01x04 - Rescue

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Chainsaw Man". Aired: October 11, 2022 - present.
Betrayed and k*lled, a teenager named Denji gets revived as Chainsaw Man, a soul with a devil's heart.
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01x04 - Rescue

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If you want to save this cat, then bring me a human.

One life is worth as little as any other.

And this is only a cat.

So why do I run? Why do I search for a human?

Is it to save Meowy?

Such a foolish reason.

I love blood.

The taste, the smell, the sense of mortality...

And then... there is something I only recently realized:

The blood is warm...

And feels pleasant.

Why did you save me?

I attempted to k*ll you.

Such a foolish reason.

Forgive my deceit.

Since Meowy is safe...

You may fondle my chest.

Hell yeah!

Holy shit! Ow!

That hurts!

Can you move?

Not even a finger.

Take Meowy and flee, please.

Damn it, not enough chainsaw...

I must be low on blood.

And after I finally found him...

It's you, right? The one who k*lled Batty.

He was my man, y'know?!

Oh... but you're actually pretty cute yourself.

You're my type, so I'll let you go!

What about them?

They die.

Then you can die, too.

He can fight so fiercely...

To merely fondle a chest?

Is this a joke?

How'd a little pupper like you k*ll my Batty?

Y'know, he and I shared a dream: k*lling and eating all of humanity.

A pipe dream, but a noble one, and a romantic one.

And now this little yipping dog has ruined it.

You're cute enough that I regret it...

But you still need to die.

I'm not dying before I cop a feel.

That is ridiculous!

To think he was k*lled by someone with such a trashy dream.

Alas, poor Batty...

Such a foolish reason.

Everyone is serious about this except you.

Everybody wants to trash-talk my plans...

It's revenge this,

protect my family that,

and save a cat, too!

Blah, blah, blah!

I guess your fancy dreams make you guys hot shit, huh?!

How about we have us a dream battle, then?! How about that?!

If I m*rder you,

that means your dream's weaker than fondling a tit!

Even your howls are cute!

But y'know what they say about little dogs barking! Yap, yap, yap!

Okay! I'll gobble you up, then!

Go ahead...

If you can b*at me in the dream battle!


Time to eat...


Huh... Huh?

Looks like she's the Leech Devil. May I swallow?

Do it.

The Leech Devil's extermination is confirmed.

I want the rookies handling search and rescue, plus assisting with the evac.

Yes, sir!


Himeno, you've got seniority, so keep watch for more devils.

On it.

Dream battle... Gonna... My dream battle...

You and the Blood Fiend need to be debriefed.

And Meowy?

Have the cat sent to a veterinarian for a thorough checkup.

I found your arm.

A blood infusion was all it needed to reattach.

You really are like a devil.

You seemed pretty friendly with that devil back there.

I saw.

You really don't know a thing, huh?

Devil Hunters form contracts with devils in order to fight against them.

I've got a contract with the Fox Devil.

In exchange for power, I offer up a bit of my body as food.

It was some skin this time.

Sounds painful.

Devils yearn for the deaths of humans.

The same goes for Fiends.

Power seems cool, though.

The surveillance cameras caught you two headed to your patrol area.


And the house that we believe was housing the Bat Devil

contained a lot of your spilt blood.

The Blood Fiend tried to k*ll you, didn't she?

I don't know why, but you're trying to protect a devil. Again.

I dunno... is that how it happened?

My daughter would like to meet the chainsaw guy.

Thank you.

The devil thr*at to eat me back at the office,

but now that I think about it, he was wearing a Public Safety uniform.

I'd like to thank him.

"Don't give a shit about saving some dude," he says!

And then the devil throws my car with me in it!

It was a devil with a chainsaw coming out of its head...

If I dig deeper into this, and report it to the higher-ups,

it'd mean the Blood Fiend gets disposed of along with you, since you covered for her.

But there were no fatalities.

So, if you're willing to accept one condition, I'll let what happened slide.

You need to do what I tell you to.

You're a dumbass and a brat with no clue about right and wrong.

I've been doing this longer, so I'm pretty sure I have some grasp of social ethics.

All you need to do to protect this lifestyle is listen to me.

How about it? If you follow, I want an answer.

Sure. I'll keep it in mind.

You can relax.

I might not be after some big-deal goal like you guys,

and I might dream small.

But I'm as serious about this as you are.

You can count on me.

Try and learn some manners in the meantime.

Yeah, I'll think about it.

You see? Am I not innocent?

Now, would you kindly take these off?

Is this a good idea?

When this cutie-Fiend kills somebody,

it's gonna be your responsibility, for letting her live.

We're Devil Hunters.

Whether they're devils or Fiends,

if they're handy, we should put them to work.

But they're still the enemy. We're just making use of them.

We're not making friends.

Come in.

Excuse me.

And he claims they "were outside the patrol zone before they knew it,"

and that they discovered a house that"looked like it had a super-nasty devil in it,"

which is where they encountered the Bat Devil.

Denji used his chainsaws to exterminate the Bat Devil,

and then came under att*ck by the Leech Devil...

Which Division exterminated.

There were no traces of g*n flesh in either the Bat or Leech Devil's heads.

That concludes my report.

Well done.

But Denji and Power managed to get awfully far without anyone noticing, didn't they?

I'd chalk that up to them being unbelievably stupid.

Leaving the approved area is against regulations.

Considering there were no fatalities,

and that we were able to get rid of two devils, I think it's worth overlooking.


If you'll excuse me, ma'am.

You seem a little more flexible now, Hayakawa.

Is that Denji's influence, I wonder?

I doubt it.

I haven't changed at all.

How's he up so early?

What's for lunch?



The hell's this? A devil?

What a pitiful home this is!

I'd like you to put Power up in one of your rooms, Hayakawa.

I think you'll make a good leash for the two of them.

Stop right there, Meowy!

Is there some reason why you're sending me all these psychos, ma'am?

It seems you've got quite a feast!

It's because I trust you more than anyone else.

Damn it, who said you could come in?!

'Tis mine now!

Gimme my super toast back!

Oh... okay.

It'd be a little odd to have her staying at the office indefinitely.


You don't need to worry. Power said she would behave.

It'll be fine.

Vegetables are revolting!



Don't fling your vegetables!

Damn it...

Show some respect to the farmers who grew the veggies, devil!

The toilet?

I prefer to only occasionally flush my feces.

Flush it!

It stinks.

I prefer to only occasionally bathe.

Get in there!

You reek!

You two are absurd.

How delicate these humans be.

Aren't they, Meowy?

Can't believe she just shows up and starts raising hell.

Do devils not flush the toilet?

Didn't eat her veggies either.

You there...

Hey, Shit Devil! Your turds are stuck to the damn toilet and won't come off!

We had a deal, did we not?

You may fondle my chest.

So, fondle!

Come now, what's the matter? Aren't you pleased?

Commence your fondling.

I have stipulations, however.

You have earned three squeezes of my breast.


One for your rescue of Meowy.

A second for slaying the Bat Devil.

And a third for protecting me from topknot!

I had no intention of actually letting you,

but your efforts have earned you these three squeezes.

Squeeze them gratefully.

She's an angel!















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