02x10 - Work Is Its Own Award

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Strays". Aired: September 14, 2021 to present.
Spin-off of "Kim's Convenience," "Strays" follows Shannon as she leaves Handy Car Rental in Toronto to a new career in Hamilton as the executive director of an animal shelter.
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02x10 - Work Is Its Own Award

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Oh, God.

Hey there, g*ng-a-rang-as!

- You okay?
- Yeah. Just living,

loving, laughing, adopting. (CHUCKLING)

- What is up with y'all?
- Uncle Travis said that I could visit my puppy

if I didn't talk about
ponies for one whole hour.

I just needed some time to process

all the fun and interesting
and relentless pony facts.

Well, for sure, we
can go see the puppies.

They're just right back here.

Hey, listen, Shannon. I
just wanted to apologize

for everything with Steph.

Yeah. Yeah. It wasn't
my favourite interaction.

Yeah. I know. I was
being super defensive,

and you were just trying to help.

You were, and I was,

but I, uh, I get it.

It's hard.

Yeah. All's fair in love and marriage,

or whatever Gandhi said.

SHANNON: I think Gandhi
also preached forgiveness

but probably didn't offer
massages to bartenders

- in hot tubs.
- Yeah. No.

That seems like nothing now,

but her affair with my buddy,

that definitely felt like something.

What's an affair?

It's kind of like a sleepover
that, um, you're not invited to.


But after you said that
you'd talked to her,

I realized I might have to
put my pride aside and listen.

It's what marriage is about...

Getting over affairs and hot tubs.

Yeah, I guess.

Aw, that one's so cute!

Did you know that a pony
would never eat a dog

but if a dog was hungry enough,

it would probably eat a pony?

You know what? I'm
probably going to need

about an hour to process that one, too,

so no more facts for me. Thanks.


♪ Like yeah ♪

♪ We so amazing ♪

♪ Yeah we do it like that ♪

Knock, knock.


Hey, boss.

So, um, I've been doing a
lot of thinking about this job

and the job in Vancouver,

and I decided...

I'm going to take it.

- Sorry. Sorry? Which?
- What?

The job you're taking.
Or... or not taking?

- Oh, the other one.
- Kristian?

I... I'm not taking that job.

I'd like to take this job,

if it's still on offer.

Yes. It is yours for the taking.

And I'm so sorry that I couldn't
offer it to you outright.

I'm sorry that I applied
to the other shelter,

though they did pay well,

and I'm sorry that you
thought I was going to leave.

Well, I'm not sorry, because
what if you didn't promote me?

I get it, and, um, here.

This is for you.


Oh, I actually wrote two...
One in case you stayed

and one in case you left.

I hope this is the right one.


Uh, not that there's
anything bad in either,

but, uh, I'll get it to you later, okay?


Okay. Green.

Dog bikinis? Who would
waste their money on these?

And do you have something
in vertical stripes?

Those are for chihuahuas.

Didn't realize we were so exclusive.

So, I booked in Ruby for Tuesday.

First postpartum groom.

Might even live-stream it,

- get in with the mommy bloggers.
- You want to exploit my dog?

You're the one stuffing
her into a bikini.

Okay! Where's your boss?

- Jared, what's your problem?
- She's standing in front of me,

- asking me what my problem is.
- Oh, yeah?

Yeah. Come on. You want to rumble?

JARED: You think you can just
ruin my business? What do you got?

- Okay. What is going on?
- I'd say, uh,

school bully versus gifted kid?

I'm Jared from Jared's Puppy Pedis.

Your employee just tried to have me

pulled apart by my own dog skirt!

Uh, I'm sorry. What?

I am licensed to walk
up to six dogs at a time

as part of my elite grooming service.

- Barf.
- She purposely scattered

a bag of my branded dog treats,

and the dogs went nuts,

practically tearing me apart!

- It was funny.
- Nikki.

They dragged me into a street vacuum!

That is funny.

And I wasn't scattering
your garbage treats.

I was throwing them away.

- They're disgusting.
- Oh, you take that back.

Oh, I'll take it back when
you stop telling people

I use fabric scissors!

Okay. Okay. Resolution
is a quiet solution.

(GASPING) Okay. Well,
did you see that, or...

Enough. Enough. Okay?

I'm happy to hear both sides, but...

- You are the worst.
-We will talk about this

in a calm, mature manner.

Liam, you talk to him. I'll take Nikki.

- Do I have to?
- Do you want Nikki?

Sue me? Sue this.

Enjoy your cousin time!

- I'm not doing anything.
- Nikki, let's go.

LIAM: Come on, Ruby. Look, treats.


I'm so sorry.

Okay, Casper. Your new home awaits.

Make sure you kept her
bed where she can see it.

She screams if it's out
of sight. (CHUCKLING)

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

I'm picking up tick medicine

while you are making dreams come true!

And breaking up fights, apparently.

Oh, you heard?

Li said you were calm,
cool, and kick-ass.

Oh, thank you, but it's all
part of the job, it seems.

Always humble.

Such a Maddie.

A... a what? A Maddie! The award.

- Uh...
- Named after Maddie Foster,

local Hamilton gal. Ran a
soup kitchen or something.

Um, it's given to women in the community

making a difference. You'd
actually be perfect for it!

Oh, I... I don't know.

You're doing great work.

Gran-paws is a community grand slam.

Oh. Thanks. That's really
flattering, but, um, you know...

work is reward enough.

Save it for the acceptance speech.

No, really. I mean,

have I received dozens of letters

from grateful Gran-paws participants,

thanking me and praising
me for the program?


Yes, I have, but, uh, really, I don't...

Do it for the awards.

Hear you loud and clear.

It's all about the work.



Hey! A little birdie told
me you got a promotion.

- Oh? Who told you?
- One of the parrots.

Uh, he also said someone
took Paul's phone charger

and how Paul was going to
k*ll them, going to k*ll them.

I got be more careful
what I say around them.

And, uh, buy my own charger,
buy my own charger. (CHUCKLING)

Well, anyway, congrats.

- Uh, cheers.
- Thank you. Cheers.

I'd drink, but it's
ranch dressing, you know.

- For my carrots.
- Well, enjoy your snack.

Oh, uh, I ordered you a
little gift for the occasion.

Wow! Thank you.

- And I stayed because I...

... really like working with...

Ooh. Sorry. I've got an appointment.

Um... but it's supposed to
be coming sometime this week.

Great. Just don't ask the parrots

- what it is. (CHUCKLING)

And, um...

There's some dip just in your...

- Oh.
- Okay.



Hey, I just boiled the
kettle if you want some tea.

Oh, I've got tea,

the news kind, and it is huge!

Ooh, sounds juicy. Spill that tea.

Have you heard of the Maddies?

It's an award named after this woman

who worked herself to death
and was celebrated for it.

Anyway, people can nominate you...

Joy, I'm flattered, really,

but, uh, I would check with Tonya

before you go nominating
your girl. (CHUCKLING)

- What?
- Yeah. Tonya's kind of forcing me

to take up the gauntlet. She's
convinced that I'm a Maddie.

Oh, my gosh. I don't have a chance.

- Sorry?
- She nominated me, too,

but obviously, you'll win.

You're Shannon Ross.

Oh, she nominated you.

Who wouldn't? All the work you've done.

Well, you didn't.

- Did you?
- No.

Well, imagine it comes down to us?

Mentor versus mentee?

Ooh, I just got chills!

Well, you better watch your back, Joy,

because I'm going to take you down.

(SCOFFING) Well, you better
watch your front, Ross,

because I am miles ahead of you.

Okay. If you even dream of beating me,

I will wake you up, make you apologize.

Okay. Well, not if I wake you first,

so then I can thank you
in my acceptance speech,

because I b*at you and you
lost and you'll never be

as pretty or successful
or loved as your sister!

Okay. That's a wrap on the smack talk.

Oh, good call. That's why you'll win.


LIAM: I had a great time too.

Get out of here. I'll call you tomorrow.




Um... Jared?

I don't have to explain
my choices to you.

But you do have to tell me every detail.

- Oh, you forced him on me.
- But then you swapped didgies?

Over lunch, which happened

after we grabbed coffee
heading out of the shelter.

Aw. Cute coffee.
(IN DEEP VOICE) Flirty lunch.

Followed by tipsy window shopping.

So fun. Did he buy you anything?

- No.
- Hmm.

But he did pay for oysters
and champagne at Rodman's,

which led to dancing, which led to...

Coupling up. Do you think
you'll keep seeing him?

I don't know. Bye.

And let's keep this
entre nous, shall we?

Nikki thr*at to choke
Jared with his fanny pack.

Do you remember when
you wouldn't let me wear

a fanny pack at the farmers' market?

You looked like a muppet.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Joy, our socials are
paw-ping with our puppies!

Hailey Bieber's even following us. See?

Leaveittobieber .

I don't think that's her.

Yeah. Why would she
ask for all that money?

There's our team in action!

In action with social traction.

Such great work, you two.

Um, by the way, the
Maddie Award presentation

is at the Fairplace Hotel on the th.

Oh, we will do our
hair and both be there.

Aw, support. Love that.

Yeah. Who knows if
either of us will win?

- Shannon will.
- Oh, nothing's for sure.

Oh, you're nominated?

I think so.

Did someone nominate you?

I thought you did.

No, I nominated Joy.

Oh, thank gosh.

I mean, what a mess.

I thought you said you
didn't believe in awards.

I... I did, but then
when we were talking,

I thought it was pretty clear that
some recognition would be nice.

I did not get that from our convo,

but I... I'm happy to nominate you now.

- The deadline was yesterday.
- No. It's no biggie.

It's my fault.


Can I give you some advice?

If it's about this shirt again,

I told you, I... I like it.

Ask for what you want.

Otherwise, no one's
going to give it to you.


Oh. Hey.

I saw that you were still here,

and so I wanted to tell you something.

Okay. sh**t. Just packing up.

I haven't been as direct
with you as I should be,

and so I wanted to
say that I don't think

you should settle for someone
who doesn't respect you.

Oh, okay.

And as much as you drive me crazy,

I also like you. You
deserve better than someone

who's going to cheat on
you with your best friend.

WOMAN: Excuse me?

Stephanie! Hey, girl.

I confided in you.

Well, you left out some
pretty important details

- about the whole affair thing.
- Why would you talk to her about this?

- Why would you talk to her about this?
- Uh, now,

I'm sorry I talked to
either of you about this.

It's not like you're the dream
husband. You're always working,

never saying how you feel.

- You can be difficult to read sometimes.
- Will you stop?

- Sorry.
- Okay. Look.

I think Shannon is just trying to help.

- Are you defending her?
- I should go.

Yeah, hit the road, you
two-timing piece of trash.

Okay. All right. Let's just
relax. I'm sorry about this.

STEPHANIE: Stop talking to her!

- TRAVIS: Okay.
- Okay! Bye!


These are incredible.

Yes. They are... stunning.

Wild columbine, native
to the Bruce Trail,

where I hiked for Pablo.

How did you know?

- I...
- And look.

A compass, gold-plated
but engraved with KM.

Lara, this is too much.

It's... it's not from me.

Oh. Right. Yeah.

I mean, I don't know why I assumed...

Kristian, you dropped this.

KRISTIAN: "Kristian, congrats
on your permanent position.

There's nobody on this earth

more suited to the role
than you." Aw, guys.

I mean, honestly, I
think there's other people

who could do it, but
you get what we mean.

They're from everyone.

- I signed for you. You were out.
- Thank you.

And I wasn't sure I'd remember the names

of all those flowers
you're always going on about

from your hikes, but was I close?

- Bang on.
- Ah.

- And you got the compass?
- Yeah. It's... it's great.

Oh, and it's bucks a head.

You're the only one who hasn't paid up.




Liam. I'm not available right now,

so leave a message. (BEEPING)

NIKKI: Hey, Liam. Ruby
missed another appointment,

so I guess you're d*ad or something.

Um, might have a spot
Friday, so let me know.

Okay. Loving the poof on that woof.

When'd you get so fancy?

I had some time after
Liam frigging bailed again.

Oh, he's probably just
busy with work and stuff.

I know it's just business.


But kind of disrespectful,

after all the trouble I go through

to make stupid small
talk and dumb inside jokes

because of, you know, my
kick-ass customer service.

Aw, Nikki. You miss Liam.

Shut up.

But did Liam say anything?

Like, did I do something
to piss him off?

The truth is, he's seeing someone,

and it's, you know, pretty new, so...

Really? I respect the prowl.
Where'd they meet?

I think they met through, um, Ruby.

Oh. I bet I know who it is.

- You do?
- Starbucks Steve.

I'd reuse that cup. Ah.

Nice pull, Li-man. (LAUGHING)


You know, you should give Joy
a fresh look for the Maddies.

- Joy dropped out.
- What? Why?

She said it was k*lling you
and that was k*lling her,

and hearing about it was k*lling me.

So now, everyone's good.

Oh. Good.


God, you look good.

Oh, is that for me?


Okay. Yes. Um...

It's the gift I mentioned earlier.

Um, but don't expect much.

Oh, my gosh!

It's beautiful.

It's a pen. (CHUCKLING)

Yes. It's the same kind

that you used to write
the note on my hand

about the medication we needed
to buy Pluto for his ulcer.

No, it's just a pen. (CHUCKLING) Yeah.

People need pens to write things down.

Thought you might be
one of those people.

I am.

I love it.

Are there, um, ink cartridges?



Well, that's for you.

Thank you, and, uh,
could you take your trash?

I'm sorry for the no-show. I'll
e-transfer you a cancelation fee.

Do you still want the security
answer to be "suck it"?

- I'm going to let this one slide.
- And then when I turn around,

you'll s*ab me with those shears?

Shannon told me about your new piece.

Oh, Jesus.

And... you're... okay with it?

I'm jealous. I remember
living in the banging blur.

Ah. You have no idea.

So, is Starbucks Steve... a Grande?

Oh! Oh, um... m...
more like a V-Venti...

Hey, I just passed that
Jared guy parked out front.

What? So, now, he's spying on me?

Wow. That Jared guy is the worst.

Maybe it's an ambush.

Do dog groomers do that?

- They do now.
- No! No!

Let me handle this.

Nobody messes with my friend
and exclusive groomer Nikki.

- Yeah.
- Liam's right. We got this.

No! No!

Don't give Jared the satisfaction.

Okay? Let me do it.

Time for the knuckles to
crack and the palms to slap.




PAUL: Oh, man. He's
running right at him.

NIKKI: Go, Li-man, go.

Did the duck get out again?
She's such a free spirit.

No. Liam's going to kick Jared's ass.

Hey, why is Liam getting in Jared's car?

Taking him to a second location.

They say that's where it all happens!

Is that Ruby in Jared's car?

Are Jared and Liam kissing?

Oh. I'm going to k*ll him,

then b*at Jared with
Liam's lifeless body!

You take Nikki. I'll take Liam.

Where? Is there a third location?


Joy, I heard about you
dropping out of the Maddies.

I could tell it was affecting you.

You seemed distracted
and paler than usual.

I'm fine, but I feel terrible

that you thought you had to do that.

We don't do the work
for the awards, right?

Well, not this year.

Or do we? Ta-da!

I'm sorry. I don't know what
this is or how to fix it.

You don't have to fix it.

It is the first ever Sheltie Award,

and I am presenting it to you, Joy,

for your outstanding
contribution to the shelter...

Gran-paws, march meow march.

I could go on.

Oh, my gosh! This is so nice of you.

But you really didn't have
to pull out of the Maddies.

- I would have supported you.
- I know,

and I realized that,
like, an hour later,

but it was too late...
Apparently, even if you beg.

Still, this deserves a toast.


I like it. I need it.

She just chased Liam for three blocks,

and I chased her for two blocks.

- What's the occasion?
- Oh, we were just...

Who cares? I call first chug.

Nikki's fast.


I may not know everything
about your life,

but I did save that.

- Is this...
- Blood.

Several months ago, we were
drawing a sample from wish,

and you pricked your
finger on the syringe.

You were worried that it would
contaminate wish's bloodwork

and you kept apologizing.

I don't remember that.

You cried in your car.

The windows were down, and
you were sobbing so hard

we could actually hear
you across the parking lot.

- Now, it's coming back.
- Then you put the windows up,

- and we could still hear you.
- Got it.

So, there you go. For you.

It wouldn't be the
same here without you.

I'm think I'm going to
need some clarification,

just for the official record.

So, you're saying that
you... you would...

I would miss you.

Let's go, bozos.

Lara, I know you like Tequila.

Marko DJ-ed the Vet Association
Christmas party last year.

Said you were smash-faced
in a planter. Come on.


So, you and Nikki managed a truce?

It's a negotiation. Jared's
giving her clients

- and a new blow dryer.
- Oh. I heard she wanted to shave his head.

Yeah. We're working on it.

- Goodnight, Ross.
- See you tomorrow.

Welcome to owning your power.

(BEEPING) It's an app.

Trying to be more
centered and assertive.

Good for you.

- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.


Okay. It was a free trial, and
the app is actually pretty...

Is somebody here? I can...

No. No. Uh, what... what's up?

Steph went back to Barrie.

Without me, obviously.

Right. She may be gone
now, but a minute ago,

you two were going to work
things out, so I don't...

Yes. I know.

And listen. You might not
even be interested anymore,

and I... and I get that, but...

You may feel emotions rising up

- as you confront... (BEEPING)
- Ugh.

Go on.


I can't stop thinking about you.

You're so funny,

and you're so much smarter than me.

And you know what? Yeah,
I find you super irritating

and nosy, and frankly, I
don't even think you recycle.

But you make me want to be better,

for you, because I
think that if we could...

And I thought that I talked too much.

You do.

I got the door.

♪ Let's shake it up ♪

♪ It's kind of scary
but I'm loving the rush ♪

♪ My heart is racing like oh ♪

♪ 'Cause this feels like home ♪

♪ Feels like home, feels like home ♪

♪ Yeah it's true ♪

♪ Look in the mirror
and I'm feeling so good ♪

♪ Yeah I've been searching like oh ♪

♪ 'Cause this feels home... ♪
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