03x13 - Chapter Thirteen: The Reckoning

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Stargirl". Aired: May 2020 to present.
American Superhero TV series that follows high school student Courtney who discovers the cosmic staff and becomes the inspiration for a new generation of superheroes who become the Justice Society of America.
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03x13 - Chapter Thirteen: The Reckoning

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- Dig.


- Hello, again, Starman.

- What are you doing?

- You've been in the ground
for a long time, my friend.

You are needed again...

Because a hero like you

is someone who is already
trusted, respected,

and beloved by the public.

Americans will listen to you
in a way like nobody else.

You give them
suggestions, orders, even,

and they will do
whatever you say.

They'll even vote
for you, I imagine.

President Pemberton.

It's got a nice ring to it.

You are gonna be my
mouthpiece, Sylvester.

- Great plan.

One problem.

I'll never work for you.

- Yeah.

I know how
strong-minded you are,

and that is why we're
gonna remove it.

The Ultra-Humanite
gets your body.

And then I get his

in my continuing quest to
become something greater.

- Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait!

Wait, wait, wait...
Where's Stripesy?

What did you do to Pat?

Please, no... wait!


- Bye-bye.

- Sylvester told you about
the hourglass's limiter,

but he didn't warn you about
what happened to your father

when he removed it.

- Mr. Pemberton also told
me to protect my parents.

- But what he was
really getting you to do

was push them away.

- After all the help they've
given me, that was a mistake.

- Sylvester said not
to let up on Cindy,

and I never gave her a chance.

- Why would Sylvester purposely
give you all bad advice?

- To keep us distracted.

- To break us apart.

- To weaken us.

- To take our confidence away.

He took the Staff from me.

He told me I wasn't
worthy of it.

- Well, he's d*ad wrong.

- Then why couldn't I
bring it back to me, Mom?

- Maybe Sylvester wanted
the Staff for himself

this whole time.

- Then why not just take it
from Court in the first place?

Why wait?

- We have to find Pat.

- How was the vigil?

- Still been no sign
of Mr. Deisinger.

- Well, I have some news.

Starman has agreed to let
go of our past differences.

- That's great.
- Yeah, it is.

But I'm afraid that
Courtney and her friends

aren't quite so willing yet.

We'll need to convince them.


Something has happened
to Courtney's stepfather.

- What?

- He's been k*lled by that
aberration of science,

the Ultra-Humanite.

Come on.

- Mike's not answering.

- Pat's phone's going
straight to voicemail.

- Zeek's got S.T.R.I.P.E.
fixed back up,

but he hasn't seen Mr. Dugan
since he went to the Mahkents'.

- Okay, so let's start there.

- Cameron.

- Starman's at the junkyard.

- W-what?
- Are you looking for him?

- How do you know that?

- He's there. Sorry,
my family's coming.

I have to go.
- Wait, Cameron.


- I don't like lying to her.

- This is the best way to
offer Courtney our help

during this trying time.

Face to face.


- Come on, let's go.
- Okay!

- Wait for me.
- I got it.

Where the hell are we now?

- Oh my God, the tire factory?

We need a foolproof wish
to get us out of this mess.

- Come on.

- I hope your mom finds Artemis.

- Icicle made her an
orphan. She'll be here.

- She'll probably show up
right when we need her.

- How does she always do that?

- Hello, Courtney.

I stand alongside my
family and Starman tonight

here on neutral ground
with only good intentions.

- Where's Pat?

- I'm sorry, Courtney.

Pat's gone.

- Gone?

- He came to see me after
Jordan and I settled things.

I apologized and
tried to convince him

to join forces with both of us.

He refused.

He went into the woods alone,

looking for the Ultra-Humanite

who k*lled him.

- If we're gonna get
any justice for Pat,

we need to team up, Courtney.

- I don't believe
anything you say.

- I know I was harsh earlier.
- You're lying to us.

Both of you.

You've been lying since
you came to Blue Valley.

- But I wouldn't lie to you.

I'm sorry about Pat.

I am so sorry.

But the only thing we can do now

is work together and
stop that monster

before it hurts anyone else.

- Pat?

- Yeah, Court.

It's me.

But that's not Sylvester.

It's the Ultra-Humanite.

- Oh my God.

- Are you kidding me?

Why won't Stripesy die?


- Now...

you freeze, you wicked children.

- Let's wish to
go to The Bahamas.

Yeah. That's it,
towards the ocean.


Come now, dear daughter.

You don't belong with them.

You belong with me.

You belong to me.

- You wanna see what your pet
project can really do, Daddy?

- You got a lot of heart, Pat.

I don't know how you dug
yourself out of that grave,

but you're gonna
wish you hadn't.

- You know what I don't like?

Is looking at you and seeing
my best friend's face.

So I'm gonna knock it off.

- Aah!

- Aaaaah!

- He lied to you.

- Not another word.

- Courtney!

- Hey!

- Don't be a tool, man.

You're getting played
by your own dad.

But I'm still gonna
kick your ass.

- thr*at imminent.
Combat mode activated.

- Oh, Pat...

None of this had to happen.

This all could've been so easy.

Courtney gives up the Staff,
her friends follow me.

We change the world with
Icicle for the better.

For your family too.

This could have been
perfect for everyone,

but you...

you couldn't stay in your lane

and just... stay d*ad.

You had to fight back.

So now all of you are gonna die.

'Cause I will not
stop being Starman.


- I don't wanna fight
you again, Mr. Mahkent.

- Neither do I.

- Then we have to
stop everyone, okay?

- Sofus!

k*ll her.

- No, no more of this.

- Aah!

- Aah!

- I didn't do it.

- Jakeem, look at me now.

Look at me, Jakeem!

Do everything we say.
Stop overthinking.

Be direct. Be honest.

Be specific.

- It'll be over soon.

- I wish...

I wish the most beautiful
woman in the world

will never have to be
bothered by her father again.

- Didn't I just say be specific?

Who's to say she's the most
beautiful woman in the world?

- I am! I said it.

The kid with the pen!

- Your wish is granted.

For you, my queen from
your not-so-secret admirer.

It's Jakeem. It's from Jakeem.

- Aah! Stop.

- Ha ha ha ha.

No more robot.

- Rick?


- This is your last
chance, Courtney.

Pledge your loyalty right now.


- Stay away from my daughter.

- Mom?

- Ah!

You know, it's such a shame.

She was gonna be so
perfect... for all of us.

You and Cameron
will be together.

Barbara, I know what we had
could have been reignited.

- We never had anything.

- Goodbye, Barbara.

- Noooo!

- Ha ha ha ha ha!

- Cameron, don't do this.

- Oh, come on.

- Well, you are a slippery
little devil, aren't you?

- The Staff belongs
to you, Courtney.

- Then why does it work for him?

- Because you thought it should.

It's why Sylvester couldn't
just take the Staff.

He had to make you
believe it worked for him.

- Okay.

For real this time.

Bye, Pat.

- Hey!

The Staff doesn't work for you.

- What?


- You are not worthy.

But I am.

- I missed you too.

- No more Staff, huh?

- Don't force me to do what
Brainwave did to his son.

I'm begging you!

- The fact that you went
there says everything.

- You were supposed
to be my best friend.

- You're not him!

- Aaaah!

- I only wanted what
was best for you.

That's all.

- Then give up.

- Then do what you
have to... or I will.

- Aaaaaah!

- Where did he go?



- Cameron?

- Stay back.

- What?

- I'm taking my
grandfather to get help,

and then I'm leaving.

I betrayed you.

I betrayed my own family.

My grandmother's d*ad.

And my father...

- I can help you through this.

- Goodbye, Courtney.

- If you still wanna use
the fancy crate, you can.

Just because the Ultra-Humanite
made it doesn't...

- Yeah, it's good to be back.

- Well, I guess he just
wants old faithful.

- Speaking of old faithful...


- You showed up just in time.

- Yeah, well...

Not sure how I feel
about the "old" part,

but definitely
feeling my age today.

- How in the world
did you get out?

- Experience.

Sylvester's very first
adversary took me hostage.

A guy by the name
of, uh, Dr. Weerd.


Well, anyhow, when
Sylvester rescued me,

taught me a little trick...

How to disjoint both thumbs

so I could slip any restraint.

That's what I did down there.

And I was able to...
dig my way out.

And, uh, pretty
lucky he taught me

how to do that 'cause I...

think I... think I
would've d*ed down there.

- Sylvester saved your
life one more time.

- Yeah. Yeah, he did.

- Pat, I'm sorry it wasn't
really him who came back.

- Yeah, I am too.

- When he... Or
the Ultra-Humanite

said all of those horrible
things to you down here,

I heard him.

And when he came back
up upstairs, I...

- Hey...

I heard you too.

Every word.

Thank you.

- I'm sorry for the
way I spoke to you all.

And I'm not gonna
blame that on anything

other than being a
thickheaded jerk.

- It's okay, Rick.

- We're just glad
you're feeling better.

- Thank you...

for being there for me.

- Beth, your turn.

- What...

W-what is it, Beth?

- You've been my guide
since I was a kid.

And you were my guides
when I was Doctor Mid-Nite

through all of this.

Even when I told you I
didn't want you to be...

Because I...

Because I know
that you love me...

and I love you too.

And I do need your help.

I want your help.

So... I'm asking for it


- You mean like
we're your sidekicks?

- Well, that sounds a
little derogatory, so...

- Are you kidding?
It's a dream!

Okay. Let's talk...

- Costumes.

- Sylvester's body is
still perfectly fine,

but there was a brain bleed that

has left the Ultra-Humanite's
mind irrevocably damaged.

For all intents and
purposes, he's brain d*ad.

- What do we do now?

- Well, we don't worry about
the Ultra-Humanite anymore.

- But I mean... Sylvester.

What about his brain?

- He said it was gone.

Of course, he, uh,

lied to us every
moment of every day.

So, uh...

I say we keep him
on life support...

just in case.

- Hey, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.

Where's... where's Stripesy?

Where's Pat?

What did you do to Pat?

No, please stop! No!


Wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait.

Where's... where's
Stripesy? Where's Pat?

What did you do to Pat?

- She should be inside.

- Okay.

- We'll wait here,
if that's okay.

- No, no, you should...

Can you wait?
- Yeah.

- Okay.

- Good luck, Mike.

- Hi.

Are you Becky?

- Who are you?

- I'm Courtney.

I knew your dad.

- How'd it go?

- It was nice.

Seems like she's got
some stuff figured out.

Seems like she's doing good.

- Good.

- Okay.

- Thanks for asking if
I wanted to see her.

- I'm proud of you.

- Thanks, Mom.

- We love you very much.

- I love you guys too.

- All right.

- Your dad,

he didn't want you to
think he abandoned you.

He wanted you to know
that he loved you.

- Thank you.


- Starman, Dragon King, Icicle.

Seems like everybody got to
come back for a second chance,

but you, huh?

I miss you, pal.

- Uhh!

- Come on.
- Buddy, come on.

That is dangerous. It's bad.

Just put it down. Put it down.

- Oh my God. He
ripped his arm off.

- That's not his arm.

- Having fun, Daddy?

- Ah, you mind?

- Oh, yeah.
- Thanks.

- Looks great, Dad.

- Ah, thank you. Thank you.

- So sidekicks, huh?

- I am Nite-Lite.

- Hooty for me,

in honor of
Dr. McNider's wise owl.

- I have the whole suit design.

- Okay, Dad.
- What would your powers be?

- What? I'm glowing
in the dark, man.

- Okay, cool.

- Got some new things.
It's gonna be great.

It's gonna be fantastic.
- I know!

- Yolanda?

- Where's Court?

- Sure she'll be home soon.

- All right.
- How about we sit?

- Yes, yes, yes.

- Do you really think
you can help me?


- Hi, Mr. Mahkent.

That goop you're standing
on, that's petroleum jelly

laced with rubidium,
potassium, and azidoazide azide

my dad put in his hockey pucks.

It's highly flammable.

It even burns on water.

This is for my parents.

You're not coming back
this time, Mr. Mahkent.

- Right this way,
ladies and gentlemen.

Come, come, don't be shy.

Here we are, the centerpiece
of the entire museum.

The meeting table of the
Justice Society of America.

Starwoman, Wildcat,

Jade, and her brother Obsidian,

Dragon Queen,
S.T.R.I.P.E. 2.0,

Jakeem Thunder,

Icicle, Artemis, Sand,

Damage, as well as Hourman,

and Doctor Mid-Nite
whose impending nuptials

are just around the corner
officiated by yours truly.

And with those two
come their loyal

if somewhat foul-smelling
and simple-minded friend,

Solomon Grundy.

United, they stopped
the Injustice Society

from brainwashing America.

They prevented that
demonic brute Eclipso

from merging his nightmarish
world with our own.

They shut down
the Ultra-Humanite

before he could tarnish
Starman's legacy

and brought the true Sylvester
Pemberton back to life.

Then they rescued the
Seven Soldiers of Victory

from a cosmic deity
called The Nebula Man.


They're the greatest heroes
the world has ever seen,

but they won't be
the last, oh, no.

Because there are other
legacies of heroism

waiting for a new generation

to find, to take
on, and rise up.

For as much as evil
has tried to destroy

the Justice Society of America,

it cannot.

Nothing can.

No, not the table!


- Shade, the Justice
Society is needed.

And according to
Courtney Whitmore,

that includes you
now too, old friend.

So gather the troops.

Our adventures are not over.

- Are they ever?
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