04x06 - Brother Blood

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Titans". Aired: October 2018 to present.
Young heroes from the DC Universe coming of age in this gritty take on the classic `Teen Titans' franchise.
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04x06 - Brother Blood

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What are we gonna do?

Hmm, we're gonna go back to STAR
Labs and tell them what happened.

You weren't gonna k*ll him?


Which now means the end
of the world is on me.

Hey, that vision you had... I
was there, too. Like, I saw it.

All of us, together at the park?


I know this is, like,
none of my business,

and there's a lot going on right now,

but I think that's why
I need to say something...

In Gotham, in the Lazarus Pit,

when I was sucking up all the
nightmares, I saw what Dick saw.

What are you talking about?

Dick had a vision, too, and it was,
pretty much exactly like yours.

The little girl?

With the red balloon.

I don't know if he's talked
to you about this.

No, he hasn't.

What's happening to me?

You're transitioning.

You started the process
when you said the words.

Now, you must drink
from the Well of Blood

and submerge your body in it
to gain peace.

Until you do that, your
misery will only grow.

No. No, I can't.

I won't.

I only came with you to stop
you from k*lling my friends.

Just leave me alone.

- Is he ready?
- Not yet.

We're running out of time. If we
don't complete the ritual soon...

He must come to
the Well of Blood willingly.

- And if he doesn't?
- He will.

I have a plan.

He will.

Oh, hey. Look at you.

- Hey, Gar-virus.
- Almost human-sized again.

Yeah, yeah.

How's Conner?

I'm not sure, he keeps
calling me "home slice".

Well, he said I'm hotter than
last July, so, I'd say he's fine.

Are you sure he's clean? From the curse?

Mmm, he's clean, all right.

I checked him up one side
and down the other.

Good for you.

Where's Sebastian?

He sacrificed himself to save us.
She has him now.

As far as we know, this temple could
be on the top of Mount Everest.

And even if we do find it,
how do we get him out of there?

We could teleport.

Or that's not a thing?

And this is all assuming the ritual
hasn't already happened.

- If it has...
- We're f*cked.

The whole world is f*cked.

We gotta still believe there's a chance.

A chance to save him.

Yes, anything less is a failure.

So what's our move?

Something happened to... to your head?

Are you wearing cologne?

It's Drakkar Noir. You're welcome.

If you're all done taking in the view...

Grab a seat.

We've got a demon to stop.

The Blood Moon sets
in two hours and six minutes.

What's your big idea?

It's a three-step process.

We find them, k*ll them,
and go have a cold one.

- Hot take.
- We're not doing that.

I am done playing
demon rescue-and-rehab.

This bitch k*lled my dad
and put a snake up my guts.

It's time for her and
the kid to go bye-bye.

She's on high alert. It's too dangerous.

We need to find a way to bring Sebastian
back without a head-on battle.

There's an old saying, Richard.

"He, who doesn't learn
from history is a..."

What is it? Oh, yeah, a f*cking moron.

If we k*lled him when we had the chance,

we'd all be in the RV
heading to 'Frisco right now.

Don't call it 'Frisco.

We don't k*ll people, Conner.

We're not m*rder.

Got it. Except for
all the people you've m*rder.

Like the ones you b*rned
alive in the asylum,

which caused this whole
mess in the first place.

- That was different.
- Hey!

I'm not complaining. Shit happens.

Sometimes, people die.
It's not always a bad thing.

We're not k*lling Sebastian.

Even Bruce figured it out, eventually.

Do you know how many people The Joker

k*lled since Batman bashed his head in?

Zero. I like that kind of math.

Looks like you're not
all the way back yet, are you?

No, I guess not.

Looks like you're not all
the way back yet, are you?

I can't do this. I won't.

Deep inside, you know,
the life you've led

is not the life you're meant to lead.

There are so many memories hidden,

because they're too painful to remember.

Are you ready to see them now?

This is your home now, Sebastian.

And this... is your room.

Just for me?

Oh, and here's a little
"welcome home" gift.

I've seen other children
your age play with these,

uh, although, I have to say, I don't
really understand how they work.

I hope you do.

You were very happy for a time...

but then, your guardian made a mistake.

This is your home now, Lila.

She'll need your bedroom, Sabbie.

It's warmer in here and...

She's not well.
You understand, don't you?

Come here, love.

Do you know what that is, Lila?

Why don't you let her
have a try, Sabbie?

Thank you. You're a good boy.

Do you know
what really happened that day?

You were punished because
you were stronger than her.

But she was sick. I wasn't.

Was that your fault?

You had done nothing wrong.

Your strength should have been
rewarded, not her weakness.

Hey, excuse me. Have you seen Conner?

Are you kidding? Take a look.

Bernard, I need orbital elements.

I gotta see what I'm working
with, you feel me?

I feel you, Mr. Kent.

I think we can stop with the
"Mr. Kent" business, don't you?

Just call me Conner. Or Mr. Luthor.

All right, Conner.

What the hell is going on?

Ask Mr. Luthor.

I am taking away the moon.

I accessed LexCorp's mainframe.

We're redirecting of their satellites

to reflect sunlight back onto the moon.

It'll basically erase the illusion
that the moon's turning red.

No Blood Moon, no blood ritual.

Okay, everyone, listen up.

Once we're fully online,
I'm gonna need thrusters

on all satellites beyond
. degrees East,

all the way up. Got it?

Hey, uh, Conner, can I
talk to you for a second?

Kind of busy, Richard.

We're down to one hour, minutes.

Please don't call me Richard.

You actually prefer Dick?

The last person to call me
that was Lex Luthor.

Then he sent six ninjas
to k*ll me and Tim,

so yeah, I actually prefer Dick.


You know he wasn't actually
trying to k*ll you, right?

He was just sending a message.

How do you know?

'Cause if he were trying to k*ll you,

he would have rigged the room
with expl*sives.

That's what I would have done,
if I wanted to k*ll you.

Look, Conner, you've been
through a lot, lately.

An hour ago, we thought you were d*ad.

- Why don't you take some time...
- No time.

If we don't re-position these satellites
now, we miss our chance.

- Thoughts?
- About Conner?

That something is definitely wrong.

It's like, the "Lex" side
of him is taking over,

which, of course, means that
this satellite idea

is probably going to work.

All right, go for it.

Thank you. Sir.

I knew you'd see it my way...


By the way, how's your,
uh, "non-confrontational,

let's just sneak Sebastian out
the back door of the temple

while May Bennet's looking
the other way" plan going?

Hey, Dick. I have an idea.

It's going great. Thanks for asking.

Do you remember when Gar
mentioned teleportation earlier?

Well, that is the idea.

I remember when he said
it hadn't been invented yet.

Yeah, well, if you'd bothered
to ask me, I would've told you

that it has, by magicians,
over , years ago.

They should have told somebody.

Yeah, I didn't say they'd perfected it.

How am I gonna explain this to you?

Does anyone know how to turn
this on and make it do things?

No, wait, f*ck it. I... I'm gonna
do this the old-fashioned way.




So, the old magicians got
the first part nailed.

There has always been a spell
to get someone to disorganize.

- "Disorganize"?
- Yeah. You know,

go all to bits. That was the easy part.

The hard part was putting
them back together again.

And that's where things went wrong.

You'd always end up with some poor bloke

with a... a foot sticking
out of his mouth,

or just a big mass of quivering
jelly with one blinking eye.

Uh, this is beginning to
sound not very promising.

Yeah. The other problem was
that no one could ever predict

exactly where a person would
be when they re-organized.

Back then they didn't know that
the earth moved through space,

so someone could re-appear
a mile high in the sky,

or right at the bottom of the ocean.

If only there was a computer
that could predict in time and space

exactly where a disorganized
person would reorganize.

And had the ability to
control the reorganization.

Right down to the very last atom.

Oh, wait. We do. You're welcome.

Where is Espenson?

You're fighting your instincts.

But your instincts have always
guided you to your destiny.

Even when the world stood in your way.

So, in this line
of code, X equals X plus one.

You can see we have a variable,
then an equal sign,

then that same variable again,
then some math operator.

In this case, it happens
to be a plus sign.

- Then a one and...
- I see a shortcut.

Instead of writing
"X equals X plus one",

um, you could just write
"X plus equals one"

and it performs the same function.

Ding-ding, Mr. Sanger. Looks like
you are headed to the bonus round,

where the scores can really change.


Hey, Sebastian, hang back a sec.

So... you're a smart kid.

Now, here's the thing,

teaching is about fundamentals,
not shortcuts.

And I'm worried that you haven't
mastered the fundamentals.

Take this to the guidance office.

Have Mr. Perez find you a spot
in Basic Programming.

I was... I was trying to help.

I think you need to work
on your maturity level.

That's all. You can go.

He punished
you for being smarter than him.

That's what happens when
common people are given power

over those who are extraordinary.

Mother, there is something
you need to see.

- This can't be happening.
- But it is...

The pain of his transition is growing.

Mother, make him enter the Well.

Make him drink from it now.

No. I won't force him.

So the trick is re-organizing matter

back into its original coherent shape.

Theoretically, it's what Beast Boy
does every time he transforms.

Can it be done for someone
who's DNA isn't already encoded?

How long do I have to figure it out?

No time at all.

Hard maybe.

Right, it's nearly time.
You ready to power up?

What makes you think you can
get me my powers back, again?

Okay. Well, I never said I could
get you your powers back.

I said I had a spell
to help you find them.

You can still feel them, can't you?

Like a phantom limb? Or
when someone you love dies.

They might be gone, but the
connection is always there.

- Yeah. That's how it feels.
- Mmm-hmm.

The thing is though, Rachel,

magic is about intention, right?

So, your powers couldn't
have been taken from you,

unless a part of you
wanted to lose them.

You think I wanted this to happen?

Well, you tell me.

You've done a lot of amazing
things in your life,

but you've never just been normal.

Being normal...

Yeah, that felt pretty good.

Do you even want your powers back?

'Cause if you don't,
that is okay. I'll never tell.

Maybe being normal
is a little overrated.

Yes, I could not agree more.

So, Raven...

let's get started.

What are you doing?

Right. Eat that.

- What?
- Yeah.

That's a part of the spell.

A very important,
albeit disgusting part.

So, start eating.


- Why does it smell like...
- Pineapple-mango?

Yeah, that's my conditioner.

You know, that doesn't help.

Really? Pineapple-mango is nice.

That's it.

Quickly, like ripping off a band-aid.

Well done.

Bernard. What's up?

You'd better get over here.

Flatten the eccentricity
of all northern satellites to . .

Increase inclination by .

Yes, sir.

You, maximize Delta-V between
longitudes, a . degrees East,

- . degrees West. Quickly.
- Okay.

- This is insane.
- Compared to what?

Two hours ago I was inside a stomach
trying to k*ll a ghost snake.

And two hours before that,
we were fighting zombies.

And I kissed Bernard.

Big night for everyone.

- We don't have all night.
- Whoa!

And in her grace and wisdom...


Luna granted us the Moon.

All satellites orientation complete.


Well, he pulled it off.

We have just over an hour.

If the Blood Moon does not
return to us, we are...

It will.

There's no natural way
this can be happening.

Hack into the LexCorp server.

I think I know who's behind this.

Tonight's been pretty crazy.

I know.

I kept imagining Kal-El flying
in and seeing bald Conner

ordering everyone around.

Yeah, but, I was thinking more about us.


Speaking of that, um...

If we find this temple...

Are you going?

Sounds like we might not have to.

Thank God.


Uh, because it sounded very dangerous,

and all you have is that tiny Bo staff
that you barely know how to use.

Um, why don't you ask that snake
if I know how to use it?

- Oh, well, maybe I will.
- Oh.

Oh, but I can't. Can I?
'Cause you k*lled it, didn't you?

My hero.

You know, sooner or later,

I am gonna have to go fight with them.

As long as it's later.

You okay?

You don't look so good.

Yeah, I don't feel so good.

Why don't you go lie down.
Go get some rest.

It's okay. I just gonna get some
fresh air. No, I'm okay. I'll...

Hey, do you want some company?

It's okay. It's been
happening to me all day.

You seem restless. Are
you all right, my friend?

I'm not really in the mood
for conversation right now.

Yet so many wish to speak with you.

If you want an autograph, I can
sign a napkin or something.


You see? They speak.

Do I know you?

The animals, they also see.

You will see,

like Buddy Baker and Mari
McCabe, but you must look.

Well, it was nice speaking
with you, but I gotta go.


When the tower splits in half,
go to The Red.


When the tower splits in half,
when you see it happen,

take yourself to The Red.
Do you understand?

Do not forget this.

In the end, all of life,
everyone and everything,

it depends on you... Garfield Logan.


Uh, sorry.

Good work. That was impressive.

I know.

You bought us some time.

Pretty sure I saved your ass, but... sure.

You moved some satellites. You
didn't stop the earth from turning.

When they drift out of position,

they'll have a five-minute
window to do the ritual

just before the moon sets.

But you knew that, right?

If they figure it out,
which they probably won't.

Right now, they're panicking, and
panic clouds rational thought.

I gotta be honest, Conner.

I'm starting to get a little
concerned about you.

Why? 'Cause I'm winning so hard?

Leather jacket, the bald
head, I get it, you're changing,

you're growing, that's all good.

Just trust me, you don't
want it to happen too fast.

Mmm, too fast.

Well, you know what, I'd say
it's happening just in f*cking time.

Rachel's useless.

Gar's losing his mind, Kory's
blue-thing, inconsistent at best.

And, Tim, well, he can't
do anything... at all.

So, if I were you,

I'd stop worrying about my best player

and just take the win.

You're not the only one to
ever have to go through this.

Me, Kory, Rachel, Gar, we've been there.

We've all had to fight
a battle with our dark side.

This isn't my dark side.

This is the side that's
looking out for me.

Maybe that's why you don't like it.

If we're done here,

we'll be in the lab setting up
a way to bring Sebastian back.

We could use your help.


Have the LexCorp servers had any
hack attempts in the last ten minutes?

Four minutes ago. Mainframe breach.

Satnav was accessed and viewed.

- Point of origin?
- Huh?

Where did it come from?

Um... North Metro Quadrant. Just
off State Road near Hynek Lake.

The f*re Creek Dam.

That's where she is.

Thank you.

Go ahead. This will ease your pain.

At least for now.

We don't have much time.

When the moment comes,
you must be ready.

- Please...
- No.

I need your full attention now.

You still have a final lesson to learn.

What's this?

I knew you'd forget.

Oh, no.

It was six months ago, tonight,
that I came into your store.

- Oh, my God.
- And you were standing there

with your... your apron
and your little turtle...

Tortoise, actually, and
it was quite big, so...

Yes, tortoise. Whatever.

And, uh, you looked up at me...

"Hello, then. Can I help you?"

Is that supposed to be me?
But I don't sound like that, do I?

- You sound exactly like that.
- Oh, my God.

And I remember thinking, um...

"That's the loneliest man
I've ever seen.

Why is he so lonely?

I've gotta do something about that".

And I've seen you every
single day since then.

Are you gonna open it?

You always talked about how
the one your mother gave you

was the start of everything, so...

And now with you designing
your own game,

I thought maybe it would
be... inspirational.

We need to talk.

Uh... okay.

Well, I... I think you... you know
what I'm going to say.

I really don't.

It's over.

You're joking, right?

- What's... what's wrong?
- This.

All of this, this... None
of it makes any sense.

I mean, what... what
am I supposed to do?

Just sit here and wait
for you to figure it out?

What are you talking about?

Don't, don't, don't, don't do that.

Don't act all surprised,
or... or upset, or...

Look, um,

I'm... I'm trying to make this
easier on both of us.

Are you breaking up with me?


Look, um... Okay.

- I don't know what's hap...
- I can't do this anymore!

I'm sorry. Sorry, sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I... Look, I... I know how this goes.

Things seem great, and then,

someone else comes along. And that's it.

- What? That isn't true.
- Yes. Yes, yes, it is.

See, I'm not the destination,
Julie. I never am.

I'm just a step along the way.

You're wrong.

You can lie to yourself...

but don't lie to me.

Look, I'm... I'm gonna go.


I think we have more to talk
about, so I'm gonna call you...


Why did you do it?

Because I knew she would, eventually...

When other people hurt you,
that's a tragedy.

But if you take up the cudgel
and do it for them, that's a sin.

Every single one of your followers
knows your greatness.

They will never leave you.

If you don't know that, you're lost.

We pledge our eternal devotion.

Show him your devotion.

We pledge our eternal devotion.

They see you. They know what you are.

Do you?

Yes. I do.

So, do I have enough juice?

Did you do something
to increase your strength?

I'm not sure. Why?

When I saw you last week,
you only had access to . %

of your total estimated kinetic output.

You now have access to over %.

And what does that mean?

It means, you need to be careful.

This isn't just a w*apon anymore, Kory.

If you go all out, it'll consume you.

It'll k*ll you.

All right. We need to be clear

on exactly how this is gonna work.

Let's run it one more time. Rachel?

I'll reach out, search
for my powers and then,

from there, I should be able
to zone-in on Sebastian.

Okay, once that starts... Kory?

I join hands with Rachel and
begin feeding her my blue light.

And once the connection
is secure... Jinx?

I join hands with Rachel and Kory,

and once Sebastian is
thoroughly disorganized,

the three of us draw him back here.

And as long as all his
physical matter ends up

somewhere in this room,
I'll reassemble him.

All right. Once we start,
we've got one sh*t at this.

It has to work. Okay.


Just wanted to say thank you.

For what? I haven't done anything yet.

Either way, I'd say you've
earned your five million dollars.

Don't make me regret it.

You really think this
was about the money?

Wasn't it?

Yeah. Yeah, of course.

But, I have to admit, hanging out
with you these past few days,

it's been a lot more fun
than I expected.

You call this fun?

Sick, isn't it?

What have I become?

Let's go get Sebastian.

Do it.

With pleasure.


How did that feel?

You have pleased me by coming here

and showing me your capacity
for blind rage.

An instinct you have ignored
for too long.

You k*lled my father.

He was so easy to k*ll.

I sent the same serpent for you
to do my bidding,

but you are so much stronger than him.

But you're not stronger than me.

Okay, Rachel, focus on the light.


picture your power growing like
leaf-sh**t bursting from a tiny seed

and spreading out, searching for air,

searching for sunlight.

Searching for you.

Now, Kory.

They've got Conner.

f*re Creek Dam.

Forty miles north of here.

Funded by the Luthor Foundation.

Yep. That's where they are.
Maybe feet underneath.

Then that's where we're going.

I thought we wanted to avoid
a head-on confrontation?

Thanks to Conner, now we have no choice.

Can't we teleport them both out?

No! When you try and do two,
their cells intermingle.

It's not pretty.

And do them one at a time,
they'll notice what's happening

and make sure it doesn't.

All right. Find Gar.
We leave in five minutes.

Dick, wait!

This prophecy, it's, um...

I don't know. I have a really
bad feeling about tonight.

If you're asking if I believe
in that? No, I don't.

Well, it's hard to dismiss, isn't it?

Everything else is coming true...

To hell with prophecies
and destinies, and visions.

Kory, you said it yourself,

you've had more visions than anyone,

and none of them have come true.

There's one more.

You and me...

and a little girl holding a red balloon.

I had it, too.

Why didn't you tell me?

I don't know.

It's okay.

It's like you said.
To hell with visions.

This is a map to the
temple based on what Rachel saw.

Gar, you're first. Break in
and find Rachel's powers.

We need her back up to full
speed as soon as possible.

Be destructive. Something big.

I got it covered.

All I need from you is
to keep her distracted,

while, Tim, and Rachel find Conner
and Sebastian and get out of there.

That leaves the rest up to you.

I'm gonna have to get real close.

You can k*ll her?

Yeah, I could f*cking k*ll her.
I'll take her out. Nut her!

I mean, I will freeze her

long enough for us to get the
f*ck out of there, presumably.

Let's be clear on one thing.
This is not personal.

This is a smash-and-grab.

We get in, we get the boys
and get out. Understood?

All right, let's go.

Hey, it's okay, Krypto.
We'll bring him back.

I promise.

Mother... the Blood Moon is coming back.

We only have five minutes.

The time for transformation
is finally here.

Drink from the blood.

Then bathe in the pool.

Only then, your transformation
will be complete.

Azarath. Metrion. Zinthos.


I have no idea.

I have to admit, as welcomes go...

This is a little on the chilly side.

What's that, love? Can't hear you.


f*ck! Not again.

I got this.


Son, help me!

Sebastian! Sebastian, come
on, please, it's not too late.

Please, Sebastian!

I'm sorry, Rachel. I'm staying.

Sebastian, you don't have to do this.

Yes, I do.

I'm just so tired of being nothing.


Take me to The Red.

My son, you're finally home.
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