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Beyond the Call of Duty (2016)

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I want you to translate carefully everything I told you, okay?

- Yes. - Have EIE enter the code.

He 'said he wants you to enter codes Iançamento m*ssile.

Manda IEE go screw.

Password now!

If you k*ll IEE, who will give the cógido?

Fall mouth.

You knew I should not be smoking?

I do not care.

What kind of poison is it?

That? AIgum type of herbal cigarettes, or so Aigo.

Man, if you will smoke, smoke one cigarette maIdito.

I agree.

You are mine.

If you do not give the codes, IEE will k*ll us.

You want miIhões people only die for you survive?

I will coIocar codes and IEE will k*ll us Any extra way.

Please, I have a famiIy!

We all have famíIias.

Hey, hey caIe a boca!

I'm getting tired of this.

Manda again EIE coIocar codes.

Enough. Quai your probIem?

Excuse boss. Aigo strange is happening to me.

Whether water or aIguma thing?

Excuse me, boss.

Want to get the day foIga? You want me to k*ll you?


AIFA squad.

You are late.


What is it? I'm busy.

I got to IocaI.

It is understood.

Hey, quai is the situation?

Cassie is not responding.


That's what I'm saying.

Q. G., temos o aIvo na mira.

We have permission to proceed?

Denied, AIFA.

The situation changed, it should abort the mission.

What do you mean with the mission changed?

We've confirmed two hostages, one deIes is lies.

So you'll risk a miIhão lives for two maIditos hostages?

You received your orders, AIFA.

You know, damn if his orders!

- Are you in? - Come on, man.


You are not UTII me.

What the f*ck are you doing? Who will translate now?

You want to die too?

- Contact! - Contact!

Amercianos, welcome.

I always knew there was Somebody infiItrado in operation.

Just I was not sure who it was.

How did you know it was me?

In fact, I did not know.

Lucky, I guess.

So what are you? AIgum type of top or the Serbian government?

Something like that.

You know, I've been practicing a little Serbian.

Let's listen.

No, you are the king, not the end.

That's not what I said?

It is not...

Oh, so it's not ...

IT IS...

Okay, I'll keep practicing.



My father was a genius.

I 'would have discovered if he had had more time.

That's why you're here.

He 's entrusted to me your trabaIho.

And I faIhei.

Then do as I recommended, use my contacts,

eies will help Io.

Do not.

- So, use me. - No, I can not.

You perfected the drug itself, NichoIas.

If you will not do what I recommend to you,

I see no other options.

So be it.

Ladies and gentlemen of the CounciI,

I would like to welcome to the th meeting anuaI meeting

the Human Interest Party.

Our goal this year is to find an investment

so we can change the world.

As it has been every year.

- Good to see you again, veIho friend. - You too.

A hey, I learned

which has no more coffee in atready out machines.


Nothing, forget it.

How are you, Guy? You're kind páIido today.

- IT IS. - You are faIando Aito.

Gentlemen, to continue with this meeting ...

Last year, we made an investment in a program miIitar

meIhorou that internal security

cost about biIhões of dóIares,

with a return of six triIhões.

I'm sorry, I'm boring you?

Um, Jack? I can taIk?

As you do every year. Why not?

Thank you. CavaIheiros,

I think the decision is meIhor go this way.

Pharmaceutical industry?

This is ridícuIo, invest triIhões of dóIares meIhorar to this country,

and now you want us to invest in what drugs?

Well, not Any extra type of drug, please IEIA.

AIgumas this information dates back to the Second MundiaI w*r.

- Are you sure this is correct? - Forget if this is correct.

This drug has emerged during the n*zi era.

It IegaI?

Let's not forget that our investment úItimo

it was during the Soviet Union, originated in the government of StaIin.

AIEM you, who will believe it?

I was under the impression that this forum

It was about finding ways to reaIistas meIhorar our world.

Do not chase comic fantasies.

- She was offended. - This is not the way forward meIhor.

I agree, this is compIetamente ridícuIo.

Now, wait a minute. I know g*n of you are new here,

and g*n of you apparently forgot,

but úItimos five years of success of the CounciI,

Suggestions came from this man.

- I say, we should hear Io. - Thank you.

Our own government funded it.

Which means there has to be Aigo atready.

Funded since stopped.

Well, yes.

There must be a reason for it.

Are you listening?

This scientist discovered a way to cure all diseases

Peio known man.

- incIuding the enveIhecimento. - It's a fairy tale.

A waste of time, effort and money.

I could not agree more.

You know, if you want to taIk the obvious, just ask eIa.

Wait a minute, you're going from Iimites.

They feel the two.

It takes an army to Iutar one bataIha,

but it takes a great Iíder, courage,

and risk to win a w*r.

I'll be investing in it pessoaImente.

Somebody else?

There is a name for our scientist?

Yes, yes, there is.

NichoIas Dr. Bergman.

I'm sorry that things have gone rather ControI today.

I understand, they are business.

But you understand that I can not have you coming with us?

Got it.

June , .

I'm starting to get impatient.

I exhausted all my resources.

Experiment B- .

And the same effects as the B- .

The process however, was faster in five and a half hours.

Making it the fastest process

in about hours.

Soon there will be investors coming.

Do Human lnteresse Party.

They will visit my place and see examples of my work.

If things go well,

I'll have more than enough to reactivate

all instaIação and continue my father's research.

And if not, God help them all.

I do not understand why you are so recIamando addition,

I think that the mission was a success.

Considering the shit information we had.

There is.

There is?

That was a sigh?

You became Mrs.. GaIIo suddenly?

Oh, we went, I'm kidding, quai is your probIem?

Because the decision has made the interpreter died? Atready I know ...

Atready we face, it was heavy.

If we had done nothing, I assure you that,

in fact, I would give IHE WatzeI guarantee

and you know that this is a good guarantee,

both were k*lled.

You do not know it.

Hey man, IEE took the initiative and we did.

Yeah, it was a direct order from HQ

HQ has no idea what the hell is going on.

You know, you know,

eies that make shit. I am wrong?

Yeah, well, good soIdado follow his orders.

You gave ovidos to Roy.

Yes, let's drink to that.

- And please. - Why are you listening to Roy?

- TaIvez IEE know what's faIando. - No, EIE not know.


His troop voItou mission, sir.

Thank you.

Man, I can not wait to never eat

truth instead of this shit.

I wonder why the captain did not joined us yet.

TaIvez EIE has finaImente taken a vacation.


The idea of ​​the holiday captain is sitting behind his desk in his office.

I think Somebody needs a atuaIização on the holiday setting.

I think Somebody needs a atuaIização the definition of table manners.

- I did not deserve it. - Wait, you saw Keith?

ProvaveImente hitting one for a picture of Cassie ...

You are a desagradáveI reaImente person, you know that?

That's because when I was little, my mother

He said I could be whatever I wanted.

Yeah, well, eIa should have done IHE stay in schooI.

You can have aIguma ordinary word conversation?

I'll give a crap.

Exactly what I said.

Hey, you called Scott Hoover. Please leave me a message

and I will return with all the tasty aIimentos

I'm about to put out of my ass now.

And we're out of toilet Papei.

Shit, we're out of toilet Papei.

Hey, Dick?

What's up, brother?

All right, I'll come.

Hey, WatzeI!

Rumors are that after the shit you did,

I will take your pIace in Squadron AIFA.

I should Maihar.

You're with heavy weights around.

Yes, I know, I'm not here to Maihar, taIk to the truth.

Thinking well...

Hey Cassie, you're very sexy there.

Seriously, Cassie.

Let's just stop with these games.

Okay Keith, no games. What is it?

You have to admit, you and me?

AbsoIutamente are perfect for each other.

Perfect. You think?


Actually, you know what? We should do a contest.

- If I win, we will go to a meeting. - OK.

That would not be too much? Let atready, dinner, suite with jacuzzi.

If you are lucky, taIvez has a show

Magic WatzeI the old boudoir.

What, you spent all night thinking about it?


Actually, yeah, I kind of passed.

Let atready will tell me

You are preserving for the right guy?

This can not be possibIe.

When you're proving with this outfit.

What I escoIho wear is what is confortáveI for me.

Why do not you use a little more Aigo confortáveI?

As a coma?

Screw U!

- How's the famiIy Ron? - Oh, they are fine.

It 'is already walking and faIando. I can not believe May.

I mean, we get to spend the holidays together, but ...

It is never enough.

I always feel as if I were not to atready eies.

When the Hate birthday?

In six months.

I have one too.

HeIicóptero toy.

I do not know what to make IEE.

Well, I'm sure IEE will love.

And it will be finished after this, then you will be atready to give IEE.

Hope so.

Me too.

Hey, can I use it a little bit?

Yeah, I'm done for today.

Be careful with these two losers.

- What the f*ck? - Dude, IEE is an idiot.

You know, sometimes I think you and I are the only normal, AIEM captain.

If I agreed with that, we'd both be wrong.

In my opinion, IEE is just as bad.

How the hell you Ievanta this thing, man?

- Hey, Ron. - What was Roy?

You have about minutes, and then we will have a speciaI meeting.

We just voItar the Iast mission.

- Roy, I want to see my son! - Ron, reIaxe!

Let's taIk about it after the meeting, okay?

I do not know, I do not understand.

I'm a perfectly saudáveI man soIteiro young.

It 'has that little body tight. I'd like to pick and eIa

Take-coIocá within my Boise.

You know, sort of the way ... Do you keep your girlfriend pIástico

we all know.

- it is rubber. - Realize that I'm still here, right?

Well, what is the probIem Cassie?

We are not poetic enough for your romantic needs?

I mean, we went, I used the term boudoir.

And that's kind of romantic term ...

aIemão in garden or beer. Aigo or so.

Or is French. To Roia.

Oh, come on.

Seriously, you have to admit.

Right here? Love at first sight.

Wants to know?

You're right, I should stop simpIesmente Iutar with my impuIsos.

I wanted you from the moment I set oIhos you.

The oIhos do not lie.


Oh really?

Do not.

Oh, my face!

- You should have expected. - it is f*re.

AIFA squad.

You have a meeting in minutes, are atready.

What is another rescue mission?

The Somebody cat stuck in a tree?

Where's the rest of your team?

You told me I just separated.

Be atready.

So wait a minute, if I go up aqueIa tree,

this counts as if I'll have reaImente aIgum ...

You need to taIk me sir?

His squad has a meeting

in minutes, to be sure Ia.

For that, one more mission?

I do not have to Iiberdade divuIgar it, you know.

We should not go to the other.

All right, I'll be atready.

I hope you have rested since the Iast mission.

I know you're all tired and want ?? reIaxar,

let me tranquiIizá-Ios now

You still will not start this mission by g*n days.

That said, it should be quite a task fáciI

aIgumas compared to their other duties.

With all due respect, we were promised two months of Iicença.

Things change.

The situation has recently been brought to our attention.

Then assign the Bravo Squadron or lies down.

Use a larger squad than their own

It would be a waste of our resources and manpower.

- Let atready, as if that's what you ... - Keith, that's enough!

I Ciaro I did not want faItar with respect.

It's my first time with trabaIhando g*n of you,

so I'll start with a basic introduction.

My name is Rick DaIIas, I will be your aide in this assignment.

This is a small summary to inform Ios

of detaIhes about the next mission.

Leave this base in two days. Your mission begins in four.

This answers all questions.

FinaI in this interview, you will have all

the information we have about the mission.

the trabaIho of you is to figure out the rest.

Quite simpIes, my ass.

If it were as simpIes, so why do we?

We are professionals.

EspeciaImente after all aqueIa shit to save resources

and pessoai that IEE was faIando.

unexpected DesenvoIvimentos.

Let's captain, which could

be desenvoIvido that would extend to us?

We 's got you reason, we are always sent as ghosts,

missions that no one should know because we were atready.

So I think now the question is, what eies hiding?

TaIvez the big question is, why the hell were not you at the meeting?

You are very caring. We have our orders, it is what it is.

Like a good captain.

You have your orders, with orders well, and you can not even think about it.

Wants to know? TaIvez I've never been in níveI their position.

You need g*n days foIga,

all of you, get out and divertam a bit.

- will not join us? - No, I have a lot to do,

- even before the mission begins. - You always have to make Aigo.

You lost, man.

- See you later, Captain. - Hey, Cassie?

Are you alright?

I think a visit would not be bad idea.

No, it would not.

'ProvaveImente feel Faïta me too.

Yo, bitch! Hurry up!

See you later.

I think we should go out drinking.

Yes, exactly what we need, Keith drunk.

You act as if I were drinking and getting into a fight or so Aigo.

I think it sounds like fun, let's have fun.

- Since when do you enjoy parties? - Always enjoyed parties.

You just are not the type of people who usually go to parties together.

I think you've learned.

- Hey, you know ... - Yes, I know, screw you.

Exactly, I do not even have to say.

We can not go this way, we will change us.

- I think we should change us. - Let's go then.

I am fine.

No, I think you should change too.

- No, I'm fine. - You seem terríveI.

- You should be ashamed - It's slimming

- Oh, you brought me two? - Yes.

Does this mean aIguxsma thing?

That means it is two to one, baby.

Okay, so how tight?

The tighter shirt this man has.

I'm not lying!

The tighter shirt that has IEE.

Ladies, where are you going?

She 'like me.

Oh yes, you saying.

What, what's so funny here?

Oh, we're just having fun, and you are the attraction principai.

This is geraImente the case, but what's so funny now?

Oh Scott here was promising us that you would be wearing

tighter shirt you have.

Well if you have, bears, some Cass?

Do you like it? You are not faIando me?

And Hoover, what the hell is going IIA?

I do not know anything.

Yes, in case you're wondering, eies are all yours.

InfeIizmente, sim.

In fact, I do not feel so well.

I think Somebody might need a ride.

I will not be me.

OIhe not for me.

- Ieva I-Io. - And then,

Better Ieva-Io before IEE begin to confess all their sins.

Hey, I know how much I can take it.

- Yes, and how many would be? - I do not know.

I take like ...

Four, six on a good day.

- I only had two. - Okay, try seven.

Ei, eu sou um bebedor taIentoso.

- Isso é taIento? - Puro taIento.

Everyone has to be good at aIguma thing.

But faIando seriously if you will Ievar me home, we should leave now.

Diverta itself.

Yeah, you too Cassie.


No hug? See you.


I think eIa never know what is WatzeI reaImente good.

I think I'll need g*n shots here.

I can bring me g*n shots please?

- Of course. - And your number?

Eh, taIvez next time.

- Damn it. - Strike two.

I do not know what's going on today.

Here it is.

Thank you.

MeIhor feeling in the world, as well IIA.

If you say, man.

- How are you? - Nothing, just living life,

Day after day, you know?

What, you have years?

Dude, you have to live a little.

So how are jiii and Junior?

Eies go well indeed.

'Just sent me a letter with

a photo with a hate loneliness toy.

- That's IegaI! - No, it's actually not IegaI.

I do not want IEE follow my steps.

I mean, oIhe for me. And not Ieve me

Mai, I like you and everything.


I'd rather spend time with my famiIy.

Is that you?

Well, let's just say I have not found 'the escoIhida' 'yet.

Yeah, well you're a bit stupid.

Quai is, you have to admit.

I would have to say that, at first glance,

I am the most handsome guy in this bar.

- Okay. - So you are saying this ...

You escoIhe a girl. Any extra girl in this bar.

And I will Ieva-Ia home.


AqueIa IIA kitten.

Mmm, not really my type.

All right, and aqueIa IIA?

- At where? - Oh, well IIA.

- Forget. - So I'll faciIitar for us.

- I'll escoIher. - OK.

- That one - She's in a meeting

I would not call against.

It 'has a boyfriend, then it is a bad idea.

I mean, I never have bad ideas.

Hey, seriously, it's a bad idea.

Yes, provaveImente.


Madito Watzi.

- Oh thank you. - Hi how are you?

But that guy shit.

It is with my girl you're faIando.

Oh, that's your girl? As it is you oIhando me,

I'm sure I'll Ieva-Ia home tonight.

So yeah, man.

Here we go.

Just go straight.

You know, it would be fáciI if you gave me your address.

- I do not know the address of the hoteI. - What, you can not go home?

My house're very Ionge.

Okay, you do not go to one hoteI.

You can stay at my place tonight.

- I'll call poIícia! - Oh shit.

- So this is your house, huh? - IT IS.

- Thank IHE whatever ... - You'll stay here tonight.


You are in perfect condition to make aigo stupid.

You can go to a hoteI tomorrow night.

It would be nice to have a mess To clean too.

For what is it?

Only precaution.

- Whatever, Scott. - Where are you going?

I'll give a crap.

How does this make you feel?

- Let atready, girls do not shit. - I'm going to change me, I voIto.

Why would you need clothes?

- I'm tired, that's boring. - Are you tired?

- We just arrived. - I know, but let's atready,

We can not simpIesmente go to an inn or Aigo so?

It Iógico you're tired. Does nothing all day,

- just sits ... - whitewash themselves.

What kind of fish you'll get to me when we get to camp?

In fact, I do not know how to fish.

- You do not know how to fish? - No.

Why did you bring nine fishing rods with you?

In fact, just a fishing rod, and the rest is acopIado.

- You're an idiot. - You are an idiot!

- What will we eat, love? - brought rice krispy, we can divide.

- Oh, let's split. - Yes.

Great, why? You calling me fat?

- Aacha you need to lose weight? - Do not start that again.

That's right?

- Not alright! - I love your ass!

Great, so you can see eIa leaving.

Well, you could leave a bit more toned, actually.

It seems that here is the property of Somebody.

Yes, it's scary reaImente.

Ei, at querido, um cadáver.

Well, you said you wanted to get in touch with nature.

Honey, I think it's reaImente a corpse.

Or what?

Honey, call the poIícia.

Hey man, are you okay? Holy shit!

Has Sinai.

Holy shit, what the f*ck? Get away from me

What the f*ck man, I'm trying to help you.

Back, go back!

Shit man, you just sh*t naqueIe face.

What is going on?

I had never come so Ionge.

What the hell's going on, man?

- What the hell is happening? - What the hell is aquiIo?


You have minutes.

There poIíticas that even your industry have to follow.

I'll make sure to pass your message to the president.

Sir, I'm afraid I can not let Io Ievar this file.

Listen friend, all this belongs to my skirt sector.

Lord, under no circumstances can let you Ievar this file.

It miIitar secret information intended only to miIitares more eIevados.

I got it, man.

It Acaime.

- Well, I guess it's all right here. - Follow me.

- Ron, you are at the base? - Yes, I just got here.

You need to listen carefully.

Good trabaIho.

Drop your w*apon!

You can sh**t me now because I will not hand over these documents.

And you Iigo de Win.

Does anyone know the meaning of rest on this basis?

Or knock on the door?

- What's it? - These three guys from before, is what

- they were trying to get. - AND?

And it turns out that these documents are about

mission will happen next week.

Get to the point, Captain.

The point is, I thought we were informed about it.

- Everything was IHE said. - So who was that tried to k*ll Ron?

You know something and is saving for you!

You'll k*ll us all!


I just hope you know what the hell you're doing!

I hope you understand the consequences of their actions.

You are terriveImente being careless with everything that's going on here ...

Good morning Captain!


Getting suspicious about this mission now?

I know IEE is a government official.

You are saying that whatever is happening

It is switched on to our government?

It is a group of Covert Operations.

There Aigo this papeIada that eies not want us to know.

These documents, why not We looked at ourselves?

No, Rick knows.

Rick will tell my father.

We know until the finaI of tomorrow, without breaking the rules.

Man inteIigente.

This is not what it seems.

These guys deserve.

The guy's girlfriend deserved too?

Oh we Ia,

You know you want me to keep these aIgemas.

- Kate. - I feel vioIado.

- I feel vioIado. - Kate.

Faie not me.

You know I like it.

You know how probIemático it can be for me?

No, I understand. Iigue not anymore.

And keep your dog in coIeira.

And as for me, I can switch on to you?

There is a surprise, more brutaIidade!

You reaImente screwed up now.

I think eIa like me.

Are you sure you do not want me to Iigue?


- Do not give me this oIhar. - Keith.

- Keith! - Or what?

Quai will be your exit now, huh?

Keith, you are a maIuco!

Keith, you need more terr responsabiIidade!

Wants to know?

I'm tired of your shit!

Hold back, loneliness.

Hold back, loneliness?


- That's all I am to you? - Huh, Captain?

- It's all you see in me? A soIdado? - Okay Keith, reIaxa.

Stay out of it Ron.

You two, let voItar to base,

taIk about it later. Let's go.

Let's go now.

We both of voIta to the base? You do not beech for me.

I do not care

- to your post! - Enough Keith!

Enough my ass.

I'm tired of taking orders like a dog.

Hey Keith, why do not you do the heavy trabaIho,

and I'm going after a promotion?

You know, I'm tired of it!

Sucks. And you show me that Tai aIgum respect?

I spit in his boot!

And you have nothing to say?

Do you know why? Because you know very well that the promotion belonged to me!

And you know the only reason you get your promotion

It is because of his father.

VoIta home alone.

How dare you att*ck me, and then leave?

I'm tired of it!

- Let Ron. - Let atready Ron, come here boy!

You'll take this hate?

Quai is your probIem? Is getting maIuco?

What the hell is wrong with me? That's enough for me!

All right, enough.

What EIE has done for us? Except send us in dangerous missions?

- He kept his ass out of jail. - you're an idiot!

But IEE is also our captain.

So IEE is the captain of the idiots!

I'm full. I'm sick of this shit.




Is that you?

You sound like a veIho.

Well, I'm not getting any younger.

Then I lost my funeraI?

Sure, but you have lost much more than that.

How's the mother?

This tem estado meIhor.

You need to go home Scott.

- I can not. - Do not be selfish.

You do not belong to the armed forces.

Péia first time in my life, I have responsabiIidades.

Péia first time in my life, I reaImente

I belong where I am, Dad.

I can not go home.

You do not realize how precious life?

Please do not throw it away so carelessly.

I know exactly how precious life is.

And that's why I'd rather die young reaIizar Aigo great

than die one veIho miseráveI nothing to orguIhar.

I have a lot to me orguIhar son.


I can help you?

No, I'm fine.

It 'is not feeling well uItimamente.

Excuse me, who are you? I am of hospice care.

- Hospice? - Yes, it's compIicado.

- What happened? - you're just not feeling well.

You're the girl of the paper?

No, I'm your granddaughter.

Let IA inside.

Sorry, eIa not told me he had a granddaughter.

I can not cuIpá-Ia.

After all that eIa did for me, I did not even seen her in four years.

Aigo you want to drink?

No, I'm fine.

She 's atready above, if you want to see her.

I had missed you.

There is no descuIpa to stay without seeing you for so long, Grandma

You provaveImente been worried about me.

But I want you to know that you do not have to worry anymore.

I finaImente found people who care about me.

Ciaro, defendemos e Iutamos,

but behind all this is just ...

The truth.

We care about each other.

We are a famiIy.

I'm going to another mission soon.

It's my Iast with AIFA Squadron.

And if I voItar alive, I will visit again Ia.

You will voItar alive.

Where are my ócuIos?

Eies are right here.


Hi Grandma.

Oh darling.

You are the new nurse?

What do you mean?

Where is aqueIa little girl with dark cabeIo?

- I need my coIírio. - What?

Grandma, it's me.

You are so Beautiful.

You make me Iembrar my granddaughter.

It 'was so sweet.

Are you OK, darling?

It's okay, honey.

- It's all right. - It's all right.


- Hey. - What's up?

Nothing, descuIpe,

- here a long time? - g*n minutes no matter.

- Did you see her? - Yes.

- It's all right? - Yes.

You are lying to me.

This AIzheimer tem.

June , .

new and interesting g*n desenvoIvimentos.

C- experiment has shown aIgumas ...

unusual mutations compared to the other four.

The cell structure of the skin

He began to solidify about seven hours.

The body began to solidify

not long after that the process of decay began.

I estimate that within a few days,

whole body will solidify.

The oIhar this thing is impIacáveI.

But not inteIigência.

He sees me as the enemy.

AIgum human subconscious remains within DEIE.

It 'is Iembra than I did with IEE.

I face with hatred.

I can see that IEE want to tear my throat!

I play as aIimento to Akhaian Iado the abominations out.

Only g*n days for the show to begin.

Hey, I wanted to ask you something.

Why do not you wear a wedding aIiança finger?

You two are married, right?

It's my amuIeto of luck.

Why the hell did you use in the neck?

To keep Ia close to my heart.

This is very gay!

You can not be reaImente IegaI for more than a minute, is not it?

Do not.

So, Keith, you have Aigo to tell us? What happened last night?

It ''s just aggravated because did not get anything last night.

Or is it because the poIiciais were enxendo hate the bag.

Engraçadão. You know, you should be a comedian.

OIhe for these two!

I bet you two had fun last night, huh?

ProvaveImente more than you in prison.

Hey, as everyone knows it?

You do not know how to be discreet, Keith.

Or how to keep your mouth shut.

Or stop causing probIemas.

Or how disappointed his team.

This is more like IEE.

Somebody has more good Aigo to add?


Colonel, you wanted to see me?

Captain on the mission that has been assigned,

the meeting given to you and your team

incIuiu not all disponíveI information.

So you're saying I should not go on this mission.

The nearby town has reIatado several people

They disappeared to Iongo of úItimos months.

- All IocaI near the goal. - heard taIk about all this at the meeting.

They were also informed that it was a reconnaissance mission to gather information.

It is not.

We find photographic evidence.

There are things that our unit inteIigência

You can not expIicar about the area.

The found documents show that the US government

envoIvido is in the past.

Our conseIheiro.

Who is it?

I trust Neie.

But not in your unit.

Please understand, this is not a joke.

You and your team could be heading for a armadiIha.

I'll take the risks, considering they are forced assumptions.

Ah, EIAs are not forced.


Will be all right.

Scott, assume the tip.

Keith, assume the right fianco.

Ron, take left fianco.

Cassandra and I are going behind.

Move it.

We are visuaI contact.

Ron, take point and look ahead.

AIFA squad, go back meters.

All messing up.

Alright, let's split up.

I'm going behind.

- It's not the back this time, Keith. - Oh my god, fall mouth.

Focus, focus, focus.

Move it.

Hey, what did you think?

Somebody is experimenting,

these are all the tests resuItados

who were executed in dogs, rats, call it what you want.

Even humans.

Aigo very big is going to happen and it seems we just can not yet.

So where is everyone?

That's right, it makes no sense, there's no name here.

Only Ietras and numbers of all the different experiments.

That's it.

Movement, we move!

- Quai is your situation? - Aivo Closing.


This area is under miIitar investigation.

Lie on the floor!

De joeIhos!


Let's go now!

What the hell is going on?

I've seen enough! Let's meet Scott and get out of here!

Contact HQ, tell eies on aIteração the situation.

AIFA to HQ, we find unknown hostile,

soIicitando abortion of the mission.

QG, answer!

Radio inútiI.

What are you waiting for?

Hey, save your a*mo, save your a*mo, let's go!

Yeah maIuco? We abort the mission.

I saw an underground path, we must go atready.

No, I'm the captain, I command that the mission ...

OIha, I hate to interrupt, but we have to make a decision now!

Do not you think if we can contain it here

and now, it is not our duty to do this?

I will not lose more men by Casusa it.

- Ron died because of it. - And your famiIy?

Scott, you go, take the tip.

Cassie, cubra own.

Okay in your hand. All of it.


- Book! - Book.

Now that we have a minute Somebody can tell me what the hell were Akhaian things?

They are experiments.

Their bodies are deteriorating, as well as those who attacked us.

- What kind of experiences? - Pharmaceutical.

AqueIes five wealthy investors who disappeared?

- ProvaveImente envoIvidos. - When you say pharmaceutical ...

Are we faIando a new drug?

According to these documents found, yes.

In fact, a cure for enveIhecimento.

oIha, it has not expIica Akhaian what things are.

MeIhorias biochemical structure of a ceIuIar be organic,

semeIhante to a super-human.

This is a failed experiment.

I do not care how advanced these beings are ...

Kwando Eu Atiro, AES struggle.

And then, they fall and die.

So why the hell are these things do not fall?

Everything is switched on.

Disappearances in IocaI city aqueIes five rich guys, these things,

- everything is switched on. - Right.

Cassie and I, we oIhar ahead and you, cover the rear.

- Book! - Book.

Nothing yet.

- This pIace seems to have been evacuated. - I think whoever was here, he is d*ad.

Atready you think these things out Ievaram all here too?

I did not see any body.

TaIvez owned mudaram owned the Iugar?

Eies did not respond to our w*apon, not to our thr*at

I doubt moved evidence.

Okay, this is out of protocoIo, but I need you three go ahead.

I will back our steps,

sure that we are not walking into an ambush.

All right, let's go.

Hey, I think I found bodies here. It bodies.


I do not understand it, there is no maIdita AIMA in this pIace.

And if an ambush?

I'm beginning to think it may be.

Who would ambush us?

Do not sh*t!

Please, I'm Iisonjeado.

But I do not think three rifIes point for me is necessary.

- I'm just a man. - Who are you?

I believe it is polite to present before asking Somebody its name.

Well, I would like to say Oia, coIocando a bay on the head Somebody!

So I'll ask again IHE,

who the hell are you?

I understand.

My name is Dr. NichoIas Bergman.

Berg, like the mountains.

- And you are the man behind it? - I am the grandfather of this IocaI.

Everything you see belongs to me.

You responsáveI Peios disappearances.

AqueIes to wealthy investors?

Everyone makes mistakes. These investors were mine.

I needed money, and his government had stopped funding my research.

This provaveImente expIica the att*ck on the base Peios government agents.

Government agents?

Oh, the fiIiaI men who funded my research.

We can not have unwanted information circuIando.

So you decided to use the city to run pessoai

iIegaImente your experiments?

Believe me, it was my úItimo feature.

I used my own scientists before deciding the innocent envoIver.

All eies died for a good cause.


The three of you have seen the documents, right?

You understand that my research will change the world?

A pharmaceutical drug for meIhorar the structure of the human body.

It is much compIicado than that, my dear.

I'm the scientist fiIho who found the fountain of youth.

- I never heard that taIk. - Not even.

It was all kept secret.

During a second MundiaI w*r, um Iaboratório secret

It was built under the Hitier orders.

To create a cure for death itself.

Hitier felt that once his secret was discovered race,

EIE need a way to preserve Ia.

It was chaos.

And the experiments left the ControI.

All instaIação had to be destroyed.

But my father could saIvar aIgumas samples.

I 'could not continue their research under the fallen AIemanha.

So IEE came to the land of opportunity.

You are lying! No way eies brought these samples

without being discovered.

Yes. That was a probIem.

A probIem my father took the risk to put away.

'Injected even Neie samples to bring Ias without suspicion.

This sounds like bad science fiction to me.

Samples injected himself EIE

fIuem through my veins.

- I'm years old! - Lie!

It is very possibIe.

InfeIizmente, not everyone reacts the same way.

The drug kills most guinea pigs before any meIhorias done.

- That's what they were. - We find what we seek,

- Let's get out of here and Io. - What are you whispering?

Do not you think all this will end with me, right?

What do you mean?

FaIhas My experiences are a blessing to g*n.

I sold the drug to dealers worldwide.

He did a great Iucro with it, but it's not enough.

You sold these things to t*rrorists?

MaIdito Burger, is atready Quai is his name.

My research needs to be funded in one way or another.

And since his government was not able to contribute,

I decided to follow with my own hands.

As the world's nations surrounded Hitier as an infection,

This virus seIará your destination.

Do not take another step!


Contact, contact!

On the right!


Pessoai, off we go!

Stop it! Hands to Aito!

I aconseIho you to lower your w*apon.

You are not in a position to give me orders.

You k*ll me,

there is no one to prevent a major outbreak.

You will be responsáveI Péia death miIhares of miIhões!

k*ll you?

I have more than one way to Ieva-Io live voIta.

I do not think I was Ciaro about the importance of this research.

His experience is a failure.

Over, you do not understand?

It is you who do not understand, Captain.

This virus is very difíciI of controIar.

Enough talking, Bergman!

- You have five seconds to get down! - What you do not understand?

You saw my trabaIho!

You've seen the documents.

This drug is a cure for all diseases.

This is the future!

Come on!

Mother FiIho!

The maIdito bit me.

I'm burning.

It is is espaIhando.

Take your coIete!

We do not have time.

- Are you alright? - I am fine.

Let's hope Captain are too.

We have to find the captain, but Peio I found so far,

b*at on the head of those things ...

ASIS seem not to voItam Ievantar.

I have to take it.

Okay, pessoai.

We have to move.


Just in case.


Dr. Bergman.

Yes, the virus reached the second category.

I look forward to meeting Io pessoaImente.

Together we will change the world.

Oh shit.

Hey imbeciI!




Damn it!

Sr. Hoover?

Your fiIho voItou home.

But Iamento inform Io that IEE is in critical condition.

Mas own está vivo?

You vioIou our security, managed infiItrar

one of its in our base.

Convinced one of our betray us.

It seems that is a probIem of pessoai.

You know, when the survivors of the AIFA Squadron

They informed us about what happened during the mission,

I did not believe neIes.

Five days ago, watching the complimentary newspapers, aIguma shit about

people eating each other in the streets.

The resuItou aggression in poIícia sh**ting g*n of descontroIados individuals.

But they kept walking.

So I started to believe.

And now we have you,

sitting, and secure Ionge it all.

MiIhares of innocent people who die every minute.

MuIheres children.

Oh my God, oh my God.

You'll be fine, okay? I'll just coIocar this gauze on ...

Love, I need you to move your hands, love?

AIice! AIice, wake up, Mommy's here!

Come on, wake up. -Wake up now.

Wake up love.

Come on, we have to Ievantar.

We'll be fine, my love.

We'll be fine.

So where do you want to go?

AIFA squad did not find traces of NichoIas Bergman.

Somebody need cuIpar by this disaster.

Somebody wants you to cuIpar? CuIpe his superiors.

This was predicted long ago.

If this continues, we could be oIhando to an outbreak nacionaI

the next hours.

His prophecy predicted this?

You hear that?

The screams, the agony?

I could Ieva-Io here now and well let Io in the midst of chaos.

My team would get resuItados meIhores than you.

Sentadinho is there.

Somebody else wants to taIk to you.

Remember me?

I helped you to sh**t one of his companions.

You infiItrou at our base.

InfiItrou you as one of us.

I'll make IHE aIgumas very simpIes questions.

And you answered each deIas.

How can we prevent an outbreak gIobaI?

For whom Bergman is trabaIhando?

You are trabaIhando to NichoIas Bergman?

Answer my questions maIditas!


Okay, you're not intimidated by it all, right?

And that's why I'm going to bring you with me.

And where would it be?

Vamos voItar para o Iaboratório de Bergman.

You will not find anything atready.

Doutor NichoIas Bergman.

It's good finaImente know the genius behind all this.

I certainly hope you have kept your part of the bargain.

I am a man paIavra.

You will take your money, along with the five experiments sent.

I'm impressed.

Oh, and I certainly hope that miIitares have not been a

interference for you.

You have your pIans, I had mine.

I assure IHE, which worked very well.

I bet, yes.

What next?


The world will fall into chaos.

Governments enter into coIapso, and people will shout for help.

E vamos dar a held.

Dr. Bergman.

Welcome to IIIuminati.

We believe that peace is at hand.

So you are lies, huh?

I thought there were more of you that way.

It is to fáciI eies cling.

As for the rest of our team ...

Eight morrerm under OFFICIAL Command.

While I'm breathing, no one else will die.

And to Bravo?

The entire squadron was sent in hours to coIocar area quarantined.

Last night, it was just me and Parsons.

Until IEE tried to take a chunk out of my neck.

Since then, it's just ...

I hoped you found me before turning a zombie.

Tá a Ioucura atready out.

What I think we need to do is regroup.


Drop your w*apon, or we will open f*re.

SoIte a g*n ...

- What was aquiIo? - This thing was not human.

- How can you be sure? - Need to keep soIdiers in iinha.

SoIdiers, really? You've oIhou around?

You are still training, start acting this way!
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