02x20 - The Great Sparkle Quest/Twinkle Twinkle Family Vacation

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Nella the Princess Knight". Aired: February 6, 2017 - July 21, 2021.
A girl who saves the citizens of her parents' kingdom by turning into a princess knight whenever there is catastrophic trouble.
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02x20 - The Great Sparkle Quest/Twinkle Twinkle Family Vacation

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♪ Her heart is bright

♪ She's nella
the princess knight ♪

♪ Adventure is calling,
she can't stay away ♪

♪ Her armor is sparkling,
her courage is great ♪

♪ Her necklace is glowing

♪ Now she'll find away

♪ With help
from her best friends ♪

♪ They'll save the day

♪ Her heart is bright

♪ She's nella
the princess knight ♪

♪ True to herself,
doing it right ♪

♪ Her heart is bright

♪ She's nella
the princess knight ♪

Welcome, everyone,

To the knights of the sparkly
table graduation!



Sir coach: please kneel.

Knights of the sparkly table,
you've passed

Every training mission I've
given you with flying sparkles.

So today, you all
become sparkle star knights.

I know that together,
there's nothing you can't do.

sparkle star knights.

Way to go!

And there is one more honor.

Nella, please step forward.

For your exceptional courage
and leadership,

You are being given
the sparkle star honor.

Nella: wow.



Let this honor
always remind you

Of the courage that's
deep inside your heart.

Gosh! Thanks, aunt winnie.

And now let's celebrate!

[Dance music playing]

Riley: this is the greatest
graduation ever!

Definitely the sparkliest.

[All chitter]


Who's ready
to see my new
dance move--

The wobble worm?

[Needle scratches on record]

All: huh?

What's going on?

Nella, your new armor--

It's losing its glow.

Something's wrong. Quick!
To the sparkly table.

Aunt winnie,
what's happening?

All the sparkle stones
are losing their sparkle.

Oh, no. This can
only mean one thing.

The darkle dragon
has woken up again.

[Knights gasp]

The darkle dragon?

Yes. She lives deep in
the darkle caverns

And uses her power to
take the sparkle

Out of everything she can.

She must be stopped again

Before castlehaven loses
its sparkle forever.

Aunt winnie!

The stone in the sparkly table

Is losing its sparkle, too!

Nella: oh, no! Aunt winnie,
come back.

The sparkle's gone.
The table won't
work without it.

If we don't get
our sparkle back,

We'll never see
aunt winnie again.

Oh, no!

What are we gonna do?

Don't worry, knights.

We'll get our sparkle
and aunt winnie back.

Even without
your new armor?

It looks like
it's losing power fast.

We can do this.
We're sparkle knights now.

And remember
what aunt winnie said:

Together there's
nothing we can't do.

Come on!

[Knights cheer]

Nella: here we are,
the darkle caverns.

Garrett: home of
the darkle dragon.

It looks awfully
dark in there.

To get to the deepest,
darkest part,

Where the darkle dragon

We have to get past
big obstacles,

Otherwise known as

Three darkstacles?


I don't like the sound
of that.

It's the only way we'll be
able to see aunt winnie again.

Nella: knights...

All: unite! Time to
fight for what's right.

Let's do this.

All: charge!

What is this place?

This is the first

The hall of boulders.

Where are the boulders?

Yeah. Why do they call it
hall of boulders

If there aren't
any boulders?

uh, guys...



Use your knightly tools
to block them.

I'll fend them off
with my boomerblade. Hyah!

I'll slow them down with slime.

Good job, guys!
Riley: nella!

Look out!

Nella: wow! Guess my armor's
still got some power,

Some really cool power.

Over there! Look out!

Everybody, follow me. Hyah!


Riley: way to go, princess!

Blaine: hey! They got
past all the boulders.


There's more.

[Knights yelling]

Gork, blaine,
are you guys ok?!

Yeah, but we're stuck

On the other side of
these rocks.

You're gonna have
to go on without us.

Ok. We'll have to find
the darkle dragon

Without blaine and
gork's help. Come on.

All: whoa!

Riley: that's some seriously
dark water.

Darkstacle number --
the darkle sparkle lake.

But how do we get
to the other side?

Look. A boat.

Great! We can just
take it across.

Easy peasy.

Let's go.

Garrett: I've got a weird

Something tells me it
can't be this...easy!



Nella, your armor
is amazing.

Yeah. It protected us
from those rocks.


Nella: I can't steer
the boat!

Willow: good thing
your armor is protecting us.

[Knights scream]

At least it was!

Your armor's
losing its power.

[Knights scream]

Garrett and nella: whoa!



Riley: glowsticks!

You'll have to get
the sparkle back without us.

Aunt winnie is counting on you.

It's ok, guys.
We'll catch up
with you later.

This must be the
chamber of changes.

The last darkstacle.

To make it out, we need
to touch our reflection
before it changes.

If we choose a reflection

That doesn't
look exactly like us,

Then we get sent
all the way back
outside the caverns.

Ohh! I see my reflection!
Whoa. It changed.

There's mine!

Whoa. That was close.

Wait. I see mine
over there!

No, nella, wait. Look out

Whoa! Uh! Whoa. Aah!

Oh, no.
I'm ok.

Save our sparkle,



Wow. Everything's
so dark.

Gork: I hope princess nella
can bring the sparkle back.

I guess that means it's
all up to me now.

Aunt winnie said,

Together there is
nothing that we can't do.

But now my armor hardly
has any power left,

And I don't know if I have
the courage to face

The darkle dragon by myself.

♪ Up there, everyone's counting
on me to be brave ♪

♪ Darkness swirls all around me,
but I have a kingdom to save ♪

♪ Do I have the courage
to face the unknown? ♪

♪ Do I turn back now or go
into the darkness alone? ♪

Aunt winnie: let this armor
always remind you

Of the courage that's
deep inside your heart.

I do have the courage
inside of me!

I can do this armor or no armor.

True reflection!


Time to get our sparkle back.


The darkle dragon.

Darkle dragon, you took
the sparkle from my kingdom,

And I need to get it back.

What? Who's there?

I'm trying to sleep.

Well, you took the sparkle
from my kingdom,

And I'm here to get it back.

Wait a minute. Did you say
you were trying to sleep?

I sure am.

So that's why you took
our sparkle.

Exactly. How's a dragon
supposed to get any sleep

With all that bright
sparkle in my cave?

A darkle dragon needs
darkness to sleep.

Hmm. So you need it to
be dark in here,

But we need our sparkle
out there.

There must be something
we can do that

Will work for everyone.

I've got an idea!


[Knights grunting]

Nella: there.

This door will seal up
the darkle cavern

So that no light gets in.

Except for when
you want it to.

Darkle dragon: wow!

Thank you. I love it.

Now I'll be able to get
my dragon rest.

I try to get in
a good hundred years.


Now there's
no reason

I can't give
this back.

Aunt winnie! She's back.

And so is our sparkle.

[Dance music starts]

Knights: aunt winnie!

Boy, is it good to see you!

Congratulations on getting
castlehaven's sparkle back.

I knew you'd do great
things together.


Nella, you showed
great courage.

It's clear you're

For your new suit of armor.


King dad: nella!

Miranda: great job.

So proud of you all.

Garrett: ok. Who's
ready for the wobble worm?

Go, garrett!
Go, garrett!

Go, garrett!
Go, garrett!

Riley: this really is
the greatest graduation ever!

[Nella and trinket groaning]

Nella: here's our suitcase, dad.


Great, sweetie.
I'll get it loaded.

Then we'll finally be
ready for...

All: our royal family vacation!

[Baby talk]

Oops. Almost
forgot this.

Hope there's still room.

Are you kidding?

The family carriage
never runs out of room.

Ha ha!


Well, then let's
finish packing

And get a move on.

We've got a lot of fun planned.

We have our family
vacation picnic.

Our family
vacation boat ride.

And our family vacation
game of whizz disc. Oof.

[Baby talk]

Thanks, nella.

Nella, can I just take
this moment to say

Eek! I'm so excited
for my first
royal family vacation!

I'm excited, too, trink.

And you're going to love
lake twinkle.

Miranda: yes. Lake twinkle.

Miranda and nella: twinkles
and smiles for miles and miles.

Nella: ooh! And I can't wait
to see the twinklefish.

Wait. There's
a twinklefish,

And I've never even
seen it?

you've never seen
a twinklefish?

It's what gives lake
twinkle its twinkle.

What are we waiting for?
Let's go.

Let's go! Let's go!

Ok. Let's just give
our packing list

A final check.
Nella: yay!




Camera, binoculars,
lucky paddle,

And, of course,
my super-sized
inflatable throne.


I got to be ready for
action once we get there.

And by action, I
mean chillaxing. Ha ha!

Everybody ready?


Then let's get
this vacation
on the road.

All right!
Nella: yay!

King dad: ha ha!
On the road again.

Adults and nella: ♪ everything
is better on vacation ♪

♪ It's a kick-back, good-time
situation ♪

♪ If you're looking for
a royal celebration ♪

♪ Everything's better on
vacation ♪

♪ Everything is better
on vacation ♪

♪ It's a sitting-in-the-sunshine
situation ♪

♪ If you're looking for
a royal celebration ♪

♪ Everything's better
on vacation ♪

Ok, family, we're
finally here.

Welcome to lake twinkle.


Nella: huh?

Oh, no.
What? This is awful.

Nella: what happened
to lake twinkle?

Trinket: I thought that
lake twinkle was

Twinkles and smiles
for miles and miles.

But I don't see
any twinkles.

Nella: or twinklefish.

But without the twinklefish,

The flowers and plants of
lake twinkle can't survive.

She's the one that gives
them, well, their twinkle.

Nella: so that's why
lake twinkle looks

So gray and wilted and awful.

But where could
the twinklefish
have gone?

[Female voice cackling]

Nella: it's tricksy!


Trinket: and she's taken
the twinklefish out
of lake twinkle!

Tricksy, the twinklefish
needs lake twinkle.

That's its home.

Who cares what she needs?

I love her shine.

I'm making the twinklefish
miney-mine-mine. Ha ha!

I've got to
save the twinklefish.

My heart is bright.

Time to be
a princess knight!

♪ My heart grows strong

♪ It's time to shine
my light ♪

♪ Sword, shield, boots

♪ My courage shining bright

♪ Now I am
the princess knight ♪

Even when she's on vacation,
she's still fabulous!

Ha ha! Hee hee!



Go, nella!

You can do it,


Put the twinklefish
back, tricksy.

Oh, yeah, you know,
I would love to do that,

But the thing is I don't
think I will.


I need this little fishy

To make my garden pond
sparkle just like
this lake does.

So got to whirl.

Hee hee!

she's getting away!

Some ribbon arrows
will block her way.


Hee hee!



Nobody takes the twinkle out
of our family vacation.

Hop in, sweetie.

Yay! Let's go.

Looks like this
family vacation is

Turning into
a family quest.

Ha ha!


[Tricksy cackling]

Trinket: there goes tricksy with
the twinklefish.

We're not gonna let
you slip away from us
that easily, tricksy.

Slip away, you say?
Great idea.

A few slippery beads will
get you out of my way.

Hee hee!

Trinket: eek! Beads!


[Trinket screams]

[Breathing heavily]

King dad: oh, no. We lost her.

This is the perfect
time to play

One of our favorite
vacation games,

I spy.

[Baby talk]


You spied tricksy.

Way to go, norma!

Hee hee!

Great work, girls.
After her, trinket.


[Tricksy cackling]

Miranda: there she is.
Keep an eye on her, everybody.

King dad: I'm on it.

Did you spy tricksy, dad?

Nope. But I got a picture
of the eighth largest rock

In castlehaven.


There's always time for
a little vacationing.

[Tricksy cackling]

Trinket: oh, no.
There she goes.

Toodle-oo. Ha ha!

Tricksy got away!

Miranda: don't worry.
I know a shortcut.

Come on, trink.

Let's do this.



Family: whoa! Whoa!


Nella: don't worry, everyone.
We're back on track now.

And look. We passed tricksy.

Now we can stop her
and save the twinklefish.

Hit the brakes, trink.
I've got an idea.

Now who's up for
some volleyball?

Ooh. Great idea, honey.

Nella: me! Me!


I know volleyball is part
of this family vacation,

But is this really
the right time?

Come on, trink. Hide.

Hee hee!

Looks like I lost 'em.


Nella: now!
King dad: pull!

Miranda: quick, honey.
The twinklefish.

I'm on it.

Wait a minute.
I think we're in a...


Nella: geyser field!

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

Uh! Whoa.

Behind you, dad!



Trinket: the twinklefish
is in trouble!

What do we do, nella?

I think this calls
for a fun game of
extreme whizz disc,

Or, better yet,
extreme whizz shield.

Go long, dad.

Good thinking, kiddo.


Ha! Who's got two thumbs
and mad whizz disc skills?

This g...

Geyser! Whoa!

Ooh. Huh?

This fish is off the hook.

Oh, no!

There it goes.

Need a ride?

Do we? Come on, everyone!

We've got a twinklefish
to save.

Drat! I'll get that
twinkly fishy yet

'Cause I always get what
I want to get.

[Tricksy cackling]

there's the twinklefish.

it's getting swept away.

Straight into those...

Trinket and nella: rapids!

[Tricksy cackling]

Want that fish?
Get in line...

'Cause I'm about to make it
miney-mine-mine. Hee hee!

A cabbage?

Ha ha!

How are we gonna catch up to
the twinklefish now, nella?

How about
an inflatable throne?

I knew this thing would
come in handy. Ha ha!

All aboard.


Here we go.

Ha ha!

Ha ha!

Nella: quick. After her!


Nella: oh, no! Tricksy's
almost got the twinklefish.

Don't worry. All we need
is a little boost.

Full speed ahead!


Miranda: yay!

Huh? Hey!

Got it.

All right!

[Norma laughing]

And gotcha.

Grr! That's no fair.

Let's get you back to
lake twinkle, little fish.

King dad: and us back
to our vacation.

And no more tricks today,
tricksy, ok?


Hee hee! But I didn't say
anything about tomorrow.

Hee hee!

Here you go, little fish.

Home, twinkly home.


So twinkly.

Miranda: who's up
for a family
vacation picnic?


Where's your dad?

King dad: I'll be there
in a minute, honey.

I'm kind of in the middle of
twinkles and smiles

For miles and miles.

Norma: hee hee!
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