01x08 - A Queen is Made

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Serpent Queen". Aired: September 11, 2022 - present.
Series follows Catherine De Medici ( a true person in history) and her rise into French Royalty to become Queen of France.
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01x08 - A Queen is Made

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onThe Serpent Queen...

Madame de Poitiers,
the king is d*ad.

I will wind her up
and watch that silly girl

burn this country
to the ground.

My first order of business--

A decree that makes
Protestantism illegal

on French soil.

-f*ck off.

You bitch. You f*cking bitch.

Our niece
is out of f*cking control.

Do you have a plan?

Separate the king
from Mary's influence.

I must ask you to reconsider

before we reach
our destination.

Or what happens
at our destination, Mother?

I just don't want
to see anything happen to you.

That's all.

Help, help, help!

I believe Catherine

was responsible
for what happened.

I wrote to my cousin
in England asking for help.

I believe Catherine
has intercepted

her letter in return.

It would be my honor

to help you rid France
of the Serpent Queen.


Are you looking for me, hm?

I'm not the only one.

I presume you're the one

who told Mary
where her men could find me.

Catherine did not
leave me much choice.

No, no, she's good at that.

Is this what you're here for?

Do you know what it is?

Queen Elizabeth's seal.

Or a rough approximation of it,

Now all you have to do

is decide what you're
gonna do with it, hm?

You wanted to see me?

You've been listening
to my story for a few days now.

Would you like
to know how it ends?

I would.

But perhaps I should
be the one to tell you.

That was the plan, was it not?

Go on then.

I'm listening.

You convinced
Montmorency and the Bourbons

to join your kidnapping plot.

Though you
may have regretted it

almost immediately.

Francis, oh, my--please!

I didn't think he was ill.

- Francis.
- Please, help me!

- Help, help, help!
- Stop the carriage!


Stop now!


Hold the carriage!

Why are they stopping there?

How the f*ck should I know?

Someone help him, please!


What's going on?

Help, help, help.

So you devised another plan...

Help me!

A plan that would help you

assume a power

you always knew
should be yours...

What's she doing?

And yours alone.

An att*ck on the king!

Surround the king!

Get down!

Stay with the carriage!

It's okay, it's okay.

f*ck this.

Francis, please.

Don't leave me alone
in this wicked, godless world.



f*ck, f*ck, f*ck. f*ck.


No, no, no, no,
you... you misunderstand.


I was- I was here to protect the

I... I'd heard rumors
of a plot.

Oh, so that's why
you're in a wood,

hiding underneath a log?


You're so f*cked.

The att*ck is over!

It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay.

What are you doing?

I don't know what the f*ck
you're playing at,

but if he talks, Mary
won't leave a head in place.

I won't say anything,
not a word, I swear.

I've known you all your life,

and you stand
for absolutely nothing.

I can't trust you.

Sorry about that.

-He is the regent!
-I don't give a shit who he is.

What the f*ck is happening?

Antoine, you must run.

Follow the creek,
and in a few miles,

you will find a farmhouse.

I will send someone for you.

You will be safe there.

Antoine, do you want to die?


Please forgive me.

What happened?

It was Antoine.


Didn't think he had it in him.

He's still breathing. Guard!

- Yes, sir.
- Get help!

Take the constable
to the hospital,

and make sure
he's well-guarded!

Right away, sir.

We will bring the dogs
and hunt him down.

I wouldn't worry.

It's Antoine, he won't get far.

You wouldn't worry?

Do you have any idea
what just happened?

If my idiot cousins think
they can get away with this,

we're closer to civil w*r
than any of us imagined.

We need to find Antoine
and k*ll him

before he raises an army
of pissed off Protestants.

Of course.

Is it possible that this
is God's plan for me...

...when I am yet so young?

Niece, whatever
His divine plan may be,

you can always turn to me,
as God's representative,

for comfort and guidance.

Yes, Mary,
take comfort in the church,

and leave governance to us,
your uncles.

We have your best interests
at heart.

But my faith
and my governance are one.

Yes, up until this moment.

But the thing is,
the Bourbons would never

have attempted
something like this

if they did not believe they
had the support of the people.

There is widespread discontent

with these
anti-Protestant policies.

I have heard there are critics

even in the king's
personal bodyguard.

The king's men?

Turn against him?

No, that's impossible.

Actually, it is possible.

They've been asked to arrest
and, in some instances,

execute their own kinsmen.

Tends to get people
a little exercised.

With the king ill,

if people were to turn
against the Crown,

we would lose control
of the whole country.

We need to act rationally,

And that is why you must
let us deal with things.

Queen Mother.

What do you think?

I can only think of the health
of my son, our king.

I would hope your uncles
could do the same.

Well said.

How is the king?

I have made
a thorough examination.

There is significant blockage
to both lungs,

as well as extensive

which suggest consumption,

something he
was perhaps born with.

Will he live?

The king's survival
is extremely unlikely.

No! No!

Is the strain from the att*ck?

Is the... the people

responsible for this
will be punished.

They have seen nothing yet.

Do you hear me?

No, we will
soak France in blood

for their treachery!

-You have visitors.
-Your Majesty.

We've come to offer
our condolences.

I cannot imagine what you're
going through at this time.

Seems as if I am cursed
to outlive those dearest to me.

Now, I know
this is a delicate situation,

Your Majesty,
but the question of succession

needs to be addressed.

What question?

My second son, Charles IX,

will be king
when his brother dies.

Of course,
but due to his youth,

all power must rest
with the regent.

Antoine of Bourbon.

Had it escaped your mind?

I know not very much does.

Initially, the people
will certainly demand

we follow the correct line
of succession.

But once they hear
of the plot against the king,

I'm sure they're
gonna change their mind.

A new regent may be possible,

but the candidate
has to be trusted by the king.

Someone esteemed,
and with experience.

But who?

We were thinking
of Montmorency.

is an honorable man,

but he is hardly in favor.

Up until recently,
he was living in exile.

Yes, but the people like him.

And he represents
a bygone era of s*ab.

But what of his condition?

He's s*ab, I'm sure
you'll be pleased to hear.

Yes, expected
to make a full recovery,

God be praised.

A miracle.

We will, however,
need the king's support.

Can we rely on you
to convince him?

Of course.

But to transfer regency,

the regent himself
must sign it over.

Yes, we're very much
aware of that.

My men are searching
the country as we speak.

Antoine has proved himself

to be surprisingly
stubborn prey.

Like hunting a mole.

If I may make a suggestion,

Louis has been arrested
for treason.

Offer him clemency

in return for the whereabouts
of his brother.


After the plot
against the king,

Mary will never
go for clemency.

No, but the new regent will.

And in the meantime,
she needn't find out.

You really do have vision.

Through my grief.

Our Father, who art in heaven,

give me the strength
to face my enemies.

Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done.

This grief feels unbearable,
I know.

But a dying king

makes for
a very dangerous time.

Now is not the moment
to lose your wits.

I have not lost my wits.

I am planning
a cruel and unusual revenge

on all of France's traitors.

You can do that later...

When you are regent.


It is difficult
to contemplate,

but soon,
your husband will be no more,

and his brother
too young to rule.

A regent is the highest power
in the land.

Look ahead, Mary.

Shouldn't that be you?

Well, if it would help France.

And it be God's... God's will.

I believe it is.

But there are those
who conspire against you.


I have often wondered
if the Cardinal

is the Catholic
he claims to be.

I am sorry to say

a similar thought
has crossed my mind.

They have confided in me

they wish
to make Montmorency regent

to appease the very men
who attacked our king.

Whereas I, like you,

believe now
is not the time to falter.

I had not expected
a friend in you, but...

I'm grateful nonetheless.

We are united
in our love for the king.

Let me give you
a piece of advice.

Do not let anyone

stand in the way
of your calling.

One thing men cannot abide
is a woman in power.

I have to ask you, cousin,

what the f*ck
were you thinking?

I told you,

I was there to prevent
an att*ck on the king.

That you knew about because...

I told you, I'd heard rumor.

I thought it was my duty
to intervene.

I am but a loyal servant
of the Crown.

f*cked is what you are.

Mary's gonna cut off
your fat head.

-She wouldn't dare.
-Oh, she would.

Well, then there'll be
a civil w*r.

A holy w*r, if she's got
anything to do with it.

She'll love that.

Well, if she cuts off my head,
yours will be next.

Mark my words.


Already crossed your mind,
has it?

That's the thing about zealots.

Nothing's ever enough.

-Oh, God.

Come on, it's not that bad.

That's what you think,
because you haven't

been through
what I've been through.

Exiled, unemployed,

separated from the only person
you've ever trusted,

burdened with a truth
that nobody'd believe,

because in this game we play,

you sound like a f*cking liar
whether you are or not,

and finally...

...sentenced to death.

We can avoid all that.

Hold on, hold on.

What is this truth
you speak of?

You wouldn't believe me,
but trust me when I say...

...you have a serpent
in your midst.

We know.


That's why we're here.

You don't have
the faintest idea

what's going on, do you?

Listen to me.

All you have to do
is tell us where Antoine is,

and you will be pardoned.

No, you listen to me,
you f*cking idiot.

If I knew
where the f*ck Antoine was,

I would tell you, but I don't.

I really don't.

I wish I did,
because I miss him.

I miss my big brother...

twat that he is.

I won't do it.

Why should I?

You've done it before.

An apple filled with poison
I never forced anyone to eat

is an entirely different thing.

He's half d*ad already.

And besides which, if he lives,

it will mean our destruction.

You should have thought of that
before you s*ab him.

This is not a request.

If you fail,
don't bother coming back.

I win again.

And without any strategy
or skill.

How do you do it?

Pure luck.

It's just always been my way.

Drives Louis mad.


I see Aabis has been
taking very good care of you.

Well, this isn't

the most salubrious
accommodation I've been in.

Well, I'm sure
Louis would prefer this

to where he finds himself.

How is he?

As well as one could imagine,

being in a dungeon.

Would you give us
a moment, please?

We have business to discuss.

Indeed, we do.

I could be
a bit more comfortable.

My understanding
is that confit de canard

is the specialty
of this region,

which, along with
a nice chilled g*n,

would ease my pain somewhat.

Indeed, of course.

And you shall have
all of that and more...

...as soon as you sign this.

Relinquish my regency?

To you?

Why would I do that?

Because, Antoine,

your brother has been
imprisoned for treason...

...and if you don't,
he'll be executed.


What do you mean, no?

I mean no.

My brother told me never
to sign away my regency again,

and I won't.

But his life is in danger.

What proof do I have of that?

Louis is clever.

Always has been.

How do I know he didn't
evade the king's men,

and you're lying about him
being held c*ptive?

Wouldn't be the first time
you've lied about something.

You hoodwinked us into this
whole f*cking kidnapping thing

in the first place, against
Louis' better instincts,

I might add,
and if he is imprisoned,

the only thing
keeping him alive

is the fact that I haven't
signed away my regency.

So in the words
of my dear grandmother,

get f*cked.

You said you'd help me.

Now is not the time, Aabis.

Then when?

The situation
at the moment is very delicate.

I cannot be seen intervening
on behalf of a Protestant boy.

He's not a f*cking Protestant.

And he won't survive
much longer in there.

Tell me,

what is the fate of a young boy

when the fate of a nation
hangs in the balance?

It is everything.

Well, I'm afraid
I don't have time

for such sentimentality.

I'll see to your friend
when I'm able.

You finally reached
for the throne for yourself.

I just don't want
my son to suffer.

It contains an opiate
from the East.

With enough,
he will feel no pain.

But in his condition,
it will shorten his days.

His days are done already.

He was marked
for an early grave since birth.

I pray I'm not the reason.

Do not falter.

We are close.


I saw this in you
the first day we met.

Where do you think
you're going?

I'm Sister Grace

of the Sacred Order
of the Diminutives,

here to tend to the sick.

Order of the Diminutives.

Is that some kind of joke?

You think I'd make that up?

I'm here to wash
and change the patient.

Go on, then.

You want to watch?

I mean, I won't judge
if that's your thing,

but according to the Bible,
God certainly will.

I have to piss anyway.


Mother, is that you?

Yes, my son.

Sleep now.

It hurts, Mother.

Mother, it hurts.

It's only a dream.

Sleep now.

You sure?

Doesn't feel like a dream.

Let me live, please.

Your mistress sent you.

Get me past the guards,
and I will let you live.

Have you heard the news?


he's missing.


I fear my uncles
may be involved,

and it is part of their plot
to name him as regent.


My maid saw them visiting Louis
in the dungeons.

Come with me.

There's not a moment to lose.

We need to leave here now.

France is no longer safe
for us.

I don't think
that's a good idea.


I think what you want to do
is stay

and face your
responsibilities to France.


Isn't that right, Edith?

-Don't you speak to her.
-Or what?

Don't look like you're in any
state to be making thr*at.

Here's the thing.

The king's dying,
France needs a new regent,

and Antoine can't do it
'cause everybody knows

about his plot
against the king.

The situation requires
someone neutral,

someone to settle the conflict.

That's you, Montmorency.

But make no mistake,

you will become our regent

if you don't want anything
to happen

to those you care about.

And you wonder why people
have g*n to doubt the Church.

Listen to me.

We are better
than the f*cking lunatic

that is in charge right now.

Are you surprised?

Your niece
is what you made her.

Be that as it may,
she's all our problem now.

You're scared of Mary.
Is that it?

You two are really something.

There's nothing you wouldn't do
in pursuit of power, is there?

Do what they ask.

That's good advice.

Shut the f*ck up.


I won't let them hurt you.

The people need someone

capable of ruling.

Who else has the stomach
to do what is necessary?

All right.

Good man.

But let me just reiterate,

if the power goes to your head

and you develop some kind
of independent streak--

One thing.

If anything happens to her,
I will k*ll you.

Or die trying.

I don't doubt it.

Don't you understand, hm?

The truth will set you free.

I-I couldn't agree more.

And that- that's why
you have to believe me.

It- it wasn't me.

I was only there
to protect the king.

Catherine, tell- tell her.

Just admit your involvement

and tell us
where to find your brother.

I told you,
I don't know where he is.

Perhaps if we gave him
the proper incentive,

he would tell us the truth.

What does that mean?

Cut off his finger.

- What?
- What?

Do not stray
from your path, Mary.

It was her.

She was behind it.

Mary, I...
I am not your true enemy.

She planned the whole thing.

You have to believe me.

A man would say anything
to save his skin.

You f*cking bitch.

Well, I thought you were there
to protect the king.

So which is it?

Are you a loyal servant,

or were you lead astray
by the Queen Mother?

I have one question.

Will you hand over your brother

and advise him
to sign the regency over to me?

- You, regent?
- Yes.

Did you put her up
to this nonsense?

This is what is best
for France, Louis.


Do you even know
what the truth is anymore?

If you are dedicated
to the cause,

Mary, there is no excess.

Yes. Guard.

Guard, give me your knife.

No, don't- don't do this.

For the last time,

I ask you to tell me
where Antoine is.

I don't know where he is.


The little one.

You haven't got the guts.

Hold him down.

No, no, no, no. Don't--

Hold him down!

Catherine, please,
for the love of God,

don't do this.

Don't do it. Don't--

I'm giving you
one last chance.

One last chance.

f*ck you.

Ah, f*ck, f*ck!

Ah, f*ck. f*ck.

f*ck, ah!

You're f*cking mental.

No, I'm not.

I'm just better at this
than you are.

And don't you ever forget it.

Bring her.

I heard you have
a friend in trouble.

Perhaps I could help.

And in return?

Tell me where to find Antoine.

You said you wanted proof

that your brother
remained in harm's way

if you don't do as I say.

Will that suffice?

Oh, my God,
it's his f*cking finger.

And we will cut
piece after piece

after piece of him off...

unless you sign.

He's gonna be
so disappointed in me.


I wouldn't.

Hello, Catherine.

This is nice, isn't it?

It's like
a Privy Council meeting,

but with g*n.

I think this is the one
you need to sign, cousin.

Montmorency will be regent.

Now, hold on just a minute.

I do have principles, you know.

You don't.

I have been entrusted

to safeguard the honor

of the royal family of France.

I can't just be forced
to sign away the regency

to whomever has the bigger g*n.

I don't see why not.


What the f*ck was that?

Ah, f*ck.

Come what may,
I will be my own man.

-Stay down!

Stay. Stay down, Francois.

Stay with me, okay?
Just stay with me.

It's your leg.

I swear to God, Montmorency,

you mark my words.

You and that girl will pay.

-I swear!
-We'll see about that.

Well... you still doubt
my conviction?

Good boy.

I'm sure Daddy's proud of you.

Now, I had him
sign over the regency

to someone who's been
overlooked, underestimated,

someone capable
of sacrificing their friends

and plotting with their enemies
to rule France.

Are you surprised
to see me alive?

I have known you
since you were a child.

I've been watching you.

And either because
of your will to survive

or because you really are
possessed of a black heart,

you are the only one
that can save France

from any of these f*cking
idiots when they are in charge.

All you have to do now
is convince your dying son.

You think you have
the stomach for that?

Are you okay?

-Did they hurt you?
-I'm all right.

I always knew
I could depend on you.

You've never let me down.

I said get out!

I did wrong.
I did wrong.

- Mary, Mary.
- I did wrong.

-I did wrong--the regency.
-Gather yourself.

Tell me, what has happened?

I asked Francis
for the regency,

like you told me to, and...

...he accused me
of all sorts of baseness.


he said...

he said that I wanted him
to be sick,

and worse, that I only ever
loved him for all these years

because of his sickness,
for it meant

that I may one day rule
in his stead,

and he...

he even said
that I had no interest

in performing my wifely duties.

Did he offer you the regency
or not?

No, he refused.

And I begged
for his forgiveness for asking,

but he would grant me
no such peace.

- Oh, Mary, Mary, Mary.
- I...

Mary, shh.

Calm yourself.


-Go and calm yourself.

I will talk to him,
and I will make this right.

Yes, because he...

he must always know

that I have had
his best interests at heart.

We all do.

My son...

Is it true the Bourbons
plotted to kidnap me

and now I must break
the chain of succession?

It is what is best
for the country.

I am sorry I have not
understood your true nature

until now.

But how can you
understand anything now?

They say one sees clearest
when one is closest to death.

Perhaps you won't die.

The doctors
have been wrong before.

No, no.

What's that you've got?

Antoine has agreed to sign
his regency over to you?

Why would he do that?

I persuaded him.

And now you must persuade me.

You're in great pain,
aren't you?

Oh, Mother...

Why does it
have to hurt so much?

I accommodated myself to death.

I always knew
it would come early for me,

but the pain...

I have never felt
anything like the pain.

Shh, shh.

You are the strongest person
I have ever known,

to live with the suffering
that you have endured.

Do you know that?

I have something here...

...that will take
your pain away.

You simply have to take a sip.

But if you do,

it will be an end of this life.

And I fear giving this to you

takes more strength
than I possess.

Give it to me, please, Mother.

Please give it to me.

My child...

And now you must rest.

Peace awaits.

And now I will leave you
to live with your choices.

Shh, shh, rest.

Just rest.

Shh, rest.

Oh, f*ck.


Hear ye, hear ye!

-Louis of Bourbon...
-f*cking move!

...Second Prince of the Blood,

is pardoned
for the crime of treason.


The king is d*ad.

Long live the new king
by order of the new regent,

Her Majesty Queen Catherine.

Then the king is d*ad,

and my mother-in-law has taken
the regency for herself.

She has made a fool of me.

f*ck off.

I shouldn't have
signed away the regency

under any circumstances,
should I?


I... I...

No, I... I will...

I will write to my cousin
Queen Elizabeth in England,

and when she hears that some...

some commoner has stolen
the throne of France,

she will be moved to help me.

I'm sure of it.

I'm sure, despite our...

our differences.

But first, we must all
be united in our task.

The f*ck...


Will you back me now?


Anything to oppose Catherine.

The Bourbon
Princes of the Blood,

are you with me?

Am I with you?

Are... are you f*cking joking?

My granddaughter has vision.

The sanctity of the rules
of succession are at stake.

Do you really have a choice?

I'll think about it.

Let's go.

I'm starving.

You'll be all right.

Oh, no, I'm f*cked.

The finger...

Finger's gone.

Once you were regent,

you moved the court
to Chenonceaux,

where you could keep
a better eye on your enemies.

You only needed
one final piece

to seal your victory
against Mary.

I'm sorry, I can't help you.

Please, I just...
I have no one.

And I have nowhere to go.

And I just- I just don't know
what to--

All right, all right,
don't cry.

Let me ask the cook
if she needs another maid.

Thank you.

Then when you found me...

you didn't waste any time,

because you knew Mary
had sent a letter

to her cousin
Queen Elizabeth of England.

Make sure this finds its way

to my cousin
Queen Elizabeth of England.

Move posthaste
and let nothing delay you.

A letter, I am guessing,

that never found its way
to its recipient,

but could be used
to trick Mary

and get rid of her
once and for all.

You carry an important message.

How could you know that?


Would you like it?

It's good luck
for your travels.

Do you want me
to tell you your future?

First, you made sure
to win my trust,

so when you asked me,

I would go to Mary's chambers
to search

for evidence of treachery
that did not exist.

And then you made sure
I would despise you,

all to make Mary believe
that the letter

she asked me to steal from you

was an authentic reply
from her cousin.

Though now I know this letter

asking Mary
to return to Scotland

and join forces with Elizabeth
to dethrone you...

is a forgery.

I found the replica
of Queen Elizabeth's seal

in your magician's camp.

The sight of him watching us
on our ride made me suspicious.

You are very clever.

That's why I chose you.

So now that you know...

...are you with me
or against me?

First, I want to know.

You sacrificed
your best friend,

your husband,

your son...

...for power?


For freedom.

In that case,

I am with you.

Here are my terms.

Thought you couldn't read.

There's lots of things
you don't know about me.

A title?


A little education
is a dangerous thing.


Feels good to be bad,
doesn't it?

Feels better
to get my own back.


Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary...

we must prepare
to depart at once.

Oh, my cousin has answered
my call for aid!

Safe travels.

History will remember you.


I wouldn't count on it.

I will not let anything
happen to you.

What could happen to me?


Looks like all is forgiven?

I wouldn't say so.

But I imagine she realizes
she cannot govern

without women like me
on her side.

And I intend to dedicate myself
to her cause.

Well, that's that then.


On the contrary.

I will spend the rest
of my life getting back at her

for what she did to us.

But in the meantime,

we shall convince her
we are her closest allies.

My homeland.


Your queen has returned.

Uh, Queen Mary,
what are you doing here?

My cousin wrote to me saying
that she would help me

in my time of need.

Has she not yet arrived?

Surely, you know
your cousin Elizabeth

would not tolerate
your presence on British soil.

She will see it
as a thr*at to her rule.

But her letter said that--

- Her... her letter?
- Yes.

If there was such a letter,

I'm... I'm sure
you've been fooled by forgery,

Your Majesty.

So it was Catherine
who triumphed after all.

And to think, just a week ago,

you had them all
right where you wanted them.

Now she promises
to make tolerance

the new law of the land

and break the treaty
with the Holy Roman emperor.

No official religion at all.

They will blame you
and your brother.

Mother, when will you shut up?

Isn't it obvious?

When you do something
to shut me up.

Thank you for your loyalty.

Keep in mind,
you will only have my loyalty

if you can protect
the people I care about.

Allow me.

Trust no one.
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