07x13 - For They Existed

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Queen Sugar" Aired September 2016 - current.
"Queen Sugar" follows the life of two sisters, one a formidable journalist & activist from New Orleans, and the other a modern woman, who, with her teenage son Micah, leaves her upscale apartment in Los Angeles and moves to the heart of Louisiana to claim an inheritance from her recently departed father: an 800-acre sugarcane farm.
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07x13 - For They Existed

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[RALPH ANGEL] Previously
on Queen Sugar...

[WOMAN] You're now
officially on the roster

as permanent foster parents
in the state of Louisiana.

You're standing for us, for your father.

My pop just wanted me to excel,
be some kind of a student.

- You felt like you disappointed him.
- Definitely.

Would you move to Africa with me?

[NOVA] Dominic,
this is your destiny, not mine.

Mom, I got a job offer.

- Plan is to drop out of Xavier.
- [CHARLEY] What?

I'm not asking for your permission.

- I think we should tell him.
- [DARLA] He already knows

you're not his biological father. No.

You know they're gonna
auction off his land?

[RALPH] Our land's
right in the middle of it.


- Yeah!

The man of the hour.
Our very own superstar.

Saint Jo's newest,
blackest, beautifulest

school board member, Mr. Hollywood.

Drinks on him!




Under the moonlight.



Feel like coming over?


♪ Dreams never die ♪

♪ take flight as the world turns ♪

♪ dreams never die ♪

♪ take flight as the world turns ♪

♪ keep the colors in the lines ♪

♪ take flight ♪

♪ dreams never die ♪

♪ Keep the colors in the lines ♪

♪ keep the colors in the lines ♪

♪ take flight ♪


♪ My daddy made no excuse
I believe my lies are truth ♪

♪ why won't you eat what you're fed ♪

♪ 'cause when I touch myself
I think of only you ♪

♪ and when I touch someone else ♪

♪ no one is faithful ♪

♪ I am weak, I'll go astray ♪

♪ forgive me for my ways ♪

♪ no one is faithful ♪



- You're up early.
- Yeah.

I don't mean to rush you,

but I'm heading out to my aunt Martha's.

Martha's cousin, right?

You remember that?


I remember.

She passed a couple of months ago.

She didn't leave a will,

but she signed her house over
to a local church, apparently,

so I want to pack up her things

before they put the house up for sale

or whatever they're gonna do with it.

The... the church, I mean.

I've been so disconnected
from the way I used to be.

[VOICE SHAKING] I used to be
able to hold someone's hands


Understand things.

I remember. I don't think it's left you.

It's way too deep.

It's a deep part of who you are.

It's not gone, you'll find it.


I'm gonna be heading out in minutes.






♪ No one is faithful ♪

[HOLLYWOOD] Somebody in
shreveport registered it for auction.

I don't know who we're gonna
ask for when we get there,

but we're gonna wing it. [CHUCKLES]

Yeah, well, I hope we don't find
somebody that want that land or lots.

Damn Landrys.

Hunting Ralph Angel
just like they did Ernest.

Yeah, man.

Hey, Prosper, I know it's hard
for you to watch that land go, too.

Wish there was...

I was able to have done more.

More I could still do.


This is the perfect,
most amazing, incredible gift.

- Thank you.
- Mmm-hmm.

I have not had a manicure
in a very long time.

- Least I could do.
- Mmm.

Gramp's allowance
just sits in my drawer,

- you know?
- Okay.

Look after your sister
while I'm in there.

- I will.
- See you later, babe.

- Buh-bye. Have fun.

- Take care of Tru and Blue.
- Bye. I'll take care of her. She good.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- I liked that.

What's been going on at school?


Man of many words.
Ain't got nothing to say?

[CHUCKLES] Come on, what's up?

It's fine.

I just don't... fit in.

Somebody been mean to you?


Somebody bullying you?

No, it's not a bullying
situation or anything.

It's... [SIGHS] It's just that
I don't really vibe with them,

and they don't really get me.

Guess we grew up differently.

Look, I know you might want
to fit in sometimes,

but there ain't nothing wrong
with being different.

Just 'cause you raised different

don't mean you don't belong
like all them other kids,

and don't forget it.


You know your mama
went to the same school?

Biological father did, too.

- What?
- Yeah.

I think you should know.

I've been finding out a lot about him.

I don't want to hide something from you.


Him and mommy went to school together.

Then we fell in love.

She said I could be Blue's daddy.

What about him? What did he say?

He said, "okay."


'Cause he didn't want to be.

That make you feel some type of way?


I didn't really know him
so it doesn't matter,

and he didn't really know me, so
it's not like it's personal or anything.

Guess he just didn't want
to be a father.

I did.

A lot.

If you ask me,
I think I got pretty lucky.

- I think I got lucky, too.
- Oh, yeah?

Come here.


Point is, you belong at that school
and anywhere you want to be.

Don't ever forget it.

Remember your roots, okay?

I think I'm a pretty interesting person.

- I think so, too.

- From an interesting place.


- What's so funny, huh?

- You know it, Tru.

What you laughin' at, huh?

[SIGHS] Blue, mind doing me a favor?

Don't tell mommy about this, too,

- until I can talk to her, okay?
- Sure, pops.,

you got me?



- Hey.
- Hey, Billie.

Hey. When's your flight?

I thought you would be in
LA with your mama by now.

[SIGHS] We got into a disagreement.
I'm not going.

A disagreement?

She's two days away from
the biggest day of her life.

What could you possibly
disagree with her about

that would cause you
to not be there for her?

She said some things,

and I don't feel comfortable
being there with her.

And honestly,
I don't think she wants me there.

- What on earth?

- Hey, vi, save my...
- Yeah, baby, please.

- Micah.
- [BILLIE] Hi, welcome to Vi's prized pies.

You need to get on a plane
and get out there.

You're the only one who can go.

You're the only one that
can be there to support her

on her election night.

You know the rest of us got
to be here the next morning

- for the auction.

And our foster assignment
could happen any day.

No one else can go.

- You want her to be alone?
- My dad is there.

Her California friends, her staff.

She's fine.

What are you thinking, Micah?

You need to get there
and stand with your mother.

- I'm asking you to do this.
- Don't ask me to do that.

This is the same issue I have with her.

All these demands being made
about what I wanna do.

I'm a grown man. Respect that.

You lower your mouth.

So you think this is how grown men act?

Not showing up for your people?


Somebody here registered a bid.

Hey, good afternoon.
How you doing today, ma'am?

- I'm good. How are you?
- Well, I'm blessed and highly favored,

but my goodness, y'all have
one mighty fine operation here.

Quick question.
Where do you source your cane juice from

- to make your rum?
- We have six varieties,

and we have cane
from three different parishes.

Three different parishes, huh?

Does Saint Josephine happen
to be one of those parishes?

I don't know. The boss would know.

- Is he here right now?
- [MAN] Sure is.

Hello, gentlemen.


- [RALPH] You want an ice cream sandwich?
- [BLUE] Already know.

- [BLUE] You want one, mom?
- [RALPH] What about you, mama?

[CHUCKLES] I'm okay.
We have ice cream at home.

Sometimes I like homemade better.


Home is better sometimes.

- I'll be back.

How's everything going at grandma's?

How's school?

- Fine.
- Just fine?

- That's it.
- Well, I talked to pops about it

and he's right.

I just have to remember
that I deserve to be there

as much as any other kid there.

I have an alumni legacy, too.

Double as much as most kids there do,


I have to remember that whenever
I feel like I miss home or anything.



What do you mean by double?

I mean you, mom.

You're an alumnus.

You said double.

Yeah, grandma.

You know grandma didn't go there.

You're right. I get confused sometimes.


Here we take fresh cane juice
and make cane spirit rum...

Like you ain't never tasted.

Mmm. Clean.

Slightly grassy notes.
It's pretty damn good.

Why battle my uncle with all
his issues when I could be here,

five hours away, on my own, doing this?

So, if you're not registered
for the auction,

somebody's using your name.

Maybe it's an auto registration.

You know, you pay to be automatically
registered in all state auctions.

I probably forgot to turn it off.

I will look into it.


I'm done with all that, with all of 'em.

Your family?


You can't decide who they are.

But you can decide who you are.

I'm making a difference choice.

I have to stay far away from my family,

or they'll pull me back in.

I just can't let that happen.

I wish you all the best.

[HOLLYWOOD] Yes indeed.

Good luck with all that.

It feels good ♪

yeah ♪

it feels good ♪

it feels good ♪

Who's ready for cobbler?

So good good to me ♪

Yeah, I bet you these folks go for pies.

Company's done some kind of promotion

the 'gram or the tiktok or one of them

and folks have found out
that there's a real Vi's pies.

Look at this madness.

[NOVA CHUCKLES SOFTLY] It's wonderful.

Stressful, but wonderful.
Aunt Vi, you're famous.

Well, I don't want it.

And if you hadn't come

- I don't know what I would've done.
- I'm here.

We got this.


Two meatless sandwiches

- and three gumbo lunches.
- All right.

Six BlackBerry cobbler slices...

- Okay.
- ...Four chocolate heaven whole pies,

- and a chicken pecan salad with hot honey mustard.
- [VI] Wait, wait.

This is the last of to-go lunches,

you tell the to-go's
that it's only pies to go.

Full menu for seated guests only.

And, Billie, don't you dillydally,
you drop those checks

as soon as you see them on
their second to last bite, all right?

- [BILLIE] I...
- [VI] Tell them we are out of pecan chicken,

- offer fried.
- Okay.

I can't do this, it's too much.

I mean, I'm expecting
a foster child any day now.

Why would this happen now?

Count your blessings, Aunt Vi.

What if I can't handle
the child right now?

Maybe there was a reason
why it never happened.

Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

- Breathe,

Aunt Vi.


- All is well.

Say it with me.


[BOTH] All is well.

You got this.

- All is well.
- All is well.

All right.

I am so sorry, sir.

[MICAH] Just two.

Follow me.

[MAN] Uh, hi there.
I'm an old friend of the Bordelon's,

can I help at all?

Happy to lend a hand.

Uh, yeah, um, just let me check.

- What's your name again?
- Remy.

Remy newell.

[REPORTER ON TV] Congressional hopeful,
Charley Bordelon

and republican main stake, John Greene
have been polling neck and neck for weeks,

making this contest one to watch.

You got dressed.

Mmm-hmm. Long day.

Helping vi earlier and
catching up with Remy, tried.

[REPORTER] ...Newest star
Charley Bordelon

is surging ahead
of republican contender...

Did you talk to her today?

Earlier this week, she sounded tired.

I could, you know Charley's at her
best when she's looking for what's next.

Who knows where this will lead her.

- President Bordelon.
- [CHUCKLES] I wouldn't put it past her.

I wouldn't put anything past you,

or any other Bordelon woman
at that point.

[REPORTER] ...Now, the dems
needs Bordelon's seat to keep...

You can achieve anything you
want if you set your mind to it,

that's your super power.


I definitely can't do anything I set my
mind to, not at all.

I mean, look at us.

[REPORTER] ...Now, there are
several large precincts still to report,

but the Bordelon camp should...


Is there an "us"?

I'm just trying to figure out what
we're doing here because I know,

and you know,
that there should be a lot more to us.

Other than me just showing up
whenever you decide to call.

[REPORTER] ...Bordelon's
platform has drawn praise

for its focus on homelessness...

You're right.

I shouldn't do that.

I don't want you to stop, Nova.

- I'm just saying...
- no, I know what you want.

I know.

But to be honest,

I just don't think I can give it.

You can, but you just don't want to.

I'm not a cop anymore, Nova.

I'm not married anymore.

There's no more secrets between us.

I mean, we both met each other's family.

We've lived together.

We're meant to be.

This is not the way
this story's supposed to end.

I won't accept it.

Unstable right in to an open heart ♪

see me crumble ♪

crumbling is just a start ♪

Night, Nova.

Night, Calvin.

Might bleed heavy for your love ♪

but you said it ♪

and you're standing ♪

you're standing ♪

you're standing ♪

[RALPH ANGEL] He finally
dozed off after them elections.

Guess he gonna have to wakeup
to the good news.



You okay?

You told him.

I was gonna tell you.

Just ain't had time yet.

I was gonna explain what happened,
but we just ain't talk.

Explain what happened.

Explain how you did

the very thing,

very thing,

I asked you not to.

I begged you not to.

Many times.

Over and over, but it didn't matter.

You did what you wanted to do anyway!

You get your way, anyway, ways.

You completely stepped over
what I wanted,

with total disregard.

Ain't nobody disregarding you.

All I do is regard you, Darla.

I mean, everything that
happened with this Chase situation

I let you take the lead.

Trying to be in tune with what you need.

"Don't hurt him, Ralph Angel." Okay.

"Sit back while I negotiate
with my r*pist." Okay, Darla.

"Sit back while I take his
money and give it to the co-op."

My co-op.
What if I don't want his money?

Okay, Darla.

I mean, what you want me to do, huh?

My son needs to know
how I feel about him.

Ain't gonna end up like me and my pops.

I can't let that happen.

So you're just gonna override me

whenever we disagree about Blue?

Your feelings

on Blue

are the only feelings?

You won't even give
me a chance to explain.

I'm tired.

-I'm tired

Or your explanations, Ralph Angel.

I'm tired of it all.

a projected winner

in California's congressional seat.

A stunning upset.

High hopes for the democrats rising

Charley Bordelon have been dashed,

as she's been narrowly defeated
by gop stalwart, John Greene.

Marking the first time in three decades

that this district
will seat a republican,

this is a big defeat for the democrats.

Now, to put this into
a historical context

the fervent Blue state hasn't seating
this district to a republican

since .

Los Angeles, much like the rest
of the country, is deeply divided.

And while Bordelon had massive fanbase

and an exorbitant amount
of media attention

she's not able to bring this home.

The Republicans have much to be decided.

They focused much of this in PR time.

Viewers may still be confused,

but they seemed to pull off
this victory by a slim margin.

Charley Bordelon's colorful past

as the wife of the disgraced
NBA star Davis West

made her a magnet for the press,

but she's been rejected by the people.

Greene, the popular mayor

of one of the states most popular
cities is the projected winner.

And Charley Bordelon will not
be going to Washington this year,

as many pundits predicted.

And while Bordelon
had a massive fanbase...



reached Charley Bordelon

I can't get to the phone right now,
so please leave a message.


reached Charley Bordelon

I can't get to the phone right now,
so please leave a message.

Only two things in this life
that are sure ♪

of that I'm sure ♪


Only two things in this life
that are sure ♪

So the slow part does The Mr Benes farm

and they got some good soil over there.

[REMY] The university's actively looking

for properties to develop
solar research.

And that plot is perfect.

My department can acquire the whole plot

and then sell your portion back to you.

You know what?

Think we got a plan here.

Billie, tell him about landmark
status and the legal part.

Yeah, okay.

She knows all about it 'cause
she gonna be going to law school.

- Uh-oh.
- That's right.

- Yes.
- [PROSPER] Yes.

[REMY] Wow, that's incredible.

She starts next semester in Chicago.

- Well.

Okay, daddy. Okay.

Okay, so,
we gonna go over the legalities later,

but I think we're all set.

- I like it.
- All right.

[RALPH ANGEL] Total Remy.

All right.

[PROSPER] Tell me about
the solar panels.

It's a shame that Darla had
to go look after her mother

'cause she has been my partner in crime.

All the research, the paper work.

I just wish she could be here for this.

Just to see it go down because
it's gonna be quite a day.

- I wish she was here too.
- [BILLIE] Yeah.

I'll see you later, Mr. Prosper.

Hey, Suzy.

- Remy.
- How are ya?

How can I ever love
if I didn't prepare for w*r? ♪


How am I supposed to fight
with someone that can't be found? ♪

Never was taught to feel
don't even know how to k*ll ♪

so how can I offer love
if you were never there? ♪

Yeah, beautiful home.

Beautiful land.

I lost it.

I'ma get it back.

Least I'ma try anyway.

What about Darla?
You gonna get her back too?

Look, I don't know what happened,

but I saw the look on your face
when you heard she was gone.

She dropped Blue off to Aunt
Vi's this morning, took Tru.

Just up and left
while I was at the co-op.

Ain't even bothered to say a word.

I mean, who does that? Today.

Today of all days.
I mean, it's one of the...

It's one of the biggest days
for our land.

And she just up and left with my
baby girl without saying nothing.


[PROSPER] Look at me.

Look at me.


I tried my best by you kids,

I tried to be
there in ways that Ernest can't no more.

I tried.

But I failed by not sharing
enough with you.

By... by the things that I remembered.
Things that he said to me.

Things that might help y'all.

Now, hey, I remember

this one time we were doing harvest

and I said something about a calculator.

Yeah, yeah, we gonna need a
calculator today to get this done.


Yeah, you got one?

- Remember,

back in the day it was Ralph Angel.

Oh, yeah, that boy could do...

He could do that math
right there in his head.

- [ERNEST] Yeah.

Yeah, you couldn't tell it now
he out there in them streets.

That boy didn't need no paper,
pencil, nothing.

- No calculator.

No, I seen him do it more than once.

Hell, yeah.

I'm sitting there, I'm trying to
see the bricks value, the yield.

Ralph Angel come walking up behind me

rattling off these numbers.

Right there in his head!

Could've knocked me over with a feather.


Oh, yeah, he could
do so much with this land.

So much with it.
Take it father than I ever will.

If he just buckle down.

Yeah, children, man.

Me and you, we were running
them streets too, remember?


So, he's got it in him.

Well, I hope so. I sure hope so.


I hope he does it better.

Yeah, well, don't worry, brother.
You're doing just fine.

I ain't talking about the crop.

I mean...

Nova, she in the city.


Across the country.

Trudy gone.

Ralph Angel ever come back to the land

I hope he don't end up on it alone.

Ain't the same without family.

Land without love...

Don't mean nothing.

Hope he does it better.

[PROSPER] He wants you to keep
doing what you're doing on the land.

Work it, grow it, fight for it,

but he also wants you
to have love on it.

To have family on it.

He came to understand that
was the most important thing.

- Yes, sir.
- Now, whatever it is,

whatever happened, you push through it.
No, you fight for her.


If you leave now you can be in D.C.
before midnight.

Thank you, Mr. Prosper.

Go get your woman and baby.




This Internet craziness
has got to end soon, y'all.

It will Aunt Vi,
everything that's a trend settles down.

Yep, just ride the wave till then.

- I'll just ride the wave, huh?
- I'm just saying.

- Tables are set,

I'ma head to the airport.

- Uh, can I talk to you for a second?
- Sure.

I just...

I need to apologize for the
way I snapped at you yesterday.

You were right. No matter what
was going on, I should've been there.

It was immature.

And it was wrong of me to...

Take our stuff out on you. I'm sorry.

That there,

that's grownup.

I haven't heard from her.

Nobody has,
I'm really starting to get worried.

Me too, baby.

- Me too.


Hey, miss Malinda.
Tell us something good.

It's good, it's real good.

- I found a child in Baton Rouge.

She was raised from an infant by
her grandmother,

bright and sweet girl.

Well, the grandmother d*ed,
about a year ago,

and Paulie when to foster care at age .

Most families don't want
long-term kids at that age.

- They want babies.
- Right.

So, she's been to three
foster homes in months.

She's tried to keep up her grades,
but it's been hard.

- I think that...
- she's prefect for us.

She's perfect for us. [CHUCKLES]

She's perfect, she's perfect.

- [NOVA] Wow, this is amazing.
- She's perfect for us.

We've got a new Bordelon.

I thank you.

- Thank you.
- She's perfect for us.

I can bring her to you tomorrow.

My parents are asleep.

The auction is in the morning.

What are you doing here?

- You shouldn't've come.
- I ain't drive here to fight. Okay.

Look, you say I should use my words,
you push me to use my words,

I've been trying
to talk to you for weeks

about this Blue and Chase thing.

- There is no Blue and Chase...
- there is.

Stop saying that.

You're the one that keeps
connecting them making it a thing,

you could not let it go.

No I can't let it go.

I'm sorry.

Maybe I shouldn't've
told him like that, but I did.

Oh, you're so righteous
when it comes to Blue, right?

You know,
you don't wanna tell him things,

you wanna be honest about everything.

And what's wrong with that?

How does your commitment to honesty

factor in to you instructing
our son to lie to his mother?

- That's not what I said.
- [SCOFFS] What'd ya say?

I told him to let me talk to you first

because I wanted you to hear it from me.


There's a difference. Look, I'm sorry.

- For tell...
- you're sorry?

I don't believe you.

I don't trust you.

You don't trust me, Darla?

After you ran up out the city
with my daughter.

Without telling me.

You got the nerve to tell me
that you don't trust me.

You remember what I said
to you at that parking lot?

- Remember what I told you?
- Don't you do that.

I said, "all I have to do
is think about your life

whenever I thought my life was bad."

It's probably the worst thing
I could've said at the time.

'Cause my life was bad.

But you know what I think
about when I look at you today?

You know what I see?

I see somebody who probably
loves me more than I love myself.

On most days.

And I'm sorry for it.

Maybe it didn't come out
the right way, but...

[INHALES] That's why
I've been trying to talk.

I can't do no more secrets.

That's what messed up
the family, that's what...

That's what we've been running from.

That's what's been messing us up.

So, what do we do now, Darla?


- Wow!
- What do you think, brother?

- It's magical, bro.
- Morning.

[BOTH] Hey.

Aunt Vi asked me to pick
up an envelope from you.

Oh, yeah. It's on the top left drawer.

Hey, you! Come here.

- I'll be back in two shakes, all right?
- All right, bet.

For the auction!
Know what, let me show you.

Excuse me, doll.

So, this is what I want...

[REMY] Okay...

- Tell me everything.
- [LAUGHS] You!

You got the most, you go first.

No, I don't think I've got the most.

You're the one
with all the books and movies.

Hell, you got the wife, kids, big job.

- Okay. We're both doing all right.
- Yeah.

- We're both doing all right.
- We are.


[SIGHS] It's wild seeing you
after all this time.

You're the same, but different.


Why, thank you.


No, you know, I feel grown...

'Cause I feel settled, finally.

You know what I mean?

We all have to find what
settled means to us and...

You know, I guess I found it.

Have you?

Wow. That's a good question.

I guess, if I had to think about it...

I'm not, but I'm closer than I was.

- Okay.

- Yo?
- [HOLLYWOOD] Bust a move, brother!

- Yup, yup! I'll see you there?
- [NOVA] Definitely.

And thank you.

This plan, if it works,
we'll get our land back.

It's huge. It's everything
we want and need.

It's gonna work.

I'm gonna get another cup
of coffee before we leave.

- All right.

[SIGHS] It's good
to see Remy, wasn't it?

It is. It's strange, though.

So many people from my past
have come back into my life recently.

I kind of don't know what to make of it.

I feel like it's all trying to tell me
something, but I don't know what.


I'm babbling. [LAUGHS] I'm sorry.

[BILLIE] Oh, girl.
No, don't worry about that.

You sorting through your past like that?

I mean, it changed my life,
changed everything.

Seeing you girls right now
reminds me of the time

Ernest and I were talking about you.

Yeah, it was...

It was a hard day.

Billie, it was your mama's funeral.


- [ERNEST] You all right?
- Yeah, I'm good.

Thank you for coming.

[SIGHS] Mmm.

- You didn't have to make that drive.
- You kidding?

I wouldn't have missed it.
How you holding up?

Oh, you know, best I can.

Trying to deal with Billie.

She wasn't going to come...

To her mother's funeral
if it was in Louisiana.

Swore she was never
coming back to st Jo.


- That girl's a handful, ain't it?

You got that right. Mmm, mmm, mmm.

[CHUCKLING] Sit down.

Prosper, count it as a blessing.

Claire was in Billie's life as an adult.

I think that's one
of the things with Nova.

Trudy wasn't there to help guide her...

Tell her things...

That I can't tell her
or couldn't tell her.

I didn't know how.


Me and Trudy...

Finally broke up, that last time,

she said to me, she said...

She said, "Ernest...

Love goes its own way,
just like the river.

You can't force it
or make it go your way.

If you smart...

You'll just...

Flow with it."

Wise woman. Wise woman.

Our daughters...

Will be wise one day too...

When they come to understand that...

It doesn't matter how love comes...

Rich, poor, man, woman...

Black, white...

Here or hereafter...

It flows its own way...

And you gotta flow with it.

Co-op funds, Charley's meal collateral,

and Hollywood and Vi's contribution

we had k.

And then that big,
anonymous donation out of D.C.

Brought us to ,.

And Betty's farm as collateral gave...


So then we put in the movie money

we've got k to bid with.

So if none of the farmer's
bid against us,

we might actually have a sh*t.

Look who's over there.

♪ Beautiful one ♪

♪ it's so beautiful ♪


A back up.

Ra, no matter who else pops up...

...stick to the plan.

♪ Oh, beautiful people ♪

♪ boys and girls ♪

Now we've been under Landrys enough.

Today we take it back.

All right.

♪ Get up and dance beautiful world ♪


All right!

Before we get to the foreclosed land,

we got some good
equipment here on the docket.

First up, lot ,
John deere , low Miles.


Next up.

Three excellent tracks of land in St.
Josephine sellin' as one unit.

The bulk of this land has been in the
Landry-Boudreaux family

for over a century.

With two new parcels added
this past year.

You got this, Ra.

[AUCTIONEER] acre lot
and foreclosure,

acres as historical landmark,

acres for farm use.

Starting bid at $,.

Auction on, here!


- Do I have ?
- [MAN] Hey, Ra.

You got our support always,
we got your back, man.

- Yeah.
- [MAN ] We got your back, man.

[AUCTIONEER] Asking , do I hear ?

! Do I hear ?

Shake that cat.


First bid from the man in the front
left, ,,

thank you very much, sir.

$, down here,
now who'll give me ?

Can I see , anybody ?

Asking , from the
gentleman over here on the right.

$, down here,
now who can give me ?

Whatever y'all pooled together,

my folks are prepared to double it.

Why don't you just save us all
some time, tell us how much you got...

...and we'll call it a day.

[AUCTIONEER] , asking . Anybody?


- [AUCTIONEER] Thank you very much.

For the Bordelon's, down here.

Now do I see ?


- !
- right here.

- Gentleman on the right, .

Now asking .

right here!

$, down here, now what about ?

- .

from this gentleman right here.

- , now who'll give me ?
- That's it.

That's all we got.

[AUCTIONEER] anybody? anybody?

here right here, .

Can I see ?

Going once...

- Going twice...
- .

right there in the middle.

Come on .


That'll give me ..


right here,
now who give me, uh, ?


[AUCTIONEER] right here,
come on now.

, how 'bout ?


- [AUCTIONEER] How 'bout ?

About ?


right here, how about .

- .


- How much is Remy allowed of ours to spend?
- [NOVA] Not sure.

How 'bout ?

One million.


On behalf of Texas valley A&M.

Going once...

Going twice...

[JACOB] . million.


[AUCTIONEER] . million from
the gentleman in the back.

Going once...

Going twice...

Gotta keep it in the family.

The Landry lot is sold.

Might need a movin' Van.

I'll leave the large furniture
to the church

she gave the house to.

But these photos and family heirlooms,

I can't just leave them here.

Thanks for helping.

I'll always come when you call.

♪ Ah ♪

[VIOLET] Everybody loves bikes.

[HOLLYWOOD] I know I do.

- Hey!

♪ Slip away ♪

[VIOLET] Oh, that feels better.

It's close by.

♪ Through my fingers ♪

♪ when you left ♪

♪ oh, you took away ♪

♪ some part of me ♪

I'm so sorry, mom.

♪ I think I needed ♪

Come here.

I should've come earlier.

I should've been here.

♪ You'll always be a part of me ♪


♪ And wherever I go ♪

♪ I'll always know that you're near ♪

♪ oh, the tears from my eyes ♪

Welcome home, Polly.

We are so happy that you're here.

♪ You're the best of my thoughts ♪

It's a firm offer from leap.

Based in la but they're opening

a new office in New York City.

I would be the program coordinator...

...reporting directly to the senior VP.

Salary, benefits, everything.

And their motto is,
"change is ours to create".

Isn't that great?

It's everything I've ever wanted.

I could even amplify
artists from the collective.

[CHARLEY] You're perfect for it.

Your experience.

Your passion.

And your high profile
to benefit to them.

It means a lot that you see that now.

♪ I pray just to see your face ♪


In my dreams ♪

in my dreams ♪

Can I help ya?

I'm Dez George.

Pearl said you all were around this way.

Oh, hello, Mr. George.

I'm Nova, this is Calvin.

Hello to you.

[CALVIN] And to you.

You the one we been waitin' on.

Been told to give this here to ya.

That there are the deeds.


I'm sorry, sir, deeds for?

For the church.

You Trudy's gal, ain't ya?

Well, yes, sir.

For Trudy's church.

My mother had...

...had a church?

A little reading room
down the road, uh...

Worn down now, but, uh,

I've been looking after it
for the sisters over the years.

♪ And of the bed of my thoughts ♪

♪ I will find you ♪

Time's, uh, wearing on it, though.

Martha said you'd look after it now.

This is the church Martha
left her house to.

If that prayer room
is my mother's, then...

Then the church is yours.


And this your house.

♪ And we'll never be ♪

Trudy's keys right here.

♪ Apart ♪

♪ apart ♪

♪ mmm ♪

[SHAKING] Trudy's keys.

Now, this is our favorite place,
the kitchen.

I love to cook.

Do you know how to cook, Polly?

Yes, ma'am.

Grandma Annie taught me.

Oh, you know what?

I wanna taste everything that grandma
Annie taught you how to make,


- Okay.

All righty.

And this...

This here is your room.

I get my own room?

Yes, you do, dear.



How you feelin'?


No one has asked me that in...

...a long time.

Well, we gotta change that.

I'm asking.

Well, I, uh, spent the day at
the office dealing with people...

...very angry with me.

About the campaign?


You left it all on the court.

The outcomes were...

...out of your control.

It's not your fault.

It may be not my fault but
it's still my responsibility.

Okay, it's not the outcome you wanted,

the party's upset.

I know you feel horrible but now...

...right now, mom,
there's nothing you can do.

People are gonna have things to say.

Yeah, well...

Let 'em.

Let 'em. It's like you told me,

you have to
be satisfied with how hard you tried.

Right? It doesn't matter
what other people think.

It matters what you do.

This is the part they don't get to see,

and this is the part that matters to me.

To unwind with you
at the end of a long day.

[JOKING] Unwinding?

I love you.

I love you, too.

And I'm by your side, always.

All right! See ya around.

[CALVIN] Hey, thank you.

[SOFTLY] Trudy's keys.



I've wanted this.

I've wanted her...

...all my life.

I wanted to feel this feeling.

Not outside of me, inside.

Inside, finally, I feel it.

I'm home...

...in this room, in this house...

...in this community...

...with you.

I've loved you...

...for so long.

I tried to hide it...

...to ignore it.

I second guessed it, fought it...

...cursed it.

I did everything to it, but...

...accept it.

With no conditions.

No idea as of what should be,
or could be, or what others will say...

...or think.

I never just let it be.

To just...

...go with its flow.

[SOFTLY] Let us flow.

[SOFTLY] I love you, Nova.

[SOFTLY] I love you, Calvin...


How'd you pull it off, anyway?

What line a credit did you use,

because I know you didn't have
that kind of money since I cut you off.

And your mother, well...

Your mother is a felon,

and who knows what she really is.

I had strong partners.

To the tune of . million?

Well, son, those are partners
I would love to meet.

I can make that happen...

...right now, in fact.

I didn't want the land,

I wanted the satisfaction
of besting you.

My partners have integrity
and vision for our hometown.

They're the only ones
who really care about St. Joe.

That process just happened
to right the wrongs done by you,

your father, his father,

who knows how long it's gone on.

Too long...

...but it's over now.

You're sayin' they bought the land?

[JACOB] They're the real
leaders of this community.

I just followed their lead.

It's called workin' together, Sam.

The family bought their parcels,
and I bought yours.

Now, miss Parthena has her land back.

The Bordelon's have their land back.

I have my cane fields for my distillery,

which I found a very
accomplished farmer to oversee

for a percentage.

My specialized legal advice.

This is ridiculous.

How could you let yourself
get caught up with them in this?

How could you do it?

Well, one of 'em...

...very persuasive.

She called right before her election.

[CHARLEY ON PHONE] Jacob boudreux,
it's Charley Bordelon.

I think we should talk.

[JACOB] With their friend
Remy's bid as a distraction,

the Bordelons provided
the funds and the strategy.


Right after Prosper and
Hollywood came to my distillery,

the transfer was set.

We could just wait it out for the
good old boys to h*t their threshold.


Dreams never die ♪

take flight as the world turns ♪

dreams never die ♪

take flight as the world turns ♪

[RALPH] One of the
best moments of my life.

Dreams never die, dreams never die ♪

You lost, Sam.

That's right.

It's over now.

But by the looks of
this big old fancy house,

you'll be fine.

See, you and your kind,

y'all been stealing from
my people for generations.

It's a hell of a head start,
don't you think?

But we got something
that you'll never have.

We got love.

We got each other.

We got our land back.

I feel like I can make it ♪

the storm is over now ♪

Baby, shall we?

It's over now ♪

I feel like I can make it ♪

the storm is over now ♪

it's over now ♪

it's over now ♪

I feel like I can make it ♪

the storm is over now ♪

no more cloudy days ♪

they're all gone ♪

gone away ♪

I feel like I can make it ♪

the storm is over now ♪

can you help me say ♪

no more cloudy days ♪

they're all gone, they're all gone ♪

they're gone away ♪

gone away ♪

I feel like I can make it ♪

the storm is over now ♪

if I walk alone ♪

I'm not on my own ♪

I feel like I can make it ♪

the storm is over now ♪

if I walk alone ♪

I know I'm not on my own ♪

I'm not on my own ♪

I feel like I can make it ♪

the storm is over now ♪

oh, it's over now ♪

it's over now ♪

yes, it is ♪

it's over now ♪

I feel like I ♪

I feel like I can make it ♪

the storm is over now ♪

oh, oh ♪

♪ Oh, no more ♪

no more ♪

cloudy days ♪

the storm is over now ♪

over now ♪

no more ♪

no more cloudy days ♪

the storm is over now ♪

over now ♪

no more crying at night ♪

the storm is over now ♪

over now ♪

[DARLA] Blue, don't be late for school.


Sickness in my body ♪

the storm is over now ♪

over now ♪

no more crying at night ♪

the storm is over now ♪

over now ♪

no more crying at night ♪

the storm is over now ♪

over now ♪

no more crying at night ♪

crying at night ♪

the storm is over now ♪

over now ♪

no more tears and sorrow ♪

no more ♪

no more heartache and pain ♪

over now ♪

no more suffering ♪

no more, no more, no more ♪

it's over now ♪

over now ♪

Oh ♪

[bl*ws] Come on.

Oh, oh ♪

Over now ♪

Dreams never die ♪

take flight as the world turns ♪

dreams never die ♪

take flight as the world turns ♪

dreams never die ♪
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