01x11 - Humility

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Adventures from the Book of Virtues". Aired: September 2, 1996–September 6, 1999.
A buffalo uses stories to answer children's questions.
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01x11 - Humility

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♪♪ Tell me a story ♪♪

♪♪ Read me a poem ♪♪

♪♪ Wrap it in melody ♪♪

♪♪ Sing me the song ♪♪

♪♪ Then let me hold it ♪♪

♪♪ Deep in my heart ♪♪

♪♪ Where it can speak to me ♪♪

♪♪ All the day long ♪♪

♪♪ The adventure of virtue ♪

♪♪ The adventure of truth ♪♪

♪♪ The thrill of knowing ♪♪

♪♪ That it's up to you ♪♪

♪♪ Building a new day
shining in the sun ♪♪

♪♪ This is my story ♪♪

♪♪ The adventure has ♪♪

♪♪ g*n ♪♪

( Bell ringing )

And now the fifth grade
election results.

Your new class president,
by the widest margin ever

Is annie redfeather.

( Cheering )


I'm sure you'll make
a fine leader.

Let's meet monday
so you can tell me

What you'd like
to accomplish this year.

Congratulations, annie.

( Cheering )

Nice going, annie.

Or should we say

Madam president?

Thanks, russ.

Thanks, cara.

Now that you have
the principal's ear

What are you
going to get us?

Well, for starters

A recycling campaign.

Look at all this stuff
we throw away.

We could get the kids
to save cans, bottles and paper

And turn them in
for money to buy

New books
for the library.

We'd help the school
and the environment.

But isn't that
small potatoes

For a heavyweight
like you?


You won by a landslide.

You've got

The whole class
behind you.

Why, you're the most
popular kid in school.

Look at this face.

What do you see?

Qualities of a leader--
strength, courage, power.


Power to do something
really awesome

Like get mrs. Mathers
to ban homework on fridays.

She'd never do that.

Bet she would if you asked,
madam president.

Madam president?

Well, yeah.

Maybe you're right.

I can make this happen.

And when you do

You'll have the whole school
at your feet.

Who knows?

Today the school, tomorrow...

The world.

Why not the whole universe?

We knew her

When she was
a regular kid.

Do this stuff
and no one will ever

Listen to a kid.

Don't be so sure.

Look at this face.

What do you see?

A trace of ketchup from lunch.

Ha. No.

The qualities
of a leader--




Aren't you
forgetting something?

A quality every good
leader needs-- humility

Which means having

A realistic opinion
of yourself.

And not biting off
more than you can chew.

( Gulping )

( Laughing)

Yeah. Well

Russ and cara think I
can chew this just fine.

The flattery of others
isn't always true.

Believing false flattery
can make you look silly

Like a certain emperor.

You mean the one

With the big
designer wardrobe.

He doesn't
look silly.

He looks
very impressive.

that was the problem.

Looking impressive
was all he cared about.

He spent his days
in his dressing chamber

Instead of his council chamber.

And spent his riches
on improving his wardrobe

Instead of his kingdom.

Careful, young man.

Don't shine those buttons
too brightly.

They might blind people's eyes

And I want
my subjects to see

How grand I look.

Appearance is everything
in a leader

Which is why
we have such a crisis.

What's wrong,
your highness?

A flood? An invasion?

No, prime minister,
something far worse.

I'm running out
of new clothes.

My weavers have made
so many outfits

They're all
starting to look the same.

I must find a new
tailor at once.

I want you to issue
a proclamation.

So, what scam
shall we try in this town?

Phony elixir?
Counterfeit jewels?

Oh, what's the difference?

None of them pay a decent wage.

There must
be an easier way

For a thief to
make a living.

"Hear ye, hear ye.

"Tailor wanted to make
the emperor's new clothes.

"Handsome wages.

Submit all designs in
advance to the palace."

I've heard about
this pompous peacock.

What an ego.

He'll pay any price
to look good.

I think we should apply.

Are you crazy?

We can't
weave or sew.

We won't need to do either.

Dressing his ego
is all that matters.

Excuse me, sire.

These weavers
insisted on seeing you.

I asked for a sketch

But they claim their designs

Can't be captured
on paper.

At last, a leader worthy

Of our indescribable

Our clothes are
sure to set off

Your noble brow.

Your regal shoulders

Your graceful bearing.
Your graceful bearing.

And best of all

They will cloak
you with wisdom.

The cloth we use
is very special.

Only the royals

And those worthy
of their office

Can see it.

To everyone else,
it's invisible.

Measure me for them at once.

I haven't seen clothes
like that anywhere.

And you never will

But our skills
don't come cheap

And you must pay
us in advance.

Ah... That should get us


You must provide us with a shop

To work in

And the finest

You won't find

Finer gold thread
or silks anywhere.

Yes, these should
set us up quite nicely.

Good day, my fine fellow.

They'll set us up,
all right.

For life.

Oh, let's pack up
and get out of here.

Don't be silly.

We've just struck gold.

Why abandon the mine?

We've only g*n
to tap this fool's wealth.

What if he sends his
courtiers to check

And they see
there's nothing there?

They'll be so afraid
of looking stupid

They won't
believe their eyes.

Now relax.
Have a drumstick.

But be careful.

Don't drip grease

On the emperor's
new clothes.

( Laughing )

I brushed all ten outfits
you're wearing tomorrow.

Would your majesty like
to see them?

I'd really like to see
how my new clothes are coming

But perhaps I should send
someone else

To get a more objective opinion.

I know. The prime minister.

He's so wise and worthy, he's
sure to notice every detail.

Ah, I can tell
this is not at all

What you expected to see.

Oh, uh, no, actually,
it's quite a surprise.

I don't see a thing, but I
can't let the emperor know.

He'll think I'm not fit
for my post.

A pattern of breathtaking
beauty, is it not?

And the rainbow of colors--

Oh, when the emperor
wears it...

Your splendor will be greater
than a thousand sunsets

And your splendor
will exceed 2,000 sunsets

If they weave
extra cloth for a train.

But they need

Even finer silks
and richer gold threads

And more money
for their extra labors.

Bring it to
them at once.

Take the royal treasurer.

I want her opinion on the worth
of so rare a fabric.

Difficult to put a price on,
is it not?

Almost impossible.

Since I can't see it

But I can't tell
the emperor that.

He'll think I'm too stupid
to handle his money.

One of a kind.

Wouldn't you agree?

Beg your pardon?

Oh, yes, yes.
Yes, of course.

How can I do otherwise?

I must make the treasurer think
I see what she sees.

And its value will
only increase with time.

Why, it's...

A work of art.

I must wear
my extraordinary new clothes

For an extraordinary occasion.

My birthday procession.

Along with
my most glittering gems.

Oh, I shall be
a living, breathing...


This shirt is
a perfect fit--

So light, you'll hardly
know you have it on

The pants, neither.

Oh, the coat.

Oh, how airily it hangs
from the royal frame

And now, the icing on
the royal birthday suit.

The train.

Oh, never has a ruler
looked so striking

As I'm sure your
courtiers agree.



Is this not the most

Incredible suit of clothes
your highness can imagine?

No question.

I'll have to imagine them.

I can't see a thread...

But no one must know.

Prime minister:
every subject in your land is
waiting to see your new clothes.

and wondering
which of their friends

Will be too stupid
or incompetent to see them.


Woman 1:

Woman 2:

Man 1:
truly remarkable.

Man 2:
such fine detail.

Woman 3:
the workmanship.

Man 3:
the buttons, the cuffs.

But there are no cuffs.

( Gasping )

There are
no clothes.

The emperor is in his underwear.

( Gasping )

The boy's right.

Man 1:
he has no clothes.

Man 2:
nothing but
his underwear.

( All laughing )

Nothing but my underwear?

No matter. I must carry on.

Appearance is everything
in a leader.

( Clearing throat )

Lift my train higher.

It is dragging
on the ground.

( Laughing )

Can you believe this guy?

Walking down the street
in his underwear

'Cause he's too proud
to admit he blew it?

If he'd been more humble,
he'd never have gotten caught.

His courtiers got tricked
'cause they didn't think

Enough of themselves.

Being humble doesn't mean
putting yourself down.

There's nothing wrong
with knowing your talents

And taking pride in them.

I have a talent
for storytelling.

You sure do,
and I swing

A mean baseball bat.

Catch this.

I've got it.

And being a hawk,
I'm an expert flyer.

Prairie dogs are tops

At tunnel building.

My tunnels go down... Forever!

And bobcats
are graceful and agile.

Is this a gold-medal performance

Or what?

( Laughing )

He wanted to make a big splash,
and I guess he did.

Sock got all wet 'cause he

Tried to show off

Unlike a certain wise
and humble king

Who got all wet
refusing to show off.

I don't get it.

Who was it?

King canute ii,
the first dane

To sit on the throne of england.

He was constantly being told
how great he was

But he knew when to take it

With a grain of salt,
or, in this case

A grain of sand.

Noble king, you are the
mightiest ruler who ever lived.

All others are as grains of sand
compared to you.

The sun itself is overshadowed
by your glory.

The very rocks tremble
at the sound of your voice.

( Waves crashing )

When you stamp your
foot, the earth quakes.

You can do all things,
command all things.

You really think so?

Of course.


Very well. Bring
my chair to the sea.

The tide is rising.

If I order it to stop

Will it obey?

What ever can he mean?

No matter.
We must say yes.

Of course,
your fullness.

Your wish is
its command.

Very well.

Sea, turn back.

Waves, retreat.

Insolent surf, begone!

I said, be gone!

I will seize you
and throw you in the dungeon.

What's this?

If I can do all things

How is it these waves escape me?

Perhaps I am not so mighty
as you would make me think.

I prefer to save such praises

For one far more powerful than I

Who alone controls earth and sea

And heaven.

Good thing king canute
didn't listen to those

Courtiers of his.

He could've gotten
carried away with himself.

His humility helped him
keep his balance.

Unlike some
bobcats I know.


( Sputtering )

Maybe this homework ban
is a bit outrageous

But russ and cara expect me
to ask for it

And they've probably told
half the school.

To prove I'm a leader,
I have to go through with it.

No, annie.

Sometimes leadership
means saying you goofed.

Being too proud to
correct your mistakes
gets you in trouble.

In a famous proverb:

"Pride goes before destruction,
a haughty spirit before a fall."

A lesson phaethon learned
too late.

Phaethon? Was he
a king, too?

In greek mythology,
he was a kid like you

Who wanted to prove
to his friends how great he was.

Phaethon, throw the discus.

In a minute, croesus.

I want to watch my father.

phoebus apollo,
the sun god, your father?

Huh! Who are you kidding?

It's true.

And you hope

To drive his chariot
one day and light up the world.

I've often dreamed
of it.

What a joke.

It's not a joke.

I'll prove it.

Apollo is my father.

Isn't he, mother?

I've told you so many times

But if you want proof,
ask him.

Go and see him in his palace.

Wow! My father must be even
greater than I imagined.

Time obeys him.

The hours serve him.

The seasons bask
in his splendor.

And, if I am truly his son

His greatness
flows in my veins.

I see we have a visitor.

I'm told you are my father.

If this is so, give me proof.

I am, indeed.

As proof, ask
anything you wish

And I will grant it.

I swear by
the river styx

An oath that
cannot be broken.

I wish to drive your chariot
and I'll light up the world.

( All gasping )

What have I done?
Please, my son,
anything but that.

For you to attempt this
is madness.

No, it's not, and it will
surely prove to croesus

I am the son of a god.

It will prove how vain
and reckless you are.

The task is beyond
not just mortals like you

But even the other gods.

The morning's climb
is unnervingly steep.

The horses, fresh as they are,
can scarcely keep their feet

Or I my balance.

Throughout the journey

I must beware the constant
turning of the heavens

Which thr*at to
sweep me away

And drive past
fearful beasts-- the lion

With its gaping jaws,
the crab with its claws

The scorpion
with its poisonous stinger.

If your heart does not fail
at these

Your strength may fail
with the horses.

At times, I can hardly control
them myself, and I am

Infinitely more
powerful than you.

You want to
prove yourself
the son of a god?

Recognize my fears
are well-founded.

Be wise enough
to choose something else.

No, father. I can do this.

( Whinnying )

This magic ointment

Will protect you from the heat
but not from your own folly.

Listen well to my advice.

Forgo the whip.

Take care not to
drive too close

To either earth or heaven
lest you burn them up.

Follow my wheel marks

And stay on the safer
middle path, or, best of all

Give this up while you still can
and let me take over.

Give it up? Never.

Then I am forced to go through

With my oath.

Dawn, let the doors
of the east

Be opened.

A thousand
thanks, father.



Follow my wheel marks.

( Echoing ):
I will.

But first...

( Whip cracks; horses whinny )

I told you I would prove it.


( Horses whinny )

( Yelling )

( Whinnying )

( Growling )

( Whinnying )

( Whinnying )

Mother, my father was right.

I have set heaven and earth
on f*re.

Oh, zeus,
throw your thunderbolt.

End this madness
before all becomes chaos.

( Whinnying )

( Phaethon yelling )

How awful.

Phaethon's vanity destroyed him
and everyone around him.

Bad choices

Can hurt others

Especially when
you're a leader.

If I ask
for something outrageous

It might turn
mrs. Mathers off

And she might
not be open

To other suggestions
the kids have.

Maybe no homework
on fridays

Isn't such a
great idea, anyway.

Phaethon could've asked for
something else. You can, too.

Yes, and you can
accomplish a lot

If you know
what to tackle.

It might help to use
a certain prayer that says

"God give us grace
to accept with serenity

"The things
that cannot be changed

"Courage to change the things
that should be changed

And the wisdom to distinguish
the one from the other."

So, what did mrs. Mathers

Think of your idea?

She loved it.

Yes! You got
the homework ban.


The recycling campaign.

♪♪ Oh, lord, give me the eyes ♪♪

♪♪ To see myself
with perspective ♪♪

♪♪ And understand ♪♪

♪♪ My place in this universe ♪♪

♪♪ I am only a hill ♪♪

♪♪ One hill under heaven ♪♪

♪♪ But I am happy ♪♪

♪♪ I'm happy to be ♪♪

♪♪ Only a hill ♪♪

♪♪ Only a hill ♪♪

♪♪ One hill under heaven ♪♪

♪♪ Whoa ♪♪

♪♪ For on these green slopes ♪♪

♪♪ I am at peace ♪♪
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