06x18 - The Rite Stuff

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Adventures of the Gummi Bears". Aired: September 14, 1985 – February 22, 1991.
Regarded by many as a fairytale they are gentle, loveable creatures who want to live in harmony with mankind - but sometimes it's not easy.
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06x18 - The Rite Stuff

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Dashing and daring

Courageous and caring

Faithful and friendly

With stories to share

All through the forest

They sing out in chorus

Marching along

As their song fills the air

Gummi Bears

Bouncing here and
there and everywhere

High adventure
that's beyond compare

They are the Gummi Bears

Magic and mystery

Are part of their history

Along with the secret

Of gummiberry juice

Their legend is growing

They take pride in knowing

They'll fight
for what's right

In whatever they do

Gummi Bears

Bouncing here and
there and everywhere

High adventure
that's beyond compare

They are the Gummi Bears

They are the Gummi Bears

[Ursa] Hang in there, Buddy.

I'm hanging, I'm hanging.

Good, we've
almost reached the top.

Yeah, but then we gotta climb

all the way back down.

Of course.

That's what mountain
climbing is all about.

Well I'd rather be
home practicing my flute.

Oh music is for babies.

You need to toughen up.

You want to pass your test of
bearhood tomorrow don't you?

Well, uh...

And I expect you to
pass with flying colors.

Then you will have proven
your toughness to all Barbics.

What's so great
about being tough?

Look Jabber, there they are.



This fur is gonna fetch
us a sack full of gold.


[exciting music]

[Gabber] They're getting away.

Come on, after 'em.

[exciting music]

We lost them thanks to you.


You tripped first.

Doh, quit griping

and help me find some
more furry creatures.

Just a few more steps
and we're home free.


[Both] Yikes.


[Buddy] That's it.
I knew it.

-It's all over.

When the going gets tough
the tough get going.

[Buddy] Whoa.

See? Everything's just fine.

But where would you be
if I wasn't so tough?

Probably safe at home.

Back you overgrown lizard.

Or Cap'n the dragon slayer
will turn you into lunch meat.

Did someone mention lunch?

Tummi, shh.

Take one more step and I'll--


I'll never be a knight.

I can't even defeat this dragon.


Did someone say dragon?

Just let me at him.

Sir Thornberry?


So you've heard of me?

Well then, prepare to meet your
doom you floppy tooth fiend.

[Tummi And Cubbi] Uh oh.

Not so fast.

[Tummi And Cubbi] Whoa.

Well I'll be flamboodled.

That dragon must have
swallowed you both whole.

That's not a dragon.

It's, oh, what's the use?

Looks like you save the
day again Sir Thornberry.

Indeedy I did.

Good thing I was around.

So what brings you
to Gummi Glen anyway?

My feet, of course.

Oh, I mean why are you here?

Tomorrow, little Buddy
is going to take his test

of bearhood and I'm
delivering an invite

to the Glen Gummies.

Wow. Can I come too?

I'd love to see the
ancient gummy capital

and meet the Barbics.

Oh, I don't know, Cavin.

After all, you're not a Gummi.

I bet the Barbics will
be thrilled to meet Cavin.

[crowd grumbling]

They're not exactly thrilled.

What's a human doing here?

We brought him.

Cavin's our friend.

Well you had no right.

The test of Bearhood is an
ancient Barbic tradition

and it's not to be
shared with humans.

But Cavin is practically
a gummi himself.

Ah maybe a Glen
gummi but not a Barbic.

Hmm, what's so special
about being a Barbic?

Barbics are tough.

Oh yeah?

Well so are humans.

That's right, Ursa.

Cavin's as good as any gummi.

Well if you think
this human is so good

then let's see him take the
Barbic test of bearhood too.

I'm ready when you are.



[trumpet blaring]

It's time you put away
your childish things

and started acting
like a real Barbic.

Do I really have to do this?


There's only one thing
that really matters.

What's that?

That you win.


You look funny.

I'm not the only one.

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

I guess it's our turn, Buddy.

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Another giant
step for bearhood.

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka huh

It's time to begin the test

and see which one of you
is worthy of bearhood.

Now, you both know the rules.

So, may the best bear win.

Here goes nothing.



Good sh*t, Buddy.

So, what are you waiting for?


Yay, Cavin.

[Both] Hiya.


What's the matter
with you, Buddy?

Can't you even b*at a human?

I'm trying.



See you at the finish line.

Hey, wait for me.

[Cavin] Whee!


Guess I'm the big loser.

Don't feel bad, Buddy.

It's not whether you win or
lose but how you play the game.

Hmm sounds like
something a human would say

and besides this
game isn't over.

There's still the final test:

Gordian Gulch.

We have to go in there?

You're not afraid are you?

Of course not.

Uh, what do we have to do?

Make it through the
gulch before nightfall.

For this is the true
test of bearhood.

Uh, but what if we don't
make it out before dark?

Don't worry kid.

This doesn't look so tough.

Good luck Cavin.

He'll need it.

You see, besides
nature's usual obstacles,

I've set up a few of my own.

You did what?

If you're worried follow me.

We should reach the
halfway point just in time

to see your human
friend give up.

Hey Cavin.

Slow down.

No way.

I'm gonna win this
race and prove

I'm as good as any old Barbic.

[Buddy panting]

Why do I have to
prove my bearhood?

I've already got my fur.


How do you get off this thing?

Uh oh.

Oh, whew.

[exciting music]

Ah, Ursa sure isn't
making this easy.

This is easy.


[laughs] That's the
oldest trick in the book.

You'd have to be a real fool

to fall for something like that.



Those blasted Barbics.

I got one.

I got one.

You got nothing.

That's a lizard.

How can we sell its fur
when it doesn't have any?

Uh, good point.

[Buddy] Hey, Cavin.

[Jabber] Huh?

What's that?


I thought you got lost.

No way.

I just took a shortcut.

It must have been a rough one.

Well, well.

What have we here?

Looks like we got us a boy.

And some kind of furry pet.

Must be our lucky day.

A fur like that
will make us rich.


Here they come.

Yeah, and I'm
gonna smash them.

Ow. What do you mean?

I'm gonna smash them.

But I saw them first.

-Did not.
-Did too.

-Did not.
-Did too.

-Did not.


There goes my fur.

Your fur?

It's my fur.


What's the matter, Buddy?

I thought Barbics were tough.

We are tough.

Quit fooling around, Gabber.

They're getting away.

Hey, wait for me.


[ground cracking]


Cavin did you hear that?

Hear what?

Hey, no fair.

[Gruffi] Any sign of them yet?


But if they want to
make it out by nightfall

they'd better hurry.

Maybe we should
go look for them.

What if they're in trouble?

Ha. The only one in
trouble is the human.


Hey, what do you know?

I'm winning.


Let go you dumb bush.

Oh, what's wrong
with that cub?

This is no time to stop.

By bye, Buddy.

Oh, swell.

Aren't you gonna help him?

Buddy can help himself.

He's a Barbic and Barbics
know how to use their heads.

Ow. I don't know if I
can take much more of this.

[suspenseful music]

[Cavin] Whoa.


It looks like you don't know
much about mountain climbing.

Hey, where'd you learn that?

This? Oh, you know.

To a Barbic, some things
just come natural.


Doh. When I get my hands
on that little fur ball

I'll turn him into
fuzzy slippers.

Look, up there.

This time they won't get away.

Well, it looks like
my mountain climbing

Buddy's in the lead and--

Huh? What's this?

Well, I'll be.

It's a couple of hairy gobbers.

Are they dangerous?

Not a chance.

Unless of course they catch you.

Then they'll skin you alive.

That was tougher
than I thought.

Don't feel bad.

After all, you can't expect
to become as tough as a Barbic

in one day.



What's that?

Uh oh.

Maybe we should stick
to chasing bunnies.

[Both] Whoa.

[Buddy] There's no way across.

Oh yes there is.


Up there?

Not me.

What's the matter Buddy?



I mean, no.

I mean, well maybe.

Oh don't be such
a scaredy bear.

This rock's been here
for thousands of years.

I'm sure it's perfectly safe.

Well okay.


Don't move, Buddy.

I'll help you.

I don't need your help.

Uh oh.




Hang on.

I got you.

Are you all right?

That does it.

I've had enough of
this silly game.

I quit.

You can't quit.

Oh yeah?

Just watch me.

But the test of bearhood
is a gummi tradition.

So what?

Maybe I'm just a coward.

Well maybe you are but I'm not

and I'm gonna finish this test.

Go ahead.

Who wants to win this
dumb old test anyway?

[Cavin] Buddy, help!



Buddy, I'm sinking.




[exciting music]

Let me go you mush monster.

Hold on, Cavin.


He's doing all the holding.

Not for long.

[exciting music]

[Cavin] Whoa.

Come on Cavin.

This place is too
dangerous for Barbics.

[Ursa] Sir Thornberry, why
didn't you tell me there were
dangerous gobbers

in Gordian Gulch?

You never asked me.

Oh, how could
I be such a fool?

I don't know but you
sure make it look easy.

Well I got Buddy into this
mess and I'll get him out.

Don't forget about Cavin.

What? Risk my
neck for a human?

You've got to be kidding.

Do I look like I'm kidding?

Now come on.

We'll find them both.

Huh, we'll be lucky
if we find our way out.

No problem.

Just follow me and
watch your step.

This place could be pretty
dangerous for you boys.

Uh oh.

[exciting music]

[Sir Thornberry]
What in tarnation?

[exciting music]

Hold it.

[Gruffi] Looks like we've
really reached the d*ad end.

There's only one thing to do.


Ooh wee.

Gotta hand it to you Ursa.

You sure know how
to spice things up.

Yeah, especially when she
steps in one of her own traps.

That fuzz head's gotta
be around here somewhere

and when we find him...

Someone's coming.

Come on, follow me.

No, I think we
should go this way.

You're both wrong

It's this way.

You haven't a clue
where we are do you?

Yeah yeah I admit it.

We're lost.

You're not lost.

You're found.

Thanks to you
Buddy, we're safe.

Eh, forget it.

Hey where are you going?

I quit remember?

Look, I never wanted to go
through this dumb old test

in the first place but if
you want to finish go ahead.

No thanks.

I was foolish to think
I could ever be worthy

of being a Barbic.

I can just imagine what Ursa
will say when she finds out

we both failed the
test of bearhood.

Yeah, she'll probably say--

[Ursa] Help!


Come on.

We got lots of
furry fur now, Jabber.

Yes, shaving it off'll be fun.

Looks like we're
about to flunk

the Barbic test of bearhood.

This wasn't supposed
to be part of it.

There, that oughta do it.

I hope so.

This is gonna be our
biggest challenge yet.

Guess it's time to find out
just how tough we really are.

Let's get started, Gabber.

We've got a lot
of cutting to do.

Wanna bet?


Ha, go ahead and
throw your spears.

Okay, I will.


[Jabber] Ha, you missed.

[Ursa] Buddy, how could you?

Didn't you learn
anything I taught you?

[Buddy] You bet I did.

[Gruffi] Nice planning, kid.

Thanks, it was noth--



Oh no you don't.


After him.

[exciting music]

[Gabber] There they are.

What are you waiting for?

Come and get us you
bullheaded boobs.

Ha, you think we're gonna
fall for that old trick?

Oh, I don't know.

Sometimes it's hard
to tell the winners

from the losers.


Looks like those dunces
flunked with flying colors.

I'm sorry.

Because of me you two
didn't get to finish

the test of bearhood

Well, actually,
we already quit.



This is terrible.

I'm sorry if I
let everyone down.

Nonsense, you didn't
let anyone down.

If it wasn't for you
two we wouldn't be here.

I was wrong about you Cavin.

By risking your lives
to save us you both more

than proved your worth.

I guess I'd forgotten.

That's what the Barbic test
of bearhood is all about.

Say, this calls for
a celebration, it does.

[Gruffi] You said it.

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

Gummi shaka laka unh

[Gummi Bears theme song]
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