03x29 - Finders Keepers & A Storybook Ending

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Dragon Tales". Aired: September 6, 1999 - November 25, 2005.
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Siblings Emmy and Max discover a magical place called Dragon Land where they meet dragons Ord, Cassie, Zak, Wheezie and the wise Quetzal and face challenges together.
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03x29 - Finders Keepers & A Storybook Ending

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Singer: ♪ Emmy wished on a dragon's scale ♪

♪ And that's what started "Dragon Tales" ♪

♪ Around the room the dragons flew ♪

♪ But Emmy and Max knew what to do ♪

♪ They climbed on the backs of their dragon friends ♪

♪ Now the adventures never end ♪

♪ "Dragon Tales," "Dragon Tales" ♪

♪ It's almost time for "Dragon Tales" ♪

♪ Come along, take my hand ♪

♪ Let's all go to Dragon Land ♪

♪ There's Ord, he's the biggest, not so brave of heart ♪

♪ There's Cassie, so shy, but so very smart ♪

♪ There's Zak and Wheezie and their tales of fun ♪

♪ 'Cause you know two heads are better than one... ♪

♪ "Dragon Tales," "Dragon Tales" ♪

♪ It's almost time for "Dragon Tales" ♪

♪ Come along, take my hand ♪

♪ Let's all go to Dragon Land ♪

[Bird chirping]

Max: Emmy, what day is it today?

Emmy: Uh, Thursday the th,

and you know what that means.

Max: Dragon Land Aquarium opens today.


Emmy: Grab on.

Both: I wish, I wish with all my heart

to fly with dragons in a land of art.

Ord: Max!

Cassie: Emmy!

Emmy: Ha ha ha!

Ord: Mm, I'm so glad to see you.

Emmy: Uh, Ord, uh,

could you be a tiny bit less glad?

Ord: Hee hee hee! Oops. Sorry.

I must be extra excited about the aquarium opening today.

Max: Me, too. Come on. Let's go.

Emmy: Wait. We can't leave without Wheezie and Zak.

Both: Did somebody call our names?

Ord: Today's the day.

Max: The Dragon Land aquarium opens with rides.

Ord: Food, shows, the big squirtfish, and food.

Wheezie: ♪ Love it ♪

Zak: Wait. Wheezie, we're supposed to clean up our room.

Wheezie: Clean, schmean.

♪ Boring ♪

Last one to the aquarium's a fish egg.

Zak: Wheezie, not so fast!

Ord: Wait for Cassie.

Zak: Okee dokey.

Max: There's the gate.

Ord: And look. There's a squirtfish.

Max: Squirtfish?

Ord: The only fish in Dragon Land

that can walk on land.

Max: Ord, fly faster.

Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha!

Uh, it's stuck.

Gnome: Sonny, you can't get in without a ticket, one of these.

Max: Ticket?

Emmy: Don't worry, Max.

Wheezie has tickets for all of us.

Wheezie: That's right, got them right here,

uh, somewhere.

Where can they be?

Zak: You'd lose my head if it weren't attached.

Wheezie: Mr. Ticket Taker, sir, I can't find our tickets.

I had them, I promise,

but I don't know where I put them,

so can you just let us in?

I'm sure I'll find them later.

Gnome: Mm, sorry, young lady.

No ticket, no entrance. That's the rules.

Zak: Oh, no. Why did I give you the tickets to hold?

Wheezie: Oh, I know they're somewhere, but where, where?

Ord: What if Wheezie never finds them

and we never get to go to the aquarium?

We'll never get to see the squirtfish

and go on rides and eat purple dragon corn.

Wheezie: Oh, dear, what if I lost them forever?

Cassie: I'm sure they'll turn up, Wheezie.

Max: What are we gonna do?

Emmy: Let's think.

Where were you when you last had the tickets?

Wheezie: Uh, I can't remember.

Cassie: Remember when Ord lost his dragon badge?

Quetzal sent him to the Dragon Land

lost and not yet found.

Ord: Yeah. Someone found my badge and took it there.

Maybe your tickets are there, too, Wheezie.

Max: Ha! Ha ha ha!

Priscilla: Hi, Wheezie. Can I help you?

Wheezie: Did anyone turn in tickets to the aquarium?

Priscilla: Hmm, oh, my. Well, let's see.

Aquarium tickets. Aquarium tickets.


I have croquet wickets,

noisy crickets...

[Crickets chirping]

Ord: [Gasps]

Ha ha!

I wondered where that was. Ha ha!

Priscilla: umbrella, giant shoe, whoopie cushion.

Max: Excuse me. We're looking for aquarium tickets.

Priscilla: Tickets? Oh. Nope. Sorry.

Maybe you threw them away by mistake.

Zak: Threw them away?

Priscilla: Hey, why don't you try the dragon dump?

Zak: Dragon dump?

I'll never find the tickets in that stinky, messy, ugly place.

Cassie: We can't just give up. Let's go to the dump.

Arlo: Well, I sure am sorry you lost your tickets. Heh.

I reckon if they're anywhere, they'd be over on Recycle Hill.

Wheezie: Recycle Hill?

Arlo: Well, that's where we put paper

and other things we can use again.

Good luck.

[Insects buzzing]

[All gasp]

Zak: You want me to go up there?

It's even messier than Wheezie's side of our bedroom.

Max: Come on, Ord. Let's go look.




Ord: Maybe Zak's right.

It could take weeks to find anything in that huge pile.

Wheezie: Ohh, this is all my fault.

I wish I never let those tickets out of my sight.

Emmy: Try and remember what you did with them

when you first had them.

Wheezie: Well, I remember I had them in my hand,

and I put them--

Oh, I can't remember.

Zak, Emmy, Ord, Cassie, and Max: Ohh...

Cassie: Keep trying, Wheezie.

Emmy: I know. Let's retrace your steps.

Max: Trace her steps?

You want Wheezie to draw a line around her feet?

Ord: I have paper and crayons in my pouch.

Emmy: No, Max, retrace her steps.

I want Wheezie to remember where she went

from the first moment she had the tickets.

Zak: If I walk everywhere she went, I'll be pooped.

I'll be all sweaty.

Max: Start retracing her steps.

Ord: Good idea.

Cassie: We'll all help.

Emmy: OK. Start at the beginning.

Where were you when you first had the tickets in your hand?

Wheezie: Easy.

It was last week, and I was at the aquarium.

Oh, we better go there and--

Max, Ord, and Cassie: Start retracing steps.

Zak: Oh, here we go. Wheezie, slow down!


Gnome: Did you find the tickets?

Ord: Not yet, but we will.

We're retracing Wheezie's steps.

Wheezie: Zak gave me the tickets to hold.

I was so excited about the aquarium

that I ran all the way to the playground.

Then I put the tickets in my side of our pouch...

Zak: Figures. My side is the neat side.

If you would've put them there, we would've found them.

Wheezie: and then I saw a butterfly, remember?

Zak: Yeah, and you made me fly after it.

Wheezie: Whee!

Zak: Waah!

Cassie: Did you catch it?

Zak: No.

Wheezie: And that's when I saw...

Max and Ord: The tickets?

Wheezie: the mailman at our mailbox.

I took the mail and the tickets to our knuckerhole.

Wheezie: Whee! Zak: Waah!

Max: Whee!

Zak: Waah! Uh!

Emmy and Max: Uh!

Ord: Ooh!

Wheezie: I set the mail down, and we went to our room

to take a nap because I was exhausted...

Zak: I was exhausted, too.

Being with Wheezie always makes me exhausted.

Wheezie: but first, I took the tickets out of our pouch

and put them--

put them--

Ord: Where?

Wheezie: I don't remember.

Zak: Hmm...

Wheezie: The tickets must be here somewhere.

Max: How will we find them in this mess?

Cassie: If we help Wheezie put her stuff away,

maybe we can find the tickets.

Max: OK. Emmy: I'll help.

Ord: Me, too.

Wheezie: Oh, where are those tickets!

Ord: Not here.

Cassie: Not on the bed.

Max: Not down here.

[Doll growls]

Max: Where are those tickets?

Emmy: Dolls go on the shelf, Max.

How am I supposed to know?

Ord: The tickets aren't in this book.

Cassie: They have to be somewhere.

Zak: All this looking is making me tired.

Wheezie: Where are those tickets!

Max: There they are, on your foot.

Wheezie: Yay!


Hey, retracing our steps really worked.

Zak: And it cleaned up Wheezie's side of the room, too.

Wheezie: I'm sorry, everybody. Can you ever forgive me?

Zak: You're my sister. I'll always forgive you.

Wheezie: Aw, Zakkie.

Let's go!


[Fireworks whistling and popping]

Max: That was amazing.

Emmy: Definitely.

Wheezie: ♪ Loved it ♪

Ord: Yum!

Cassie: Great.

Zak: Ha ha! The best.

Emmy: Bye, squirtfish.

Max: Why do they call him a squirtfish?


Emmy and Max: I wish, I wish to use this rhyme

to go back home until next time.

Emmy: I'm sure glad we found those tickets.

Max: Me, too.

That reminds me, there's something I have to show you.

Emmy: What, Max?

Max: Look, Emmy. I have a squirtfish, too.


[Birds chirping]

Enrique: ¿Listos?

Emmy: I've been ready to go to Dragon Land all morning.

Enrique: Me, too.

Max: It's not every day Quetzal reads

from the Magic Storybook.

Which story do you think he'll read to us?

Enrique: Why don't we just go to Dragon Land and find out?


All: I wish, I wish with all my heart

to fly with dragons in a land of art.


Ord: They're here!

Wheezie: It's story time! It's story time!

I get so excited when Quetzal is gonna read

from the Magic Storybook!


Zak: Oh, you're so excited, my head is spinning.

Still, I'm hoping Quetzal reads the story

about the knuckerhole to nowhere.

Ord: I hope he reads the one

about the very, very merry twinkleberry.

Cassie: Or the one about the weather dragon

who got cold feet.

Enrique: Well, come on, then.

Let's get to la escuela and find out which one it will be.

Quetzal: Enrique, as our newest friend,

will you do us the honor of choosing a story?

Enrique: Wow. I have never chosen the story before.

Quetzal: Which is why I choose you, mijo.

Enrique: This looks like you, Quetzal.

Quetzal: That's because it is me.

Ord: What are you doing in the Magic Storybook?

Quetzal: The book contains all the tales of Dragon Land.

In my younger days, I was lucky enough to have an adventure

that became known as "Quetzal's Fabled Quest."

Cassie: A quest?

You were on an adventure looking for something really important?

Quetzal: Si, Cassie.

Enrique: Then that is the story I want to hear.

Ord: Yeah. Let's hear it. Emmy: That sounds good.

Quetzal: I have an even better idea, ninos.

How would you like to go into the storybook

and be part of my adventura?

Max: That would be awesome.

Quetzal: Bueno.

Now, who remembers how to enter the storybook?

Wheezie: Ooh, ooh, ooh, I do.

You just say, "I imagine,"

and then name the story you want to be in.

Quetzal: Si, Wheezie. That's right.

Now remember, ninos, when you enter my story,

you will be visiting the same places

and seeing the same things I did

when I first made my quest years ago.

Are you ready, then?

So I'll just add some magic dust and let Enrique say the words.

Enrique: OK. Here goes.

I imagine we are part of "Quetzal's Fabled Quest."

Emmy: Hey, this is where Mungus the giant lives.

Quetzal: Si. This is where my story begins.

Cassie: Quetzal, you've never come

into the storybook with us before.

Quetzal: Ah, but this is a very important story.

I will be your guide as you explore it.

Ord: How does your story begin?

Quetzal: I was on a search, a quest that took me

to the corners of Dragon Land.

I was seeking un libro.

Enrique: A book?

It must have been a special book.

Quetzal: Yes, indeed.

It was so special that although it was hidden

in a secret place, its fame was known

throughout the land.

All I knew was the name of the wizard who created the book.

Her name was Sage.

Zak: But if we're looking for Sage,

why are we at Mungus' castle?

Quetzal: Because giants travel far and wide

in just a few steps.

They know everyone in Dragon Land.

Mungus: Ah, ha ha!

My little friends, so good to see some friendly faces.

Now, what brings you all here?

Emmy: We're searching for a very special book,

just like Quetzal did years ago.

Cassie: And we're looking for the wizard who made it.

Her name is Sage.

Do you know where we should look?

Mungus: Oh. Oh, I'm afraid not.

I know just about everyone in Dragon Land,

but wizards are especially mysterious,

but you might want to talk to the ruffled owl.

Enrique: Where does the ruffled owl live?

Mungus: On the edge of Dragoon Lagoon

in a field of bright red.

Quetzal: Thank you very much for the assistance, Mungus.

Mungus: Anytime. Come back soon.

Zak: Mungus said we'd find the ruffled owl

in a field of bright red.

Max: I see green grass.

Cassie: And yellow flowers.

Wheezie: And a whole lagoon full of blue.

Emmy: But where's the field of bright red?

Zak: Oh, no. There isn't any red.

Mungus must've made a mistake.

Quetzal: There's been no mistake, ninos.

Let me give you a clue.

What makes Mungus stand out from everyone else

in Dragon Land?

Ord: Oh, I know this one. He's really, really tall.

Quetzal: Correcto, so if Mungus told you

to look for a field of bright red,

I suggest you try and see things the way Mungus would.

Emmy: I get it.

Mungus is so tall, he sees everything from way up high.


Zak: Look, behind us.

Cassie: Those are candy apple trees.

They have red tops.

That must be where the ruffled owl lives.

Quetzal: From a giant's point of view,

it looks just like a field of bright red.

Wheezie: Calling the ruffled owl.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Owl: [Hoots]

Who is calling for me?

Enrique: We're calling. We are friends of Mungus.

Owl: Oh, Mungus? Why, we grew up together.

Of course, he grew up ever so much more.

Cassie: He thinks you might know where we can find

Sage the wizard.

Owl: I know exactly where to find Sage.

You see that trail down there?

Well, follow it until it splits in two.

Then take the branch that leads you to the place

that makes you...sleepy.


Max: The trail that makes you sleepy. Got it.

Owl: At the end of that trail, you'll find a cave.

Sage lives inside that cave.


Now, if you'll excuse me, I really must return to my nap.

Enrique: Muchas gracias for your help.

We're sorry to have disturbed you.

Owl: Always glad to help friends of my oldest

and...biggest friend.

Hoo hoo.

Max: OK. This way leads to sunshine and flowers.

Cassie: And the other trail leads to a cool, shady place.

Ord: The ruffled owl said to take the trail

that makes you sleepy.

Zak: That must be the cool, shady path.

It's quiet and comfy-looking...


like our bedroom at night.

Enrique: Anybody see un ecueva?

Cassie: No. There's no cave anywhere.

Zak: The owl said, "Go down the path that makes you sleepy."

We did what he said, right, Quetzal?

Quetzal: OK, ninos, another clue.

Who gave you the directions?

Wheezie: The ruffled owl, that's who-hoo.

Quetzal: What if I were to tell you

that owls are nocturnal?

That means they sleep during the day

and are active at night.

How would a creature like that feel about this place?

Cassie: If the ruffled owl sleeps during the day,

he'd get sleepy when the sun is out.

Emmy: And the meadow is very sunny,

which means the owl would get very sleepy.

Enrique: And here in the shade, he would be wide awake.

We came the wrong way.

Wheezie: Bingo. We found it.

Ord: Ooh, it's a nice, bright cave.

Thank goodness.

Sage: You're welcome.

Enrique: Que fantastica. You must be Sage.

Sage: I am, indeed. How may I help you?

Emmy: We're on a quest,

just like our teacher Quetzal was many years ago.

We've heard you have a very special book.

Sage: Do you all like books?

Wheezie: ♪ We love books ♪

Sage: Well, I too love books, so much so that I created a book

containing all the tales and wisdom of Dragon Land.

Zak: May we see it? Our hands are clean.

Sage: I will not only let you see it.

I'll let you have it,

but first, you must promise me something.

If you can guess what the promise is,

the book is yours.

Max: How are we supposed to figure out

what kind of promise she wants to hear?

Enrique: Perhaps we can solve this problema

the same way we did the other two.

Let's try to think about things the way Sage would.

Emmy: Enrique's right. Hmm.

If I were a wizard who spent years and years

making a very special book, what would I want?

Max: Well, if I worked really hard on a book,

I'd want everyone to read it.

Cassie: Oh, I think I know how to promise

it'll be read over and over again.

Sage, if you give us the book,

we'll keep it at the School in the Sky.

There, lots and lots of children will read it and love it

for a long, long, long time.

We promise.


[All gasp]

Zak: That's the Magic Storybook.

Sage: Just as I did for your wise teacher before,

I gladly entrust my book into your hands.

May you enjoy reading it

as much as I did putting it together.

Quetzal: Congratulation, ninos.

Now it's time to go, and so I imagine us all

in the School in the Sky.

Zak: See you later.

Ord: Good-bye. Thank you.

Quetzal: All of you have completed the quest

I made many years ago, and now you know

how the Magic Storybook came to be here.

Emmy: Sage would be happy to know that the book is here

and still enjoyed by so many children.

Quetzal: As it will be for a long, long time, ninos.

Emmy, Max, and Enrique: I wish, I wish to use this rhyme

to go back home until next time.

Emmy: Hey, why don't we make a special book of our own?

We could tell about our favorite adventures in Dragon Land.

Enrique: Que buena idea.

What are we going to call our libro?

Max: How about "A Bunch of Cool Stuff That Happened

"in the Land of Dragons and Fairies and Giants

Gnomes and Unicorns and More"?

Emmy: Hmm, that might be too long to fit on the cover.

How about "Dragon Tales"?

Max: That's great.

Enrique: It's a perfect name.

Singer: ♪ Emmy wished on a dragon's scale ♪

♪ And that's what started "Dragon Tales" ♪

♪ They climbed on the backs of their dragon friends ♪

♪ Now the adventures never end ♪

♪ "Dragon Tales," "Dragon Tales" ♪

♪ It's almost time for "Dragon Tales" ♪

♪ Come along, take my hand ♪

♪ Let's all go to Dragon Land ♪
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