05x10 - Safe

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Handmaid's Tale". Aired: April 2017 to present.
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Based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood, a totalitarian society subjects woman called "Handmaids", into child-bearing servitude in a dystopian future following a Second American Civil w*r.
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05x10 - Safe

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[JUNE] Previously on
The Handmaid's Tale...

You're coming home.

- [MAN] Signal's lost.
- [MARK] Get them out.

Gilead took all three planes
down. There are no survivors.

You need security.

I need to represent
traditional Gilead values.

So, you can move in here
with the kid, if you want.

As his new Wife and child.

He had Warren k*lled in front of me.

Which he's willing to overlook.
So should you.

- I want my baby here.
- It's never gonna happen.


You know how we honor those soldiers?

We do not stop fighting.

You're done with Lawrence.

What about Nick Blaine?
I offered to help him.

If he'd help us, he can still have that.

[NICK] I'm married now. I have a Wife.

You can bring Rose with you.

Her father's top Commander.
She's happy there.

Rose is pregnant.

Have to do whatever it takes
to protect my family.

Just like you.

June Osborne is still
stirring up trouble.

It's about time we fixed that
problem. Don't you agree?

Certainly worth considering.

We remember these patriots.
Their sacrifice for our country.

With liberty and justice for all...

- [g*n f*ring]



There's another memorial
service this weekend.

- High Park?
- I'm supposed to do a prayer.

I get it. You gotta be safe.

How does it feel? Is it comfortable?

It's fine, I guess.

I hate this world.

- I love you, though.
- I love you too.

Commander Lawrence, blessed day.

Blessed and exceptionally
busy, Commander.

- Indeed. I do need a moment.
- [GROANS] Yeah?

There's been a sh**ting in Toronto.

Yeah. I heard there's a lot
of anti-refugee sentiment.

I can understand, though.

The Americans are particularly grating.

June was at the rally.


- The Eyes do see.
- She's not a target, Commander.

Well, she could be. Given
everything she's done.

She convinced those deluded Americans

to send their soldiers into our country

- to kidnap our children.
- She's not a target.

The government of Gilead

does not target expatriates
for execution.

That is our current policy,
far as I know.

- [MAN] Commander Lawrence.
- [LAWRENCE] Yeah?

[MAN] Your car's downstairs.
We're running behind schedule.

Thank you. She had a choice, Commander.

She had , choices.

She's fighting for her daughter.


This is what happens in a fight.
Everyone gets bloody. Everyone.

That you know to be true, Commander.

Let's go.

Just this way, sir.




♪ It's the hard knock life for us ♪

♪ It's the hard knock life for us ♪

♪ 'Stead of treated ♪

♪ We get tricks ♪

♪ 'Stead of kisses we get kicks ♪

♪ It's the hard-knock life ♪

♪ Got no folks to speak of, so ♪

♪ It's the hard-knock row we hoe ♪

♪ Cotton blankets 'stead of wool ♪

♪ Empty bellies 'stead of full ♪

Code brown. Shh.


Blessed day, girls.

[HANDMAIDS] Blessed day, Aunt Lydia.

It's no sin to enjoy one's work.
Joyful labor is God's blessing.

I do believe he would prefer
a more appropriate hymn.

Yes, Aunt Lydia.

- Carry on.
- [HANDMAIDS] Yes, Aunt Lydia.



They are so well-mannered.

And they labor with
such vigor and spirit.

Janine has been
a most helpful influence.

She truly has been a blessing.


people have been slow to notice
your charity towards Janine,

but they are noticing.

She needs to find a posting

or they will find another use for her.

- Mmm-hmm.

That's insane.


I admit it's a bit unorthodox,
but if you'll indulge me...

[NAOMI] I will not.

Go on.

You've already allowed her to
spend time with precious Angela.

A short visit is one thing...

but to allow her to live
in a room in our home?


I beg your pardon.

Would you excuse us for a
moment, please? Thank you.

Thank you.

Mrs. Putnam, I believe
Commander Lawrence

is looking for a different image.

One that would reflect
Gilead's new values.

Having this particular Handmaid

join his new household
would complete that picture.

The Commander's home,
where women know their roles.

And in turn, these women are
treated with respect and grace.

I think that picture
is very important to him.

But this Handmaid...

I'll look like a fool taking her in.

On the contrary.

You would be the model
of forgiveness and grace.

A new Gilead needs
new women at the helm.

Women who are strong and faithful.

May I say? Women like you.


- I'll consider it.
- [LAUGHS] Wonderful.




May I say? You do
make a beautiful bride.




- She's sleeping in.
- Don't jinx it.


This is nice.

[LUKE] Hmm.

[MOIRA] Yeah.






- Mark.
- Hey.

Good morning. I hate
to come by so early.

- It's fine.

- Oh. I jinxed it.
- It's all right.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Do you want some coffee or something?

No, thank you. I just came by
to tell you and your family,

the g*n was apprehended
very early this morning.

Who was he?

Lanison, John L. He's, uh, years old,

he works at a bakery,
he has a fishing license.

He's an angry man with a g*n.

There are millions of them.

- But we have this one.


- And...
- Hi, baby girl.

Baby girl, can you say hi to Mark?

- They found the g*n.
- Yeah.

If he has ties to Gilead

- we will find them.
- Yeah. Okay.

Your daughter is beautiful, Ms. Osborne.

Thanks. I know.


How are you, Mark?

I've been to funerals in five days.

I'm tired.


Thank you for asking.

I know what it's like, you know...

to be responsible for people
and then lose them.

I imagine you do.

May God grant them rest.

And you too.

Thank you.

- See you.
- See you.










♪ Way down in Kokomo ♪

♪ Martinique that Montserrat mystique ♪







[LUKE] Hey, stop! Stop!

What the f*ck are you doing? Stop!





June. Are you all right?

♪ That's where we wanna go ♪

♪ Way down in Kokomo ♪

[LUKE] Hey!

Moira! Moira, we need help!

- Keep that arm s*ab.

Are you okay? How's your hand?
You're gonna be all right.

Hi, Ms. Osborn. I'm Dr. Lo.

[LUKE] Well, she was in a car accident.

- I think she smashed her arm.
- Wiggle your fingers for me.

- Okay, great.


- [DR. LO] Hurts?
- Yeah. f*ck, yes.

Look, could we get some painkillers?

- I think she's in a lot...
- Let's give her

four migs of fent...

Pack it and take her down to Radiology.

Head, neck, and chest, please.

Don't worry, I'm gonna check back here.

you're gonna be all right.

- [DR. LO] Suture kit, please.
- You're bleeding.

Don't worry about that. That's...

Mr. Bankole, please come
with us for questioning.

It won't take long.

Someone tried to k*ll
my wife, all right?

[OFFICER] We will escort you
to the station for questioning.

[LUKE] No, no, I'm not...
I've gotta stay with my wife!

[OFFICER] Come with me and make
a statement about what happened.




Commander Blaine.

- I'm not armed. No bugs.
- [MARK] In any case...

- Okay, let's get moving.
- Yes, sir.


Here you are, my dear girl.

Blessed be the fruit, Aunt Lydia.

The Lord has truly kept
His hand upon you.

How would you like to see
your sweet Angela again?

I would love that. Obviously.

Well, you can. If all goes
well with Mrs. Putnam.

The future Mrs. Lawrence, I should say.

- Mrs. Lawrence?
- She is to marry the Commander.

Show her the proper respect,
and she said she would consider,

consider, mind you, to allow
you to be posted in her house.

I don't want to be posted.

You said I wouldn't
have to do that again.

You know I never said such a thing.


My dear... you cannot
stay here indefinitely.

A chance to see your
precious Angela again.


You have come so far.

Yes, Aunt Lydia.

I'm very grateful.


Praise be.



They're taking her
to her room after this.

And Luke?

[MARK] He's giving
a statement to the police.

The driver's in the ICU.

But the police will bring
Luke to her room

as soon as they're
finished questioning him.

It's probably better if...

she doesn't know I was here.

We'll give you some privacy.



Now that we've fulfilled
our end of the bargain,

I have some papers for you to sign.

They outline our agreement.


If it was up to me,
I'd take you at your word.

Not sure how much
my word is worth right now.

I'd call you an honorable man.

I look forward to working together.

You have the gratitude
of the United States government.

I'll keep my end of the deal.
You just keep her safe.

- I will do everything I can.
- That's not good enough.

Gilead wants her to suffer.

They'll keep coming for her,
then her family...

and they won't stop. So I need
to know that you'll protect her.

I need to know you'll keep her safe.

I will do everything I can.



[MARK] When you met June,
when you were at the Waterfords',

you still held rank in Eyes, didn't you?

Yeah, most of the drivers
work for the Eyes.

[MARK] That would have
given you the chance to run.

Maybe not Canada, but there
are places you could have gone.

You could have run away with her.

She has people who care for her.
She doesn't need me.

I'm nothing.

No, you're not, Commander.

Not to her.

Go with grace.

Hey, everything's gonna be all right.

Are you comfortable
having a g*n around Nichole?


Yeah, I am. That's how
we're gonna stay safe.

We could ask the police
to guard the house or something.

I don't trust the police.
They don't want us here either.

They f*cking hate refugees.

We got to protect ourselves.



This is not gonna be like Boston.

Boston wasn't your fault.
You know that, right?

I'm not gonna let anyone
hurt you. Promise.

Try and get some rest.



[NAOMI] I have prayed on this

and asked God to guide me,

to allow me to do
what is best for Angela.

Same, ma'am.


I pray for the same thing.

To do what is best for your daughter.

[NAOMI] Yes.

As it turns out,

Angela is with her grandparents
for the entire summer,

which will give you a chance
to prove yourself.

Yes, Mrs. Putnam.

If that is successful, I will
consider letting you stay.

When Angela returns, I will oversee

all interactions with her,
now or in the future.

That is inviolate.

- I understand.
- And remember.

She's my daughter.

To say anything else,
to suggest, is heresy.

You could lose your tongue.

I only wish to serve, Mrs. Putnam.

[NAOMI] And remember,
this is a trial period.

Yes, I understand.

Okay. I have to get dressed.


Aunt Lydia. We're taking some portraits.

It might be nice to have
the whole household together.


Well, that's very nice.
That's very nice.

What do you say, dear?

- Thank you, Mrs. Putnam.
- You're welcome.


I'm so proud of you. [LAUGHS]

You're gonna be a good girl.

- Aren't you?
- Yeah.

- Okay.
- Mmm.


Blessed be the fruit.

May the Lord open.

- June's hurt.
- My June?

A truck hit her on purpose.

They want to k*ll her in Toronto.

Who does? How do you know that?

- Is she okay?
- She's alive.

They never let anyone get away. f*ck.





Enough. Enough. You all have work to do.

Surely you have some function
to perform in my home.

Janine. Have you seen your room?

No, ma'am.

Well, I can have a Martha show you.

- Okay.
- Or I can show you.

I feel so hopeful. Don't you?

And honestly, it'll just be nice to have

a friendly face in the house, Ofjoseph.

That's not my name.


And we're not friends.

Do you really think that we're friends?

I think

that you are one of the worst
people I have ever known.

I am not your friend.

I hate you, Naomi. How
can you not know that?

[LAWRENCE] Excuse me, Mrs.... Naomi.

Darling, may I have a moment?


Of course, Commander.





[MOIRA] Luke, that guy
was Canadian. Okay?

We're talking about Canada.

[LUKE] I did Canada
a f*cking favor, all right?

[RITA] I'm afraid they
won't see it that way, Luke.

[LUKE] Okay, I do understand
there's a problem.

- [MOIRA] Do you?
- All right? I...

I... understand that.

[MOIRA] Luke, what
are you talking about?

- [LUKE] No!

No, she was lying
on the ground. All right?

If you remember?

[RITA] Listen to me, that's
not what they will see.

The people here are different.


[MOIRA] The Canadians

who've been yellin' at us
to get out of here!

[RITA] Come on, listen.

From their perspective,

I think you may be underreacting
to the situation.

[LUKE] No, I'm not underreacting...

- [RITA] How serious is this?
- ... you're overreacting.

And you know what would help me?
If you just, like, chilled out.

[RITA] I feel like I have

by giving you
the information that I did.

I don't... June, would
you go back upstairs?

There's nothing to worry
about down here.

What happened?

My friend is a Toronto police officer

and she heard an alert.

Mr. Thorpe, the man
from the truck, died.

[JUNE] What?

We talked to Luke's lawyer.
He confirmed it.

- What does it mean?
- It means I k*lled him.

- But...
- [MOIRA] No but.

You k*lled a Canadian on Canadian soil.

There's a whole bunch of people

who are not gonna wait
for an investigation.

They're just gonna want you d*ad.

- Then f*ck them.
- [MOIRA] Both of you.

[RITA] My friend said
that they could get

a signed warrant for Luke at any minute.

They might even have one already.

And they will arrest you then.


[MOIRA] I'll... I'll get her.

- [RITA] I'm sorry, Luke.

[LUKE] You know what?
I hope they do arrest me.

You know, put me on trial.

I'll tell them... I'm glad
I... I protected my wife.

- Okay?
- [JUNE] Luke...

[LUKE] I... What, what?
No, June, listen.

I-I did what I was supposed to do.

- What am I gonna do?
- Luke.

Let him run over you?

Like, let you die... Die in the street?

- Luke.
- What?

We have to run.


We waited last time,
and we waited too long.

And we didn't see how
much they hated us.

I lost you. And then we lost Hannah.

What, you're just gonna
forget about her now?

We will never, ever forget about her.

But we cannot help her if we are d*ad.

It's changing.

Luke... this country is changing.

No. Canada's not Gilead.

America wasn't Gilead, until it was

and then, it was too f*cking late.

Luke, we have to go.

We have to run. Now.

It's all right. It's all right.

I put some extra clothes
in the bag for you.

Thank you.

Hey, I made you a backup res on Delta.

They got a midnight flight.

Anchorage, then Honolulu,
in case you miss the : .

- All right, great.
- Let's not miss it.

Good evening, Ms. Osborne,

- Mr. Bankole.
- What do you want?

You can't go to the airport.

The police have flagged
your reservation.

They'll be waiting
for Mr. Bankole to arrest him.

Ms. Osborne, you'll be charged as well,

for aiding a flight from justice.

- What justice?
- What about Nichole?

- You'll lose her.
- What are they supposed to do?

[MARK] Our options are limited.

They ran over me in my
front f*cking yard, Mark.

If Luke is convicted
of k*lling a Canadian,

it's gonna get a lot worse for us here.

What are they gonna do next?

Drive over my daughter
just to get to me?

- We're not safe here anymore.
- No, you're not.

We'll take our chances at the airport.


[MARK] There might be another way out.

American refugees are on
their way here from all over.

Canada doesn't want them
anymore. No one does.

They're all coming here.

We're putting them on trains to go west.

I can get you on one.

[ROSE] Sweetheart...


- Blaine.

You could've k*lled her.
You could've f*ck' k*lled her!

Commander, it wasn't me.
It wasn't my decision.

Cake? Gentlemen.


You had the most wonderful opportunity.

And you threw it away.

What do you want me to say, Aunt Lydia?

[AUNT LYDIA] Janine...

you must fix this. You can fix this.

You must beg... the Commander
and Mrs. Lawrence for mercy...

and forgiveness.

No. Aunt Lydia, I won't. I won't do it.

You've lost all sense.


All of the good that you have
managed to bring into your life.


- The Eyes are here.
- What?

For Janine.

- What's going on here?
- [EYE] This is the one.

What are you doing?

You take your hands off her this minute.

I will call Commander Lawrence.

Commander Lawrence gave the order.

That is not possible.

Aunt Lydia, don't worry about me.

I'll be fine. Don't worry
about me. I'm fine. I'm fine.

What are you putting on her?
Don't you dare put that on her.

Where are you taking her?
Janine? This is outrageous.

I'm calling the Commander this minute.

You will pay for this. Stop!

I said take your hands off her.

I am calling the Commander right now.

You answer me! Where are you taking her?




She is my girl and my concern,

and I insist that you release her.

[EYE] Stop.






Holy shit.

[MARK] From Vancouver,

you should be able
to get a boat to the States

but if Canada Rail has his name,

your refugee cards'll be flagged.

- Throw them away. Take these.
- Hey, Tuello. Thanks.

Can you get a message to Nick?

Just tell him that I'm safe.

Tell him that Nichole is safe, okay?

Just tell him that we're okay.

- Will you do that for me?
- Yes, I will.

- Thanks.
- Godspeed, Ms. Osborne.

Thank you.

[MALE GUARD ] Follow the signs
to the platform.

Have your documentation ready.

[MALE GUARD ] Nonresidents,
to your left!

Keep it moving! Keep it moving!

[FEMALE GUARD] Keep moving!
Keep moving, folks! Keep going.

[MALE GUARD ] Keep moving
forward! Move forward!

We're now clear on Level .

Clear on Level .

[FEMALE GUARD ] Move forward!

[WOMAN OVER PA] The train
departs in five minutes.

The train departs in five minutes.


[MALE GUARD ] Have your
papers ready, please.

Have your papers ready.

Canadians to the right.
Nonresidents to the left.

[WOMAN OVER PA] All passengers,
keep to your left.

All passengers, keep to your
left and go downstairs.


- [GUARD ] Coming to you now.
- [GUARD ] Copy that.

[WOMAN OVER PA] The main platform

is for Canadian citizens only.

Nonresidents must go to the left.

[GRUNTS] I've got her.



[WHISPERS] It's okay, sweetheart.

You're all right. Almost there.

[WOMAN OVER PA] Everyone must have

their papers and documents ready.

Everyone must have their papers
and documents ready.




What are we gonna do?

It's gonna be all right.
Listen, you just go ahead.

What? No.

If they recognize me
they'll stop you and Nichole.

So just go. Go. I'm gonna
be right behind you.

I'm coming. Just go. Go, go, go.


proceed in an orderly manner.

Please proceed in an orderly manner.


You, ma'am.


- Is that your child?
- Yes.

- How old is she?
- months.


- Let's go. Don't miss the train.
- Thank you. Let's go, sweetie.

Here you go, sweetie. Almost there.

[OFFICER] Have you seen this man?

Looking for a Luke Bankole.

- I'll look.
- Sir, have you seen this man?

[OFFICER] We're looking
for a Luke Bankole.

Have you seen this man?

[WOMAN OVER PA] This train
departs in two minutes.

Next train arrives

- in minutes.

- Do you see them?
- Yeah.

June, you've got to get on the train.


Okay, you can make it. You can make it.

Just show them your ticket, okay?

June, if I'm with you,
you're not gonna be safe.

So get on the train.


No. No. f*ck you.

f*ck that. I'm not getting on the train.

June, you cannot stay here.

You know you and Nichole
are not safe if I'm with you.

So do this for Nichole. Get
on the f*cking train, okay?

No. Luke...

[LUKE] June, if you stay here,
Gilead are gonna come after you.

- And you know they will.
- Do not do this. Don't do this.

They're not letting the train leave

until they find me, so get on the train.

Please don't do this.

I don't want to do this alone.

I don't want to do it alone anymore.

I don't want to do it alone.

June, we're gonna find each other.

We always do, right? Get on the train.

- We need you.

You take care of our baby, okay?
You take care of her.

You were never gonna
get on the train, were you?

[SOBS] Luke... come find me.

Come find me.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you, June Osborne.

[OFFICER] There he is!

Don't move.

Mr. Bankole, you are under arrest.







I'm sorry.

Why did you ever pretend
that you loved me?

- I do love you.
- You're a liar.

You say that because you want
to feel like you're a good man.

But a good man wouldn't
leave his pregnant wife

every time his girlfriend calls.


You will never let go of her, will you?

I try.

I really...


But I can't.

I don't want to be with you anymore.



You can't leave.

We had a good thing.

And then you had to go and ruin it.



Excuse me.


It's okay, sweetie. It's okay.
Come here, sweetie. It's okay.

It's all right. It's okay,
sweetie. It's okay.

We're gonna find someplace, okay?

We're gonna find someplace,
and we're gonna sit down.

It's gonna be okay.

We're going on an adventure...

You know that?

We're going to a beautiful island

where the sky is blue
and the water is clear.

It's called Hawaii.

It's your country and
you're gonna love it.


Oh, do you hear that, sweetie?
Do you hear the baby?

There's another baby here.
You wanna go see the baby?



Hi, June.

Hi, Serena.


You got a diaper?
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