02x07 - All the Wild Witches

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Fate: The Winx Saga". Aired: 22 January 2021 – 16 September 2022.
Follows Bloom as she adjusts to life in the Otherworld, where she must learn to control her dangerous magical powers.
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02x07 - All the Wild Witches

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The intel was solid.

Not arguing with that,

but it is possible

somebody tipped the Blood Witches off.

Still no sign of Bloom?

No, and our power shorted out

a few minutes ago.

It's either a distraction to get her out

or she's somewhere losing control.

Bloom is not dangerous. Trust me.

Don't be too sure.

Let's just hope Bavani hasn't come

and checked up on us.

I have magic. You don't.

[unsettling music continues[


Are you all alone?

No fiery friend?

Check the hall.


No. Looks like the little flower girl

is all alone.

Hmm. Good.


The att*ck was over in about 20 minutes.

I don't know how many Blood Witches,

but enough to take over

every Specialist there.

They knew we were making a move

on their hideout.

And we drank the last

of the Blood Witch antidote. f*ck.

They took over every Specialist?

Mm-hmm. And fairies

didn't have it much better.

Sebastian basically brought

an army of scrapers to take them down.

Are they all drained?

Not yet.

They're being held under the school,

taken to him one by one.

That's Bavani.

We're thinking that he can't handle

a lot of magic at once.

So there's still time to save some

of them. That's good. Good intel.

Well, it's all Musa.

She's hiding in the school.

She was able to avoid detection,

but Flora wasn't so lucky.

It looks like

we've got our work cut out for us.

A frontal as*ault is su1c1de.

A covert strike upgrades our odds,

but not by much.

And we'll be fighting friends,

which is a f*ck.

We've got non-lethal w*apon

should you want them.

Once we neutralize the thr*at,

the Blood Witches will be easy to clear.

- Then we free the fairies.

- I'm go after Sebastian.

Let's gear up.

Bloom, walk with me.

Be careful.

They're still people.

It was bad enough he's a Blood Witch,

but working for Sebastian?

I can't get my head around it.

There must be a reason for it.

Maybe Sebastian's just really persuasive.

Or maybe the people we care about

are just really shitty people.

I know we can't go in there

'cause of the scrapers,

but I don't know how long

I can sit around while Flora's trapped.

Are you sure you're up for doing this?

It's okay to say no.

I mean, is it though?

Even before he broke in,

I was the only one

powerful enough to stop him.

He wants the Dragon Flame.

He said if I gave it to him, he wouldn't

have to steal magic from fairies.

Yes, but then he'd have the Dragon Flame.

He's done all this without it.

Imagine what he could do with it.

If anyone should have that power,

it should be you.

I know.

I have to fight.

We have to fight.

I haven't seen Sky. Who did he ride with?

When you were in stasis,

he tried to get you out.

- He landed himself in confinement.

- Wait. Is he still in the school?

Yes, but before you go nuclear,

Sky is resourceful.

Trust me. He'll be fine.

We can't just do nothing

while you go in there

and take on Sebastian all by yourself.

- It's Silva's plan, not mine.

- What if you set someone on f*re?

If I was there, I could put them out.

Well, I'll be in the graveyard,

waiting for everyone to clear out.

You'll need a medic.

Riven's gonna handle b*ttlefield triage.

Anybody badly injured

will come back here for you to treat them.

Okay, I'll make you invisible

so you can sneak inside.

- While scrapers steal your magic?

- They won't steal yours?

No, I'll be transforming.

I'll be faster and stronger.

Dowling taught us all how to transform.

We draw on all of our emotions.

- Positive and negative.

- And have you?

Any of you?

We haven't tried. We can try.

You think we have time right now?

- You don't have to do this alone.

- Yes, I do.

'Cause none of you have this.

The only thing

that will take Sebastian down.

I'm the only one who has it.

Look, I love you all. I do. I just, I

- Are you okay?

- Bloom?

- What happened?

- She passed out.

I think I probably just

I need some water.

Let's get her up.

Up you get.

Sit down.

I'm fine. I'm ready to go.

- Are you sure?

- Yes. Mm-hmm.

We won't need you until we clear

the controlled Specialists, so sit tight.

- Yeah.

- Okay.

Sorry to interrupt

whatever this is,

but at the risk of being

a d*ad curious cat,

what exactly is your endgame here?

I think we both know

those answers weren't part of the deal.

Fair enough.

However, if we're taking

the deal literally, my part is over.

You have the school. You have the fairies.

You have everything you want.

Now you have everything you want.

Anything else?

- Keep looking for our leverage.

- Understood.

I'm going to the Sanctum.

Give me 20 minutes, then bring another.

They haven't taken anyone in a while.

Maybe it's over.

It's not. Just sit tight.

And wait to get plucked out like lobsters?

I'm not dying to be food either.

We can't afford to do anything stupid.

My friends will come.

I'm going.

Just don't use your magic.

I think scrapers can sense

Yeah, I've got it, but thanks.

[footsteps receding[

See? There's nothing.


Nick, come back into the light.

Nick, don't be an idiot!

The Blood Witches are using

controlled Specialists to patrol

so they don't risk themselves.

If word gets out we're making an att*ck,

we lose our advantage,

so we'll spread out

and take them out one by one.

Silently, all right?

Let's move.

The Blood Witches know

about the att*ck.

Are you sure?

Move out!

No, but there are a ton

of Specialists headed outside.

- Silva won't be able to break through.

- He has to, so I can go in.

- You haven't seen Flora?

- No. I know where they've got her, but

No news is good news. There's still time.

If the Specialists fail, we break her out.

What about Grey? One last appeal?

You saw the video. You really think

he's interested in helping us?

Look, I can try Beatrix again.

I think she left.

So basically Flora's screwed.

That's what everybody's saying.

She's gonna lose her magic

and there's nothing we can do.

No, not nothing.

I'll text you later.

I'm not one to diss art therapy,

but wanna share with the class?

Earlier this morning, I didn't

I didn't pass out from exhaustion.

When I summoned my Dragon Flame,

I saw, um


And I saw this.

What is that?

I don't know. Some kind of

vision or premonition.

I know it definitely

had something to do with my magic, but

Hey, Bloom.

It's okay.

I just, I'm scared. I'm

just scared, Aisha. I mean, I'm

Ever since Rosalind, I'm just scared,

and I know I have to be strong, but

No, you don't.

It doesn't make you any less of a badass

to let your friends take care of you.

It's the toughest thing I've had to learn,

but after all this with Grey,

if I didn't have you all

We are in this together.


Are you gonna be okay

to take out your man?

No need. Texted him.

What the f*ck? Don't you understand

the words "surprise att*ck"?

Oh, relax. He's a legend.


Watch out!

It's me! It's Dane!

- Thought you could use a hand.

- f*ck off.

Let's hope he didn't tell anyone.

They're down there!

No such luck.

We have to fall back. Oi. Now, now, now!

Come on.

Come on. You must have

some sort of w*apon.

Sebastian wants another one.

I always hated

getting picked last.

Sky, nice of you to join us.

Yeah, I had to take care

of some delinquents.

Nice sword.

Closest thing I could find.

And it's, you know, not bad.

Andreas said it was a bit unbalanced, but

It's not. It's old,

but it's not unbalanced.

I think Andreas was just a bit jealous

because I gave you my father's sword

and told you it was his.

This is your father's sword.

Right. Listen up.

The Blood Witches were waiting for us,

so we've had to fall back.

We're gonna stay here and regroup

until the Solarians come.

But Musa's still in there. So's Flora.

- Yeah, he's right, we should go now

- It's not up for debate, okay?

So let's keep busy until then. Move out.

You need to get back

to the groundskeeper's house, now.

What? I can fight. You know I can.

Without LeRoy's antidote,

you are a sitting duck,

and the school

is crawling with Blood Witches.


Okay. Okay, okay, okay. Okay.

Oh. Good skills.

No bites. Still got your magic?

I do. I think I can use that

to our advantage if

Let's go!

There you are. How are you?

I'm good.

Even better when I see you.

How are you doing?

I mean, all things considered, I'm okay.

Musa saved Flora from scrapers.

That's great.


except now they're stuck in there,

so I I guess we just have to wait

for the Solarians.

I feel like there's a "but" coming.

No, I'm I'm happy you're safe

and I'm happy Flora's safe. I just

I don't know. I feel like this isn't over.

'Cause it isn't.

Sebastian's gonna get what he wants,

and you're gonna help him.


What's going on?

Go outside. Now.



- What do you want?

- Oh, I think you know.

And by the way,

if you tell anyone, Sky dies.

If anything happens to Grey, Sky dies.

If you try and fight me,

well, you get where I'm going.

Drop your phone.

I'll see you soon.

I won't pretend

I understand your plan completely,

but I found these.

Is there any other secret herb stash

that you know about?

I don't know. Know who would?

The person whose drawers

I rummaged through.

Never mind. This is fine.

Why so secretive? Terra knows

we're trying to take out the scrapers.

- Why hide the details?

- I don't wanna distract them.

Besides, I've got this.

You know she's gonna

keep checking on you

Bloom and Sky are missing.




If you two are out here

making out somewhere,

I will absolutely

Relax. It's just me.

Just you?

The villain.

Labels. Would the villain do this?

I did some snooping.

Found out what Sebastian's planning.

He's obsessed with righting

the wrongs of Aster Dell.

He's found a way.

There's an entity

in the Realm of Darkness. Shadow.

It can raise the d*ad.

Sebastian wants to bring

everyone from Aster Dell back to life.

Thing is, last time it happened,

it nearly destroyed the Otherworld.

Sebastian didn't read the fine print

or doesn't care.

Uh, Bloom had a vision of some portal

when she used the Dragon Flame.

A conduit to the Realm of Darkness.

Sebastian needs the Dragon Flame

to open it.

So whatever she does,

tell Bloom to sit tight.

What is that look?

Bloom's missing.

Along with Sky.

He wanted leverage.

Sebastian's using Sky as leverage.

You have to stop her.

If that's true

Are you f*cking kidding?

Of course it is. You have to stop her.

Once the conduit's open, the only way

to close it is from the other side.

Sky's life is not worth more

than every other life in the Otherworld.

I'm trying to help you,

but you have to help yourself.

You really think

you can play both sides, don't you?

Save Musa, give us some intel,

and that'll make up for betraying Alfea?

I told you I'd do

whatever it took to survive.


You survived.

I have two sisters.

I didn't know that.

I didn't know anything about my past,

so I made a deal.

I'd help him if he told me

why I was at Aster Dell.

He didn't know the full story,

but he knew I had two sisters.

I have no one, Stella.

No one in the entire world.

You had me.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have to search for my friends.

- It's not too late to do the right thing.

- What's that mean? "The right thing."

You could have given him

the Dragon Flame weeks ago.

- Who's to say that wasn't right?

- He's stealing magic from fairies.

Fairies k*lled the Blood Witches

at Aster Dell.

I had family there, Bloom.

I'm just saying, this is complicated.

Yeah, maybe. But one thing isn't.

Aisha let you in.

And you lied to her,

so you don't get to be

on this moral high ground.

- If Sebastian didn't have Sky right now

- Luckily, I do have Sky.

Why don't you wait outside?

Where is he? I wanna see him.

Bit over the top, I know,

but gets the point across.

Uh, careful now.

Okay. Okay, fine.

Fine. You want the Dragon Flame?

It's yours. You can have it.

Need a scraper to feed on my magic?

No, Dragon Flame would fry it in a second.

Luckily, I found this.

You know how these work, right?

You channel the Dragon Flame into it

and I channel it into me.

Once I have it,

Sky goes free.

The Solarians are on their way.

Will they fight an ancient evil

because we're too scared?

- If that's what we have to do.

- You can't be serious.

We are outnumbered.

I don't care.

Bloom's inside risking everything

to save Sky.

Musa's got no magic

and virtually no fighting ability,

and she's still there.

My cousin spent last night

surrounded by monsters.

What's she doing?

Cooking up a plan to k*ll those monsters.

These are my friends.

They're our friends. They need us.

So, no, I'm not gonna be waiting

for the Solarians.

I'm not gonna wait outside my home

for somebody else to save it.

This is what Dowling would want.

All of us, Alfeans, fighting together.

Who am I to argue with Farah, huh?

No magic till we clear

the scrapers, all right?

- Let's gear up!

- Yes!

Hey, you hear that?

We're moving out.

What if he wakes up

and alerts the Blood Witches?

Or if he doesn't know where he is

and freaks out?

Yeah, you're right.

You should probably stay with him.

We'll be okay.

- You ready to go?

- Yeah.


That was one of the hottest things

I've ever seen, Ter.

Oh. Really?

Um. Well, I saw this really great TED talk

the other day about empowerment.

Um, it it lags a bit in the middle

and it was in a really tiny room,

so it was more TED-Talk adjacent,

but it made some really good points

about endorphin production

during motivational speeches.

I'm ruining it, aren't I?


Time to go f*ck shit up.

- We're running out of time.

- I'm aware.

That's the last of the solvent.

Do you know if there's more?

I'll call Terra. She can help. I can't.

Update? Can we go in?

Have you cleared out the scrapers?

I need more clean solvent

to distill this formula I'm working on.

I already used yours.

Tell me what you need it for.

What's your plan?

I'm distilling a pheromone of my magic

to track the scrapers to me.

And then what?

Eldwyn isn't just toxic to humans.

Flora, n no.

There's solvent in the greenhouse.

I can always go there.

I I can't let you do this.

I can't let you sacrifice yourself.

This is my home now too, Terra.

I'm not just gonna hide in here

while you risk yourselves

and try to transform.

I know this is a reckless Flora move,

but I know it'll work.


Bloom's got some Gamsol oil

next to her paintbrushes.

Uh, Stella's nail-polish remover

is high quality.

Musa's got some WD-40

from trying to fix the water pressure.

If all else fails, Aisha's got

a stash of vodka in her bottom drawer.

One of those should work.

I'm very observant.

Thank you, Terra.

Sebastian. Sebastian.

Please wait.

- What?

- Specialists seen.

Do something about it.

Your friends are making

quite the rescue attempt.

Did you expect them

to just wait around and do nothing?

Course not. But I wonder

if they'd make the same effort

if they knew how relieved you are

to be giving it up.

- You think if I had a choice, I wouldn't

- Don't be ashamed, Bloom.

You're a teenager.

You should be allowed to be a teenager.

Spend time with your friends.

With your boyfriend.

I know what it's like

to miss out on all of that

because you're dealing with shit

that's bigger than you.

Nobody gets to have a normal life

when the Dragon Flame is involved,

and a normal life

is all your mum ever wanted for you.

Are you taunting me?

You won. You're getting

everything you wanted

I didn't mean to taunt.

- I didn't.

- So then tell me.

Tell me about my mom, where I came from.

- Stalling for time?

- You can read my thoughts.

You really think I don't wanna know?

It's not a happy story.

Would have been

more of a surprise if it were.

Your mum had the Dragon Flame.

Just like you.

I thought that only existed

1,000 years ago.


that's not technically true.

It was just in stasis for 1,000 years.

Because you were in stasis

for 1,000 years.

As a baby.

So, I was I was born 1,000 ye years ago?

In the middle of an ancient w*r.


Your mum and the Dragon Flame

were the heroes of that w*r

until she lost control

and thousands died.

She was wracked with guilt

for what she'd done,

for passing the burden on to you.

She couldn't fathom

you going down the same path,

so, the day you were born,

she put you in stasis

and she put herself

in the Realm of Darkness.

So my parents

Have been gone for a very long time.

Your mum never wanted you

to have the burden of the Dragon Flame.

Once you give it to me,

you can finally live your life.


let's finish this.

They're outnumbered.

They're fighting a losing battle.

- We have to use our magic.

- No, not yet.

Flora needs the scrapers focused on her.

That's the only way she'll destroy them.

This should draw

all the scrapers to me.

- How d'you know it's working?

- I don't. We just have to wait and

Time for you to go. Now.

- No! How're you gonna jab them all?

- I'm not jabbing them.


When they feed on me, they'll die.

There are still fairies out there

with magic. Free them.

Let the suite know

we've cleared the field.

Be honest. Does it hurt?

Like hell.


Look. The fairies are free.

Flora's done it.

Let's go.

Keep going. We can do this!

- Look at you, proving me wrong.

- Could still use pointers.

Watch your left.

- We're going inside.

- I can't let you do that.

My brother died in Aster Dell.

Whatever your reasons

- I was my parents' replacement son.

- Stop.

Sebastian told them

he could bring my brother back to life.

I said stop.

Aisha, I just wanna be free.

From expectations,

from the Blood Witches, from everything,

and if Sebastian

can bring him back, I can be.

You of all people should understand that.

You lied to me.

If I told you I was a Blood Witch,

it would've been over.

Months. We were together for months,

and every minute was a lie.

Bullshit. I never lied about how I felt.

- That was real.

- For you.

It was real for you.

Because you knew the truth.

And now you get to have

those good memories. To keep them.

But they are ruined for me.

My first boyfriend.

My first kiss.

I hate that it was you.

You'll have to live

with the choices you've made.

We're going inside.

Not long now, Bloom.

I can feel it.

Hate to interrupt

a private moment.

Not now, Beatrix.

Bloom might want to know

what you plan to use the Dragon Flame for.

Does it matter?

Figured. Remember you said that.

- Sky!

- No. No!

No, Sky.



Have you any f*cking idea

what you've done?

Yeah, I just saved the world.

Gotta admit, feels pretty good.

This is exactly what happened

to your mum, Bloom,

and people died.

I don't care.

Okay. So what are you gonna do? k*ll me.

Then what? Destroy the school?

Your friends are outside fighting for you.

Technically, her friends are inside now.

Bloom, look at me.

You can stand down. We're here.

Remember, you don't have

to do this alone.


Get everyone as far away

from here as possible.


No, Bloom. We're not leaving you.

His heart stopped.

I can use Blood Witch magic

to pump the muscle around it.

- I can keep him alive.

- Sky!

The boy came through.

It's over.

No more fighting.

Is it?

You're really gonna make me

do this again?


Fairy magic isn't an infinite well.

And looks like your little rage moment

tapped you out.

Even the Dragon Flame has limits.

So the only thing that's actually changed

is that Beatrix

sacrificed herself for nothing.

Sucks for her.

Sacrificed herself?

You're a monster.

Yeah, I'm also a f*ck ton stronger

than each of you, so

Yeah, but are you stronger than all of us?

Baby ♪

Would you still love me ♪

Out on Europa? ♪

Or will you forget? ♪

La, la-la, la ♪

Baby ♪

How can I compare? ♪

Sail away ♪

To the cold expanse of space ♪

Like you love me ♪

Loves me ♪

If I loved him any less ♪

If I loved you any less ♪

I'd make you stay ♪

Player of games ♪

Player of games ♪



They did it.


What happened?


You kind of, uh


- It's a long story.

- Can't wait to hear about it.

Bloom. Bloom.


You okay?

- Yeah.

- Yeah?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Okay.

We have to get everyone back to the suite.

- All right. Who else needs more pillows?

- Me, please.

- Here.

- Thank you.

Is that one of mine?

- I just have high pillow standards.

- [Terra laughs[

I've raided every vending machine, so

Why am I so sore?

Oh, I wonder if it was the flying.

Must have been the flying, right?

Anyone else? Flying? Sore?

We don't need all this.

Don't forget my magic is back,

so I can feel the pain you're all in.

Even the quiet ones.

I'm good with pain.

You're good at everything.

One more overachiever in the suite.


my roommate, just so we're all clear.

How is everything out there?

It's calming down.

Blood Witches have cleared out.

- Have you heard from Grey?

- Silva let him go to his family.

He won't arrest him

as long as he never comes back to Alfea.

I guess that makes it easier.

I'm not saying

I'm swearing off boys, but

I did.

And, um and Beatrix?

Silva thinks we should bury her

in the graveyard.

Everything she did, she did

because she wanted answers, like me.

She could've ratted me out

to Sebastian too.

And she could have k*lled Sky for good

if she wanted to, but she didn't.

I'm gonna choose to believe

that was on purpose.

Imagine what would've happened

if she hadn't showed up.

I mean, he would've opened that portal.

I know you need rest too, so go.

I've got these.

didn't even try to go ♪

Oh, I won't lie ♪

I thought I might die ♪

I couldn't even sleep at all ♪

And maybe I'll get used to ♪

You all right there?

Want me to feed these to you?

- Yes, please.

- Okay.

And maybe I'll get used to it ♪

Oh, oh ♪

What is that?

It's a conduit to the Realm of Darkness.

Sebastian must have had

enough magic from fairies to open it.

I thought that's why

he wanted the Dragon Flame.

I did too, at first.

I think he really wanted it

so no one had enough magic to close it.

But now I can.

And this?

Say it, Bloom.

Just say it.

The only way to close it is

on the other side.

So, you wrote me a letter?

You were gonna walk out

of my life forever,

so you wrote me a f*cking letter.

- I thought if I told you in person

- That I'd try to stop you? You were right.

Don't you dare

walk through that thing, Bloom.

There has to be another way to close it.

There isn't time.

Every second that thing is open,

the Otherworld is at risk.

I don't think you wanna try.

I think you've been looking for a way out.

I almost destroyed Alfea today, Sky.

I'm dangerous. My mom knew that.

That's why she sealed herself away.

The Dragon Flame doesn't belong here.


- I don't belong here.

- You belong in the Realm of Darkness?

What even is that?

I don't know.

Do you know what's on the other side?

Is it dangerous?

I don't know.

Aren't you scared?


This whole year,

I've been trying to figure out

what I'm supposed to do

with this power inside me, and

and now I know.

This is how I'm gonna save

the Otherworld.

Right here.

Right now I can save it by

by closing that thing.

You mean more

than anything in the world to me.

But this is bigger than us.

I love you, Bloom.

I love you too.

I'm a strange man ♪

Like your angel ♪

She's gone.


Like a monster ♪

But someday, you'll understand ♪

The meaning of my life ♪

But someday, you'll understand ♪

The meaning of these words ♪

I'm the speaker ♪

Am I early?


I'm glad to see you.

Of your silence ♪

I'm the question, now ♪

To your answer ♪

But someday, you'll understand ♪

The meaning of my life ♪

But someday, you'll understand ♪

The meaning of this world ♪

But someday, you'll understand ♪

The meaning of my life ♪

But someday, you'll understand ♪

The meaning of these words ♪

But someday, you'll understand, oh-oh ♪

The meaning of your life ♪

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