02x05 - Li'l Hulk/Surprise Party Surprise

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Spidey and His Amazing Friends". Aired: August 6, 2021 - present.
Spidey teams up with Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales to make up the Spidey Team, with some assistance from Spidey's comical but loyal Spider-bot, Trace.
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02x05 - Li'l Hulk/Surprise Party Surprise

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♪ They can climb great heights
to do what's right ♪

♪ The Spidey team
is on the scene ♪

♪ Swinging, spinning
crawling the walls ♪

♪ The Spidey crew do it all ♪

♪ They're your friendly
neighborhood spiders ♪

♪ And their teamwork
can't be tighter ♪

- ♪ Whoa-oh! ♪
- ♪ Hoo-hoo! ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh! ♪

♪ Go, webs, go! ♪

♪ Hoo-hoo! ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh! ♪

♪ It's time to Spidey swing ♪

♪ With Spidey
and his amazing... ♪

♪ Spidey and his friends ♪

♪ They're your friendly
neighborhood spiders ♪

- ♪ Whoa-oh! ♪
- ♪ Hoo-hoo! ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh! ♪

♪ Go, webs, go! ♪

♪ Hoo-hoo! ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh! ♪

♪ It's time to Spidey swing ♪

♪ With Spidey
and his amazing... ♪

♪ Spidey and his amazing... ♪

♪ Spidey
and his amazing friends! ♪

Li'I Hulk!

Welcome to my hangout.

I call it "Hulk's Smash Yard"!


What do you think?

Isn't it great?

Look at this place!


Pretty neat, huh?

This part here is my superhero
training area.

Watch this.

Hulk smash!


Hulk stomp!

I can practice
all my super skills safely.


Smashing stuff,

and smashing more stuff,
and jumping...

- Whoa!
- Yeah!

...and stomping down
on other stuff,

and thunder clapping
even more stuff.


- Cool!
- Wow!


Webs up!
Spidey alert!

Green Goblin has just robbed
a hot dog stand,

and is on his way
to the jewelry store!

This is a job for Team Spidey!

And Hulk!

Let's swing!

And smash!


Look at these pretty diamonds.

I can wear them
while I eat this yummy hot dog.

Oh, no, you can't, Gobby.


I'll take those diamonds!


And I'll take
that stolen hot dog.

Ooh, spiders,

ruining my fun once again.

Good thing I've got
my Baby Boomer!

Get a load of this!

- Whoa!
- Uh-oh.

It turns anything it hits
into a little baby...

even superheroes!

Whoa, that's weird.

The tree got big again.

Come on!


You won't zap us, Gobby.

Oh, yes, I will!

Whoa! Yikes!

And while you three
crawl around town babbling,

I'll commit
all the crime I want!

Isn't that just
goo-goo gaga-licious?!

- No!
- What?


Ah! My Baby Boomer!

I'll get you, Green Goblin!

Hulk's a baby?

Ha! It worked!

Itty-bitty Hulk.

Now, to pick up
my Baby Boomer, and...

Oh, no, you don't, Green Goblin!

Got it!

Pidey, pidey, pidey!


Whoa, easy, little guy!

Hulk push!

Hulk smash! Hulk smash!

Whoa, that's one strong baby.

Oh, yes, he is,

and just look at him
goo-goo ga-ga go!

Little Hulk!
Look out!

That's an open manhole.

You've got to be careful.

Well, my plan was to turn
you spiders into babies,

but this is even better!

Li'I Hulk will keep you busy

while I steal anything I want.

We've got to stop him!


Bye-bye, babysitters!

Ugh, he got away!

Yeah, because we were all
so distracted by Li'I Hulk.


where is Li'I Hulk?

Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam!

He really is kinda cute.


- Ah!
- H'yah!

But he's definitely
still got Hulk strength.



Up, up, up!

Well, this makes things

We've got to stop Gobby

and take care of Li'I Hulk.

I guess someone's
gonna have to carry him?

Aw! I think
he wants me to hold him.

I can handle this,
no problem.

You'll need both hands free
to swing on your webs.

Well, maybe we could use webs
to make a baby carrier.

Yeah, that'll work.

One baby carrier coming up.

H'yup! H'yah!

This baby carrier
works great, Ghosty!

Li'I Hulk is safe and snug!

Birdie, birdie!


Not safe, not snug!

Hulk hug!

Li'I Hulk, no!

Oh, Li'I Hulkie, please stop
all of this smashing!


- No, no, no, no, no!
- Whee!


What happened?

He broke out of
his baby carrier,

and then he did... all that.

There's got to be a safe way
to bring Li'I Hulk along

while we look for Gobby.



We could use
the team transport.

Li'I Hulk will be safely
inside with us while we search.

That'll work!

WEB-STER, please send
the Team Transport

to our location.

Sending Team Transport now!

Whoa, look at that!

Oh, good,
there's the Team Transport.

Okay, team, time to swing!

You too, Li'I Hulk.

There won't be
any more running off

- in the Team Transport.
- Whee!

This is way better.

Yeah. He'll be safe in here.

I bet he's tired
from all the excitement.

Maybe you could even
take a nap?


Doesn't that sound nice?

Bam, bam, bam! Pfft!

Spidey alert!

Green Goblin is robbing
the City Center Bank!


City Center Bank?

I know where that is.

Now we've got him for sure!






I guess we forgot
to assign someone

to watch Li'I Hulk.

- Whoa!
- Whee!

We've got to get him
away from the controls,

or we'll crash!

Okay, little guy.


No more driving for you!

It's way too dangerous.

Hulk hug!

We're going to hit
that building!

- Not good!
- Watch out!

You've got to be more careful

around here, Hulkie.

It's dangerous.

Aw, I'm sorry, little dude.

It's okay.

It's not your fault.

He's just a baby.

He doesn't know
what's dangerous.

I think the only way
we're going to keep him safe

is if one of us
keeps an eye on him,

and only him, at all times.

Okay, you two go.

I'll take the first
babysitting shift.

All right with you, Hulkie?


Now, let's get to the bank
and stop Gobby.


This bank robbery
is going to be easy-peasy

now that those spiders
are out of the way.


Stop right there, Gobby!

No more robbing for you!

I thought you were

Oh, well, I'll just turn you
into babies!



Oh! I do like my Baby Boomer!

How do you like... this?

I've got you now!

Oh, no, you don't!


Whoa! No!


It's time to goo-goo ga-ga
get Ghosty!



Spin, Spidey needs help.

Be right back.

You got it!

You're way too good at
Ring Around The Rosie, Hulk!


Vroom, vroom!

It looks like you need
a babysitting break.

I'll take over.

I'm not sure
which is harder,

catching a super villain
or taking care of a baby.

Good luck! Hup!

Okay, how about
some... peek-a-boo?

Where's Ghost-Spider?


- Hulk hug!
- Whoa!

Whoop! Whoa!

Ah, now I got you.

- Ah!
- No, you don't!

Will one of you stay still

so I can turn you into
an itsy-bitsy spider already?

That's not gonna happen.

But this is!


My Baby Boomer!


Get it!

I guess I'll just
have to goo you up instead!

We're stuck!

I've got to help them.

Okay, Hulkie,
this is really important.

You've got to be
my big helper now.

Ha! I got my Boomer back!

Time to zap you two
into little baby spiders.

Oh, no, you won't!

Ah! Oh...

Aw, come on.


- That was close.
- Phew!

And now to web you up.

Huh? Whoa!


Now you see me, now you don't.


Now you see me,
now you don't!


Ah! Stay away from me.

What are you doing?




Goo-goo gobbledy-goo gee-ga!


Okay, let's get you ungooed.


Now let's get Hulk
back to the right size.

Remember when Gobby
zapped that tree,

and it got tiny?

He zapped it again,
and it went back to normal.

So the second zap
undoes the first zap!


Hopefully it'll work
on Li'I Hulk too.

Hey, what happened?

Ooh, is that Gobby?

Uh, how come
he looks like a baby?

We'll explain everything,

but first...

How about we wait a little
before we turn him back?


Gobby's a lot less trouble
as a little baby

than a big meanie.


Surprise Party Surprise!

Hup! Whoo-hoo!

You seem pretty excited.


Can you guess why?

Maybe because
it's your... birthday?

You got it!

Let's go stop some baddies!

Oh yeah!

Whoo-hoo! Yeah!

We'll be right there.

She doesn't suspect a thing.

Nope, we're out on patrol,

and meanwhile,

our friends are setting up
the perfect surprise.

I know, right?

Let's see if they're done yet.

Hi, Iron Man.
How's it going?

Pretty swell, Spidey.

We're almost finished
decorating WEB-Quarters

for Ghost-Spider's
birthday party.

Right, team?


Almost finished!

Streamers are in place!

I brought a piñata to smash!

Look, it's Gobby.

The birthday girl's
going to love that.

We're just about ready for her,

so now would be a great time
to bring her back.

Thanks, everybody.

Ghost-Spider has no idea!

Well, then this will be quite
the birthday party surprise.

See you soon!

Let's go get Ghost-Spider.

Oh, she's going to have
the best birthday ever!

Hey, guys!

Shh, here she comes!

No sign of anything

Well, then,

I guess we should
get back to WEB-Quarters.


If there is no suspicious
trouble out here,

then WEB-Quarters
is the place to go!

Right away.

To WEB-Quarters!

You guys are acting funny...

What was that?

What's Rhino doing in here?

Aww, I was hungry!

There's nothing like
a stolen pizza party!

It's Rhino! WEB-Quarters
will have to wait.

Let's web out!

Eh, this won't take long.

Yeah, we'll have him
webbed up in no time.



Gimme those!

Ah! Those are for
my daughter's soccer party!

Now they're
for my pizza party!

Hey, you give me that too!

Stop right there, pizza thief!


Hey, That was my lunch
I stole from that other guy!

Next time, try lunching
on non-stolen pizza.

Well, if you don't want me
to eat these pizzas...

how about you try
and catch them?!

Ha! Got it!

There we go.

Got this one!

Got another! Ha!


I've gotcha covered.

Thanks, Ghosty.

Did we catch all the pizzas?

Yup, and now to catch Rhino.

You're done, Rhino!


No more stealing slices.

Oh, well.

I already ate anyway.

I'll give these pizzas
back to the customers.

It's a good thing
we stopped Rhino so quick.


Now we can get Ghost-Spider
back to WEB-Quarters

for her birthday party surprise.

Job done!

Do you hear that?

That sounds
and looks a lot like...


Go, webs, go!

Huh. It's Iron Man.

Hi, guys.

Uh, any update?

We're all waiting here
for the birthday girl.

We ran into Rhino
and webbed him up,

but now it looks like
there's more trouble.

We're going to be
a little late.

Right, okay.

Um, well, we'll see you
when you get here.

All we've got to do
is stop Electro.

Then it's party time
for Ghosty!

Nothing like a mid-day
jolt of extra power

for a quick pick-me-up!

Hup! Shut it down, Electro.


Oh, great, spiders.

Always have to be
party poopers.

You really ought a lighten up!

Look out!

Hup! Hup!


After her!

I'll just give this train
a little charge

to really get it moving.


Everyone out, quickly!

So long, spiders!

It's my train
to play with now.

I know where that train's
next stop is.

We can get ahead of her.
Come on!


I just love
playing with trains.


It's not a toy, Electro.

Oh, guess I'll just
have to play with these.

Oh, no, you won't!

Looks like this is your... stop.


End of the line for you,

Glad we took care of that.

Yeah! Now we can
get back to WEB-Quarters...

Green Goblin?

Ooh, gobbalicious!

I stole a safe

and got away with it, too!

Oh, he's not getting away
with anything.

I can't believe
this keeps happening!

Hi, Iron Man.

So, how's it going?

Not so good.

We keep trying to get Ghosty
back to WEB-Quarters.

Yeah, but villains keep
popping up doing bad stuff!

Sounds like
it's happening again.

Sorry, we've got to go.

Hmm... okay.

Well, uh, the bad news is

Ghost-Spider and her pals
won't make it back here

anytime soon.

Seems like there's more trouble
in the city than usual.


The good news is we can help!

Now, quick, everybody,
to the Team Transport!

- Yeah!
- Ha ha!

You'll never catch me, spider!

I always do, Gobby,

and I will this time, too!



Help, help!

Hold on! Look!


Stop! Thief!

I can't!

When I see a sparkly necklace,


I just have to have it!

Black Cat!

Let's stop her.

Ha ha!





Whoa-ho-ho! Sandman has arrived!

Stinks to be you,

because I'm awesome,

and all of you aren't.

And, ooh, look!

Someone left a bunch of sand
lying around.

It would be such a waste
if I didn't use it.

Oh no! Run!

Now nobody gets through

unless they tell me
what I already know...

I'm the best! Ha!

Now Sandman too?

Supervillains don't make
birthday surprises easy,

do they?

Get back here, Gobby!

Looks like Ghosty's
still chasing Gobby.

You take Black Cat,
I'll take Sandman,

and we'll web them up
in no time.

Oh, chase me all you want,
little spider,

but you'll never
get this safe back.

Here, have
a Pumpkin Prank instead!

No thanks, Gobby.

Hey, where'd she go?


Can't catch me, Spidey!

No, you can't drive through.

Not until you tell me
how great I am. Ha!

Ha! Gotcha!


Ha, poof!

Huh? Where'd he go?


Nice try, spider.

You're not the only one
that can disappear.

- Ha ha! Poof!
- H'yah!






I can't find Black Cat.

I can't catch Sandman!

- Ha!
- Hup!


See? You just can't win!

We're never
going to get Ghost-Spider

back to WEB-Quarters!

She's going to have
the worst birthday ever.


The Team Transport?

The what?


- Yah!
- Huah!

Sounded like you could use
a little help.

Whatcha gonna do, Hulk?

You can't catch me.

I don't have to.



Help! Let me out!

Let me out!

Whoa, what is that?

A force field.

I call it the Power Bubble.

It's definitely
the most powerful bubble

I've ever seen.



You're not escaping this way.



I'll just go, uh, the other way!


Oh, no you won't,
little kitty cat.

Aw, let me go!

I couldn't help myself.

It was just so sparkly!

Leave me alone, spider!






I wasn't expecting

all your friends to show up.

We always help
when there's trouble.

Yeah, it's
what we call being a superhero.

It's what we do.


Wow, thanks for showing up
like that.

How did you know
we needed help?

Well, a little spider told us...

two of them, actually.

Sorry, Ghost-Spider.

This isn't how we thought
today would go.


All we did
was chase villains around

on your birthday!

Are you kidding?

I love chasing villains!

I had a blast!

Yeah, but your birthday's
not over yet.


Wait, what?

You brought the party
to Ghost-Spider?

We had the Team Transport.

Yup, surprise party surprise!


Pretty sweet, right?

This is amazing!

So, are you going
to blow out the candle?

Make a wish first!

Don't need to.

I got to chase baddies all day,

and now I'm with
all my friends.

I'd say
my wish came true already.


It's smash time!

Oh, but birthday girls
go first.

A Gobby piñata?

Best birthday ever!

Happy birthday!

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