01x08 - Aftertastes

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "From Scratch". Aired: October 21, 2022.
Series follows an American woman as she falls in love with a Sicilian man while studying abroad in Italy then builds a life with him in the United States.
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01x08 - Aftertastes

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Breathe. Breathe.


You have to eat.

Just go with Auntie Zora, okay?

- She'll read you a story.
- No!

- Idalia. Please.
- No.


Gimme a minute with Mommy, okay?

Not now, Zora.

Not now.


Well, I'll come back in... a week?

Maybe a month?

How about when Idalia
graduates high school?

Are you f*cking kidding me right now?

My daughter just lost her father.

Your husband didn't die.

He's home right now, Zora.

Yeah, and I ain't
with him right now, am I?

I'm here.

What am I supposed to do with that? Huh?

I'm not grieving on your timeline.

You can go.

I have no f*cking clue
what you are going through.

But I know this.
Lino isn't the only one who slipped away.

We are watching you disappear
right before our eyes.

Mom and Maxine are losing a daughter.
I am losing a sister,

and Idalia is losing a mother.

I know it ain't fair
to ask you to pull it together,

but that little girl needs you.

The ashes, Amy.

I can't.

I can't, Zora. I can't.

They can't stay in the trunk
of my car for another two weeks.

Well, I'll bring them in,
and you won't have to do a thing.

I'll have to keep my promise
to Lino...

...and I can't!

I can't get out of bed.

I can't!
I can't take him back to Sicily. I can't.

Don't ask...
don't ask me to do that 'cause I can't!

I can't!

Please, Zora. Please.


I'm gonna ask you a question.

And I don't want you to get mad, okay?


Please tell me you've bathed
since the memorial service.



You... you need to wash your ass.

- Are you saying I stink?
- Mm-hmm.

I stink.

You stink.

But see, if you can smell your own funk...

...you're still alive.

I know.

It's all right.

I'm gonna bring him inside.





Just tell me what to do, amore.

We're almost there.

Babbo would be so happy
you're meeting his family.

Idalia, my little one.


Aunt Biagia!

Hello, my sweet Idalia.

Where is Lino?

Sit next to me. With the child.

Era nicuzzo,
poteva avere qualchi tre anni.

"Ca poi io divento ranni e te sposo."

"Io sugnu sposata co' papà..."

Mommy, what's happening?

I don't know.

Linuzzo mio!

Linuzzo mio!

Idalia is tired.

My mother
made you a room upstairs.

Are we gonna live here now?

No, honey.


We're gonna bury Babbo,
and then we go back to California.


Yes, sweetheart.

We brought him here
so he can go into the cemetery.


We're leaving him here?

Your father and I talked about this.

He didn't tell me.


Everybody remembers he's your husband,
but nobody remembers he's my dad.

I was ten years old
when my father died.

And I was sad
because I couldn't see him anymore.

But then I learned how
to use my imagination and my heart.

My sweetheart.

Even if your dad is no longer here,
I can see him.

I can hear him. Here.

And all that delicious food
he used to make for you?

We can make it together. Me and you.

And then when you're an old, old lady,
even older than me,

you can teach your granddaughter.

So that every time she is in her kitchen,

she will see you, and she will see me,
and she will see Babbo.

It's too much for her.

My cousin Santina will watch the children.

Ciao, nonna. Ciao, zia Amy.


Where's Idalia?

Inside, waiting for you!

- Can I do anything to help?
- I work alone in my kitchen. Sit.

The child?



I understand.

After Giacomo died,

I felt so tired,

like my bones were made of stone.

And I remember my mother was so tired
when my father died.

I know this pain
because I have suffered it.

And I know that you feel it double,
for you and your daughter.

But you need to eat.

who finally is awake. Hi.

Can I play
with my cousins today?

Yes, you can.
But first, I need you to get dressed.

And I need you to say
a proper hello to your grandmother.

Ciao, nonna.

Ciao, gioia.

Come here. Eat something.

If you eat it all,
then you'll grow very big.

The others want to know,
how come you don't wear black?

Santina! You don't
have the manners God gave an ox.

You don't
have to answer that.

I told them of course
you wore black when Lino died.

You did, right?

Even for just for one day, right?

When do you go back?

You'll both stay
at least for the Feast of Sant'Anna, yes?

We hadn't planned...

Of course, the child is happy here
with family and fresh air.

Lino always loved
the procession of Sant'Anna.

I'm gonna take a walk.


You always do this.

I'll be back, okay?


Zora, pick up or call me back, please.

This is harder than I thought.

Good evening, comrades.

Signora, my condolences.

Let me introduce myself.
I am Nunzio, the mayor of Castelleone.

I knew your husband,

God rest his soul.

You may not know,

but I have planned a helipad
and tennis courts for our small hamlet.

Here we need innovation
and recreation, like America.

Aren't there, like, 300 people in town?


Two births last year. One this year.

And only 15 deaths.

Lovely meeting you.

Mario! Look, look!

She's pretty. Kinda dark. But pretty.

She's leaving a bar,

and her husband's in the cemetery.

Poor Filomena.

On your birthday?
What is the procession?

I think it's a town festival or something.

Oh, like the f*re Ant Festival
Grandma Evelyn used to take us to?

But with a saint
and minus the giant red ant, I guess.

The idea of being here

on my first birthday without him, Z...

I can't tell if she even wants me here

or if she just wants her granddaughter.

What do you want?

Lino back.

Magical thinking.

Don't grief-speak me, please.

I just can't let her down again.

You're gonna let her down.

You are walking a new road alone, Amy.

There are gonna be some bumps.

Would it be the worst thing if you stayed?




- Where have you been?
- What?

Take a shower. Quick.

These are the people
you have to visit while you're here.

Names and houses,
and the order of who comes first.

Filomena, I can't read this.

Why not?

No. I can't.
It's in Sicilian. What does this say?

"Franco, the house next to the red door
with the flowers."

"Tuccio, next to the bar
with all of the vans in the front."

"Old Pina, near the cemetery."

And the addresses?

Who needs addresses?
I just told you where they are.

You have to go today.

Giacomo told me
that in America the bread is terrible.

And there's so much fruit on trees
that it falls, and people step over it.

No, thank you.

What is it?

I told you, it's too many sweets.

She's not feeling well?
Come here, come here.

She doesn't look well to me.

No, my God.

My God, she has to go to the doctor.

No, that's not necessary.

Come, come. She's sick.
She's sick, come on.

The child is hurting.
We're going to the doctor's office.

- No, she's fine.
- No, no, no.

This isn't necessary, Santina.

The doctor is the richest man in town,

and no one has ever seen
the inside of his house.

You can tell all of us what you see.

I'm making sure
the child is okay.

- Better safe than sorry!
- Shh!

I heard there's a beautiful piano inside.

And he drinks
from a teacup rimmed in real gold.

The doctor will have
to invite you in for coffee.

Because she's Lino's wife and American.

And you too. This is our opportunity.

Then you'll tell us everything you see.

I'll wait for you.


I would bet my widow's pension

that Filomena and the American
will never make peace.

No wife forgets that her husband's mother

didn't come to her wedding.

Che ho detto? La verità.

My wife made chamomile
for the child. She'll feel better.

You have a picture of my dad.

Yes, that is your father.

I visited Florence once

and dined where he worked.

I never saw him so happy.

And when I learned he was sick,

I prayed for him often.

He was one of ours.

Lino was a special man.

Warm and loving.

And what happened?

She's overcome
by the beauty of the house.

So, how many chandeliers were there?
Tell us everything.

Well, I only saw three.

Actually, I saw eight.

- And they were all made of gold.
- Wow!

Idalia, dear. Don't gossip. Let's go.


She's always does this.

What do you like about wine?
I have never had a taste in my life.


Try some.

So none of the neighbors see.

You did well today.

The woman who was waiting
with Santina outside the doctor's office.

Which one? Anna "cross-toes"?
Or Pina with the glasses?

"Cross-toes?" Is that what you just said?

We call her Cross-Toes because
she always complains about her feet.

But wears the shoes of a young woman.

One time she even got
a pedicure in Palermo.

She doesn't know
color can't make what's crooked straight.

So you do gossip?


I made you something.

You need to get dressed.

You're going with Biagia
to sign some papers.

- Didn't you hear me calling you?
- What?

It's about the estate.

You have an appointment
at the lawyer's office this morning.

You need to sign here, here and here.

As the wife of the eldest son,

you are the inheritor,
you and your daughter.


I can't sign this.

Why the hell did you put me
in that position?

Filomena, you should have told me sooner
what you were planning.

I told you this morning.

You didn't say you were giving me
your house and family land.

I don't belong here.

It's also for my granddaughter.

Amy, Nunzio needs your help!

Listen, you've got
to sign this saying you're at fault.

It's your fault. Sign it.

Tu non sai guidare. Tu devi andare
a piedi, te lo dico io. Tu sei negato.

The Mayor
doesn't speak any English.

You drove into me.

Parla siciliano. Hai capi... oh!

Finally, someone
who can explain how we drive here.

- He wasn't looking, and he hit my car.
- Make him understand.

Just sign it now.

- Let me talk to him.
- Yes, yes. Go ahead.

- Hi. I'm Amy.
- Hi.

Tell him
that if he doesn't move his car,

I'll call the Carabinieri.

this island, I must say,

it's a... a beautiful island,
but insufferable.

He drove into my car.

He is the mayor here.

He will never, under any circumstance,

in front of all these people,
say that he's at fault.

If I were you, I would get in the car

and I would go
before he calls the Carabinieri,

one of whom is probably his cousin.

Right, and, uh,
how do you know all of this?

You should go.

Thank you very much.

Say hello to Cornwall for me!


They're from my land.

For helping my son Nunzio.


Was I right?!


Am I your beloved mayor,
yes or no?!

- Sì!
- A buon rendere.

Grazie, sono giovane,
c'ho sempre reagione.


It's Don Matteo, Mommy!

Who gave you those?

Nunzio's mother
insisted I bring them to you.

Good. So, you sided with Nunzio.

Dammi qua.

Listen, please excuse me about before,
the lawyer and the land...

Amy, we have a saying here.

"Home for
as long as you need it to be

and land as far as the eye can see."

I have to
clean these lentils.

Can we just talk about the land, please?

I can't be like Widow Dirty Lentils.

Her husband lost a tooth
when she didn't clean them well.

So, you won't answer?


You know, others come and go,
but we stay here,

We protect our own.

Like you did today. You're one of us.

Whether you know it or not.
That's the way it is.

Filomena is waiting for you at the church.

We're here to watch Idalia.

Go, she's waiting.

And Madonna mia,
take my sweater to cover your shoulders.

I prayed to her
when you and Lino got married.

And I prayed when my son was dying.

Today I pray to her again.

After all that has happened,

now, I know you might want to go

and never come back.

But I pray and hope

that you now
want to build something with me.

I want you to come back.

And I want Castelleone
to be like a home to you.

Of course,

if you want that.

Filomena, I'm not sure that I...

I have said my piece.

Think about it.

It's no fair.
Your legs are longer than mine.

I don't wanna walk anymore.

Okay, hop on. I'll give you a ride.

There we go.

This is it.

Look. Through those trees.

You can see the Mediterranean Sea.

This is a good place to come
when your heart hurts.

That's why I brought you here.


I miss him too.

It hurts, Mommy.

I know.

A love as big as the one that Babbo
had for us, it just... it doesn't go away.

He's still with us.

How do you know?

Well, because I see
the best of him in you.

Oh, Idalia mia.

I'm here.

- Mommy.
- Mm-hmm.

If I don't look like Babbo,
am I still Italian?

You are very much Italian.

Because it's not about how you look.

It's about family,
and family is who you choose to love.

What happens to me if you die?


Part of being human
means that we're all gonna die someday.

Even me?

Even you.

But not for a long, long, long, long time.

And your mom is healthy, and I'm strong.

How else could I have carried you
down that big hill?

But even if that changes,
you have people that love you

and will take good care of you.

Come on.

Hello. I'm Antonio.

You found the family land?

Lino's grandfather planted those trees.


When we were little boys,

Lino wrote his name
on the well by the peach tree.

You knew my dad?

We played soccer together, even
when Lino didn't have the right shoes.


He must have told you to call me that.

Yes, I am Tonino.

You should have your family come
to Castelleone. Next week.

For your birthday.

- Here?
- Yes, here.

Invite them for the procession.

Tell them they are welcome in my home.



Who is Sant'Anna?

The mother of Mary.
She's the mother of all mothers.

Her Saint's Day falls
on the same day as your birthday.

She's the patron saint
of widows and travelers.

You gotta be kidding me.

We don't get many guests.

I hope this is okay for your family.

My dad grew up
in a town of 300 people.

There are more similarities

between East Texas
and Castelleone than you think.

I haven't
been stared at this hard

since I once stopped to use the bathroom
at a Stuckey's in Alabama.

Chistu co 'u cappieddu è 'u patri di Amy.

Welcome to Castelleone.

Welcome! Welcome!

Pigghiati 'ste valigie, forza.

Help them with their luggage.




Auntie Zora!

Prego! Prego! Prego!

How are you? You okay?

You did it, girl.

I want to make you

something traditional

and unforgettable.


She's going to make you
the best meal that you will ever have.

Sounds good

'cause this baby gonna start
acting a fool if I don't eat soon.

Well, I'm ready.

Let's make caponata.

Lino's recipe.

Grazie, Mama.

You called her Mama.

She's lucky to have three mothers now.

To teach me how to be
the best mother I can be to you.

Okay, what can I do to help?

Well, I definitely
know my way around the vegetables.

- These varieties are beautiful.
- Mm-hmm.

And I'm gonna help y'all
by snacking as we go.

Where do we start?

First, begin with heat.

Onions are pungent, essential,

but you must bring them to a state
of surrender to find something new.

Parsley. The stems have more flavor
because they're closer to the earth.

Sicilian olive oil can't be understood
apart from its origins.

In the kitchen, balance comes from knowing

when you must cut the bitter
with a little sweet.

And as with everything,

always finish with love.


I've decided
to sign the documents.

I want to come back.

I have to show you something at the house.


Open that drawer.

These clothes are
to use if I go to the hospital.

There are enough
for three days and nights.

So Biagia doesn't worry about laundry.

Open the next drawer.

These are the clothes I will be buried in.

Why are you telling me this?

So both of my daughters
know where these clothes are.

When you get to my age,

you understand
that we are all passing through life.

Here the old people used to say,

"Castelleone is the place
where Jesus forgot his shirt."

According to some it meant

it's a place worth forgetting,

a place where you leave and never return.

But I like to think it means
we are a place worthy enough

for Jesus to pass through.

- Understand?
- Yes.

This whole time, I thought
I was staying here for Idalia.


I found this instead.

Lino certainly
would have been happy about this.

Lino would sneak up here to read
when he was supposed to be working.

If you'd like, you can use this room
when you come back here.

For whatever you want, your art.
Like you do in Los Angeles.

I know
that it's important to you.

You make things beautiful. I saw that.

So did your son.


You two were like two forks
eating off of the same plate.


Gloria al Padre,
al Figlio e allo Spirito Santo.

Com'era nel principio e sempre,
nei secoli dei secoli. Amen.

Sei americana?


Thank you for leading me here.

You're home.
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