01x08 - The Key

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "1899". Aired: November 17, 2022 - present.
Multilingual German epic period mystery-science fiction series that follows immigrants traveling from the old continent to the new, encounter a nightmarish riddle aboard a second ship adrift on the open sea.
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01x08 - The Key

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[mysterious music playing]

[Elliot] Mum!

Mum, look.

Look what I found.

I named him Alfred.
Don't you think he looks like an Alfred?

[Alfred scuttling]

He really does.

Think you should let him go?

Pretty sure Alfred doesn't want
to be trapped in a prison like that.

How would I watch him grow then?

I'm afraid that you won't.

Sometimes we have to let things go
because we can't keep them forever.

One day you'll be a grown man,

and I'll have to let you go.

Because I can't keep you forever.

Don't be silly.

I'll live with you and Daddy forever.

[tense percussive line plays]

[unsettling audio distortions]

[deep, ominous music plays]





[glitchy audio burst]

- [Maura] Wake up.
- [gasps]

[Henry] I'm sure your father
told you all about me.

But he probably left out the bit
that explains why we're truly here.

You and me.

Look at them.

They came on this trip because they made
the choice to forget their past.

And now they're all stuck in here as well.

Your mother has fooled you.

She has fooled all of us.

She's the only person
who can get us out of here.

[enigmatic music plays]

[door opens]

If you're brave enough,
I can show you the truth.

- [brooding cover of "White Rabbit" plays]
- ♪ One pill makes you larger ♪

♪ And one pill makes you small ♪

♪ And the ones that Mother gives you ♪

♪ Don't do anything at all ♪

[singer vocalizing]

♪ When logic and proportion ♪

♪ Have fallen sloppy d*ad ♪

♪ And the White Knight is
Talking backwards ♪

♪ And the Red Queen's off with her head ♪

[singer vocalizing]

[song trails off]

[Maura] Eyk.


[Eyk breathing heavily]

Where is he?

How did he get me on the Prometheus?

Stop lying. Who is he really?


He's my husband.

[tense percussive music plays]

And the boy we found
on the Prometheus, he's my son.


But I don't remember any of it.

I know that this sounds insane,
but my father,

he's the owner of the ship company,

and I think he made us forget
why we're here.

[in French] What did she say?

[in English] Our world has rules,
and they can't be bent.

But nothing in this world
follows any rules of logic.

This here,

it isn't real.

It's an illusion, a magic trick.

A simulation.

That's ridiculous.

Do you remember how you boarded this ship?

Of course I do.

[disconcerting music playing]

[in German] That's impossible.

[in French] What?

What did she say?

She wants to know
if we remember boarding the ship.

[Ramiro in Portuguese] What?

Can someone explain
what everyone is talking about, please?

[in English] I thought this was
just about me, but it's not.

It's about all of us.

I don't know why,

but we're all here for a reason.

[Eyk] Your...

Your husband.

Is he the reason why we're here?

Is he working for your father?

I think he's trying to help.

I think he's trying
to get us all out of here.

[tense, frenzied music playing]

[device beeping]

[power surging]

[power waning]


Come on.

Oh, come on, please.

Please work!

[Henry] Our brain is
a very complicated construct.

As much as we can try to forget the things
we don't want to remember,

we will never be able
to delete them entirely.

They're part of who we are.

Woven into our very fabric.

It's time for you to remember.

[unsettling audio distortion]

[Henry] Your truth
lies behind these walls.

There's no reason to be afraid.

This isn't real.


It's spreading.

I'm not taking another step
until you tell us

exactly what is happening.

Why should we still trust you?

Your father owns this ship.

You must know something.

Why are you even here?

I don't know.

The last thing I remember
before waking up on board the Kerberos

was finding the envelope
in front of my door.

I think my brother sent it.

And this was in it.

I don't know how my father did it,
but he somehow made me forget.

He made me forget
what happened and who I am.

But I think whatever this opens,

it will make me remember,

and it will get us all out of here.

[in Cantonese] Mother was right.

We should never have gotten
onto this ship.

Now everyone is d*ad.

Olek is d*ad.

My mother is d*ad.

I'm not staying here one minute longer.

I'm going to get off this ship.

[Virginia in English] She's right.

We should let one of the lifeboats down.
Get off this bloody ship.

But don't you understand?

There is nowhere to go.

This ship isn't real.
The ocean out there, it isn't real.

It's only happening inside of your brain.

I'm sure you're a very bright woman.

I admire that you studied medicine

and that you stand against the conventions
and limitations that women face.

But you can't really believe
what you're saying.

It doesn't make any sense.

[in Cantonese] Let's get off this ship.

[in Portuguese] Wait, where are you going?

[in English] We're getting off the ship.
Feel free to join us.

[in French] They want to get off the ship.

[in English] Let's go.

You've seen it.

The shafts.

Your memory. Mine.

You believe me?

[Eyk] Where did it go?

You think he's in there?
Your father, in your memory?

His office, it wasn't where it used to be.
But he said I'd know where to find him.


How do we get to the mental hospital?

[somber music playing]

Follow me.

[enigmatic music playing]

[door closes]

[Maura gasps softly]

This is his memory.

I'm in all these pictures,
but I don't remember any of it.

I look at these,
and I don't feel anything.

You don't remember being married?

If all this is an illusion,
could his memory be one as well?

How do you know he's telling the truth?

The boy, he said that there was a Creator,
somebody who's created all of this.

Your father.

You think he created this?

Whoever created it,
there must be some kind of a logic to it.

A design.

You mean there's a pattern to it?
A blueprint?

Inside the brain,
memories are stored in different areas.

But they're connected to each other
through neural pathways.

When you smell a certain smell,

you might remember a lot of memories
that are tied to that smell.

So maybe that's what this is, it's...

some kind of imitation of the brain,

and different areas
are connected to each other.

[power humming faintly]

[power wanes]

[device pulses twice]

[console whirs, clacks]

[piston pumping]

[whirring, beeping]

[Tove in Danish] What's happening?

[in English] Let's keep moving.

[protrusions rustling, chirring]

[in Portuguese] Shit.

[in French] It's moving.

[Ramiro in Portuguese] f*ck.

What is this?

[in French] Quick! This way!

[chirring, whirring]

[in Portuguese] Let's go. Let's go, quick!

Where did they go?


[in English] The doctor,
maybe she was right?

[in Danish] Whatever's going on,
I'm getting off this ship now.

There must be a way out of here.

[protrusions rustling]

[in French] Wait. Where are you going?
We already lost the others!

We should go back.
Find the doctor and the captain.

[Henry in English] Even if we delete
memories in this simulation,

our senses are still reacting
to the same triggers.

Your mind might not remember
what happened in that room.

But your body does.

[door opening]

[door closes]

I'll show you the truth.

Trust me.

Have a seat.

I know you think it's your mother
who is trapped in here.

This is not her prison.

It's yours.

This may hurt.

[eerie music builds]

[audio warbles disconcertingly]

[ragged breathing]

[Daniel] You can't stop him
from dying, Maura.




You know this isn't right, Maura.

Why can't you hear me?

[restrained, melancholy music plays]

Mum, what's going on here?

- Mum!
- [Daniel] Please.

- Please!
- You have to let him go.

[Elliot screaming] Mum! Mum!

- [Maura] I can't.
- Mum, Mum, please!

Mum, please! Mum, no!

- Don't worry, my love.
- No! No, Mum, please!

- Don't be afraid.
- No! No! No!

- You'll forget. I promise.
- No! Please, no! [Elliot sobbing]

You'll forget this ever happened.

It's the only way.
It's the only way for us to be together.

No! No! No!

Please! No!

- [gasping]
- [glitchy audio burst]

You saw the truth, didn't you?

You're trapped in this simulation
so your mother can keep you alive.

You're lying. That's not my memories.

You planted that in my brain.

When your mother was your age...

she found a paper
on Plato's cave allegory in my study.

She was clearly too young to understand
the abstract concept Plato was suggesting.

Nevertheless, she read it over and over.

It was this one thought

that turned her world upside down.

The idea that our knowledge has limits

and that we can never know
if things truly are how they appear.

We're in a slumber,
unaware of the true nature of things.

One evening she came to me and said,

"If it's true what Plato argues,

then how do we know if anything is real?"

"How do we know that the actual reality

isn't outside the life we're living?"

It was a mighty big thought
for a girl her age.

I looked at her and asked her,

"Isn't that what God is?"

"The creator of our reality?"

She thought about it for a moment.

And then she answered,

"But then it's the world
God is living in that's real

and we are just his doll's house."

"And then again, who created God?"

"Doesn't it go on endlessly?"

In a way, this here is a doll's house.

And it was built for you.

You're lying.

That's what your father
wants you to believe.

But he has been lying to you.

They both have.

But there is a way out of here.

And your mother has the key.

[device clicking, whirring]

[beeping, chirring]

[in French] The doors,
where are the doors?

[in Portuguese] There are no doors.
Where did they go?

[in Cantonese] There's a door.

[Jérôme in French] Hurry, this way.


[Virginia in English] Hey. Hey you!

Please wait for me!

[beeping rapidly]

[in French] Come on!

[in English] Wait for me.


[in Danish] Where are we?

[in English] I don't understand.

I don't understand what's happening.

[in Portuguese] No. No.


[in Cantonese] Where are we?

[wind whistling]

[in Portuguese] It can't be true.

[door opens]

[in English] Sir.

He hacked into the mainframe.

I think he's trying to change
the architecture of the simulation.

He's changing the shape of things
to cover his tracks.

He's trying to wake her up
without delivering us the key.

We'll be trapped in here forever.

Find her.

Get the key.

Yes, sir.

[door opens]

[tense percussive music plays]

[in Portuguese] Is there someone in there?

[in French] Where are we?

How did we get here?

[Lucien in French] Help me!


It's over there.

[in English] I don't wanna die.

I don't wanna die.

I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die.

[low, ominous music playing]

- [pulley squeaks]
- [Ramiro grunting]

- [in Cantonese] Ling Yi!
- Mei Mei!

Help me out of here!

[Ramiro in Portuguese] No!

Don't go!

Don't go. Help me!

[ominous music continues]

[device beeping]

[whirs, beeps rapidly]

[Henry] Why are you manipulating the code?

You're spreading the virus
across the whole program.

What are you trying to hide?

[distressing music plays]

[Ángel in Spanish] Ramiro!

- Ángel!
- Ramiro, please, help me!

I don't understand. Why are you alive?

And why am I here?

- [in French] Clémence!
- Lucien?

[banging on crate]

We're getting you out of there!

[fluid gurgling]

[Ling Yi] Olek.

[Tove in Danish] It will be all right.

[Clémence yelps]

[power surging]

[rapid beeping]

[striding heavily]


[in French] Dear God.


[panel groaning]

[frenetic beeping]

[in Danish] Come.

We need to get out of here!

[Henry] Your father is a fool.

His attempt to hack the code
will destroy the entire simulation.

You think your father cares about you.

He's not doing this for you,
he's doing it for her.

If he had to choose
between you and your mother,

he'd always choose her.

[foreboding music blares]

[wind whistling]

[Maura] Our memories,
they are all connected.

[Eyk] How is your father doing this?

How did he get into our minds?

I don't know.

But I do know that my father
did something to my memory.

In that building.



[in Cantonese] How did you get here?

[in Portuguese] Ángel. Have you seen him?
He was down in the well and now...

[in Cantonese] Olek? Have you seen Olek?

What's the matter?

Has anyone seen Olek?

He didn't die!

[in French] What?

[in Cantonese] He was here just now!

[in English] What do you mean?

[Ángel singing
children's folk song in Spanish]

[in Spanish] Ángel?

- Ángel?
- [in French] Hey, where are you going?

Where's he going?

I don't know.
But the engine room should be this way.

Let's go!

[Maura in English] I don't understand.

My father's office must be somewhere.


This is insane. Nothing but a bad dream.

This is not a dream.

Daniel, he used the word simulation,
as if this was some kind of a fake reality

and we're all stuck in it.

This is crazy.

What is crazy is that you still haven't
figured out what this is all about.

[tense music plays]

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

[in German] You knew.

You knew what was going on the whole time.

[in English] The key.

We don't have time for this.

The simulation has been corrupted.

It's all falling apart.

Give me what I want.

[device pulsing]

The key.

[music warbles disconcertingly]

[in German] I'm sorry, Captain.

[in English] No!

No, no, no, no! Come back.

Bring him back. Please!

That's impossible.


Come back.

[mournful synth music plays]

Come back.


[crew member] Get up.

Your father's already waiting for you.

[door opens]

[door closes]

You all right?

[Henry] He knows what you did to him.

What did I do to you?

Elliot, please.

Why can't I remember?

You're still not asking
the right questions.

Stop! Just stop it!

I am your daughter.
What kind of a father would ever do this?

The key.

Do you have it?

[Elliot breathing heavily]

[eerie, unsettling music plays]

You've been watching me.

[high-pitched, mysterious tones]

The whole time.

That's why Ciaran sent the letter.
He found out what you did.

Where is my brother?

What have you done to Ciaran?

Believe me, he's the last one
you should be concerned about.

Stop your f*cking games and tell me
what the hell is going on here!

What's happening?

How did you do this?

[straps tightening]

We're born into this world
either a seeker or an avoider.

To be an avoider is pure bliss.

To be a seeker, on the other hand,

brings nothing but pain.

You will open every door,
step into the darkest voids,

driven by the urge to gain more knowledge.

Contrary to your brother,
you were born a seeker,

and I wish now that you weren't.

You tried to get rid of your pain,
but all you did was create more pain.


This is just one of your sick mind games.

You give me more credit than I deserve.

This is not my sick mind game.

It's yours.

You are the Creator.

[low, distraught music plays]

You're lying. That's not true.

You created this.
You and your husband. This is your design.

You forced this path onto everyone.

They're all trapped in this loop
because of you.

I will leave this godforsaken place now.

And for you, it's time to forget again.

[haunting vocalizations]

Whatever he has told you, it's not true.
I didn't create this.

I didn't create this!


I didn't create this!

[Henry] Don't be afraid.

[anguished wail]

You'll forget this ever happened.

Just like all the times before.

I'll make sure
you'll stay in here forever.


[glitchy audio burst]

[Ángel singing
children's folk song in Spanish]

[Ramiro in Portuguese] Ángel?

[Virginia in English] This can't be real.

[eerie, unsettling music plays]

[pyramid clicking, clacking]

[low tone drones]

Time to wake up.

[breathing deeply]

Why is it not working?

He changed the code.

[computer] Simulation has been corrupted.

[in French] What's happening?

[computer in English] Deleting simulation

in ten, nine, eight,

seven, six,

five, four,

three, two,

one, zero.

[all audio fading away]

[wind whistling]

[ladder clattering]

[breathing heavily]

It worked.

It didn't start all over again.

[delicate synth music plays]

Where am I?

Is this real?


This is the first simulation
we ever created.

It's our home away from home.

We created this?

Why don't I remember?

That doesn't matter now.

Why am I here?

The objects in a simulation
are just manifestations of codes.

They're just facades,
like everything else.

I exchanged their values.

I reprogrammed them.

This time, the syringe didn't
bring you back and make you forget.

It brought you here.

I switched objects.

The pyramid your father has, it's useless.

As is the key.

[mechanical click]


Your wedding ring holds the exit code now.

This time,

you will get out of here.

Your brother,

he took over the whole program
whilst you were in here.

- My brother did what?
- He's been controlling everything.

And I've tried so hard
to get you out of here, multiple times.

I thought my father was controlling...

He's just as stuck here as everyone else.

I don't know how fast your brother
is gonna figure out what I've done.

But you have to leave now.

This is so much bigger than you think.

You have to wake up.

You have to stop him,

or everything will be lost.

[music warbles]

[dramatic music playing]

Will you be there when I wake up?


I'll always be there.

[pyramid pulsing]

[glitchy audio burst]

[unsettling atmospheric music plays]

[Maura gasps]

["Starman" by David Bowie playing]

♪ Didn't know what time it was
The lights were low ♪

♪ I leaned back on my radio ♪

[computer chiming]

♪ Some cat was layin' down
Some rock 'n' roll ♪

♪ "Lotta soul," he said ♪

[chiming continues]

♪ Then the loud sound did seem to fade ♪

♪ Came back like a slow voice
On a wave of phase ♪

"Project Prometheus."

♪ There's a starman waiting in the sky ♪

♪ He'd like to come and meet us ♪

♪ But he thinks he'd blow our minds ♪

[computer] Receiving message.

♪ ...waiting in the sky ♪

♪ He's told us not to blow it ♪

♪ 'Cause he knows it's all worthwhile ♪

♪ He told me ♪

♪ Let the children lose it ♪

♪ Let the children use it ♪

♪ Let all the children boogie ♪

[Bowie vocalizing]

[song trails off]

[entrancing outro music playing]
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