06x10 - (S) The Ones Within Us

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Manga series that follows Izuku who has dreamt of becoming a hero but there's a catch -- he isn't a Quirk.
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06x10 - (S) The Ones Within Us

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We'll aim for when Blackwhip is fully stretched out.

Once I go in, the two of you should get away immediately!

Don't get caught in the att*ck!

Even if One For All is a cursed power

One For All is



--Get away!


Plus Ultra

Prominence Burn!


Why aren't you d*ad?!

Little Brother

"Izuku Midoriya - Quirk: One For All"


"Katsuki Bakugo - Quirk: expl*si*n"

D-Don't try to win by yourself

Stop it


It's my

During today's fight there was much blood

that was shed unnecessarily.



If you use your power in anger,

the power will react to that.

What's important is

controlling your heart.

Blood was shed unnecessarily,

but this was the most unnecessary of all.

Take it back!


I finally touched you.

I'll take it now

One For--

This is

inside One For All

What's going on?

Where's Kacchan? And everyone else?


No, that's


come out

Even if you say that, Tomura,

if I hadn't lent you my power,

then you would've turned to ash and died.

Even if you had survived,

you would've died from the fall.

I said, "Shut up," Master.

This is my will my dream!

You can't move in this world yet.

That's why the rest of us

will take care of it.

"The Ones Within Us"

"Osaka - Sairo City"

Currently, the giant villain is

continuing north through Sairo City

with no sign of slowing.

The city The city is being trampled!

I smell two Masters?!

"Jaku City Suburbs"

Leave the Jaku City residents

to the rescue teams and police!

Us heroes need to head

to the path of the giant villain!

Focus on evacuating and rescuing

residents and stopping the villain!

We can't reach those

who have gone to Shigaraki

due to a communications blackout.

Let's go! Run! As quickly as possible!

Save as many people as possible!

You guys can float,

so please act as messengers!

Tell Endeavor and

the others about the situation!


"Tenya Iida - Quirk: Engine"

I'll go with you!

No, you can't float, so you'll be

caught up in Shigaraki's Decay--

Oh, he's fast

"Nejire Hado - Quirk: Surge"

Hey, hey, Ingenium,

why did you come this way?

I'll take whatever punishment

there is for disobeying orders.

I have three classmates

who haven't returned yet!

Two of them

are good friends

who set me on the right path!

Let's hurry!


"Ochaco Uraraka - Quirk: Zero Gravity"

The situation isn't getting better.

It's getting worse.

Ever since that day

It's like when the shadows

get longer as the sun goes down.


I didn't think I'd see

you again after death

All For One.

Nana Shimura!

The seventh wielder.

Look at that, Tomura.

It's amazing. A d*ad person!

Your grandmother, the incompetent,

pitiful Nana Shimura is right there.

Do you know why?

It's transference!


They say the personality and tastes of

an organ transplant recipient can change.

Most people think of it

as something out of the occult,

but there have been

a number of reported cases.

Once in a blue moon,

I have these strange dreams.

Dreams where the original owners

of the Quirks I stole disparage me.

When I have those dreams,

I feel dejected

Almost as if I'm conscious of

my sins like a normal person

However, once I part with that Quirk,

I never dream of its owner again.

Strange, isn't it? I'm the type

to hold grudges, after all.

But I discovered the cause

after meeting Doctor.

Like how it's said that organs

and cells have memories,

Quirk factors also seem to have

consciousnesses living inside them.

Apparently, thanks to my power

to directly meddle with Quirks,

I also have a special ability

to perceive those consciousnesses.

Don't trample on Shimura's

memory any longer!

Nana Shimura

It's a secret.

I heard this lady is our grandma.

She's a hero!

Don't forget.

Why do you?

Like how I can meddle with

the consciousnesses inside Quirks,

my blood relative, my younger brother,

could also directly interfere with Quirks

with his power to pass his Quirk on.

When the Quirk to pass on Quirks mixed

with the power-stocking Quirk,

it turned into a sleeper train that moved

people's consciousnesses to the next era.

Anyway, why don't you greet each other?

You're Kotaro's

Why did it turn out like this?

I don't care about the reason.

Don't worry, Grandma.

I definitely hate you, too.

The world is eroding away

Good, Tomura!

Your hatred is getting through!

One For All can only move

by the will of its owner as a rule,

but your anger is

starting to encroach on it!

Whoops! Oh, right, you hate me, too.


That's what it means

to be the Symbol of Fear!

But it's not enough.

My brother's stubborn, like me.

Is that boy next, Big Brother?

It's your fault for

not surrendering to me.

We won't go over there.

We have chosen to be inside this boy.

I'm getting forced back.

The only thing that didn't go

Master's way--One For All

What the hell is this?!

It's power, Tomura!

If we put your power and

my power together, we can steal it.

After all, they're just a few

d*ad people who lost to me!

Little Brother, you said you've chosen?

Stop acting tough.

You know, don't you?

I was watching through Tomura.

Even though he's got

such a wonderful Quirk,

he can't protect his friends

or his teachers,

and he needs to be protected instead.

On top of that, he's allowing his body to

succumb to his anger, like his master did.

As a result, he can't even move right now!

He's just taking cover,

eyes goggling as he watches.

It was a mistake to let your power fall

into the hands of someone so useless!

It wasn't a mistake.

You only use others,

so you can't understand

what he's thinking as he sheds blood.

Getting angry for others,

able to work as hard as

he must for the sake of others.

A boy so obsessed with saving others

that he's deviated from the norm.

We will stay with him.

It wasn't stolen


The Quirk transplant wasn't complete,

so I couldn't expend

enough effort to steal it.

Don't lose consciousness.

Let your new body be completed.

Withdraw for now and

let your body regain strength.


Please, don't move anymore

Send out requests to prefectural police

to ask for their help with firefighting.

Put all our strength into

rescuing victims of the giant villain.

It appears Garaki

really has been arrested!

That can wait until later!

Our first priority right now

is gathering information about the giant

villain's location and predicted path!

Keep sharing the information

with the teams in each location!

The giant villain

who passed through Sairo City

has entered Nabato City!

He's going at 100 km/h and

is heading straight for Jaku City.

100 km/h

Time to predicted destination,

former site of the Jaku Hospital,

"Jaku Hospital"

is now less than ten minutes!

"Nabato City"

I got a visual on

Tomura Shigaraki with a camera.

"Villain - Skeptic - Quirk: Anthropomorph"

He's fighting Endeavor!


That's good. Get ready.

To do what?

"Villain - Dabi"

To destroy this fake hero society.

Toga, you okay with this?


"Villain - Himiko Toga - Quirk: Transform"

You were looking for

them earlier, weren't you?

Those U.A. students you like.

"Villain - Mr. Compress - Quirk: Compress"

They're heroes, too,

so are you okay with this?

What line do you have

to cross to become a hero?

If a person who saves others is a hero,

then was Jin not a person?

If heroes k*lled Jin,

then will they k*ll me, too?

I wanted to ask them


and Ochaco.

That's why

depending on what

their answer is, I'll be okay.

He's currently heading straight

for Nabato City at about 100 km/h.

100 km/h? He's too fast!

More precisely, he's too big!

And too tough!

He's pushing his way through buildings

with long nails like a mole's!

Debris is flying all over the place,

and the scale of destruction

is even bigger than his body!

The areas surrounding his path need

to be evacuated for five kilometers!

If we keep advancing like this and

the villain also keeps going straight,

then we'll engage with him

in about eight minutes!

The damage is already unprecedented!

This is our fault!

They just happened to be living there!

Protect those who are still alive

even if you have to die to do it!

Don't make others suffer

anymore damage because of us!

The heroes are getting closer.

Satellite? Is that where

the video is coming from?

That's convenient.

You should be embarrassed

that you think this level is convenient.

It's not as many as at the mountain villa,

but there are a lot of them.

We're only able to be here like

this right now because of hindsight.

We still need to be

careful of how they'll move.

Stop! Zoom in there, Longhair!

Is that how you ask someone for something?

Those two Speak of the devil.


Mister! Let me borrow some equipment!

Huh? Wait a minute!

Don't come at me so suddenly!

You're making this old man blush!

Hurry, hurry!

O-Okay, okay already!


You can't just get off!

It's dangerous!

It feels gross to have

my feelings all pent up like this.

So I have to go ask now.

You don't have to do it now.

Dabi, you say something, too.

And stop grinning.

I don't care.

Hey, don't look at unnecessary stuff.

Hurry up and get started,

or I'll burn you up.

You bastards are so!


"Villain - Spinner - Quirk: Gecko"

We're just a bunch of misfits

who happened to find each other,

but you're not the only one frustrated

about Twice being k*lled.

This was the only place

where he felt like he belonged,

and the boss probably

also wants us to gather together.

We're experts at doing

whatever the hell we want.


Make sure you come back.


Was it okay to let her go?

She's not someone who'd listen

if you tried to stop her.

I love Mr. Stainy. And I love Izuku.

And I love Ochaco!

I love being able to become

so many that I love!

Please run away perpendicular

to the villain's path!

There is flying debris, so please

try to get as far away as possible!

There are still people indoors!

Split up and rescue them!

Don't let there be any more victims!

Give it your all!

I can see the giant villain!

--He's so fast!

--Hurry with the evacuation!

He already covered that distance?!


There are two more over here!




Thanks, you saved me.

Sorry I had to be so rough!

Are you hurt?

I'm okay.


You two over there!

Help me!

My husband's bedridden!

He's too heavy for me to move on my own!

He's in that bungalow over there.


Froppy, you take those two somewhere safe.

Be careful!

I don't want you to get hurt!


Save as many as possible!

Back then

wasn't there more I could've done?


She walks really fast!

Of course I'd walk fast!

Because Takeo loved me!

Don't worry!

I'll definitely save him!


Himiko Toga?!

Long time no see, Ochaco.


Too bad.

I wanted to talk to Tsu, too.

She's a precious, cute friend.

I want to talk to Izuku, too.

He's so cool when he gets

so b*at up all the time. I love him!

Her voice sounds like

it's coming from all directions.

You're cute, too! I love you!

I want to be like you.

So tell me, Ochaco

Hey, what do you want to do to me?

Do you want to k*ll me

like Jin was k*lled?

Am I going to be k*lled?

Ochaco, what do you want to do to me?

You came here just to ask that?


Just to ask that, you took

the blood of that old lady?

You k*lled her just for that?!



Right now, I want to save

as many people as possible!

Himiko Toga,

if you're going to get in my way,

then I'll catch you right now!


Here's the preview.

The battle is reaching its final stages.

Gigantomachia finally comes to Shigaraki,

and Dabi tells us a shocking truth.

Next time, "Dabi's Dance."

It's a cruel dance, a brutal dance--

A dance of hatred.

"Next time: Dabi's Dance"

Go beyond!

Plus Ultra!
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