02x08 - A Two-Way Street

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Mysterious Benedict Society". Aired: June 25, 2021 - present.
Mystery adventure series based on the children's books by Trenton Lee Stewart; follows four gifted orphans who are recruited to go on a secret mission undercover at a boarding school known as The Institute.
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02x08 - A Two-Way Street

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KATE: I'm escalating this to a thr*at

level zeta, possibly epsilon.

I'm not familiar with your

thr*at levels.

PERUMAL: Curtain's organization

is expanding rapidly.

BENEDICT: And more people have fallen

into waking comae.

JILLSON: Apparently, all of them

had complained of stiff necks.

There's a small chance

this is a repercussion of the program.

- KATE: Why is Constance smiling?

- STICKY: Curtain did it.

She was acting suspiciously nice to me.


We just want them to be themselves.

Garrison's notebook?

If anyone knows how to reverse this,

it's her.


I call it the Wetherall Worldview Wash.


Could shock the photoreceptors in the eye.

- It can jar the brain into resetting.

- Turn the knob.



He didn't turn the knob in time.

- We have to remove Curtain immediately.



healthy dose of duskwort.

It should last for hours.

NUMBER TWO: Good. Because we have

a long drive ahead of us.


- There.

- What? Can you be more specific?

Bear left at the Hand Tree.

- The what?

- The tree that looks like a hand?

- The Hand Tree. Milligan, left, left!


Sorry. I'm having feelings.

- BENEDICT: Oh, this is the safe house?

- NUMBER TWO: Potentially.




- Well, well, well.

- Well, well, well, well Well.

- Hello, Mother.

Mother? Oh, my. (LAUGHS)

- This is delightful.

- This is delightful.

Hello, Number.

- Number?

- Number's her first name.

I'm glad I can still recognize you.

Mom has been really brave

about your abandonment.

- Really brave.

- Everyone, meet my family.

My mother, Rowena.

- My sister, Charity

- Hello.

- And my brother


My sister, Charity, and Madame Chops.

- I'm pleased to meet you both.

- And my brother One.

- One? Two?

- So why have you come crawling back?

- What do you need?

- We need your


- your help.

Make sure the other cars don't lose us.

It's going to get treacherous.

- Approved.

- Yes, do that.

That's unnecessary.

I have authority as interim

director to

- Self-appointed.

- Not official.

Keep driving, Erika.


You have absconded with a mastermind?

An evil mastermind, yes.

And you brought them to our house?

- Can we see him?

- Or her.

Actually, he is my brother and I do

think evil is a bit overexuberant.

But allow me to say that I think

you should be very proud of Number Two.

She is one of the finest human beings

I have ever known.

- She's wonderful.

- Indeed.

It's a relief to hear that my sister

has finally sustained some friendships.

- One!

- I was being sincere.

He was being nice to you.

Don't jump down his throat.

- Of course, you'd take his side.

- Here we go again.

- She named you "One."

- Yes.

- You're the youngest!

- It had a nice ring. A nice ring.


We need a place to stay. A safe house.

We're being hunted.


- So, this is family life?

- Looks like it.

We have to rebuild the Worldview Wash.

Who knows how long Constance and

Mr. Benedict have before they go dark.

We need components, power tools.

- We have tools.

- Oh, my God.

Components too.

ROWENA: Your attention, please.

- I have decided that you can stay.

- Oh.

But you will have to work

for your supper.

We're very far behind on the additions.

This house already

has 17 bedrooms, Mother.

We quarry our own rock.

It's time-consuming but fulfilling.

I am gaining so much understanding.

- We need to get Curtain out of the truck.

- Uh-huh.


It's so fun to see you all run around.

So busy.

We could use some help. This is for you.

Oh, don't do it on my account.

You might be just hours

from going comatose.

I feel amazing.

I need a better lens.

Things that reflect, refract,

and relay, are in that cabinet.

Here, things that connect,

confound, and contour.

Over there are


What happens when Curtain wakes up?

Mr. Benedict is convinced

he can reach him.

Of course, he's going to say that.

He's happy.

It didn't work last time.

I don't see how talking to

Dr. Curtain is going to stop him.

And we need to stop him.

He's the bad guy.

- But Mr. Benedict wants to

- To save him.


Maybe we need to save the bad guy

if we can.

Maybe that's the only way to really win.


How are you feeling?

Yeah, I'm

Inspired. And betrayed.


- You drugged me? Knocked me out?

- Blowdart.

Oh, how crude. That's beneath you.

I felt I had to get you out of there.

Away from the acolytes and the yes men.

Nathaniel, what you're doing

Is helping people. It helped you.

No, it's artificial.

And, and yes, it does feel so good,

but it's not helping anyone.

In fact, it's quite harmful.

People are going blank,

they're going catatonic.

There's no concrete evidence

that my system is causing

I saw it. And I know you saw it, too.

You're in denial.

You're not thinking about anyone.

It's still about control for you.

Oh, please. You don't know me

as well as you think you do.

Oh, well, I thought I did,

but maybe I was wrong.

Either way,

I can't let you do this any longer.

Oh, you don't have a choice.

My people are already on their way.

Well, they'll never find us.

We are far off the grid.

We're ten miles from the French

border in southwestern Luxembourg.

You think I didn't do my homework,

that I didn't anticipate every move

you might make?

That's more, like, 12 miles.

So, they'll be five minutes later.

- What's that?

- What?

- Your neck, what's wrong?

- Oh, nothing.

Your people tackled me, so

- How long has it been like that?

- A few days. What does it matter?

- Stop trying to change the subject.

- This is the subject. I'm just asking you.

How long has it been like that?





You seem to have found an

agreeable group.

- Have you adopted any of those children?

- I have not.

They seem nice. Orphans?

I sense an orphan's appreciation

of what it means to have a loving home.

I've often wondered

how you were managing

in the chaotic

nightmare of out there.

It's not that chaotic.

Well, in normal times.

Right now, it's pretty chaotic.

It would have been nice to

hear from you.

Well, you never pick up the phone, ever.

I find it a nuisance.

Anyway, no time to catch up, really.

Work to do.

Hm. This is nice.

Been saving it for you.

- Thank you.

- Balance is off for me.

Thought it might play better

with your weird swinging pattern.

Thank you.

And by the way, I sent letters.

You could have written back.

I'm not going to sleuth out

my own daughter's address.

It's right there on the envelope.

- Some of us are happy right where we are.


But not all of us.

- And you never wanna leave? Ever?

- There's too much to do here.

And though I know you believe it,

different does not equal better.

It's perfectly normal

to want to see the world.

- To meet new people.

- New people. Terrible priorities.

I suppose the correct priority would be

to build yourself

- a prison of spare bedrooms.


May I offer an observation?

You mean Mind Tricks?

If given a decade,

I think I can solve this.

But I have to make

defensive preparations.

Do you have a map of the property?

Of course, I have a detailed map

of the property.

It's in the foyer, framed.

You can take it down.

- One can show you.

- No problem.

One, do you find this

lifestyle stifling?


I was just on the ham radio.

Great way to stay in touch

while staying right here.

World at your fingertips.

Anyway, old Vandenpuig

said the funniest thing.

There are people in town

asking about us.

- More new people?

- Grey people.

We've been found.



I need you to wake up. Wake up!

I know it looks messy right now,

but we're trying to

- No time. The greys are coming.

- Okay. The property is defensible.

I have many ideas,

but we will need everyone.

- Got it.

- Okay.

Why must we have conflict?

Okay. Everyone, except

perhaps Constance.

We could really use her mind power

about now.

- We're about to be attacked.


It's not something I can choose to do.

It just happens

and I'm completely fine with that.

Sticky, Reynie, Kate, Dipika.

We have work to do.

Constance, go back into the

main house for your own safety.

Maybe I'd rather take a walk.

There's a lovely 2,000-piece

jigsaw puzzle inside.

(GASPS) Oh, intriguing.



Please, I don't know what to do.

You have to come back.

You were right. This is about

control, it always has been.

And yes, I did know it was wrong.

But somehow I thought if I

convinced you that it was good,

then you would think I was good.

(QUAVERS) You have to come back.

You have to fix this, fix us.

You have to make things right.

I love you, Nicholas.

Oh, I wish we could have

gotten here sooner.


You were faking it?

Oh, Momma ♪

I'm in fear for my life ♪

From the long arm of the law ♪

Lawman has put an end to my runnin' ♪

And I'm so far from my home ♪

Oh, Momma, I can hear you a'cryin ♪

You're so scared and all alone ♪

I think I've almost got it.

Hangman is comin' down

From the gallows ♪

What's that?

STICKY: Three cars, heading this way.

The jig is up! ♪

The news is out! ♪

- They've finally found me! ♪


The renegade, who had it made ♪

- Retrieved for a bounty ♪

- I hope they're ready.

Never more to go astray ♪

This'll be the end today ♪

Of the wanted man ♪

Oh, Momma, I been years on the lam ♪

- And had high price on my head ♪


Lawman said, "Get 'em d*ad

or alive!" ♪

Now it's for sure he'll see me d*ad ♪

- Dear Mama ♪

- Wild style! Wild style!

So scared and all alone! ♪

One got through.


I knew the only way to get through

to you is if you thought you lost me.

- How?

- The children, they, uh, fashioned

a device to reverse the happiness.

And before it was broken,

the device actually worked on me.

It's a fact I chose to hide.

A devious plan. I have to respect it.

But it changes nothing.

- I don't believe you.

- You don't?

Even if you don't admit it, what you

felt a moment ago, that was real.

More real than anything you

could create.

And whether it was happiness or

sadness or anything in between,

it was true emotion. And it's essential.

It's what I finally can feel

standing in front of you.

A swirl of emotions, good or bad,

and it is more valuable to me than gold.

And I'm sorry.

- For what?

- The blowdart. I know it hurt.


They're here.



- ROWENA: This is my daughter!

- And while she is not perfect

- Not relevant.

- neither am I!

- It's a two-way street!

- Perfectly said, my beautiful son.


NUMBER TWO: Back off. This is my home.


L.D. CURTAIN: Stop. Stand down.

Stand down, all of you.

- What?

- I don't understand.

We're here to save you, sir.

No, you can't save me.

I've already been saved.

By my brother.

- Sir?

- Yes, he helped me see that I

possibly have been approaching things

the wrong way.

And if you told me I would never say

something like that,

well, I would never say something

like that, but here we are.

Now, you're free to go

to find your own path.

That doesn't make any sense.

It has to be some sort of code.

- Is he blinking in code?

- I think I see him blinking in code.

You're released from service.

- Are you saying don't believe you?

- I'm not.

No, I'm Stop.


The door is open.

Please, discover who you are.

I urge you to find your own happiness.

It's what we all deserve.

I, I

- I, I

- I

- I

- I

- Uh, I, I, I, uh

- I, I, I

- I, uh

- I, I


- Your philosophy will live on!

- Even without you!

Don't want it to.





I'm just not clever with words.

I'll go check on Constance.

- Well, what can I do?

- Are you handy?

I don't understand the question.

- Grab a hammer.

- It's ready.

RHONDA: Mr. Benedict! Number Two!

This is how I found her.

I'm responsible for this.

So I'll fix it.


We both will.

Come on, please.

There has to be a solution.

Are we sure about the light box?

Yes, my doctor tried something similar.

It only works

before they become like this.

However, what if we insert an electrode

into the right hemisphere

of the frontal lobe

She would lose all function

in her left side.

- Well, there are worse things.

- Well

I know. I know.

But this was ultimately

a mechanical process,

there has to be a similar fix.

- What if there isn't?

- Oh, well, that's helpful.

What I mean is,

what if the fix is emotional?

Oh, skeptical.

Your process triggers

an artificial happiness, yes?

What happens to the real happiness?

- The real joy?

- Nothing?

Exactly. It's buried, tamped down.

Unprocessed to the point

where it fries the pathway

and leaves you unable to feel anything.

I propose we attempt

to rebuild that pathway.

- That road back to happiness.

- How?

KATE: So what do we do?

We're trying to restore Constance's

ability to feel happiness.

Or anything.

And as the people she cares most about

in this world,

I think you three are

in the best position to help.

Returning to my original question.

What do we do?

Just be yourselves. Talk to her.

You are the ones who make her happy.

- We do?

- Yes.

Um, hey, Constance.

I assume you can hear us, right?

I mean, look,

you're not always the nicest person

- Kate.

- What are you doing?

I'm getting to my point.

Which is that despite

the relentless crabbiness,

we actually all love

spending time with you.


Remember that time you broke

The Whisperer with your brain?

That was fun, right? Good times.

So, um

let's make more memories.

Friendship? Laughter? Fun?

You're just listing pleasant words.

Constance, we really want you back.

Please. We love you.

KATE: We're not making her happy.

We're annoying her.

Maybe that's it.

What does Constance like to do

more than anything?

- Insult us?

- Exactly.

It's what makes her happy.

It's how she shows love.

- Unconventional, but true.

- So let's get her to insult us.

- She can't talk.

- Not right now.

But what if we make it irresistible?

- If I were to say, how much I like hugs

- Ugh.

how long do you think

she could resist?

It goes against her biology. Constance.

I love hugging. I love it.

Have you seen the livery

on the new German maglev trains?

Blue vertical stripes. I'm freaking out.

You know what the great thing

about my bucket is?

It's that it's not tied

to any emotional need.

It's just a totally logical way

of being prepared.


- Go, go, go.

- REYNIE: Hey, Kate,

- who's your favorite rhyming poet?

- Do I have to pick just one?

They're all great.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep.

But I have promises to keep

and miles to go before I sleep.

Success is counted sweetest

by those who ne'er succeed.

To comprehend a nectar

requires the sorest need.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying

of the light.

"Whan that Aprille with his

shoures soote.

The droghte of Marc

hath perced to the roote."

You know what I love in this world

more than anything?

REYNIE: More than hugging?

I love a big, bright, sumptuous

sweater vest.

I'd rather be in a coma

than listen to this.

- PERUMAL: She's back.



- Oh, god.

- No, no.

No hugging. No hugging. No




Thank you for helping us.

Thank you for saying goodbye

before abandoning us again.

Is it abandonment if you say goodbye?

NUMBER TWO: How about this?

You all come visit me in Stonetown.

I'd love to show you my other home.

- Maybe leave Madame Chops here.

- Nope.

Maybe a protective sleeve?

We'll see.

Oh, hello. (SOFT CHUCKLE) Hello.


- Back to the compound?

- Oh, yes.

Between this and what you

figured out with Constance, we

we have the template to

unwind this, so

I need to get to work. (CHUCKLES)

It's good to have you back.

- Yes.








Well, I think I lost a bit

of perspective on this one.

Happens to the best of us.

Still, this organization needs

more than just one perspective.

So if you're willing,

I'd like the two of you to step

into a leadership role.

We'd love to.

- Oh, in about five weeks.

- What?

(MOUTHS) Five.

Is this something

that I'm not invited to, or

- No.

- No?


You'll be delighted to hear that

I am not going to ask

if you need a jacket.

I appreciate that,

but I really don't mind

if you do sometimes.

Let's go see Madge.

- REYNIE: Okay. I was a little needy.

- STICKY: None of this is easy.

I want you to know I'm really glad

you found your place at Boatwright.

I've got two places.

Come, come. That's it.


I love, I love

I'm ready to love, yeah ♪

I love, I love

I'm ready to love, yeah ♪


I love, I love, I'm ready to

Ready to, ready to love ♪

- Yeah!

- Yeah!

Ready to love, yeah ♪

You keep me awake

with your white lily smile ♪

Don't keep me watching

your charms all the while ♪

'Cause as all the wise men say ♪

Grab it if it comes your way ♪

STICKY: Hey, Reynie. How's it going?

This semester's off to a great start.

Can't wait for your visit.

Everyone's excited to meet you.

Wo-ho-ho ♪


KATE: Hey, Reynie. Kate here.

Just wanted to drop you a note

to let you know that we are

back home and back to work.

Think we're finding a good groove.

Help my baby eyes

and open up the door ♪

You make me real

to everyone and everyday ♪

I, I thank the Lord

that you came along this way ♪

It's no more an illusion ♪

CONSTANCE: You asked for a letter.

This fulfills that request.

You're welcome. Constance.

I love, I love

I'm ready to love, yeah ♪

Oh ♪

Oh-oh ♪

I'm ready, ready, ready,

ready to love ♪

Do old people do puzzles

to keep their mind fresh?

Oh, hello. (SOFT CHUCKLE)

BENEDICT: Some do, I'm sure.

Science is pretty clear on the benefits.

Then maybe

maybe you can find out where

I come from?


I'd be happy to try.

- And by the way, I am only 51.

- I know. It's disgusting.

Ah Well, I look 46.

- That's a lot of luggage.

- Yes.

I'm joining the society.

- You are?

- L. D. CURTAIN: Trust me, it's necessary.

Turns out we have a sister.

- And she is not as nice as I am.



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