01x15 - Test Friends

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Danger Force". Aired: March 28, 2020 –; present.
Series is a spinoff of Henry Danger and follows four new superheroes-in-training, to attend Swellview Academy for the Gifted.
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01x15 - Test Friends

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CAPTAIN MAN: You are gonna fold! You hear me?!

I'm going to put you away for a long time!

- Brainstorm! I need you to deal with those boxers!

- I can't feel my arms!

- Don't you quit on me!

- Almost there...

- There's too many t*nk! - I'm running out of steam!

- Almost there...

- Clear! - Clear!

- Clear! - Help!

Orphan sock!

[ Captain Man, Volt, and ShoutOut gasp ]

- I got you!

[ music ]

- Did we do it?

- We did it.

- We did all the laundry.

- Every item of clothing we own... is clean.

- We have achieved... Laundry Zero.

[ everyone cheers ]

- Great job, everyone.

- We are so in-tune right now.

- Harmony check!

[ plays pitch pipe ]

[ singing in unison ] ♪ In tuuuuuuuuuuuune

- It don't get much better than this.

[ Captain Man's phone rings ]

It's my agent.

Talk to me.

The cover?!

[ Captain Man laughs ]

Hey hey, let's do lunch next week.

Yeah, yeah on you!

Naw, I'm not paying for it.

Alright, okay bye.

I'm gonna be on the cover of SI.

- Supes Illustrated?! - The superhero magazine?!

- The same.

- Can we be on it with you?! - Ehhhhhh...

- Please please please we've been practicing

our posing for weeks! - Danger Force: Pooooooose!

- You know I'm not really loving it.

Maybe I should just be on it by myself, you know--

- We have seven more!

- Danger Force: Prom poooooose!

- Not working for me.

- Danger Force: Social Streamerrrrrs!

- Question... when you guys were coming up with

all these poses -- without me -- did anyone ever say,

"Hey-- where's Captain Man?"

- No, I mean we just kinda thought you'd be there, too.

- Oh, really? - I mean you'd obviously

be there on the cover with us. - Obviously.

- So can we be on the cover with you or not?!

- I tell you what. I will think about it.

[ ShoutOut gasps ]

- Ray just said the "T" word!

- He almost never thinks about anything!

- I can die now...

- Dinner's on me. Why don't you guys go to Abbrevs?

- That restaurant that shortens all the names of their food?

- T-S. The same.

- Oh! Got it! - That's good. I like it.

- I'm gonna crush some Chickie Tendies.

- Burreets for me. - 'Chini 'Fredo for life!

- I'm all about them 'Chos. - Short for nachos?

- T-S.

- Ohhhhh. Yeah. Alright. Bye now.

SHOUTOUT: Thank you. AWOL: I've grown to love him.

- All the love. Much love. No, you, Volt. You.

It's actually short for "abbreviation."

- Ah, what a great group of kids.

- Yeah. Just too bad I can't trust them.

- I know they're just so-- wait what?!

- I said I can't trust them. - Why not?!

- You heard them -- they're planning on taking

the cover of Supes Illustrated from me!

- Where are you getting this?

- Oh, I-I-I don't know: their words, their actions,

their seventy-two distinct poses none of which involve me.

- They only said they had seven more.

- Yeah. That we know of!

- Ray. They're good kids you can trust them.

- Oh really, you really think I can trust them?

- Yes! - Well now I have no choice

but to prove to you that I can't.

- Or you could just let this go.

- I will give them a series of elaborate tests

to prove to you that I can't trust them.

We'll start tomorrow!

Oh my god. My money's gone.

- Yeah, yeah, you gave it to them.

- I think those kids took my money!

That's strike two!

You're out!

[ music ]

- Schwoz!


What are you doing in that thing?

- Hiding. - Why?

- Because I know you're going to ask me to use my skills

to help you test these poor kids.

- Bingo! I need you to give me a way

that I can be in here while seeing and listening

to everything that's going on out there.

- Ho-kay. Gimme two hours, I'll hook up something nice.

- You got ninety seconds.

- [ gasps ] I need at least a hundred seconds

to take off my hiding sticks!

- Eighty-five, eighty-four...

Eighty-three! - What?

- Huh? Nothing. Forget I said that.

- Said what? - Nice.

Surprise test time! - No!

- Here ya go. For you.

Oh! What ho!

I nearly gave you the answers instead of the test, young sir.

What a jape that would have beeeen...

And now simply to place the answers here.

Upon mine podium, adjacent to yon oscillator.

- Why are you talking like a book?

- Ha! Get wrecked, books!

- What, ho?! A vibration in mine pocket!

And now simply to answer it.

Good day kind sir... or madam. Or madam.


What's this, you say?

Hath we business to discuss

about the Supes Illustrated cover?

- Can we be on it, pleeeeeease?

Please please please. We promise--

- I'm still thinking about it gah!

Thence I shall retire from this room,

leaving the answers behind and unattended,

whilst discussing said magazine cover

ahn pree-vaht.

[ music ]

- NOOOO! - Yesssss...

- You guys I saw it! I saw one of the answers on our test!

- [ gasps ] Whatever you do, do not tell the rest of us.

- Yeah.

- I'm not going to tell anyone the answer.

In fact, I'm going get that one wrong on purpose.

So there's not even a question of me cheating.

- Smart. That's my sister, right there. - Good call. Ethics.

- And I'm also going to get another one wrong on purpose

just for good measure.

- Little too far. - Also my sister but--


- They didn't look at the answers.

It looks like they passed your test.

- You're right. This test was a failure.

- Ray. Listen to me.

If you don't let this go,

you will end up losing the thing that you want the most.

This time, that thing happens to be:

getting your picture on the cover of Supes Illustrated.

- You're right.

I'm gonna have to make these tests a lot harder.

- No, no, no, no, no, no,--

- To the Man Ladder!

It all just kinda happened.

[ kids all talking at once ]

- Stop talking!

♪ Danger

♪ Whoaaa-oooh

♪ Whoaaa-oooh

♪ Ooooh-ooooh

♪ Danger!

♪ One two three Force!

[ kids in unison ] - Emergency!

- That's just the doorbell. - I know.

[ music ]

- I don't think the birds are gonna like your house, Bose.

- Why not?

- Hey, we're making bird houses. - For homeless birds!

- Harketh upon yon ladder.

- You're talking like a book again.

- I ascend!

- We can see that.

- And thence...

trust faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalll...

[ music ]

- I gotcha, boss!

- What the... - Pillows!

- [ groans ]

Those pillows better go back where you found 'em.

- I miss when Ray would give us five thousand dollars

to go to Abbrevs. - Obvi.

- Fa show. - Totes.

- Broseph, why don't you just give up and admit

that you can trust the kids.

- You're right. They're never going to betray me as a group.

I need to test each one of them when they're alone...

- Should I just call Supes Illustrated now

and tell them to cancel your cover?

- Hey!

[ music ]

- "Ice cream this way."

- Miles gave up ice cream three weeks ago.

Said he wants to, "Make better choices."

[ snickers ]

[ phone rings ]

- ...hello?

FUTURE BOSE: Hello, I am Bose --

from the future.

- Whoaaaaa.

- [ Future Bose voice ] Is this Bose from the past?

- No, this is Bose from the present. Wrong number.

- [ Future Bose voice ] No, no, no! Wait don't hang up, brah!

I meant Bose from the present.

I got a very important message for you.

You've got to destroy Ray.

[ gasps ]

- Hey! I have to give a speech in... two minutes.

I have to practice in front of somebody first,

and I don't have any time to make any changes.

Can I trust to just listen to me and just say, "Great job"?

- You have a speech in two minutes?

- Can I trust you to just listen to me and say, "Great job"?

- Yes!

- Greetings. I will say to you now

how to be the good-est person.

Step one. Never, ever vote.

[ loud computer modem noises ]

- I don't have a phone.

- So get one.

- Are we gonna do this every time I come here, Lee?

- 'Til you get a phone.

- Oh my!

[ Lee's phone rings ]

- This is Lee.

- Lee! Hey, you buggin' Chapa?

- 'Til she gets a phone.

- I gotta talk to her!

- It's for you.

- Hey, Bill? It's Miles.

I'm staring at some ice cream right now,

and I'm feeling tempted.

I'm gonna need you to talk me down.

- Why do I have to destroy Ray?

- [ Future Bose voice ] 'Cause in the future, Ray turns evil

and he lays waste to all of Swellview.

- Even the Petting Zoo?

- [ Future Bose voice ] Especially the petting zoo.

- Noooooo!

- [Future Bose voice ] To save Swellview,

you've got to destroy your handsome boss!

- I have to destroy Schwoz?

- [ normal voice ] You gotta destroy Ray!

[ Future Bose voice ] No matter how good-looking he is!

- Bill, you're right.

Carrots are a much better choice.

- M'cream! Gimme--

- Can't do it, Future Me.

I love Ray too much.

- and lastly but no least-ly...

when spelling the rule is,

"E before I except in July." Amen.

So... how was it?

- Great... job.

Excuse me a second, I just need to...

[ super-screams ]

Hey! I accidentally sent you

the worst picture of me ever taken!

- Oh I know...



- Okay, I'll delete it.

- Did she delete it? - Yes! Yes, she deleted it yes.


You know there's still time to give up,

before you lose your magazine cover in a hilarious way.

- Stop eating all m'cream, Schwoz!

[ music ]

- Some lucky bird is going to love the chaise lounge...

- Oh, yeah. It's really good, bro.

- That's pretty nice. - Thanks!

[ tube alert ]

- You guys! We have to go back to the petting zoo

and get the rest of the animals!

- Do we, though? - Yes!

In the future, Ray turns evil and destroys all of Swellview.

Especially the petting zoo!

- What? - It's true!

My future self called me and told me

I had to destroy Ray to save the petting zoo. But I wouldn't do it.

- Bose, honey, are we forgetting the difference between dreams and reality again?

- It wasn't a dream -- check my call history!

- This is Ray's number. - Ray doesn't have a cell phone.

Some boy stole it.

- That's me. - You stole Ray's cell phone?

- Please just say yes so we can move on.

- Why would Ray pretend to be Bose from the future,

and tell Bose to destroy Ray?

- Don't ask me...

- How 'bout I zap you?

- Ray thinks you're trying to steal his Supes Illustrated cover photo

so he's putting you through an elaborate series of tests

to see if he can trust you.

[ kids gasp ]

GOAT: Bahh.

- Also, we're back at laundry one thousand.

[ kids gasp ]

[ music ]

[ music ]

GOAT: Bahh.

- I can't believe that guy! Why wouldn't he trust us?!

- Yeah, why wouldn't he trust us?!

- Because Ray is a man-child with self destructive tendencies

and instead of talking about his feelings he has an episode.

In this episode he's giving his only friends a series of tests.

- That I passed by the way.

I'm not sure how you guys did, but I crushed--

- We all passed! - All passed.

GOAT: Bahh!

- And I would also like to point out

that laundry goes a whole lot faster when we're all angry!

- Extremely angry! - I agree!

- Wait -- we're doing laundry?

- Yes. What did you think we're doing?

- I thought we were feeding the goat.

CHAPA: No, we're not.

- He had his moment, but this way...

- Hey hey guys! Hey hey, I need your help!

I'm way out in the desert

and I got my foot stuck in a gopher hole.

- Ohhhhh no! It looks like you need your loyal team to come help you!

- Yes, bring me some water and oh my Buckcherry concert shirt,

assuming it's out of the laundry!

- Surrrrrre, Ray. We'll be right there.

Because you can trust us.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hurry it up will ya?

- My phone's about to die, and a bunch of scorpion hornets

keep trying to build a nest in my hair. Get--

- You listen to me, Raymond Esther Manchester!

- [ gasps ] Don't you use my full name at me!

- I'll use the names your momma gave you, Raymond!

[ gasps ]

- I don't appreciate being secretly tested!

- Yeah!

- Do you destroy the petting zoo or not?

- Schwoz, you told them?!

- I dunnoo...

- Just hurry up and come and get me before my phone dies.

- I'm not going anywhere. - What?!

- We know this is just another one of your stupid tests.

- It is not! Those tests were awesome!

- [ chuckles ] Goodbye, Ray...

- Okay, fine. I admit -- this one was gonna be a test, too.

I was gonna come out here and get a scorpion hornet,

bring it back to the Man's Nest, and say that

one of you guys had to eat it in order to save my life.

- Why would we have to eat it?

- Who cares?! - I'd still do it, sir.

- Okay just hurry up and come help me get my foot

out of this gopher hole please! - Never!

- Ahhhh! Miles! Thank god you're here!

RAY: What?! - That was an accident!

- Come back!

- Bye, Ray... - Don't hang up!

- We know this is just a test... - It's not a test!

- That's exactly what a person who is testing us would say.

- Just bring my Buckcherry concert shirt-- come get me!

- Sorry -- this goat just ate it.



[ coughs and gags ]

[ music ]

- Whoooo! - Yaaayyyy!

- Fantastic!

- Congrats, bro. - Thanks.

Never thought I'd make it a month without any ice cream.

- It's a real "Miles"-stone.

- Booo! - Stop talking.

- You say that every time Miles gets a new chip.

- And it's never funny.

- No, don't you get it? His name is Miles so--

- Wait wait hold up hold up...

if today's my thirtieth day cream-free.

Does that mean that... - Ray's been gone for a week.

- Yikes. Maybe he really was stuck in that gopher hole.

- Right right...

- Orrrrr that's exactly what he wants us to think!

- Yes! - I like that. Let's do that.

- That's entirely possible. - Trust me.

He might pretend to be stuck for the next cuppa weeks

but there's no way he's gonna miss that SI sh**t.

- Well, while he's out there crying,

I'm gonna go eat some of his ice cream.

- What? - No, no, no!

NO, NO, NO! Do not open that bucket! No!

[ music ]

- Whoa!

Wow! You know I never thought I'd make it

thirty-seven days cream free.

- It's a real "Miles"-stone.

- That was funny! - That was cute.

- I get it!

Hey guys I'm really sorry for all those things I said

when you were holding me back from eating Ray's ice cream.

- We're good. - That was the cream talkin'.

- Technically you should apologize to my mother.

- Have you guys heard from Ray? - Not at all.

- He's really taking this fake, desert test pretty far.

- Should weeee... go... get him?

- The sh**t for Supes Illustrated is tomorrow.

He'll give up and come back before then.

- Yeah. Yeah, that's true.

- Guys! Guys! Can you hear me?

- Ray?!

- Oh thank god... ohh!

There was a lightning storm last night,

I held up my phone and got struck by lightning.

But it recharged my battery just enough to call you.

- Dude, you look terrible. - I feel terrible.

I've been stuck in the desert for two weeks!

- Okay, it's possible he's not actually faking this.

- I'm not faking! I've been surviving on scorpion hornets

and drinking my own sweat.

I tried to bash my foot off with a rock but,

I'm indestructible.

- Yeah, we see that now. Sorry.

- Yeah sorry about that. - Sorry.

- Look you can apologize to me later, just--just come get me.

- Uhh I think you need to apologize to us

for putting us all through those dumb tests.

- Yeah! They were stupid and aggravating.

- If I apologize to you will you come get me

out of this gopher hole?

- Yes. - Well, then I guess

I'll be spending my remaining days out here in the desert

because I am never going to apologize!

- Wow! - Oh my.

Dude, you are a grown man,

and you would rather eat bugs than say you're sorry?

- I wouldn't apologize to you, for all the moms in Swellview.

- We really will leave you out there!

- I'm counting on it! - Alright dude.

- Okay. Great. - That was kind of a dumb mistake.

We could have brought you your ice cream and everything.

[ music ]

- Love. It.

- Wow, I really thought Captain Man

was gonna call us back and apologize.

- You did? - No.

- Yeah, no way he would-- - No way.

- That's the one.

That's the cover of Supes Illustrated.

- Excuse me? Is there any chance you can hang on for few minutes

while I call Captain Man and give him

one last chance to apologize?

- When I say I got it, I got it.

Now, how do I get out of here?

- Oh. Well I can teleport you anywhere you wanna go.

- I wanna go to...

New York City.

- Okay. - Kind of weird.

- Hold on tight.

[ tube alert ]

- Ding-dong!

- Ray?! - There he is.

- I thought you were stuck.

- Yeah, how are you here?

- I ran out of scorpion hornets to eat

so my muscles finally shrank to the point

where I could pull my foot out of the gopher hole!

- I hope you learned your lesson.

- Well the joke's on you, smarty,

because I have learned nothing!

- Actually the joke's on you because you just missed

the sh**t for the Supes Illustrated cover.

- You monsters.

- Don't worry about it, big fella.

I got a great picture of you I can send 'em.

And I bet they can put you on the cover with us.

- You really do?

- Yes, Ray.

You can trust me.

- Oh thank you my sweet girl.

- Okay. I deserve that.

[ music ]

♪ Always on the scene in the nick of time ♪

♪ The second I see trouble I know I'll be fine ♪

♪ I'm okay

♪ I'm okaaaay!

♪ Danger

♪ Whoaaa-oooh

♪ Whoaaa-oooh

♪ Ooooh-ooooh

♪ Danger!

♪ One two three Force!
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