03x18 - The Hardest Thing

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Amphibia". Aired: June 17, 2019 - May 14, 2022.
Animated series chronicles the adventures of independent and fearless teen Anne Boonchuy after she is magically transported to a rural marshland full of frog people.
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03x18 - The Hardest Thing

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[Olivia] King Andrias and
Darcy have been defeated.

- We are victorious!
- [crowd cheering]



Hey, uh, is it just me,
or is the moon getting closer?

[all gasping]

Oh, crud.

Is that the moon?
It's coming towards us!

What's going on?


It seems the Core has activated
its final gambit.

Its what?

When our civilization
was at its peak,

the moon became home to
some of the Core's pet projects.

Among them, a plan to eradicate
all life as we know it

by ramming the moon
into Amphibia's surface.

- [all gasp]
- Excuse me? Why?

I've been in that thing's head.

I know that more than anything,
it's afraid of being destroyed.

Of being irrelevant.

It will do whatever it takes
to defeat us

and claim the stones
as its own.

If that means destroying
an entire civilization, then so be it.

So what you're saying is
this thing's a giant sore loser!

Hmm. More or less.

We have to do something!

Anyone have any ideas
on how to stop an entire moon?

- [rumbling]
- [screaming]

An earthquake?

Don't we have enough
going on?

Mother Olm?

Who is this now?

So? How did it go?

Well, we stopped the invasion,
but now

it looks like the moon
is about to k*ll us all,

so, mixed bag.

I see. Then the prophecy
has finally come to pass.

Sasha mentioned this!

What did it say?
What did it say?

It said that the three of us
would save the world.

- So, let's go save the world!
- [both] Yeah!

Well, just a minute,
the prophecy

doesn't necessarily say
you'll succeed.

- Wh-Wha...
- Wha...

You see, the prophecy
isn't so much a prediction

as it is a humble request
for help.

And know this: You have to tap into
the energy that remains in the stones

in order to get
the energy you need.

However, if you do that...

There might not be enough
energy left for us to get home.

We could be stuck
in Amphibia forever.

Yeah. So,
now that all the cards

are on the table,
what will you do?

The choice is yours.

- You call that a choice?
- Of course we'll help!

There's no way
we'd leave you

- hanging in your hour of need.
- [All cheer]

Whew! I wasn't worried.

Were you worried, To a die?
Because I sure wasn't.

Now let's get powered up.
Ladies, to the music box.


Anne, one more thing.

The stones are strong,

but they may not be enough
to defeat the core.

If things look bad out there,
don't forget about the secret spell.

Wait. The secret what now?

- Didn't I tell you about that?
- No!

[sighs] Well, the stones
are rumored to hold

a hidden power,
enough to defeat any foe.

But summoning such power
comes at a price.

The life of the user.

So, whoever uses this spell and
calls on the power of all three stones

will die.


But hopefully it will never
come to that. Am I right?

Okay, good luck up there.


The spell... How do I use it?

My child, you have only
but to ask.

Hey, sorry for the holdup,
guys. [Gasps] No way!


She was waiting for us
when we got here!

Pretty creepy, if you ask me.

[squawks] Pretty creepy.
Pretty creepy.

Hello, Anne. Are you ready
for your final battle?

Oh, heck yeah.

Good. Now, the three of you
close your eyes.

Focus. Think of
your memories of Amphibia.

Of how much this world
means to you.

This will allow the stones
to resonate with your hearts once again!

Warriors of Amphibia, arise!

[all] Whoa!

Swanky duds!

[blows] Anne! You could
do that this whole time?

Uh, nope. These powers feel
way more intense than before.

The powers must stack
when used in tandem!

Classic synergy buff.

Okay then. Let's go punch
that moon in its big ugly face.

Yes! Yes!
Get it, girl!

I know her!
She lived in my basement.

Incoming targets.
Deploy defenses.

Game on, you stinky space bugs.

Here's the serve!

[murmurs] This is the coolest, most
anime thing that's ever happened to me.

I'm so happy to be able
to fight by your side!


Nat , baby!

[The Core] Andrias.

[The Core]
Help us. Save us,

and you can finally
join us


Hey! What are you doing?

What I must. Frobots, engage.

Enough with the small fry.
Time to take care of that moon.

[all straining]


Leave 'em to me.


Come on!

No way! Andrias's robots?

They're helping us.

I don't believe this.

Finally doing something useful?

[The Core] You fool!
You could have been immortal!

What are you doing?

Something I should have done
a long time ago:

Standing up to you!

Full throttle engaged!

[The Core] Fools!

You cannot stop a god!

[all straining]

Even with the robot army,
it's not enough.

Guys, hate to bring this up,
but I think I'm fading fast.

Me too.

Our bodies aren't
as used to this as yours.

Look, guys.
I know what we have to do.

I'm going to call upon the power
of all three stones.

I may die in the process, but at least
you and everyone else will be safe.

- What?
- Are you crazy?

There's no way
we're letting you do that.

Our whole lives,
I've followed you two.

Counted on you.
Trusted you.

Now it's your turn
to follow my lead.

Let me do this.

But... But...

Not sure how this will go,
so you better get out of here.

You'd better come back
alive, Boonchuy.

I swear to frog you'd better!

Hey! Aren't you supposed to be
saving the world?

Anne sent us back. She's
gonna try to stop it herself, but...

She said she may not make it.


No. No, no, no, no, no.
We can't let her.

Frobo, take me to Anne.


Sprig, no!
It's too dangerous.

[The Core] Whelp. You dare use
Amphibia's greatest treasure against us?

These stones are not Amphibia's
greatest treasure.

Mother Olm said
all I had to do was ask.

So, I'm asking.

Can you help me
save the world I love?



Please don't do this.
Don't go.

I don't know what I'll do
without you.

You're my everything.

You changed my life.

And you've changed mine.


Goodbye, Sprig.


Come on, Anne.
You'll be okay.



Don't cry, Sprig.
It's okay.

Saving this world was the
best decision I've ever made.

My only regret is that

I never got to see
Love Choice .

[sobbing, chuckling]

[sobbing, chuckling]

[overlapping voices]
Anne. Anne? Anne. Anne?

Anne. No. Anne!

Anne! Anne!



Uh, hello.
Hi. Who are you?

What's going on?

"I am the cosmic guardian

who has watched over
countless worlds

for countless eons..."?

Whoa. Okay.

What's up with
this old-timey computer?

You're off by a couple decades.


How's this? Better?

So much better!
Come here, you!

- [guardian] Hey, hey. None of that.
- Sorry, sorry.

I figured your response
would be something like this.

I am very cute.

So, what's going on?

Am I d*ad or something?

Yes and no. I made a copy
of you right before you expired.

A backup,
if you will.

For all intents and purposes,
you're the same Anne Boonchuy.

Well, that's gonna cause some
serious existential dread later on.

So, does that make you...

Just a watcher, a viewer.

I'm not in the demographic

And you look like
my cat because...

My true form would make
your human brain explode.

I don't know.
I've seen some pretty crazy...



Now to business.

Anne Boonchuy,
I have brought you to this place

- because I want to offer you a job.
- Wha...

To keep a near
infinite story short,

I've been doing this job
for a very long time.

It's exhausting.

So, I was hoping you would
consider being my replacement.

- Me?
- Yes, you.

Look, I created the stones to see how
mortals would handle unlimited power.

Turns out, not that well.

Would you believe,
after about , years,

you're the only individual
who used that power for good?

Uh, this is a lot
to take in right now.

I mean, do I have a choice?

Well, of course you do.

I'm not a jerk.

Well, then,
I'm gonna have to pass.

[gasps] No! I haven't even
told you about Bagel Fridays!

Sorry, dude. You seem cool,
but I'm just a -year-old kid.

For every "heroic sacrifice,"
I make a hundred dumb mistakes.

I'd probably blow up the
multiverse if you put me in charge.

No! Don't do this to me, kid.

You're the only mortal
who qualifies.

You're perfect.

No one's perfect.

My time in Amphibia taught me

that we're all changing and
improving and learning as we go.

Every time I hit an obstacle,
I found a way to overcome it.

When I thought Sasha and Marcy
would be stuck in their old ways,

they proved me wrong,
and our friendship got stronger.

And Wartwood, the
oldest-fashioned, least accepting place,

ended up accepting me
as one of their own.

So you're saying
you could continue improving?

Maybe even one day
feel worthy of this post?

It's possible.
I have my whole life ahead of me

to make bad choices and learn
good lessons from 'em.

Or I had my whole life
ahead of me.

About that...

Whoa! Wha...
What's happening?

Am I actually dying this time?

I'm sending you back
to the world of the living.

You've shown me
the error in my thinking.

And if you can do that
at age ,

then imagine the guardian
you'll be after a life fully lived.

Go. Live your life.

I've waited thousands
of years to retire.

What's years more?

Wait. Are you saying that
in years I'm gonna...



[clears throat]
What's everyone looking at?

Not now, Anne.

We're mourning the loss
of a true hero

and the greatest kid
who ever...

- Anne?
- Yeah?

Hey, dude.

[excited chattering]


What'd I miss?

Well, the moon and the Core
exploded, and then so did you.

But you're back somehow.
Which is amazing.

But also how?

I don't know where to begin.
The whole thing feels like a dream.

Why is your pocket glowing?

What are those?

I think they're our chance
for a fresh start.

- [gasps]
- [all laughing]

It's over.
It's finally over.

Based on what Anne told us, I think these
shards are low output versions of the stones.

So we can use them
to get back home?

In theory. But we're talking
crumbs of energy.

Judging by the size and luminosity,
I think they're one-time use only.

So if we use these to return
home, there's no coming back.

Not only that. Who knows
how long they'll hold for.

Could be hours.
Could be minutes.

Well, we better
say our goodbyes.

You girls need to
go back to your own lives.

And I think
we've kept you long enough.

I came to this world
thinking only of myself.

It was wrong of me, and I wish I
had gotten to know you both better.

I think we all have
a lot to learn, Master Marcy.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

In a way you helped us see
what was important as well.

Goodbye, Andrias.

Take care, kiddo.



It was an honor
serving with you.

I'm gonna miss you so much!


Not as much
as I'm gonna miss you!

You find Percy and Braddock.

You tell them
I'll miss them forever.

I will. As soon as I find the pieces of
my heart and put them back together.


[both sobbing]

Goodbye, Polly.

You're the little sister
I never knew I needed.

I know you're gonna grow into an
amazing frog and take over the world.

[sniffles] Without you as my
moral compass, I definitely will.

Goodbye, HP.

Thanks for taking me in.

I'm so lucky to
call myself a Plantar.

I'm the lucky one, Anne.

I'm so blessed to have
a granddaughter like you.

If you ever need a home-cooked
meal or your old room back,

just... [sniffles] ...stop by.

Like an old, wise frog
once told me,

family always
finds each other.

[Sprig sniffling]


Goodbye, Anne.

I... I'll never forget you.

And I won't forget you
either, Sprig.

Which means that we'll
never be apart. Not really.


Nothing will ever change
how much you mean to me.

Not time or space
or being worlds apart.

Spranne against the world?

Spranne against the world.

I want you to have this.

Maybe it'll help you
on your future adventures.

[snail purrs]

[clicks, whirs]

[electricity crackling]


[wind whistling]

[rattling, jingling]

So, what now?

Now we build a better world.


[gasps, strains]

Not to undercut you guys,

but I just got my first hair!

Actually, I love this now.

Good day, you frogs.

See you at the ceremony.

- [thuds]
- [grunts]

Pardon me, young lady.
Who you callin' young lady?

Oh. Hello, Polly!

Still can't get used to you as a
frog. [Chuckles] Whatever, Wally.

Here's the potion for
your rheumatism, Mrs. Croaker.

Try not to drink it too fast? [Gulps]

Whoo, mama!
Let's dance!



Hurry up, Loggle. It's almost
time for the unveiling.

[sighs] I never should've
taken that cheat day.


Hello, delegates. You're
just in time for the ceremony.

To a die. You won the election?

Well, I had a little help.

Constituents don't bribe
themselves! [Chuckles]

[both murmuring]

You know, I wouldn't mind settling
down in a quiet swamp like this.

It's slow,
the people are friendly...

And it's far away from the countless
enemies I made when I was General Yunan,

Scourge of the Sand Wars,
Defeater of Ragnar the Wretched...

[clears throat] I know,
sweetheart. We all know.


Sup, HP! Where's Sprig?
It's ceremony time.

In his usual spot.


Sprig, come on! It's time
for the unveiling ceremony!

Finally! Can't wait to
see how it turned out.

[cheering, applause]


Guess what, Sprig. Grime just told
me they discovered a new continent

untouched by frog, newt
or toad.

Feel like a new adventure?

I'm in!

[horns honking]


Today marks
the ten-year anniversary

of the event we've come to know
as Frog-vasion.

But the real question remains,
was it all a hoax?



[chuckles, screams]

I'm okay.

Gosh, it's been a minute.
How was the flight?

[Marcy] Pretty good. Can you
believe it's been ten years?

Crazy, right? So, what have you
been up to? Still doing that web comic?

I read a few chapters.
It's awesome.

Oh, thanks.

Uh, it's doing
pretty well online.

And how about you?
Psych degree coming in handy?

Yep. I really like
working with the kids.

Helping them overcome their emotional
baggage. I have a lot of experience.

Hey! Nice signal, buddy!
[horn honks]

So, did you and Anne
hang out much after I moved?

At first, yeah, but we kind of fell into
different friend groups in high school.

We still talked,
but only every once in a while.

Never mind that though. Have you
heard what Anne is doing these days?

Yes, and I love it.



[children giggling]

[crowd murmuring]
[frog croaks]

[Anne] A frog's
environment is everything.

They love humidity.

This energetic fella is a
pink South American tree frog.

So cute!

What's his name?

I named him Sprig,

after a dear,
dear friend of mine.

Okay, class. Everyone thank
Anne the herpetologist.

Thanks, frog lady!

[Anne thinking] Change can
be difficult, but it's how we grow.

It can be the hardest thing

to realize you can't
hold on to something forever.

you have to let it go.

But of the things
you let go,

you'd be surprised
what makes its way back to you.
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