Sherlock Holmes (1964-1968) - 02x00 - Compilation

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Sherlock". Aired: July 2010 to January 2017.
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A modern update finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner solving crime in 21st century London.

"We've practically reduced our cast to tears telling them the plan" - Steve Moffat
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Sherlock Holmes (1964-1968) - 02x00 - Compilation

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Clips from lost episodes, bonus on a DVD from 2022 of an interview with Peter Cushing.





- It's Saunders, madam.

Oh, it's Saunders.

It's dark.


You've been asleep for a long time.

All day?

But I can't have!

Are you feeling better, madam?

Yes, much, much... much better, thank you.

That's good, then.

Two nights ago, I found I could not sleep.

At two in the morning,

I decided I might as well
light my candle and read,

but I left my book
in the library however,

so I slipped on my dressing gown
and I set off to get it.



So, this is how you repay my trust?

What are you hiding?

Come. Come, out with it.

Must I send for the police?


The ritual! Good lord.

I am sorry sir,
I hope you will overlook this.

Confound it, no!

Your education has led you
to forget your place.

- But sir...
- Your place, sir!

You are a servant in this house.

Your presumption of curiosity
have led you too far.

You will leave this house tomorrow.






Cor, Mr. Phelps, sir.

My lamp, Tangey, it's quite out of oil,
and I'm sitting there in total darkness.

I'm sorry sir, I was just
making you some coffee.

I must have dropped off.

Yes, well bring some oil like a good
fellow, I can't work in the dark.

What on earth is the matter, Tangey?

- The bell, sir.
- Yes, but I'm not deaf.

Well, if you're here, sir,
who rang the bell?

Why? What bell is that?

That's the bell of the room
you was working in, sir.



Oh my god...




I trust you're not referring
to my playing, Watson?

The news. I'm very worried.

So that's why you've been going for
long walks over the Sussex downs.

I told you I'd been in the country.
But how did you know it was Sussex?

Your toecaps. That chalk and
clay mixture is very distinctive.

I might have known.

- But what is the news?
- You just listen to this:

Under the egress of general
Blanche, an ultimatum was delivered

to the German chancellery
from the Quai d'Orsay in Paris.

It made it clear, that unless
the deliberate increase

of armed troops on the Alsace
border was ceased forthwith,

France would be forced to understand
the moves as a deliberate provocation.

It seems to me that Europe
is on the edge of a volcano.

One false move by any one power,

and we shall all be plunged
into the abyss of w*r.

[The train is leaving from] Farnham
shortly, I have barely time to catch it.

I want to talk to you.

Mr Woodley, I am only the music teacher,

It is not my place to converse
with my employer's guests.

Now if you please!

Well, I don't please, Mrs. Smith.

But you do.

How would you like to live in a place
far grander than Chiltern Grange?

Look at this diamond.


Cost me a couple of cases of kaffer gin.

And I've plenty more tucked away.

You know, when I marry, my wife will
have the finest diamonds in London.

Every duchess will be green with envy.

Mr. Woodley, I must go!

My mother will worry if I'm late!

Never mind about her,
it's you and I that matter.

Don't stop me, sir.

You silly goose, I want to marry you!

Let me go!

You've been drinking, you're disgusting!

You won't say that when
you've been kissed proper!


There, you (?)...
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