02x08 - Episode 8

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Games of London". Aired: 23 April 2020 –; present.*
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Drama about London's modern-day criminal underworld.
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02x08 - Episode 8

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(Thunder crashes)

(Dramatic music)

(Engine revs)

(Music fades)

(Vehicle approaches)

(Quiet dramatic music)

(Heavy, rapid breathing)

(Door opens)

(Moans quietly)

(Eerie music)

(Sean) Leave it!

You can't even look
at it, can you?

You know how Elliot got to him.

Don't lie to me, Mum.

This is about Billy now.

What did you do? Tell the truth.

Billy found Asif's shipment.

And you couldn't tell me because
you're the one who stole it?

I never meant for
Billy to get hurt!

And you say that with his
f*cking arm lying there!

I was protecting him. And you!

- Protecting us!
- From Koba!

I had to take control
because you can't.

No, no, no, no, no. You just
couldn't bear to see me win.

I didn't need you. That's
what you couldn't stomach.

Sean, we need to
pull together now.

- If Elliot phones, don't answer.
- What?

You're not doing what
he says. He'll k*ll...

I'm going to save my brother.

Sean! Listen! He'll k*ll
the both of you, please!

Listen to what I'm saying!
He'll k*ll the both of you.

- I'm getting Billy.
- Oh, just forget Billy!

Billy's gone.

(Sean yells)


(Sean groans)

(Marian gasps)

(Phone buzzes)

(Marian chokes)

I never want to see you, or
speak to you, ever again.

Do you understand?

Your father would
have finished the job.

(Breathes heavily)

Let me speak to my brother.

(Billy groaning) Sean!

Billy! I'm coming for you.

(Billy) No. Sean...
don't... It's a trap.

Just stay alive, Billy.

(Elliot) That's
enough for now.

What do you need me to do?

(Elliot) That's a
good start, Sean.

I'm gonna tell you exactly
what you need to do.

So listen carefully.

(Faz) Sab!



What the f*ck have you done?

She helped Elliot
Carter try and k*ll me.

I think she might
know where he is,

who else is involved.

I don't know this,

but I'm not going
to die wondering.

Did you know about this?

- Did you know about this?
- (Saba) I don't know anything.

- Leave him alone.
- Ssshh.

She is your people.

She is your problem.

Do this for me.

I need answers from her.

Saba, c'mon.

I don't know.

- Tell him!
- I don't know anything, I swear!

Do this for me.

Do it!

A word.


Elliot's got Billy.

And he's cut his
f*cking arm off.

He'll let him live if
I surrender to him.

Can you open a
window? I feel sick.

(Sean) He's going to
give me an address.

I said don't f*ck with that.

(Sean) A GPS location.

Look what you f*cking
did to me, man!

(Sean) He wants
me to go alone.

Is Sean coming for me?

You want morphine?
There's morphine.

f*ck you.

That's when we k*ll him.

- (Faz) Let go of her, man!
- You're f*cking nuts!

I need your help.

It's not a problem.
It's not a problem.

(g*n clicks)

Lucky. It will be quick for you.

You can get rid of her.

Don't fail me.

(Koba) We're going
on a little trip.

I need full comms.
sn*per team. Understood?

- (Sniffs)
- Okay.

Let's take this
f*ck out!

(Murmuring in Georgian)

(Koba) You did
the right thing.

(Hakim) Faz, get the car.

(Faz) What do you mean?


- Hakim, you're not gonna...
- Get in the car!

You don't need to see this.

Move, Saba. Move.

- (Saba whimpers)
- (Hakim) Get in the back room.

Don't look at me like that.
You brought this on yourself.

Move, come.

Get in the back.
You're done, Saba.

Hakim, what you doing,
man? Hakim, she can go.

Just let her go. Look, you
don't have to do this...

- Shut up.
- What you doing?

- That's your cousin!
- Get in the f*cking car.

- That's your cousin!
- I don't care!

She's a snake.

Don't listen to Koba!

I'm out here looking after
the whole f*cking street, Faz.

Koba's in charge now.
This is f*cking happening.

You're the snake, Hakim. You
betrayed Basem. Remember that?

- You remember that sh*t?!
- Hakim, no!

(Hakim) What is
wrong with you?

I told you, get in
the f*cking car, Faz!

Don't f*cking get in the
way or I'll sh**t you next.

- (Faz) Saba!
- (Screams)

(Faz) Saba! No!



(g*n clatters to the floor)

(Saba whimpering)

(Burst of dramatic music)


(Distorted speech)

(Muffled music playing)

(Koba) Look, I don't
want to be the smart ass.

But this is why I don't
allow my men families.

You're missing out. Trust me.

(Koba) I can help
you k*ll Elliot,

but we both know there
are other problems.

Who do you think
stole our shipment?


Maybe. But who told him?

- Merwan?
- It was my mother.


That's f*cking heavy, man.

What do you plan
to do about that?

It's power or family.

- You can't have both.
- We get rid of her.

(Luan) I'm sorry.
About your boy.

(Marian) The
heroin's gone, Luan.

(Luan) Was it Shannon?
Or do you think it's Ed?

Are you protecting him?

I'm saying it
doesn't look like Ed.

Well, you can't
ask him, can you?

Because he won't answer
his f*cking phone.


We need that shipment.

(Quiet suspenseful music)

I can find the van.

I put a tracker inside.

I like insurance.

Get it back. Whatever
it takes, get it back.

(Muffled voices)

- I'm doing this for us.
- No, no, no. This destroys us.

Sean would have destroyed
us. Marian taking control

would have destroyed us.
This gives us the power.

We can build something
we never had before.

- Marian helped you.
- No. She was helping herself.


- I made promises. I can't do this.
- What are you doing?

- I'll talk to Marian.
- You don't owe her anything.

The Wallaces stood on our shoulders
and wanted our thanks for it.

But not anymore.

They used you, Dad. For years,
you were their bag carrier.

Their little gravedigger.

We do this now,
or we're nothing.

- Did Elliot put you up to this?
- No.

No. I can make my own decisions.

(Sighs) So we're going
to sit here now and wait.


- Shannon, this is not who you are.
- It's who I need to be.

For Danny.

And so I know my brother
didn't die for nothing.

(Koba) You know, at some point, I
thought I would have to k*ll you.

Not because I wanted to.

Because a weak partner
is a liability.

But what you did with Lale...

And now your mother...

Tells me we might
be on the same page.

You know, my dad
used to test me.

You and him would have got on.

Test you how?

When I was , he buried
a snitch up to his neck.

(Sean) Put a bucket on his
head. Handed me a r*fle.

f*ck. What did you do?

(Sean) Pissed myself.

(Quiet dramatic music)

I wanted to run away.
Never come back.

- Then I pulled the trigger.
- (g*n)

Good boy.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about your dad.

That was wrong.

Man, that was wrong.

We can talk about that.


We can talk about that.

You told me that
people like him,

the world just chews them up.

That's the way it's
built. I'm sorry.

It's not right.

But k*lling Sean is
not going to change...

f*cking anything.

It's not going to
bring him back.

It's just more blood.

Do you think he would
have wanted that?


I'm not doing this for my dad.

I'm doing this for me.

I'd like some morphine now.

(Quiet dramatic music)

(Sean) Elliot's gonna
send his location soon.

Need to pull over.

(Rock music playing
in the background)

Can I have two burgers
with chips, please?

I'll be right back.

(Quiet suspenseful music)

(Charlie) What's
going on, son?

(Elliot) I'm gonna
get us out of here.

Get you on that
beach in Jamaica.

Better pack my shorts then.

(Water trickles)

(Phone vibrates)

(Urine trickles)

Look at this.

Okay, it's an
airfield, about km.

- Check it out.
- Okay.

(Koba) The story
about your dad,

it made me remember mine.


My sister had this dog, Margi.

It got old, she stopped
being nice to it.

It looked like a dirty
old mop, you know?

Eyes like this...

So I gave her a wash. Shampoo.

I comb her hair. I
put some ribbons here.

A little crown from one
of my sister's dolls.

I go downstairs.

My father is with his friends.

I show him, "Dad, doesn't
Margi look pretty?"

I'm .

His friends are looking at me.

My dad beats the sh*t
out of me right there.


The f*cking dog...

running around with a crown.



Dads, man.


Ah, they wipe their
boots on you, don't they?

Tell me about it.

(Koba) They can't help it.

Who gives a f*ck?

(Tamaz) We tracked
the location.

We got the sn*per
team en route? Okay.

Giorgi is taking a f*cking sh*t.

Head to this airfield.
We'll follow.

(Tamaz whistles)

(Koba) Let's get this done.

(Engine revs)

(Koba) Not bad.
Maybe less onions.

Where the f*ck is Giorgi?

What, not hungry? You
wanted it a minute ago.

Man's gotta eat. Hm?


What the f*ck?

Look at that.

Hand me that napkin.



(Muffled speech)

Can't feel it.

Think I'm having...
a f*cking stroke?


What the f*ck?

Call the...

Call the...


(Muffled) I'm sorry.
It'll be over soon.

No f*cking way.

(Muffled) It's a compound
poison. You're paralysed.

(Eerie music)



Look at me.

(Shouting) Look at me!

You're a f*cking fool.

I know.

Why, man? Why?


(Muffled) You
wouldn't understand.

(Rasping breath)

(Dramatic music)


(Tyres screech)

(Sean) It's done.

What kept you?

(Shouting) I said
it's f*cking done!

Now what?

You'd better get a move on. Your
brother's bleeding out here.

(Sean) You'd better
keep him alive,

or I'll f*cking k*ll you.

- So tell me, how d'you do it?
- (Sean) Why does it matter?

I'm just curious.

f*ck that! I want to talk
to Billy. Put Billy on.

You'll see him soon.

- (Whispers) f*ck!
- (Elliot) But only if you cooperate.

Okay, what do you want me to do?

sh*t! Come on,
come on, come on...


That's better.

(Breathes rapidly)

(Elliot) I'm sending you
the real location now.

- (Phone pings)
- It's an old power station.

Dumping ground. People
won't come looking there.

Come alone.

Come unarmed.

Or you'll never see Billy again.

It's your life or
his. We're good?

f*ck! f*ck!

(Laboured breathing)

Ah, Billy. f*ck!

Billy! Stay awake, Bill.

Don't go falling asleep now.

Billy, are you there?

Hey, say something.



Come on, stay with me.


Don't f*cking do that!

(Billy groans)

(Engine revs)

(Video game on in
the background)

- (Ed) They're here.
- (Danny) Who's here?

- Albanians.
- Danny, stay. How many?

- Two cars.
- How did they find us?

- (Ed) Marian...
- I'm not running.

Look at me.

If we do this, there's
no turning back.

Danny. Come with me.


(Metallic clang)

In there.

(Door bursts open)

(Gangster whistles)

(Indistinct chatter)

(Rapid g*n)

(Glass shards tinkle)

(Melancholic music)

(Music builds)

(Dialling tone)

Luan, listen to me.

We don't have to
do it like this.

(Luan) Then return
what you stole.

(Ed) You really want Marian
to have all that power?

She won't go away.
She's lost too much.

(Ed) I will work
it out with Marian.


you got your wife
back. Remember that.

There's a reckoning
elsewhere tonight.

Let's wait.

See what tomorrow brings.

(Engine revs)

It's all right. It's all right.

(Suspenseful music)

(Sat-nav) You've arrived
at your destination.

(Elliot) Knees, Billy.

(Billy grunts)




Lose it.

Sean, don't.

Don't. No. No.

(Billy) Don't...

(g*n clatters)

Now let him go.


I love you, Billy.

No. Sean... Don't.


(Billy) Elliot, don't!


(Elliot) Was it all worth it?

- (Grunts)
- (Groans)


(Elliot groans)


(Breathes heavily)

(Elliot yells)

(Sean roars)


(Sean roars)

(Rapid g*n)


(Rapid g*n)

(Drum clatters)

(Muffled groaning)

(Elliot grunts)

(Sean chokes)

(Melancholic dramatic music)

(Choking intensifies)



would be...



(Billy) Please!




Let him down!

Let him down!


(Strangulated gasps)

(Music fades)

(Siren wails)

(Siren wails)

(Quiet dramatic music)

(Indistinct speech)

It's not enough.

k*lling you...

it's not enough.

(Ed) Tamaz, why don't you tell
us what really happened to Koba?

We are trying to get reports
over. Don't you worry about that.

(Indistinct speech)


I'm gonna make you
watch, Sean Wallace.

I'm gonna take everything
you ever built.

Your power.

Your people.

Your city.

(Sean gasps)

(Elliot) And I'm
gonna replace you.

(Siren wails)

(Muffled speech)

(Asif) When the world shifts,

so must you.

Or it leaves you behind.

London is in my dreams.

My shining city on the hill.

Yet I find myself in exile.

I need a partner...

with experience of that wretched

goldmine of a city.

I need a fellow exile...

with as much desire as I have,

to reclaim what was stolen.

(Melancholic music)

Things change...

don't they, Lale?

They do.

(Lighter clicks)
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