04x10 - Inversion Illusion

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Manifest". Aired: September 2018 to present.
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The passengers and crew of a Montego Air Flight 828 who suddenly reappear in the span of just a few hours, only to find out the world had aged five years and they were presumed d*ad.
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04x10 - Inversion Illusion

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[MICHAELA] Previously on Manifest...

[ANGELINA] Someone is stalking me.

It transformed and then just shattered.

Do any of these details
mean anything to you?

There was a... a stained-glass
window at my old school in Syosset.

[SAANVI] Sapphire.

I have found sapphire
all over the tail fin,

but also all over Ben's hand.

[OLIVE] This looks just
like Archangel Michael.

This is Maat, Egyptian goddess
of justice in the afterlife.

A metaphorical weighing of souls.

[ANGELINA] I knew that Eden
would never let me get hurt.

She just proved that
she and I are connected.

[HENRY] I wear my scar on the outside.

Yours is on the inside.

You're a dragon, Cal.





[MICHAELA SIGHS] You look like hell.


Good morning to you too.

[MICHAELA CHUCKLES] How's the leg?

- Delightful.

Guess you're not seeing
cherry blossoms again, huh?

Mm-mm. Ash,

in keeping with our
apocalyptic-themed anniversary.

I thought saving
souls was overwhelming,

but if the fate of
the Lifeboat determines

the fate of billions of people, then...

what do we do?

Easy. Whatever we have to.

I love you, Zeke Landon.

Right back at you, Stone.

How on earth did you get Eden
to eat all those melon slices?

I called them unicorn cookies.


Well, you've got her number.

I'm glad you two are doing so well.

Yeah, me too. All things considered.

Although she did... ask
me to see her mommy today.


Guys, come on.

I can't even clear my throat
without you acting like it's over.

I don't look that bad, do I?

[SCOFFS] Tough crowd.

- Come on. You want some water?

Is TJ coming over?

Uh, no, probably not.



Any news on Eagan and the sapphire?

Yeah, Eagan's in the ER,

and, uh, Jared's gonna go see him

when the hospital gives
them the green light.

What? Jared's going, not you?


Guys, I'm dying.

But you know who else is?

All of you. You have to keep trying.

There's nothing more important
than being here with you right now.

But what if the sapphire could save me?

Seriously, would you wanna
find that out after I'm gone?

Mom would want us to keep pushing.

Keep fighting.

Then let's find that sapphire.

None of these people know how
little time they have left.

I'm not sure they'd believe it anyway.

The fate of the world lies in
the hands of less than people.

Sorry, what?

There's this new thing they
just invented. It's called sleep.

- You should try it.
- Yeah.

Sleep is for suckers,
especially given the stakes.

Well, that's fair.

Eight billion people.
It's pretty damn stakes-y.

Yeah, well, that's a tomorrow problem.

Today, I'm just trying
to save one life, Cal's.

I thought you said there was
nothing more you could do.

Well, I didn't say that there
was nothing more I could try.

You really are working here now.

Wow! There's that sharp detective
work I keep hearing so much about.

Well, don't get comfortable.
I've gotten you demoted before.

Yeah, and I've knocked
your ass out before.

- There's that.

Detective Vasquez. Welcome aboard.

I already hate it here.

Well, it's a means to an end.

We're more help to the ers
inside the belly of the beast.

And this is your cubicle.

I think we can both agree it is
adorably tiny compared to mine.

- Mm.
- And in the top drawer,

you will find a set of nonregulation
handcuffs as a welcome gift.

Wow. So we've, uh, graduated
to giving each other gifts now?

Does that mean...

They're handcuffs, Vasquez,
not my letterman jacket.

No strings attached, remember?


That is the hospital. Eagan's awake.

Text Michaela. Tell her
you'll meet her there.

Get that hot ass out the door.

Hurry back. It's day one.
Can't afford to rock the boat.

Staring at the phone won't make
the Eagan news come any sooner.

Uh-huh. Fair enough.

Found this box of family photos.

Put 'em all around Cal when he wakes up.

You're incredible for
setting that area up for him.

That and so many other reasons.

I can still hear her laugh.


What idiot downs a double Manhattan,
and then gets in a car and drives?

- Don't do that to yourself. Not today.
- It's unforgivable.

Mick, you gotta forgive yourself.


Um, this is Jared.

- He wants me to meet him at the hospital.
- Okay.

[OLIVE] Hey, Dad.

TJ's coming over. He thinks
he may be onto something.

Can we work up here?

Yeah. The more people we have
looking for that sapphire, the better.


[GRACE] Ben.





I've missed you, my love.

I... I'm broken without you.

[GRACE] No, Ben.

You're strong.

[BEN] Please help me.

What do I do for our boy?

I'll tell you.

But you need to bring Eden to me.


I need you to bring her to me.

It will all make sense.



How's he doing?

Sleeping peacefully.

How are you doing?

I, uh, just had a Calling.

It was Grace.

Oh my God.

I think she can help with Cal.

How? What did she say?

She wants me to bring Eden to her.

There's only one place I can think of.

Her grave site. Eden has
never been there, right?

No, but...

maybe that's what Eden meant when
she said she wanted to see her mommy.

- Hm.
- But I can't leave him.

I've got Cal, and I'll be
able to tell if he gets worse,

even if he tries to hide it.

- All right. I'll get Eden.
- Okay.



Oh, fun. Time to play bad cop, bad cop.

Well, hey, last time I saw you,

you'd stolen a sacred
object and left us for d*ad.

So yesterday. Move on, eyebrows.

Do you have any idea where
the Omega Sapphire is?

It was taken from me,

along with a chunk of my scalp,
by the world's smallest sociopath.



How'd she even find out about it?

Hell if I know.

Do you know where she is?

Boiling a rabbit somewhere?



Where'd you get this?

From Nutjob the Elder, Angelina's mom.

I borrowed it from her car.
Check out the first page.

"Behold, I send an angel before
thee, to keep thee in the way,

and bring thee into the
place which I have prepared."

Angelina thinks Eden's
her guardian angel.

Look at this guy. Can almost
hear the wheels spinning.



- Yikes. Keep it. It's yours.

Not much of a reader.


[ZEKE] Ah, just in time.

Jeter's up to bat.

It's his last game. .

This is next-level bucket
listing, man. Thank you.

I don't think I can keep these down.

For tossing at the TV
when the other team's up.


This is too much.


Now it's too much.


Hey, guys.


Cal, I...

What's up, TJ? [COUGHS]

If you get hungry from saving the world,

Zeke's catering lunch.

- And dinner.

Y'all have fun.

[ZEKE] Okay. Come on, Jeter.

This is it, Eden.

I know you don't remember your real mom,

but I want you to know
how much she loved you.

Please, Grace.

[GRACE] Thank you for bringing her.


Of course.

Ben, I know it's been hard without
me. But I need you to do something.

Anything, name it.

I need you to let Eden
go back to Angelina.


She's the only mother Eden's ever known.

Eden loves her, Ben.

Grace, Angelina m*rder you. I'm not...

Your eyes.

What about them?

The color's wrong. You're
not Grace. You're not...

My guardian angel!

Eden! Stay away from her.

Is this what you want? Show
Eden who you really are?

You k*lled her mother. You gonna
k*ll her father in front of her?

You can't keep us apart, Ben.

Eden's my angel. We're
supposed to be together.

It's what she wants.

[BEN] You sure about that?

Given the chance, are you
sure Eden would choose you?

I'd bet my life on it.

Then lower the g*n, Angelina.

Let Eden decide.

My love, do you wanna stay with Mommy,

or you wanna be with the bad man?

[BEN] Oh, Eden.

Hey, come on, Eden.

You know I'm not a bad man.

I'm just a daddy

who loves his little
girl so, so very much.

I love you, Eden. And you love me.

[BEN] Let her say it.

Eden, who do you wanna be with?


- I wanna be with my daddy.


[ANGELINA] No, Eden.

[ANGELINA] Don't leave me!





Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, man. You all right?

Everything's okay.
It's just the two of us,

so we're a bit
overprotective of each other.

Sit down, okay?

Hey, man, what was that all about?

I have no idea. But, uh, it was awful.

- Let's go.
- Hey, yo!

Hey, man, what are you
doing? Where you taking him?

Hey, new guy, maybe you
need to read the handbook

because the minute a passenger exhibits

particularly onerous
or unusual behavior,

we detain 'em.

Pretty sure mind-meld scream counts.

- Daddy, what's happening?
- Sit tight. I'll be fine.

It's okay, sweetie. Just...
just stay right here. Okay?

[OFFICER] Come on. Let's go.

Calls are pouring in from
all of the regional offices.

What happened to the passengers

just now happened all
across the country.

Ah, Dre. Seriously, I'm
worried for all of them.


So Angelina used a sapphire
to send you a fake Calling?

With the one image she
knew I'd do anything for.

I dropped Eden with Dad just in
case. I'm gonna fill Saanvi in.


So if she's got the sapphire,
what chance does the Lifeboat have?

- No, it's sunk.
- Well, not if we find her.

Right? I mean, we can get it back.

We have absolutely no idea where she is.

Be nice if a Calling could
help us out with that.

You know what? I think it might have.


- Where'd that come from?
- Eagan.

I was reading it when we
were talking about Angelina,

and I got a Calling.

There was a figure.
It had wings, no face.

And it shattered into glass.

How'd you know?

I helped Angelina with
the same exact Calling.

She thought the angel was chasing
her, trying to tell her something.

I know where she is.

- [ZEKE] I'm coming with you.
- Zeke, you can barely walk.

What's going on?

I got the on Angelina.
I'm gonna go there now.

[CAL] Dad?

You have to go with her.


You have to get the sapphire.

I'll stay here with
Cal. We have a busy day.

All right. Back before you know it, pal.

- Thanks.
- [ZEKE] Yep.

All right.

[TJ] Let's see if what
I brought can help Cal.

I can't believe Astoria
let you check this out.

Yeah, once the guy verified

I was the one who sent it
from Egypt, he was fine.

I think his name was Levi. You know him?


Uh, kinda. Back to work.


What do you see between these two?

[TJ] Um...

- They're identical.
- [OLIVE] Almost identical.

Okay, eagle eye, school me.

Okay, so in the papyrus,

there's a hole on Maat's chest
where the Omega Sapphire should be.

[TJ] Yeah, that's not good.

That sapphire may help us
tip Maat's scales of judgment.

It might be the key to saving humanity.

And maybe even Cal.

So the one clue that we needed from
this papyrus is missing. Now what?

Maybe there's something else.

Uh... I... I don't see anything.

What if we're not seeing
it because we can't see it?

Okay. School me.

I learned that the Egyptians used
pigments that were vibrant blue,

but over time, they faded away.

The only way to see them now would
be through an infrared filter.

There might be more to this
papyrus, just hidden from view.

I actually may have
something that could help.


Remember when I said I was concerned

about the Omega Sapphire
falling into the wrong hands?

- Tell me.
- [SAANVI] Angelina...


She used it to push a thought
from her head into Ben's.

She created a false Calling?

We didn't see that coming.

[SAANVI] No, but we should have.

We've been so focused on using
sapphire to connect to the divine,

we completely forgot about
our connection to each other.

If Angelina has that power,

how will you know if a Calling
is real or false from now on?

We won't.

This is bad.

[SAANVI] Well, this is worse.

If misusing the Noah's Ark fragment
created a volcanic fissure...

What consequences will misusing the
Omega Sapphire have on the world?

I'm calling Gupta
because we need the help.



Next stop on the Bucket
List Express, Le Louvre.

I found an amazing virtual tour.
All the masters. No waiting.

We can do something else.


Like it.

- I haven't played this in ages.

Let's go.


Do you think there might be a way
for you to b*at the Death Date?

I don't know.


That fear you're feeling, I can
help you and take it all away.

You taking it on and making
it go away are not the same.

Come on. Why else did I
come back with this ability?

Why did I come back older?

I'm sure there's a reason.

Problem is,

I'll never live long enough
to uncover that reason.



A DSLR camera with an infrared filter.

Okay, let's see if it
still works. [CLEARS THROAT]

- [OLIVE] Ah!

- Giving me very Euro vibes.
- Where'd you even get this?


My mom, actually.


She said I had a knack.

Yeah, that was...

that was right before she...

You know what sucks?

How much my mom would've loved your mom.

I can't take any more loss.

You know, just even the thought
of the Death Date, and I can't...

- I can't lose Cal.
- [TJ] Hey.

Cal's gonna pull through somehow.

We all will. I know it.

For some reason...

when you say that,

it somehow sounds possible.

So thank you for being here.

There's no place I'd rather be.

[MICHAELA] This is
Angelina's old school.

Olive thinks she's here
looking for the angel.

Why are the windows glowing?


[ANGELINA] Forgive me.

I thought for so long
that you were chasing me.

I now realize you chose me.

You wanted me to realize I
don't need to find an angel.

I am the angel.




Angelina, it's over.

It will be. Soon.

For all of you. God has chosen me.

Whatever power you think
you have, you don't.

Are you blind? Look at what I did.

You haven't done anything.
This is your punishment.

The Lord would never punish his angel.

You, an angel?

I'm an archangel

sent to bring vengeance upon the evil

and to lead the righteous to salvation.

No, you're just a person.

A sad, lost,

lonely person in the
Lifeboat awaiting judgment

just like the rest of us!

Read your scripture, Ben!

Since you kept my command
to endure patiently,

I will keep you from the trials

that will test all who
dwell on this earth.

You're warping God's words.

Nobody's endured more than me!

No one? No one? His wife is d*ad!

And so am I.

You did this to me, Michaela.

No, Evie.

No. No, no, no, no.

Mick. It's not her.

There's no one there.
It's... it's Angelina.

She's creating this
from things she's heard

or maybe a picture she saw.

I trusted you,

and you k*lled me.



- What is it?
- It's Cal's scar sample. It's glowing.

You said that scar tissue
tested negative across the board.

It did, but something's
changed. I've seen it before.

On Ben's hand. It's sapphire.




Surrounded by a bunch of dots.

[OLIVE] All around the sapphire.

Hold on.

[OLIVE] Hmm.

Let's see here.


Sort of a random pattern.



I don't think it's random at all.


Constellation. The Dragon.

[TJ] It's the same.

You see how the tail,

it touches the scale?

[TJ] A dragon.

What's up, bud?

Can you see that?

My scar. It's moving.

[ZEKE] What the hell?

He was right.



You're a dragon, Cal. Just like me.

I am the Dragon.




Did you bring me here? You
pulled me into a Calling? How?

You're destroying any chance
we have. You have to stop this.

I'm doing what I was chosen to do, Cal.

I won't be manipulated by you again.


What happened?

I think she's in a Calling.

- Please help us!

Oh my God.

[MICHAELA] Get back. Get back!

Yeah? Go.

Stay there. Stay there.

Come on, come on. All right.

Stay back. I'm warning you.

I'm already dying. There's
nothing you can do to me.

- Mom?


It's time to let go now,
Cal. Then we can be together.

Come to me, my sweet, sweet boy.


I missed you so much...


I think there's more I'm supposed to do.


No, you've done so much.

Now it's time to rest.



I'm ready.

[GRACE] Let go.

Let go.

Cal? Stay with me.



[OFFICER] Signature, please.

He's all set.

You okay?

I'm so sorry about today.

Thank you.

Ice cream?


Get home safe, guys.

- [MAN] Thanks.
- Yeah.

Hold that thought.

New ball game.

Listen up, folks.

Effective immediately,

we are to detain every passenger
on US soil until further notice.

[MAN] Wait, what?

No. Wait. You can't do
this. I'm all he's got.

Child protective services
will take care of it.

Daddy! Daddy!

No! Daddy!

I'll be back, okay?

My sweet, sweet boy.

You're so close.

- No need to fight any longer.


Cal, what is it?

All those years,

the whole time I was sick,

never once did she tell
me to stop fighting.

Listen to your mother.

- This isn't my mother.

Stay back!

Inside, you're just a scared little boy.

Guilty little weakling who
couldn't save his own mother.

The little boy is gone. Now
you have to deal with me.






Hey, what happened?
Cal? Cal, what happened?

[SAANVI] The glow is fading.

[VANCE] Why?

I don't know.

The major was right. Cal
really is the Holy Grail.


What the hell is that?


[MAN] Put your hands in the air! Now!

Destroy everything.




[MAN] Hands where I can see 'em!
Step away from the computer! Now!


Hang in there, bud. Please?

[WEAKLY] It's time.

- Please get Olive.
- Okay.

Call everyone.



[OLIVE] We have to figure
this out. It might save Cal.

Okay. Okay, so a sapphire

inside of a dragon hovering
over Maat's scales? Why?

Well, the scales taught
us about the Lifeboat.

That all passengers are
being judged together.


But if a passenger... well, a dragon,

gets touched by the sapphire,
I mean, it could tip the scales,

and all of you could survive,

which means the entire
world can survive.

But who's the Dragon?

Cal. Cal can save all of us.

But who can save Cal?

I don't know how I can
ever thank you, Cal.

You saved my life in more ways than one.


Don't go.


I'll always be here
for you, with you, okay?

[ZEKE] You're my best man.

[CAL] I'll always be with you.

I need f*re and police support
to the corner of nd and Grant.


Okay. Please hurry.

All right, that's everybody.

There you go.

- I'm going back in for Angelina.
- No, it's way too dangerous.

She won't stop until we stop
her. It's what your Calling wants.

- That's why we're here. Stay with them.
- Ben!

All right.

Hey. I'm right here, okay?
Help's on the way, all right?

- Just gonna check you out.
- Thank you.

It's gonna be okay.


There has to be something left.

Get away from me!

Angelina, it's over. The sapphire
is shattered. This ends now.

[ANGELINA] Cal is dying.

I saw him, Ben.

The life is draining from him while
you're here trying to get to me.

Poor Cal.

You're lying!



This is the way it has to be.





Hey, what's going on? Is it Cal?

[ZEKE] No. No, it's me.

[MICHAELA] Uh, can it
wait till I get home?

I won't be here when you get home.

Hey, Zeke, you're scaring me.

[ZEKE] No, don't be scared.

I'm not...

because of you.

We were always meant
to be together, Mick.

Zeke, what's going on? Why are
you telling me this right now?

I was given a second
chance at life, Mick.

I didn't know why, but it was you, Mick.

It was you.

And then in the cave,

that magazine photo of your
beautiful face kept me going.

And then when I came back,

I wanted to find you.

I had to.

The first time we touched,

it was like I could feel
you in every cell of my body

like you were a part of me.

You're why I came back.

You're my breath and
my blood and my soul.

You let me know what it
means to be truly alive.


The universe brought us
together for a reason, Mick.

It was my second chance

to make up for all the
pain and hurt I caused.

And now I finally get to do that.

Zeke, whatever it is you're
gonna do, you don't have to do it.

Stop. Okay, just wait till I get home.

Just wait... just wait for me, please.

I wish I could.

Zeke, stop. Zeke.

Zeke! Zeke!

- [BEN] Angelina's gone.

Ben, we gotta go home. We
gotta go home right now.


When you lost the Omega Sapphire,
you put the whole world at risk.

I warned you about playing God.







Cal. Come on, buddy.

No. Hey. Come on. Stay with
me. Don't leave me, please. No.

It's okay, my love.

I'll see you again.

Under the stars.

No. No, no.



[CRYING] No! No! No!
No, no, no, no, no, no!






"Blessed are they who hunger
and thirst after righteousness,

for they shall be filled."



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