03x08 - I See You

Episode transcripts for the TV show "See". Aired: November 1, 2019- present.
Set in the future mankind has lost the ability to see until a set of twins that can see are born.
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03x08 - I See You

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[MAGHRA] I can't let him go in alone.

[TAMACTI JUN] It's too late.
By now, he's already there.

[HANIWA] Then we follow. Kofun,
Wren and I can catch up to him.

Even if he does k*ll Sibeth, how
does he think he's gonna get out?

[SIGHS] He doesn't think he'll get out.


- We have to go.
- Yes.


We have the entire population
of Pennsa inside this tunnel,

and we are nowhere near its end yet.

If she starts hurling
her God Thunder again,

this place may very well
become a mass grave.

There was a time to fight,
and that time has passed.

But my father is fighting.

Well, let's hope he's doing it very
quietly then. [BREATHES HEAVILY]

[BREATHES HEAVILY] You want one?

[WITCHFINDER] No, thank you.

More for me.



So, do we have an actual plan?

Find the queen and k*ll her.

That's more of a goal than a plan.


[TORMADA] You're gonna
frighten people with that.

People are already frightened of me.

[CHUCKLES] Yes, I suppose they are.

- But not you.
- Well, don't take it personally.

I just don't fear people
the way others do.

Why is that?

not a particularly large man.

No. In fact, I was the
runt of the litter.

But I was smarter than everyone else.

Smart enough to know there
were other paths to power.

Edo Voss was a giant of a man,

but because of that,
he thought too small.

He wanted to use the sighted
to guide his armies.

He didn't even think about the fact

that they could read the books
of our ancestors.

Unlock knowledge that could
change the face of warfare.

I spent my entire life
searching for a power

that didn't come from how hard
you could swing your sword.

And now here I am,
sitting across from you.

Able to destroy entire cities
without an army.

That's something Edo
never even dreamed of.

Which reminds me.

It seems to me we should have
heard from Maghra by now.

At what point do we assume
that she's made other plans?

Maghra decides nothing quickly. [SIGHS]

No doubt her family is trying
to convince her to fight.

But her twisted sense of virtue
will not be able to resist

the idea of sacrificing her
own life for her people.

[TORMADA CHUCKLES] If you say so.



Have your b*mb ready, just in case.

They always are, my queen.

It should be me facing her, not him.

Your sacrifice would earn us nothing

and leave your people without a queen.

So, I must surrender my husband?

If that's what comes with it. Yes.


Maghra. Stay the course.
Stay the course.

This moment right here

may very well be the moment
for which you were born.



[PENNSAN ] ♪ Let the river run ♪

♪ Let all the dreamers ♪

♪ Wake the nation ♪

♪ Come ♪

♪ The New Jerusalem ♪

[PENNSANS , ] ♪ Silver cities rise ♪

♪ The morning lights ♪

♪ The streets that lead them ♪

♪ And sirens call them on ♪

- ♪ With a song ♪

♪ It's asking ♪

♪ For the taking ♪

♪ Trembling, shaking ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ My heart is aching ♪

♪ We're coming to the edge ♪

♪ Running on the water ♪

♪ Coming through the fog ♪

♪ Sons and daughters ♪

♪ Let the river run ♪


♪ Let all the dreamers ♪

♪ Wake the nation ♪

♪ Come ♪

♪ The New Jerusalem ♪

[BABA VOSS] This is her
tent. I can smell her.

Then where is she?

- [TORMADA] My queen.
- [SIBETH] You called for me.

[TORMADA] Ayura, tell her what you hear.



No voices. No tools.

No sizzle of pans or fires in the pits.

No babies crying.

Just the muffled sounds of many feet.


[AYURA] Muffled by earth.

They're underground.

[SIBETH] Hiding.

No. They're walking.

A tunnel.

They found a way out.

Ah. You have them ready?

[EXHALES DEEPLY] I do, my queen.

b*mb them.

- k*ll them!
- f*re!




Oh, no.




- She knows.

Keep moving!


I said keep moving!


[TORMADA] Anything?


Don't stop.



- Ten-degree turns! Same distance!

Call it out!

- Ready!
- Ready!


[KOFUN] Stop!


- Kofun?
- Wait here.




We have stopped them.

[TORMADA] Excellent.

Hit them again.



Run! Run!



[HANIWA] Kofun!



You, uh, think anybody heard that, Baba?


- [WITCHFINDER ] Who's there?
- [WITCHFINDER ] Captain?

They're between us!

- New plan?
- New plan.

- Fight!



Kofun! [PANTING]

- [PANTING] Kofun.


- You all right?

[STAMMERS] I'm okay. Nothing's broke.

- Are you sure?
- Is Wolffe okay?


We can't go any further.

We can't stay here. [BREATHES HEAVILY]
We'll be buried alive.

Her b*mb are still falling up there.


If it's come down
to choosing our manner of death,

I'd rather die fighting for our land
than hiding beneath it.

[KOFUN] I agree.

I agree.

Me too.


- [AYURA] General.
- [TORMADA] What is it?

- Fighting. Within the camp.
- Witchfinders?

[AYURA] Not Witchfinders
and not Trivantians.

Two men. One of them is very large.

Baba Voss.

They've infiltrated the camp.

Sound the alarm! Intruders in the camp!

[SOLDIERS] Intruders in the camp!
Intruders in the camp!

Intruders! Intruders in the camp!

Well, f*ck it. It was bound
to happen at some point.



They have been through here. Let's go.

Baba, you d*ad?


- Me neither.
- Head for the b*mb.







[GRUNTS] Argh!

Thanks, Maddox. [YELLS]









You getting up? [PANTING]

[STRAINING] Give me a minute.
He's a big f*ck. [GROANS]






- Why would she come now?
- [SIBETH] Stop the att*ck.

[TORMADA] She hasn't
abided with your terms.

My sister is as simple
as she is predictable.

[CHUCKLES] She failed
to save her people.

Now she will sacrifice herself
to save what's left of them.

We should continue the att*ck.
They still have an army.

And in a matter of moments,
it will be our army to command.

- How can you trust that...
- Tormada.

You've come inside me, and you've
b*mb a city into submission.

I'd say you're having
a good day. Don't ruin it.



[TORMADA] Lieutenant Moss!

Every spare soldier should be
searching the camp for intruders!

Yes, sir.

You heard him. Fan out.


[CHUCKLES] I'm so happy you decided
to accept my invitation.

I'm just sorry that it's come to this.

Are you?

I know you think I'm wrong,
but, just like you,

I'm only trying to do
what I feel is right.

By k*lling innocent citizens?

Don't you ever get tired
of your own self-righteousness?

- I protected you.
- You betrayed me.

That was to protect everyone else.

And round and round we go.



Let me remind you

that you tried to overthrow me
when you were younger.

And now you tried again.

And in both cases,

the dire consequences
of your insurrections

seemed to somehow
surprise you. [CHUCKLES]

I wonder what it will take for you
to understand that you are not,

and never will be a queen.

- I never wanted to be queen.

I don't think either
of us really believes that.

[BREATHES DEEPLY] It wasn't enough
for you to be the favorite child.

You needed to have everything
that was mine.

Oh, this isn't about us.

- It's not?

We can fix this.

There is still a chance for
everyone to get what they want.

I already have what I want.

You won't k*ll me.

You might hate me, but
I know you still love me.


[BREATHES SHAKILY] You never did suffer

from a lack of confidence. [CHUCKLES]

You're still the sister
I have loved my whole life.

Who braided my hair.

Who made puppets for me.

Who brought me into her bed
when it thundered.

My sister.

Who sung me to sleep
the night Mother died.

Never losing patience.

Never once letting go of my hand.


[SINGING] ♪ Star shining
bright above you ♪

♪ Night breezes seem to whisper ♪

[TOGETHER] ♪ I love you ♪

♪ Birds singing in the sycamore tree ♪

♪ Dream a little dream of me ♪



I still have to k*ll you. [WHIMPERING]

There's no other way. [WHIMPERS]

I know. I know.











Is it done, my queen?

[PANTING] I am not your queen!

k*ll her.




- Maghra!
- Tamacti.



- [TAMACTI] Right beside you.

- Ready! And!

- Well, you wanted a fight.

- [TAMACTI JUN] Kofun!
- Here.



Resume the att*ck!








[TORMADA] f*re those b*mb!
Flatten the f*cking city!


- Tormada!
- Baba Voss!

I was hoping I'd run into you.





Stop them!



Baba Voss! Are you still with us?

- I won't make the same mistake twice.
- Tormada!

[GRUNTS] No! No! No!


f*ck! [GROANING]









- How are you hurt? [BREATHES HEAVILY]

I am fine.

Do not follow me.

- Where are you going?
- To end this.

Papa, you cannot go.
You are too badly hurt.

Do not follow me.

I will stay with you. [INHALES SHARPLY]

No. I need you to stay here.

I need you to protect me with
your arrows like you always have.



- [SHUSHES] I love you.

Look at me. I love you.

[SNIFFLES] Remember what I taught you.






I am Baba Voss. [GRUNTS]


















I see you.








[MAGHRA] I walk now, every morning,
past the shops and the homes.

I can hear the families inside...

Talking. Sleeping.

Laughing. Crying.

When I listen to them,

I feel like a mother
who wakes up at night

to make sure her baby
is still breathing.

I know I'm not really
outside to hear them.

It's you I am seeking.

Some last echo of you still bouncing
between the mountains.

You have left behind a vast emptiness

that wakes me up every morning
and forces me outside.

You never wanted any of this.

I know that.

And every day, I think about
what was taken from you.

What I took from you...

in the service of this crown
I'm not even sure I deserve.

Your children feel your absence
every bit as much as I do.

But their futures, the ones
you gave your life to ensure,

stretch out before them
with infinite promise.

Your daughter has followed
in her mother's footsteps

and married a Trivantian.

Two sighted women making
their way in this world.

It won't be easy, and I fear for them.

But I hear the love in their
voices when they speak.

And it warms me to know our
Haniwa has found such a love.



Kofun is coming into
his own as a father.


And I know having a son
means not a day will go by

that he doesn't think of his own father.

I find myself drawn
to this terrible place...

whose charred soil holds the remains
of both my sister and my husband.


And I wonder how anything will
ever grow again in this b*rned,

ruined earth.



I don't know where we go when we die.

But wherever you are,

I hope you have finally found

the peace you tried so hard
to find in life.

- For you and for all of us.

And I hope you can forgive me.


[NEVLA] No one is denying
the debt we owe Paya

for defeating Tormada
and destroying his w*apon.

I myself barely escaped his att*ck
on our own government.


[NEVLA] However, we cannot
sign this, or any treaty,

with a nation that will allow
sanctuary to the sighted.

We've all just borne witness
to the destructive power of vision.

It is the position
of the Trivantian people

that vision simply poses too
much of a risk to all of us.

I understand your position.

But it was not vision that
built Tormada's b*mb,

but Tormada's cruel exploitation
of sighted children

that accessed the knowledge
of the ancients.

And it is that destructive
knowledge, not vision itself,

that needs to be outlawed.

The sighted will always be
the gateway to this knowledge.

And there will always
be people like Tormada

who would choose to exploit them.

We stand with three sighted people,

all of whom have played a significant
role in defeating Tormada

- and destroying his b*mb.
- [NEVLA] Yes.

And as we said earlier,
we will grant them amnesty.

Why should we need amnesty?

We haven't done anything wrong.

Uh, in fact, i-if it weren't for us,

then Tormada and his b*mb would
be destroying your city right now.

Haniwa, now is not the time.

- No? When is the right time?
- [NEVLA] Princess!

I fear you have forgotten
who you're talking to.

I think it is you who has forgotten.

Ambassador, I apologize...

Vision is not coming back!
It's already here.

And if I were you,

I'd be grateful that we
are offering you peace,

because trust me, you do
not want us as an enemy.

- Was that a thr*at?
- Of course not...

Ambassador, I apologize.
You must understand,

my sister and I have been
hunted our entire lives

simply because of how we were born.

The idea that I or anyone
like me would be a thr*at

to the unsighted is based simply
on superstition and fear,

and not the reality of who I am.

Because who I am has nothing to do
with the fact that I can see.

I'm a son.

I'm a father.

I'm a Payan.

But most importantly,
I'm your partner in peace.

So, please. [CLICKS FINGERS]
May we continue?

Very well.




- Did she accept?

They agreed to talk more
about it down the road.

But for now?

She has no choice.

She has to think of the kingdom.
We cannot afford another w*r.

She promised to protect us.

[KOFUN] She has an entire
kingdom to protect.

And as prince and princess, so do we.

You don't really think that you're
going to be king here, do you?

[SIGHS] One of us will succeed Mom.

The people of Paya would
never allow a sighted king.

And even if they did,
the Trivantians wouldn't allow it.

You heard what they said there.

Forget being king or queen, Kofun.
They don't even want us to exist!

- Why are you so angry?
- Why are you not?

We will never belong here.

This isn't our world.

This is where my family is.


This is where I'll raise my son.

Your son will always live
in a different world than you.


My children will never forgive me.

You saved thousands of lives,
including theirs.

You formed the beginnings
of a true dialogue with Trivantes.

But vision is once again forbidden.

When I was young, my father
used to fish for salmon.

Every autumn, he'd bring
me down to the river,

and we'd fish.

For the first few days,
we'd usually catch nothing.

Then one day, we'd catch one.


Hardly enough for a household.

But enough to know that
the next day there'd be more.

Five salmon, ten salmon.

Soon the entire river would
be teeming with salmon.

Vision is coming back.

You and I have met the first
few fish swimming upstream.

More will come.

Some are, no doubt, already here.

Others will follow.

No law, no religion will stop it.

How we choose to handle it
within our borders is our business.

The Trivantians made
their position very clear.

Politicians following a script
they know nothing about.

The w*r over vision will be fought,

not between Paya and Trivantes,
but within cities.

Within families.

Within our own hearts.

Regardless, nature will have its way.

She always does.


you seem to have made
your own peace with it.

The single advantage
to being as horribly wrong

as I've been in my life is that
new ideas are easier to accept.


[SIGHS] Smells like death.

I think Baba always knew
he would die in battle.

He told me once,

death must be earned
every bit as much as life.

With his last breath,
he defeated an entire army.

And by doing so, saved us all.

I think his death was well earned.

You sound a bit envious.


But while I'm still walking
here on this earth,

I'll do my best to keep
you out of trouble.


I would be lost without you, Tamacti.

How so very sad for both of us.


[MAGHRA] I miss him, Ranger.

Baba was a giant man,

so it makes sense that
there's a giant-sized hole

in the space he used to fill.


You know, Baba died for you.

For all of us.

But it's important to remember
not that he died for you,

but that he lived for you.

If he was here, that's
what he would say.

I hear Lu has arrived.


Yes, we head home tomorrow.

You're welcome to stay.


Thanks, um, but, uh, Lu and I,

we don't like crowds or people,
you know, crowds of people.

- Mmm.

Well, I could give you a horse.

- Nah. [LAUGHS]

- The wolves will just eat it.





- Haniwa!

Charlotte! [LAUGHS]


[SIGHS] I didn't know
if you were coming back.

Nah, I'm not back. Not for long anyway.

I just needed to make
sure you were okay.


I'm so sorry to hear about Baba.


Then I heard that you
and Wren got married,

and I'm so happy about that.

And now I don't know if I should
talk about the sad thing first

and then the happy thing?
Or do it the other way,

or maybe you don't wanna
talk about it at all.


How did it go with the Compass?
How are Sheva and the kids?

Well, the little ones are great.

[SIGHS] I don't think Sheva
likes me very much.

But I don't like her either,
so, you know, that'll work out.

Oh. She asked me to give you this.

She said you'd know what it means.


She wishes you a safe journey.

So... I take it you're going somewhere?

Will you come with us?

Not this time.

- But it's nice to be asked.

Who will keep me safe?

- You have Wren for that now.

And she has you.

I am needed at the Compass.

Jerlamarel's children will
be keeping us busy and...

I get the feeling more will be coming.

They are lucky to have you.

- Ugh, tell that to them.

- Little f*ck. [CHUCKLES]

You be careful out there.

You too.


[HANIWA] Thank you.


[CHARLOTTE] It was my pleasure.

I'm not crying.

Will you come find me?

You're the sighted one. [CHUCKLES]

You come find me.




[WREN] Are you sure you
don't want to say goodbye?

It wouldn't go well.


I'll see them again.


[MAGHRA] It's getting chilly.

Winter will be here soon.

[KOFUN] Mmm.

It's been almost a year and
still no word from Haniwa.

It could be a while till
we hear from her.

Do you ever think about the Alkenny?

Every day.

Just the four of us, always together.

I'm sure we were sometimes cold,
but in my memories it's always warm.


I thought when I became queen,

I would be able to give us that.

But once we set out
to find the Lavender road,

we were never going
to be that family again.


But we are still a family.


You handle yourself
well with the council.

You've earned their trust.

Maybe... you were born to do this.

Well, Haniwa says the kingdom
would never accept a sighted king.

What do you say?

I know what Dad would say. He would say,

"Think like a blind man. Your
eyes betray you". [CHUCKLES]

I think my eyes have betrayed me.

And they will again.

What are you saying?

[SIGHS] My mother is queen.

My father died trying
to save this kingdom.

If they weren't my people
before, they are now.

I can't fully serve the people or my son

if my sense of the world
is different from theirs.

I'm saying, I think I've seen enough.

I want to live in the same
world as my son.

I want to hear, feel,
smell what he does.

[MAGHRA] Kofun.

There's no going back.

You'd have to be absolutely sure.

[KOFUN] I'm sure.

You made it.

You know us?

[GROUP MEMBER] No. Not yet anyway.

But I am so glad you found us.

As I'm sure you can imagine,

everyone here has been on a
journey very similar to your own.

I am Michaela. And you are?



Welcome, Haniwa and Wren.

Well, don't just stand there.
Come down and meet everyone.





Hi. Good to see you. [CHUCKLES]

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