Amistad (1997)

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Amistad (1997)

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That one wants us to sail them back.

That one thinks he can sail
all the way back without us.

Yes. East. To the sun.

I understand. You can trust me.

To Africa.

Well, I have to tack, don't I?
Tack. You'd rather I didn't.

You want to get there? I have to tack.

You're going to get us k*lled.

Yea, yea, yea, now go take a bath.

We have to signal them.

When the ship gets close, he'll run and hide.
Then we both start yelling.

They'll search the ship.

Get ready.

Six Weeks

Isabella II, Queen of Spain

Your Royal Highness.

Something's happened.

Martin Van Buren, 8th President
of the United States


Chief! Chief!

He's not a chief.

Brother! Brother!

He's not your brother.

What is he then?

He's a white man.

U.S. Secretary of State
John Forsyth

Who are they, do you think?

Looks like they're going to be sick.

They're entertainers.

...but why do they look so miserable?

You don't belong here.

Your table doesn't belong here.

This is Temne land.

You want to sit?
Sit over here in Mendeland.

What are you doing, Temne?

You want trouble?
Cross into our territory again.

What is this?
Get this table out of here.

Let me show you to Sherbroland.

What do you want?

I could k*ll you with my bare hands before
you raise that sword shoulder high.

What did he say?

I didn't understand a word of it.
It's gibberish.

What do you think?
Is he here to help us? Or?

I don't know.

He reminds me of that Fula
of Baoma, you know the one--

...who hires himself out to scrape
elephant dung from the crop rows.

A dung-scraper might be just the
kind of man we need right now.

What does he want?

He's an idiot. He just likes
to hear himself speak.

Were you born in the West Indies?

All three of them are idiots.

Look, it's those miserable-looking
people again.

I'm not afraid of you, or your medicine.

Have you figured out who he is?

An advisor of some kind. Maybe theirs.

What about him?

Theirs maybe.

And Dung-Scraper?

I have a horrible feeling
he talks for us.

You want to show them where we're from.

How can I explain to
you where we're from?

Maybe, I -

I'm sorry, you should talk first.

That's here.


This... is how far I've come.

My name is Kai Nyagua...\N\N\N

My name is Kai Nyagua...
and James Covey.

I speak Mende and English -
his language.

You and he will talk to
each other through me.

The clothes?

And the names.

I was rescued off a sl*ve
ship by the British Navy.

I never went back.

I'll h*t you in the
head again if you talk.

I'll share the profit of my harvest.
I'll give you all of it if you -

Lomboko sl*ve Fortress

This one's sick, don't give him any.


Not her.


Havana, Cuba

You don't have to pretend
to be interested in that.

Nobody's watching but me.

I'm not pretending.
I'm beginning to understand it.

Their people have suffered more than ours...
Their lives were full of suffering.

Then he was born and everything changed.

Who is he?

I don't know, but everywhere he goes,
he is followed by the sun.

Here he is healing
people with his hands.

Protecting them...

Being given children...

What's this?

He could also walk across the sea.

But then something happened...

He was captured. Accused of some crime.

Here he is with his hands tied.

He must have done something.

Why? What did we do?

Whatever it was, it was serious
enough to k*ll him for it.

Do you want to see how they k*lled him?

This is just a story, Yamba.

But look. That's not the end of it.

His people took his body down
from this...thing...this...

They took him into a cave.
They wrapped him in a cloth, like we do.

They thought he was d*ad, but he appeared
before his people again...and spoke to them.

Then, finally, he rose into the sky.

This is where the soul
goes when you die here.

This is where we're going
when they k*ll us.

It doesn't look so bad.

Buakei...Hold your head up.

What kind of place is this?

Where you almost mean what you say?
Where laws almost work?

How can you live like that?

Is he going to help? He has far
many more questions than answers.

The Liberation of Lomboko sl*ve Fortress

William Henry Harrison defeated Martin Van Buren
to become the ninth President of the United States.

Queen Isabella of Spain continued to argue the
Amistad matter with seven more American Presidents.

In 1864, her hopes of "compensation" finally collapsed
with the Confederate Army's defeat at Atlanta.

Cinque returned to Sierra Leone to find
his own people engaged in civil w*r.

His village was destroyed
and his family gone.

It is believed they
were sold into sl*very.
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