02x66 - He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special

Episode transcripts for the TV show "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe". Aired: September 5, 1983 - 1985.
The most powerful man in the universe, He-Man, holds up his sword to Skeletor saving the planet from evil forces.
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02x66 - He-Man & She-Ra: A Christmas Special

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It's a happy time for us, dear marlena.

Just think this will be the first time the twins are together to

Celebrate their birthday with all our family.

Adora's friends even came from far off etheria. And they're all helping to decorate!

Oh, perfuma, thank you! They're beautiful!

A little higher, flutterina!

How's this?

I think purple would look good up there, peekablue. Try it!

What a celebration! The preparations have been going on for days.

You know, it reminds me of howwe used to get ready forchristmas at this time of year.

Christmas? What's that? An earth holiday?

A very special earth holiday.

I wonder where adam and man-at-arms are?

Shouldn't we be helping with the decorations?

In a minute. We're almost finished here.

You know, if it works, thislittle sky spy will give us acomplete picture of skeletor's

Every move.

Hmm...interesting! I think I'lltake a look!

Uhhh, but... How do I get inside? Aha!

Vroom! Vroom!

Alright, adam, I think we're ingood shape for tomorrow'sflight.

All systems on!


What happened?

What did I do?

Switch off the rockets!

I can't! The controls won't work!

Something tells me I'm in big trouble!




That ship - what is it?

That's... That's a meteor!

A meteor! You better have your eyes checked, you lame-brain!

Yeah, watch it, motor-mouth!

Enough, two-bad! Get that shipbefore it escapes or I'll putboth your heads in orbit!

Left it is, sir!

To the right! Yes, sir, skeletor!

- Left! - Right!

Oh, no! It's the colector! And it's chasing me!

What's happening?

The sky-spy suddenly took of byitself!

Look! Skeletor's going after the sky-spy!

Then he-man's going after skeletor!

By the power of grayskull!

I have the power!

I've got a feeling my brother may need some help.

Get it! Scoop it up!

You're trying to grab more than you can handle!

Yeah... I've almost got it!

You've almost got it!? I almost got it!

Oh, no!

You know what? These claws need a manicure.

Fools! What is it? What happened?

Ma... Ma... Master! It's... It's... He-man!

Quiet! He'll hear us!

There we are! Claws to paws!

Use the force belt!don't let him get away with it!

- Yes, master! - No. Master!

A force belt, huh?

Uh, oh! There are too many of these things!

Looks like you need a hand, brother!

Sis! Just in time! As usual!

Let's get a little fresh air inhere!

Ready? One... Two...


How can I get this thing down? Or should I try a spell? Why not!

Sky-spy, sky-spy, skipidy-skate,get me down to someplace safe!

Oh, no! Now what did I do?

The sky-spy! It's spinning off into space!

They're getting away! What are you doing, rattlor?

He-man ruined our controles!

The a*t*matic pilot is taking usback to snake mountain.


Then take this!

I don't need a parachute.

That's what you think!

I'm affraid we've lost your sky-spy.

Well, it's a good thing nobody's in it.

I never should have gotten intothis thing. And nobody evenknows I'm here!

I can't understand how the shipjust took off by itself.

Maybe this finder beam can locate it?

Phew, it's slowing down.boy, am I glad! Back home again!

Hey! That doesn't look like eternia...

Oh... We... We... We're going in!

Shoo! That was close! I guess I should have fastened my seat belt.

Oh! Brrrrr! Where am i? This place is fre...freezing!

Help! Help!

Somebody's in trouble! I'd better take a look!


Oh my gosh! They'll be buried bythat avalanche. Which spell cani use?

Oh! Little children, up and awayplay in the snow another day!

Please, work!

What's happening to us?

Hey! Put us down!

No, no! Don't say that!

No, too late! You broke the spell!

And what are you doing out herealone in the snow, anyway?

Getting the christmas tree.

A what?

A christmas tree. Until we got lost.

Ah, there, there. You're notreally lost. You found me,didn't you?

Found you?

Yeah! I'm the one who's lost! My ship crashed just over that hill.

Come on, I'll show you and maybewe can find a way to get yousafely home to your parents!

I'll have the finder activated in just a...

Duncan! Adam! We've got a serious problem!

What is it?

It's orko! He's missing!


Yes, and we just found his magic book outside.


Near the launch pad!

The launch pad!

Uh-oh! He must have stowed awayin the sky-spy!

Yes! And accidently switched onthe rockets. We've got to findhim!

What's that?

It's a flying saucer!

Nah, it is a sky-spy.c'mon, let's go inside and warmup.

You said you were looking for achristmas tree. What's that?

First of all, it's a prismas...no! I mean it's not a prismastree, it's a christmas tree!

And it's to celebrate christmas.

Oh... What's christmas?

- Everybody knows what christmas- I don't!- When you get lots of presents!

Presents! Hey, I think I like christmas!

Well, presents are part of it...

But it's also a time wheneverybody thinks about peace andgood will toward men.

That's what the angel said!

Angel? Now I'm really getting confused!

No, it's not confusing! Not at all!

Listen, if you really don't knowabout christmas, we'll tell youthe whole story...

A long, long time ago...

I've got it! Here's where the sky-spy landed!

Why, those are earth coordinatesorko's landed on earth!

Are you saying that we'll neverget orko back?

No, teela! My transport beam might do it.

The problem is, it needs acarium water crystal to powerit and there are none here on

Eternia, but maybe on etheria...

It's possible.

Well, if it's in the water, mermista would know about it.

Well, can you have she-ra contact her?

I think that can be arranged...

...and the three wise men followed the star until they finally reached bethlehem.

Ah, what a beautiful story! Butwhat about the gifts? You saidthere were gifts at christmas!

That's the fun part!

Let's tell him about santa claus!

I'll tell him!

Are you sure you don't want me to come along, sis?

No, adam... If something happensto me you'll be needed here.

Well, just be sure that nothing happens to you! You're my favorite sister!

For the honor of grayskull!

I am she-ra!

On christmas eve, santahitches his reindeer and fliesall over the world bringing

Presents to boys and girls. Ithink I like this santa, can imeet him?

Oh, no! He only brings presentswhen you're asleep!

When you're asleep?! Well, justas long as he brings them...tell me about dingle's bell?

You mean, jingle's bell? I mean, jingle bells!

And if we don't find one,there's no way to get orko back.

A water crystal? Yes! I know where one is, she-ra.

But it will not be easy to get.it lies in a deep pool - nearthe old ruins.

And it's guarded by the beast-monster.

The beast-monster is real?i thought it was just a legend.

The beast-monster is no legend, it exists and is very dangerous.

But if we work together...

Good idea! Meet me at the ruin.

If you can keep the creature outof the pool long enough, I'llfind the water crystal for you!

Thanks, mermista. Fly, swift wind!

So, this is the pool of thebeast monster. Hmph! Doesn'tlook as though anyone's home!

Uh, oh! Someone's home!

The beast-monster!

Keep him busy as long as you can, she-ra!

I'll do my best!


Those ruins wont hold him long!now, where's mermista?

I've found it!

Thanks, mermista!

I'm always happy to help. Goodluck. I hope this brings orkoback.

We could never have found it without mermista.

What's that?

I don't know! But it looks asthough we've found somethingelse too!

What are they?

Some kind of sensors, I think...

It's a robot!

Well swifty, now we have to passthose things to get the crystalback to man-at-arms.

Watch it, swifty!

Monstroids, leave her. We must go to monstroid center and prepare to battle.

They're changing into other formwhat evil robots!

Very evil. And very dangerous. They're called

The monstroids. Our little friends, the manchines, once told me about them.

I'm afraid we haven't seen the last of these evil things. Now let's get out of here!

Sword, to blaze!better stand back, swifty.it's going to get a little warm.

Now let's get the crystal back to man-at-arms.

Even if the crystal works, we'll need help from orko.

I hope he remembers to stand in the light.

It's working! Now it's up to orko.

Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle bells!

What's that?

I don't know.

I'm afraid.

Wait! Man-at-arms has atransport beam. Now, what did hetell me? Stand in the light.


Don't be scared, elisha. I think I know what it is. I hope.

All we have to do is hold handsand move over there.

Where is he?

There he is!

No, there they are.


Who are your friends?

This is elisha and miguel.

We're so glad you're safe! But what happened?

It's a long story and it allstarted when I got into thesky-spy...

There is a great disturbance! A new spirit of goodness has arrived on eternia!

The power of horde prime may bethreatened.

Send for skeletor and hordak!


So, that's the story. And here we are!

Well, I can't believe it! You really crash-landed on earth.

Will we be home in time for christmas?

I'm not sure... Duncan?

I can't be sure...it may take a few daysto recharge the water crystal...

But then we'll miss christmas!

I've got an idea! Christmasisn't for several days yet, butthe twins birthday is tomorrow.

Why don't we combinetheir birthday celebrationwith a big, big christmas party.

That would be fine. But what about santa? Will he be able to find us?

Of course, elisha. Now, don't worry.

Who's santa?

Who's santa!? You don't know who santa is? I can't beleive it!

Everybody knows who santa is!

The arrival of this spirit ofchristmas on eternia maythreaten my rule!

I don't need anymore good willand brotherhood on that planet.

Find it and crush it!

Have no fear, great master! Iwill eliminate this... Thischristmas spirit before another

Day has passed. You! You can't even handle that muscle-bound female, she-ra!

Just a minute! What about the wahe-man handles you, bone-brain?

Bone-brain!why, you miserable excuse for avillain!

Silence! Stop wasting my time!

Whoever eliminates the spirit of chrismas on eternia will be well rewarded!

That's me!

We'll see about that!

Well, elisha, how do you like it here on eternia?

Everybody here is nice, but I miss mom and dad.

Oh, don't be sad, children, you'll be home soon,

And until then, I'll make it seem like springtime.

No, perfuma, christmas is in thewinter.

Winter? Oh, no sooner said thendone!

Perfuma! That's wonderful!

We've got just the right settingfor my new christmas song!

Let's try it!

Love and caring, peaceful bliss...

Joys of sharing, happiness...

Christmas spirit's in the air, eternia and everywhere.

Don't you feel it? Feel that you're a part?

Christmas season is a time of your heart.

Now, that's the christmas spirit!

There they are! Get the tractor beam ready!

It's hordak! Run!

Help! Help!

Hey! Put them down! You'll be sorry!

Wait 'til he-man and she-ra find out!

You won't get away with this!

We've got them, master.

Good. Take us back to etheria, catra.

We couldn't get to orko and thechildren hordak was to quickwith his freeze-beam.

Were you able to track him? Yes, in the

Beginning. But hordak was takingthem to etheria. I don't knowwhere they are now.

Well, the first thing we have to do is find them.

Right, let's check with peekablumaybe her multivision can helpfind the children.

Oh, the monstroids. We'd better get out of here.

What's going on?

Why did you stop us? These prisoners were being delivered to horde prime.

The prisoners stay here. You may go.

You don't think I'd leave them here!?

I don't care what you think.

You have seconds to gather your beast companions and depart.

What!? No bucket of boltsis going to push hordak around!



Eight, seven,...

Err... On the other hand, I do have some urgent business elsewhere!

Just wait 'til horde prime hears about this!

Place the creatures in prison!when horde prime comes for them,we will deal with him.

As you command, number one!

We know the children are in the fright zone, but we don't know where!

I'll try to help.

I see them! They've been captured by the monstroids.

I knew we'd have trouble with them again.

Yes. But the little robot peoplehave gone to rescue thechildren.

Robot people? You mean the manchines?

Exactly! And they'll need help.the monstroids are verypowerful.

Don't worry, peekablue. We'll cut them down to size. Let's go, sis.

This is a pretty mess! And it's all my fault!

No, it isn't, orko! You were trying to help us!

Well, I didn't do a very good job...


Who are you?

My name is cutter. What's yours?

I'm orko. And this is elisha andmiguel but... But how did youknow we were here? We're the

Manchines. The monstroids areour enemies. C'mon, let's getyou out of there!

But how? The windows got bars!

They don't call me cutter for nothing! Watch!

Oh, wow!

Climb out, quickly! My cousin's waiting!


My cousin!

Here he comes now.

Boy! He's fast!

They don't call him zipper for nothing.

Zipper! There's a monstroid just around the corner.

Here we go!

Ow! Hang on!

Don't worry! He can't keep up with me!

Watch this!

Grab them!

I think we've got a problem.

Put them back in the cells. And the manchines with them!

You're pretty good at giving orders, metal-mouth.

Now, let's see how good you are at taking them! Move away from my friends!

It's he-man!

Seize him!

Keep your claws to yourself!

Sorry to get you all tied up!

The human creature is a lout. Teach him a lesson!

I think you need a lesson in adding, iron-head.

Sword, to lasso!

Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy!

What works for my sister, worksfor me!

Monstroids! Monstroids! att*ck the intruders!

Zipper, we'd better call ourcousin. He-man and she-ra needhelp!


Orko, why don't you find a safe spot for the children?


The odds look a bit uneven.

Oh, no they don't, he-man!

It's cutter! And the manchines!

C'mon, cutter! We'll send the monstriods back to the junkyard!

Right where they belong!

Let's get to work!

Oh, look! A manchine puppy!

He's so cute!

Ah, there they are!

Horde prime will reward merichly if I deliver those twoearth children.


Ha! Got you at last, you troublesome tots!

Let them go!

Well, the bigger they are, the harder they fall!

Thanks for your help! We...

He-man! She-ra!


Skeletor's taken the kids!

We'll see about that!

Swift wind!

Oh, no, you don't, she-ra!

Heh-heh, ha-ha-ha-ha! I've doneit! I've captured the twoearthlings.

Now nothing can stop me from delivering them to horde prime.

Don't be so sure, bone-head!

What?! It's hordak! Drat him, he wants the reward himself!

Well, I'll soon take care of him.

That skull faced scoundrel has damaged my ship! Now I'll have to turn back!

But first, I'll make sure that he doesn't go anywhere!

No! We're going down! I'll get you for that, hordak!

We'll have to crash land in that snow.

Swift wind, are you alright?

Yes, but where are the children?

Skeletor got away with them. Butdon't worry, now that you'refree, we'll get them back!

Let's go, brother!

Drat that hordak, he'll be back with reinforcements!

Well, we won't be here!

Get moving, you two!we have a long walk ahead of us!

I... I... I don't think... We can mo... Mo... Move.

It... It's awfully... Co... Cold.

I said move! Move it!

Ple... Please, mister! Be nice! It... It's christmas time.

Christmas time? What's that?

It... It's a se... Season of love and joy.

And caring.

Bah! Is that what christmas is?no wonder horde primewants to get rid of it.

A season of love!? Caring!? Joy!yuck! What a disgusting idea!

Well, there's no christmasspirit here.now, get moving, youtwo, before hordak comes back.

I... I'm sorry, mister, but,... But we're so cold!

So, you're cold!

Oh, blast it.

Oh, I'm warm again!

Thank you, mr. Skeletor, you are very kind.

Kind! Never use that word around me!

Now, get moving!

Oh! Wait, I have to get relay.


Leave him!

But, he'll freeze! We have to!

I said leave him! Now, move!


Oh, blast it!

I don't know what's coming over me but whatever it is, I don'tlike it!

Oh, stop licking my face, you dratted dog! Get away from me! You're drawning me! Get off!

It was nice of you to save relay, mr skeletor.

I am not nice!

Oh, stop that!

You want me to hold him?

No, no, no... We'll go faster if I carry him!

Tell me more about this... Thischristmas.

Well, it's a wonderful time ofthe year, everyone has a lots offun.

You mean they get in fights?

No, no, they have fun!

Fights are fun. I like fights.

And you give each other presents.

And when you open them, they explode, right?

No, they're nice gifts.

Nice! Doesn't sound like much fun to me!

A snow-beast!

Quick, get behind me!

So much for the snow-beast!

Oh, thank you, mr. Skeletor! You saved us! You really are wonderful!

Listen! I am not nice! I am not kind and I am not wonderful!

And I'm still delivering you to horde prime.

There they are!

Please, mr. Skeletor, we don't want to be taken by horde prime!please, don't!

Let them go, bone-face!

She-ra and he-man! Drat!

We'll take those children!

No, I'll take those children!

Hordak! Double drat!

That's right, skeletor! I figured you'd show up here!

When you two are finished, we'll take the children!

Now hand them over! Horde prime will know who's number one.

They're mine, hordak!

Good aim! You hit yourself!

Now, I'll take those goody-goods.

Not if we can help it, hordak!

Better get back, children. Orko, go with them.


You're not delivering them to horde prime!

Forget it, he-man!the little fools are deliveringthemselves to horde prime.

What... What is it?

It's... Horde prime!

C'mon, she-ra, we must stop him!

Robots! Get them!

Hang on, orko!

We're on our way!

That's enough for me!

Here, catch, brother!

Thanks, sis!

Good work, brother, now let's get the children! Uh-oh!

Too late, she-ra! Horde prime's got them!

Aaaah! What? What? What?

I don't know what's happening to me...

...but I must save the children!

Blast! That skeletor's hit my engines!

Horde prime's ship is down! Let's go, she-ra!

I think horde prime's going to be angry with me...

You have made me angry, skeletor!

Very angry, indeed!

Quickly, he-man! Let's send this troublemaker back home!

Right you are, she-ra! Ready?



Blast! Blast! Blast! Blaaast!

There! That'll take care of horde prime for a while.

Skeletor! Skeletor! Thanks so much!

He saved us!

He saved you?!

Yes... I... I guess I did... I wish I knew why? Oh! Oh! I don't think I feel well.

Well, I think you're feelingwith christmas spirit, skeletor.it makes you feel... Good.

Well, I don't like to feel good!i like to feel evil! Ooooh...

Don't worry, skeletor, christmas only comes once a year.

Aaah... Thank goodness!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry christmas!here -a flying belt for each ofyou!

Oh, thank you, santa!

It's too bad you can't stay for the party but I'm sure yourparents miss you very much.

We miss them too! But, man-at-arms says we'll be home soon.

That's right, miguel. You'll be home just in time to hang up your stocking.

Ready to go?


Relay, go to adora!

Will you make sure relay getsback to the manchines, adora?

Of course, elisha! And, merry christmas!

Merry christmas, everyone, and thank you!

Oh, thank heavens you're back! We were so worried!

Oh, mother, father! It was greatwe went to another planet and...

Oh, miguel, don't make up stories!

Tomorrow you can tell us whereyou really were! We're just gladto have you home safe.

But we did goto another planet, mom! Honest!

And we met orko and santa clausgave us these flying belts!

Now, now, now, elisha...

I don't know where you got thosethose things, whatever they are,but it is bedtime.

Ok, father.

- Goodnight! - And merry christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry christmas, young lady!

Merry christmas,...


Oh... You knew it was me all the time, didn't you?


Well, merry christmas, sis!

Merry christmas, everybody!

So, that's how christmas first came to eternia. Not everyone

Celebrates christmas but thespirit of the christmasseason is within us all.

It's a season of love, and joy,and caring.

And presents!

Presents are nice, orko, but christmas means much more than that.

I know, adam! Christmas is a time of peace, and caring, and happiness.

That's right, orko! And what would make you happiest this christmas?


Oh, orko.
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