20x04 - The Great Creature Tail Fail

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Wild Kratts". Aired: January 3, 2011 - present.
Live action/Flash-animated educational children's television series created by the Kratt brothers, Chris and Martin.
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20x04 - The Great Creature Tail Fail

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♪ Wild Kratts! ♪

Chris: All over the globe,

you can find creatures that
share similar features,

but with unique differences.

♪ (upbeat music) ♪

Chris: We're on the creature
trail here in Alaska!

Martin: It's us,
the Kratt Brothers.

I'm Martin.
Chris: I'm Chris,

and we're out
looking for something

you can find not only amongst
these gorgeous mountains,

but all over the creature world.

Martin: We're
talking about tails.

So many creatures have them.

There are all different kinds.

There are bushy tails

and there are skinny tails.

One of the bushiest
tails is on a fox.

Both the red fox and
the African fennec fox,

have a big bushy tail.

Opossums, on the other hand,
like the North American opossum

or the South American
big eared opossum,

both have skinny,
hairless tails.

Chris: There are giant tails
and there are tiny tails.

One of the longest belongs to
the big-eyed thresher shark

with its super long tail fin.

And one of the shortest
is found on the lynx.

A little stubby one
atop its long legs.

Martin: There are soft
tails, and sharp tails.

In the dry desert,

you have the Arizona
bark scorpion,

an arachnid with
a sharp stinger.

In the ocean, you have
the southern stingray

with a pointed barb on its tail.

On the other extreme,
the white lionhead rabbit

has a soft cotton ball tail.

Chris: But what are
all these tails for?

Martin: Why do animals have
tails in the first place?

Chris: Imagine if we had tails

that could do all
sorts of things.

Martin: Imagine if
we had tail power.

Martin/Chris: What if?


♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪

♪ On adventure with
the coolest creatures ♪

♪ From the oceans to the trees ♪

♪ The Brothers Kratt
are going places ♪

♪ you never get to see. ♪

♪ Hanging with their
creature friends ♪

♪ Get ready it's the hour ♪

♪ We're gonna save some
animals today with ♪

♪ Creature Power. ♪

♪ Gonna go wild
with Wild Kratts ♪

♪ gonna go wild wild
Wild Kratts - Wild Kratts! ♪

♪ Gonna go wild
with Wild Kratts ♪

gonna go wild wild Wild! ♪

♪ Cheetah speed
and lizard glide ♪

♪ Falcon flight and lion pride ♪

♪ Gonna go wild
with Wild Kratts ♪

♪ gonna go wild wild
Wild Kratts - Wild Kratts! ♪

♪ Gonna go wild
with Wild Kratts ♪

♪ gonna go wild wild
Wild Kratts ♪

♪ Go wild wild Wild Kratts. ♪

♪ ♪

Chris: The Great
Creature Tail Fail.

Aviva: Ugh!

What in the world?!


Chris: At your service.

Martin: What can we do for ya?

Aviva: I just put my hat
on to go outside and...

...pine cones.

Chris: Spruce cones actually...

but that wasn't us.

Martin: I mean I love
spruce cones, but,

I didn't put any in your hat.

Aviva: Oh no? Then who did?

Koki: Not me. Spruce
cones aren't my thing.

Ugh, Ugh, Ugh.

Oh, definitely not my thing.

Jimmy Z: (laughter) Oh, I
need a snack for this show.


Not the snack I had in mind.

Aviva: Who hid these spruce
cones all over the place?

Chris: Um, I think
I know who it is.

Martin/Chris: A red squirrel!

Koki: A red squirrel. Of course,

they eat spruce cones.

Martin: And they also love to
store them in hiding spots,

so they have food for later,
especially in the winter.

Chris: Wow! Look at her go.

What balance!

Her tail is key.

A little tip to the left,

and she throws her tail to the
right as a counterbalance.

If she tips to the right,
she throws her tail left.

Koki: That's cool.

So that bushy tail
has a purpose.


Martin: Hmmm, I'll name you...

Tailer! Because...

Chris: ..because she's
great with her tail.

Martin: Exactly... Tailer!

Aviva: Um, is it just me,

or does anyone else
notice a problem here?

Chris/Koki/Jimmy Z: No...
Martin: What?

Aviva: Red squirrels
don't live in Africa!

What's she doing here?

Martin: You're right.
She must've snuck aboard

the last time we were
in North America

and accidentally
rode here with us.

Chris: No problem, we'll
just take her home....


Hey, we're you going?

Martin: Whoa, hold on...

Chris: Hey wait...

Don't let her out the door!

Martin: Tailer, wait!!!!

All: Oh no!!

Chris: Ah... she's too quick.

Martin: Okay, I'll
catch her with...

Cheetah Power!

Insert cheetah power disc.

Touch cheetah.

And activate cheetah power!


Cheetah Power.

Don't worry bro, I'll
catch that red squirrel

with the fastest running
power on the planet.

This is gonna be easy.

Oh, you wanna zig zag? Okay.

Well my cheetah
tail can do that too.


Chris: Bro, what happened
to your high speed turn?

Martin: I don't know.
I lost my balance.

My counterbalancing tail is....

Ahhhh!! A pig's tail!

Chris: That's a
pig's tail, alright.

We've got a creature power
suit malfunction here.

Martin: No, cheetah tails
are key to cheetah

keeping their balance when
they zigzag at high speed.


Chris: I know.

They'd never be able to catch
prey without their tail.

Martin: Oh, cheetah tail
or no cheetah tail,

I gotta try.

This is a serious
creature tail fail!


Chris: Ooh, Martin's
getting nowhere, fast.

I better help him.

With another fast runner,

like a zebra.

Insert zebra power disc.

Touch zebra,

and activate zebra power.


A monkey tail?!

Who ever heard of a
zebra with a monkey tail!?

Martin: Oof...

Chris: Hey... this malfunction
might actually help.

Martin: Ahhh! Can you
just run in a straight line?

Chris: Hey Tailer, you're
probably thinking

how am I going to catch you
with hooves, right?

Well, how about with...
a grabby tail!!!!!

See, some monkeys have them
to help with climbing.

It's like a safety line
or a fifth hand

for moving through the treetops.

Martin: (laughter) Oh
yeah, nice catch bro.

Way to use that grabby
prehensile tail.

Chris: Thanks.

I know it's not the typical
zebra tail, right guys?

Now those are perfect
for swatting flies.

Martin: Ow!
Chris: Ow!

Martin: Ow! These flies are bad!

Chris: Ow!

I know, a prehensile
tail may be good

for monkeys that live in trees,

but for a zebra that
lives in open grassland

and doesn't have a hand,

a fly swatting tail
is much more useful.

Martin: Oh I wish I had
a zebra tail right now.


Martin/Chris: Ow! Ow!

Aviva: It's not a tail, but this
line will get you out of there.

Chris: Yeah.

Thanks for the lift!

Jimmy Z: I've entered
the coordinates

from our last adventure

and we've got a course
set for North America.

Koki: Hear that Tailer? We'll
have you back home in no time.

Aviva: And I'll get these
vests working again.

The malfunction must
be in the a*t*matic

tail match modulator.

Hi OkayTokay.

I was just about to run a test.

I'll use the tokay gecko disc,

and the auto tail match
modulator gives us...


Okay, for now I'll just
manually match it,

until I figure out what's wrong.

Martin: What a ripoff!

So many great creature
tails out there

and we humans get nothin'.

Chris: Oh I'd do
anything for a tail.

The hard part would
be picking which kind.

Koki: Yeah.

Just think about the few
we've seen already today.

There are tails for balance.

Squirrels, cheetahs, fossas
and kangaroos all have those.

Chris: And prehensile
tails - for grabbing.

Some monkeys,
anteaters, kinkajous,

and seahorses have those.

Martin: And fly swatting tails.

Popular with zebras, horses,
elephants and giraffes.

Jimmy Z: Ahh, guy's come quick!

I think we've got a problem.

Aviva: What's up Jimmy?

Jimmy Z: Um... I could be
just seeing things, but...

is that a squirrel
on my windshield?

Koki: Hey! How'd
she get outside?

Chris: She's slipping!

Tailer's in trouble.
We've got to save her!

Gecko Power.

You just might be able to help.

Aviva: Chris!
What are you doing?

Chris: Rescuing Tailer.

Activate gecko powers.

The Gecko Effect,

With matching gecko tail!

To the red squirrel rescue!

Aviva: But that tail
only matches

because I did it manually.

The auto tail match
function is still broken.

Chris, you're not listening!

Martin: Hang on Tailer .

You're not a flying squirrel.

Martin/Koki/Jimmy Z: (Gasp)

Chris: Alright, even this super
strong wind can't blow me away

when I have the special
fingertips of the gecko.

They stick to the surface with
the help of special microforces

created by the
hair-like fingertips.

Tailer! Don't worry.

I'm coming for you. It's okay.


Got ya.

You're alright buddy?
We'll get you back inside.

Yeah. I got her. No problem.

Yeah, yeah, I see you.


Ahh, oh oh!

That's what you were
trying to tell me!

We're in trouble, Tailer, and
there's only one thing to do.

It's the gecko tail defense.




Martin: Wahooo! Yeah, awesome!

Nice use of tail defense bro!

Jimmy Z: That was
supposed to happen?

Martin: Yeah. It's a last
resort to escape a predator.

The gecko loses his tail, but
at least he gets away alive.

Oh and after a while,
the tail grows back.

Koki: Oh, so tails can
be used for defence.

Martin: Sure can and there's
different kinds of defense too.

Porcupines with spiked tails,

pangolins with armor tails

that wrap around the body

and rattlesnakes with tails

that warn a predator
of a venomous bite.

Aviva: Um, is there a tail
that reminds people

that their brother just
fell into the ocean

as a tail-less gecko?!

Martin: On it!

Aviva: Wait. That vest's not...

Martin: Gotta go!

Aviva: ...ready yet.

They never listen.

Martin: Coming Chris!


I don't see them anywhere.

I need to move fast...

...like a salmon!

Hi....Hero Junior!

I wondered if you were
somewhere in this school.

I could use your
help to rescue Chris.

Insert salmon disc,
touch my buddy the salmon,

and activate Salmon Power!

Martin: What?!
A scorpion tail!?!!

This is not going
to help me swim fast.

See, your tails are like motors

speeding you through the water.

A scorpion tail doesn't do that.

I'm not...

getting... any...

paddle action.

It's all fins and they're
more for steering.

The power comes from the tail.

Like they use their fish tail
to power through the water.

This tail...can't...do...that.



They eat salmon!

Go Hero Junior, go,
get outta here!

My tail doesn't swim,
oh, but it can defend.

Look out orcas, scorpions have
stinging tails with toxic venom.

I know, I know.

A salmon with a scorpion
tail, you think it's weird.

You're probably more curious

than you are scared
of my tail, right?


It's great to see you.

Hey, have you seen Chris?

He's out here with
a red squirrel.

Oh you have?
Thanks for the lift.

Yeah, I really can't swim
without the right tail,

but your orca tail is made for
zooming through the water.

Swirly to the rescue!!!

Chris: Martin!! Over here!

Martin: What Chris?
You're in red squirrel powers!!

Chris: Yeah. With a shark tail.

Martin: What?

What is going on?

Chris: It was just
me and Tailer.

Squirrels can swim, but I hoped

if activated
red squirrel powers,

the malfunction would
give me a real swimming tail.

And it did!!

Martin: Cool! We
used Swirly's tail

to get over here, right pal?

Aviva: Hey guys! We found you!

We need to get
Tailer dry and warm.

Martin: Great idea.
Because red squirrels

aren't used to all
this cold water.

Aviva: Come on,
let's get you inside.

Chris: Need a lift bro?

Martin: Uh huh. This scorpion
tail is not made for jumping.

Chris: You'll be
warm soon Tailer.

Martin: Great rescue Swirly.

Hey, your pod is taking off.

Thanks for the help.

Martin/Chris: Bye!!

Koki: We're sure learning
a lot about tails.

They're used for balance,

like cheetahs.

Martin: And for defence,

like scorpions who use
their stinger tipped tails

to sting predators
or catch prey.

Jimmy Z: And there's
the swimming tail.

Chris: Like the shark, who uses
the tail as a powerful motor.

Aviva: Wow, we really have
seen a lot of tail uses.

Now give me those vests so
I can fix that tail modulator.

Chris: Yeah, let's get it fixed
before anything else happens.

Tailer, not in there.

Don't mess with those controls.

Martin: No, no, no...
don't close it up!

Jimmy Z: Ahhh!
Koki: Oh no!

Aviva: Tailer get
off that console.

Don't step on those buttons.

Jimmy Z: Definitely
not the orange one!

That's the launcher control!

Martin/Chris: Whoooaaaa!!!!


Aviva: Follow that
runaway Amphisub!

Chris: Tailer, quit
playing around!

Martin: Open up!

Martin/Chris: Whooaaaa!



Oof! Ugh.

Chris: That was a ride I
never want to take again.

Well, the good news
is Tailer's fine.

Bad news, the Amphisub
is still locked.

Martin: I'll try to pick the
lock with my stinger tail.

It's not exactly what
scorpion tails are for,

but it just might work.

Chris: Uh-oh, these shadows
are never good news.

Told ya.

Martin: Aaah!!!

Chris: Wait I'm not a squirrel!

Martin: And I'm not a salmon!

Martin/Chris: Noooooooo!


Martin: Okay this is not good.

Even with a strange tail,

we still look a lot like
a squirrel and a fish.

Chris: Both wolf prey.

Hey buddy!

If you can't b*at
em, join 'em right?

You thinking what I'm thinking?

Martin: I think I'm thinking
what your thinking.

Martin/Chris: Insert
gray wolf power disc,

touch gray wolf,

activate gray wolf power!


Gray wolf power!

Martin: Um, can we
join the pack...



I don't think they like strange
wolves around the pack.

Chris: Well, let's talk to them.

Communication is key.

Especially for social
animals like wolves.

Say something.

Martin: Okay, ya ya.
Let's tell them

'We're friendly'
in wolf language.

Just hold your tail high and wag
it around all friendly like.

What a rabbit tail?!!

Oh no, they won't even see it.

It's really short.

Chris: Well I have a
white-tailed deer tail.

It's short too.

And when a deer lifts
it, it means

Danger! Follow me!

Martin: Ah remember,
wolves eat deer.

Don't lift it!

What about putting our
tails between our legs?

In wolf language, that means

"We're submissive.
You're the boss."

Oh no. It's no use.
It's not long enough.

Chris: Oh, let me try.

See alpha wolf?

You're the boss.

Martin: Ahhh, it's working.
I think.

Chris: That's right, we're the
lowest ranking wolves here.

Martin/Chris: Oooof!

Martin: Hey, we weren't
really talking to you.

Chris: Hey, go easy
on us toughies!

Martin: Little
Howler, how are ya?

No! Don't tug on my creature
power vest, easy!

Chris: Yeah our creature power
vests aren't working right,

but don't break them even more.

Martin: Stop tugging buddy.


Chris: Whoa.

Spruce cones!

So that's what was
jamming up our suits.

Martin: Oh, and interfering with
the tail match modulator.

Chris: Quick, try it again.

Reactivate Wolf Powers!

Chris: It worked!!! Woo hoo!

Martin: Oh yeah.
This is more like it.

Okay, hurry wag the tail.

Chris: And show him he's boss.

Martin: Oh yes!

Now our tails communicate like
wolf tails are supposed to.

Chris: Alright, let's
get back to Tailer.

Aviva: Don't worry, Tailer.

We'll get you outta there.

Koki: Got it.

Come here you little
mischief maker.

Martin: Oh yeah,
you got her out!

Aviva: Yeah, where
were you guys?

Martin: Oh, just talking
to some friends.

Chris: With our tails.

Another important
use of tail power.

Koki: Add it to the list!

Deer's hold their tails high to
say "follow me" to their young.

Dogs wag tails to
say "I'm friendly".

Martin: And look
how happy we are.

Aviva: You fixed the
creature power suit's

a*t*matic tail modulator!

Martin: Yeah, with some
help from Little Howler

and his friends.

Aviva: How? What was
wrong with it?!

Chris: I think another
creature pal

knows something about
that...right Tailer?

Well, that's creature
mission accomplished.

We got Tailer home.

Martin: Yeah. And here are
all your spruce cones

that you hid in the Tortuga.

There you go.

You better find some other
hiding places in the forest.

Aviva: Yeah. I'm glad the
Creature Power Suits

are working again.

Those malfunctions were wacky.

Chris: But they did make us
realize how important tails are.

Martin: Even though we humans
don't get to have them.

Aviva: That's why I made a
special tail attachment

for people.

Martin/Chris: You did?

Aviva: Yup, Jimmy and
Koki are testing them out.

Jimmy Z: Oh yeah!

A beaver tail isn't only
good for communication.

It's great for
flipping pancakes too.

Koki: And a zebra tail isn't
only good for swatting flies,

it's great for painting too.

Aviva: Did you know
that porcupine tails

aren't only good for defense...

they're also good for
having fun with bubbles!

Woo hoo!!

Chris: Cool move!
And prehensile tails

can do a lot more with
all that grasping power.

Like eating a pancake while
riding a mountain bike.

Martin: (laughter)

Why not!

And that salmon tail
that I never got,

is not only good for swimming,

it's great for
playing soccer too...


Aviva: Oh and maybe, I'll
try a squirrel tail next.

They're great for balancing,

but they'd also be great
for my gymnastics routine.

Chris: Thanks for
giving us tails Aviva.

Martin: Yeah, now we can
see how cool and useful

they'd be if we had them.

All: All hail the tails!

Chris: So tails give creatures
all kinds of amazing abilities.

That's why so many
animals have them.

Martin: And when you're
looking at animals with tails,

it's really fun
to think about

what power the tail
gives the animal.

Chris: Let's check
out some tails.

Quickness is great
for escaping predators,

but these ermine
or short-tailed weasels

have another great defence.

They have a black tuft of fur
on the end of their tail

and it acts like a decoy

for predators like hawks
and other raptors,

who get distracted
by the black tip

causing them to aim their att*ck
too far behind the weasel

and the weasel escapes.

Martin: This pointy tail
belongs to a porcupine.

In fact, a porcupine's tail
might be the pointiest of all.

This tail has hundreds
of pointy quills

and when thr*at, it'll
take its quill-filled tail

and slap at the predator

leaving those pointy quills

in the predator's face.

That is the
porcupine's defence.

They use their pointy tail.

Chris: Of course, tails are
used for more than defence.

Oh, right here at the
surface of the water,

we have a humpback whale.

Remember whales are mammals, so
they have to come up to breath

which is exactly what this
whale is doing right here.

Oohhh! That big massive breath.

Oh look at that back arching

and we might see the
tail right here.

There it is!

The humpback whale's tail.

That is the feature

that powers this massive
animal through the water.

Humpback whales can
weigh over tons

and be as long as a school bus

and it's that tail that moves
them through the water.

So next time you're
checking out a creature,

think about it's tail.

What's that tail for?

What's it's power?

Martin: And imagine if you
had a tail that could do,

what that tail
can tail do.

Pretty cool right?

Chris: Keep on
creature adventuring.

Martin: We'll see you
on the creature trail.

Chris: Yeah, it's
totally not fair

that we humans don't have tails.
Martin: I know.

♪ (upbeat theme music) ♪



Chris: To find out
more about cool animals,

Both: We'll see you there!
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