23x02 - The Debt of Lies

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Midsomer m*rder". Aired: March 23, 1997 to present.
Based on the crime-novel series by author Caroline Graham, `Midsomer m*rder' follows the efforts of Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby to solve crimes that occur in the wealthy, isolated English county of Midsomer.
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23x02 - The Debt of Lies

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[Acorn TV theme]

[indistinct chatter]

[car door opens]

-Ah. Hm.
-Thank you.

Thank you.

Did anyone ever tell you,
you scrub up pretty well?

-Oh, I get that all the time.

[cello music]

[men chattering]

Oh, I was waiting to hear you
say that!

[Elaine laughs]

[indistinct chatter]

[music continues]

Elaine's working the room,
I see.

Oh, aye. She always knew where
the door marked in was.

Damian not here?

My dad's not...

-No, he's...
-My step-father couldn't come.


Would've been hard, I suppose.

Room full of top brass.

But still, shame to miss
the big night.


Well, it's an impressive

Ah, Detective Chief

always get a good send-off.

It's one of the perks I think,
along with, er,

healthcare and free travel.

You could be a DCS,
if you wanted.

Nah, I had the chance for
promotion, didn't I? But...

No, I'm no good behind a desk,
I like getting my hands dirty.

-So you do.
-All the politics.

Kissing up. Glad-handing.

I don't think
I'd be very good at it.

I know you wouldn't be.

Still, I doubt I'll get a crowd
as big as this when I retire.

Oh, well, don't worry,
I'll come.

And...I'll bring a date.

[music continues]

So, Elaine, how are you settling
into your new place?

On the whole everyone's been
very welcoming.

Ah, well, anyway,
I'm sure you have a plan

to win around the doubters.

I really should mix.

Of course, please don't let me
get in your way.


Enjoying yourself?

I am, thank you.

Must be nice,
retiring on a high.

The great and the good,

lining up to wish you well.

Oh, don't be coy.
It's boring.

Have you any idea the damage
you've done?

The pain you've caused?

Have a lovely evening.

[music continues]

Oh, young Barnaby!

-What're you doing here?
-Representing the station, sir.

Oh, no need to be so formal.
DCI Cabot will do very nicely.

[Barnaby chuckles]

The DCI was my boss

when I was on a training
secondment at Causton,

a good few years ago now.

-Mhm-hm. Sebastian.

-The better half?
-By a country mile.

[Sebastian laughs]

I didn't realise you knew
DCS Bennet.

[Tom]Only by reputation.

Oh, well, she certainly has
one of those.

-She has?

An ability to be front and
centre at all times, you know.

There was,
there was never a committee

that she didn't want to chair

or an initiative she didn't want
to be the face of.

And now she's your new neighbour
at Challis Court, I understand?

-Challis Court?

Oh, it's a retirement home
for old bill like me.

What, you're all
ex-police officers?

Oh, it's a pre-requisite.
It's run by a charity.

You know, a committee that vets
the applicants and things.

They're very picky about
who they let in.

Or, or they used to be.

[glass clinking]

Ladies and gentlemen.

Well, some gentlemen,
and maybe a few rogues.


When I first graduated
from Hendon,

the force was very different
to what it is today.

I think we've all come
a long way since then.

Now I am retiring
and looking forward to...

Well, who knows what.

But I'm delighted to have
moved into Challis Court.

It's the next phase
of my life...

and I can't wait
for it to begin.


-[male #]Cheers!
-[female #]Cheers!


That Sebastian chap seems nice.

-DCI Cabot?

You know, even though that
secondment wasn't very long,

he taught me a lot.

-Oh, yeah?
-[female #]Your jacket, sir.

Thank you.

He taught me to listen,

not just to what is being said
but to what isn't.

And he taught me to follow where
the evidence leads,

not where you think
it ought to go.

But mostly,

he taught me the importance of
wearing a self-tied bowtie.

And that's important?

Because now I can...

do this...


which I think puts me
just the right side of louche.

I've always had a thing
for that look.

Ah. Lucky me.

Well, take me home
and I'll show you how lucky.

[Tom laughing]

[indistinct chatter]

[mellow music]

[car engine sputtering]

[birds chirping]

[engine revving]

[car crashes]

[dramatic music]

[theme music]

[music continues]

I need a criminal.

-You said you'd sort it.

-And I will. Sarah--

It's less than a week
until the County Fair,

all the other stalls and
displays are done and dusted,

I've got the sponges
and the stocks and I just need--

-A criminal.
-Yes, please.

I know this is important to you.

It's my first County Fair
as chair of the committee.

[phone rings]

Leave it with me.


I'll meet you there.

I just want it to go well.

It will be spectacular.

Trust me.

Have I ever let you down?

Tell your mother she doesn't
have to answer that.

[mellow music]


No sign of braking.

Or any attempt to make the turn.

She just...

Has all the hallmarks of being
deliberate, don't you think?

Hmm. su1c1de?

I'm afraid this didn't
do her much good.

Massive trauma to the head
and thorax.

Death would've been

-No seatbelt?
-[Fleur]Doesn't look like it.

So, no attempt to make
the turn.

She just floors it and
deliberately drives into a tree.

Not quite.

It's why I thought you might
be interested.

- [Fleur]Brake cable.
-Someone cut it?

I have heard of foxes
gnawing them.


But this...

it's too clean.



I was at her retirement party
last night.

She said she couldn't wait for
the next phase of her life.

[engine revving]

[pensive music]

[car doors opens]

[car doors shuts]

Bet that goes down well
with the neighbours.

[knocking on the door]

[Tom]DCI Barnaby.
This is DS Winter.

Uh... I'm Mathilda. Matty.

Elaine was my step-mum.

Can I speak to your father?

Be gentle.

[Tom]Mr. Bennet?

I was asleep.

Elaine was gone when I woke up.

Which was when?

Sometime after :.

We have two witnesses
who saw your car

driving away at about
: this morning.



Get that down you.

Can you think why she would
leave that early?


And your wife didn't wake you?


I was...sleeping heavily.

You didn't hear her get up?
You didn't hear her leave?


Had you been drinking,
Mr. Bennet?

-Is this really necessary?
-Lionel. It's alright.

Yes, I had, I...

passed out, okay?

I was in the study,

when I woke, our car had gone.

Now, how about you answer
a few of my questions.

Like, why was she out so early?

Why did she crash?

Was it an accident?

Had she been drinking?

Can someone, somewhere,

please tell me what the hell
is going on?

It wasn't an accident,
Mr. Bennet.

[dramatic music]

I don't understand. Their car?

But that means someone

I'm sorry.

Did you know her?

No, I'm afraid I didn't.

She was funny, you know?

And tough.

And just who dad needed
after mum left.

That can't've been easy.

I was just a kid
and took it badly.

Elaine was a, a Godsend.

She'd had Lionel a few years

see, so they were both
single parents.

Dad adopted Lionel
and we made a whole family.

They were well suited.

Neither of their,
their marriages

had survived them
being on the job.

I think she was relieved when I
trained to be an accountant.

She didn't want either of us
following her into the force.

She'd seen what it can do.

-So Lionel is a...
-A landscape gardener.

-He's good.

Got a real eye. He's doing that
development next door.

Oh, we saw it coming in.

At least Lionel's with him.

He doesn't drink so much
if someone's there.

Must've been a strain
on a marriage.

They rowed, yeah.
Anyone would.

A lot?

More so recently, but...

dad could never hurt Elaine.

He adored her and this is
going to break him.

-You said brake cable?
-We believe so.

Then start by finding
who smashed the windscreen

three weeks ago.

[pensive music]

Why didn't you go with her
to the party?

I didn't fancy it.

Not really my scene.

So you went instead?

That's right.

And what happened
after the party?

I'd driven here.

Mum drove us to the party
and back.

In her car?

Our car.

And then?

I picked up my
van and...went home.

-What time?
-Just after midnight.

And you were here all the time?

Do you think, erm...

she enjoyed last night?

Yes. I do.

[clicks tongue]


that's...something, isn't it?


The car had been damaged before?

-Did they report it?

Damian Bennet was all for it,
but Elaine didn't want to.

-Why not?
-No idea. They rowed about it.

They rowed quite a lot I gather.

Get onto the garage,
see what the damage was,

and if it included anything
other than the windscreen.

Like the brakes?

Have you any idea how hard it is
to get into this place?

Why, are you thinking of
applying, sir?

In many years from now,
obviously. Decades...

You'd've thought someone
like DCS Bennet

would've been welcomed with
open arms, wouldn't you?

She wasn't?

Something someone said
last night.

Probably nothing.


But who would...

We have to tell the police.

We can't.

He'll know it was us.

What if he comes after you?

-Or Freya?

-[Tom]She had what?
-[Fleur]Groedinger's disease.

-Which is?
-An inherited condition.

Over time, the brain cells
begin to waste away.

Symptoms don't usually appear
until middle age.

It starts with loss of balance,
and goes downhill from there.

Eventually, you lose
the ability to...

walk, talk, swallow.

Is there a cure?

None. It's cruel and horrid.

And, by my reckoning, Elaine
Bennet was in the early stages.

You said it's inherited.
So could she pass it on?

There's a fifty-fifty chance.

They generally advise
sufferers to tell,

so the kids can get tested.

But not everyone does.

So if you're asking questions...

don't go charging in
with your size tens.

As if. Would anyone else
know about this?

Her husband, maybe.

Her GP, definitely.

Do we know who that is?

Erm, a Doctor...

Ruth Cabot.

Thank you, Fleur.

Sir, I've got
three different people

who say that they saw
the Bennet's car arriving back

at Challis Court
around midnight.

So, whoever tampered
with the brakes

did it sometime after that.


You can't just walk into
Challis Court.

The gates are locked
and you need a fob.

Someone could've scaled
the wall.

That's better than
the alternative.

That the k*ller was inside
all along

and we're looking for
an ex-officer.

[dramatic music]

That we are here today at all...

is a testament to the wonders
of science.

Not that long ago, this entire
field was a waste ground.

Badly polluted and good
for nothing.

Even today, only a handful of
people are allowed onto it.

But something called

is turning that all around.

And with my team of
talented, dedicated people,

we can turn something toxic

into something we can all be
proud of.



Hmm, using micro-organisms
and bacteria

and that sort of thing to help

reclaim polluted land
and rivers.

They feed on the pollution
and clear it up.

Not a chemical in sight.

-[Tom]Very impressive, Winter.
-Thank you, sir.

-I meant the science.
-Well, of course you did.


There's something I should've
told you from before.

-About Sam Engells.
-Who's he?

He used to work for me,
but I found out

he'd been in prison
and he lied about it.

The thing is, my clients,
they trust me, you know?

-If they found out about--
-And you fired him.

I'm worried he might have

to do with my mother's death.

-She remembered him.

From when he'd been nicked?

And she told me.

So, he blamed her
for losing his job?

Do you know
where we can find him?



I'm still waiting
for that breakdown.

Oh, I'm, I'm so sorry, I know

y-you've got a lot on your mind.

-I'll get it to you.
-The audit's in a week.

The last thing I need right now
is the taxman on my back.

I know.

Don't, don't worry.

[Tom]Giles Franklyn?

DCI Barnaby. DS Winter.

You're the treasurer at
Challis Court, is that right?

Yes. Is this about
Elaine Bennet?

Shocking business.

-How can I help?
-You rowed with her last night.

-It wasn't really a row.

Well, I-I told her I didn't like
her complaining about my dog.

Simba barks at night.
Well, not often but, er...

Er, she said...

if he did it again,
she'd apply to have him...

I don't know, evicted.

-She can do that?
-I doubt it.

I told her
that if she wanted a fight,

Simba and me had faced
a lot worse.

[Giles chuckles softly]

I was a dog handler.

Twenty-three years on the force.

-The last three...with Simba.

Huh? And then,

when they invalided me out,
I took him with me.

I tried stopping a getaway
car with my hip.

[Giles laughs]

Not a great success.

But after, when my wife passed,

he was...yeah, my pal.

You know...

you're with someone
for years,

and suddenly you're...

[Giles laughs]

Don't get old, gentlemen.

It's a bit rubbish.

[instrumental music]

I knew about the Groedinger's,
of course.

It's why Elaine wanted to
move here.

-To Challis Court?

She said she'd feel safer here.

She'd g*n to experience
early symptoms.

I mean,
nothing bad yet but...

she knew what was coming.

What about the family?
Did they know?

Oh, absolutely.

And Damian knew, of course.

Not that that helped

How do you mean?

To care for someone, you...

you have to be able to
put them first.

And Damian couldn't?

Not that I could see.

You know, ten years ago
last April,

he was out there...gardening...

cerebral haemorrhage,

no warning.

I'm sorry.

Afterwards, it wasn't easy,
but we managed.

We're a team, you see?

He's made a remarkable recovery,

So, to mark the anniversary,

he wanted to give
something back.

A charity walk. The equivalent
of here to London.

A hundred metres a day.


And another one bites the dust.

[mellow music]

Sam Engells?

Something you said
last night, sir.

You gave the impression
you thought

the committee letting in
Elaine Bennet was a mistake.

No, no, it wasn't Elaine
that worried me.

-It was her husband.
-Damian? Why?

Well, Damian Bennet used to be
a police officer too.

-At Causton?
-Aye, at first.

Then he was transferred.
And then he left.

Under a big grey cloud.

Malfeasance, they call it.

Nice umbrella term.

He was bent?

Oh, no, not officially.

No, he, he left before anything
incriminating could be proved.

He's a private investigator now.

I hear he's quite good.

What sort of incriminating

You remember
the Goldman-Forbes job?

Yes, I blamed her.

I mean, she didn't have to
tell him, did she?

Sticking her nose in like that.

If you'd just told the truth,
it wouldn't've been a problem.

When I got out, last time,

I really wanted to change.

Sort my life.

I got a few jobs,
cash in hand, but...

it wasn't enough.

And trying to get a proper

The minute they found out
I'd been in prison...

And I could feel the tug,
you know?

Do a couple of houses.

But I didn't want to go back.

And then I hear about this job.

-Garden labourer.
-With Lionel Bennet.

So, this time I said nothing.

Just that I'd been away,

And I got the job.

A regular pay cheque.

Reckoned I'd turned the corner.

Until Elaine Bennet
recognised you.

Where were you last night?


You think I had something
to do with her death?

Did you?

I'll donate as soon as I get
back to the station.

Or you could do it
at the County Fair.

Oh, yes, that's where I do
the last leg.

The Grand Finale.

-Oh, nice.

Very resourceful, my husband.

-He always was.


Calm, calm, calm, calm, calm...

calm, calm, calm...

calm, calm...

-Charlie. Charlie. Charlie.
-Calm, calm, calm...

Shh, shh, shh. Shh.
It's alright.

-It's alright.
-Calm, calm, calm...

It's just a vase,
it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter, Charlie.

Who's he?

Has he come to take me?

-Nobody's come to take you.

Now, there's a smart car.

red custom BMC
with white interior.

If you say so.

You've got quite a collection.
What's your favourite?

It was the
scissor-door Manta Ray.

It was sky blue.

Only I lost it.

So, dad bought me
a different car.

Hm. Nice of him.

He buys all of my cars.

Does your car have

I'd be very surprised.

And you have not come to
take me away?

-Charlie, no.

Hey. Why don't I drive you home?


[instrumental music]

-Come on.
-See you, Charlie.

How long has he had OCD?

Oh, he was diagnosed sometime
after the autism.

-He doesn't live here?
-Sadly not.

No, we-we had to move him into

sheltered housing
some years ago.

Ah, he can be, you know,


And we, we couldn't cope.

It's privately run,
you know, with carers.

So, he's safe.

-And he comes here often?

Mostly to visit his toy cars.

He's been obsessed with them
since he was a kid.

But we look after them,
you know,

so they don't get too battered.

Unlike the rest of us.

[Sebastian chuckles softly]

[mellow music]

-Thank you.

So, Sam Engells claims he was
in here all night?

Apparently, he had his...

usual three pints of IPA
and then went home.

Anyone back it up?

The barman says
that he thinks he remembers him,

but, erm, Engells is in here

most nights,
so he wouldn't swear to it.

He said the three pints of IPA
sounded about right, though.

So, Damian Bennet was a cop?
He kept that quiet.

And what's all this about
Goldman Forbes?

Oh, don't you remember?
About years ago.

I'd finished my training stint
at Causton

six months earlier.

Hmm, I was four.

Please tell me you've heard of
The Great Train Robbery.

They stole a train?

Yes, sir, I've heard of it.

Well, the Goldman Forbes job
was just as daring.

-How much?
-Just under five million.

It was all over the news
for weeks.

You couldn't move round here
for reporters.

Why? Goldman Forbes Bank's
in the city, isn't it?

Because, they hid the money
at a disused farm

out near Badger's Drift.

The plan was to hide it there

until the heat died down.

But it didn't work out that way?

No. A young PC noticed
unusual amounts of traffic

on the lane
leading to the farm.

But he raised the alarm
with his sergeant,

they went to check it out.

[car door shuts]

[Jamie]And the Sergeant?

[Barnaby]Sebastian Cabot.

They found evidence of the g*ng.

Coffee mugs, newspapers,
and cigarette butts.

Prints all over.
Forensics had a field day.

[Jamie]And the money?

[Tom]Found in an outhouse.

[Jamie]So, what's this got to
do with Damian Bennet?

[Tom]I've just found out...

he was the one who
raised the alarm.

They were heroes.

Pictures in the paper.

Interviews on the news.

Well, the press do like
a good story.

And this one ran and ran.
For a while, at least.

Why? What happened?

When the money was finally
recovered and counted,

three hundred thousand
was missing.

At first, the feeling was...

one or more of the g*ng

had taken it, they'd
double-crossed their colleagues.

-Honour amongst thieves.

Except as the members of the
g*ng were rounded up,

they all denied taking it.

Yeah, well, they would,
wouldn't they?

Hmm. Over time,

a rumour spread
that someone else took it.

Any idea who?

Damian Bennet.

There was never any proof,
but there was a time gap between

him noticing the activity
around the farm

and him telling Sergeant Cabot.

So, what if he found
the money early on

before raising the alarm?

He'd be alone, uninterrupted.

He'd have both means
and opportunity.

That's a lie!

You think I'd be stupid enough
to take that money?

Somebody did.

Not me.

But the rumour stuck.

You didn't say you used to be
on the Force.

-I didn't think it was relevant.
-Why not?

I'm not the one that got k*lled.

You left because of malfeasance.

We both know what that means.

It means they wanted a scalp.

It was one of those, erm,

periodic drives to, you know,

root out corruption.

-My face fitted.

I bent the rules.
Took a few shortcuts.

But I was never dirty.

How did your wife feel about
you leaving like that?

She backed me one hundred

Something like that,
someone in her position,

bound to put a strain
on a relationship.

-Can't've been easy.
-Stop fishing, inspector.

I know the game.

Can you imagine what it was
like for her?

If he's bent, maybe she is too.
You know?

She didn't care.

She believed in me.

She even bankrolled me.

As a private investigator?

Just until I found my feet.

When I needed her,
she was there.

And then I thought, now...

I can do the same for her.

Whatever happens.

You mean, the Groedinger's.

I didn't want her to face it
on her own.

Had she told people about
the diagnosis?

She didn't update her Facebook

if that's what you mean.

She said...

she didn't want a fuss.


I really don't think
that's why she died.

Do you?

I don't know, yet.

[dramatic music]

What do you mean,
you lost your field?

[Sarah]Farmer's pulled out.
Says he doesn't want the hassle.

But it's less than a week
to the fair.

[Sarah]Yeah, thanks.
I'd forgotten.

What're you going to do?

[Sarah]Prayer's looking good.

Good luck.
And see you later.

How's Damian Bennet?


Reckons he's more sinned
against than sinning.

You don't like him much, do you?

I've known coppers like him

who think you can be
a little bit bent.

I'm going down to records

to pull out the
Goldman Forbes files.

See what there is about him
in there.

-Good. Anything?

Elaine Bennet's smashed

I got onto the garage that did
the repairs, like you asked.

-She didn't pay for them.

Sebastian Cabot did.

[music continues]

[dog barking in distance]

[glass shattering]

[music continues]

[drill whirring]

[mellow music]

They weren't leaving anything to
chance, were they?

No-one's going to retrieve
anything from that.

All our records.



-What was on the computer?
-Well, basic admin.

Residents' details,
applications, records...

-Including Elaine Bennet?
-Of course.

You didn't have anything
backed up?

We'd been discussing getting
a proper system in for ages.

If-if you like,
I-I could try, ah,

putting an inventory together
from memory.

Umm, in case they took anything.

-Thank you.
-I'll get on it right away.

Hm. Oh, it's the thing
you use to, erm,

tighten a drill bit.
Hm. Oh, it's the thing
you use to, erm,

tighten a drill bit.

It's a chuck key.
It looks brand new.

So, I'm wondering who bought
a nice new chuck key recently?

[Sebastian] So, I paid the bill
because I felt responsible.

Sit down.

You see...

it was Charlie.

-Charlie smashed the windscreen?

-Oh, he was cross.

You see, Elaine was here
hoping she could,

you know, count on my vote.

And Charlie was, he was playing.

And Elaine said she thought
he was a bit old

to be playing with toy cars.

You know, made him look babyish.

-A bit harsh, wouldn't you say?
-Yeah. Unthinking, really.

But unfortunately,
she accidentally broke

one of the wing mirrors
off his car.

-Oh, Charlie didn't like that.

So he retaliated.
Car for car.

-[Sebastian]Sort of.

Well, of course, I offered to
pay for the damage.

Which I, which I did.
In spades.

-Aha! I'm on to you.

You keep saying and in the hope
that I'll just keep talking

and maybe say
more than I want to.

Oh-ho! That's an old trick.

Try a new one, young Barnaby.

-And so?

And so, is irresistible!

[Sebastian laughs]

Alright, well...


Charlie was under caution...

for something that had happened
a few months before.

Elaine knew that...

and she knew that Charlie was
therefore vulnerable.

So, in exchange for not bringing
a charge of criminal damage,

she wanted more than just
the cost of the windscreen.

She wanted my vote.

-The Admissions Committee?

She knew it was going
to be a close-run thing.

I voted yes,
she scraped through.

-She blackmailed you.

And there was always the danger
she'd come back for more.

Neatly done!

You've just got me to volunteer
a motive for m*rder.

-So I did.

Mind you, if I was the m*rder,
how stupid would that make me?

[mellow music]

[Lionel]Are you serious?

They think you could've done it?

You always look at the husband.

I know that.

I was sort of expecting it.

But when it actually happens,

when he looked at me,
like I was--

Damian, they're just
trying it on.

Poking you, you know.
Seeing what you'll do.

Then maybe I need to find out
who actually did it.

DCI Barnaby's not
the only one around here

who knows how to investigate.

So, I went to see Charlie Cabot.


He lives in a converted manor
house near Midsomer Parva

specially kitted out, loads of
support, very high end.

-You think he could've done it?
-I don't see how.

The place is secure, locked down
at night, CCTV, night staff.

According to Charlie's

he was in his room all night.

-Hm, it was always a long sh*t.
-How're you getting on?

Well, most of the original
Goldman Forbes g*ng

are either d*ad or in prison,

but there is one that got away.

-Brian Hurst.

He'd be about now.

Perhaps he's come back
looking for the missing money.

Or revenge on whoever took it.

So he kills Elaine?

Unless that wasn't
who he was after.

Well, Damian Bennet
could just've

easily been driving that car.

How about he got the wrong

[dramatic music]

[engine revving]

[mellow music]


Okay. Thank you.

A speed camera out on
the Marsh Wood Road

picked up a motorbike at
: the night before last.

-So, I ran the plates.

It's registered to
Damian Bennet.

He said he was sparko
in the study.

-So that would be a lie.
-And I think I know why.

Several of the files
have been taken

from the Goldman Forbes records.

Who was the last person to
sign out the boxes?

Elaine Bennet.
The day before she retired.

Elaine? Why?

Maybe Damian asked her to.
To help clear his name.

Or cover his tracks.

What if there's something
in those files that proves

Damian's guilt and he was
using her...

to keep it hidden?

An unwitting accomplice.

Unless, of course,
she found out.

[suspenseful music]

[knocking on the door]

Mr. Bennet? Police.

You're too late.

He's gone.

He wasn't answering his phone.

When I got here, his clothes,
his overnight bag,

his bike, all gone.

I mean, I don't get it.
Why run away?

-Why would he do that?
-Why do you think?

I don't know.

My mum and him...

they were arguing more and more.

I, erm...

Go on.

I heard them...a week
or so ago.

I came to drop off some
garden tools

and I could hear them
from outside.

And what were they saying?

I couldn't make it out.

Something to do with...

golding and downside.

Didn't mean anything to me.

Could it have been Goldman?

Could've been.

Is it important?

I've put out a recent picture
and alerted the airports,

stations and ferries in case
he's trying to skip the country.

Good. We'll also need
phone traces, bank activity,

any and all known associates.

He knows how we do things,

which'll make it harder
to find him.

Yeah, I'll get onto it.

Isn't that Billy Bevan
who's developing

the land next to Challis Court?

Why's he got a file on him?

-Cobra and Panther?

And M-S-M. Whatever that is.

This note was made
the day before yesterday.


What does it mean?

Perhaps he's investigating
a zoo?

[instrumental music]

Or not.

Sir. Damian Bennet rented a
lock-up on Downside Lane.

Look at this.

Regular payments to
a commercial letting agent.

Wasn't that--

What Lionel Bennet overheard
his parents rowing about.

And that speeding camera
that clocked

Damian when he said
he was at home?

Half a mile from Downside Lane.
I think that's where he was.

I'll drive.

[car door opens]

[car doors shuts]

[shackles clank]


[suspenseful music]


His own private incident room.



[music continues]

[dramatic music]

[shutter clicking]

See how the skull is indented?

I'll know more
when I get him to the lab.

But for now...

I'd say that's what k*lled him.

-A single blow?

My preliminary investigation
would suggest two or three.

No defensive wounds or bruising.

I'd say the first
one put him down.

And the others finished the job.

Time of death?

It's a bit soon to be sure...

but I'd say he's been d*ad
no more than about six hours.

Hm. So somewhere between...

: and when we found him
at :.

-Mm, hmm.
-Why string him up?

A warning.

This is what happens
if you cross us.

Whoever it was...

they've got a flair
for the theatrical.

Very "Kiss of the Spider Woman."

And then, of course...

there's this.


Found a partial boot print

And the padlock on the door's

and no sign of forced entry.

-And no signs of a struggle.
-He let them right in.

[Jaime]And then get close
enough to hit him.

I'm guessing
because he knew them.


[suspenseful music]

-[Tom]Let's get that tested.

What was Damian up to?

Clearing his name, I'd say.

I think he wanted to know
who took the ,.

Yeah, if he found out,
it'd prove his innocence.

Or get him k*lled.

If Damian Bennet took
that money, he'd hardly need

his wife to bankroll
his business...

and he wouldn't be privately
investigating his own crime.

So why this?

Maybe the m*rder
made a mistake,

thought Damian
was indeed guilty.

Yeah, it would explain
the whole...display.

So where does the m*rder
of Elaine Bennet fit in?

Well, maybe it's like you said,
they got the wrong Bennet.

Okay, let's widen it out.

You take a look at
all of his files from in there,

notes, everything, also,
who was he investigating?

Who had he upset?
And what the hell does

a cobra, a panther
and whatever M-S-M is

have to do with all of it?

[music continues]

He always claimed to be

That someone else
took the money.

But, recently,
he'd become obsessed.

-Why was that, do you think?
-Them moving here.

All those old cops
looking at him.

The rumours, the looks.

More than ever, he was
desperate to clear them up.

But he couldn't see.

The harder he tried,
the more damage he did.

To their relationship?

At first,
Elaine was like a...

a sort of cheerleader.

But, recently, I think
she was just sick of it all.

She wanted to enjoy
not working.

Spend time with her
grand-daughter Freya.

Both of them.

[mellow music]

What am I going to do?

[door opens]

[birds chirping]

Where is he?


-Where's hubby?
-Leave us alone.

[Sam]Believe me, I will.

Just as soon as I get
the money I'm owed.

-We don't owe you anything.
-That job was mine.

I'll call the police.

[dramatic music]

No, you won't.



Those traces you wanted tested.

-We've got the results back.

In amongst the soil and clay

we found evidence of
chicken faeces.


I'd say you're
looking for someone

who either
works on a farm, or...

rears poultry.

That should make things easier.

No, it really doesn't,
but thanks.

I live to serve.

Plus, I was in the area.

Sir. I found the files
that Elaine Bennet took

from the Goldman Forbes records.

One of them was Sebastian
Cabot's duty statement

covering the events leading
up to the raid on the farm.

"I was on duty patrolling in car
Z-V- with PC Jack Minogue."

"We returned to the station
for refreshments,

"which is when PC Bennet
informed me of

suspicious activity round at the
farm at Badger's Drift."

"I went out to the farm,
accompanied by PC Bennet...


where we found the money."

"I then secured the area
with PC Bennet

and called for backup."

It's exactly as he told us.

Standard routine, filing that.

So, what's the significance?

Aye, t-t-that,
that's my duty statement.
So, what's the significance?

Aye, t-t-that,
that's my duty statement.

A-a-and, and you say
that Damian Bennet

got Elaine to take this
from Records?

We think so.

Your partner, PC Minogue, do
you know where we can find him?

Kylie, we used to call him.

No, I'm afraid he died,
nearly ten years ago, cancer.

Too damned young.

But why do you think
Damian Bennet took this?

It's just me dotting
'i's and crossing 't's.

It's completely insignificant.
What do you think?

It was one of a number
of files Damian Bennet took.

Er, perhaps, the others are
more significant.


Damian Bennet obviously
thought so,

or he,
he wouldn't've taken them.


[both chuckle]

You know I've been thinking,
erm, ,

is a lot to hide,
you couldn't easily hide it in

a pillowcase or in the freezer
so, where did they put it?

Oh. Property, I'd say.

Buy, wait a while, and then
sell, it's nice clean money.

Maybe, but Damian Bennet
didn't do anything like that.

-That you know of.

Keep at it, young Barnaby.

-You'll crack it.
-I hope so.

In the meantime, don't lose
sight of the big picture.

Which is?

Well, Damian Bennet
went to a lot of effort

to make it look as if
he was clearing his name.

You know, pretending
to be obsessed

and all that, you know...

It looked pretty real to me.


if it seems you've made it
your life's mission

to find a villain,

how can that villain
possibly be you?

You know, common sense
says you're innocent.

-Clever, that.

[mellow music]

[Jaime]Nothing so far,
I'm afraid, on M-S-M.

I mean, it could be
someone's initials.

Er, it could be an acronym.

There are lots from
mainstream media

to Miami Sound Machine.

A popular b*at combo, sir,
from the s, I believe.


What about Cobra slash Panther?

Apart from the obvious,

Cobra's an old computer
programming language.

Perhaps he was learning to
code for some outdated reason.

-Keep at it.
-Anything on William Bevan?

Oh, only what you'd expect.

Dodgy deals,
suspected backhanders.

General slipperiness.

Oh, but nothing
outright illegal?

[Tom]No, not so's
you'd notice.

Without the land
next to Challis Court

that's not a done deal,
there's an appeal against it.

If it doesn't go through, he'll
be on the hook for a fortune.

Hmm. Oh, there's one
other thing.

Thanks. What's that?

There's nothing on
William Bevan before .

No tax returns.
No bank details, no nothing.

-What's that?

[Jamie] Witness statement.

Hardware store in Newton Magna.

The owner says that,

an old guy came in
four days ago

and bought a chuck key,
and heavy duty drill bits.

-How did he pay?
-Cash, so no record, but...

He says that he had a dog.
Tied him up outside.

-Called him...

[Simba barks]



I think we should talk about
the heavy duty drill bits

you bought four days ago.

Er... I borrowed some money...

from the charity.


That's not a word I like to use.

You see, a year ago,
my injury pension was reviewed.

They couldn't touch
the lump sum.

But they decided to re-band me.

Decided, I wasn't
as badly injured

as they'd originally said.

-Can they do that?
-Oh, yeah. Yeah.

Wrote me a letter.
All very polite.

But their decision was final.

At first, I thought...
I'd be okay...

make ends meet.


But I couldn't.

Not if I wanted to stay here.

[Giles sighs]

You know, my wife
and I were very happy here.

This is where she died.

You know, sometimes I sit here

and I feel that she's with me.


I don't want to leave.

So, you stole
from the charity fund.

I was always gonna
give it back, you know?

-That was the plan.
-What happened?

Matty Bennet was preparing
the annual audit.

She does the books.

-And she noticed something.
-I didn't know what to do.

She was pushing for the files
and I was afraid

that she'd see what I'd...


I thought,
if I destroyed everything...

made it look like
a break in, I-I-I'd...


[clicks tongue]

You'll need to come with us.
You'll be charged with

fraud and criminal damage
and released on bail.

I understand.

Did Elaine Bennet
know about your embezzling?

-Is that why you rowed?

She knew nothing.

Or if she did, she never
said anything to me.

Pop your shoes back on, darling.

[birds chirping]

[car door opens]

Mrs. Barnaby.

-Billy Bevan.

I'd like to make you a proposal.

Well, what do you think?

We know Elaine Bennet
wasn't averse to

a bit of blackmail
to get what she wanted.

Yeah, but why blackmail
Giles Franklyn?

I mean, it's not like he's
rich or can do her a favour.

-It doesn't make any sense.
-None of it does.

I mean, what're we
looking at here? A...

a wife m*rder by mistake?

Or by design? And if that's the
case, why k*ll her husband?


I'm just imagining
how you'd look in the stocks.

Sam wants the money he's owed.

I thought he was gonna hit me.

I'm scared.

Don't be.

When does he want it?


Everything's gonna be alright.


[Tom]I've got you your

Particularly nasty type.


Oh, hi, darling.

This is my husband, John.
This is Billy Bevan.

Yeah, I was at the
ground breaking yesterday.

-Very impressive.
-It will be.

Mr. Bevan here is my
knight in shining armour .

-[William]Billy, please.
-Is he indeed?

Yeah, he's offered me
some land for the county fair.

Ah, next to Challis Court?

Er, no, we can't let the public
onto that yet.

Authorized bods only,
even I'm not allowed.

Ah, right, the bio remediation.

Very good. Er, no,
this is up the hill a bit.

I'm not doing anything
with that at the moment.

So, Billy thought
he could help us out.

-[Sarah]Isn't that generous?

Plus, I'm sure it'll
play well with the council.

Especially with any
appeals lodged.

[chuckles softly]

-I should be going.
-[Sarah]I'll see you out.

[Sarah]Thank you so much
for your help.

I really appreciate it.
It's wonderful.

Thank you so much.
I just can't thank you enough.

[William]Not a problem,
and thank you so much

for inviting me in.

[Sarah]You're a life saver!
Really, you are.

I didn't know
what we were going to do.

[William]I'm glad I can help.

-[Sarah]Take care.
-[William]Have a good day.

Thank you, buh-bye.

[blows nose]

You did what?

Sent the glass off to forensics.

William Bevan might not've
existed before ...

But maybe a record of his
fingerprints does.

[birds chirp]


Have you come
looking for money?

-You think I owe you?


You thr*at my wife?
My daughter? Eh?

You think you can do that?
Listen. Listen to me.

You'd better hope that nothing
happens to either of them.

Because, my friend,
if Jenny gets robbed,

or the car gets broken into,

or Freya so much
as grazes her knee...

I'm holding you responsible.

-You got that? Leave us alone.

[Sam groans]

[suspenseful music]


Well, what do you know?

Yeah, thanks, I owe you.

[receiver clatters]

We got a match on the prints I
got from William Bevan's glass.

-That was quick.
-I called in a favour.

And I'm glad I did.
You see...

there's a good reason
there's no record

of William Bevan before .

Because before that,
he was someone else...


[music continues]

[William chuckles]

[William]Thank you
so much for coming, gentlemen.

I have to tell you, I think
this deal's gonna be very good

for all of us.


I hope you haven't come all
this way to see me, detective.

I don't really have the time.

I'm sure you can find
the time, Mr. Hurst.

[mellow music]

I don't suppose there's
any point in denying it.

At first, the idea of taking
part in a heist like that

was exciting.

I was a kid, it made
me feel the big man.

-So, what happened?
-Cold feet.

The closer it got, the more
I thought it was a crazy

idea that we'd never
get away with it.

-And what did you do?
-I told them I was sick.

-Day before. Some stomach bug.
-They believed you?

There wasn't much they could do.

But it was fine,
the job went down.

And I thought,
fair dos, and that was that.

Then the money went missing
and I knew I was in trouble.

-Well, I knew about the farm.

Where they stashed the money.
And I'd ducked out of the job,

so, I'd double crossed them.

I knew I had to get away, fast.

And, unlike some,
I'd been careful

with the money that I'd made.



I had a bit squirreled away
so I ran.

And reinvented myself.

-Went straight.
-By going into property?

I'd've thought the ,
would have set you up nicely.

I didn't take it.

Coming back here was a gamble.

Not really, I waited years.

And who, after all this time,
is gonna link Billy Bevan

with little Brian Hurst?

How about Damian Bennet?

Hi, Sarah.

[indistinct chatter]

-Hello there!
-Oh, hello.

-Last leg. All set?

Just point him
in the right direction,

wind him up, and watch him go.

-Very, very slowly. Alright.
-Brilliant, thank you.

You know, you're not bad
for an old crock.

Oh, thank you very much,
thank you.

Who-who-who, who are you again?

Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Did you know Damian Bennet
was looking into your affairs?

I'd heard some talk.

[Jaime]And if he blew your ID,
that'd be

bad for you, wouldn't it?

An ex-criminal who lied.

I'm sure your investors
would just melt away.

Only he didn't.
Someone got to him first.

Where were you yesterday
between : and :?

-At home. Working.
-Can you prove it?

You people, slinging your
accusations around.

And you've got no proof,
no evidence. Just a story.

Well, I've got one too.

I didn't know for sure
about Damian

and I'm not about to k*ll him
on the off chance.

I'm not that stupid.

So, unless you've
got any else up your sleeve,

I think we're done here.

Don't you?

[instrumental music]

[indistinct chatter]

-This one'll do.
-It's chocolate.

[male announcer]Hello, hello.

Testing, testing,
one, two, three.

-[Sarah]Oh, hi!
-[male announcer]Testing...

-It's a bit thin, isn't it?
-Ah, early days.

-Isn't Jamie with you?
-He's at the station.

-But what about--
-He'll be here.

-In costume?
-Le tout ensemble.

Listen, er, while you're here,
you could make yourself

useful and set up the stocks.

It beats being in them.

Thank you, see you later.


[music continues]

[Jaime sighing]

[mellow music]

[music continues]

[Sam]Promotion from the pub.

Two-for-one 'til ten.

Are you asking me out?

[Jaime chuckles softly]

They're doing it because
their pumps were out of order

the other night.

Which means that
you couldn't have

had your three pints of IPA.

Sorry, I made a mistake.

About what you drank,
or where you were?

I spoke to the barman again
and, this time

he was pretty sure
that you weren't there at all.

You weren't, were you?

-Look, I-I didn't k*ll her.
-So why lie?

I was at Lionel's house.

I wanted my money.

But I could see the van
was gone and he wasn't there.

It was just his wife
and the kiddie.

So, what did you do?

I waited.

I watched.

It felt good.

For the first time,
somebody else

was gonna do what I told them.

So, what happened?



She went to bed at :...

I stayed there 'til gone one,
maybe a bit later.

And then I decided to
call it quits.

So, you didn't see
Lionel Bennet come home?

I thought I'd go back
another time.

And did you?

Lionel Bennet may seem sweet.

You know, working with plants
and gardens and that, but...

but underneath he's messed up.

[male announcer]Now, may I
recommend that you check out

all of these stalls
that we have situated...

I particularly recommend
the cake stall!

Quite an achievement.

Did you ever think
he wasn't gonna make it?

When he started, he said
he was doing it for Charlie.

So he'd be proud of his old man.

[Tom chuckles softly]

Then I knew he'd make it.

You know, Elaine adored Lionel.

Telling him she was sick must've
been incredibly difficult.

-The Groedinger's?

Nasty business.

And then, of course,
he had to get tested.

To see if he had it.

That takes guts.

[indistinct chatter]

But it all worked out fine.

I-I was delighted
when Lionel had Freya.

I was telling him that
the other night.

-Elaine must've been so happy.

Do you have children, inspector?

A little girl.

The things we do, eh?

[Tom chuckles softly]

[pensive music]

What if he's here?


He won't bother us again.

It's over.


I love you.

I love you, too.

No one's gonna hurt us.

Not while I'm around.



[telephone rings]


Can we find out who
Lionel Bennet's GP is?

I need to ask them a question.

I'll get that over to you.

Speaking of, did you know that
he didn't get home

until gone one the night
Elaine Bennet was k*lled.

-[Tom]Later than he said?
-[Jamie]Possibly a lot later.

[Tom]I'll talk to him.

don't forget you're on
in a couple of hours.

And look villainous.

-I might be a few minutes late.

There's something I need to
ask Giles Franklyn first.

[pensive music]

[doorbell rings]

Elaine Bennet was the
Chair of the Pension

Review Board, wasn't she?

You blamed her for them
taking your pension away.

And everything
that followed, the...

the lies and the fraud,
you hated her for that.

Now, now,
what I'm wondering is,

whether you hated
her enough to k*ll her?

I found out about Elaine
a couple of weeks ago.

So that's what you were
really arguing about

that night then, was it?

I wanted her to know,
right, to understand

what she and her cronies
on the Committee

had actually done, to me,
and others like me.

Did it make any difference?

What do you think?

But at least I told her.

-Is that all you did?
-I was angry.

I had it out, face to face.

Look, do you really think I
then waited until she got home,

went out in the middle of the
night and cut her brake cable?

A bit elaborate.

A bit like staging a robbery
to cover up your embezzlement.

The damage was done.

k*lling Elaine Bennet
wouldn't've changed anything.

I didn't k*ll her, DS Winter.

What would've been the point?

[indistinct chatter]


-Are you in these?
-Er, yes. Yes, that's me.


-Quite the sportsman.
-Ah. Once upon a time.


Yeah, that was the day we won

the Federation Sevens

Same day they found
the Goldman Forbes money.

Hmm. Big weekend.

[Giles]As it turned out,
but we wouldn't have won it.

If Kylie hadn't of scored with
a drop goal in the last minute.

-Yes, oh, sorry.

Well, that's what we called him.

Erm, his real name was Jack.

Jack Minogue. Yeah.

The whole game was riding on it,
and he was just outside the ,

and he nailed it,
calm as you like.

[mellow music]

You've got quite a collection.
What's your favourite?

It was the
Scissor door Manta Ray.

It was sky blue.

Only I lost it.

So, dad bought me
a different car.

[music continues]


Sebastian Cabot couldn't
have been on duty

with Jack Minogue when
Damian told him about the farm.

Jack Minogue was playing rugby.

Cabot lied on
the Duty Statement.

And I'm afraid I know why.

We need to talk, sir.


Crikey. That's a bit formal.

Can't it wait?

-Not really.
-Oh, alright.

What's, what's it about?

The Panther
base with the Cobra body.

It's how you hid the money
you stole

from the Goldman Forbes job.

That Damian Bennet
wasn't the first person

to notice activity
around the farm.

I had already seen fresh tire
tracks a-a few days before.

But I...

I kept it to myself and...

When I could, I watched.

[suspenseful music]

And I found it all.

It was like,
it was there waiting for me.

-That's when you took it.

[Sebastian]I didn't even
stop to think.

You know, y-you-you swear
you'll never cross the line.

But, oh, my God,
it was so much.

Oh, God, there was so much.


I needed it so badly.

You know, Charlie
was just, oh, he was...

He needed help.

And I couldn't afford it, but...

He was my boy.


And that was the miracle
I needed.

And then what?

Well, I, I hid the money.
Miles away.

And then I started to think
straight and I was worried.

Because I'd left fresh
tire tracks

and-and, and footprints,
in the mud, you know.

All physical evidence that
forensics was bound to find.

Anyway, I-I went back
to the station...

Where PC Bennet
was waiting for you?


[chuckles softly]

And when he said
that he was suspicious

and that we should
check out the farm,

it all clicked into
place, that...

that was the other miracle
that I needed.

So, I said we'd go together.

That we'd discover it together.

[Tom]And that way you'd have
a legitimate explanation

For any forensic evidence
you'd left

behind when you were
there before.

[Sebastian]Exactly, ah-huh.

[Tom]Plus an entirely
unwitting, innocent scapegoat.

Er, no.
No, no, no, t-that...

That wasn't the plan.

Mind you, when they
began to ask questions later

then it was easier
to start a-a rumour.

And, of course, by that time

Damian had acquired
a reputation.

On the day, you had to
fill out a duty statement

to account for the time that you
were actually stealing the money

and you lied about being
on patrol with PC Jack Minogue.

Mm-hm. No, I-I realised
a few days

later that I'd made a mistake.

I-I... I couldn't have been
on patrol with Kylie because...

he was in the...

The Sevens Team.

But I'd already
submitted the report.

So, I just had to hope that
n-nobody noticed.

And they didn't.


But-but you did.

Then you had to hide the money.

Aye. B-by then,
u-uh, Charlie, uh,

was obsessed with
the toy cars and so...

So you bought collectors' items?

Aye, bought and-and sold.

Anonymously, o-of course.

When we needed a lump sum.

Like the scissor door Manta Ray?

The one that Charlie
thought he'd lost?


I got nearly thirty grand
for that. Imagine.

Damian Bennet was close
to putting it all together.

He knew what you'd done,
he just needed the proof.

Oh. I-I didn't know that.

And if you had?

Oh! Do you really think
I could've k*lled him?

[Sebastian chuckles]

[Tom]How about your wife?

[Sebastian chuckles]

Of course not!

And she was with me all night.

Besides, she-she had no idea.

-That you stole the cash?

She must've suspected,
all that money over the years.

Ah. Suspicion is different
from collusion.

No, she didn't know, John.

[mellow music]

I told you you'd crack it.

[clicks tongue]

You know I'm going
to have to arrest you.

Aye. Aye, of course.

Can I just
ask one last favour?

For-for, for old time's sake?


[all cheering]

You're a terrible old softie.


-[Charlie]Well done, dad!
-Winter told me.

Yeah, well, I figured he wasn't
going to make a run for it.

Thank you. Ah-ha, Charlie.

Ah, Charlie. Y-your old man's
going to have to go away

for a wee while, so,
I want you to be strong.

Can you, can you do
that now, Charlie?

Where're you going?

T-these gentlemen are
going to look after me.

-For how long?
-Ah, well, I'm not sure--

-I don't want you to go!

Just look after
your mum, will you?

My best boy.

Sweetheart. Sorry.

-Right lads...
-This way please, sir.

Thank you.

Thank you, young Barnaby.

Take him away.

[pensive music]

So, that's one mystery solved.

Now you just have to
find who m*rder

Elaine Bennet and her husband.

Assuming it was the same person.

And that Elaine
wasn't k*lled by mistake.

Oh, no.

The airbag in the car
deployed, remember?

When that happens,
it releases particulates

into the air
which get breathed in,

normally you'd expect
to find traces in the lungs.

Only you didn't?


Not even a suggestion.

Which means
she wasn't breathing.

So, I went back
and looked again.

This time,
I found an injury that

didn't fit the car crash

She was k*lled by a blow
to the head.

Elaine Bennet was already d*ad
when the car crashed?

I'd say her m*rder
hoped the k*ller blow

would get lost amongst
all the other injuries.

It nearly did.

So, Elaine wasn't a mistake.

She was the intended victim
all along.

[indistinct chatter]

[male announcer]Ladies
and gentlemen.

If you go to the paddock area,
the display of sheep dog skills

by Frank Bridgewater
and his dog Bonzo has g*n.


-[boy #]That was so close
-Thank you.

-Come on, let's go!



Just doing my bit
for charity, Winter.

Oh, well...

try not to enjoy it too much.

Ahh! Oh!

You do know how this works,
sir, don't you?



-Ahh! I'm not concentrating.
-What's the matter?

It's this case. I-I...

I feel like I'm close,
but every time

I think I've got a handle on it.

Well, something'll turn up.

-Well... well, look at me.

One minute I'm worrying about
whether we're gonna have

anywhere to stage
all this and then the next...

-God bless Billy Bevan.
-He's a very interesting man.

Yes, he is.

He was telling me
the other night,

you know that land
he's developing?

It was unusable
until he reclaimed it.

Oh, the bio remediation, yeah,
ask Winter, he's the expert.

Really? All I know is that
they use chicken poo.

Say that again.

Well, the bio whatever
it's called remediation thing.

Apparently, they use chicken poo
to clean up the oil pollution.

Some sort of chemical reaction.

I mean, who'd have thought it?


What was that for?

-You got one left, sir.
-It'll have to wait, come on!


Look at us.

Still a family.


Thank you, doctor,
that's very helpful.

[birds chirping]

[dramatic music]


Where're you going?

[Jaime sighing]



[horn honks]

[music continues]

[dog barks]

[Lionel groans]

-[Lionel]Help! Get off me!
-[Giles] Simba!

[Giles]Come on, come on.

[Lionel panting]


Well, you looked like
you could do with some help.

[Tom]Well, thank you.

-Nice catch.
-Old habits and all that.

He did brilliantly.

I wasn't talking about Simba!

[male announcer]In they go,
one after the other.

And that, ladies and gentlemen,
was some textbook shepherding.

Round of applause,
ladies and gentlemen.

It was the Groedinger's
diagnosis, wasn't it?

What're you talking about?

Your mother assured her doctor,
Ruth Cabot

that she'd told you
and that you'd been tested.

Only you hadn't, had you?

I spoke to your GP just now
and they confirmed it.

Why was that?

My choice.

[Tom]You were starting
a family.

Why wouldn't you want to know?

Unless Elaine didn't tell you.

Your mother let you start
a family without informing you

of a fatal genetic disease
that you might have.

That you could pass
to your daughter.

A game of Russian roulette
you didn't even know

you were playing.

Might never have known,

Ruth Cabot unwittingly
revealed it at the party.

She thought I knew.

Dr. Cabot.

She thought I'd been tested.

She said I must've been
so relieved.

She kept going on
and on about

how it could've gone either way.

And mum knew...

all this time.

And she said nothing.

Even when Jenny
was carrying Freya.


How could she?

So, you confronted her.

I waited until
we got to her house.

I told her...

fifty-fifty, I'd got it.

Freya would grow up

with a terminally ill parent.

That she could have it too.

I said her silence

had put my daughter's
life in danger.

My baby.

Then what happened?

She said she didn't tell me
to begin with because...

she didn't want me
to have that burden...

of knowing.

-I was protecting you!
-By lying?

[Lionel]By casting a shadow

over my whole life.

[Lionel]Then Jenny
got pregnant and she said...

she said she didn't
dare tell me.

Because if we knew, we might
terminate the pregnancy.

And she couldn't have that.

Not her grandchild.

I'd just...

found out this thing.

My whole life...

turned upside down.

And she had the nerve
to make it all about her.

Who the hell
do you think you are?

What right do you have
to decide?

And if you'd known,
what then?

You think I'd just sit back

while you terminated
the pregnancy?

It was my grandchild.

She wasn't just yours.

-She was mine too!
-Oh, get away from me!


[Lionel]I didn't mean for it
to happen.

But she should've told me.

She shouldn't have
kept it a secret.

And afterwards?

I knew I had to cover my tracks.

I thought if I could make it
look like mum

wasn't the target and...

[Tom]It'd send us
on a wild goose chase.

And we wouldn't look too closely
at motives to k*ll her.

So, I cut the brake cable
to make it

look like you'd got
the wrong person.

Damian had a lot more
enemies than mum.

But it couldn't end there,
could it?

If we were really gonna believe
that your mother

had been k*lled by
accident then,

the k*ller had to strike again.

-So you, what?

k*lled your stepfather
to keep up the pretence?

He knew. About everything.

He could've told me,
he was as guilty as she was.

And then he said he was
going to start investigating.

Well, I couldn't let that

I was afraid he'd work out
what I'd done.

I just needed a motive
that you'd buy.

I knew about the missing money,
of course.

And the rumours .

He told me about
wanting to clear

the family name
once and for all.

I've got a place.

A lockup where I've gathered
all the evidence.

[Lionel]How he was
investigating the missing money.

It was just
what I was looking for.

So, I went to see him.

And he showed me everything.

He was excited.

He said he was about to
crack it wide open.

Every police officer...

every villain going
back years...

I'm this close,
I'm telling you.

[Damian groans]

Then it was a just a matter of
making it look like

it was connected to
the stolen heist money.

The pound note
with "payback" written on it.

-And it worked.
-For a while.

you left a boot print,

and traces of the chicken dung

used to restore the land
you were working on.

And the microscopic traces
of blood on your clothing

which you and I both
know you missed...

will clinch it.

[dramatic music]

I didn't mean for any of it
to happen.

They both made a choice.

They knew what they were doing.

All of this...

it's on them.

[birds chirping]

And now you know,
will you get a test?

Of course.

And if it's positive,
will you tell your daughter?

When the time is right.

And when's that?

[indistinct police radio

[male announcer]Ladies
and gentlemen...

The fete is now closed.

May I thank you all, for making
the effort to come here today.

[Tom]Secrets and lies.

DCI Cabot lied
so he could help Charlie.

Elaine Bennet kept her secret

so she could watch
a grandchild grow.

-The things we do.
-[male announcer]Many thanks.


Terry Leaf, shouldn't you be
in chokey, cooling your heels?

Well, the case collapsed.
The police threw in the sponge.


You're quite pleased
with that one, aren't you?

-Yeah, it's pretty nifty.
-Thanks, Jamie.

-Nice work today.


So... two arrests?

Like I said, I like
getting my hands dirty.

-Well, today was a huge success.
-I'm glad.

They want me to do it
again next year.

Oh, that's wonderful.

So, what are you
gonna do to top it?

[instrumental music]

[music continues]
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