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One Piece Film: Red (2022)

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In the time of the Great Sea pirate

The oceans are filled with men with ambitions for wealth, fame and power

It's a dream for a pirate

But some of them just like to plunder

For the weak these are times of endless persecution

Despite being under the jurisdiction of a world government the navy was powerless to protect the weak

So who can they rely on and what can they do to be saved?

We really don't have a choice no one cares about people like us

All I can do is cry...

That's what everyone says. Pirates are bad guys. And worse...

I'm so hungry

What are we supposed to do when the pirates have taken everything

Yeah, it's all because of the pirates

All because those selfish brutes took our joy

Do you understand now?

I'm begging you to do something about our unfortunate situation, okay

Only you only you can help us

I beg you

You're the only one who can help us

I beg you

Just you

Please, please, please

I know, I know

I will create a new era for you that will make us all happy

Where are our seats?

I'd like to buy some peripheral products

What a long dragon

I have to go to the bathroom later. Oh, my God, your seat has food

Yeah because it's a platinum ticket

There must be a lot of people here

Because it was Uta's first time singing live in front of fans

Until now, we've only seen her in the telephony bug

To see Uta live in such a beautiful place, I really...

Mermaids are coming. It looks like it's gonna be fun. But why are we dressed like this

It's to make her sing better and then someone in costume can get these

I see

I'm looking forward to it

After all, she's the most loved person in the world right now

Is she really that great?

As the King of Souls, I don't normally say that

But the songs she sings really seem from another world

Uta, Uta, I love...

That's boring. What?

Damn swordsman You come back here and say it again if you dare and I'll fry you till you're juicy

Try it on me, Curly

Here we go

The concert started with Luffy

"We choose our own future."

"Try a new path."

"If I change the world..."

"Say goodbye to all those who oppose us."

"No one has the power to stop the change that music can bring."

"You can't stop the magic."

"Close your eyes and you can see the future right in front of you."

"Every word I sing leads you closer to your destiny."

"When you get there don't let go."

"If you want to play a real game, untie the chains."

"When the melody is strung we are walking on a tight rope."

"Don't want to cry don't want to try to forget"

"Let me live in this dream."

"I want to be free."

"I want to be free"

"And then embrace the new era."

"I know we can do this."

"Create a new world."

"We choose our own future."

"Try to take a new path."

"If I change the world"

"This infinite music can be transformative."

"Let the message in the song"

"Go further."

"This dream will come true."

"I believe you"

"Say goodbye to everything that's holding you down."

"Let colorful music take you away from reality."

"We have to move on."

"Close your eyes, hold my hand and let's run."

"We don't need to live like this. I know we can do better."

"I sing for freedom."

"If you want to play a real game, untie the chains."

"Let the melody light the way for new vistas."

"Don't want to cry don't want to try to forget"

"Let me live in this dream."

"I want to be free"

"And then embrace the new era."

"I know we can do this."

"Create a new world."

"We choose our own future"

"Try a new path."

"If I change the world"

"This infinite music can be transformative."

"Let the message in the song"

"Go further."

"This is the new era."

"This is the new era."

'This is the new era'

Hi, it's nice to finally meet you. I'm Uta

I'm sorry I'm a little moved

I'm sorry I'm a little moved

Uta we love you Uta we love you

Uta loves you...

Everybody, let's play together today

Are you guys ready?

Ready to go

Wealth and fame will be ours if we can kidnap the star Sorry Uta

Uta, Uta

Feeding Luffy

What? Did he try to kidnap her too?

Oh, it's you

Uta, are you right

It's me. Who is it?

Is it Luffy?

Is it Luffy?

Long time no see Uta Luffy

That straw hat...

Isn't he the fifth starbelt on the sea?

Really? How could Uta be friends with a sea pirate?

Does Luffy know Uta?

If that guy really knew me at least he introduced me to Uta

Why are you friends with Princess Uta?



That's because she's Shanks's daughter

Isn't Shanks just...

One of the four Kings of a district evil villain?

I remember it a long time ago

He's the same seafarer who attacked Eligia


I was wondering what to do when I heard the concert was in Eligia...

You mean the legend

Yeah, but I didn't think the bigger news would get out

What do you want?

The fourth sea emperor, the red-headed Shanks, had a daughter

If that's true you're a redhead's biggest weakness

If we turn you over to some other powerful Hai Fu, we'll make a lot of money

So it's a shame that today's concert has been canceled

Hot air fist

Come out

That girl is ours now

Are you... Which branch branch?

I'm Borichun from BIG MOM, The Pirates

Who was standing next to her

I'm BIG MOM Charlotte Lingling's fourth son. Owen looks fun. Let me join in

Actually, I just came by to see what's going on and what's so interesting about this place

Uta, I'm sorry I have to take you home to make a letter for Mom

Wait a minute

it doesn't matter

Hey, you bastards are gonna have to b*at me if you're gonna take Uta

We can't let these bastards ruin that beautiful stage

It's finally getting more interesting

Don't underestimate our ice Mother pirates

The song of blowing snow cut

Jellyfish fist

What a shame

The concert just started

Come and protect Uta

Rubber machine g*n

Rubber machine g*n

Spider flower

Come on

Okay, time out Luffy and everyone thanks for protecting me but no more fighting

Now that you're all my fans, you should get along and enjoy the concert

But Princess Uta these men tried to kidnap you did you know that

And people like you don't listen to you

If we want something we will not fight for it or get it back. We are pirates

All right, Pirates

I forgive you for the bad things you've done

So does everyone else stop being a bad sea pirate and join me in making the world a better place

With my song everyone can live in peace and be happy

There is no such thing as peace in this world or I'll tear the face off this stupid kid

You don't mess with her. She's my prize

Guys, aren't you here to enjoy my music?

Don't forget we're pirates

We got more important things to do first than your song

We rarely come here to see a concert

To hurt our feelings and Uta's feelings like that

Too bad then let me write a song

"You don't need to worry from now on."

"There's no need to fret.""

"Your dream is our dream is what each and every one of you wants."

"As soon as you start singing your heart will become as clear as the sky."

"Don't worry. "

"I am the strongest"

"My Song"

"Makes the birds fly high in the sky. "

"Even the clothes that flutter in the wind."

"Rock like a dancer too."

"Your voice"

"Let me rejoice."

"If you accidentally get hurt."

"Come on, come on, let me protect you."

"A new landscape that I've never seen before."

"We can definitely see it."

"If you want to talk about why."

"Well, just because we're alive."

"Come on, let's hold hands."

"Go where the light shines."

"Everybody's dream."

"It is my happiness."

"Not anywhere."

"Only you have it."

"That softness"

"Make me stronger."

"I'm the strongest when you're with me"

Guys those bad pirates have turned into a song

It's safe now so don't worry

It's safe now so don't worry

Yeah, well, they may be father and daughter but Shanks and Uta are different

That's great

You're getting so tough, Uta

I wonder if she ate some demon fruit

I don't know. I've never heard of it

What is this?

What are you doing We're going back

I have some good news for you

I used to rely on the telephony bug all the time and it made me feel tired

The live stream will be over soon but this time the concert is endless and it will go on forever


Yeah, it means I can be with you forever

For those of you watching and those of you watching let's keep having fun

That's impressive.

She's going ahead with her own concert

That's amazing


One more thing and this is very important

The entire Navy and the governments of the world ask you not to interfere with my concert

Everyone is looking for fun and fun and you'd better be prepared if you go overboard

I am Uta who will create a new era and I will make people happy with my songs

All right, our next song

Redhead actually has a daughter as Cipher Pol reports

A new enemy has emerged against the age of the Great Sea pirate

It's complicated because a lot of people are supportive of her

We need to k*ll this revolution before it's too late

Is that girl really Friend's daughter

The presence of Tol Musica is also worrying

If it wakes up again be prepared we may not be able to defeat it

Yeah, the authorities have decided to arrest Uta and she's dangerous

It's weird that the whole world is watching when she's just a girl

Hey, are you underestimating her

She's on the Island of Eligia Music

That's where Tot Musica was sealed long ago

So how many people are you going to send

How many ships do we have right now to get to Eligia?

Thirty ships

Take all the companies and teams and send out all the ships

If the phone bug can't use the flagship command will use the flag signal to send out the signal thin code 044 every ship should know

Captain turn around follow the signal and cooperate with the others Don't rush but be prepared don't be lazy turn around quickly

The airflow meter measures a level 4 breeze with long waves on the water and lots of white waves

Attention Every ship Every ship must assemble their g*n and check every cannon

Make sure there are no cracks in the cannon and make sure there are no holes in the ignition and check the wheels

No moving boats were detected in the vicinity

There are no obstacles in sight and every boat is in perfect condition and ready to sail

Are you hungry?

Let me cook the good food and the fun stuff

That's impressive.

Can I really do this?

Of course,

Guys here you can eat anything you want and sing and dance and play with me whenever you want, okay

It's like a dream...

Every dream will come true if you stay with me and there's nothing here that scares you

The new era is the best!

She's more capable than we thought. Are we underestimating her

Mom Mom is more than just ability turns out she is the daughter of red hair

Mom Mom is more than just ability turns out she is the daughter of red hair

We're gonna get her

And those straw hat assholes are gonna hate it too and I'd love to see them b*at me

Let me go to Eligia

I can't just lose my sister and stand by

This place is a chef's paradise

If you ask Uta, she might still be able to make wine

Yeah, Uta has access to unlimited treasure

What kind of power is that

She's pretty strong for a demon fruit user

Yeah, I've never heard of anyone with that kind of invincibility

Luffy, aren't you Uta's friend or do you know something?

She has always been a good singer


Someone may have given Uta this ability

Maybe that person is the god of music...

Hey, Luffy, did you guys have a good time

Very happy Princess Uta

Very happy Princess Uta

You have so many rare ingredients and this place is heaven

It's so much fun here

I'm glad Luffy's friends are so happy

Hello? Is everyone here


If you believe me, this hat is...

I'm not lying to you

Luffy, let's have a race

You can't b*at me right now

What are you talking about that I've needed a meeting 83 times

Are you wrong? I'm the one who won 183 in a row

The two views are completely different

What competition?

Luffy and I used to have all kinds of competitions like knife throwing and arm wrestling and all that

Come on and make this the event of the day

The fastest chicken eater wins

Oh, I miss this and what else

Don't worry. I'm ready

Come on, get in position


Wow, thank you.

Uta won. She won

Not fair Uta

Do not fall into the sea

By the way, Luffy ate the devil fruit, didn't he? I'm sorry

You just broke the rules. Do it again

There you go again with the sore loser

I won, so you're gonna tell me where Shanks is

I don't know

So what happened to your straw hat and now I'm keeping it

Hey, how do you two know each other?

That's when she came to Faucha with Shanks and the others

Fosha Village is your hometown, isn't it, Luffy


12 years ago...

Uta, you're daydreaming again

Come on over

Don't be boring. Let's have a race

You are so childish. What are you competing against

Chicken Eating Contest


Whoever eats the fastest wins, okay


This is too dangerous for you two to fight

No way.

Uta Luffy

Let them compete

It was an important match for both of them

Come on

To prepare

Three two one

What are they competing for

Let's see who turns out to be a great sea pirate

Will Luffy win

You can have my juice. Yes, thank you


I can't believe you fell for the same trick again

Are you okay?

The competition... The game is not over yet

There you go again with the sore loser

You cheated you're supposed to be the sore loser

I'm a sea pirate. I'm not cheating. You're just a kid letting your guard down in a fair game

Shanks doesn't even think you're a pirate yet

Shut up. I'm Shanks 'daughter

Unlike you, I've gone on many adventures with him on boats and I'm in a different league than you

No, it is

Then come and fight me like a sea pirate


That's enough of you two

You hit a child with a knife that's against the rules of sea thieving Shanks

Silly boy this is called love deep responsibility

You don't get love when it's a knife

Do you really love me

I love you, too, Shanks


You two don't look around me and neither do Uta and Luffy

Why do you call your father Shanks

He's my dad but he's also my captain and he's cool, right

Now that I won Luffy today I'm in a good mood so I'm gonna sing a song

Shanks, I'm going out to sea

We don't need violent kids like you

Then why does Uta get to go

She'll take care of our ship while we're fighting but you can't


I'm Gojiuta from the Red-headed One Pirates

I am a girl who makes music for a new era where all people can enjoy freedom

All right, it's time to welcome our Goliath

"Where is this wind coming from and where is it taking us?"

"I looked to the sky for answers but it didn't answer me."

"Where is this song that I'm singing going to go?"

"I try to find the answer inside."

"Once more we are bravely heading out into the unknown sea."

"I have only one wish"

Good enough for me to sing

Yeah, go ahead and sing. Yeah

Now that I think about it, it's like you just disappeared

Suddenly? What happened?

If I remember correctly

I waited for Shanks and the others every single time

But one day...

Welcome back. Do you have any adventure stories to share today?

What's wrong with you guys?

You know what? I'll ask Uta


I want to hear about your adventures

Where are you, Uta

Where is Shanks-uta

Did something happen to Uta?

Don't worry Luffy Uta left our ship to become a singer

And just like that...

So Uta why don't you want to be a pirate?

You used to love red-headed One pirate so much

Instead of being a pirate I just decided to be a singer!

Look, I've got fans all over the world in two years

What about you, Luffy? What are you doing now?

Do you have to ask? I'm a sea pirate

To a sea pirate

Yeah, I want to be One Piece

Don't be a sea pirate, Luffy

Let's live happily here together

All of your friends are my fans

It would be fun if we were all together

Wait a minute. Are you listening? Luffy

Uta It's nice to see you again and I'm full so I'm going back to the Thousand SUNS to sleep now

You look like you're doing what you want

I'm happy for you. Goodbye

I won't let you go

Luffy and all of you must stay here forever and be happy with me

What are you talking about, shorty

Uta we love your music but we can't stay here forever

Her beauty

Guys, I found some more pirates. What am I supposed to do?




Let me defeat these pirates for your sake

I don't care if she's a friend of Luffy's that's too much freedom

What are these things

There are more and more of them

Tang Cao Wa is boxing

Sore fingers


You shouldn't be a sea pirate

If you're my friend, give up being a sea pirate

What are you talking about?

I gave it up. It was boring

I have no reason to fight you

I'm gonna keep fighting even if you don't do anything

Six rounds of flowers. Slap in the face

Stop playing uta

"Sad memories are like passing through sorrow."

"Can't let go of the resentment and the gloom in my heart."

"Because of him."

"You have no idea, do you? The heartbreaking loneliness."

"Now is the time to unbind."

"Anger, right now."

"Blow these bad guys out of the sky. This is the punishment of love. I don't want to sleep anymore."

"There's no more sadness, there's no more sadness."

"Yeah, anger. Right now."

"Kick the bad guy in the air. That's the punishment of love. I don't want to sleep anymore."

"Don't feel lonely no lonely backlight ah"

What the hell are you doing Let go of me

Luffy can't be One Piece

Hey, guys, what do you think about pirates

My city was destroyed by pirates

My husband was k*lled by a pirate

Give me back my mother

Don't let a pirate drive away a pirate

Princess Luffy Uta did none of those things

Uta, my friend

You stay away from Uta you pirates

You are a demon fruit user who will weaken in the sea and we will not fear you

Hey, no.

We're screwed.

Wait a minute

It's gonna be okay. Let's just see what happens, okay

Ball of protection


Uta is really running wild and I don't think we can b*at her

I haven't... Lose,

There you go again with the sore loser

They're gone. Where did they go? The pirate escaped

There are even hidden pirates

What? Where are we?

Are you a Uta fan too, Trafalgar?

No, I'm just going along

I'm here to keep paypal company

Excuse me

Thank you very much!

This is no time to laugh, straw hat boy

If we can't figure out what that girl's powers are...

Leave it to me because I've beaten her 184 times in a row

There you are!

There you are.

Luffy senior Uta baby captain

Let's go

The sea pirate escaped

Let's go get them together

SWORD's phone bug hasn't been working

Well, that's too bad it looks like Uta's really gonna go through with her plan

SWORD has been watching Uta, too

Aren't you from Cipher Pol What are they trying to do?

Isn't it time for a turf w*r where you can't use your doorfruit abilities

Maybe you know too much

And so do you.

I could but it's gonna take a lot of energy out of me

So what do we do

Gather our men first that's all we can do right now

It's a headache. They got caught

It looks like they're just stuck to that rope so they'll be fine

I didn't think that one day I could take the road to fly away I was so moved that I couldn't see the front straw hat boy

thank you

What are you doing, please

Wow, that's a lot.

We'll be surrounded if we keep this up

Here you go.

It's a good thing you saved us

You said you were Luffy, right


And you?

Who are you

I was king of the kingdom of Eligia My name was Gordon

What kingdom has some buildings but no people

You're wrong.

Eligia was once the number one music island in the world

But it all disappeared overnight

A kingdom that big just disappeared in one night

There's a rumor that they were attacked by pirates

Let's talk about Uta

When Eligia was empty

I'm the one who raised Uta

Are you?

It's just the two of us on this island

She's supposed to feel very alone and she's pretending to be strong for me

But when she's alone she sings about her friends

"I think of us playing by the sea."

"Just you and me."

"But the smell of the sea is fading away."

"Slowly slipping away"

"So I sang a familiar song

"Hope you can hear me."

"I'll sing till you come back to me."

To encourage Uta

I made her the best singer in the world

Hello? Are you listening?

Just go ahead and ignore us

I'm sorry

Anyway, Uta doesn't seem to have any idea what Luffy's doing, does he?

I'm sorry

My problem at that time was that I didn't know when and how to deliver her songs to the world

After all, she grew up without knowing anything about the outside world

But the timing was sudden

She happened to pick one up two years ago

The new image of the phone bug washes ashore

Uta was liberated to broadcast her music to the outside world

Her fans love her voice

It's as if the sound she transmits is all around the world

Thank you, Uta

I feel much better

Thank you Uta because you're the reason I'm alive

Me too. I'm glad people are so happy...

A new consciousness had sprung up within her that the age of the Great pirate was full of w*r and v*olence

It was meant to be heard by others

But somewhere along the way, more and more of Uta's fans started calling her the savior

And Uta just...

I understand your feelings very well

If you want me to do it a new era

Please stop Uta's plan

Luffy, you're her friend and I know you can do it

Is that the concert you're talking about?

I'm sorry


Ah cho

The paypal Bear


Uta, why did you leave Shanks's ship

I thought you said you wanted to be the Gorgie of the Red-headed One Piece and go back to Shanks

Shut up. I don't want to talk about it

Forget all this boring stuff

We can eat delicious food and play chicken contests and arm wrestle and live happily as before

Give me my hat back Shanks 'hat

Well, Luffy New Era doesn't need you

ROOM migration

Where did they go?

Did the pirates escape?

Looks like they have a lot of different abilities

Forget it let's just make a game of it and find the escaped pirates

Let me out. I want my hat back

Shut up You can't do that That's why I put you in here

We just kept running...

There's a harbor on the other side of the island. Let's go that way

What port?

The Navy and the secret Service were at the concert

What are you talking about

Governments and navies around the world are watching Uta's capabilities

They watched her as if she were dangerous

So they're here to scout

I think they're somewhere around the island

If we can find the Navy we can find a way to get them to give us some Intel on Utta's capabilities

Not over there


Don't worry, my ball shield is pretty strong

But it won't stop

It's so tall.

Luffy senior hold on, hold on

Gordon are you still mad at me for throwing this concert without consulting you?

It's not an easy concert, is it

I see you found out that you're on my side, right

I... I...

It would have been easy for you to just run away

I don't want you to do this


You just stay here for the time being

The governments and navies of the world will not stand idly by

It doesn't matter because I have this

This is Tol Musica

I always knew it was buried under this castle. Why didn't you throw it away?

Isn't it because you have new age ideals, too?

Uta you can't use it


Ah Autumn...

This ocean is so vast

Forget the Navy there's not a soul here

Let me ask you something.

What's going on?

The Thousand Yang is gone

Is it your boat

The regionalization


A thousand Yang, a thousand Yang


Are you really a thousand SUNS

Is that Uta's power again? I'm going crazy

The regionalization

Report to the forward deck lookout

No enemy duplication was found

No enemy was found

Watch the back of the ship for any raids

Prepare for land battle Deploy the first squadron to make sure the beaches are secure as soon as they arrive

The second team entered the island when the beach was secured

Armed Recon 2 continues its search with no sign of the enemy

Armed Recon Three is in and there's no sign of the enemy

We continued to advance but could not confirm any sign of the enemy or what looked like the enemy

Waiting for the next command

This is... What is this...

This is Armed Recon Seven We have no information on the people of Eligia

This is Armed Recon two and we have no sign of the enemy

This is Armed Recon Four reporting to Lieutenant Ratty

The audience is not awake and can't wake up Repeat they can't wake up

I don't think they're d*ad

They just fell asleep

But they're never gonna get up

If you k*ll me these souls will never return

Is that okay

The little girl

I know all too well what your demon fruit can do

Then you don't need me to explain, do you? Go home

After all, I'll be gone soon

Am I getting a wakeful mushroom

What are wakeful mushrooms

People who eat these mushrooms can't sleep and die from exhaustion

What are you...

Are you going to k*ll yourself and take the whole audience with you?

What? Your soul is more important than your body, isn't it?

In the new age every soul will live forever

I'm trying to solve this problem without v*olence if you could just drop it

Stop your plan to destroy the world

What are you talking about?

I just want people to be happy

It seems you don't want to listen to our advice

So are you

Don't worry

You can't do anything to me as long as we can't hear you

Unfortunately, it was too late

What do you mean, General Kirby

Guys, there are bad guys here

Let's get them for the new era

Don't hurt them they're just innocent citizens being controlled

"I've given up being alone. I want to be with someone else."

"I want a real relationship so let me take my feelings"

"Sing it all out (shout it out)"

"Listen, baby, I'm gonna make you happy whether you like it or not."

"Sneak up on you, keep you from escaping and wait for the b*at."

"Listen to the surprise every word will bring you to me."

"(Oh) Be my sweet little boy and girl."

"Do you think you're good but I'm tired of it?"

"I got something better here. Come on. We can sing together."

"Let's unpack the fun and get on stage together. Let's go."

"(Aha) I want to make you happy."

"Do it proudly with me."

"(Hey) Tell me is it hard to live here?"

"Isn't this the country of our dreams?"

"It's been on the way a long time. It's time to stay. You can't deny it."

"It's a miracle of mercy that you can't stop even if you try to stop it."

"I don't think that's too much to wish for."

"The Savior has come to this age."

"I screamed for salvation."

"Because no one ever heard me scream."

"But that's not true anymore."

"I have to do this. They can't do it anymore."

"Stop me and get out of my way."

"There's no going back now let's sing together forever."

"Let the bass rock your head and the drums break your eardrums."

"Let those brass instruments touch your heart."

"Let me hear you scream oh wow!"

"Don't be brainwashed into telling the truth."

"Let me erase all traces of your brainwashing and stop listening to their lies."

"Look up and let my song bring back your consciousness that's what you need."

"This is my real voice."

Damn it This is bad I can't get out of here

This is so useless with your curly eyebrows

You can't get down either, you mossy head

So can Fledge and Jiping move

I can't move

I'm Brooke, too

Let's try again

Can you break free? I was so close to seeing Nami's underwear


If you see that, I'll blow you out of the sky

Can I say something

Didn't Uta say, "Let me create a song"

I don't think that means it's a sheet music

It does look like a melody

The position of our head may be a note

Brooke, can you sing it?

But I can't see the whole score

All I can see now is...

You shut up and don't look at your underwear

Sure enough, the Straw Hat Pirates were able to discover that it was a musical score


You guys... Why with Bruno?

I'll explain that later

Come on, sing

The mi to

Here we go.

Free to go

Good Brooke go ahead

Did you hear about that girl's power

Did you put my sister in a bag

The elder brother

Just this once but only if you cooperate with the Navy

Mia Ah Cho

Do I... The mi...

Thank you. You really are a very capable bear

Hello hello

Why?... I'm in here again...

We don't know what Uta is capable of so we can't let you out

A thousand SUNS... A thousand SUNS?

Why are you guys here

Long time no see Luffy

Kirby helped me get me out of here

How did you know to come here?

I sensed Luffy

The original is used to see color domineering

And then I borrowed Bruno's doorfruit power

Door door let me out

Cipher Pol is working with the Navy What's going on here?

Everybody wants to know what Uta can do, right

You know what Uta is capable of... what

You may not believe this but the world we live in isn't real


What you see is not reality The world Uta created with her powers

The ability to sing fruit allows the singer to transport the soul of the person who hears the song to sing about the world

The souls that are transported will feel like they're still alive

But not in the real world but in the world Uta created

It's like everyone's having the same dream

I think Uta said she could do it


I mean when someone hears her sing they go to sleep

If you knew why didn't you say so

Sorry, I forgot.

So what's going on in the real world?

Our bodies stay in the real world

But they're all controlled by Uta

So how do we get back to reality?

If Uta falls asleep her powers will be taken away

But because we've been trapped in this world of singing fruit we can't lay a hand on the real Uta

The devil fruit has to have its limits, right


It takes a lot of energy to maintain this world of singing fruit

It's like I can't use my door fruit ability all the time

So all it takes is Uta to get tired and go to sleep

Well, that's a conundrum because I confirmed that she ate sober mushrooms before her concert even started

That mushroom will keep you awake

The real world Uta will soon be d*ad

To die?

Is Uta going to die?

Can we get out of here if she's d*ad?

No, it's the opposite

If Uta dies the world will shut down

Everyone in here will be there

Including us would be stuck here

Her fans would be trapped forever in this world of singing fruit

This is Uta's plan

It's crazy

Kirby How are we gonna stop Uta

I snuck in here to find her weakness and I didn't find anything, you know

I just knew we had to at least get our people together so I got Hilumebo working with the other Pirates

As for the Straw Hat Pirates they have their own operation

Looks like they're all right

They headed for the castle of Eligia

Nicole Robin seems to know what happened to this island in the past

If there were records we might have a way to b*at Uta

But the chances are slim

Can you trust Robin you mossy white head?

It's a fact you have beautiful eyebrows

There is a room with many books

Guys let's forget about the sea pirate and wait for a new era

How long before the real Uta dies?

Less than two hours

The sound insulation here is well done

Looks like Uta can't reach this place

The Navy says she's safe where her voice can't be heard

Are these old records?

How are we gonna find what we need?

Three knife flow extremely tiger hunting

Demon wind foot

Fried assorted platter

Strong right hand w*apon left hand

Robin, you go find that book

But Robin

I won't let them hurt a hair on your head Don't worry

Very quickly... The bad guys will disappear and a new era will dawn

Can you hear me? Uta probably has an hour to live, Max

But those phone bugs with their souls are out of control

They keep showing videos of Uta singing about the fruit world

"It's dangerous if you don't turn the sound off and your soul is taken away as soon as you hear that song."

"Listen, baby, I'm gonna make you happy whether you like it or not."

"Snuck up on you, didn't let you run and waited for the b*at."

"Listen to the surprise every word will lead you to me."

"Be my sweet little boy and girl."

"Do you think you're good but I'm tired of it?"

"I got something better here."

"Come on we can sing it out"

"Let's get on the stage. Let's go.""

Uta's concert has been going on for over six hours

The number of victims continues to grow

If this goes on for one more hour, 70% of the population will be teleporting to the world of singing fruit

Seventy percent? That's more than we thought

The world is going to be wiped out

We have to do something to stop her, okay

I told you that stuff doesn't work here

If I can't use you then I don't need you

What are you doing?

Are you okay? I'm here to help you

What are you marines doing k*lling this kid?

Didn't your navy say you'd be on the right side?

But the Dragons are like the gods of this world

I see

So you don't really want to do this guy's bidding? Okay, it's okay

In the new era, dragons and slaves are equal

What equality is so gross?

You have to k*ll her now

I'm sorry

Don't think I'll let you off the hook

Guys you have nothing to fear from these dragons

You can't do that, Uta

If you hurt the Draconians

World governments and navies will come after you

I told you it was gonna be okay

Sorry, Uta.

I got to get back to my flock

Thank you. It was a really fun concert

Wait a minute. I don't understand what you're talking about

Why would you go back and have a hard life when you can enjoy it here?

Did you not see that I caught these pirates?

Did you not see that I caught these pirates?

It's time for Uta to stop

You're the navy and you're here to save the Draconians

I'm here to save everyone here

You send all the souls back to the real world

General Kirby


It's really General Kirby. It's Kirby

Are you a famous person?

He was the hero who saved the lives of many citizens at Lodgepole

I see. I've been in Algia the whole time so I don't know about the news


Feed the hero

I'm using up too much power you tell them


Listen to me, everybody

The world you live in is a fake one

You've been duped

We have to get out of here

Uta did you really lie to us and keep us here

I'm not lying to you I'm not lying to anyone

No, you guys I'm just trying to lead you to happiness

Isn't this what everyone wants

The time of the Great Sea pirate is over and now it is the time of peace and freedom

Isn't that great? All the good food and fun things are here

No one here does bad things no pain no pain

Yeah, I think I'll be happy here

Me too.

So it is

But I have work to do

I told you you don't have to work and you don't have to study

Even so, we can't stay here forever

I still have something I'm working on

It's not so good to play all day

I want to go home...

Letting society end completely is kind of

I don't think I can do that

I do like Uta but this is crossing a line

Uta, you have to stop this

Wait a minute, everybody.

What happened to freedom

To be free from disease and persecution is it all a lie

Didn't you say you wanted to see a life where you didn't have to worry about pirates

We said we wanted to go home


Don't do this Uta is doing this for our own good

I don't think it's funny anyway

So am I. You guys shut up

I agree with Uta. I don't like it here

I want to go to school and this has nothing to do with it

It does matter. It does matter

You've gone too far, Uta

That's too much. What? Why would she do that?

I'm sorry, I see

Just give you guys more fun stuff

See, now everyone's in a better mood

Let us live together in a new age of peace and freedom

Charrose St

We can't have any more victims and it's time to make a decision

With or without the Draconians

We all had a lucky escape

Who are you?


Kirby, have you seen Uta?

This is...

I see you didn't succeed in persuading her

And you?


Here we go.

Wait a minute. I didn't hear about working with the Straw Hat Pirates. I'd rather die


Wait a minute

We will take Uta down in our own way

A thousand SUNS...

Where are my team members?

They haven't come back yet

We're not gonna win if they don't find Uta's weakness

I can't use the power of the door in this body

It's okay. They're gonna be fine

Rotating powder star

Is that okay?

People are scared and people are confused

Hide under Too Musica and run

Soft strength enhancement I hit... To play... To play..

Cold winds gather

Demonic wind foot belly Strike

One stroke of a knife and a horse ghost

Soul ballads are frozen and lost

Fish karate shark muscle palmar bottom

The laser beam is a giant whitewater whirl

It's going to collapse

I don't know who blew this place up

I'm so sorry

We're about to get our asses kicked but I might look good buried alive

Robin here

Brieri I know you're in there Let's get into the looking-glass world

Don't ignore me

Without our message you would never have escaped the world of singing fruit

You're never gonna see your family or your friends again Are you sure you want this?

Shall I never see Brother Katakuli again?

Yeah, yeah.

You guys all right?


The regionalization

What is this?

This is the Thousand Yang so cute

How is this transformed

I didn't think I'd be back here

I'm sorry, brother Owen.

Robin did you find anything to b*at Uta

Based on previous records, there's no way around that


But as long as the fruit users use Tol Musica we have a chance

What is Too Musica?

It contains the thoughts and feelings of people from the past

All the loneliness and pain and any dark side of the heart it's sometimes called "the devil."

Is it a w*apon?

What I've learned is that this is something you shouldn't touch

So if we use that taboo against Uta what's our winning percentage

According to previous records the Demon was awakened by Too Musica

It doesn't just happen in the world of singing fruit it happens in the real world

So the Demon Lord can connect the singing fruit world with the real world

If the Demon Lord att*cks in both worlds

Then the world of singing fruits will disappear when the Demon Lord is defeated


It must have been done before that's why it's on record We should try it

But will anyone att*ck Uta in the real world

We are all in this singing fruit world

If we're gonna att*ck Uta in the real world, it's gonna be the Navy

No way

As long as there are citizens

They won't be able to do it

There is one man who can

The captain

Is that paypal?

And who the old man is

He's the Gordon who raised Uta

What uta's

I tell you who you're talking about



If Shanks shows up he can stop the real world Uta

Uncle, what happened to Shanks and Uta

This is...


Too bad he's going after Uta and he can't b*at her

This is our captain and nothing can stop him

There's no time for this anyway. Why don't we just get it over with

But how

Since both worlds are going to att*ck her at the same time we'll just keep attacking her

Until the real world matches our att*cks

I'm so scared it doesn't work but with the Straw Hat Pirates I know we're gonna win

We'll have to do it

Yeah, but then again,

What is this that you just figured out now

What are you doing here that you can't b*at me no matter how many times we fight

It's not even a split yet

There you go again with the sore loser

It's like old times we decide who wins


You're not serious at all

What you're doing right now is wrong

You're the one making the wrong choice

The era of the great sea pirate is over

Why do you want to be One Piece so bad

To create a new era


The era of the Great pirate began with the execution of Roger

And I'll end my flight because of you




Don't you love the Red-headed Pirates

Don't you love Shanks why do you hate pirates so much

It's all Shanks's fault

To me, Shanks is...

I really think of him as my real father

I thought everyone on that boat was my family

But it's all a lie to them

So Shanksy dumped me

He left me alone in Eligia

So you can be a good singer

It's not...

That's amazing. Your voice is the treasure of the world

There are a lot of professionals, instruments and sheet music

Please stay in Eligia and you are more than welcome in our kingdom

You look so happy and enjoying yourself when you sing here

Isn't it

Is it much more fun to sing in front of so many people than to sing to us

That's not true.

There is no peace or equality in this world

But your voice is the only one that makes everyone happy in this world

What are you talking about

I'm saying you can stay here

I'll be back for you when you're the best singer in the world

Fool, I'm the Goliath of the red-headed Sea

If studying music means I have to be apart from you and be apart from you

Yeah, I know. Let's get out of here tomorrow

But that night


Are you awake

What's going on?

What about Shanks and them? Everything was stolen...

All of them were k*lled

Where is Shanks?

Their plan was to use your song to get close to Eligia and steal our treasure

You mean the red-headed sea pirate

That's them

You've been fooled by the red-headed pirate and Shanks

Shanks, don't leave me


Would Shanks do such a thing? You know the answer yourself

Then what have I been for 12 years

Luffy you're nothing more than a tool to Shanks

Shanks will be here

To save you? To save you

Save me? Why?

Because his daughter is doing this and Shanks is not gonna take it well

He abandoned me and he's never coming

Come on, Luffy.




I came to hear you sing

Long time no see

Just in time for my fans from all over the world to enter a new era

But before we go in, I want to finish with you

Everybody the worst of the pirates is here let's catch him together

Shanks is here, isn't he?


Do you still want to fight? So...

You're not singing.

The regionalization

Reinforcement of fur


Shroud ball sound

Uta, now your voice won't get through

Hello hello

Hold the cloth even if it puts your life in danger


You have to hang in there a new era is upon us

Yes we will use all the power of the navy to stop Uta

It doesn't matter if the audience gets caught in the crossfire

We have to sacrifice them to reduce the number of victims and protect the world

Destroy her

The Navy says it's on the right side but do they really want to k*ll civilians

Answer me yellow Ape

There is no justice without the victim

How cruel to sacrifice millions of people to stop a child

Eight feet Qiongyu

I'm sorry we're dealing with a domestic dispute

Would you stay out of it?

No we have the world on our shoulders

And even if it is, just stay out of it

If I could do that I would be able to see with this eye

North Township...

Looks like something big is happening in the real world

Sure enough, it was a wakeful mushroom

If you eat that mushroom it doesn't just wake you up it makes you go crazy and lose control of your emotions

I should have gone after you bad guys first


I just don't have the guts I don't have the guts to do that

But I won't hesitate now

Watch out that thing should be coming out

I... My perfect shield


Oh, that's a problem. We've got this specially prepared so I don't think we'll need it

How did that happen? She woke it up

When the singing fruit user sings that song, it wakes up

The old devil

That's Tot Musica

"With a wandering heart the clouds begin to cover the sky."

"The rain and my bitter tears began to fall."

"They have been the next stop Let I began to read a spell"

"Be my salvation."

"Let me begin to spell my salvation."

"These ancient lyrics are like hymns to which death cannot escape."

"I pray how to erase this confusion and I pray for peace from the future sea."

"It's time for redemption."

"I feel this anger making me stronger."

"These cries have echoed for so long now all I can do is scream."

"I know you feel new too so keep singing this song with me."

"We'll keep singing this song even if they t*rture you."

"When we sing this song together we'll start another big bang."

I can't block out that sound

No, it's no use

The Demon Lord has connected the real world with the singing fruit world

Uta Uta enough

Uta, can you hear us?

The world feels strange



Hot air fist

Damn it looks like we're really gonna hit Uta at the same time

Princess Uta you were trying to save everyone with your song Why is this happening

Lying cloth

I'm fine.

Leave Tot Musica to us


Don't leave Uta alone

Give her a good beating

Hey, can you hear me, Uta? This...

Luffy Senior


What are you doing to fight back

Uta, listen to me

Uta, listen to me

I have nothing to say to the pirate

- Uncle. - paypal

I can't let you continue to hurt the friend you cherish so much....

He's the one who believes in Shanks, you know

No, Uta that was a lie

It wasn't the Red-headed Pirates who took out Eligia 12 years ago

It's Tot Musica

I'm sorry I haven't been able to tell you the truth...

Do you remember the party that day?

The ones who heard about the conservatory you're leaving with Shanks

Take advantage of this last chance to hear you sing song after song

Because it's such a special opportunity we've invited the entire nation to hear you sing

That's probably where it went wrong

Your voice summoned the music that was sealed beneath the castle

That sheet music was the Tot Muscia and before we knew it it was in front of you and started it all

It has used the fruit of your song for its freedom

The devil who unsealed the music

Take your little body and start using your powers on the people of this kingdom

Get up Uta don't let it control you


It's a good thing you were young and you started to get tired and pass out

But that kingdom...

Is the navy here yet

I was wondering if you could keep this from Uta

It would be cruel for her to know the truth

Okay, I'll tell the Navy this is my fault

It's not our fault Shanks and the red-headed pirate did it all you tell Uta that

Are you going to leave her here?

She has the best voice but we're being chased by the Navy all day and that's gonna limit her talent

You have the ability to turn her into an amazing singer

None of this is the fault of her singing


Okay, I... The King of Gorden Eligia swears to you on behalf of all my music-loving people

I'm gonna raise Uta to be an amazing singer who can bring joy to the world

Uta Even when we're apart you'll always be my daughter

So let's laugh and go

This is the beginning of our unique little singer's career

Uta, did you hear that?

Sure enough Shanks really...

That's the design I drew

I've drawn it

See what is this?

It's Shanks's straw hat

- Is this a hat? - Yes

You're a terrible painter

Let's take this pattern as a sign of the new age

Here it is. You can keep it

Stop it Uta

This is not freedom

This is not a new era

You know better than anyone without results


It's too late

What the hell is this....?

Everybody get in here and hide

Hey, how are we gonna fight this thing?

Would it be nice to know when our att*cks became consistent

The strange navy is trying to k*ll the citizens but the pirates are protecting them

These titles mean nothing

Why protect them?

Let's not add another sin to our daughter's grief

Guys I don't want to see any bodies

Looks like we have to stop the Devil first

Uta ate the wakeful mushroom

She has become one with Tot Musica and the only way we can b*at her is....

Uta, it's you

It's all your fault

You are the one who caused your SINS

Shut up. I know all about it

About a year after I was able to deliver my music to everyone

I picked up a phone bug that had captured a reflection of that day

Anyone who sees this watch out for that little girl Uta she's dangerous

Her voice will destroy the world

So what can I do that so many people around the world still want to hear my music

Uta I want to get away from here

Do you think there's a world where I can listen to you forever?

Yeah, Uta, who hates pirates the most

This is all for everyone who found me

I can't go back

For the New era

Hot goat

Brother Owen, be careful.

How could I let a lady get hurt?

And there are some things that only you can do


Kirby will take the lead

The main objective of the good guard formation is to protect the spectators

Namie Robin helped open an escape route

Everybody stay calm and get in that mirror

Bruno and the others protect them

Frankie and Voo-ping, you'll be flanking

Jabbar protects Luffy and Gordon

Shilumebo and I will play flanker

Lie Boo, you'll provide f*re support in the back and Brooke and Sanchi you're the top defense at the defense center

The advanced attackers in the att*ck center are Sauron and Owen and I'm handing you over to RON

And then what? Let's get started

The French bazooka

Zeus flew with the wind

Uta, I'm sorry.

I was wrong to be afraid that your powers would stop you from performing in front of everyone

And as a person who loves music, I can't give up Tot Musica

I'm a fool and I'm a coward who's always looking for a reason to run away and I deserve it

My dad always left me alone, too

But you've always been there for Princess Uta

You lost the kingdom and you still kept your word

You're actually pretty good

Okay, I'm out of here


Luffy her singing can bring joy to all people in this world

But this one

I really feel sorry for her please Luffy go save her

Of course I would have saved her

Luffy let him go

We're running out of time and we're not gonna get back to the real world if this doesn't work out

Red hair

We must att*ck at the same time

We must att*ck the same place at the same time as the world of singing fruit


BIG MOM's son will be here

I'm here to save my sister

I used my eyes to see a little bit about my sister's situation

Both of us must...

I know

You're not the only one with new ideas here

But he's not ready. He's not calm

But Katakuli I'm glad you're here

We've got our hands full here with the Navy...

I want you to be a good boy



It worked

It's connected to the real world

You son of a bitch.

Three streams of f*re cut six tsuji

Will it ever end?

You'll regret stepping on you, you wicked swordsman

Didn't I say there was no time?


If only we could get rid of those hands and feet

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

Dad, you finally found your stupid son

I saw what I saw my dad see


All right, come on guys

Do your best on the ground


All right, let's do our best on the floor


We need to stop Tot Musica's hands and feet

Follow my instructions and hit your right foot first

The right foot

The left hand

- Left foot. Left foot.

All right

Let me give you a hand

Center right center right

Center left center left

Jesus, your father and your son are very close

The right hand


Fledge Fireball



Now now

Did you see it? Because we went to w*r

So much love

We have good food these days

Treasure treasure

How did you get in here?

Maybe it was the pirates who took her

You've got to be kidding

All right, all right, stop crying

Go to sleep, baby quietly

Is this some kind of fate

Are you lonely, too

Shanks, I...

It's okay. It's over

If you take this medicine now and go to sleep, you'll be fine

Shanks... I don't want to see you...


I'm dying to see you again

Stop talking and drink

What's going on?

I thought we defeated the Devil...

Don't... Stop it.

Stop it.

Why can't we go back Why?

It's too late.

Tot Musica's powers have taken our souls


Uta drank the medicine quickly

I have to sing and I have to bring everyone back

Shanks... I thought you said that a long time ago

Do my songs have the power to make people happy?

I'm Gojiuta from the Red-headed One Pirates

"I think of us playing by the sea."

"Just you and me."

"But the smell of the sea is fading away."

"Slowly slipping away."

"So I sang a familiar song," "I hope you can hear it."

"I'll sing till you come back to me."

"I wanna believe, I wanna try to believe."

"On the far side of the sea or among the stars."

"I need you to hear me and I need you to believe me."

"A gust of wind blows my wings."

"Kept calling to me."

"Fly me to the sky."

The voice of an angel


"I wanna believe, I wanna try to believe."

"On the far side of the sea or among the stars."

"I need you to hear me and I need you to believe me."

"We'll meet again one day and continue in this dream."

"And then in the sunset we'll wake up again."

Hey, why didn't you punch me?

My fists are stronger than g*n. Didn't I tell you

I thought you used to hit me with your little punches

I wasn't at full strength

There you go again with the sore loser

Since when are you taller than me?

This hat means a lot to me, too

You're gonna be the man to match that hat one day

Shanks Luffy

He's back.

The entire audience is safe

That's good

I'm sorry I didn't trust Shanks and the whole red-headed crew

Thank you! for saving my life

All right, it's time to hand over Uta to the super-criminal who wants to destroy the world


Are you fighting back?

With all of you

She... It's my daughter

She's a very important part of our family

If you're gonna take her away from me

You better prepare to die

You subjugates the entire population under the Vice admiral and that is the power of Shanks, one of the Four Kings

Forget it. We shouldn't be fighting here too close to the citizens

Are my fans okay? I hope they're not too upset

It's okay. Humans aren't that weak

And a new era is upon us

"Where is this wind coming from and where is it taking us?"

"I looked to the sky for answers but it didn't answer me."

"This song that I sing"

"Where is it going to go?"

"I try to find the answer inside."

"We are once again heading into the unknown sea."

"Go forth bravely."

"I have but one wish."

"Don't give up and keep going."

"Let all the ships in my heart raise their sails and let me hear the call of the sea."

"I have to keep singing."

Did you sleep well?

Where are Uta and Shanks

To the thousand Yang... The regionalization

I'm gonna be The Pirate King
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