04x26 - Death and Rebirth

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Young Justice". Aired: November 26, 2010 to present.
Join the teenage superheroes as they struggle with life issues as they save the world.
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04x26 - Death and Rebirth

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[General Zod] I have a theory.

You see, Jor-El could've sent
his son to New Genesis.

He had allies there, but on that world,

his boy would have been an orphan,
at the mercy of New Gods.

So, instead, Jor-El chose this world

where his son could be
raised in benign anonymity,

before rising to become a god among men.

But where Kal-El, the Superman,

failed to take his place
as humanity's god,

where he failed to rule and raise
your world to galactic supremacy,

I, General Zod, will succeed for you all

and a new day will dawn on this world,

today, re-christened as New Krypton,

re-christened in the blood
of your failed savior.

Superboy. Execute Kal-El now.

[theme music playing]

[gasps, breathes heavily]


- d*ck.
- [both sigh in relief]

Sorry, sorry. It's not
as bad as it looks.

Although, I guess it's bad enough.

You're hurt.

Ah, it's nothing. My own illusion.

[both grunting]

[Nightwing] I got slapped
by a rogue Kryptonian.

Might have k*lled me,
but I rolled with it.

[Miss Martian] And cut yourself
to fake an injury.

[Nightwing] Forehead bleeds
look bad, but aren't.

It's an old pro-wrestling trick.

[Miss Martian] Then you slowed
your pulse to fake your death.

[Nightwing] An old Batman trick.

But how is it you're here
in the first place?

Kaldur, Artemis, Raquel, Zatanna and I

were in a place called the Phantom Zone.

[Miss Martian] Searching for Conner.

And you followed the Kryptonians'
Boomtube to Superman's Fortress.

[Nightwing] How did you...

Because We were looking for Conner, too.

[Nightwing] Ah, right.

But you were att*cked by the
Emerald Empress and the Eye of Ekron.

[Miss Martian] Saturn Girl sent
a last-second psychic warning.

Get down!

Superman and Orion rushed forward

to take the brunt of the blast,

giving Saturn Girl and I the
chance to create the illusion you saw.

[Nightwing] Faking your deaths. Our best
trick, one we've gotten way too good at.

[Miss Martian] Orion, Lightning, and
Forager were knocked unconscious.

[Nightwing] While the rest
of you played possum.

[Miss Martian] Except Superman,

who stood up to sell the illusion.

[Nightwing] Only to be taken
down by the ma'al kryptonite

I stupidly brought to the zone.

[Miss Martian] My brother
forced a Motherbox

and a horribly abused meta-kid
named Danny Chase

to open a Boomtube
to take them all to Metropolis.

[Nightwing] Metropolis? Tigress, Zatanna,
and Kaldur just radioed me from there.

- What about Rocket?
- [sighs]

She didn't make it.

It just gets worse and worse.

But we'll have to mourn Raquel later.

Superman, Danny, and Conner need us.

I can set the Prince up with
medical supplies to tend the wounded.

But Forager's down for the count.

As is Bio-Ship. She needs
time to hibernate and heal.

But we can take the Fortress's
Zeta-Tube to Metropolis.

No-go. The Zods destroyed it.

[distant trills]

[sighs] We won't need it.

[Baby trills]

Kon-El, do your duty.

Prove you are worthy
of the Family of Zod.

[echoing] The Family of Zod...

- I heard you took a name.
- Uh, yeah. Conner Kent.

My secret identity is Clark Kent.

- I didn't know, I wasn't trying to.
- No. The thing is, I'm glad.

Conner Kent.

It seems right.

Conner, these are my parents,
Jonathan and Martha Kent.

We're all hoping you'll accept
them as your parents, too.

I... I'd like that.

Conner, meet your nephew,
Jonathan Samuel Kent.

Hey, there, Jonny.

I think I'm gonna like being your uncle.

I can't k*ll him again.

He's family.

I told you, Father.
You must k*ll them both.

I have to concur.


Stay behind me.

[Kid Flash] Yoink!

I'll get him.


- Jected!
- And the Trogowog magic

is holding, as is yours, Zatanna.

Keep at it!

Niatniam Noitativel
dna Ytilibisivni Ruomalg!

[Miss Martian] Thank you, Baby.

I'm so grateful you came when you
heard your mother's psychic scream.

- And I promise you, she'll be okay.
- [Baby trills]

We're on a deadline here.

The Zods aren't at full power yet,

but once the sun rises,

their Kryptonian cells
will charge up fast.

If we don't put them down before that,

the whole world's in trouble.

I'm looking at you, M'gann.

I know you're afraid
of abusing your power,

but you're a ball of sunshine

hiding a terrifying demi-goddess.

When the time comes,
you can't hold back.

We're evacuating all of Planet Circle.

- [man] Keep your heads down.
- Just get me out of here!

Come on, this way.

The heroes we thought were d*ad
clearly are not.

Reopen the portal to the Zone.

I must have my army.

[Mother-Thrall ping-beeps]


Do not fear, Faora.

This world's yellow sun energy
will heal you in no time.

- Now, report.
- [pants, gasps] Yes, General.

Kru-El, Vor-Kil and Jax-Ur
gather your forces.

If you maintain this portal, your
army will arrive within the hour.

- Excellent.
- [whooshes]

[Zatanna] Erif nrub dna Mmoc'm elbbub!

Where are these enemies?

Here's one.

[Kid Flash] Double yoink.


I can't see you, sorceress,

- but I can taste your mind.
- [screams]

Triple yoink!

[groaning in pain]

Kid! [grunts]

[grunts, groans]

Finally, you show your loyalty.

This one isn't family. k*ll him.


[Motherbox beeps]

Thanks, Motherbox.

- I'm okay.
- No, you're not.


Erif nrub dna Llabeye elbbub!

[chuckles] Such a small f*re.

Time to die, Son of El.



[Tigress struggles]

[both grunts]

Better take this one down
before he goes all super.

Right. Before.

[Saturn Girl] Keep 'em busy.

- Understood.
- Good, I wanted a rematch.



[yells, grunting]


- No. Not you.
- Yes. Me.

Stay back. You don't
understand. I'm a k*ller.

- I'll hurt you.
- It's not true. Believe me.

No matter what horrors
you've been through,

I still recognize your mind touch.

And I absolutely know
you could never do me any harm.

- Conner.
- [gasps]

Let me show you who you are.


- Hi.
- Hi.

[yelling, grunting]


Guys, this Eye is
magically out of my league.

Especially while Mrs. Evil here

tries to laser out my skull.

I need to trade dance partners.

All right, listen up.
Miss M, run interference.

Z, you help Superman.

Tigress and I will handle this bruiser.

Kaldur, you keep Zod occupied.

Yes, that is my intent.

You will die for that.

Oreh, Laeh flesyht!

Noihsuc ym... [grunts]

You used me, manipulated me.

But you also saved me.

So, I'm giving you
one chance to stand down.

If he expects a Zod to surrender,

he clearly learned nothing
from your time together.

I should have respected your knowledge

and my history with the House of El.

So, for the future of New Krypton...

[both] For the future of Earth...


Please don't make me.


[chuckles] I love this world.

It has made me a god.

You want to be a god?
You'll have to go through me.



How about picking on
someone your own size?

You are too late, human.

I already control the child's mind.

- You cannot stop me.
- Depends on how distracted you are.


[growl fades into scream]

- [groans]
- Now, that's what I'm talking about.

Kick his evil butt out of my head.

I could. Or you could.


Okay, you know what you have to do?

Yes, ma'am, I surely do.

Is this how you show your
loyalty to Krypton, Kon-El?

It's how I show my loyalty to Earth

and the people I love.

[groans] They're good, but not in sync.

Let's go for the combo.

- Stop trying to k*ll my man!
- [screams]

[Danny] One Boomtube to the
Phantom Zone coming right up.

[Mother-Thrall ping-beeps]

- West Maneuver?
- Oh, yeah.



- [chuckles] Miss me?
- Rocket? How?

I'll explain later.

I will not be cheated of my reward!

[Danny] Here's your reward.

[grunts, screams]

[Miss Martian] You were glad
Conner was d*ad.

[Ma'alefa'ak] No, no, no!

Sorry, General. Should
have waited for your troops.

And you should have
learned on Krypton...

[both] Never mess with the Els.

[grunt echoing]

Husband! [gasps]

No! Wait. Stop!


What happened? Did the...
[gasps] Superboy?

Are you all right?

Fine. Feeling the aster.

So, is it over?

- A little bit. Yeah.
- No.

Lor-Zod just stole our last
chance to get home to our era.

It's worse than that.

With Lor on the loose in a Time-Sphere,

we're right back where we started.

We won the battle,
[sighs] but not the w*r.

[Beast Boy] Thanks for asking, Courtney.

I'm still on a leave of absence from
both Space Trek and the Outsiders.

But my fans have been so supportive.

And if being open about
my mental health struggles

helps even one of them to seek help,

it will all have been worth it.

And I also want to welcome
Superboy back to Earth...

What did Gar say about Superboy?

His hearing gets more super every day.

Well, son, you remember what we
told you about Uncle Conner's death?


Well, that was all true, but we
made a mistake about Conner.

He was lost and hurt.

- But we found him alive.
- I knew it.

Well, uh, we didn't.

But we've never been
so glad to be so wrong.

Now, would you like to see Conner again?

- It wouldn't scare you?
- No! I mean, yeah, let's see him!

- Hi, everyone. It's very short notice.
- [Jonny laughs]

But we're determined
to get married right away.

You know, before
anything else could go wrong.

Black tie optional.
Masks and capes optional.

Don't worry. Everyone
invited is in the know.

Oh, and no gifts.

We'd just love to have
you there to share our joy.

[Computer] Recognized

M'aatt M'orzz-A-Five-Six.

Mom, Dad, welcome to Earth.

Oh, we're so excited to be here, Em'ree.

Actually, I've decided to go
back to being M'ree M'orzz.

- That's my name.
- Oh, M'ree.

[Computer] Dubbilex-E-One-Eight,

Listen, I've been thinking
about something.

I mean, we're all here, together,

on a wonderfully happy day.

And thank God it turned out all right.

- But what if it hadn't?
- [Computer] Guardian-E-One-Six...

Some of you saw what Garfield
went through this year,

- and M'gann,
- Lian-Nguyen-Harper-A-Two-Eight...

- the struggles that Andie, Violet, Vic,
- Brucely-C-Zero-Three...

and some of the other
kids are facing every day,


for that matter, the
struggles that Cliff and Jay

and some of the other adults
are facing every day.

Well, to put it simply,

we need more than the all-purpose
room at the Youth Center can provide.

We need a place where our
people can go to escape the Life

for a day, a week, a month.

Somewhere safe,

somewhere where
they can receive treatment,

a Sanctuary.

[Computer] Looker-D-One-Six...

- [laughs]
- Livewire-D-One-Four...

- Mist-B-Three-Seven...
- Garfield, I am truly glad

you're getting help and doing well.

And I will always love
and care about you.

But I've moved on.

You need to move on, too.

- You clean up well.
- Especially for a d*ad guy.

We cannot leave the Kryptonians,

even Zod, in the Phantom Zone forever.

- All have served their sentences.
- And then some.

I know your hearts
are in the right place.

But freeing them in the st century

is what caused this mess
in the first place.

They were released on Daxam,
and a decade later,

were conquering my home world, Durla.

What about Trombus and its red sun?

No sentient population, no tech.

Yes, let them conquer
and build their own world.

While the League, the New Gods and
the Green Lantern Corps keep watch.


[Kaldur] Then, it is settled.
After the wedding,

we return to the Phantom Zone.

[Ultra-Humanite] The heroes won't
find a single Kryptonian in the Zone.

Klarion was surprisingly cooperative.

He seemed to enjoy the hunt.

And Apokolips required
only one Kryptonian in tribute.

Well, one Kryptonian
and Darkseid's pet Martian.

[Grayven] Darkseid always keeps
his word. Though Lor-Zod failed,

the Ma'alefa'ak did his part.

So, here, a pristine world
for the A'ashenn.

It will suffice.
Does this planet have a name?

- [Computer] Orphan-B-Three-Six...
- But how did you survive?

The Boomtube was collapsing,
and I didn't make it out.


But somehow,
my Force-Bubble protected me

and I popped up
in Metron's Infinity-Vault

where Metron offered Lor-Zod's
repaired Time-Sphere as my way home.

Hmm. I'm surprised
Metron was so cooperative.


- Surprised me, too.
- Robin-D-One-Two...

He said it was
in gratitude for past service

and part of some
experiment he was running.


That sounds more like Metron.

But you knew how to operate this Sphere?

Metron pre-set the coordinates,

brought me to Metropolis right on time.

I'm just sorry Lor escaped with it.

[controls beeping]

The controls, they're locked.

Damnation. Where has this machine...

- [rumbling]
- [Superboy screams]


Ah. I know exactly where I am
and what I'm being offered.

One last opportunity
to truly k*ll Superboy.


But I must hurry!

- [Phantom Girl screaming]
- Wait, no!


You saved me, but at a high cost.

Still, the w*r is not over.

I swear I will raise this child

to wreak vengeance for the House of Zod.

You know we shouldn't
be here. The Timestream...


Dude, you really gotta
start acclimating to the now.


- Aquaman-Four-Five...
- or not.

- Brainy.
- Hello, Legionnaires.

I've come to fetch you home.

I thought we were too far out of
our old timeline to ever be rescued.

Quite the contrary.

I calculate a . percent likelihood

that the timeline has been
substantially restored.

What about the other
point-one-six percent?

Just don't go there.

Wait, you're leaving?

It is long past time.

But give Miss Martian our best,
and have a wonderful wedding,

a wonderful life.

But you never told me.
Why was I so important?

[clicks tongue] You'll see.

- Don't look at me.
- [groans]

All right, everyone, please take
your seats. We're ready to begin.

[indistinct conversations]

[Danny] This is so cool.

Gniddew cisum!

So, I was the only one who didn't know

my friends are all superheroes.

And the reason I didn't know was
because everyone thought I already knew.

[others shushing]

["Here Comes the Bride" playing]

[Bio-Ship and Baby trill]


I think we can all agree

that even death can't part these two.

Still, before the next
supervillain att*cks,

let's get right to the
exchange of vows and rings.

I got 'em!


M'gann, from the moment we met,
you have been my whole heart.

I didn't know how to love,
let alone express that love...

until you taught me.

With this ring, I promise

to love, honor,

and cherish you for all eternity.

Conner, I came to Earth with
some pretty messed up notions

about what it meant to be in love.

But your purity of spirit taught me

what true love
and commitment really are.

With this ring, I promise

to love, honor, and
cherish you for all eternity.

And now, by the power vested in me

by the State of Rhode Island,

the website that ordained me last night,

and hopefully with a
blessing of love and long life

from, uh, C'eridy'all...

I now pronounce you husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

[people laughing]

[Lucas Carr] Get ready, everyone,
the bride's about to throw the bouquet!

And the lucky lady is...

[Icicle Jr.] Hah!

- [Lucas] Icicle Jr. Okay.
- [laughing]

[Lucas] Did not see that coming.

[children laughing]

[Lucas] Ladies and gentlemen,
it's time for

the newlyweds' first dance
as a married couple.

- So, please clear the dance floor.
- [people applauding]

[Lucas] Or don't.

If they want to dance feet
in the air, who are we to say no?

[people laughing]

[Trogowog laughs]

[Lucas stutters] What was that?

[Trogowog laughs]

[Grayven] Lord Darkseid,

it is my honor
to officially introduce to you,

Granny Goodness's two newest recruits.

The first, Black Mary,
was stripped of her birthright

by her brother, her mentor
and all her peers.

As for the second, she is a
Kryptonian, captured by the Light

and turned over to Apokolips as tribute.

Decades ago, she was sent
to the Phantom Zone alone.

This is Kara Zor-El, the Supergirl.

Together, Kara and Mary

represent the next generation of Furies,

ready to take the battle

to the so-called heroes
who betrayed them.
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