05x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Primeval". Aired: February 10, 2007 - June 28, 2011.
Follows a team of scientists tasked with investigating the appearance of temporal anomalies across the United Kingdom through which prehistoric and futuristic creatures enter the present, while simultaneously trying to stop the end of the world.
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05x06 - Episode 6

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It seems our little secret's out.

- They're opening up everywhere.
- All over the world.

This is it. We're about to
make history.

Stop him. Do whatever
you have to.

See I know that you think you're doing the
right thing, but you couldn't be more wrong.

New Dawn kills everything.

There are dinosaurs roaming
the streets.

- That's what the ARC's for.
- The ARC has failed.

Yes. I'm in.

- It's Connor.
- Get him down.

Come on April. Don't give me an
excuse to f*re.

Philip. You've gotta listen to me.
I've seen this.

You're gonna k*ll everything....
Philip no!

Cheer up man. It's working.


Primeval 05x06
Episode 6
Original Air Date: June 28, 2011

We have to go after Connor.
Philip at least let me go after him.

No one is going after Connor
until this anomaly is stable.

You can't control this you
have to listen to me.

No. You listen to me.

This machine is already generating more
power than the entire national grid

and this is only the beginning.

Did you ever even care about him?

- That kid worshiped you.
- Of course I cared for him.

And if he is d*ad it will be
your fault.

Cause he wouldn't even have been up there
if you hadn't poisoned him against me.

Look around you Matt. The world
didn't end. You were wrong.

This machine is a force for good.

My work. Connor's work.

I know he would have been proud
of what he has achieved.

- You were wrong. You.
- Get him out of here.

Emily I have to go after Connor.
I have no choice.

Abby. Listen to me. You can't go
through, you're not thinking straight.

Hey! Hey!

- I'm going. I'm gonna go.
- No. No. No. No.

I gonna go. And I'm gonna bring him
back I promise. You're gonna stay here

because I need both of you here.


Connor do you read me?

Anyone do you read me?

No. Not here.



It's growing too quickly.

It can't be right. Run those
tests again.

It's all right. I expected this.



Help me.

On three we're gonna move, ok?

- No.
- We're gonna do it man it's gonna be good.

We're gonna be fine.

It's Abby.
Where's Emily?

Distracting the guards.

It's coming again.

Okay, follow me.

Come on.
These winds are toxic.

We'll be safe in here.
Help me.

Connor get in.

Abby. Go!

You ok?

Where are we?

Okay. Here. Set him over here.
He needs water.

You just keep breathing and that pain is
gonna pass all right? Just keep breathing.

What is this place?

Our only hope.

- My throat is burning.
- Hello

He needs water.


How did you know this
place was here?

Water. There must be water.

This is my time.

My guess later.

Or close to it.

You actually lived out there.

Nothing can survive
out there Abby.

Except those ugly freaks.


Oh, no.

It's clean, it's clean.

- Okay.
- Drink this.

It's okay.

- You okay?
- Storms are erratic and hard to predict.

We're going to have to
time this carefully.

You lived underground?

Yeah. We moved from shelter
to shelter.

Tried to avoid the storms.
Fought the predators.

When I got to your time...

I thought it was the "Garden
of Eden".

Where's everyone now?

Everyone is d*ad, Abby.

Have a good look.

This is what New Dawn did
to the earth.

Turned it into Hell.

What is wrong with you people?

Can't you see that I'm actually
quite busy here?

They might be d*ad now
because of you.

Take her away.

You have to stop Burton.
Listen to me.

Let me out of here.

Malfunction. Emergency.

Place the magnetic field brackets.

What are you doing.
Where're you going! I need you!

Primary reactor off line.

Emergency. Emergency. Emergency.

Emergency. Emergency. Emergency.

Helen won...

and I helped.

All I ever wanted to
do was to prove...

to Cutter that he was
right to trust me.

And I ended up just betraying everything
that he even stood for.

It's okay.

You okay? What happened?

Can Philip not afford to
pay the electricity bill?

Some kind of electrical surge. Everything
went d*ad. We're on emergency power.

The system is fried. The dectors offline,
and I can't get through to anyone on coms.

Okay, we'll just get some to fix it.

Everyone is out in the field.

I don't think the power outage is
restricted to the ARC.

Philip's infernal machine.

Now I've seen it all. Mobile phone
reception when you really need it.

It's Becker.

Electricity's out all
across the city.

It's as if someone set off a huge
electromagnetic w*apon. What's Matt say?

We've lost touch with him. Get to
New Dawn and find out what's going on.

Try that.
We're on our way.

Good man.

Good man.

Every second we stay here New Dawn gets
stronger. We need to go. We need to go now.

You two go then. I'll catch up
when I feel a bit better.

Don't even think about giving
up on me.

I'll slow you down.


Whatever we do, we do together.
Thanks the deal.

I need you to stop that machine.
I can't do it.

Come on. Nothings finished yet.

Connor. Forget about Philip
and the machine,

You have to go back.

- Why?
- Because...

- Really?
- Yes.

Stop messing around
and help us.

Come on.

The wind's dying down.


We doing this or what, then?

It's clear. Hurry.


It's expanding too quickly.
It's not safe inside. Come on.

You will find a way.
Our hopes rest on you.

The future is in your hands,

and there's no doubt you
will do it.

The future is in your hands.

It's him.


- Connor. You're alive.
- I need you to help us.

I know this is what Helen wanted.
I just don't understand why.

The anomaly's grown so powerful.

Use the code so we can
shut down the system.

- It's too late. It's-
- Stop lying to me Philip.

Otherwise I'm gonna drag you through
that anomaly myself

and I'll show you what
you've done.

Listen to me. I know your
intentions were good,

and I know you were trying
to help us...

This is what Helen exploited.
It's what she always exploited,

humanity. Your humanity.

She didn't exploite my humanity.
I mean...

she exploited my ego.

Give us the codes.
We can still fix this.

It's no use. The EM surge
would have fired the data.

We can't just quit the program.


There is a way.

There is a possibility. Connor I need you
to crash the computer in the turbine room.

- Do it.
- Then find Emily. I'm going with Philip.

Come on.

Any news?


What if they failed?

This is the beginning of the end.
Just like Matt said.

What if they're all d*ad?

They're not d*ad Jess, and
it's not the end of the world.

If it was...
someone would have sent us a memo.

You know what my father used
to say when things got rough?

Where's that ruddy whiskey?

Oh no.

Don't tell me you're teetotal.




don't make a sound.

Okay, how do we do this?

I can shut this machine down but when I do
there won't be much left of this building.

You need to leave Matt.

Can't we shut it down
and then make a run for it?

As soon as I take the
last system offline,

it will be like snagging the brakes on an
aircraft traveling 500 miles an hour.

Everything in here will
be vaporized,

including you Philip.


I'm the bad guy.

We gotta get down and
override it.

I don't- I don't
Just do it Abby.

Shutting it down now.

Then what?

We need to get out of here.


Where's Philip.

He's not gonna make it.

He want's to do the right thing.

No. No, no, no we can...

He's locked himself in,
there's nothing we can do.

- We can't just let him...
- Connor. Connor.

If this is what he wants.

Come on, we're leaving.
We have to get out of here.

- Come on.
- Come on.

Get clear of the building.
I'll find Emily.






What took you so long?

Self destruction sequence initiated.

Unintelligable computer
announcements contine)

The anomaly's too powerful, it
doesn't need the machine anymore.

There's no way we
can stop it now.

Your anomaly, the one in your lab.
It was the prototype for this one, right?

- Yeah.
- So essentially it's the same anomaly.

It must have reopened which is how
the predators got into the ARC.

There's a way to destablize
the anomaly,

by merging the prototype
with this one.

Where is everything.

All the teams are out in the field but
I thought there'd be more than this left.

No power.

Power packs.

Jess. You're all right now,
do you hear.

Abby, keep a lookout.


Let's get a drip in and seal
him in the medical bay.

That's all we can do for now,
right? Jess.

Jess how many were there.

Um... four or-or five,
maybe more.

Becker, check the corridor.


Internal video system's down,
everything is.


I need to get to my lab.
I need to get to that anomaly.

Okay James. Come on.

I got him.

All right, let's go, one,
two, three.

Take a big breath.
Just breathe.

Look after Jess.

We're all gonna die aren't we.

- We're gonna die.
- Course not.

Jess. Have you got a
laptop here?

Yeah. Yeah.

Good. Don't worry I've
got an idea.

It's gonna be okay.


We have beaten these creatures before.
We'll b*at them again.

Will it hold?

Yeah. Yeah he'll be safe for now.

Okay. You sweep through this way
and we'll meet you at Connor's lab.

Your secret w*apon is sound.

Not exactly but the disrupter sound
should seriously mess them up.

They work on sonar. It means
they pick up infrasound.

Low pitched noises way
beyond our hearing.

I'm going to overload their
nasty little brains.

Will it be enough to k*ll them?

No but it will-should slow them
down enough for us to sh**t them.

Just access this file.

Why did it go?

Wait here.

That's the first one I've
managed to h*t.

Thank you.

Nice plan, Abby.

All right. It's safe.

Okay Matt. When I-when I tell you to close
it do it in one fluid movement, all right?

Good luck.



That's good.


- Okay, ready?
- One, two, three.

Easy. Easy.

If we damage the suncage in any
way and we might lose the anomaly.

- Okay, got it.
- Careful.

Look no offense, but do you
really think this is gonna work?

Well... we've three options

One we merge this
with Philip's anomaly.

It makes the big one unstable,
it closes and the plans worked.

Two. Nothing happens and it
doesn't change a thing right?

- Right.
- So far I prefer option 1.

What's option 3?

It makes the big one even more
powerful and it accelerates the whole

apocalyptic end of the world
type thing.

Basically not good.

Well let's find out.

- Ready?
- Yeah.

We're good.

- I'm gonna go and rig the car.
- Okay.


- You're gonna drive it yourself.
- It's the only chance we have.

You know what I have to do?

It's all about this.

If you fail...
you die.

If you succeed, if you
change the future

You might never even
have existed.

You could just...

- disappear.
- Hey.

- Ready?
- Ready.

Just need to secure the
steering wheel.

I'll see about that.

- Stop it.
- No.

- Matt no.
- Matt!




How did you survive?

I've no idea.

- Good.
- Well I sure can see it.

Just think we did it.

Just think we changed the future.


Think so.


What about my truck.


Oh, well, I guess we'll just
walk back to the ARC.


- How's Lester?
- He's gonna be ok.

He's already threatening to
sack the medics.

- Abby. Could I just have a word?
- Yeah.

Um... I wanted to...

you know the...

whispered thing.


Well yeah... you...

You said that when we were back
you know all this-all this was over then

you said you were gonna...
you know you sai...

You said you'd...

Great. You don't remember.




will you marry me?

- I'll have to think about it. Yes.
- Forget about it.

So yes.

Oh, please, for goodness sake

stop fussing. I'm perfectly
capable of walking by myself.

Here we are. How are you
feeling Lester?

What an idiotic question.
How do you think I'm feeling?

It's so good to see you.

- I take it this means we won then?
- Here we go.

You did it.

Guess this means we're
stuck with you now.

I guess it does.

I think we should keep the uh... whole
man from the future thing

just between ourselves.
Don't you?

Minister's confused enough
as it is.

Well this is turning into a
surprisingly good day.

With us...
Saving the world and...

Well I suppose that's the end
of the anomalies.

It is possible Philip's machine might
have closed the anomalies forever.

That'd be really wierd,
being normal again.

Ach... only two people have got that number,
one's the minister the others my wife.

Either way I think I'm
in for an earful.

James Lester.


So much for being normal Connor.

Train just left Kings Cross.
Disappeared into thin air.

So does that sound familar
to anyone?

Anomalies. Chop chop.


Everyone grab a black box. I'll
get the system up and running.

Let's go.

Well Parker, don't just stand there.

Get back to work.


Coms are still down.
Better get my phone.


Go back.

- You have to go back.
- Matt.

What's wrong?


I'm fine.

We're ready to go.
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