you,


Mwah. Ugh, you taste funny.

Don'’t ever kiss a penguin.

Be sure to check out another

Episode of "sid, the science

Kid." We'’ll discover different

Ways to use a computer,

Investigate how things fly, and

Explore how to solve a problem

By engineering a solution. We'’re

Investigating all kinds of

Technology on "sid, the science

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