12 Days With God (2019)

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12 Days With God (2019)

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I was born out of a

womb into a world of a sin.

I had seizures as a child

and slept in rooms with no heat.

Anger and I have always been best friends.

I've seen people die in front of my face

and I hurt innocent people for money.

I have slept on dirt floors

and sold drugs to empty souls.

I got drunk, fought in bars

and always smiled to hide the pain.

But you God, you found me

and decided enough was enough.

I see your sarcoma is very rare,

especially for someone of your age, Devin.

It usually forms while

the bone is still growing.

Now, I noticed that

you've had an injury here

in the past.

How recent was that?

A couple years ago.

That's what I thought.

You see your skull had

to grow to fuse that crack

and that most likely

activated the cancerous cell.

Now, due to it's proximity to your brain,

this tumor's extremely dangerous.

From what we can

see, it's very aggressive,

it's grown three millimeters

in the past month.

So, we need to act quickly and decisively.

The good news is, Devin, if we can remove

all of this cancerous growth,

we may be able to prevent it

from spreading to your brain.

But you most likely will lose your eye.

I'm gonna start radiation immediately,

try to shrink this tumor down

enough so we can have

a successful surgery.

I'm gonna get in there and

get all the cancerous bone out.

It definitely will help

us to prevent it from

spreading to your brain.

All I want right now

is a nice glass of wine.

My company isn't good enough for you?

Besides you know you can't tonight.

I know, I know, I

know, I'll tell you what,

how about you get you a glass,

then you can let me sniff it.

Hey is your mom all set with Izzy?

Yeah, I've got the whole week planned,

the zoo, an ice cream date.

Really, sounds like a good plan.

I'll tell you what, let's

do that when I get home.

Ice cream is like the perfect desert,

can't go wrong with it, keeps you focused.

Besides, if you're not focused

then you'll leave a big ol' mess

but the mess can be delicious

if it's your favorite flavor.

And what is my favorite flavor?

That's easy.

Cookies - Cookies and cream.

See, I told you.

But at least I know Izzy's

favorite flavor, vanilla.


Thank you.

So, when's your mom visiting?

She don't know yet, I

mean, I keep trying to tell her

not to worry about it, she

just have to get updates

from you throughout the week.

You probably really

want her here though, right?

Honestly, I really

don't think she'd be able

to handle the stress.

I mean, think about it,

12 days, I'll give her two

before she running around here stressing,

then we gonna have to

give her own hospital room.

Hey, how are you holding up, though?

Me, you're the one that has

to go through this thing and

And you're the one

who has to watch me go through it, so.

That is the reason

I fell in love with you.

Aww, bull, you fell in love with me

because I'm God's gift to women

and you just couldn't help yourself.

You're so stupid.

Thank you.

Day one, do not be anxious about anything

but in every situation,

by prayer and petition

with thanksgiving, present

your requests to God.

Mr. Sherman.

They're ready for you.

- Can you give me one second?

- Yeah.

- Hey cuz.

- What's up?

I just wanna let you know, man,

if anything happens, I'm gonna take care

of them girls for you.

I know you would cuz

but I'm gonna be all right.

Have a little faith, man, all right?

I'm gonna be all right.

Okay, Devin, this is it.

We're gonna do

everything we can to extract

this tumor from you.

Right now I just want you to relax

and count backwards from 60 for me, okay?

60, 59, 58, 57

I did a reconstruction here,

- I'm done.

- Good.

- See the posterior orbit.

- All right, excellent.

- Scalpel.

- Scalpel.

Oh, look, our heroes.

What took you all so long,

growing a beard or something?

Go on and finish your meat.

I can't believe you did that.

- Yo.

- What?

He just grabbed me.

Yo, hold this real quick.


All right brother.


- Level sufficient.

- Excellent.

I definitely can't afford her.

You're gonna be single

for the rest of your life, aren't you?

I'm gonna find me a budget woman,

a real nice layaway lady.

Oh, Lord.

Let me see that.

- You and these women.

- I love them.

We had to make a slight change

in our approach to your

husband's procedure.

Oh wait, what do you mean, change?

Where's Dr. Kirman, is everything okay?

Dr. Kirman is in surgery.

I'm a member of his team.

We found that the tumor was a lot closer

to his brain than we originally thought.

This leaves us very little room for error.

Now, in cases like this, we

would bring in the neurosurgeon

to handle the procedure.

And as it turns out, we

have the finest neurosurgeon

in the northeast right in this hospital.

And as luck would have it,

his schedule just opened up.

He gives us our best

chance to remove the tumor

and save Devin's eye.

Is there anything I can do?

Just try everything you

can to be comfortable.

The schedule for the

surgery is about six hours.

You know, there's a private

lounge where you can wait,

if you think you'd be more comfortable.

Sure, thank you.

We really need to get you to the hospital.

I'm fine, it's just a little cut.

No, my car is soaked in blood

and you're still bleeding everywhere.

I said I'm fine.

I don't know why you

gotta be so stubborn.

I'm gonna be okay.

They're lucky I didn't have my g*n.

Devin, you can't be like that.

And they can't just walk around

grabbing on women like that either.

What'd you expect for me to do,

just stand there and don't do nothing?

Yes, absolutely.

What if they were holding, huh, what then?

Hey, I can't sit by and

watch you get yourself k*lled.

I need you alive.

This is real isn't it?

This cut, yeah, it's real.

You really should go - Marry me.

You got hit by that

wrench a little harder

than you thought.

I'm serious.

You're in shock.

All right, hold that

thought, I'll be right back.

Hey, you know you

really should lie down.

Lisa Keyonis will you marry me?

You gotta answer, you know,

I'm getting kinda woozy over here.

Yes, yes, of course, yes.

You know what guys, I'm

so glad we're in this hospital

'cause after drinking this,

I'm gonna need a doctor.

- So, why even drink it?

- 'Cause I am a man

who love to gamble.

I don't think that's a good idea.

Looks like it's been there

since they freed the slaves,

in Egypt.

Well, let my people go.

I said, let my people go.

Ooh, you're right, this needs some sugar

and I mean a lot.

Hey, Paige, how'd

your cousin Robbie die?

Oh, you know, just drinking

rancid hospital coffee.

Why would he do that?

I don't know, I'd ask

him myself but he's d*ad.

Here's where we're at.

The tumor has breached the membrane

that separates the orbital socket

from the outside skin and muscle

that essentially make up

the outline of Devin's face.


And it looks like we're

gonna have to remove his eye.

It'll dramatically improve the odds

of our being able to

completely remove the tumor.

We need your consent to take his eye.

It's our best hope, making sure that Devin

can live a long life.

If you have to, take his eye.


- Morning Debbie.

- Morning June.

You're here early.

I've been awake for hours.

You and me both,

sister, you and me both.

- Hey babe.

- Hey.

While you were in surgery,

the doctors came and

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey I love you

and no matter what I always will, okay?

Don't worry about it, it's gonna be okay.

Would you like your receipt in the bag?

- No thank you.

- Oh, okay.

All right, get this in here for you.

You have a blessed day.

- Thank you, you too.

- You too.

Thank you.

I sure will try.

- Lisa?

- Hi Debbie.

The doctors

think that they got most

of the tumor but - What?

They wanted to take his eye.

Why'd they have to do that?

Okay, they

haven't taken it yet but,

sorry, okay, Debbie, look I'm

gonna need to call you back.

Okay, all right just call

me okay, just let me know.

I will, Debbie.

Just let me know.

I will.

Deb, are you okay?

- No.

- Oh, honey.

Tom, will you please?

- It's my baby.

- Honey, come on,

let's go sit down.

- It's my baby.

- Come on, let's go sit.

Oh God!

- June.

- Oh, honey.

It's okay hon, it's okay.

Oh Jesus.

Tell me what's happening.

I just wanna be there

with him for the surgery.

I am his mother.

I'm supposed to be there to tell him

that everything is gonna

be all right and I can't.

Why can't you?

I can't keep it together around here.

Can you see me at that hospital?

- Oh Lord.

- Debbie, I get it,

I'd be a wreck

if one of my girls had, well,

something like that happening

but hon, you know better than anyone,

faith is confidence in what we hope for

and evidence of what we don't see.

Deb, God's got this.

God's got this.

God has got this.

Thank you, thank you.

Day three,

let us love one another,

for love comes from God.

Hey, I know how awful

the hospital food tastes,

so I brought you some sanchocho for lunch.

My Aunt Willa made it for you.

Baby, you're gonna be

okay, you know that right?

- You can go.

- Babe.

I said, you can go.

But if I don't who will?

I'll say, Willa, I

know but it's so hard.

How did you get so smart?

Are you all right?

You know, you really

should stay in your bed.

Anything you need, you

know, all you have to do

is push the nurse call button next to you.

- Mirror.

- Excuse me?


Mirror, you sure, it says on your chart

that you're scheduled

for reconstructive surgery.

I need to, want to see, please.


Mr. Duplas, good afternoon.

Thanks for coming out.

Hopefully this won't take long.

I just wanted you to know where we was at.

I sent the designs to your people again.

I really hope that they understand

what it is that I'm asking for.

Devin, I've given you

a lot of money, a lot.

I'm not throwing my money away, am I?

Mr. Duplas, I promise

you, this will get done

as you request it, as soon as possible.

But according to my emails,

we still haven't received the permits

from the last time we


Devin, this is going to be my legacy,

something I can leave my children.

Now, I've given you the money,

so if you can figure

out how to do your job.

You need to watch your tone.

This will get done.

We still haven't received the payments

from the last time - Are you asking me

for even more money now.

According to our agreement.

As much as I've already given you.

You better be lucky I

don't have you arrested

for embezzlement boy.

Boy, is this a joke.

Nah, you got the wrong one.

Maybe I do.

This is Devin.

Hey, Devin, I

just got a call from Dupras,

he's demanding the

down payment be returned.


I'm out here buying

equipment for the job now,

this is ridiculous.

Listen, let me ask you something,

did you remind him about

the terms of our contract.

Yeah, I did but he's claiming

that you breached the contract

by not meeting the deadline.

You got to be kidding

me, this is out of control!

He knows, he just doesn't care.

He said if he doesn't receive it

by the end of the week, he's going to sue.

Sue, sue, I cannot get

the money out of escrow.

He knows, he just doesn't care.

I tell you what, tell him if he sues,

he's gonna be dreaming

about me in his coma!


You got to be kidding me.

Day five, so do not

fear, for I am with you,

do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you,

I will uphold you with

my righteous right hand.

How you doing

today, Mr. Sherman?

Oh, your IV is infiltrated.

God, what am I missing?

I promise, you get me out of this,

I'll pray more, I'll go

to church every week.

It doesn't have to be like that.

What, praying more,

going to church every week?

Those things are not

terms of a negotiation.

Relationships, real relationships,

they're not dependent on what

have you done for me lately.

Devotion, devotion's a

funny thing, you know.

People get so hung up on

saying things just to say them

but showing devotion,

it means so much more.

Devin, go to your

grandmother's and get the iron!

I was just about to go

to the corner store, Mom!

Yeah, after you get that iron.

I need batteries,

why can't Robbie do it?

Devin, don't make me ask again.

Yes, ma'am.

Wow, you look beautiful.

Thank you, baby.

Where's Grandpa?

He's around, come here.

What was that for?

- Hey Auntie.

- Hey, Dev.

Debbie, Debbie, Ma just collapsed!

Charlotte, Charlotte,

honey no, Charlotte.

No, no.

No, no, no, no, no.

Hey, I brought you some food.

- I can't do this.

- What?

This, this is depressing.

Who knows how much longer

I'm gonna have to be in here.

I can't tell if it's daytime

or nighttime outside.

You'll survive and before you know it,

you'll be back home and you'll have

all the windows you want.

You think this is a joke!

This is not a game, I

just had my face cut open

for cancer that's in, that was in there.

You don't understand.

I would give anything just

to see the sun right now.

I'm sorry, I know how tough it is, babe

I'll just go talk to somebody

and I'll see if they can do anything.

Just try to get some sleep.

That's all I do is sleep!

I got my own bed to sleep in!

I'm ready to go home, you understand!


Excuse me.


I need to see about moving my husband

to a room with a window.

I'm sorry we can't do that.

What do you mean you can't?

Well, all of our rooms are filled.

- Who's your supervisor?

- Ma'am we can't.

You know what, never mind.

I'm just gonna call my lawyer.

This will be an easy fix, 'cause

I'm gonna sue the hospital.

What's your name?

Hi, Mr. Stanis.

Actually, I may have misspoken.

We should have a room with

a view opening up tomorrow.

I'm gonna have to call you back.

Thank you.

Day seven

give your burdens to the Lord

and he will take care of you.

I got this, you got that.

Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for your peace and

for your strength, I thank you.

All right, let me get

you some fresh bandages.

- Hey Dev.

- Hey Mom.


Looks like you have a nice view.

Yeah, the view is beautiful

but I'll feel so much

better once I'm out of here.

Are you eating, is the food good?

Oh wow, Lisa's grandma

been making me sanchocho

every day, so, I'm fine.

But how are you holding up?

Oh God, Devin, your face.

See, Ma, I told you.

I'm alive.

I know, Devin and I'm thankful for that

but it's your face.

Listen, I'm kinda tired right now

so, why don't you go

home, you get you some rest

and I'll give you a call later.

Okay, just make me a promise,

that you're gonna call

me if you need anything

and I mean anything.

I will.


- I love you, son.

- I love you too, Mom.

Mom, listen, God got this.

God's got this.

Say it with me.

- God's got this.

- God's got this.

God's got this.

- Go get some rest.

- All right.

Okay, it's go time.

I'm gonna get you in and get you under,

then when you wake up your

face will be almost as good

as the one God gave you.

You're in very good

hands for this procedure.

You'll have some of the

best technically skilled hands

in the world working to

repair your wonderful face.


Hey, can we come in?

Of course.

You ready for this, cuz?


As ready as I'll ever be.

How long before

I'd have that iliac cusp bone?

This is gonna take some time,

this is the strongest

bone I have ever cut into.

This is Devin.

Good afternoon, Mr. Sherman.

Tell me something good.

Well, the good news is you hired

an amazing attorney,

bad news is it's official,

you're being sued.


Yeah, I was just

contacted by the attorneys

representing Gerald Duplas.

They're claiming breach of contract.

They're serving papers later today.

Don't worry Devin, we're

gonna take care of this.

You hired the best for a reason.

Just sit back, relax, we're

gonna formulate a plan

and I'll update you on it later.

Have a good afternoon.


How much are you giving him?

He should be getting

enough, but I'll increase.

Yeah, the measurable show

he's exactly where he needs to be.

He's just

Go back to sleep, Mr. Sherman.

We're almost done here.

Hey Mom.

Devin, what are you doing here?

What, I can't come

see my beautiful mother?


Here, I got you your phone.

It's all set up for you and everything.

I had to get me a new one myself, 'cause

my last one broke.

Did it, okay, mm-hmm.

Devin, how am I gonna

learn how to use all of this,

who's gonna teach me?

You know I don't know anything

about these I talk thingy thingies.

Ma, it's just like your

last one but newer.

All right, enough with this phone.

Devin, you are having

surgery in two weeks.

How are you doing?

I'm fine, I'm good.

You good?

Wow, okay, Mom.

Ma, it's like, it just don't feel right.

It's a lot harder than I thought.

You got me thinking about people,

like what I did to them

and what they did to me.

What I wanna do.

It's hard Mom, it's hard.

That's guilt but I know you know that.

Devin, look at me.

You need to make a list, 10 people,

10 people that have done wrong to you,

people that you have wronged

and you need to forgive them.

But most of all, you

need to forgive yourself.

Devin, once you do that, you'll be free,

it's out of your hands.

Forgive them, huh?

Mr. Duplas, you got a minute?

Devin, let's not do this here.

I'd like to enjoy my evening.

All right, all right, fine,

fine, listen, listen, please,

give me one second, one second.

I have cancer.


And, do you have kids?

Leave my family out of this.

All right, come on please, come on,

don't, please don't be like this.

I need a favor.

If I'm not here to defend this lawsuit,

can you please drop it, please?

Look, Devin, I'm sorry you're sick, okay

but do me a favor, don't

confuse your personal life

with our business.

Have a good night.

You better pray I don't survive this.

- Hey babe.

- Hey.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Have you ever seen anything like this?



It's like he's got God on his side.

I thought you didn't

believe in that stuff.

I don't.

I didn't.

Day nine

the tongue has the power of life

and death, and those

who love it will eat it's fruit.

Why are you trying to stand on your own?

Because I can't

Okay, okay, I'll trust

you, I'll trust you.

Please help me, please help me.

Faith and patience,

Devin, faith and patience.

Hey Mr. Sherman, ready to

get those legs working again?

Yeah, I'm ready.

All right, let's get you

up on those parallel bars.

Well, Mr. Edwards,

I'm happy you're satisfied

with the results.

Me and my team, we definitely

put our hearts into this project.

Yeah, it

turned out fantastic, thank you.

My pleasure, have a good day.

You too.

You have one unheard message.

This call

is for Mr. Devin Sherman

from Dr. Kirman's office.

We need you to call us

back as soon as you can.

Your latest CT scan actually shows

that the tumor is going

to lead to your brain

in a matter of weeks.

We need to schedule your surgery sooner

than we had originally thought.

Please call us back at

your earliest convenience.

Come in.

Oh, hey Chach.

I'm fine, Pop.

Really, well, Chach,

you don't seem fine.

I remember when you was a little girl,

you came running in from outside

screaming at the top of your lungs

because you fell on the gravel,

scraped your knee up pretty good,

blood running down your leg,

tears coming down your face.

And you were scared.

And you told me, "I'm not

never going outside again,"

all because you was afraid.

And you know what I

did, I grabbed your hand,

wiped the tears off your face,

cleaned up your leg and I told you,

"No matter what you decide to do,

just don't be afraid."

And right now, right now at this moment,

I see that same little girl.

So, you know what I'm gonna say?

Just don't be afraid.

That's my girl.

How you doing today, Mr. Sherman?

I am just fine, thanks for asking.

How are you?

I'm good.

Can I get you anything, Mr. Sherman?

You can call me Devin, if you prefer.

Okay, Devin, are you hungry?

Nope, my wife brought me some food.

Well, aren't you lucky.

I hear the food's terrible here.

Your wife's sweet for that.

I'm definitely blessed

with the women in my life.


Yeah, women, my wife, my mom

and my daughters.

That young lady your daughter?

Who Paige, she's my oldest.

You got children?

Yeah, two boys, six and eight.

Six and eight, God's gift.


Well, get some rest, if

you need anything ring me.

I will.

Hey, what's your name?


Joanie, okay, thanks Joanie.

Oh my God if that old guy in 414

complains about the food one more time,

he's gonna have to like, clean

his own bed pan or something.

Like, seriously, what's this guy think,

Gordon Ramsey's the chef here?

I mean, hello, it's a hospital.

You look different today.

Did the black hawk in 432

get transferred or something?

No, it's incredible actually.

What is?

It's like, it's a whole different person

from when he came in.

I mean, I guess that's common

he's just been through

a traumatic experience.

And that's the thing,

even if they got all the cancer

and they don't know if they did,

he could still be blind in his right eye.

But yet, he's at peace with everything.

It's kinda inspiring.

Yeah, I guess it is.

I'm gonna go check on the old guy again.

Day 11, in the

beginning was the word

and the word was with God

and the word was God.

You already know

what the results will be.

So, why the doctors

taking so long to tell me?

Do you have any doubts?

No, not at all.

Dr. Kirman, how long

you been standing there?

Not long, long enough.

So, who were you talking to just now?

Devin, I got some great news.

I am extremely happy

to be able to tell you

there are no traces of cancer remaining.

Devin, did you hear me?

We got it, all of it, you're cancer-free.

And my eye?

Let's take a look.

All right, easy now,

there's gonna be a little tug.

Okay, good.

I can see, I can see perfectly!

What are you doing?

James, you know we don't

put our hands on other students.

Steven, you're okay,

there's no need to cry,

we're gonna go to class in a minute.

Oh, it never stops.

Only at 3:30.

Did you see that your man crush is back?

Rachel, you know I

don't have time for that.

Yeah but that don't mean

you don't want none of that.


I bet you lunch, you won't walk past him

and make eye contact.


You're on.

So, you're gonna come

by tomorrow and eat, right?

I guess, Mom, what ever you wanna do.

- All right, sweetie.

- I gotta go right now.

- All right.

- I'll talk to you later.

Hey, wait, wait, wait, there's

someone I want you to meet.

Look good.

And I want a sub sandwich.

Sub sandwich.

Oh, come on Ma, listen,

we've been through this already,

you are not allowed to

set me up with anyone.

It's not a set up, I said meet.

And trust me, you'll be happy

and the rest will be up

to you, just meet her.

Here she comes.

Thank Jesus, thank you.

Devin, look who here.

I can see, babe.

Thank you, I can see.

Hey, if it's not important

can I hit you back tomorrow.

The court date

has been set, Devin,

four weeks from tomorrow.

Look, Devin, I'm sorry, I

know this isn't something

Day 12, reflect on what I am saying

for the Lord will give

you insight into all this.

All right, Devin, let's

take one more look

at how you're healing here.

Yeah, it looks good.

Yeah, it is absolutely amazing

at how fast you've recovered.

This had to be one of

the most difficult surgeries

we've done here and well,

for everything to go the way

it has, it's incredible.

It's been a real honor to

see this through with you.

I know you have a strong belief in God

and I know that this is not a coincidence.

Thanks doc but it's not

a belief, it's a relationship.

People believe all the time,

only through a relationship,

you will be affected.

All set.

There's a wheelchair

just outside your room,

whenever you're ready.

- Bye, Lisa.

- Thank you so much.

Good luck.



Yeah, yeah.

I was born out of a

womb into a world of sin.

I had seizures as a child and

slept in rooms with no heat.

Anger and I have always been best friends.

I've seen people die in front of my face.

And I hurt innocent people for money.

Because in you

All things can be made new

I have slept on dirt floors

and sold drugs to empty souls.

The Christ that flows shall find you

I got drunk, fought in bars.

Cleansing my soul

And restart again -

And always smiled

to hide the pain.

But don't judge me -

But you God, you found me

You see me for who I can be

and decided enough was enough.

You never once gave up on me

So who on Earth shall I fear

God's got me

God's got me

God's got me

No man defines me

I'm a child of the king

The great God almighty

And so precious we are

Hallelujah hallelujah

I hold my head a little higher

I put my life in your hands

Because in you all

things can be made new

The Christ that flows down from you

Cleanses my soul and restart again

But don't judge me

You see me for who I can be

You never once gave up on me

So who on Earth shall I fear

I will rejoice

He heard my voice

God he's got me

Jesus loves me this I know

For the Bible tells me so

Little ones to him belong

They are weak but he is strong
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