06x10 - All or Nothing at All

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Chesapeake Shores". Aired: August 14, 2016 to present.
"Chesapeake Shores" follows Abby, a high-powered career woman, divorcee and mother to twin daughters, who makes a trip from New York City to her hometown of Chesapeake Shores. Her visit home brings Abby face to face with her past, including her high school sweetheart Trace, her uncompromising father Mick and her esteemed grandmother Nell. Abby realizes the toll her career has taken on her ability to be a hands-on mother to her daughters, and considers a permanent move to Chesapeake Shores.
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06x10 - All or Nothing at All

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Previously, on Chesapeake Shores...

- I think... this one.
- She'll love it.

We should go on a date... Just us.

No phones, no way that anyone
can contact us for a few hours.

You've got to find someone better.

Someone who isn't so "lucky".

Why would you bring him here?

I did what I thought
was best for you, sir.

Well, this time, you were wrong, Alan.

I've decided to take your father's case.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- We can't win.
- I know that.

- Evan has given me my notice.
- He fired you?

I think it's coming now.

- Now?
- Now!

- Now?
- You have to do this!

[KEVIN] Greg, pull over,
it's really time!




He arrived a little sooner
than we expected.


These are your grandparents.


Say hello to Little Mick.



♪ The miles are getting longer ♪

♪ It seems ♪

♪ The closer I get to you ♪

♪ So I'm going home ♪

♪ To the place where I belong ♪

♪ Where your love has always
been enough for me ♪


♪ I'm not running from ♪

♪ No, I think you've got me all wrong ♪

♪ I don't regret this life
I chose for me ♪


♪ I said these places and these faces ♪

♪ Are getting old ♪

♪ So I'm goin' home ♪


♪ I'm goin' home ♪


I don't believe it.
You actually delivered that baby.

I know. Well...

Sarah did most of the work.

I did all of the work.

- Yeah!

Besides, I'm a trained EMT.

I'm an old hand at this.

[ASIDE] It was pretty awesome,
though, right?

- [WHISPERS] Amazing!
- Thanks so much for coming.

I just can't believe
how beautiful Little Mick is.

Yeah. I think he looks like you, Sarah.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

I think he looks like Kevin.

You wanna tell 'em now?


I think we should.

Why not?

What are you two talking about?

Well, we already told Jess and Abby.



Your mother and I are getting married.


- Congratulat...
- Shh!


I'm so happy for you guys!

- Thank you.
- Congratulations.

Thanks. Thanks.

You really did it, Dad.



You knew about this?


No, no. I had an inkling.

We'd better let you get some rest.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Little Mick is perfect.

And he has a perfect name.

- Yeah.

Okay, I'll walk you guys out.

- Bye.
- See you later.

Thanks for keeping a secret.

Oh, it was my pleasure.

Oh! I gotta call Luke.

He's gonna be so happy for you guys.



Frederick County Hospital.

Hi. Could I speak to a patient, please?

Um, Luke Tatum in room ?

- He's not here.
- What do you mean?

Mr. Tatum checked himself out.

Against doctor's orders, I might add.

Uh, ok... do you know where he went?

No, he just left.
Is there anything else?

- Uh, no, I...


Now, of course,
we'll pay you your going rate.

- You don't have to pay.
- Honey, yes, we insist.

All right, well, family rate.

I mean, a fully-catered wedding
at the B&B that's gonna cost...

nearly a hundred dollars.

We'll negotiate later.

- Okay.
- Um... ahem!

Are you sure you guys want
to get married this quickly?


I called the Getty
and I'm gonna take some time off.

We are gonna take that trip
around the world...

The sooner, the better.

She's just worried
that she'll change her mind.

Hmph. Not a chance, bub.



I'm going to Kaldi's to grab
some coffee. You want anything?

No, thank you.


Want anything?

No, thank you.

Brr! I'm feelin' a chill.

Everything okay with you two?

We're fine.

Just... fine.

'Cause, usually, you come
in here all lovey-dovey,

but today you could
make snow cones in this place.

We're working.


I'll be right back.


We should probably talk about this.

There's nothing to talk about.

You took the case.
I voted against it. End of story.

Well, it's not.

Of course it is.

I thought I was full partner
in this firm.

Obviously, I'm not.

You... you are!

A partner whose thoughts can be ignored.

I did not ignore them.

O'Brien, we cannot win this case.

We're a two-person firm
against the U.S. government.

That's not David-and-Goliath.

That's a bug
on a semi-truck's windshield.

They'll k*ll us.

He deserves a defense.

That isn't the point.

The point is, we disagreed,

and instead of talking about
it with me and working it out,

you just went ahead and did it.


Hey, listen.

I shouldn't have done that.

No. You shouldn't have.

But we disagreed, so one of us had to...



by letting you have your way?


I promise, I will listen to you
in the future.

Will you?

'Cause if I went to one of those
big firms, I'd expect to be ignored.

I thought
this was going to be different.


Hey, Dad?

Have you heard from Luke?

Uh, no, he hasn't called.

I'm worried.

Did you call him?

Yeah! I have.
His phone has been disconnected.

I don't know what to tell you, honey.


The last time I talked to him
was at the hospital,

and he said that he was...

felt like he wasn't good enough for me,
and now I'm worried that...

Why don't we wait until tonight
and see if we hear from him, okay?

And we'll go from there. All right?

Yeah, I mean, I don't have a choice.

- Hi, Auntie Bree.
- [TERSELY] Yeah.

- What's wrong with her?
- Oh, she's worried about Luke.

Okay. Uh, Mom said you wanted to see me?

Yes. Yeah, I do.

- Am I in trouble?
- No! No.

Am I grounded?

[LAUGHS] No. You're not grounded.

But I...

I know this is all coming
sooner than we expected,

but we knew it was coming, and, um...

we prepared for it.

Are you retiring?



O'Brien Construction and Development
is now all yours.

I hope I'm up for it.

I know you are.

And you do, too.

Yeah, I do.

But Dad, this...

this business has just been such
a big part of your life, it's been...

Everything to me?

Yeah, I'm sorry to say
that, at times, it has.

I hope you don't make that same mistake.

I think it's time for both of us

to move on to a new chapter
in our lives.

I'm proud of you.

I'm proud of us.


I love you.

I love you more.




Hello, Abby.

I'm dropping by to say farewell.

Farewell? Where are you going?

Home, I suppose.

Where is that?

I don't really know.

But maybe now is the time
for me to figure that out.

I can't believe Evan...

I haven't spoken to Evan
since yesterday.

He has, I believe, "closed the
iron door on me," as they say.

Mandrake, there is just no one
that I have ever met

who is as capable as you.

Thank you for saying so.

You know, I'm taking over
O'Brien Construction,

and I need someone to be my right hand.

Would you be interested?


I will give your offer
some serious thought.

Thank you, Abby.



Hi, honey.

I hope we'll know how to bring him up.

Ah... you'll know.


You'll know.



Well, hello.

Can we talk?


I understand you offered Mandrake a job.

He was available.

So you talked to Mandrake?

I did.

Did you un-f*re him?

I tried to.

He's weighing his options.

Well, good.

- Mm-hmm.

He's a good man.

He meant well.

With your...

John Osterberg.

Yeah, I know he meant well.

It's just that, if John is anything
like the other men my mom dated...


she did not have the best taste in men.

I thought you liked Kirby.

Kirby was the exception.

He was kind and s*ab.

Maybe that's why
she didn't stay with him.

She liked...

damaged, exciting men
she thought she could fix.

- Mm.
- It was a pattern with her.

The last one was the worst.

He hit her...

right in front of me.

And I lost it.

I tried to stop him...

and he hit me.

Yeah, well, that was, uh...

that was too much for her.

So she hauled me out of the house
and we got in the car and drove off.


And we just drove...

all night...



Oh, Evan.

I used to think it was my fault.

How, if...

if I hadn't tried to stop him,
then maybe she...


Evan, I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry, too.


I should talk to John.

I owe her that.


do you think I have his eyes?

Yeah, you kind of do.



Hi, John.


Thanks for agreeing to see me.

I'm sorry for the way
that I behaved the other day.

Don't worry about it.

You had a lot to take in.

Does that look like fun?

Kayaking looks like fun.

Yeah, it does.

I've never done it.

Maybe I'll try it.

I like to...

do something once a week
that I've never done before.

Is that strange?

I don't think that's strange at all.

Of course, knowing me,
I'll get out there and I'll capsize

and have to swim back to shore,
but... [CHUCKLES]

So, what do you remember most
about my mom?

Oh, that's easy.

Her laugh.

She had the most amazing laugh.

She did.

Your mother was the most carefree,

spontaneous person I have ever known.

She was the springtime of my life.

A day hasn't gone by
that I haven't thought about her.

I hear you.

I never had kids.

I mean...

My wife and I tried, but...

it just wasn't meant to be.

She died three years ago.

I'm sorry.

Makes you wonder...

about "the road not taken" and all that.



what do you say we rent a couple kayaks,

see who capsizes first?

You're on.



[CONNOR] I'm coming!


Hi. I thought about coming by in
the morning, but it wouldn't wait.


I thought about calling, but...
you need to see this.

See... see what?

I know how to win the case.

What case? The...

- the Peck case?
- Yeah.

I thought you didn't
want to take the Peck case.

I didn't. I didn't.

But you took it,

so I went over and over the info,

and I thought about what David told us,

then it came to me.

What? What came to you?

Dennis Peck said somebody was
framing him, but he didn't know who.


"Well" what?

I can't prove it, not yet,

but everything points to Byron Stigers.

Byron Stigers? Peck's friend?

Well, with friends like him...


All the illegal transactions
passed through him first,

and we know
he's been talking to the FBI.


Wow You could be right.

No, I am right.

I'm not saying it's gonna be easy,

but I think we can win this case.



So I guess we had our first fight.

Oh, we're gonna have lots of fights.

Well, at least we're equally matched.

Let the battle begin.




Byron Stigers?

Everything points that way.

Well, it won't be easy to prove,

but with all the material
on the flash drive,

we think we can show
that Stigers framed your father.

It'll just be up to us
to convince a judge or a jury to agree.

Well, this is the first
ray of hope I've had in months,

so, thank you, guys.

Now, look, a trial can go
sideways in the blink of an eye,

but we really think
we can win this thing.

And to do that,
we need to start, like...

- yesterday.
- Yeah.

- We better go.
- All right. Okay.

Well, look, I owe you both
a lifetime of homecooked meals.

We're gonna hold you to that.


- Thank you!
- Yeah. We'll see you soon.

See you.


What was that for?

That is for you being you.

These last few months have been so hard

and I would not have been able
to get through it without you.

- Oh, David.
- No, I mean it!

Not only did you pick up the slack,

but you're starting a vineyard
with Miranda Livingston,

for crying out loud!

Yeah, well, as we said on the Point,
"for better or worse."

Well, for the first time in ages,

it feels like it's gonna
be better instead of worse.

I feel the same way.


And I've been thinking...

Thinking what?


your being a father

and me being a mother

and us being parents.

You have?

I have.

- Okay.
- And, uh...

the idea used to scare me

because I didn't think
I would be a good mom.

But now...

But now?

I think I'd like to try.

Would you?

I would.

Okay. Wow!

- Okay!

But I'll need a lot of drugs
for the delivery.

Yeah, of course.
We'll back up a truckload.

Thank you. Okay.

You sure about this, Jess?

I'm sure, yeah.


All right, um...

so, um... once all this gets figured
out with my dad, we can start...

Or we could do it sooner.

Okay. Um...

when the vineyard's up and running...

Yeah, or we could do it sooner.

Like... now?

Yeah, I think so, yeah.

All right! Let's go!

Wait, wait, wait, wait.


we kind of already started.


I took a few tests.

A few...?


They're all positive.

I'm gonna be a dad?

- Yeah.
- Yeah!

You're gonna be a mom!


Hey! What do you think of this tie?

[LAUGHS] Well,
you better wear more than that.

I'm gonna be wearing a white shirt.

I just don't want to mess it up.

Oh, honey, you're not
going for an interview.

You're going to look at a college
to see if it's right for you.

A college?
It's Johns Hopkins University.

It's more than a college.

Okay, well, a university
that's already accepted you before.

That was years ago.
And I withdrew my application.

What if they hold that against me?

Well, then who needs them?

Micky and I don't need anyone like that.

Oh, you don't, huh, Mickster?

No. He's already got

the best, most fashionable daddy
in the world.

You like this tie, don't you?

Yeah, it's growing on me.

Maybe Daddy will
save this tie for later.


Okay, I should get going.

Knock 'em d*ad, Doc.


I know, it's silly, but it's tradition.

I know, I know, we're not
supposed to see each other

- till the wedding.
- Mm-hmm.

I just want to get it right this time.

I think we're gonna

get everything right this time,
Mr. O'Brien.

See you tomorrow.

Bye. See you tomorrow.

- Hey.
- Hey!

So... are you ready for the big day?

You know, actually, I am.

I was terrified the first time,

but now I'm actually
looking forward to it.

Well, maybe you weren't ready
the first time.

Ho! I wasn't.

We were so young.

Well, we were all kids once.

You're still a kid!

When I'm , I'll think,
"Oh, to be again.

If I only knew then what I know now."

Any words of wisdom for me?

Just that...

time flies.

Don't waste any of it.

You think you'll be okay
with retirement?

You know, I was always afraid of that...

Not working.

What would I have to get up for
in the morning?

But now, I...

I'm fine with it.

I'll get up for life.


Retirement, marriage, sobriety...

...a whole new adventure.


- Hey.
- Five hours until the wedding.

Has disaster struck yet?

Not yet. How was Johns Hopkins?

I'm going to apply.

There, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Well... My brother, the doctor!

It's pretty cool.

I think... I think I'm up for it.

Oh, I know you are!

Uh, guys?

- Hey.
- You know how, last night,

how I said everything
was going very well?

- You shouldn't have said that?
- Shouldn't have said that.

Uh, Jess just texted that the harpist

had to cancel... She broke a finger.


And Father Morgan's car
broke down in Parkville.

Well, that's only an hour away.
I can go get him.

It's no problem.

Okay. Uh, don't forget your suit!

It's already in the car.


- Oh! Jess. Uh...

She knows another harpist.
She's checking her availability.

- She knows two harpists?
- She runs a B&B.

It's a... strange and shadowy world.


Oh! Look what Nell sent.

All the way from Ireland. Oh, ho, ho!

"May the blessings of each day
be the blessings you need most.

I sent you this hairclip

to be the 'something new'
at your wedding."

Aw, Gran.

Oh, no.

What? What's wrong?

"Something old, something new,
something borrowed, something blue..."

I forgot! We need them.

- Like... now!
- Okay.

Okay, okay, okay, okay,
okay, okay... relax.

We... We think. Um... uh...

my sapphire ring!

That can be your something blue
and your something borrowed!

- Bree, that's perfect.
- I'll get it from my house.

Okay. Uh... okay, uh,

I can probably find
"something old" at home, maybe.

Um, do I have time?

Uh... [STAMMERS] I have nothing.

And yes, you... you have time.

Okay. Uh...


Okay. Deep breath.

Obey the speed limit!


- [GRUMBLES] Harpist...

they should've let me deejay,
like I wanted.


- I didn't see you!

- Oh!
- I didn't see you.

You saw me!

I saw you.

You weren't supposed to be here.

You were supposed to be
picking up your shoes.

I already got 'em!
You're not supposed to be here.

Well, I came by to pick up
"something old".

Well... here I am.


Ah, I guess it's just
a silly superstition, huh?

Well, our civilization is full
of silly superstitions.

Well, we don't need good luck,

because we have each other.




[MICK] I never get tired of this view.

[MEGAN] Me neither.

It's always been there for us.

And it always will be.

For you.

What's this?

That's the "something old"
for the wedding.


It's my old wedding ring.

I gave this back to you.

Mm-hmm. When we got divorced.

I thought
I never wanted to see it again.

Well, I saved it.


I never knew.

Until now.





Hello, stranger.


I need to talk to you.


I've needed to talk to you
for a couple of days,

but you've been kind of gone.

I know.

Sullivan told me
you were asking about me.

That's decent of him.

So I thought I should come in person

to say goodbye.

That's what you have to say?

I'm leaving.

And is that it?

Because I have stuff to do. I
have... I have to find "something blue,"

uh, for my mother,
who's getting married.

Today. To my father.

- They are?
- Yeah.

Wow. That's... That's nice.

Will you give 'em my best?

Are you freaking kidding
me? Is that really it?

You're not even gonna tell me
why you're leaving?

You know why.

Oh, because you're not
good enough for me,

because you're bad luck?

You are a wonderful person, Bree.

I don't... I don't want to burden you
with my troubles.

Burden me!

Okay? Be bad luck!

I don't care.
I'll-I'll-I'll smash a mirror!

I'll walk under a dozen ladders.
It doesn't matter.

I love you.

And I think...
I think that you love me, too.

Don't you see?

It's because I love you
that I have to go.

Your life would be so much
better without me, Bree.

Stop it. Stop it! Stop it!

Do not dress this up as if
you're doing me a favor, okay?

You do not get to make decisions
on my behalf!

I make my own decisions,

and I know that my life
is better with you in it!

I'm sorry.


At least come to the wedding.
I think you owe Mick that much.

No. If... If...

If I go to the wedding,
that would mean I've come back...

to the O'Briens, to you.

It's better if I make a clean break.


Bree O'Brien.




Hey, so I got back with
Father Morgan just in time.

You ready to walk down that aisle?

I'm ready. Got the ring?

What ring?

Very funny.

So listen, Dad,
about the, uh, "wedding night"...

Connor and I have put together
a few index cards.

Let's just do this.

That's the second card.

Why, I oughta...


Is this okay?

- Yes.
- Oh, thank you.

- Mom...
- This is it!

Don't you start crying,
'cause then I'm gonna start crying,

and I'm gonna ruin my makeup.

We don't want that.

If you start, I'm gonna go!

- Stop.
- Oh, no, no, no.

My blessings.

- Okay.
- Alright, let's go.






We're gathered here on this glorious day

to witness the wedding
of Mick and Megan.

They've written their own vows...

so we're gonna let
these two youngsters speak.


Mick O'Brien...

...we have been through
so, so much together...

...highs, lows,

and everything in between...

...but, through it all,
our bond was never broken.

When I came back
and I saw the man that you'd become...


...I just fell in love all over again.

Megan, I've known you
since we were teenagers.

We're not teenagers anymore,

but you still make me feel like one.

The greatest joy of my life

has been falling in love
with you all over again.

I didn't think it would be possible,

but life is full of surprises,

and this has been the greatest
surprise of my life.

You have given me the courage

to trust love

one more time.

May we have the rings, please?


- Thank you, honey.
- Of course.


I now pronounce you husband and wife.





We did it!







We gotta stop meeting
at weddings like this.

I know.

I'm glad you came.

I am, too.

Listen, Bree.

I told you this before, but...

...you mean everything to me.

No, I told you that.

- Oh, yeah.

It's just...

like, when things are too good,

when things are wonderful,

I don't trust them,


it just... It could all go wrong...

and it usually does.


you make me want to trust that it won't.

You make me want to trust... trust.

That doesn't make sense.


No, it did made sense.

This is probably not gonna be easy,

but I really want to try
to make us work.


I feel...




All right, I promise, I will get you
to the house for the after-party,

but I just have
to take care of one thing.

Okay. Hey, you were driving
really well out there.

Thank you. I think
I'm getting the hang of it.


Hey, why don't you come with?

What do you think?

[ABBY] It's... It's beautiful.

Who lives here?

I do.

You do?


What about your other house?
You loved that place.

I thought I did, too.

Turns out I was wrong.

This house is more me.

Is it?

Well, the new me.

I think it's time to make some changes.

What kind of changes?

Nothing major... just my goals,

the way I spend my time, the way I live.

[ABBY] Oh, just those?

Allow me.

Thank you.

It's beautiful.

- Right?
- Mm-hmm.

[EVAN] I want to spend
more time looking at the water.

I want to learn to kayak
without capsizing.


I want to learn to just "be"

without jumping
from one thing to another.

Isn't that going to be hard for you?

Yeah, but I'd like to try.


Evan, is that jazz playing?

It is.

You hate jazz.

But you don't.

Full disclosure...
I was planning on hiring Herbie Hancock

to play piano in the other room,

but, for once, I decided

I didn't want over-do...

just wanted to do.

Do what?


ever since I came to Chesapeake Shores,

I have been happy.

Truly, simply happy.

I never knew what family was
until I met yours.

I love your daughters.

I love your dad, I love all
the O'Briens, but mostly...

...I love you.





Abby O'Brien...


...would you be my wife?




Yes. I would like that very much.





Is that why you bought this house?

I was hoping you'd like it.

Oh... I do.

And there are rooms upstairs
for Carrie and Caitlyn,

and even a guest room for Nell
when she's back from Ireland.

What about Mandrake?

I'm still not sure whether
he's working for me or you,

but, yes, there is an apartment
above the garage

for him, either way.

I love you...

and I like you,

which is a pretty great combination.

Isn't it?

I love you

and I like you, too.






You love doing that.

I do.


I just wanted to say a few words,

you know, because we're all
gathered here together.

Give us your pearls of wisdom,
great writer.

Hey! You behave
and let your sister speak.

Thank you, Mom.


I just wanted to say
that these past few days

have been really special,

and that, right now...

...this moment,
this particular moment...

...it's all that we have.

You know? So, let's just...

live in that for a bit.


That's lovely, honey.

Well said, sweetheart.

- A little hokey!
- Oh, my...

- Do not tease her!

- Thank you, Jess.
- That's my job.


Well, um... I have to say something.

As you all know,

this year has been
quite a challenge for me.

Why? What happened?

Did I... Did I miss something?


With the help of all of you...

and meeting this

incredible, brilliant woman,

you've shown me
that we can get through any crisis,

as long as we're... together.


How 'bout you, Kev?

Yeah. Okay.

Well, I just...

I really wanted to say...



And I meant every word of it.


Aptly put, Kevin!
You have such a way with words.

Little Micky agrees.

Okay, okay. My turn.



I just want to say
that I have recently learned

that you never know
what is around the corner,

and just when you think
you have everything figured out,



and unexpected

comes along and shows you

a different path.

And I know you can all attest to that.

I certainly can, because...


- ...Evan and I are engaged!
- Are you kidding?

Team Evan! I knew it!

- I knew it! I knew it!


Team Evan.

Oh, Evan, speak, speak!
You gotta say something!

Speech! Speech!

Do I stand?

- Yes.
- Okay.

First time doing this. Um...

Ah, I just...

I... I guess I just want to say
thank you

to the O'Briens

for welcoming me to this amazing family.

Well, not so fast there, pilgrim!

- Oh...
- There are forms to fill out!


Just ask David and Sarah.

[WEARILY] Oh, yeah. So many forms.

That goes for you, too, Luke!

I understand that, Mick.

And you, Margaret.

Yes, sir. [LAUGHS]

All right, Jess,
see if you can top that.

Oh, I don't think I can.



...when I was at the ceremony,

all I could think about was how...

things come back to where they belong,

to where they're meant to be.

To Mom and Dad.

- Hear, hear.
- Cheers.

- To Mom and Dad.
- To Mom and dad.

Aw, honey.

Oh, and I'm pregnant!





Okay, you topped it.



♪ I'm going home ♪

♪ Back to the place where I belong ♪

♪ And where your love
has always been enough for me ♪


♪ I'm not running from ♪

♪ No, I think you've got me all wrong ♪

♪ I don't regret this life
I chose for me ♪


♪ For these places and these faces ♪

♪ Are getting old ♪


♪ Yeah, these places and these faces ♪

♪ Are getting old ♪

♪ So I'm goin' home ♪


♪ I'm goin' home ♪


Well, I tell ya,
it has been one hell of a day.

The O'Brien clan is getting larger.

And as I look around
this circle of all of you...

[CHOKES UP] ...who I love...

...more than anyone else
on this planet...

...and I see this spectacular woman,

who, for reasons
I will never understand,

agreed to marry me...

- Again!
- "Again"!

...That is the luck of the Irish.

So all I really want to say is...
to family.

[ALL] To family!


♪ I'm goin' home ♪

♪ I'm goin' home ♪

♪ I'm goin' home ♪

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