06x13 - In Which We Say Goodbye

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Private Practice". Aired: September 26, 2007, to January 22, 2013.
Spin-off series from Grey's Anatomy; Neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery leaves her friends and foes at Seattle Grace Hospital behind for a fresh start in Los Angeles, where she joins a trendy public clinic.
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06x13 - In Which We Say Goodbye

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I want to say something wise.

I want to have some wisdom.

I mean...

I've been here before.

I've done this already.

The first time you get married--

I mean, I had this very large
fairy tale wedding.

You know, with the music
and the flowers

and the dress.

I was young and marrying the guy
that everyone said was

the perfect man.

And he was.

Derek was perfect.

Turns out, he just...

wasn't perfect for me.

And even though I made
my fair share of mistakes,

I definitely...

was not innocent.

I was really angry at him
for messing up my fairy tale.


for taking my 30s

and for being happy
with someone else

and for making me feel
like a failure.

And it took me
a really long time

to get over that.

And I made a lot of mistakes

with a lot of men,

trying to get over that.


then slowly, over time,

everything changes,

and you're no longer
this young thing

and you don't believe
in fairy tales

and "perfect" isn't
in your vocabulary.

And then suddenly,

here is this man.


(Amelia) - Addison.
- I can't do it. I can't.

People are waiting.
Jake is waiting.

I just said that I can't do it,
not like this.

Okay. All right. Hey.

Addison, Addison,
stop pacing, okay? Look at me.

(Inhales deeply) Deep breaths.

(Exhales deeply)

You can do this.
You wanna do this.

You love Jake
and you are ready.

And the preacher guy
is gonna leave

- because we only paid him for two hours.
(Violet) - Amelia.

Problem solved!

- I'm here.
(Violet) - Oh! (Laughing)

I'm so sorry. Sorry.
I'm so sorry.

The plane was late

and was circling
for some ridiculous reason.

- And I was freaking out.
I was--I was trying to-- - Aw!

- I was trying to call you on the...
- Nai!

Cell phone,

and I thought the stewardess
was gonna freak out.

I thought the Air Marshall was
gonna take me down. (Squeals)

It was a mess, but I'm here.
I'm here.

(Inhales deeply)
Oh, you look beautiful.

- Oh, thanks.
- Let's get you married.

(Chet Faker's "No Diggity" playing)

♪ Shorty, get down ♪

♪ good lord ♪

♪ baby gotta 'em open
all over town ♪

♪ strictly biz,
don't play around ♪

♪ cover much ground ♪

♪ got game by the pound ♪

♪ gettin' paid is her forte ♪

♪ each and every day,
true player way ♪

♪ I can't get her
outta my mind ♪

♪ I think about the girl
all the time ♪

I, Jacob Miguel Reilly,
take you, Addison...

To be my husband...

For better or for worse...

For richer or for poorer...

In sickness and in health...

To love, honor, and cherish...

For as long
as we both shall live.

For as long
as we both shall live.

- I do.
- I do.

(Man) By the power vested in me
by the State of California,

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.


♪ I gotta bag it up ♪

- Whoo!
- Whoo!

♪ No diggity ♪

♪ I gotta bag it up ♪


I like seeing you happy.

I am happy.

And that you're here,
it's-- it's perfect.


You think I'd miss the chance to
be best man at my dad's wedding?

I hoped, you know.

Dad, we had an argument.

No, I told you to stop seeing
your 50-year-old professor,

and you refused.

Dad, let it go.

♪ Baby never act wild ♪

Is Dr. Joan giving them all
equal attention?

(Mason) She seems good.

"Seems" or "is"?

Both. I don't know.
What's the right answer?

Did Georgia get her medicine?

Uh, yeah.
I set my watch to remember.

Remind me to raise
your allowance.

Oh, and make sure that she gives
Caroline the pink bunny

if she cries,
not the green one Rachel likes.

We love you. You're doing great.
Keep up the good work.


♪ Hey, yo, hey, yo, hey, yo,
hey, yo ♪

The babies are fine.
Mason is on it.

The pediatric resident
you hijacked for the day

is on it.

Just relax.

I hate everything about
that smile on your face.

Don't hate the player.
Hate the game.

Yeah. I said that.

♪ I gotta bag it up ♪

I am so thrilled to meet you

because, aside from the fact
that you exist,

Sheldon has told me
absolutely nothing about you.


Well, I wouldn't take that

Sheldon is just afraid
that I'm going to...

(Clears throat)

leave him.

That I'm going to leave him,

and then he'll have to explain
how he lost such a prize.

So... the less you know,
the better.

(Both chuckle)

She doesn't filter either.

No. No, she-- she doesn't.

Life's too short for that,
really. Isn't it?

(Whispers) I like her.

(Both speaking inaudibly)



- It's good to see you.
- Oh, it's good to see you, too.

I wasn't sure that you'd come.

Why wouldn't I... oh.


No. Uh...

- You know, we've always been
friends first, so... - Yeah.

- I'm just glad she's happy.
- Yeah.

You know, it's--
it's good.

Yeah. It is good.

So how are you?

I'm fine.

I'm really, really fine.

I thought Fife was gonna
be here, but I guess--

Oh, yeah. He had a meeting
in Hong Kong.

- Hong Kong? Wow.
- So he, uh...

- I met Stephanie.
- Mm-hmm?

She seems really nice.

Yeah. She's nice.

Oh! You wanna...
see the latest?


- Look, there she is with Betsey.
- Oh, come on now.

They adore each other.

- I can't believe they're
growing up so fast. - I know.

I still can't believe
I'm a grandmother.

- Mm.
- Oh. Yeah, me either.

You definitely do not look like
a grandmother.

(Both laugh)

Thank you.

I feel weird being around people
that aren't wearing diapers.

Don't say that to other people.

It sounds creepy
out of context.

- What are you doing?
- I'm...

I'm writing another book.

I mean, well, right now,
I'm writing on a napkin

because there's
nothing else to write on.

I had an idea. But, um, yeah,
I-- I'm w-writing a book.

At least, I think it's a book.

Yeah, it's a book.
I'm pretty sure.

What's it about?

I don't wanna
talk about it yet. (Laughs)

Is it about me?
Can it be about me?

"The Chronicles Of Coop"?
"The Coop Chronicles"?

Anybody seen Addison or Jake?

Photographer wants
to do photos.

- Where are they?
- Let's see.

We're at a hotel, and there are
rooms downstairs.

It's their wedding night,

Maybe they wanted
to get to the honeymoon

a little bit early.

Should I send the photographer
down there

to get photos of that?

- Yes.
- Yes.


- Mmm.
- Mmm.

(Click) Okay. Wait. Wait. Wait.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.

Okay. Ahem. We should stop.
We should stop. We should stop.


We should stop.
(Breathes deeply)

(Clatter, click)

(Woman) Last Sunday, I woke up
and I had a lot of energy,

so I went for a run.

Then I went home
and did some baking.

There's this really good

double chocolate
peanut butter chip brownie thing

that I've been working on.

It's... crazy.

And, um, then...

I watched a movie,

did some laundry, and, uh...

it wasn't until
I went to bed that

I realized it was the day.

The 6-year anniversary.

How'd that make you feel?

Um, a little bit guilty,

'cause it doesn't feel right
that I should just forget them.

Then I felt relieved.

I was just relieved.
I'm relieved.

Tell me your truth.

My parents and boyfriend died

in a car accident
that I survived.

Say it again.

My parents and boyfriend died

in a car accident
that I survived.

Do you remember how long it
took you to come up with that?

How long it took you
to say it out loud?

They died. I survived.

You survived.

Holly, our time is up, but I...

wanna tell you something
that's very good.


I think we're done here.


Well, you've been coming
to see me for five years,

sometimes more than
once a week.

Now you're off your meds.

You moved out
of your aunt's house.

You have an apartment
and a job now.

You're applying
to cooking schools.

Yeah, but, um,
does that mean that I--

Holly, last month, you visited
your boyfriend's parents.

You were able
to sit and talk with them

for the first time
since he died.

That's the final step
on your goal list.

And listening to you now, I...

I think it's time.

I think you're ready
to graduate.

I think you can do this
on your own.



(Bell dings)

Hey! (Chuckles)

Right on time as usual, huh?

Mm, punctuality's important...

- Especially now.
- Especially now. (Laughs)

I knew you were gonna
make a joke,

but I-I wanted
to b*at you to it.


Hey. Miranda!

- Miranda.
- Roll her on her side.

(Charlotte) I got her airway.

Someone call the paramedics.
I need 10 of lorazepam.

She hasn't seized before.

We're gonna take care of her,

You okay?

I knew it was stage IV.
It was always stage IV.

So this was inevitable, but...

knowing it isn't the same
as... knowing it.

She's really dying now.

(Baby crying)
(Cooper) It's open.


I come bearing shrimp chow fun
and fortune cookies.

(Door closes)

(Violet) Wow.

You have no idea, okay?

I have to feed
all three of 'em.

By the time I get
to the last one,

the first one is hungry
and crying again,

and they've started--

they've started this crazy
synchronized pooping.

No, no. I swear to God.
I think they gave a signal.

- One of them poops...
- Cooper...

- and then the other one poops...
- I feel like you need to...

- and the other one poops.
- sit down and take a breath, okay?


They're evil
and they're working together,

and... (Whispers) I think Caroline's
the ringleader. (Chuckles)

I hate them, Violet.

You don't hate them.

No, I love them.
They're my kids.

But how do people do this?
I mean, for years

I've been yammering on
to exhausted parents

about what a miracle time
this is.

I'm surprised
no one's decked me.

It is a miracle.

- You've been waitin' your
whole life for this. - I know.

And I told Charlotte I would
stay at home and raise them,

but now...

But I can't handle it
and I'm about to snap, Violet.

So what do I do?
What am I supposed to do?

You know what to do.

You're gonna tell me
to talk to Charlotte.

(Whispers) Your father's
finally learning.


(Bell dings)

You didn't have to take a cab.

Oh, you were working.
You know...

Well, I would've
come and gotten you

and take the day off,
had I known you were coming.

This is very momentous.

You haven't visited
in two years,

and now I got you twice
in three months?

Well, I-I have to be
in San Francisco tomorrow

and I thought, you know,
why not...

stop off and have
a little detour?

- Well, good!
- So... yeah.

Come on. Now listen.
Do you want to do a late lunch

or can you wait till dinner?

'Cause Jake makes a steak
so rare

you can still talk to the cow.

Oh, hey. You okay?


Uh, yeah. It's...
don't mention food.

Are you queasy?

Yeah. It's probably...
the-- the flight.

It was really bumpy, you know?

Yeah? I was gonna say. You're
not pregnant, are you? (Laughs)

- Oh, my...
- What?

Is that...

Are you?

(Lowered voice) Yes.

- Oh! (Laughs)
- I'm still trying to get used to the idea,

so please don't tell anybody.

But Fife must be thrilled,

(Chuckles nervously) Yeah.

(Laughs) Oh, Nai! A baby!

- Yeah.
- Oh! Congratulations.


Okay, Nai, everything
looks great. Heartbeat's strong.

Look, you can see it.


You gotta start talking.

something's wrong.

What? No, I'm happy.

I'm-- I am. I'm really happy
about the... the baby.


it's-- you know,
it's just that, uh,

Fife and I aren't--
aren't doing well.

We're not...
(Instrument clatters)

It's kind of not working.

I thought everything was good.
You didn't say anything.

Well, you were getting married.

You know, it's...

it's that Fife works a lot,
and he-- and he travels a lot.

He's a good guy. He is.

He's-- he's-- he's just
a researcher first.

You know, he's married
to his work.

Well, are you two
in counseling?

Addie, Fife doesn't
live with me anymore.

We're done.

Oh, I-I...

I just thought with the baby...

Well, you know,
things happen. Huh?

(Chuckles) Lucky me.

Every relationship's wrong

unless it's the right one,


What about, uh, you and Sam?


Well, we never talked about it.
Why did you guys break up?

Oh... (Sighs)

I, um...

W-well, Sam--
he didn't want kids,

you know, which was sad
and frustrating.

But in the end, it was great
because I have Jake,

and Jake loves kids.
He loves Henry.

So it all turned out
the way it was supposed to.


Hey, I am here for you,
all right?

(Exhales) No matter what.

- We'll figure this out.
- Okay. Yeah.

What happened?

Hey. You're okay. All right.

Miranda, you had a seizure.

Oh. That's new.

Amelia had you admitted.

She says you need
to be monitored.

Mm. I need to be
on a beach somewhere,

drinking something
with an umbrella in it.

The scans show that y--

The scans show that
I'm dying of cancer. Yep.

(Exhales deeply)

I need you to stay for
observation, at least overnight.

Oh, I don't really think
that's necessary.



Okay, I'll stay one night.


Can I get you anything?

A cure for cancer
would be nice.

No, you-- you are not
dropping out of school.

I'm just taking a semester off.

Okay. Can we-- can we talk
about this for a minute?



I wanna go to Europe.

Okay, I'll send you there
this summer.

It'll be my treat.

Or-- or what about
studying abroad?

Eli is teaching there
next semester,

and he asked me to come.

I'm going.

You're making a mistake.

I love him.

Another mistake.

I don't need your permission.
I just wanted you to know.

Look, Angela...

Oh, hi. I'm sorry.

I just walked past
your receptionist.

I'm interrupting you.

You're in the middle
of a million things, I'm sure.

- I'm really--
- Holly, Holly, tell me what's wrong.

I, um, I-I got in.

I got accepted
to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

I got into

the best cooking school
in the world.

Holly! Congratulations!

No, it's no congratulations.
I can't go. It's in Paris.

This is what you wanted.
This is your dream.

It's a big change,
it is out of your comfort zone,

but you can handle it.

What if something goes wrong?

We've talked about
you being ready.

Uh, well, there's
a 9-hour time difference

between there and here.

And it's a whole continent
and an ocean away.

Okay, it is far, but--

No, it's an entire continent
and an ocean

away from you.

Oh, Holly.

You told me that if I ever
needed you, you would be there.

So what if something happens,

and I need you
and I'm in Paris?

It doesn't...
logically make sense.

It doesn't work.
(Inhales deeply)

I'm not going.
I'm not leaving therapy.

I'm not ready.

I must say, I have missed
this kitchen.

This feels like home.

(Mouth full)
Aw, you should stay.

I'm serious.

Mmm, this is amazing.
What is this?

Kale pasta salad,
with homemade pasta.

- Wow.
- My patient Holly made it.

You have a mental patient
who makes you food?

(Chuckles) Charlotte.

I'm sorry.

I'm cranky and tired 'cause
Cooper's cranky and tired.

Man gets to stay home all day,
swimming in babies.

You think he'd be happy.
But no, he's moody as hell.

My boobs are gonna explode.
I gotta go pump.

(Laughs) Things have certainly
changed around here.

You know, your mental patient's
very talented.

She should be a chef.

She got accepted
to the Cordon Bleu...

- Mm!
- but she's not gonna go.

She's afraid to leave therapy.
She's afraid to leave me.

You know, maybe I misjudged.

I'm gonna let her
keep coming in.

Oh. Hey. Hey, everybody.


(Chuckles) - Hey. Yeah.
- It's Na-- Naomi.

I didn't know you were...
Are you-- What are you...

Uh, no, yeah,
I'm just coming through

- and I was visiting Addie.
- Oh.

- Yeah.
- That's great. That's great.

Ha! (Mutters)

Oops. Sorry.

- Did you...
- Sorry. No, I...

(Laughs) (Laughs)

(Chairs squeaking) Sam?

Yeah? Nah, nah.

I'm not that thir-- thirsty.

(Mouth full) Girl, holy crap.

that's really good.

- Right?
- Mm-hmm.

So good. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

You're 13 weeks pregnant,
aren't you?


Yeah, you should know. You just
did the ultrasound today.

I mean exactly 13 weeks,

because that's when
I got married.

13 weeks ago.



(Slaps leg) It just happened.

(Whispers) Oh!

It just happened.

I don't know-- I don't even know
why it happened.

We're divorced. We're--
we're good. We've got closure.

But it-- We just saw each other,

(Sighs) Oh, God.
I don't know. It's Sam.

You know. It's-- it's Sam.

Okay, my brain is exploding.

What, and you think mine isn't?
(Speaks indistinctly)

When are you gonna tell him?

I'm not gonna
tell him anything.

Nai, you have to!

The baby's gonna come out
looking exactly like a tiny Sam.

He is with Stephanie.

And the reason
you two didn't work out

is because he doesn't want any
more kids, right? (Sighs)

So why would I tell him?

Because he's Sam.

I mean, you didn't just have
a one-night stand

with some random guy.

You chose to sleep with Sam.

And maybe the reason why the two
of you ended up in bed together

is because...
it still means something.


No. Sam-- Sam walked out
on our marriage.

He walked out. He just quit.

He-- he decided he was done.
He didn't fight for us.

He just blew us up. I...

And there's a history
with... us.

You know, I...

(Dish clatters)

It can't mean anything.

It can't. And I-I can't
sit around hoping that it does.

I'm sorry.

You are in love with him,

You know,
it's-- it's getting late,

and I have
an early flight tomorrow,

so I gotta--
I gotta go to bed.

- Naomi.
- Leave it alone, Addison.

(Sighs deeply)

I can feel you staring at me.

No, I'm not.

Look, Addison, whatever
it is you're dying to say

and think you can't say,
just say it.

Okay. Naomi slept with Sam
on our wedding night,

and now she's pregnant
with Sam's baby.

You can't tell Sam.

I don't want to tell Sam.
Why can't I tell Sam?

Because it's none of
your business. All right?




When I first moved to LA,

Sam told me that
he blew apart his marriage

and he never understood why.

I still don't think
he understands why.

But now I think
that the reason why

Sam's never been able to make it
work with another woman

is because he'll always
be in love with Naomi.

And then me,
with my cheater past,

I just jumped in there

and started dating
my best friend's ex-husband.

And then I hurt her,
I hurt him.

And you know what?
He's not happy with Stephanie.

And she left Fife.

And so how is it fair
that I get to be happy,

all married to you,
hot saint man?

And they're gonna be miserable

because she's got such pride,

and he's got such...



You realize this isn't
a Jane Austen novel, right?

Oh, shut up.

You shut up. Get in here.


- Addison?
- Do you love Stephanie?


Do you... love Stephanie?


I mean, I don't...
That's none of y--

I don't see how that's any of
y-- of your-- uh, your business.

No, it's not.
It's really not.

But Nai...
she's my business.

(Whispers) Oh.

(Sighs) (Sets down pencil)


Okay, what happened between
Nai and me...

we were confused.
It was a mistake.

It happened once.
End of story.

Okay, I'm gonna say a thing,

and you can take it
or leave it, whatever.

Naomi and Fife
never got married.

They are no longer together.

And... that is all I'm gonna say.

(Pats leg) I've already
said way too much.

Okay, I'm gonna say
one more thing.

She is in love with you.
Naomi is still in love with you.

And I am... 72% certain

that I did the right thing
in telling you this information.


Why are you out of bed?

I'm going home.

No, you-- you haven't
been discharged.

I know. That's why I'm filling
out this fancy form

that says I'm leaving against
medical advice.

Miranda. Miranda.

I know how you feel
about hospitals,

but... you should stay.

I'd be here with you.

You know, every--
every single day.

You know if I stay here,

they're gonna send in

and radiation therapists
and surgeons.

And that no matter what they do,
the tumor inside my brain

is still gonna destroy
my ability to talk and walk

and go to the bathroom.

Before you know it,
I'm gonna be throwing up

and wearing diapers,

and I'm not gonna remember
your name.

I'm gonna be in so much pain,

they're gonna ply me
with morphine,

which will make me numb,
and that will make me drool.

And there's so much more--

a thousand other
horrible indignities

I just haven't thought of yet.

So I don't really wanna spend
my last days here.

Can you...

understand that?


Okay. I'll-- I'll take you home.
I'll take care of you.

(Scoffs) No. I don't want you
to take care of me, Sheldon.

I don't you changing
my diapers.


If you need to, we-- we can
get you a private nurse.

Look, you've come
this far with me,

and I really appreciate that.

(Inhales and exhales deeply)

But this is the last leg
of a really long journey.

And the good part is over now
and the bad part is starting,

and I don't want you with me.
I don't want you to see this.


I want you to walk away

and not look back.

I-I want you to go
while I can...

still remember how much...


(Voice breaks) I love you.

If you care about me at all,

you will do this for me.


Just go.

(Stomps foot) (Crying) Just
walk away, Sheldon. Just go.

Fine, then I'll walk away.



(Door opens)

Oh, thank God. Mom's home.
(Charlotte sighs)

(Door closes)

How are my babies?

- Shh!
- Shh!

They're asleep.
Lower you voice.

(Sighs) Lord, am I b*at.

I forget how being
on, uh, your feet all day

can really take it out of ya.

(Grunts) You barely finish up
with one patient

before another one needs ya.

(Shoes thud)

We need to hire a nanny.

What? No.


The deal was you'd stay home
with the kids

and I'd go back to work.

I'm not changing things just
'cause you had a rough day.



You see this shirt?

I don't know
if these stains are

vomit or breast milk anymore

because I've been wearing it
for five days.


I know that to be true

because I haven't had a shower
in five days.

I'm pretty sure last night
I fell asleep in the closet,

looking for diapers.
And I don't know how

to have a conversation
with adults anymore unless it's

the other sleepy-deprived moms
in the park.

And by the way,
after I bond with them

over the psychosis that comes

with being your child's
primary caregiver,

I'll eventually have sex
with one of them

because they're, you know,
on the same feeding schedule.

Is that what you want, me having
sex with moms in the park?

Because that's where
this is headed.

We need to hire a nanny.

(Exhales deeply)

You wanna watch a movie?

Uh, sure.

Or we can go to a movie.

Uh... (Sighs) whatever
you want to do.

(Laughs) Sam, why am I here?

We're-- we're... (Laughs)
we're hanging out.

Yet you haven't heard
a word I've said.


I'm sorry. You're right.

(Inhales deeply)

Uh... (Exhales)

I haven't heard a word
you've said because, uh...

I'm trying to figure out

how I'm gonna say
what I need to say to you.

Then just say it.
Whatever it is, just say it.

Okay. Well, when we...

The first time
we got together, uh...

you broke up with me.
You-- you said I was a mess.

And, uh, I didn't see it.

Well, I guess you don't
see things until...

you're ready to see them.

But you said I was a mess,

and you were right.

- But now I--
- Okay, stop.

Just, um...

just stop.


Okay. (Sighs)


I'm gonna go now

because I do not want you to
see me cry.


I'm so sorry, Stephanie.
I don't...

- I'm sorry.
(Voice breaking) - Sam, you're a good guy,

but let me give you
a little advice.

The next time you try to get
a second chance with a woman,

you better mean it,

because we're not
as tough as we look, okay?

And I liked her--
your ex-wife.

(Crying) When I met her,
I liked her.


And now I'm crying.

And now you're gonna come over
here and comfort me,

and I-I hate you.


So I've been working
on shellfish,

and um, people think
that it's easy to do,

but people actually don't really
know what they're talking about

'cause it's difficult to do.

- There are a lot of things that
you have to know about. - Holly. Holly.

This is gonna be
our last session.

If you call the office,

the receptionist is not gonna
allow you to book another one.

- Why?
- Because you don't need me anymore.

You're in such a good place.

You're talking about recipes
and not feelings.

That doesn't mean
that I'm ready to graduate.

You are.

I... (Scoffs) I've been coming
here for almost six years,

and I'm supposed to just... stop?

Yeah, because you're ready
to stop.

- How do you know?
- You have to trust me.

I do trust you.

That's why I'm saying
I have to stay here with you.

Okay, why did you get
that acceptance letter

from Le Cordon Bleu?


I applied and I got in.

Right. You applied.

Cooking school is not something
that just happened to you.

It's not an accident taking
people away in your life.

You chose it.

You want to go.

And I'm afraid that you being
able to come back here,

even though we both know that
you don't need it anymore,

is holding you back.


I'm scared.

I know you are.

New things are scary.

Anything worth having is scary.

What if I don't like it?

Well, you'll only know
if you try.

So I'm just some bird that
you're kicking out of the nest?

You're like some bird.

And, Holly,

you're ready to fly.

Hey, guys.

What's wrong?

(Pours coffee)

Uh, nothin'.

I'm good.

Hey, Sheldon, you got anything
in your shrink playbook

to help me convince Angela

that dropping out of college
and moving to Rome

with a guy 30 years older
than she is, is a bad idea?

There really aren't any tricks
to convincing someone

that they're not in love.

It's a remarkable emotion,

impervious to logic and...

turning the most measured people
into risk-takers

willing to do anything
to maintain the feeling.

I mean...

Is there anything greater
than being in love?

And I'm not saying that you
should give her your blessing.

I'm-- I'm just saying
there's nothing you can do

to stop her or to...

to-- to-- to-- to make her see...


I'm... (Grunts)

I'm madly in love,

and, uh...

I quit.

I-I quit.

Did he just quit his job?

He's right.
I'm going for it.

Sorry. See you later.

I knew you'd be here.

I love being outside.

It's so beautiful outside.

You know, I could stand here

and make small talk about
the grass and the trees,

but I won't because
I'm too mad at you.

I'm furious at you.

You don't get to tell me
to walk away,

and you don't get to tell me

that this is your journey
and not mine.

I'm on this road.

I've been on this road
for 56 years, all by myself,

and then you showed up
on my road.

And that day
and every day since

have been the greatest days
of my life,

so I am not leaving you.

And I'm-- I'm happy to change
diapers and to wipe drool

and to hold your hand, 'cause
I want to take care of you.

I'm honored
to take care of you.

Your last days will be precious,
and I'll cherish them.

And if you're too far gone
to remember my name,

then I'll remind you.
But you deserve to be loved,

right up until
your very last moment.

You deserve to be
surrounded by love.

You deserve you have the face
of the man who loves you

be the last thing that you see.

And I deserve the chance to
love you for as long as I can

or as hard as I can.
So I am not walking away.

- Sheldon-- - No, I'm not walking
away! I'm on this road.

We are on this road together.

- I'm not walking away.
- Okay.

- What?
- Okay.

You're right. I'm wrong.



So what are we gonna do
with the rest of my life?

Well, I quit my job today,
so I...

(Chuckles) Anything you want.

(Woman) ♪ lay a whisper ♪

Write in your journal. Be sure
to socialize. Don't isolate.

And really work on your French.
That will help.


You sure you don't want
to come to the airport?

(Laughs) And Paris?

This is as far as I go.

You gotta do the rest
on your own.


- All right. Bye.
- Okay.

Bye, Dr. Turner.

♪ in the bedroom ♪

♪ all around ♪

(Engine starts)
Have a wonderful time.

♪ touch me now ♪

♪ I close my eyes ♪

♪ and dream away ♪

Dr. Turner! Dr. Turner.

♪ it must have been love ♪

I just-- I had to say,
thank you for everything.

For... being my family
when I didn't have one,

for changing my life.

You saved me.

Thank you.

Thank you for saying that.

♪ but it's over now ♪

You're gonna be just fine.

Yeah. I am.

(Sighs) Bye.

♪ it's where the wind blows ♪

♪ make-believin' ♪

♪ that we're together ♪

♪ that I'm sheltered ♪

♪ by your heart ♪

♪ inside and outside ♪

♪ I turn to water ♪

♪ like a teardrop ♪

♪ in your palm ♪

♪ and it's a hard ♪

♪ winter's day ♪

- This is a surprise.
- No, it's not.

You've been blowing up my phone
with voice mails and texts

for the past week.

Oh, that. Um...

♪ it must have been love ♪

I just, um...

I wanted a chance to
see you before you leave--

unless you're not leaving.

♪ I wanted ♪

Eli and I fly next week.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

♪ it must have been love ♪

You've seen me.
Can I go now or...

Listen, sweetheart, I...

I'm sorry.

This isn't...

Look, I... (Sighs)

I'm doing--
I'm doing this wrong.


you know, when I looked at you
at my wedding,

I couldn't help but think about
how proud I'm gonna be

when I have your arm in mine

as I walk you down the aisle
at yours.

And the only thing
that'll matter

is that the man I'm giving you
away to is a good man--

a man...
who makes you happy.

And if that man happens
to be Eli, then...

(Sighs deeply)

I would be honored

you give you away to him.

But you need to know one thing.

No matter
who I give you away to...

♪ it must have been good ♪


♪ but I lost it somehow ♪

you'll always be my girl.

♪ it must have been love ♪


♪ but it's over now ♪

♪ it's where... ♪

(Naomi) So today
we're gonna look at...

(Sam) Uh, Naomi Bennett?

- Oh.
- Excuse me, sir.

No. I'll be fine.

- Okay, we're gonna, uh...
- Naomi.

(Sighs deeply)

We need to talk. I'm sorry.

What are you doing here?

I'd like to have a conversation
with you,

a conversation
we probably should've had

back at Addison's wedding.

I had a little chat
with Addison, by the way.

She told me
some interesting things.

- Go home, Sam. - Why didn't you
tell me you and Fife broke up?

- I-I am not gonna have this conversation here.
- Why didn't you tell me you and fife broke up?

You have a girlfriend.

Not anymore.

Could you guys excuse us?

(Man) - Sure.
- I'm sorry.



I'm not going home, all right?

I'm staying
and I'm-- I'm fighting for you.

Now I know I blew us up,

and then I went out
in the world to see if

I could find something better.

But... there isn't
anything better.

There's you, and...

you are the best.

You're the only woman
I've ever loved.

You are my family.

You are...

the one single person
that I can't imagine

my world without.

You are saying these things just
because you feel an obligation,

and now you feel trapped.

I don't need you
to rescue me, Sam.

I don't need you
to wanna be with me now

just because
I'm having your baby.

- Look, I'm not...
- I don't need that. I...

- What did you say?
- What?

- You're pregnant?
- What?

- I...
- I thought you said Addison told you.

She didn't tell me that.

So you...

you just came here because...

I mean here because
I'm in love with you.

I've always
been in love with you.

(Angus Stone's "Clouds Above" playing)

I will always love with you.

♪ All she ever thinks about
is love ♪

And also, we're having a baby.

♪ All she ever thinks about
is love ♪

(Addison) And slowly,
over time, everything changes.

You're not some young thing

and you no longer believe
in fairy tales,

and "perfect" isn't
in your vocabulary.

And suddenly,

here's this man,

and he becomes so familiar
to you

that one day you find yourself
looking at him, thinking,

I could love this person
for the rest of my life

if I tried,

and I wanna try.

So... (Clears throat)

you decide to get married again

for the second time.

And it's nothing like
the first time.

It's better,

because it's the last time.

(Voice breaks)
Happy wedding day, Naomi.

I love you.

♪ Find her in the clouds
up above ♪

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

(Cooper) Whoo!

(Charlotte) Yeah!


That'll be us one day.

(Cheering continues)

Get this.

I have a 13-year-old patient
who smokes like a fiend,

and her parents won't stop her.

They want me to stop her
by telling her...

that she may have cancer.

- No!
- Wow!

You can't do that.
That's lying to your patient.

(Sam) - Or it could be saving her life.
- He's got a point.

If we lied to more patients,

maybe they wouldn't be d*ad
of lung cancer.

(Sighs) I finished my book.

(Thud) It's done.

(Cooper) Hey!

- Wow!
(Cooper) - Okay, finally, can you tell us...

what is it about?

Uh, well, it is about, um...


And life,

and how it's all a journey.

And my patients,
and all the debates we've had,

and all you guys
in this kitchen,

and how much I love my job,

and how, no matter what,
I'm gonna be okay.

♪ Take me to... ♪

We're all gonna be okay.

It's hard to explain.

What's the title?
You need a... snappy title.


I'm thinking of calling it

"Private Practice."

That title sucks.

- I love it!
- Me, too.

- No.
- It's a good title.

(Sam) - No. It doesn't make sense.
- It makes sense.

"Private Practice"?
What kind of a title is that?

Okay, it's better than

"Body Language:
The Mind-Body Connection."

(All laugh)

Okay, but at least
with my book,

you knew what it was about.
"Private Practice" could be--

- it could be about anything.
(Naomi) - Like what?

- Like a law firm.
(Cooper) - Or a brothel.

(Jake) - Or a medical practice.
(Violet) - Thank you.

(Addison) - It's a good title.
- Thank you.

♪ All she ever thinks about
is love ♪

(Elevator bell dings)
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