01x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Inside Man". Aired: 26 September – 4 October 2022.
A prisoner on death row in the U.S. and a woman trapped in a cellar under an English vicarage cross paths in an unexpected way.
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01x04 - Episode 4

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If I tell you to think of a red bus,
you just do, don't you?

An image of a red bus just appears
in your head, right?

I suppose so, yeah, so what?

But instead, if I tell you not
to think of a blue bicycle,

you still picture a blue bicycle, right?

- Yeah.
- OK.

Even though I specifically
told you not to.

Is there a point to this?

Yes, it's a demonstration
of how you think,

how everyone thinks.

The human brain is equipped to
process positives, not negatives.

What happens, not what doesn't happen.

You can notice a helicopter
arriving, but you can't notice

a helicopter not arriving.

OK, positives, not negatives, so what?

Where are you right now?

Not far from St John's Wood,
if that means anything to you?

Yeah, my wife used to live there.

Your wife used to live, period.



The point is, I know where
Janis Fife is.

You do?

In principle, at least.

What does that mean, in principle?

It means I finally got around
to noticing what didn't happen.

Are you going to explain that?

- Later.
- Don't you dare not explain that.

You have to work it out
for yourself, Beth.

I have to go.

I have a visitor.

What is his problem?

He's a m*rder bastard.

He's been in prison for ten years,

he's under sentence of death.

Take your pick.

So are you going to tell me
where we're going?

Base camp.

Base what?

They stick something up your arse.

I'm sorry?

Like a butt plug.

In case you shit yourself.

I think that's only for electrocution.

Don't you shit yourself
when it's a lethal injection?

I don't know...

..I haven't looked into it.

I'd promise to let you know,
but it wouldn't make

for great last words.

Will you be there?

I'll be back in England by then,
and Marie won't come.

Not her kind of thing.

Not really mine either...

..to be honest.


..you're ready to make a deal?

And here you are within the hour.

I was in the neighbourhood.

I know.


Where is it?

I haven't heard a deal yet.


..we were friends.

There was a time we were best friends.

So please just tell me...

..where did you bury my daughter's head?

Save my life.

If you're contemplating
an act of v*olence,

I'll warn you that the guards
will stop you.

They're professionally committed
to my health and wellbeing

right up to the moment where they
strap me to a table

and stop my heart.

You know, I even get a medical exam.

How do you fail a medical
exam for an execution?

It's got to be a low bar.

Where did you bury my daughter's head?

I will reveal that information
when, and only when...

I get your execution cancelled?

You're a powerful man, Gordon.

You're more than that, you're
a powerful criminal.

So if you ever want to bury
Rachel Hall, pull your strings...

blackmail your friends, apply your
insidious pressure...

Do all of those clever, secret
things that I know you do so well...

..and save my life.


You really are a piece of shit,
aren't you?

Look, Gordon, I thought
you would have realised

that when I decapitated your daughter.

Stay out of there.

Let it happen.

Let him do it.

♪ You may run home for a long time ♪

♪ Run home for a long time ♪

♪ You may run home for a long time ♪

♪ I tell you, God Almighty's going
to cut you down ♪

♪ Great God Almighty's gonna
cut you down ♪

♪ Go to that long tongue liar ♪

♪ Go tell that midnight rider ♪

♪ Tell the gambler, the rambler,
the back biter ♪

♪ Tell 'em the Almighty's
gonna cut them down ♪

♪ Good God Almighty's gonna
cut 'em down ♪

♪ Great God Almighty's gonna
cut 'em down ♪

♪ Great God Almighty's gonna
cut 'em down. ♪













- We know he's bright.
- Celia thinks so, too

and she's the best maths
teacher in the school.

Yeah, she is and she seems
to really know Ben.

Although the bar isn't exactly high.

Er, I should meet him, then.

Oh, I'll get him down.

Actually, would you mind
if I met him on my own?

Erm, is there anywhere more formal?


Come in, then.

I thought we were supposed
to be interviewing her.

I like her.

You like everyone, you're a vicar.

So, just being clear, I don't
actually need a maths tutor.

Your parents think you do.

I know, bless them.

Funny, that's such a put down, isn't it?

Blessing people sounds nice, but really,

you're just identifying weaklings.


Your maths teacher
thinks you need a tutor, too.

Did she tell you that I am
stupid and lazy?

No, she told me you were lazy.

Does she think you can change that?

I don't want to change that.


Hard workers are only good
at filling up their days.

Lazy people look for short cuts.

Maths, when properly understood,
is a short cut.


% of human inventiveness is
an attempt to have more time off

and somewhere to sit.

Without laziness
we'd all be working in the fields.

A lot of people ARE working in fields.

Yes, I know.

Bless them.

You know, you're kind of mean.

- You better hope so.
- Why is that?

Well, because a maths tutor

who wants to be liked
is a waste of money.

Well, I like you, so...

I have to work on that.

OK, but I don't need a maths tutor.

Have you got a secret plan?

I wouldn't say a plan.

You're going to carry on mucking
about in class study like mad

in the last minute and then astonish
everyone by acing your maths exam,

all of which you are clever
enough and lazy enough to do.

Yes, no, yeah,
that was... that was my plan.

- You know what else it is?
- What?

Hard work.

Save time, Ben. Get good at maths.


What's YOUR plan?

It's not a plan.

It's a short cut.



Oh, sorry, I forgot.

I'll give you a shout when we're done.



OK if I work in the kitchen?

Why are you asking me?

Is the kitchen my room?

- Is that what you think?
- So I can?

Have you been kicked out?

Um, no.

Not kicked.

Tell her you need your study on Sundays.

They can work in the living room.

Hi, Janice.

Harry, I've been thinking.

Is it really OK I keep using your study?

I'm so embarrassed. I should have asked.

No, no, it's fine.

Oh, OK, phew.

That's a relief.


Thought you might like some coffee.


Though is... is tea possible?

Yes, of course.


That's me done now.

I don't need a lift today.

OK, thanks, Janice. Bye.

You can go back into your study now.

What's wrong?


That's texts in the last minutes.

Normally you have about two.

Yeah, it's personal stuff, not
that that would interest you.

Agreed, but while it's all
you're thinking about,

you might as well say it out loud.



Five minutes, then you owe me focus.

Right, Linda starts trying
to turn everyone against me,

cos everyone always believes
Linda, everyone starts thinking...

You spend a lot of time caring
what other people think.

Well, life's different now.

cares what people think these days.

These days? And when is it I'm living?

It just feels like everyone knows

what everyone is thinking all the time.

And it's just stressing, that's all.

You could stop looking at your phone.

Then I wouldn't know what everyone's
thinking all the time.


This is nice.

- You pretending to take an interest.
- How am I doing?

Do you have kids?

Don't even know if you're married.
Are you married?



Ben, if you need to talk to anyone,

if you're stressing,

you have my number.

I'm not generally very good
at being comforting,

but I will never lie to you.

Those facts may not be unconnected.

Now work.


He's f*cked up. What even is this?

What the f*ck is going on?

- Don't shout at me, please.
- I'm not shouting, I just...

Sorry, I just want to understand
what's going on, I'm sorry.

Also please, could you put
the hammer down?


Because I've been chained
up here all night,

and I'm very, very frightened, Ben.

Just put the hammer down.

Frightened of my dad?


- No, my dad would never, ever do...
- Ben, look at me.

Just look at me and tell me

what your dad would never do.

Set a timer for two hours.

FAINT VOICE: Two hours are starting now.

Cancel timer.

Two-hour timer cancelled.

Set a timer for one hour.

One hour starting now.


Do you mind?

I'm sunbathing.


You told him?


I gave away my only leverage
in less than three minutes

just because I was frightened.

It's interesting how you can
still be frightened,

even though you're doomed anyway.

Fear is very persistent.

It was v*olence, Mr Casey.

I'm very much opposed to v*olence.

And I know what I'm talking about.

Did you tell him the truth?


Where Rachel's head is buried?

No lie, no tricks, no games?

Not this time.

Can you promise me that?

On my life.

All three weeks of it.

I ask, because it seemed like

you were provoking him on purpose.

I thought you'd intervene.

Why didn't you?

You never had any leverage.

He'd never have helped you,
no matter what you told him.


Perhaps not.

But he will now.

I got you your leverage.

I've told Mr Grieff we're at base camp.

What do you mean base camp?

He'll be in touch in his own good time.

That's nice of him.

He's a m*rder misogynist
in a prison full of men.

Keeping us waiting is the only
fun he's got available.

I'm going to phone him.

- No.
- I'm sorry?

- It doesn't work that way.
- Says who?

Says Mr Grieff.

If you think he's a m*rder

why do you do what he tells you?
Why do you even work for him?

- With him.
- For him.

Why do women write to serial killers?

Self-loathing loves company.

Don't phone him. Do not do that.

I'm going shopping.

There's nothing in this shit hole.

Whose fault is that?

Well, don't look at me.
It's not my flat.

Sorry, what? It's not what?

It's not my flat.

Jesus, I'm a house breaker.
Keep the f*ck up.

Keys in the flowerpot. Love that.

I don't know what's going on. I
don't know want f*cked up thing's

happened, but I know for a fact,
a solid fact,

my dad is incapable of harming
anyone, you or anyone.

You know that.

Believing a man to be incapable of
harming you

is a luxury reserved
for exactly one kind of person.

Do you know what kind of person
that is, Ben?

Another man.

What happened?


- Did you just get a text?
- Between you and my dad what happened?

Ben, do you have your phone?
I thought I heard a text.

My battery's low.

You could call for help.

I could call my dad.

But your dad is the
one that put me here.

If I just talk to him,
I can sort this out.

But I need to know what happened.

- What do you mean low? How low?
- But I need to understand.

Your battery, how low is it?

You were talking about the p*rn.
That's the last thing I saw.

This isn't about the p*rn, is it?

Can you think of any reason it might be?


Ben, is your battery about to run out?

You have a chance to call for help.

If instead of doing that,
you call your dad,

you'll bring him down here again.

You will be a part of whatever
happens then.

It will be on you.

You are asking me to call
the police on my dad?

Yes, Ben, I'm sorry.

I know this is difficult, but,

yes, I am.

I can't.

- Then you're protecting him.
- No.

- Ben, you will be an accomplice.
- No, shut up.

In the eyes of the law that is what
you will be, an accomplice.

- You will be arrested.
- Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

- Please, please, shut up!
- How long?

- I need to think!
- On your battery.

How long is left on your battery?


I knew I could get it out of him

if I just got my hands around his neck.

Thanks for keeping your boys away.

I think you're missing the point.

What point?

It's on tape.

Yeah, it's on tape.

Can I have a copy?


Proof of as*ault?

Yeah, I as*ault the man
who m*rder my daughter.

Who cares? Who in the whole world
is going to care what happens

to that piece of living shit?

You got anything to drink here?

I feel like celebrating.


The FBI.

Sorry. What?

The FBI is going to care.

How long have they been trying
to get you in a courtroom?

How do you think it's going to go

for you when they finally
get the excuse?

Are you thr*at me?

I think you should follow
up on the information he gave you.

Lickety split.

I'm doing that right now.
You think I'm not doing that?

If it checks out, I think you should
keep your part of the deal.

I didn't make any deal.

You're making a deal right now with me.

If Grieff told you the truth,
you help him.

Or I'll suddenly remember my duty
concerning the as*ault

you just committed on this premises.

Jesus, what is wrong with you?

Are you trying to save him?


Are you blackmailing me?


And if he didn't tell me the truth?

Have you thought about that?

I have.

Because he's a lying f*cking snake
when he wants to be,

are you remembering that?

I am.

And if he's lying right now?


..you have my word.

I'll k*ll him.



What about the email?

What are you doing right now?

What are you doing? Tell me.

Because you took the gas f*re with
you, you took it into the house.

Where is it now?

You have no reason to suppose
I'm doing anything at all.

Because whatever you're doing,
I am part of it.

So is Ben.

We are all part of it because of
that f*cking email.

What's wrong with the email?

How did she send it?

Sorry, what?

She's supposed to be at home

and going to bed.

How did she send the email?

The phone's broken.

The email even mentions
her phone is broken.

So she sent it from her computer.

Are you in your study?

- Yes.
- So is a computer.

How did she send the email?

When she goes missing

the police will search her flat
and they'll notice

there's no laptop there.

And they'll wonder, how could
she have sent her last email?

The exact email, which just
so happens to explain

where she's been the last few days.

Well, they'll just assume
she took her laptop with her.


- It's not proof of anything.
- It doesn't have to be proof.

They just have to ask questions

and the first place they'll go
asking questions is the last place

she was seen, which is our house.

It's a vicar who's verger
just hanged himself,

and he might be covering
up for a paedophile.

And, oh, look, the woman they're
actually looking for

is locked up in the cellar.

Even if you get around to doing
something about that,

we still don't know what to do
with the body once you've done it.


How does anyone ever get m*rder?

There's so much admin!

OK, so hang on.

Dad said he was doing this to
protect Mum and me.

What does he mean? If I call for help,

the police, would something
bad happen to my mum?

No, no, nothing.

Why does he keep saying that?

I don't know.

About me,
will something bad happen to me?

You keep saying "protecting me".

Ben, Come here.

No, really, come here. Take my hand.

Oh, Ben, I'm not trying to steal
your phone.

I would in your position.

I'm not just your teacher, am I?
We're friends, aren't we?


I never had a son,

but if I did,
I would hope to have a son like you.

I know it sounds ridiculous,
but it's true.

I see you that way.

Ben, I promise,

I swear.

Oh, Ben, come here.

I don't lie to you, do I?
I always tell you the truth.

If you call for help,

if you call the police,

I swear to you on everything
that I love...

..that nothing bad will happen to you.

What did you see?

What do you mean?

The p*rn,
why did the p*rn change everything?


- It's my dad.
- You can't answer it.

Please, you can't.


Ben, don't answer it.


Hi, Ben, it's dad.
Where are you tonight?

Are you at Lucy's?

Give me a call as soon as you can.

Just working some stuff out, cheers.

Oh, of course.

The bars.

Just wondering why
it had to be this window.

If I wanted to climb in, there's
plenty of other windows

I could just break, you know?

You won't, though.

We don't break windows,
We're not those sort of people.

Yeah, look at us. We're in the
middle of a m*rder

- and we won't break windows.
- Who said anything about m*rder?

I know exactly what you're doing.

No, you don't, you don't know anything.

Stay that way. Stay not knowing
anything and just go.

I'll dump her things somewhere.

Just be careful. Don't be seen.

So if they get found,
they won't come look in here?

Mary, I'm not trying to
get away with anything.

Will that even work?

- Does that track?
- Mary.

I mean, does that make sense?

We have to be careful.

The police investigate m*rder
all the time

and it's our first go.

It's not even fair.

Mary, the only reason I'm giving
you these things

is because I want you to get away
from here

because that is the best thing for you.

Please, just get in your car
and just go away.

Dump these wherever you like.

Just don't be seen.


..let's stop.

We can't do this.

We have to stop right now.

And then what?

Then what do we do?

You said it. She walks out of this house

Ben's life is destroyed.

Whatever we do, whatever
we say, destroyed.

Show me a way out of that, I'll take it.

Oh, my God. I'll take it.

Just show me the tiniest gap,

I'll fly straight through it.

I would give anything,

anything in the world
to get out of this,

but not my son.

I will not give my son.

Not Ben.

Not Ben.

I know,

but we still have to stop.


Then I'll stop.

You told me to stop, I'm telling
you, I'm going to stop...


Then you have to go.


- Can I come in?
- No, of course not.

- Just for five minutes?
- No.

- Five minutes, please.
- Why?

WHISPERS: I need a wee.

Well, go somewhere else.

- Where?
- I don't know.

I'm not going in a hedge?

No, don't cross that line.

It's been a long day,
but don't pee in a hedge.


Doesn't happen on the telly, does it?

When it's a m*rder,

everyone's all calm

and evil all the time,

like they've done it before.

No-one ever needed to pee in Columbo.

You'll have to go now, Mary.

You can't do this alone.

You have to go now.

- But, Harry...
- Mary, you have to go.

I'll leave her laptop somewhere.

So if it gets found, they won't come
here, will they?

Mary, just go.


PHONE: Hi, Ben, it's Dad.
Where are you tonight?

Are you at Lucy's?

Give me a call soon as you can.

Just working some stuff out. Cheers.

He just wants to know where I am.

Ben, please. You can't tell him.

You have to get help.

Oh, this is giving me a migraine.

It's not doing much, is it?
Can you turn it up a bit?


It's him again.

Ben, you can't. Please.

You can't.



Hey, Ben. Where are you?

Dad, what's going on?

Nothing's going on.
Why would anything be going on?

Did something happen
between you and Janice?

What do you mean?

Cos it's weird. I came downstairs
and she just wasn't there.

And it can't have been about the
p*rn thing cos she's fine with all

- that stuff. You know Janice.
- It wasn't.

I don't, um...

Ben, there's nothing
for you to worry about.

Did she just leave? Did she just go?

I told you she did.

Yeah, but did she?

I'm not lying to you.


Dad, you always told me I have to
tell you the truth about everything,

so you have to tell me the truth
too. That's how it works.

You tell me the truth,
I tell you the truth.

Why do you think I'm not
telling you the truth?

You sound very upset.

- Are you OK?
- I'm fine.

You sound a bit quiet.

Have you been drinking?

No, no. I just want you to tell me
the truth.

There was a dispute.


- ..an argument.
- What about? About the p*rn?

Do you have some kind of weirdo
p*rn or something?

There was an argument and Janice left.

It will be resolved.

I promise.

She left?

Well, yeah, but it'll be fine.

Are you telling me the truth, Dad?

I'm going to sort everything
out, I promise.

- Where are you? At Lucy's?
- Yeah, like I told you, I'm at Lucy's.

OK. Good.

- You staying over?
- Yeah, maybe.

Are Lucy's parents OK with that?

Don't worry, they approve of me,
I'm the vicar's son.

I love you, Ben.


No, Ben, I love you.

I promise I'm going to sort
everything out.

I can hear you sound worried. Don't be.

It's all going to be
sorted, whatever it takes.


Say hi to Lucy for me.

You see, he's lying to you.

You can't trust him.

You CAN trust me.

For both of our sakes,




There you go. Mind if I take a photo?

- Wrong address.
- Sorry, what?

This is number . Number is just...

- Oh, sorry.
- No problem.

- There wasn't a number.
- No, it's just the vicarage.

- You're the vicar, yeah?
- Yeah.

My mum likes you.
She lives two streets away.

- OK, good.
- Calls you the sexy vicar.

Oh, tell her thanks for me.

I will. Number ?

Yes, it's just there.

Have a good day now.

Thanks. You, too.

How much battery have you got left?

Can you just stop talking?

My head is pounding.


Morag was under strict instructions

to stop you contacting me.

I'm having a complicated day.

Yeah, then she went shopping.

Oh, she's back now.

You sound like you're in a bathroom.


Are you hiding from Morag?

Well, one can hardly blame you.

What am I doing? Why am I just
sitting in some bloody flat

where I'm supposed to be looking for
my friend.


Yeah, just one minute, please. Sorry.

Gordon's got his men checking out
the location you gave him.

I thought maybe you should join
us in the visitation.

OK, thank you.


If you were her friend, you wouldn't
be asking that question.

Of course I would. Why wouldn't I?

Look, I'm not just in this for
a story, if that's what you mean.

I want to help her.

Actually, all I meant was,
if you were really Janice's friend,

you would recognise her apartment
when you're sitting in it.


- Jefferson.
- I've got to go.

Later. Apologies.

- I'm all yours.
- Sorry, what?

It wasn't locked.

There isn't a lock.


Sorry. Excuse me.

- Who are you?
- I'm, er, a friend of Janice's.

Oh, but how did you get in?

I'm sorry. Who are you? Are you...?

- Am I what?
- Are you a friend of Janice's?

Yeah, I'm her flatmate.


I didn't know.

Didn't know.

- I didn't know that she had a flatmate.
- Oh, OK.

But that's OK, but, yeah...

How did you actually get in?


I was just dropping some stuff off,

some... stuff of Janice's.

I have a set of her keys,
she let me have them.

Oh, she let you have her keys?

- Yeah.
- And never mentioned she had a flatmate.


That's Janice.




I didn't mean to be any bother.

What stuff?

- I'm sorry.
- What stuff were you dropping off?

Well, you know...

Where's Janice?

- I don't know.
- She didn't come home last night.

Oh, right.

Oh, right.

Kind of strange, don't you think?

Janice not coming home.

I'm sure she's fine.

Why? Why are you sure she's fine?

I'm worried about her. Have you got
any idea where she might be?

No. Why would I?

You didn't ring the doorbell.

You just walked in. You didn't call
out her name or anything.

You just walked right in here.

If you have no idea where she is,
how were you so sure

she wouldn't be right here
in her own flat?

When did you last see her?

I don't know, um...

- It was yesterday.
- And where is she now?

- No idea, not with us.
- Us?

Oh, is this what you dropped off?


It, er, definitely wasn't there before.

Must have been.

Well, it's on top of my passport.

So how did that happen?

Are you serious?


- That's a bread knife.
- Please, just let me go.

I need to go.

Or what? What you going to do with
that? Are you going to make

- sandwiches at me?
- You have no right to keep me here.

You have no right to be here.

Get out of my way.

Get out of my way!

Stop it.

Shwoo! Shwoo!


- You were making woosh noises.
- Let me go.

You don't have to go woosh when
you've really got a knife.

Please. You have to let me go!


Oh, my God. I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- You cut me.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
it wasn't me.

- You cut me.
- It doesn't look very deep.

For Christ's sake!

- Run it under the tap.
- What is wrong with you?!

Get a cloth, just put a cloth on it.

- Put a cloth on it.
- You need to tell me what's going on.

Whatever it is, just tell me right now.

I don't. I... I didn't.

Everything's just...

Oh, dear God in heaven.

I just need a pee!


Leave it.

It's my son, I have to take it.

Ben, my love.

Are you all right? Are you at...?
Are you at Lucy's?

Mum, you need to tell me the truth,
cos Dad's lying to me.

- Course he's not lying, darling.
- What happened? Something happened,

something weird to do with the p*rn.
What was in that p*rn?


Somebody tell me the f*cking truth!


It was children.

It's kids.

Dad's into kids?

No, of course he isn't.

It was the verger's,

the creepy verger, Edgar.

Oh, Christ. Why didn't he just tell me?

Why did he lock Janice up in the cellar?



I'm in the cellar with Janice.
I was hiding. He didn't know.

Ben, get out of there right now!

Do you hear me?
Just get out of there now.



Oh, shit.

My phone's d*ad.

- Look...
- No, I can't!

He's turned his bloody phone off.

- Could you just...?
- Get off me, get off me! GET OFF ME!


Ben, you need to turn the f*re off.

- Kids.
- What?

You thought my dad was into kids.

- Leave me alone!
- Don't!

I just need to know where Janice is!

Just tell me where she is!



Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

It was the creepy verger,
the creepy verger called Edgar,

- it's his p*rn.
- You need to turn the f*re off...


Oh, please, dear God, just answer!

ANSWERPHONE: Hello, I'm Harry the
vicar. Listen to the beep!

Harry, he's in the cellar.

Ben is in the cellar.

Get him out and phone me!
Phone me as soon as he's out!

Dear Christ,
will you just leave me the fu..?


MAN: Stop!

OK, so, what the f*ck?

ANNOYED: - Jesus Christ.




It wasn't his p*rn. It was Edgar's
p*rn. My dad's not into kids.

You have to turn the f*re off.

I think your dad has done
something very foolish.

It wasn't his p*rn.
Are you listening to me?

The way you're feeling right now,

like you're drunk?

Are you going to tell people?
The police?

Is that why he put you down here?

Ben, I'm sorry but I think your dad
is poisoning us

and you need to turn the f*re
off right now!

He was right. He was right to put
you down here!

Ben, you're not thinking straight.
It's not your fault.

Everyone telling tales,
telling me my dad was a paedo.

You know what that would
have done to me?

At my school, my friends?

It would have f*cking destroyed me!

Ah, f*ck!

What was that for?! What was that for?!

Ben, you're not yourself.

We're being poisoned, both of us.

I told you the p*rn was mine.

I said it was mine,
did you think it was mine?

Ben, sh! Listen to me!

You told me to phone the police, you
said I wouldn't get into trouble!

You were going to tell
them I was a paedo?!

- You're lying to me!
- No! I didn't lie!

You lying f*cking liar!

Sorry, me again.

They're not in at number ,
can you take it?

Sure, yeah.

- I'll leave them a note saying it's here.
- Yeah.

Listen, bit cheeky, you can say no,

but could you do a birthday message?

My mum, it's her birthday next week,
she'd love it.

- She's one of your regulars.
- Yeah.

Thanks, mate! Thanks. Her name's Liz.

- Liz? OK.
- Call yourself the sexy vicar!

- Would you mind?
- No, it's fine.

In your own time.

Hi, Liz. Happy birthday.

Good to know you're a regular.

Have a great day.

Lots of love from...


What's that?

It's just a timer. I set a timer.

Oh, do you need to do something?

I mean, I doubt you could really
hear it on this. Want to go again?


Any time.


Hello, Liz. Happy birthday.

Lots of love from the sexy...

From the...

Are you OK?

- Go away.
- I'm sorry?

Go, go, go, go. Just go now. Go away!





Ben? What are you...?

How did you get in here?

Dad, what did I do?

Have I... have I done something?

My head...

My head is...


Left here. This left now.

OK, come on. Come on.

Come sit down.

You're all right.

It's going to be fine.


I did it. It was me.

Yeah? You tried to stop me,

that's how you got blood
on your clothes.

- But I did it, I k*lled her.
- I did something, I did something.

I'm going to phone the police,
I'm going to confess. Yeah?

No-one else is here. Janice is d*ad.

No-one ever has to know anything
different to what we tell them.

Yes? Ben?

- Get away from me.
- Ben?


Ben, you have to listen to me.

Please, you've got to listen to me, Ben.


Oh, here's a guilty, running f*ck.

Let me out. Let me out!


I'm sorry, Janice.




This is Harry Watling of
the Vicarage, Rolleston Gardens.

I've m*rder a woman. Please send...


You all right there, son?

I think...

I think I did something bad.


Hello? Sorry, yes.

I'm at the Vicarage,
Rolleston Gardens.

I've just m*rder a woman.

I'll wait here.


It's not my fault.

It's not your fault.

I'm protecting my son.


Bless you.


Janice, are you OK?

Can you hear me?

Oh, Christ, what's he done to you?


Don't you dare! Don't you dare judge me!

I have acted out of love.

I have acted out of duty.

I have done my best.

And nothing, None of this,

none of it is my fault.


Why are you looking frightened?

How dare you look frightened of me?

That is insulting to me.

- Just put the hammer down, OK?
- Oh, don't you dare.

Don't you dare tell me what to do.

No, I didn't.

I'm a kind and loving man.

I am a husband, I am a father.

How dare you look frightened of me?

Look at me. Look at me!

I'M A f*cking VICAR!

GRIEFF: The first thing you need
to understand

is that they weren't looking for you.

In point of fact,
they were looking for my wife.

Or at any rate, a piece of her.

I'm afraid I creatively misled them.

I will make you pay!

It was controversial at the time,
but since I'm going to be executed

in a little over two weeks,

there's really not much
more that they can do to me.

You've got a friend with a private army.

Hmm, I wouldn't say friend.

And I wouldn't say army.

He had some... people in the right area

that I was able to exploit.

How did you know where to send them?

The missing persons report.

- There wasn't one.
- Exactly.

Sometimes it takes a while to notice
what isn't there.

Why had no-one reported Janice missing?

Clearly, she had shown up
where she was supposed to be

and, going by the timing of her
distress call to her friend,

it seemed overwhelmingly likely
that she was still there.

It wasn't difficult to find out
that she was the maths tutor

to the vicar's son
and that she worked on Sundays.

How odd that YOU hadn't
reported her missing.

But, of course, you don't report
somebody missing

if you know exactly where they are.

Basically, you guessed.

- No.
- Yeah.

Guessing is how reason proceeds
in the absence of fact.

All I could be sure of was that
there were two places of interest,

Janice's apartment,
which only her abductor

would know was empty
and therefore safe to breach.

And the vicarage,
Janice's last known destination.

I just deployed
my resources accordingly.

How's your boy?

With my brother.


- From your attempt on his life.
- I didn't...

Yeah, I know, right. You were trying
to k*ll someone else at the time.

- Why did you want to speak to me?
- m*rder interest me.

Being one myself.

I'm not a m*rder. I didn't, I...

- I didn't m*rder anyone.
- Well, you didn't m*rder Janice.

But, tell me, if you hadn't
acted the way you did,

would your wife still be alive?

Don't say... don't say that.

I understand your pain.

I've suffered a similar loss.

No, no, no. You m*rder your wife,

you strangled her to death.
I've read about you,

- you hacked her head off.
- Yes.

How could anyone even do that?

That's a story for another day.

Perhaps you'll be the one I tell it to.

Why me?

Because I think you might understand.

Because you and I are the same now.

We are not the same.

Of course we are.

Because everyone is.

There are moments that make
m*rder of us all.

We're not freaks in cages to be
stared at and judged

and written about as though
we're a breed apart.

We're anyone on a bad day.

Cracks can open in the most ordinary
life and swallow anyone at all.

No-one is safe from the worst
that they can do.

There are very few advantages
to having the blood of a loved one

on your hands, but at least
you know who you are.

Who you've always been.

The lies are cleared away.

And you understand him at last.

The man behind your eyelids.

Terrifying, isn't he?

Welcome to the inside.

♪ You may run home for a long time ♪

♪ Run home for a long time ♪

♪ You may run home for a long time ♪

♪ I tell you, God Almighty's
going to cut you down ♪

♪ Great God Almighty's going to
cut you down ♪

♪ Go tell that long-time liar ♪

♪ Go tell that midnight rider ♪

♪ Tell the gambler, the rambler,
the back biter ♪

♪ Tell them God Almighty's going
to cut 'em down ♪

♪ You may throw a rock and hide
your hand ♪

♪ Working in the dark against
your fellow man ♪

♪ But sure as God has made
the day and the night ♪

♪ What you do in the dark
will be brought to the light ♪

♪ You may run and hide
and slide and slide ♪

♪ Try to take the mote
from your neighbour's eyes ♪

♪ But sure as God has made the
virgin and the Pope ♪

♪ What you reap, my brother,
is what you sow ♪

♪ You may run home for a long time ♪

♪ Run home for a long time ♪

♪ You may run home for a long time ♪

♪ I tell you, God Almighty's
going to cut you down ♪

♪ Great God Almighty's going to
cut you down ♪

♪ Good God Almighty's going to
cut 'em down ♪

♪ Great God Almighty's going to
cut 'em down ♪

♪ Good God Almighty's going to
cut 'em down. ♪

So, you have a case.

You do understand that I'm a little
pressed for time.

- I understand you'll be d*ad in a week.
- Do you?

Personally, I'm having a little
trouble grasping

the fact of my execution.


I wonder if your friend
Beth will write about it?

Well, she hasn't written a word
about you so far

and I don't think she will.

No, I don't think so either.

So, what problem can I help you with in

the limited time I have left?

My husband's m*rder.


So you said in your message.

Well, Dylan here has done
a little research

and raised an interesting issue.


Ahem, Miss Fife,

ah, no offence,

all due respect, but your husband
isn't actually, you know,

well, d*ad.

No, but he deserves to be.

And I wondered, Mr Grieff,
if you could help me with that?

So, you want to m*rder your husband.

You don't seem very surprised.

This is death row, Janice.

Everyone's a m*rder.

How can I help?
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