01x03 - Meowy's Whereabouts

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Chainsaw Man". Aired: October 11, 2022 - present.
Betrayed and k*lled, a teenager named Denji gets revived as Chainsaw Man, a soul with a devil's heart.
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01x03 - Meowy's Whereabouts

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If Public Safety kills a civilian hunter's devil,

we're guilty of obstructing their business.

Normally, you'd be arrested for that kind of thing.

Power, you're going to need to think a bit more before acting.

And you'll have to get her under control, Denji.

I'm in trouble, too?

Before becoming a Fiend, Power was the Blood Devil...

So she's got a talent for using blood in battle,

but also gets worked up pretty easily.

Maybe she's not cut out to be a Devil Hunter after all.


I-It was he who commanded me to k*ll!

I did not! How can you just lie like that?!

It is no lie! It was him!

The human ordered me to k*ll this devil! That's the truth!

What a creep!

Miss Makima, this devil's a total liar!

You oughta arrest her right now!

You're under arrest for the crime of being a fake-ass liar!

Not true! It was by his command!

Devils do not lie! It is only humans who do!

No one ever said that!

And you're the reason why! Dumbass! Shitty liar!

Humans and your filthy lies!

I only did as I was told!

Why the hell do you talk like that anyway?! It's so creepy!

Could you quiet down?


Very good, Power.

Honestly, I don't really care who got in whose way.

I want to see the two of you working well together.

Can you show me that?

We... W-We can.

Maybe I should worry about copping a feel some other time.

Y'know, being able to just grab a drink like this is a dream come true to me.

But if we keep screwing up,

being thirsty is probably gonna be the least of my problems.

Not that it'll make it any easier to work with some chick that lies, though.

I only enjoy the company of cats.

I hate humans.

It's not a matter of personal grievance.

My hatred is almost like a demonic instinct.

And I hate devils, too.

Since one of them took my pet Meowy away.

Before I was able to recover Meowy, I fell into Makima's clutches.

My dear Meowy may be d*ad already, and yet...I find it hard to give up hope.

If it lets me retrieve Meowy from that demon,

I'm willing to abide humans, or anything else I needs must.

I doubt you'd understand such concern for a cat.

For a cat? That's dumb as hell.

But I'd do whatever it takes to get to fondle some boobs.

It seems I may never understand humans.

But I think I'd get you if it was a dog.

What would you say to the prospect of fondling my chest

after retrieving Meowy from that devil?

That f*cking devil...

thinks he can just kidnap some poor cat?!

Well, I don't think so!

As a Devil Hunter, I say no!

I'm gonna k*ll the shit out of that devil!

Leave for the Fiend, Power, is approved.

Make sure to have her back by : PM.

You're not even allowed to go out on your own?

Indeed. I've had to idly while away my time in here.

I know where the devil that kidnapped Meowy dwells.

The concern is that you are the only one who can fight it.

He's likely to use Meowy as a shield upon seeing me.

If that happens, then all is lost.

I had a pet devil named Pochita, y'know?

I can't pet him anymore, but it's cool.

Because he's alive in here.

How foolish you humans are.

Does that not mean Pochita is d*ad?

Death is the absence of life. This nonsense about living on in your heart

is little more than miserable self-comfort.

Uh-huh. I guess so.

I don't think I'm ever gonna get along with her.

The American matter has got the Soviet w*r hawks crowing more loudly than ever.

There are rumors about the m*llitary use of devils, as well.

Hopefully, devils will remain Japan's only enemies in the future.

Makima, how are the hunting dogs

that have been added to the squad performing?

There's one that seems promising, and another that seems interesting.


A pup that I just recently picked up.

Your job is to raise these hounds, and then put them to work.

Make sure not to grow attached.

As far as I can tell, Denji's disgusting, not "interesting."

Why do you have such high hopes for him?

All devils are born with names.

And the more those names are feared,

the more powerful the devil is said to become.

Coffee isn't considered very frightening,

so a Coffee Devil would probably be weak.

But what about a Car Devil?

It's easy to imagine being run over and dying, so it would probably be strong.

And Denji can turn into a Chainsaw Devil.

Seems pretty interesting to me.

He might be interesting, but I'm not sure he'll be any use.

Everyone in Public Safety has a real goal or motivation.

But he said he just wants to live the good life.

He's a bad fit for our operation.

Not only that, but he thinks he can be friends with devils.

He's still a kid. A stupid brat.

That is the house!

Meowy and the devil are in there.

Well, we better get going, then.

Hope I don't have to chainsaw out. Losing all that blood's a drag.


Yeah. I can turn into a buncha chainsaws.

Human jokes leave much to be desired.

What is it now?

Isn't he gonna use the cat as a hostage if he sees you?

Should you even, like, be this close?

Oh, I did say that, didn't I?

You said...?

I misspoke.

Fool that you are, it seems your instincts are sharp.

You kept me waiting a long time, Blood Devil.

I thought you had run away.

Spare me your complaints! It took me this long to gain some freedom.

And I've brought a human just as you demanded, Bat!

My first meal in ages...

A young man? I'm sure his blood will be full of vigor.

Look at my arm, human.

The wound that your kind gave me!

The damnable wound that forced me into hiding!

Like I give a shit. Dumbass.

Food shouldn't speak!

Time to heal the wounds humans gave me with human blood!


I've been revived with awful-tasting blood!

The inside of my mouth tastes disgusting...

I need to cleanse my palate with another human now!

What are you trying to do? Make friends with them?

I'm amazed you actually believed my story.

Humans truly are foolish.

The stench of cigarettes...

The scent of makeup and dr*gs...

Are you serious?


There's a decent aroma.

I'll cleanse my palate with some children.

Bat Devil!

I brought you a human, as promised!

Release Meowy.

Oh, I did say I'd do that, didn't I?


But I hadn't punished you for bringing me such nasty blood yet, had I?



Your name shall be Meowy!

You smell tasty, for a cat.

So spindly, though.

Let's put some meat on those bones before I feast.

Grow big and strong, now.

I'm looking forward to k*lling you, Meowy.

I've k*lled all who've met my eyes.

It's become strange to hear a voice that isn't screaming.

So strange...

Blood Devil...

I need blood.

If you want to save this cat, then bring me a human.

You said you couldn't pet Pochita anymore, yes?

I understand how you feel now.

'Tis an awful feeling.


All of this repulsive blood!

The inside of my mouth feels filthy!

I need to gargle with the blood of children!

After I gargle, a virgin should make a fine appetizer.

Then a beefy man for a main course...

And a pregnant woman for dessert.

Gimme my tits back!

You're drinking my blood?! That's disgusting!

I don't even feel like drinking your blood!

There was a time I couldn't find Pochita.

He was gone when I woke up in the morning...

So I looked all over town, but couldn't find him.

I thought a devil might've eaten him,

but when I got home, he was crying, waiting for me.

I remember being so relieved, I fell asleep holding him.

I wonder how she felt when she tried to sleep,knowing that devil had Meowy.

You're a devil?!

Hey, dumbass! You wanna get eaten?!

You let her escape?

You're a devil! What do you think you're doing?!

Think I'm gonna split open your guts...

And then cop me a feel!

Get out of here already!

If you're so set on saving humans...

Can you cut through this?!

The chainsaws retract?!

Such brute strength in that tiny body!

Why would you use that power to save a human?!

You think I saved him?

Western Tokyo

I don't give a shit...

about saving some dude!

I need to heal now.

Your blood reeks of cigarettes, but it should do, for now.

How are you still alive?!

Through all of this crap...

I've been about as patient as possible.

So how come I haven't...

gotten to cop a single damn feel yet?!

S-Stay away!
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