05x19 - Eyes on the Skies/Camp Truman

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Martha Speaks". Aired: September 1, 2008 - November 18, 2014.
A family dog gains the power of speech after the letters in some alphabet soup wind up misrouted to her brain instead of her stomach in this whimsical animated series adapted from books by Susan Meddaugh.
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05x19 - Eyes on the Skies/Camp Truman

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♪ Martha was an average dog ♪

♪ She went... and... and... ♪
(barking, growls)

♪ When she ate
some alphabet soup ♪

♪ Then what happened
was bizarre... ♪

On the way to Martha's stomach,
the letters lost their way.

They traveled to her brain,
and now...

♪ She's got a lot to say ♪

♪ Now she speaks... ♪

How now, brown cow?

♪ Martha speaks ♪

♪ Yeah, she speaks
and speaks and speaks ♪

♪ And speaks and speaks... ♪

What's a caboose?

When are we eating again?

♪ Martha speaks... ♪

Hey, Joe, what do you know?

My name's not Joe.

♪ She's not always right, but
still that Martha speaks... ♪

Hi, there.

♪ She's got the voice,
she's ready to shout ♪

♪ Martha will tell you
what it's all about ♪

♪ Sometimes wrong,
but seldom in doubt ♪

♪ Martha will tell you
what it's all about ♪

♪ That dog's unique... ♪

Testing, one, two.

♪ Hear her speak ♪

♪ Martha speaks and speaks
and speaks and speaks and... ♪

♪ Communicates, enumerates,
elucidates, exaggerates ♪

♪ Indicates and explicates ♪

♪ Bloviates and overstates
and... ♪


♪ Hyperventilates! ♪

♪ Martha-- to reiterate--
Martha speaks. ♪

What's more relaxing than
just staring at the sky?

I like it when you have a week
off from school like this.

Guys, did you forget?

Neil deGrasse Tyson is at
the library in ten minutes!

Neil who?

He's an astrophysicist.


That's a long-hair breed.

Why is a dog at the library?

I'm curious.

Let's go!

He's not a dog.

An astrophysicist is a scientist
who studies stars, space

and everything
in the whole universe.

He's the director
of the Hayden Planetarium,

which is the greatest place
on Earth

that doesn't sell hot dogs.

We signed up for his week-long
seminar, remember?

Let's go!

Nobody but Skits followed me,

and he's the only one who's
not signed up for the seminar.

I don't remember signing up
for any seminar.

What's a seminar?

A seminar is a small class
about a special topic

led by an expert.

This is a seminar on space
led by Neil deGrasse Tyson,

who's an expert on space.

Count me out.

I don't want to do
anything more grueling

than looking at the sky.

That's exactly
what we'll be doing.

Astrophysics involves lots
of observing the sky.

I can do that.


In this seminar,

we're going to observe
and experience the universe.

I'm Neil deGr...

Neil deGrasse Tyson!


Come on, everybody, stand up!

That's not necessary.

But if I do something great,
feel free.

Ooh! Ooh!


We haven't even g*n, but okay.

I was very upset with scientists

when you wouldn't allow Pluto
to be called a planet anymore.

But sometimes the truth hurts.

It's part of growing up.

Thank you for helping me
see that.

That wasn't a question,
but it sounds familiar.

Wait a minute...

You're Truman,

the guy who sends me a long
e-mail every day at :.

I got one yesterday that must
have been lines long.

Sounds like you didn't get
the whole thing.

I'll resend it.

I'm going to be a scientist.

I would like to go to the Moon.

And I'd like to see you go, too.

I'm a fan of space exploration.

You can start the seminar now.

Thank you.

There are , times
more stars in the universe

than words ever uttered

by every human
who has ever lived.

All week, we'll have activities
where you'll observe the world

and ask questions about it,
just like scientists.

Actually, being curious is what
most kids are like,

and a few dogs, too.

Curious is good, right?

It's not like furious?


Curious means excited
to learn new things.

If you're curious
about something,

you want to know
more about it.

Pick a buddy and observe
the night sky together.

You'll share your observations
here tomorrow.

In case I find one,

is climbing aboard a UFO unwise
without a parent or guardian?

if you can climb aboard it,

it's no longer a UFO.

UFO stands for Unidentified
Flying Object.

If you've identified it
as a spaceship,

it's no longer unidentified.

Oh, he's good.

If you must board a UFO,

first get your parents'

but then, most importantly,
bring back evidence.

When those aliens are busy
doing something else,

just pick up an alien coffee mug
as evidence

and then bring it back.

Evidence, okay.

Helen! Hey, Helen.

Want to work on that
with me, star partner?

Uh... oh,
Alice needs me more.

Alice, be my star buddy?

Yeah, sure.

You don't want to team up
with TD?


He'll look for UFOs
and do goofy TD stuff.

Whoever's with him won't get
anything out of this seminar.

Star partners?


I'm with... her!

And me him.



Is there anything more amazing
than this vast universe?

Let's discover that together,

I take this very seriously.

Promise you'll work hard?

So hard we're going to discover
stuff nobody's ever heard of.

You guys see anything good?


Did you know the Moon
moves across the sky?

Yes, it not only rises
and sets like the sun--

which is due
to the Earth's rotation--

but the Moon also moves against
the background stars

because it orbits the Earth.

I always thought
it just hung there.

We spotted the constellation
Orion, the hunter.

I'm charting it.

Ever wonder how the stars knew

how to line up
and form pictures?


I don't find stars

Not even the Dog Star?

Dog Star?

There's a Dog Star?

It's only the brightest star
in the night sky.

Hear that?

Brightest star: Dog.

It's the eye of the Canis Major

Canis Major means
"Great Dog" in Latin.

"Great Dog."

How right is that?

Remind me to lick the next
astrophysicist I see.

And... done!

Here, TD, take
this home to look at

so you know what we saw.



So TD isn't causing problems?


I think he's going
to learn a lot.

Wow, there are lots of stars
Truman didn't even use.

We observed the moonrise
last night

and when we woke up this
morning, it was setting.

It doesn't just
hang there.



That was for the Dog Star.

We're next.

I charted a constellation
that we observed.

See if you can guess which one.

Show them, TD.

You want to check it first?



I added more stars
and connected them

to see what picture they made.

My observation:

you can't connect just
any stars and get pictures.

Looks like you observed
the Scribbley Constellation.

(audience laughing)

Interesting experiment, guys.

"Interesting experiment, guys,"
he said.

He thinks I had some part
in that mess.

I thought adding more stars
would make a better picture.

I wanted to surprise you.

Mission accomplished.

Ever seen a telescope before,

I've heard the word, but I don't
know what a telescope does.

A telescope is a tool that helps
us see things very far away.

It makes them look bigger
and closer.

(Martha licks her lips)

Up close, the Moon
looks delicious.

I'd like a taste.

Don't worry, I wouldn't eat
the whole thing.

Or would I?

Truman, is that dot Mars?


You can get a better view
through my telescope.

The best views of Mars
came from the Mars Rovers,

robots that drove around on the
planet and sent back pictures.

Ooh, where do we get
one of those?

You can't buy
a Mars Rover, TD.

Maybe I could make one.

I took photos of the Moon
through my telescope

and printed them out.

Hold it, Truman!

We're getting a transmission
from the planet Mars.

What are you doing now?

Roll 'em, Professor!

Pictures are coming in from
our TD-Truman Martian Rover.

There's the surface of Mars now.


(oohs and ahhs)

This actually isn't bad.

Is that a garden hose?

The exact makeup
of the Martian surface

will require
further research, Truman.

(barking in video)

So will that thing.

Yay, Skits!

(audience laughing)

All you did was strap
a camera to a lawn mower.


Do you know why Truman ran out?

You embarrassed him
in front of his hero.

He's taking
these activities seriously,

but you make it
look like he doesn't.

I can see that,
and I'm a dog.

I take it seriously.

I couldn't really get
a Mars Rover, so I did my best.

What else can I do?

You could prove to him
how serious you can be.


I can do that.


I didn't mean to embarrass you

in front of that important
astrophysics guy.

I'm sorry.

Apology accepted.

Now, I'm busy.

What are we doing?

The goal of this activity
is to identify

possible pieces of
outer space here on Earth.


If you identify something,
you figure out what it is.

Or you could identify someone
by saying who it is.

I would identify you as
the guy who just threw away

what looked like
a piece of a meteor

which I handed
to him to examine.


So we're looking
to identify something

that's made of the same stuff
that's out there?


This will be our last
presentation for Dr. Tyson,

so I want it to be just right.


I'll bring a piece
of the universe to the seminar.

I am not looking forward
to this.

By knowing how to identify
the North Star,

sailors were able
to find their way...

...hundreds of years
before GPS and computers.

Knowing about the night sky
can keep you from getting lost.

Thank you, Ronald and Carolina.

Truman and TD,

we're all looking forward
to your final presentation.

You said you'd bring
a piece of the universe.

I did.

Go ahead and start.

I foraged for samples of...

How can I trust you?

You're standing here
with nothing!

If you brought something for our
final presentation, where is it?

It's you.


Me, too.

All of us.

The molecules, and the atoms
that form the molecules

that make up everything
in the universe,

are like the atoms that
make up the human body.


He's right.

He's right?

(everyone gasps)

We are in the universe,

and the universe is in us.

You've got to love that.


I have to say
I didn't make that up.

I used the library and read
a bunch of things and stuff.

He just read it,
he didn't discover it.

That's not being a scientist.

Scientists don't just discover.

We read and do research

and then build on that research
to go even further.

By doing research and passing
along his findings to us,

TD acted like a scientist.

Everything he's done shows
that he thinks like a scientist.


He did it to me again.

Neil deGrasse Tyson, my hero,

thinks I'm just the goofy kid
who was TD's partner.


This dog...


Martha just spoke to me,
which was a surprise.

She said you were unhappy,
which was also a surprise.

I didn't want to look bad
in front of you.

Look bad?

Nobody wanted TD for a partner.

You were the only one who saw

that he has the makings
of a real scientist.


But he spends all his time
making stuff up.

Einstein, a smart guy
himself, once said,

"Imagination is more
important than knowledge."

So to discover stuff
takes imagination, too.


You and TD make
a great team.

That's kind of frightening.

Why don't you both investigate
the science

of how a dog can talk?

Oh, it's all
in the alphabet soup.

That's it?

I'll tell you more

if you tell me more
about the Dog Star.

You've got a deal.

Hey, guys!

TD, what happened?!

It looks like you got blasted
by a sonic boom.

Sorry, I can't hear.

I just got blasted
by a sonic boom.

I'm building
the first model airplane

to break the sound barrier.

It's my summer activity.

Oh, that sounds fun.

No, it's an activity.

An activity is something
you spend time doing,

like a project.

I know what
an activity is, TD.

No, I don't want any toast.

But thanks.

Hey, Truman.

(sighs deeply)

What's the matter?

Camp Winnetka is closing.

It's in today's paper.

Oh, but I thought
you were going

to visit your grandparents
this summer

instead of going to camp.

I am.

But it's not me I'm worried
about, it's Milo.

He was supposed to go this year.

He'll be devastated
when he hears the news.

I guess he'll have to come up
with another activity

for the summer.

You don't understand.

I've never seen Milo this
excited about anything.

He's been packing for camp
since Christmas.

All right!

A duffle bag!

Milo, don't you want to open up
your other presents?

Of course.

Just a soon as I'm done
packing for camp.

It seems like all he does
is talk about Camp Winnetka.

I'm going to Camp Winnetka!

See what I mean?

But wouldn't the camp have
called Milo's dad by now

to tell him
that they're closing?

How could they do that
if they're already closed?

Huh, good point.

A coffee pot?

Why do you want a coffee pot?

He was doing
another experiment, right?


Well, Truman, I guess

you'll just have to break
the news to Milo.

I can't crush
another one of his dreams.

Last week Milo found out
the ice cream parlor

stopped serving
peanut butter swirl,

his favorite flavor.

One more piece of bad news
could shock Milo's system

and destroy his ability
to experience joy.




Running through mud.





No more joy.

Which is why Milo can never know

how much fun
he's missing out on.

This is all my fault.

I was the one who told him how
much fun it was going to be.

That's it!

I'll do a "mini-camp" for him.

Only I'll make it
so miserable and grueling

that he won't want to go
to real camp.

Thanks for agreeing to help,
by the way.

But we...

Wait, what did he say?

All I heard was something
about tacos.

We'll fill you in later.

Okay, okay.

But you don't have to yell.

All right, campers,
Camp Truman is now in session!

Milo, I'm sure you're
curious about camp.

Well, Camp Truman
will give you

a feel for what camp
is really like.

That way you'll
be prepared for...

Camp Winnetka!

Thanks for
doing this, guys.

No problem.
Of course!

This is going to be
so much fun!

Don't get
too excited.

You see, camp is not
all fun and games.


The brochure says, "Camp
Winnetka is all fun and games.

From sunup to..."

Well, that's wrong.

I've been there,
and I can tell you

camp is grueling,
exhausting hard work.

Wait, grueling?

Is that anything like drooling?

Because that's easy.

No, Martha.

"Grueling" means something
that's really tiring

and really hard to do.

So what's our first activity?

The most important
part of camp

is making sure that you have
a clean and tidy campsite.

Sorry, Martha.

I guess you can't help
with the cleaning.

What are you talking about?

I'm a great cleaner.

(humming as she licks)

Ooh, there's a muffin crumb!

Ah! Somebody spilled a soda!

Truman, don't you think
this is clean enough?

Nope, the campground
must be impeccable.

Come on, Truman.

You could eat off
this driveway.

I have eaten off
this driveway.

Well, there's still dirt
on the ground.

That's because
it's the ground.

Can't we do something else?

Don't worry, Milo
will get tired and quit soon.

Yeah! Score!

Hey, cleaning up
like this is fun!

TD, you have to stop
making things fun.

Milo's supposed to be
having a bad time, remember?

Oh, sorry.

All right, the campground
is clean enough.

Our next activity is KP:

Kitchen patrol!

Oh, I know all about that.

I'm always patrolling
the kitchen for scraps.

Kitchen patrol is
an essential part of camp life.

At real camp,

you spend a lot of time doing
tasks like washing dishes.

Sorry you can't help out,

That's okay.

I'll just patrol
the kitchen for crumbs.

Truman, we're almost done
with the dirty dishes

and Milo doesn't seem to be
having a terrible time.

Are you kidding me?

He's miserable.

Look at him.

Hey, TD!


Watch this!


This is fun.

Bubble fight!


All right,
kitchen patrol is over!

Aw, but my fingers were just
starting to get wrinkly.

TD, you have to stop
making things fun.

Milo is supposed to be
having a bad time, remember?

I can't help it.

Fun just follows me
wherever I go.


See what I mean?

All right,

another very important
part of camp is snack time!

How are you going to make
snack time grueling?

Trust me.

Camp is about learning
survival skills.

So instead of me
giving you a snack,

you'll have to forage
for it yourself.

Oh, that's easy.

I forage all the time.

In fact...

When you forage for something,
you look or search for it.

All of our food
comes from nature,

but finding it is a hard,
grueling job.

There are no grocery stores
in the wilderness.

So your task is to forage
for your snack.

Can you believe
somebody threw out

this perfectly good garbage?

Well, what are you all
waiting for?

Dig in!

Uh, no thanks.

Well, suit yourselves.

Just means
more snack for me.


Also, before you can eat
what you've foraged,

I have to check it out in this:

The Complete Wilderness Guide
to Edible Plants.

Mother Nature can be
a harsh mistress.

Many colorful plants
are deadly poison,

so I will have to confirm

that each and every item
you forage is safe to eat.

Okay, campers,
let's get foraging!





Milo is going to get
so frustrated and hungry,

there's no way he'll want
to go to camp.

Hey, guys!

Look what I was
able to forage!

What is it?

It's a wild blueberry medley
on a bed of dandelion greens,

with a few nasturtium petals
for color.

I want a taste!


I need to identify these plants

to make sure there's
nothing poisonous.

Well, are they dangerous?


No, it's all stuff
you can eat.



All right, snack time is over.

Truman, I don't think your plan
is working very well.

Just a little longer.

If the tasks aren't
wearing him down,

I'll just have to show him
how tiring camp is.

The next activity
at Camp Truman is hiking.

I'm curious, is that something
a dog can do?


"Hiking" just means you're
going on a really long walk.


I think I'm going
to like hiking!

At camp, you may have to hike
through the wilderness

for long distances
with heavy packs on your backs.

That's why I've filled
your backpacks with rocks.

A grueling hike is the perfect
way to send Milo over the edge.

(Truman huffing and puffing)

I think... it's working.

We're wearing...
Milo... out.

So... are you tired yet?

Oh, this is nothing.

I used to walk home from school

with my backpack filled
with heavy books.

In fact, I'm really
enjoying this

because it reminds me of walking
through my old neighborhood.

Hike is over!

Time for swimming!


Come on, Truman,
swimming is always fun.

Not at Camp Truman.

(blows whistle)

Hey, no roughhousing!

But I was just
scratching my nose.

(blows whistle)

No splashing!

You're going to have
to get used to pool rules.

At Camp Winnetka,
the pool has all sorts of rules.

Really? Like what?

All sorts of stuff,
like no swimming backwards,

no wearing yellow,
no dogs allowed...

Sorry, Martha.

Eh, story of my life.

I got this great
new comic book.

(blows whistle)

No talking about
comic books!

This is...


Really nice.

Just hanging out
and relaxing.

(blows whistle)

All right, Truman,
this has gone far enough!

(blows whistle)

No standing up and saying,
"This has gone far enough!"


Truman, your plan
isn't working.

And it's getting late.

And I want to go do
actual fun stuff.

Sorry, Truman.

We're going home.


If making camp grueling
and boring didn't work,

making camp too scary
for Milo will.

A flashlight?

Well, I'm not allowed
to play with matches.

So instead of roasting

we'll just have to
air them out.

Mmm, they do taste better
aired out.

And now it's time
for scary stories,

which are a big part of camp.

Just watch.

Milo won't even want
to hear the word "camp"

once I'm done with this story.

Once upon a time...

And the footsteps got closer
and closer and...


I'm starting to get
really scared.

Me too.

I'm starting to scare myself.

I can't finish the story.

Camp is over!

Milo, I hope you realize
that camp is grueling, tiring

and really scary,
so everyone will understand

if you don't want to go
to Camp Winnetka anymore.

Are you kidding?

Today was so much fun!

If Camp Winnetka is even
half as good as Camp Truman,

I'll have a blast!

Truman, you have to tell him.

Tell me what?

I hate to break it to you, Milo,
but Camp Winnetka is closed.

No, it's not.

It's in the newspaper: "Camp
Winnetka closes its doors."

But that's only
half the paper.

Where's the rest of it?


Ahoy, Matie!

Oh, yeah...

"Camp Winnetka
closes its doors...

and reopens at
a brand-new facility."

Oh, how about that?

Anyway, it's been fun.

But I have to go home
and finish packing.

Well, I think we've all
learned something today.


Hey, Milo!

How was camp?

It was pretty fun, I guess.

You guess?

Well, the whole time
I was there,

I kept thinking about how much
more fun it would be

if you guys were there.

I really like you guys.

We think you're great!

You're the best, Milo.

Which is why we should have
Camp Truman every day.

For the rest of the summer!

What do you say?

I'm tired.

I'm building
a model airplane...


Was it something I said?

Who knows.

Hey, do you want to go
foraging for snacks

and hiking
around the neighborhood?

What are we waiting for?

One of the most fun activities
at camp is a sing-along.

Here's a song about how much
I love nature.

♪ From the mountains
to the valley ♪

♪ From sea to shining sea ♪

♪ There's nature all around us,
so many things to see ♪

♪ Just keep the bugs
and the bats ♪

♪ And the snakes and the fleas
away from me! ♪

But Truman, bugs and bats and
even fleas are part of nature.

Tell me about it.

Yeah, nature is pretty much
all plants and animals,

anything you find outside
that wasn't made by people.

I know, but I just don't like

the part of nature
that can bite you.

♪ Just keep the bugs
and the bats ♪

♪ And the snakes
and the fleas ♪

♪ And the birds
and the moss... ♪

What do you have
against birds and moss?

Birds can be really noisy.

And moss just gives me
the creeps.


♪ Just keep the bugs
and the bats ♪

♪ And the snakes and the fleas
away from me! ♪

To dig up some more fun words
and games, visit pbskids.org

or check out your local library
for the "Martha Speaks" books.
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