12x05 - Missing Bats in Sensible Flats

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Cyberchase". Aired: January 21, 2002 –; present.
Matt and his group of friends use gadgets and follow clues to mysteries and any other problem that comes their way.
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12x05 - Missing Bats in Sensible Flats

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-Okay. There's this really
bad dude named Hacker.

-The Hacker to you!

He wants to take over
the cyberworld from Motherboard.

-[ Gasps ]

-The three kids are sucked
into Cyberspace,

and they use brain power
to help save everybody.

-Okay, here's the plan.

-So they travel all over and run
into all these weird creatures

and have all these
awesome adventures.

It's totally up to them
to save Cyberspace.

Can three cool kids and a wacky
bird outsmart the Hacker?


-There's only one way
to find out!

Tune in to "Cyberchase"!

-♪ Cyberchase ♪

♪ We're moving ♪

♪ We're beating Hacker
at his game ♪

♪ Don't tell me that he's trying
to hack the Motherboard ♪

♪ We'll get him every time ♪

♪ Cosmic worlds ♪

♪ Freaky places that
we've seen ♪

♪ We've got the power of
one, two, three, four ♪

♪ Running in a cyber chase ♪

♪ We'll meet him face-to-face ♪

♪ We'll stick together
all the time ♪

♪ Adventures in Cyberspace ♪

♪ The chase is on, just wait ♪

♪ And C-Y-B-E-R chase ♪


-Oh, dear.


Another night without bats.

So many apple-cactus flowers,

but only one apple
to show for them.

Where are you, bats?

Where, oh, where, have you gone?

[ Sighs ]

[ Beeping ]

Cousin Digit?
It's Cousin Brigit.

I have a problem.


-So what's the problem, cuz?

Your apple-cactus garden
looks amazing.

-These flowers are so beautiful.


how come there's only
one cactus apple?

-That's the problem, Matt.

There should be
hundreds of apples.

And without my cactus apples,
then I can't make my cactus --

-Ah! Don't say it!

You can't make your famous
cactus-apple juice?!


-What's cactus-apple juice?

-Only the drink
everyone in Cyberspace loves!

♪ When your thirst
is on the loose ♪

♪ Try Brigit's
cactus-apple juice ♪

[ Laughter ]

-I make it every summer,
but this year,

everyone is going to be
so disappointed.

-So why no cactus apples?

-Because there aren't any bats.


I keep track of how many bats
visit my garden every night.

-Did you say...b-b-bats?!

-You'll have to excuse Inez.

She's a little bit
scared of bats.

-I'm a lot bit scared!

-But what do bats have to do
with cactus apples?

-Bats pollinate these flowers
when they drink the nectar,

then the flowers
turn into fruits.


-Come inside. I'll show you.


Hungry bats come to my garden

to drink the nectar
from my apple-cactus flowers.

-[ Gasps ]

-Is this gonna happen
all day, Nezzie?

and don't call me Nezzie!

-[ Laughs ]

When they drink,

they get pollen from the flowers
on themselves.

They don't mean to, but they do.

That's the gold dusty stuff.

Then, they carry the pollen
from one flower to another.

That's pollination.

-Bats are so cool.

-Not looking.

-I'm confused.

You have flowers...

then you get the fruit?


Over time, the pollinated flower
grows into a cactus apple!

no bats means no pollination.

-And if there's no pollination,
then there are no cactus apples.

[ Gasps ] Which means --

-No cactus apple juice!

I-I just need a moment.

[ Crying ]

-Why did the bats stop coming?

-I don't know.

I just figured the bats would
always be here because, well,

because they always are here,
at least at night.

-W-W-Why just at night?

-Because they don't like
sunlight --

or any light, for that matter.

I'm really worried about them.

-Okay, cuz,
I'm ready for action!

For the sake of your garden
and your juice

and the bats, of course...

it's bat-finding time!

So, what do we know
about these bats?

-The question seems more like,
"What don't we know?"

-A lot, Jax.

Like why they aren't coming here
anymore at night.

-Well, where do they go
during the day?

-You're worried about the bats?

I might be scared,
but I do hope they're okay.

-Alright, then.

Where might they be?


I live here, in the northwest
of Sensible Flats.

-And where do the bats live?

-Well, they always come
from this direction, so...

East. Somewhere around here.

I've been told
their home is in a cave.

Since they're sensitive
to light,

they sleep during the day
in dark places.

-I don't see a cave on the map.

Just desert.

-A map doesn't always
have everything on it,

but that doesn't mean
it's not there.

-Oh, it's there. I'm sure of it.

-Then east is where
we've gotta go!

-Thanks, cuz.

The bats just might need us.

-And you need the bats!

-[ Whimpers ]

-It's okay, Inez.
We're with you.


-Inez, how come
you're scared of bats?

I think they're pretty amazing,
being pollinators and all.

-I know.

It's just that
they're weird-looking

with their pointy ears
and teeny, tiny eyes.

I mean, how can they even see?

-Their eyesight isn't great,
but they're not totally blind.

-So how do they get around,
especially at night?


They send out sound pulses,

and when the pulses
hit something,

they echo back
and tell the bat where it is.


-What's that?

-Oh, that must be
the Rocky Circle!

I saw it on the map!

Right here.

We're definitely heading east.

-Eastward we go!


-Whoa, check out
all these flowers --

right in the middle
of the desert.

-Can we get a closer look,

[ Horse neighs ]

Milkmoss plants.


These are really neat.

-[ Chuckles ]

The bees and hummingbirds
sure like 'em.

Aww, and butterflies, too.

-Guess what.

Those are all pollinators,
just like the bats.

Butterflies especially
love milkmoss.

-Imagine that!

They're pollinating
right before our very eyes.

[ Sniffs ]

-But not all pollinators
like the same things.

Bats are the only ones
who drink apple-cactus nectar.

-[ Chuckles ]

These butterflies love milkmoss,
that's for sure.

-You can say that again.

They're following the plants
all the way across the desert.

It's like a butterfly highway.

-All aboard, everyone.

We have a cave to find.

-And hopefully, some bats.

I cannot believe
I just said that.

[ Laughter ]

-I absolutely adore this cave!

[ Laughs ]

Ah, what a glorious chin.

And it's all mine. [ Chuckles ]

As is this cave,

the ideal secret hide-out
for yours truly.

The perfect place to get some
much-needed peace and quiet

and let my hair down
without being disturbed.

-But the boss doesn't
really have hair, right, Buzzy?

-Right, Deedee.



Buzz! Delete!

There's still some darkness
in here!

We can't have darkness!

-Not to worry, boss.

-All the bats are gone.

[ Bats squealing ]

-Ah! Aaah!


[ Grunts ]

[ Whimpers ]

-I told you
we need lights everywhere

to get rid
of those vexing varmints!

-I got it, Boss.

No darkness.

-More light.

-Are the bats gone now?

[ Bats squealing ]

-They're gone!

-[ Chuckles ] Bye-bye, bats!

And don't come back!

-Yes, bye-bye!

This is The Hacker's
secret cave now.

[ Laughter ]

[ Bats squealing ]

[ Horses neigh ]

-Any idea where we are, Jackie?

-I'm not sure.

Somewhere in the desert.


-What do you see, Didge?

-Looks like a giant cactus
shaped like a...

like a hand!

-Hey, that's on the map!

A cactus shaped like a hand!

We were at the rocky circle,
and now we're here.

So we're still going east!

-Great! The right direction.
I love when we do that.

-So, then, where's the bat cave?

-It has to be
out here somewhere.

I just know it.

-Bats! Ah!

I thought bats didn't come out
during the day.

-They don't.

This is really strange.

-Look where they're going!

-Follow 'em, Bridge!

Maybe they're heading home
to their cave.

-They're flying too fast.

We'll never keep up.

-You need fast?

I'm on it!

-Take over, Inez!

You all keep looking
for the bat cave.

Wait for me, cuz!

[ Bats squealing ]

-Where do you think
they're going?

-No clue!

But maybe it has something to do

with why they aren't
at my garden.


-I mean, duck, duck!

-[ Gasps ]


Thanks, cuz.


[ Bats squealing ]


-Excuse me.

Do you know where
my Cousin Brigit went?

-[ Laughs ] Follow those bats!


[ Bats squealing ]

-Where'd they go?

-I don't see them anywhere.


Look here, cuz!


-I'm confused.

I thought you said
they live in caves.

-They do.

They hate the light.

That's probably why
they're hiding in these rocks.

This can't be where they live.

We're way too far away
from my garden!

Here's my garden,
up in the northwest,

and we're all the way down here
in the southeast,

at Magnificent Mesa.

-I don't get it.

There are no
apple-cactus plants here,

and that's all the bats eat.

If there's no food for them,
why would they be here?

-Good question, Didge.

I don't know.

-Okay, we're here at the cactus
shaped like a hand.

-And still no cave.

[ Squeaking ]

-You hear something?

[ Both grunting ]

-Buzz and Delete?

[ Wheels squeaking ]

-They're pushing a tub
across the desert?

-That means Hacker can't be far.

-[ Screaming ]

-[ Gasps ]
-What was that?


-It was just a lizard, Inez.


-Maybe one of those bats
is still flappin' around.

-Uh, let's get back to the cave

before the boss wonders
where we are.

[ Both grunting ]

-Did he say cave?

-Maybe that's the cave
we're looking for!

-I love my new secret hide-out!

This cave is far better for me

than it ever was
for those pesky bats!


-This is the bats' cave!

And Hacker took it from them!

-That must be why the bats

aren't going to
Brigit's garden anymore.

-They had to find a new home,

and maybe it's
too far away from Brigit's.

[ Device beeping ]

we think we found the cave

where the bats used to live.

-And we found
where the bats are living now!

-How are they? Are they okay?

-We think so. They're sleeping.

-But they can't stay here.

There's no food for them.

They need to get back
to their cave --

and my garden.

-Guess who kicked them out --


-He's using their cave
for his new secret hide-out.

-Aww, I feel so bad
for those poor bats.

Animals have rights, too,
you know!

-Where are you?
Where's the cave?

-Just like you said, Bridge.

The cave is east of your garden.

I've been tracking,
and now we're at...

F .

Where are you?

-Way south of you,
at Magnificent Mesa.

H .

-We'll fly back your way.


And we'll work on a way
to get Hacker out of the cave

so the bats can come back.

-Hmm. I think I have an idea.

-[ Sighs ] So relaxed.

I've been working so hard.

[ Both grunting ]

-I think he means
we've been working so hard.

[ Squeaking ]

-You say something?


[ Squeaking ]

-Oh, that sound
came from that bat.

[ Both gasp ]

From that great, big bat!


-Big bat!
-Big bat!

-Get me outta here!

[ Both screaming ]

-And grab all my things!

[ Screaming continues ]

-Way to go, Inez!

-That'll teach them
to chase bats out of their home!

-Okay, all the lights are gone.

-And the cave's dark again.

-So where are the bats?

Shouldn't they be back by now?

-How are the bats
supposed to know Hacker's gone

and it's safe to come home?

-They'll know. Right?

They must know.

-What cuz said.

The bats will be back!


[ Snoring ]

-They have to come back!


They...didn't come back.

Yep, the bats are still here
and still sleeping.

look how peaceful they are.

And cute...
[ Chuckles ] for bats.

-I know, but we need to get them
back to their cave, and soon.

-But how?

-We can do this.

We found the bats,
and we found their cave.

What else do we know?

-We know that
when the bats come back,

it won't be long till I have

some thirst-quenching
cactus-apple juice!

-And how will that happen?

-The bats will pollinate
the apple-cactus flowers.

-And why do they pollinate?

-Because they love to drink
the nectar from the flowers.

-Just like butterflies
love to drink nectar

from the milkmoss plants.

-No kidding.

The butterflies followed
those plants everywhere.

-Wait a minute!

If butterflies
follow the milkmoss,

why can't we do the same thing
for the bats?

-But bats don't like
milkmoss plants.

-Not milkmoss.

We can make a trail
of apple-cactus plants

to lead the bats
back to their cave!

-A bat highway!

-A bat highway it is!

Let's get organized.


[ Screaming ]


[ Screaming ]


[ Screaming ]

-I can't believe all the good
hideouts are taken!

[ Panting ]

-Okay, we're here
at Magnificent Mesa, in H .

So what's the best route
from here up to the cave

for the bat highway?

-Excuse me.

Can we call it
the Best Bat Highway?

It has a nicer ring to it.

-Sure, Didge.

Looks to me like
the Best Bat Highway

can go North from here,
up through G ...

G , F , and F .

-That sends the Best Bat Highway
right through town.

-That looks like the best route.

The folks in town won't mind.

-How many plants will we need?

-Hmm. Let's see.

We probably need at least
plants per square, so...

, , , .


-Don't we also
need to have the Highway

go from the cave
to your garden, Bridge?

-I don't think so.

The bats have been going from
their cave to my garden

for some time now.

They should know how to do it.

-Sounds good to me.

-We just need to get 'em home.

-Okay, g*ng!

Time to plant
the Best Bat Highway!



-The Best Bat Highway
is open for business!


[ Crickets chirping ]

-They're still asleep.

they'll wake up soon.

-You think this is going work?

-We'll know soon, Jackie.

Nighttime is their time to fly.

-This has to work!

The bats need to get back
to their home,

and they need their food.

-You really like them now,
huh, Inez?

-You know what?

Bats do
a lot of really cool things.

-Like help make
the cactus-apple juice

that I miss, miss, miss!

-And you know what else?

They really are kind of cute.

[ Bat squeaking ]

-What's that I hear?


These little cutie-pies
are waking up!


[ Bats squealing ]


-They got to be hungry!


-[ Gasps ] It's happening!

They're eating!

[ Bats squealing ]

-And they're heading up
the Best Bat Highway!

Come on.

-Let's go!

[ Horse neighs ]

[ Bats squealing ]


-Go, bats, go!

[ Bats squealing ]


[ Horse neighs ]

[ All cheering ]


-The Best Bat Highway worked!

-Now let's hope they head
to your garden, Bridge.

-They always have.

[ Bats squealing ]

-It looks like they always will.


-This is it?

This is my new secret hideout?

This is all I've got?

-Uh, it's the best we could do,

-Yeah, we've looked everywhere.

-I am The Hacker,

the most feared being
in all of Cyberspace.

This is not good for me.

[ Bats squealing ]


-Let's just go back
to the Northern Frontier.

[ Bats squealing ]

- , , , , --

-Whoa, Didge, slow down.

I can't keep up with you.

-Don't blame me, Matty.

Blame all these bats.

[ Laughs ]

, ...

-Look how healthy
the garden is now.

And it's only two months later.

-And all because of the bats!

-♪ When your thirst
is on the loose ♪

-♪ Try Brigit's
cactus-apple juice ♪

-[ Laughs ]

-I just want to thank you all
for your help.

-Don't forget to thank the bats.

-Oh, of course.

To the bats!

-To the bats!

-[ Slurps ]

My thirst isn't on the loose


[ Laughter ]

Stay right where you are.

It's "Cyberchase for Real."

-Even though my cousin Kimmie
is younger,

she can do some things
better than I can.


[ Groans ]

I taught you how to play,
and now you can b*at me!


You're a good teacher.

-Cherries are the best fruit.

-I agree.

-I also really like blueberries.
-Me, too.

But you know
what I really don't like?


-I don't think that's a bee.

-I disagree.

-Well, if you think
you see a bee, stay calm.

It won't bother you
if you don't try

and swat it away
like a ping-pong ball.

And move slowly.

-I wish we brought bug spray.

-k*lling bees
is a really bad idea.

Without bees,
we wouldn't have much for lunch.

Bees are our buddies.

-Buddies? With stingers?

-They help to make flowers grow,
and fruit and vegetables.

-They're pollinators.

-Bees help to feed us.

I told her that when a bee
drinks nectar and eats pollen,

some of the pollen
sticks to the bee.

Then it brings it
to the next flower it visits.

-So when bees pollinate,
plants grow more flowers,

fruit, and vegetables.

Pollinators like bees help grow
/ of all the food people eat.

- / ? Hmmm.

Okay, so / is one of
three pieces the same size.

Let's pretend this pie
is all the food people eat.

Pollinators help make the food
in one piece.

That's a lot.

I get it.

Bees are our buddies
because they help the fruit

and vegetables we eat to grow.

-That's not the only reason,

Meet Mr. Coté.

He's the Bryant Park beekeeper.

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

-Whoa, check this out.

Don't worry.

This beehive is covered
with glass so people can watch.

-Take a closer look.

-So this is where honey
comes from.


As they pollinate, bees take
nectar and they turn into honey.

Here, try some.



-I see what you mean.

Bees are our buddies.




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