13x99 - The Power of the Doctor

Episode transcripts for the 2005 TV show "Doctor Who". (Ninth to Twelfth Doctor)

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Time and Space traveling adventures of a Gallifreyan Time Lord only known as "the Doctor" and his companions.

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13x99 - The Power of the Doctor

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Emergency transmission
from the Toraji Transport Network.

This is an urgent request
for immediate assistance!

This is an all-frequency appeal
for help.

We're under att*ck!

We've been hijacked!



All passengers down here!

Marshals, to your posts.

Who is it? Who's attacking us?

- Be careful.
- It's all right, they're d*ad.

Go through. Head down the train.

There are more marshals.

Secure passenger safety.

What's happening to them?

That energy... They're regenerating!

All frequencies...
urgent appeal for help!

Is there anyone out there?

DOCTOR: Yes, there is.


We're unable to
materialise inside your craft.

The Cybermen have
a blocking field in action.

We're taking a different approach.

Get out of there now!


- Ready.
- Ready.

Leader, we have detected
a rescue attempt.

Scans detect a TARDIS.

The Doctor.

DAN: Could you not have got
a less wobbly ladder?

Why? It's perfect!


Well, almost perfect.

Tiny jump.

Cool, right?




I've got you.

Come on, Dan.

What am I doing?

I've got a date to get to.


- Yeah!
- What a landing!

- . .
- Get in!

Our boots are connected to
the electromagnetic roof.

We're literally surfing
on a space train.

Shut up, Dan!

All right, Sheffield, just cause
my jump was better than yours!

Dan, turn around!

- We need to wake the long-haul passengers.
- There's no time.

We can't just leave them.
You know what'll happen to them.

We have to protect the cargo.
Keep moving!


Go with the passengers.
I'll hold them off.

Where is the cargo?

There's no cargo on board this train.

You lie.

Identify the location
of the cargo carriage or be deleted.

I'm not afraid of the Cybermen.

We are more than Cybermen.

We have evolved.

We are your Cyber Masters.

Okay, two important points.

Number one: find something
to hold on to.

- Number two: don't get sh*t!
- What?!

I'm going to deactivate
the train's electromagnets.

But aren't they keeping us
stuck to the roof?!

Yeah, but not just us.

Watch out!

The train needs bringing under control.

We need to get the train to a halt.

The controls are over there,
as I showed you.

Don't lose my sonic.

We need to find and keep
the passengers safe

and find out what those
Cyber Masters want with this train.

[LASER f*re]

Leader, the cargo has been secured.

Open it.

It's all right. It's all right.

We're here to help.

I'm the Doctor. This is Yaz.

I can sort that wound out.

Pass that medpack off the wall.

All right, Dan, son,
just like she showed you.

- Dan?
- Whoops, sorry!

Wrong setting. Sorting it, hopefully.

ANNOUNCEMENT: This is your space
train driver Dan

reassuring you
everything is under control

and we will be slowing
to a gentle stop momentarily.

I'll deal with the Cybermen.

They're not ordinary Cybermen.

I know.

Get away from that pod.

Doctor, you shall
not disrupt our mission.

Oh, I think I shall.

Feel that slowing down?

This train's under my control

and reinforcements
will be here any moment.

So whatever you came for, whatever
that cargo is, you've failed.


It's all right.

Don't be scared.

I'm the Doctor.
I'm going to protect you.

The Doctor lies.


Father Grigori, I have
a message from the Tsarina.

Your presence is urgently
required at the Winter Palace.

The Tsarevich has been taken ill.

Excuse me.

Can I help?

What's happened to this painting?

It was taken down for restoration work.

- Was there something wrong with it?
- No.

From time to time,
all the paintings need a little TLC.

But this one was only restored
two months ago.

It required a little additional work.

Did it?

of the world's most well-known
paintings all been taken down

pretty much simultaneously
and with no explanation.

Where are you, anyway?

Sorry, Ace. Say again?

I said, where are you, Tegan?

What day is it, Thursday?


Somewhere near the Carpathians
or maybe in them.

- I'm losing track.
- What are you doing there?

There's a volcanic chain where those
three seismologists were last seen

investigating a nearby earthquake.

And did you find them?

Disappeared off the face
of the Earth, just like the others.

A dozen seismologists and paintings.

There's something else.

When I arrived at this cabin,
there was a package waiting for me.

When I opened it up, there was
a Russian doll toy box inside.

But there was also a card

from the Doctor.

Ace, I haven't heard from the Doctor
for nearly four decades.

Yeah, all right, show-off!

Just cause it's only three
decades for me.

So what was the doll?

- A Cyberman!
- Of all the things.

Why would the Doctor send me that?

That's not a fond memory.

It's not even a Russian doll

and why send it to me now?

I think we should go in.


Back in time for your date.

You're welcome.

Should we pick you up again in hours?

Yaz, you and I can try
and pick up the trail

of where the Cyber Masters
went with that child.

You don't have to come back for me.

- Okay.
- What?

I was one hand away from flying
off into space and suffocating.

I don't want to push me luck
any further.

I mean, all this...

All this is amazing

and I've had the most incredible time.

But it's not my life.

And my life's far from perfect, but...

... I need to get back to it.

I need to att*ck it.

And I can now...

... cause I've been with you.

I get it.

Life's important.

Home's important.


My house.

Looks like I'll be kipping
on my mum and dad's sofa tonight.

See you again, Doctor.


Have I upset her?

Not one for goodbyes.

Whereas me,
I'm glad to see the back of you.

I'll call you.

I'll ghost you.



Breaching transmission firewalls.

Get out of my TARDIS!

I mean you no harm.

You'd be the first Dalek
to ever mean that.

I have information critical to the
future of both humans and Daleks.

It is imperative that you and I
meet immediately.

I don't think so.

I offer you the key
to the destruction of the Daleks!

A Dalek invades my TARDIS with
a message offering to destroy

its own species?

I no longer believe
in the Dalek mission.

Well, that's a new one.

The Dalek machine was created to ensure

the survival of the Kaled race.

Yet Kaled identity has eroded over time.

The Dalek mission has changed to become

the perpetuation of the Dalek race.

Analysis concludes
we have lost the right to survive.

Your Creator would
both be impressed and horrified.

So you come to me as what, a spy?

A Dalek incursion on Earth is imminent.

I offer you the chance to destroy
every Dalek before that att*ck.

Why would I ever trust you?

To save the lives of billions of humans.

I will communicate location
and time. You must attend.

No-no-no, you don't order me!

I am detected. Transmission must end.

YAZ: Who are you yelling at?


The TARDIS has locked on to
the cargo trail.

Now, where is that child?

That data doesn't make sense.

It's just outside Earth
in the year .

Why doesn't that make sense?

Because I'm seeing one planet
too many in your solar system.

And that extra planet is right
in the shadow of Earth.

Tsarina, Rasputin approaches.

It is good to see you, Father Grigori.

How is my son?

Such a tiny injury and such
a terrible effect.

His haemophilia is a cruel illness.

I cannot help but think
that he has worsened

ever since the arrival
of the second moon in the sky.

An entire new moon.

These special times must
not challenge our faith.

They should strengthen it.

I'm afraid for my son.

I believe in the morning
he'll be much improved.

But can you be sure?

Are my eyes not full of certainty?


... they are.

My dear Tsar, this endless w*r!

Have you made your decision to
send more troops or withdraw?

It is so difficult.

What would your advice be?

My main concern is that you and your
family take some time away.

A holiday.

Very soon.

Don't you think?

Long holiday?


Yes, I, erm...

... I think so.

Don't I?

I will take care of your beautiful
Winter Palace

and you will remain assured of
your one certainty.

Which is?

That you are the Master...

... and I will obey you.


Organic life converted
into metal on a planetary scale.


Are they capable of this?

There's Cybermen everywhere
we go right now, Yaz.

Those ones on the train,
the Cyber Masters,

they were created by the Master
on Gallifrey.


Stay here.


It's not yours, is it?

Yours from another time?

In the future?

I feel like I'm being taunted.


The core of this TARDIS
has been lashed into the centre

of the planet's metal structure.

But why?

The screen's showing another
energy source on the surface.

Come on.

Ah, there's a rudimentary cloaking
shield in operation.

Soon fix that.

The Cybermen have tethered
that child into this planet.

It was registering as an energy source.

How is that child an energy source?

Wait, there's more layers to the shield.

Oh, not just cloaking.

It's a consciousness shield!

A creature trying to evade capture,

hiding behind a visual projection
shield, and this one shows us

what we instinctively want
to protect, as a defence.

So what is it?

Oh, a Qurunx!

One of the great mysteries
of the universe.

I've never seen one before, Yaz.

Sentient energy enough to power
planets and civilisations.

They're so rare.

A metal planet with a Qurunx
at the heart of it

on the edge of Earth in the second
decade of the th century.



Ah, decided to show your face, have you?

Is this planet your doing?

This structure is
the zenith of Cyberconversion.

An entire planet transported here.

You think I'm going to allow that?

You will not be able to stop it.

Oh, yeah?

- Why is that?
- Your Master awaits, Doctor.

Doctor, what does it mean by that?

[LASER f*re]


Yes, what?

UNIT needs your help!

- Bit busy, Kate. Can it wait? Oh!
- Absolutely not.

- Nice new building.
- Thank you.

Now, a dozen of the world's leading
seismologists have gone missing

in the past two weeks.

Plus of the world's most
valuable paintings

have disappeared from view.

That's what you called us here for?

Have you any idea what's going on
in outer space in right now?

Strangely enough, no.

Oh, also new freelancers.

Don't be cross.

- Are you ready for this?
- No!

Me neither.

I believe you three
know each other of old.

Oh, wow!

You said a woman. You never said young.



That is a good look on you, Professor.

- What are you doing here?
- I brought them in.

I'm rebuilding our intelligence
networks with people who understand

the problems Earth faces
from personal experience.

It seemed pretty clear where to start.

So... how have you been?

Like you care!

- Tegan, we discussed this.
- years!

I'm Yaz. The only one here who
doesn't really know what's going on.

We used to be you, decades back.

I see.


So what was so urgent, Kate?

This is why I brought you in.

Let's start with the paintings.

Mona Lisa, The Scream, The Hay Wain,

Girl With A Pearl Earring,
The Last Supper...

all of them and more
taken out of public view

because all of them we've discovered
have been defaced.

The face of Rasputin
inserted into every painting.

Oh, no.

That's not Rasputin.

- That's the Master.
- BOTH: What?

Greetings, seismology fans!

If you're craving answers
to life's little mysteries,

my keynote address at the
International Seismology

Memorial Conference is now
starting at a conference hall

vaguely near you.

Come feel the Earth move.

Here's the pin. See you in a bit.

So that's the Master now?

, Rasputin,

and the only person who would leave
a TARDIS that looked like mine.


. kilometres from Mount Vesuvius.

We've got a UNIT base near Naples.

I'll get you local support.

Sorry, dealing with multiple somethings.

It's good to see you both.


- You gave me an electric shock.
- Sorry. My bad. I promise.

- I'm coming back.
- Ow!

Oh, you are really staticky.

We'll be back. Come on, Yaz.

I think I handled that quite well.


If we correlate the
latest tremor detection data

with the aforementioned ground
deformation measurements,

cross-referencing the increase
in volcanic gas emissions

- and rising magma levels, we know...
- Doctor, look!

... ladies and gentlemen, that it
would only take the slightest

tectonic pressure...

Do you like my seismologist collection?

I think I've got the whole set now.

All right, I followed
your breadcrumb trail.

Some people think you're Rasputin,

you've got a TARDIS on a metal
planet with a stolen Qurunx,

guarded by your Cyber Masters in .

Now, do I win a prize if I guess
how this all fits together

or are you just going to tell me
why you're grandstanding?

Be patient. We'll get there.

How did you even escape from Gallifrey?

Magnificent attention to detail.

I'm a seismologist now.

You k*lled all these people.

For what?

To give you simple, fair warning.

Leave Earth now, Doctor,
or it will be the death of you,

because really, honestly, truly,

this is the day you die.

No... not just die.

This is the day you are
erased from existence...

... forever!

I know, a bit of a conversation stopper.

Awkward, right, Yaz?

Do you see what I've done?

I was so clever because I
can give her this warning,

but we both know she won't leave.

She can't, not now
I've said that to her,

and yet she knows she should,
because she also knows

I don't make empty thr*at.

I can absolutely, categorically,
pinky-promisey confirm

this is no empty thr*at.


SOLDIERS: Go! Go! Go! Go!

Oh, oh!

You brought soldiers!

Are these for me?

Oh, you shouldn't have.

Is this rendition?

I've always wanted to be
renditioned. Or is it rendered?

Ooh, gentle, gentle, gentle, boys!

Am I going to UNIT?

I hope I'm going to UNIT.

Give her a g*n.


Cover him. We're taking
him in the TARDIS.

Take the g*n.

Yaz, she must be worried.

Thought she didn't like g*n.


Do you even know how to use that, love?

Don't you worry,
I've had w*apon training.

Now move!

Great chat. Good meeting. Thank you all.

Clear up the tiny bodies

and inform the loved ones
for me, would you?

You're not going to sh**t me.

Not in her TARDIS. Think of the mess!

Just in case you're wondering,

all this
I'm-messing-with-your-mind chat,

I've heard worse on a Friday
night in Sheffield.


Can I let you in on a little secret?

It's okay, it's okay.

I ingested the Cyberium...

the battle AI of the Cybermen.

I'm so many steps ahead.

I can see it all...

... right through to all our ends.

I'm sorry, Yaz, this is going
to be very, very painful.

In your dreams, mate.


UNIT will keep you under
armed guard, while I get rid of

all the mess you've been
scattering around the place.

Whatever you want.

I'm in her head.

I said I'm in your head, dear.


Aren't those Dalek symbols?

What are they, coordinates?

Why are you getting
messages from Daleks?

Why is she getting messages from Daleks?

I'm sure there's a good reason.

Let's hope so.

Status report: Inston-Vee Vinder
now exiting the wormhole.

I've survived, and I'm detecting a
life signal from the missing Qurunx,

but the wormhole is playing
havoc with the ship.

In summary, wormhole navigation
was a really bad idea!



Let's start with the good news.

The ship did accurately
predict the wormhole

and managed to surf it with me inside.

Good news part two.

It did lead me to the missing Qurunx,

so I guess we could say
mission partially successful?


... apparently it's connected to some
control system on a planet

that shouldn't even be here,
according to the charts.

Oh, and I have a ship problem
in that it's broken.

Thanks, wormhole.


Put him in the bunker.

Constant monitoring,
full security detail.

Ooh, the bunker!

That sounds nice! I love a bunker!

Anybody want to join me?

Bunk-up in the bunker?

Your dad was an idiot.

Oh, Tegan Jovanka!

How's your Auntie Vanessa? Do you
keep her in a little doll's house?

I'm going to enjoy watching you
locked up in a tiny cell.

That's right, you tell me.

And Ace!

Or should I say Dorothy?

Didn't the Doctor ditch you?

No? Little fallout with your
Machiavellian maestro?

Last time I saw you, you were half cat.

A man's allowed to experiment.

- Take him away.
- Yes, yes, take me away!

You'll all feel safer then
with me in the building.

You're not staying, Doctor?

You're not going to leave
them alone, are you...

...while you go Dalek hunting?


Ace, Tegan, I need you to stay here

and monitor the Master.

We won't be long.

ACE: Professor, where are you going?

She really doesn't want us
back in there.


Love what you've done with the place.

Darling, I don't seem to have
the room-service menu.

Only, I have allergies.

I'm human-intolerant.



Just trying to lighten the tone
before you all die.

YAZ: Doctor!

Stop for a second.

I can't keep doing this with you -

running from one place
to the next, never explaining.

Sorry, no time.

Make time.


On the same day as the Master
and Cybermen.

I know. They're either separate
problems, or all part of

one bigger scheme.
He doesn't have that power.

He couldn't corral Daleks
and Cybermen...

Could he?

It's all happening so fast.


Very sorry. I am really staticky today.


You're going to meet a Dalek.

Has it never occurred to you
that it could be a trap?

Of course it has.

But there's about to be
a Dalek att*ck on Earth.

And the one that tipped me off
said it has information

which could help us stop the Daleks,

but not just now...
all Daleks, for ever.

It's a calculated risk.

And it's one I have to take.


I'll take down there.
Meet you back here.

Be careful.

I'm supposed to be
the one saying that to you.

I am surprised, Doctor.
I was not sure you would come.

Well, I did.

Now give me the information
you promised.

All data is contained within my casing.

You must be fast.

This will extract all the information.

You're really going to let me do this?

I am.

Data transfer in progress.

I have betrayed my species.

You must ensure they are destroyed.

DALEK: Testing complete.

All systems are in place

and operating at maximum efficiency.

- We are ready.
- No...

They're already here.




And the Master.


This is not good news.

I'll get surveillance up
on the Master's cell.

We can take turns watching.
Whatever he's up to,

he can't do much
from a UNIT prison cell.

I really thought
I'd seen the last of him.



The toy...


Didn't it want to stay inside your bag?

Oh, Tegan.

Do you really think
the Doctor cared enough

to send you even one meagre toy?

How's he doing that?

The Doctor didn't send you that,

I did...

... knowing what you would do with it.

You'd keep it so close to you

because you have nothing else.

Do you know the great thing
about tissue compression?

It also works in reverse.

That ain't just any Cyberman.

It's a Russian doll.

Oh! And say hello to my friend Ashad.

I k*lled him once,
but he's forgiven me now.

- Tegan!

Gold b*ll*ts, tin-heads!

Did you think UNIT wouldn't be ready?

Why isn't it working?

We long ago developed
resistance to gold.

BOTH: Run!

Oh, run!


Run! Oh, look at them.

KATE ON TANNOY: All units,
full combat protocols.

UNIT is under att*ck.

I repeat, UNIT is under att*ck
from Cybermen.


I am so glad I cloned you.

Every detail...

... paying off.

Such a good plan.

Data transfer almost complete.

We are detected!

Stay where you are, Doctor.

You have no escape.

Was this your plan?

To lure me in and then betray me?

- I did not betray you.
- The traitor speaks the truth.

We allowed the traitor to contact you.

Force opening of traitor.



Exterminate the traitor.

DALEKS: Exterminate!

Enter the casing, Doctor.


- Obey!
- Obey!

Or be exterminated!


DALEK COMMANDER: Mission successful.

The Doctor is a prisoner of the Daleks.

Activate spatiotemporal shift!

I can do this. I can do this.


The Doctor's in danger.

There must be a Dalek teleport
trace that we can follow,

that you can lock on to.

And why am I talking to you?

MASTER: Hello, Doctor.

Welcome to the end of your existence.

Say hello to my friends.

I believe we're all acquainted...

... right? Do you like the garb?

I love the garb.
Got to dress for the occasion.

I was just thinking...
We could call this...

... the Master's Dalek Plan.

Or the, er...

... Cyber-Dalek Master Plan,
or the Cyber-Master's Dalek Plan?

I can't quite get it.

But in the end
I suppose we'll just call it

the day I k*lled the Doctor...

... with a little help from my friends.

SCOFFING: Your friends?
You hate each other.

And the one thing stronger
than their hatred for each other...

... is their hatred for you.

Just took a little handsome genius
to point it out to them.

"What unites us...

"... is stronger than what divides us".

I mean, that's very you, that, isn't it?

You love a team, don't you?

Letting every Tom, Dick
and Harriet into your TARDIS...

Well, you have your fam.


... I have mine.

So everything else was a diversion?


No. No!

Not a diversion.

Very important!

Three-phase plan.

You'll see.

Except you won't.


But rest assured,
without you to defend it,

Earth will fall very, very fast.

I did warn you, Doctor.

I'm going old-school, Doctor.

A tribute to our elders.

Do you remember the ultimate
sanction for breaking our laws?

WHISPERS: Forced regeneration.

They even did it to you once,
didn't they?

Well, maybe more than once. Who knows?

Not you.

You don't have the technology.

I do.

I do.

I do!


When I ransacked Gallifrey,
I took everything.

But where would he get the power?

If only I had a planet built
for this purpose.

No, wait, wait. I do!


You did get that, right?

A conversion planet.

Except it doesn't only convert
organic to Cyber.

I brought it here to help
another conversion altogether.

[MUSIC: Rasputin by Boney M]

♪ There lived a certain man
in Russia long ago ♪

♪ He was big and strong
in his eyes a flaming glow ♪

♪ Most people looked at him
with terror and with fear... ♪

VINDER: Okay, Doctor. This is my last

roll of the dice. I've been
carrying this around with me

since you gave it to me.

♪ ... like a preacher
full of ecstasy and f*re ♪

- ♪ But he also... ♪
- You need my help?

I could certainly do with yours.

But I'm not holding out much hope.

♪ Ra-Ra-Rasputin
lover of the Russian queen ♪

♪ There was a cat that really was gone ♪

♪ Ra-Ra-Rasputin Russia's
greatest love machine ♪

♪ It was a shame how he carried on... ♪

Let's get you out of there.

This is Inston-Vee Vinder saying,

- if you need my help...
- Vinder!

... I could certainly do with yours.


Receiving this loud and clear?

Say goodbye, Yaz.

TARDIS, lock on to his signal.

Forced regeneration, Doctor.

To force you...

... to regenerate...

- ... into me.
- Oh, no!

You wouldn't.






WHISPERS: It worked.



... am...

... the Doctor.


Oh, hello...

... Yasmin Khan.

Where's the Doctor?


My Doctor.


Really gone.

Forever gone.

Don't... don't worry.

You'll get used to me.

Everyone will.

I still need a companion to ask and...

... bask in my brilliance.

Come on, Yaz.

Let's go on an adventure!

Don't make me ask twice.

I'd hate to have
to bring you down to size.

TEGAN: We only just got here!
They're all over

- the lower floors!
- I have to lock down the building.

I can't risk them
getting into the world.

- You both need to leave.
- How?

You have these panels in every room.

Automated landing parachutes.

If you can't go down,
you've got to go up.

Off the roof?

- You're kidding.
- I stashed some of my stuff in here earlier.

Hope you don't mind.

Very ' s.

Thanks. Come on, Tegan.

I'll hold the lockdown
till you're clear.

You carry that bat with you
all the time?

Beyonce copied all my moves.

Come on, Yaz!

Let's save a civilisation!

Let's correct history!

Rescue a sick animal!

These yours?

Oh, bless.


What was that?!

Some sort of dirty protest?

Unless you want to be consigned
down a black hole for eternity,

you'd better behave!

I am the Doctor,

and you will obey me.



Change back.

Can't be done.

I know you're worried about
what I'm going to do.

It's simple.

The Earth will become
a foundry for Daleks

and Cyber production,
hence the work in the volcano,

while I tarnish the name of the Doctor.

I'm going to make the Doctor a byword

for fear, pain and destruction,

so when people hear that name in future,

- they quake in fear.
- If you think

- I am going to let you... !
- I am the Doctor now!

I am the Doctor!


You should have sh*t me
when you had the chance.

I need clothes.

Try to escape, or touch anything,

and I'll k*ll you.

Out here!

What are you doing?

We can do this.

I brought them in... the Cybermen.
It's my mistake.

You go, find the Doctor.

I need to help Kate.


MASTER: Oh, lovely.

Gold star and a sticker.

That's how you stop
two sides warring, Yaz.

Destroy them both.

Oh, hello.

I have a message for all
your remaining news viewers.

I am the Doctor.

And I caused this.


No-one to stop me now.



I'll wait.

You'll be back.

And I have... all the time.

[MUSIC: Skye Boat Song]


You're obviously one
of the more determined of us.

I'm sorry?

You refuse to pass through.

Quite the strength of character,

this incarnation, mm?

The question is, what are
we going to do about it?

Do about what?

Our predicament!

This is supposed to be handed over.

You can't ruin it for the next one.

And you were doing so well.

Where am I, exactly?

Because the last thing I remember

is being forced to regenerate.

That's why we're here.

To stop you moving any further through.

You are not finished.

We are not finished.

"We" being... ?

Vestiges of your consciousness.

Fragments of yourself.

From the past.

Guardians of the Edge.

Sorry, why are you not wearing... ?

I don't do robes.

There's always one. Has to be different.

I am a manifestation
of our consciousness.

I can wear what I like.

Could we just focus on this,
whatever this is?

You said Guardians of the Edge.
The edge of what?



It's symbolic, obviously.
Consciousness will do that.

But this is the place you pass through

during the process of regeneration.

Go past here, there's no way back.

But time's running out!

We can't let the Master
permanently hijack our existence.


Very aware of that.

But I was thinking,

in the immediate aftermath
of regeneration, the body's weak,

- unstable while it re-forms.
- Very good.

Even more so with a forced regeneration.

So until it's settled,
he may be vulnerable.

We need help from the outside,
which is easier said than done.

Unless one of us, or all of us,
were really clever.

I mean, this is why you manifested here!

To remind me there's always a way.

Things always work out!



Come on. I need to get back to UNIT.

- If I can work with the others to get the Doctor back...
- Hi!


If you're seeing this, I'm d*ad.


Is that a bad way to start?
Bit overdramatic?

How's it looking?

I have been working on this
literally for ever.

It should adapt and respond to

its environment and whoever
it's interacting with.

It's an interactive AI holo-me!

Built from data of my behaviour
across thousands of years.

And it should only activate

under the gravest circumstances.

Like if I'm no longer around.

Now, that would be disastrous.
But I will have very subtly

inserted a sonically triggered
nano-implant under your skin

and passed it off as static electricity.

- Ow!
- Oh!

If I remember to do that.
I must remember to do that.

You could have told us you'd done that.

Whoa! The emotional receptors on the AI

are a bit oversensitive.

Apparently, you're annoyed with me?

Apparently, I should apologise
for something?

I've got a plan.

Tell me if I'm doing this right.


Who said miracles don't happen?

The Doctor's gone?

Worse than gone. And we're
the only ones to help her.

Could you go through it again,

- but slowly?
- No! We're on our way to our next pick-up. I hope.

Doctor, I need information.


- Hi, Vinder!
- How's she doing that?

Sh! Doctor...

How do you reverse
a forced regeneration?

No, no, no, no.

Forced regeneration isn't something
you ever want to be dealing with.

Is that what's happened to me?

It's a hologram.

Can't hurt the feelings of a hologram.


How do we get real you back?

Real you.

No. Impossible.



Calibrating. I'm thinking.

What... what was that?

Other interfaces, other me's.

Sorry, I'm processing the information.

Only one chance.

I've seen it in extreme circumstances.

It's incredibly dangerous.

Anything could happen.

Are these extreme circumstances?

CYBERMAN: Conversion pod established.

ASHAD: Let the conversions begin.

Their army shall become ours.


What are you doing? You're supposed to

- be getting out of here.
- Yeah, well, I didn't.

I don't have time to factor you in!

I have spent the past years
living like a nomad.

I have done land mines, coups,

I have been hijacked,

and I've nearly drowned
trying to help people.

I've seen off two husbands,

and somewhere out there
is an adopted son

who hasn't called me for six weeks.

And if that's not enough,

I was an air hostess in the early ' s,

and, trust me, compared to that,

a building full of Cybermen is nothing.

Now, what's the plan?

Containment and structural termination.

They've taken out all the systems,

but in the basement there's
a manual activation override

for the structural termination system.

It'll level the building, leave
everything inside entombed.

You said basement.

We're at the top of the building,
with Cybermen in between.

There is a way out. It's not pretty.

But if you can get down there,
I'll distract the Cybermen.

How are you going to do that?


KATE: Attention, Cybermen.

I am the commanding
officer of this facility

and I have an offer for you...

... if you can find me, that is.

With me!


Er... okay.

That's high.

Oh, come on.

This used to be easy.

I used to be good with heights.

Just do it.

Just step off.



How do you brake?!



- Hi.
- Did you do that?

Can you fly the TARDIS?
Does she let you?

I never got to fly the TARDIS.

Whoa. Nice vibe. Where's the Doctor? Hi.

- I'm Ace.
- Inston-Vee Vinder.

Ace, how would you feel

about me dropping you
under a Bolivian volcano

so you can stop the Daleks from
flooding the world with lava?

- Wicked.

Vinder, our mission is even
more dangerous than that.




I'm sorry.

Are you?


Came back, didn't I?

We could have fun, you know?

I am fun.

Different type of fun, but fun.

We could travel.

You'll see.


- HOLO-DOCTOR: Good hiding place.

Great. Now I'm hallucinating.

What... ? What are... ?

You're affecting the interface
of your hologram implant!

It's reacting to your emotional memory.

I should have accounted for that.

You sort of look like
you used to, but...

... not quite.

I could say the same to you.

Surprised you remember.

You think you left and I never
thought of you again.

I never forget any of you.

I remember everything.


Well, what am I thinking,
seeing all these Cybermen?



Now... Brave heart.


I missed you.

Missed you too.

Now, please, don't get k*lled. Go!


DALEK: Tectonic plate depth achieved.

Progress plan to next
phase of activation.

I think I might have

slightly overestimated
myself here, Professor.

Although... I have
souped up the Nitro .

Nitro !

Just what we need. Good work, Ace.

How are you doing that?

In case you need help, but
it looks like you're doing fine.

So it's fine for me to blow
stuff up when you decide?

Nothing's changed.

It's never fine to blow stuff up.

Sometimes, sadly,
it's the only solution.

But only after fair warning.

Now it's getting freaky.

I was only ever trying
to teach you good habits, Ace.

Obviously, I failed.

You never failed me, Professor.

You made me the person I am today.

I'm sorry we fell out.

I'm sorry I judged you.

I didn't understand
the burden you carried.

All children leave home sooner or later.

The joy is to watch them fly.

So... we're good?

Oh, we're more than good.

We're ace!

Now, let's get that Nitro going.

DALEK : Power levels now increasing.

DALEK : Prepare to engage circuit four.

DALEK : All sectors
now engaging full power.


Oh, you, er...

Easy, love.

Arnold Palmer... son.

Volcano inspector.

"Graham, friend of the Doctor". Oh!

"Former bus driver, worried
about the amount of Daleks

in here and what he's going
to do about it".

I can't get the hang of this.

Listen, those metal things...
they are from outer space,

and they seem to be drilling
to disrupt the tectonic plates.

- We've got to get rid of them a bit sharpish.
- I know.

Want to see how I dealt
with them in ?

... ? How old are you?

Excuse me!

A gentleman never asks that,
and never on the first date.

I'm Ace.

Yes, you are.

structural defences removed.

UNIT commander detected in this area.

KATE: That's far enough.

Any further, and that laser shield

will shred at least some of you.

You should know that reinforcements

are already on the way
from all around the world.

ASHAD: Let them come.

They will be recruits
for the new Cyber Army.

We will spread from this
building in f*re and glory

to conquer humanity.

- You underestimate us.
- I understand you.

I was like you... weak and feeble.

Actually, I'm neither.

I have knowledge of this planet...

... of its security infrastructure,
of its leaders.

You have no reason to offer this.

Release all the soldiers you hold.

Save them from conversion.

Let them go...

... and you can have me.

I'm of greater strategic value.

You calculate this may earn you time
for reinforcements to arrive.

You are wrong.

The Doctor is not coming.

The Doctor will never save you again.

I choose to believe otherwise.

Your surrender is accepted.

Your conversion shall begin.






Renegade human in the walls.

[LASER f*re]



MASTER: Ah, thank you for
waiting, my precious fam.

And now it's time to k*ll...

... everyone.

Unleash the volcanoes.

DALEK: Volcanic eruptions
shall commence.

Disruptor pulse activation.

Destabilising tectonic plates.

DALEK : Every volcano on planet Earth

shall be activated!

DALEK : All humans
shall be exterminated.

disruption in progress.

Volcanic eruptions increasing

across the surface of planet Earth.

YAZ: You're not the Doctor.

You'll never be the Doctor.

On reflection, Yaz,

I think they make much better
companions than you.

I think it's time for your execution.

Yeah? Well,

if they're much better than me,
why didn't they spot her come in?

What's going on? Who are you?

I'm the Doctor, mate.

Who the hell are you?

sh**t her.

Are you sure you want to do that, boys?


So... it was just the genetic material

you put into them, was it?

Maybe you should have
included the brains.

Next time, check for
signs of a hologram.

Schoolboy error.

But then you were
a rubbish schoolboy, too.

Was this you?

Out-thought by the Doctor.
Get in the machine.

Or you'll what?

VINDER: You heard her.


And who are you?

Did you stow away in my TARDIS?

It's not your TARDIS.

If you're a friend of the Doctor's...

... you aren't going to use that.


I'm freelance.

You going to let him do this
to me, Yaz? Huh?

- To your Doctor?
- You're not my Doctor!

Because you know the greatest
strength my Doctor has?

She's spent her life gathering friends.

She can't help it.

And she is loved.

Because she taught us to never give up,

even if someone steals
your very existence.


They're starting.

Yaz, over there.

We've got to harness
their regenerative energy.

Right, burst of two seconds,
and then link it into that.

- No!
- This is weird.

You were a tour guide in Gloucester

the last time I saw you.

Nice trick to use a different interface

to confuse this lot.


- No!
- Will it be enough?

Hopefully. Enough to reverse.

- It's happening.

- Is it safe?
- I hope so.

I erased you, Doctor.

Don't let me go back to being me.

What's happening?

Concentrate! Reunite.

- Yes.
- Where there's hope...

- Good luck...
- Doctor.




What did I miss?

What am I wearing?!

Forced regeneration.

Forced degeneration.

You brought me back!

Yaz, you saved my life.

You're welcome.

Guess that's me done.

My AI hologram worked.
Oh, I am a genius.

See you around.

Vinder, what are you doing here?

- Oh!
- Whoa, you all right?

Whole new lease of life.

If memory serves me...

... we've got a lot to do. Come on.

ASHAD: Your soldiers offered
pitiful resistance.

They shall begin their ascension,

as you shall now receive yours.

I bestow upon you the greatest of gifts.

Your conversion shall begin.

KATE: No, no...


No, no...

No, no!


- Oh, my God, it's worse than a cockpit.
- Extra wrinkle.

Right, divert that power
into that circuit.

- You're not even here!
- I'm everywhere, me.

I'm using your ocular nerve
to scan, analyse and process.

The Cyber conversion unit
is powering itself from here,

but if we change that, then
they'll get a nasty surprise!



CYBERMAN: Human rebel located.
You will be deleted.


Human resistance no longer anticipated.


Daleks are setting off
volcanoes in ,

and here, in ,

there's a big Cyber planet

which could convert the whole of Earth.

There's definitely a fix for both.

But it's got to be quick.

Just piecing it all together.

We used to be friends...

... him and me.

So how do we fix all those problems?

Have you not figured it out yet?

Obvious, isn't it? We're going
to need some help, though.

All hands on deck.

Oi! Pepper pot!

Now, Graham!

- DALEK: Vision impaired!
- How long are the timers? - Run!

- Timer still needs work.
- Yeah.

Pack a load of Nitro onto this.

- Right.
- Should bring it down.

Well, I hope the timers
last longer on this batch,

cause the moment this
little lot goes up,

we've got to get to the surface fast,

get past a load of angry Daleks,

and I'd like to make it
out of here alive.

- Ready?
- Ready.



- Graham!
- Hey, Doc!

- BOTH: How did you get here?
- It's about to blow, Professor!

DALEK: Sabotage!

- The Doctor is still alive!




I'd only just signed the lease.


Remind me never to mess
with either of you.

I thought that was a given!

And, yes, I would like
to go in the TARDIS.







So now it really is crowded
in here, just how I like it.

There you go. I'm going to need
every single one of you.

- Stand there. No, no, no, not that!
- No?

There. Yes. Good. Okay.

Everybody okay?


No, sorry. No time.

Where's Ryan?

- Patagonia.
- Vinder, is that your ship

on the surface of this Cyber
planet? Don't speak. No time.

Come with me.

Another problem to solve.

When I say now, activate everything.

Chop chop, Vinder.

She's still not explaining
anything, then?

How is it bigger on the inside?

Never happier than
when I'm fixing things.

What a ship! Stellar engineering.
Proper build.

- Whoo! Bit of wormhole damage.

Still loads of miles in this,
if you've got an excellent engineer.

Which I am!

Repairs complete.
What are you waiting for?

Get in. Start her up.
You need to be off this planet

while the wormhole's still there.

- Thank you, Doctor.
- Thanks for being there for me.

How's your family, by the way?
Send them my love.

Remember, when I say now,
get off the planet's surface.

Safe travels.

Everyone still in position?

Good. I'm in the Master's TARDIS.

He's clever, I'll give him that.

Using a TARDIS to power
the spatiotemporal movement

of a Cyber conversion planet.

What a mind, what a TARDIS! Type .

Bit flashy for my tastes, but
way more powerful than mine.

But he's pushed his TARDIS
right to the edge,

b*rned out half his systems,
marooned himself here. So,

I'm linking the TARDISes.

I'm using mine to jump-start his.

So when I say now,
activate the control I gave you

and we'll have a double-powered TARDIS.

- Now.
- Go, go, go!


Ha! She did it!

Thank you, Doctor!

Vinder heading home, tick.

She really doesn't like it!

Are you sure this is going to work?

No, this has to work.
No margin for error.


Yes! Temporal hop, years, done.

Now... for conversion.

I really hope this works.

Did she just freeze volcanoes
into steel?

Yes, I did.

Turning multiple planet-thr*at
situations into public art!

- You're welcome.
- Okay, don't get cocky.

Now, one last thing

and we're done.

Do you think we can let go yet?

DOCTOR: I'm sorry
for what was done to you.

I'm sorry that you were taken
and that you've been harnessed.

I'll see you released.

But I need one more thing from you.

Channel your energy
down into this planet.

Disintegrate everything.

And then you'll be free!

Yes, that's it!

What a creature!

What a universe!

I'll never understand it.



MASTER: Doctor!

You lost.

You gambled and you lost.

And now your body is failing because of

- what you put it through.
- Maybe.

But if I can't be the Doctor...

... neither can you.


She's fine.

She's fine!


Extended fam.



Did we do it?

We did it.

Well, you did it.

Where is everyone?

- I took them home.
- Did you?

- That's clever.
- Well...

... Croydon, so close enough.

How long was I out?

A while.



Why's the Cloister Bell ringing?


Look at your hand.




That's not right.

I need more time.

I want more time!


You know what this means, right?


It's all right.

It's all right, Yaz.

One last trip.

Where would you choose?

What flavour ice cream?



How many times do you think
you've saved Earth?

I've lost count.

But look at it.

How could you not love
a planet like that?

I don't want it to end.

A wise person once said to me...

... goodbyes only hurt

because what came before was so special.

Oh, and it's been so special.


... and Graham...and Ryan... and Dan.

Nobody else got to be us.

Nobody else got to live our days.


And my hearts are so full of love

of all of you.

Oh, I have loved being with you, Yaz.

And I have loved being me.

I think I need to do
this next bit alone.

Let's not say goodbye.



GRAHAM: Look, it's definitely
left, not right.

DAN: Mate, I know how to read a map.

Yeah, I understand that,
but... let me have a look.

- I've got it here!
- Just let me, please.

BOTH: Yaz!

How... ? How is she?

How was she?

What are you doing here?

Didn't you get your invite?

I'm Graham. And...

... apparently I've got to be
the first one to talk, so...



I have this problem.

See, I met this person,

and I got whooshed away
across all space and time.

I mean, I had the most
amazing adventures, really.

I mean, you wait till you hear,
cause I'm going to tell you 'em all.

- But... But I came back,

and I actually can't tell anyone,

because... they'd have me put away.


And that's... That started me
thinking, though.

"I can't be the only one. I can't".

And look! I'm not.

I reckon there are more
people out there too.

So maybe this is
where we share stories...


... about the Doc.

I will also say... I may want
to recruit you for some work.



I've, er...

I've only been back a month, and...

... I've got to say, I'm glad

I'm not on the verge of
being exterminated any more.


But I do miss her.

Sorry... did you say...

... her?

How many Doctors are there?

I think we're going to be
here quite some time.

Look after the next one.

You okay?

Is she okay?

Going to take in one last sunrise.

Of course she's okay.

She's the Doctor.


Oh, the blossomiest blossom.

That's the only sad thing.

I want to know what happens next.

Right, then.

Doctor Whoever-I'm-about-to-be...

... tag,

you're it.


I know these teeth.



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