01x06 - Light

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Luna Nera". Aired: January 31, 2020 - present.
Italian historical fantasy series taht takes place in the 17th-century in Serra, a fictitional village near Rome, and revolves around women who are accused of being witches. Based on the trilogy of novels Le città perdute by Tiziana Triana.
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01x06 - Light

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An ancient spell...

...to block the witches' power.

Magnum imperium et cruces extinguant.

Et fatum vestrum decernant.

The sun is about
to rise. We've got to get ready.

♪ Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah ♪

♪ Good Lord, where have you gone? ♪

♪ Why have you left me? ♪


But you keep it, it's cold here.

You'll fall ill again.

Who cares?

They'll k*ll us anyway.

We shall find a way, wait and see.

No one will save you.

Unless you tell us where the witch is.

You think the Benandanti
have accepted you into the fold.

You dress up as a man.

You fight.

But true strength and true power are not
necessarily only the hallmark of men.

Who are you really fighting for?

For your convictions...

or for theirs?

Open! Open, let me out!

Open this door and let me go!

Let me out!

- Ade, calm down now.
- I said I want out!

I am sorry, but I can't risk losing you.

You will lose Leptis this way.
Wasn't she the love of your life?

Let me out!

Are you all right?

You did the right thing.

We don't know where they are keeping them.

And what they will do to them.

Let me go.

It's too dangerous.

We can't stay holed up in here
waiting for something to happen.

I'll go.

And if they catch you too?

What will we do?

Let me go.

Agreed, Persepolis.

- Petra, you go with her.
- No.

I shall go alone.

I can manage.

Pelts for only four silvers today.

They are for the Candle Festival,
aren't they?


This matches your eyes perfectly.

Only three silvers, and I'm sure you will
be the most beautiful at the festival.

Spirto, I need your help.

- I've got to save that young boy.
- But he tried to k*ll your father!

We can't k*ll a child.
And it would k*ll Ade too.

Did you see what happened at the inn?
She was with those witches.

Your girlfriend lives with those witches.
Would you burn her at the stake for this?

They will call me traitor.

Spirto, only you can help me.

It's my last request to you.

All right.
What do I have to do?

You've got to leave that house.

- They are my sisters.
- But if something happened to you?

- If they caught you?
- It hasn't happened.

I couldn't bear seeing you there, never.

Enveloped in flames like that child.


They want to execute them?


After the Candle Festival. At dawn.

But he's only a child.

You've got to tell me
where they have hidden them.

In the dungeons.
Cardinal Oreggi imprisoned them there.

And he has hidden the key,
an enchanted key. Tell them.

Then he told me
that Pietro wanted to see Ade.

He's waiting for her at the fountain,
before sunset.

Tebe, let me go.

It could be a trap.

Pietro would never do such a thing.

The execution has already been set,
didn't you hear? It's our only chance!

And do you trust Sante's son?

The right question is
how can he still trust me.

What about you?

Do you trust that boy?

As much as you trust Leptis.

There's nobody here! Ade, let's go.

He'll come.

I'm sure.

Everything is fine. You can trust her.

I trust you.

I'm sorry, Pietro.
Nothing went as it was supposed to.

I know I can't change the past.

But I really want to help you.

Be quick. You know she's in danger here.

We are all in danger.

But perhaps I've found a way to free them.

How? Why are you doing this for us?

I'm not doing it for you.

I'm doing it for her.

You are willing to betray
even your father for her?

You are like him.

You believe in dreams, in magic.

I only believe in what I see.


We accept your help, Pietro.
What can you do?

There's a key. It's well hidden,
but I've sent Spirto to get it.

Once we've got this key...
we will meet up at the Candle Festival.

And there we'll deliver it to you.

Let me guess.

You can't sleep.

You'll see that we can set them free
from there.

Have you ever been to the Candle Festival?


What does it celebrate?

It's an ancient tradition.

A kind of ritual...

to ward off the evil eye...


and witches!

The people of Serra dress up
and wear masks.

Lots of candles are lit and placed
at the windows and on the window sills.

The town looks like
a field full of fireflies.

In the square, everyone plays music,
dances, drinks, eats.

I don't know how to dance.

- Let's go.
- Where?

Do as I do.

♪ The Boogeyman comes for me ♪

♪ Here comes the Boogeyman ♪

♪ He's gonna take me in my sleep ♪

♪ No use to lock out the Boogeyman ♪

♪ Or chain him to a tree ♪

♪ There's no hiding in the basement ♪

♪ 'Cause the Boogeyman needs no key ♪

♪ Scratching on the window ♪

♪ Soon, soon, soon ♪

♪ I'm gonna give you all my love
Boogeyman school ♪

Start again.

♪ Scratching on the window ♪

♪ Soon, soon, soon ♪

♪ Boogeyman school ♪

♪ Boogeyman school ♪

Start again.

♪ El chupacabra, el chupacabra ♪

Do nothing that might draw attention.

Don't trust anyone who comes near you.

There could be a Benandante hiding
behind every mask.

♪ Scratching on the window
Soon, soon, soon ♪

Let's go.

You know what to do.

♪ I'm gonna give you all my love
Boogeyman school ♪

♪ Scratching on the window ♪

♪ Boogeyman school ♪

Welcome, good ladies.
Enjoy yourselves.

The festival is for you too.


An elixir for your hair.

From the mysterious lands of the East.

It makes it grow in under a week.

They are very pure essences.

You were born of pure love...

and it changed into pure hate.


you shall have to choose between night...

and day.

Rose, jasmine, bergamot.


Try one.

Try the bergamot.

Come, madam.

Try one.

Lets go.

We can't dance.

- You're my friend, right?
- Of course. What kind of question is that?

Then don't be offended if I tell you that
sometimes you understand nothing at all.

Thanks a lot, dear friend.

The most important things always happen
when you're doing something else.

Hi, Half-skirt.

I've got something for you.

I see you've been practicing.

- Pietro, I...
- No names.

At the moment,
we are only two strangers dancing.

- I thought you didn't know how to dance.
- And I thought you didn't either.

Never lower your eyes
when dancing.

I wish this dance would never end.

♪ Oh, simple thing ♪

♪ Where have you gone? ♪

♪ I'm getting tired
And I need someone to rely on ♪

♪ I came across ♪

♪ A fallen tree ♪

♪ I felt the branches of it
Looking at me ♪

♪ Is this the place ♪

♪ We used to love? ♪

♪ Is this the place
That I've been dreaming of? ♪

♪ Oh, simple thing ♪

♪ Where have you gone? ♪

♪ I'm getting old
And I need something to rely on ♪

♪ And if you have a minute
Why don't we go ♪

♪ Talk about it somewhere only we know? ♪

♪ This could be the end of everything ♪

♪ So why don't we go ♪

♪ Somewhere only we know? ♪


We have to go.

♪ Somewhere only we know ♪

You've got a thankless task tonight.

Someone will relieve me soon.

Inite somnum miseri mortales.


Someone's here.


Inite somnum miseri mortales.

Ventus et fulgor exaudi me voca.

Surge et unus ex corde terrae.

Magna matris nostrae voca me audies...

...protegis et filiae tuae.

You're trapped.

I wouldn't move if I were you.

Ventus et fulgor veni et libera nos...

...a virorum imperio.


It's been a long time.

Your old tricks don't work here.


Did yours allow you to read
the Book of Kingdoms?

I am a patient man.

I see you still bring
your guard dog along.

Careful! Dogs can bite.

And they are faithful.

This obsession of yours
with faithfulness...

that your beloved Leptis showed too.

As we read in Luke:

"I came to bring f*re to the world.

And how I wish it were already burning."

Take them away.

How are you? Did they hurt you?

They hurt her.

I thought I had lost you.

I would never have given you
such satisfaction.

Is she here?

I beg you, Cesaria. Take me to her.

You are not like them! I know it.

You have never been.

- It wasn't me who betrayed you, I swear.
- I know.

I shall stop them.

Everything will be fine.

Let's go.

Stand up.

- Undress.
- No.

Do you want me to call the others?

Him too.

No, not him.

I'll do it.

Take them off.



Forgive me, my friend.

Next time you decide to ask me a favor,

I will make sure I'm really far away
from Serra.

We have to go.

The stakes are ready.

Put them to death!

Eight. There are only eight.


Come with me.



No! Get off me!

- He wants you, not him!
- No!


- Come.
- No!


- No!
- Move!

Get off me!



This is where you belong, Ade.

People of Serra!


What is evil?


Evil is not an idea.

It is not an abstract, intangible entity,
but it's here, among us!

It creeps behind us,

it hides in our midst.

It's our neighbor...

The old woman who smiles at us
while selling bread.

A child!

Or the women...

who have chosen to shun God...

and worship the cult of witchcraft.

Look at them!

Look at them!

They look just like us...

but they aren't.

But you need no longer be afraid.

Soon the people of Serra
will be freed from evil.

As I had promised.

Look over there!

O merciful Lord...

Libera nos a maleficis.
Libera nos.

The witches!

Surround them!


Where are you going?

Father, stop!

Ade, come!

- Pietro...
- Let's go!


Father, please, do not die.

Promise me you'll protect Serra.

With your life.

Don't leave me, please.

Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine.

Requiescat in pacem.

♪ Now that it's time ♪

♪ Now that the hour hand has landed
At the end ♪

♪ Now that it's real ♪

♪ Now that the dreams have given
All they had to lend ♪

♪ I want to know ♪

♪ Do I stay or do I go ♪

♪ And maybe try another time? ♪

♪ And do I really understand
The under-netting? ♪

♪ Yes and the morning has me
Looking in your eyes ♪

♪ And seeing mine warning me ♪

♪ To read the signs ♪

♪ More carefully ♪

I baptize you with the name Luxor.

Like the light that will protect us
from darkness.

♪ Now that I finally found
The one thing I denied ♪

♪ It's now I know ♪

♪ Do I stay or do I go? ♪

- ♪ And it is finally I decide ♪
- Ade...

Ade, go.

Go to them.

I'm not like them.

I don't know who I am.

No one is what they seem,
my daughter.

Did you know?


I knew.

The day she was born...

I knew who she was...

...The Chosen One.

The only way to protect her...

was to hide to the world...

and to herself...

who she really was.

I decided to use all my power...

renouncing my youth...

to turn her into a boy.

So she could be safe.

Masculum et feminam fit

et fiet puer natus est...

et erit in lucem ac tenebras.

The spell would have lasted
till the first black moon.

Then, her real nature...

would have been revealed.

I had to protect you both.

I couldn't tell you the truth...

- I had to choose for you.
- You cannot choose for me.

I'm not interested in your truths.
I'm not interested in you!

There's never only one truth,
my daughter. Never.

Soon you'll be called to find yours,
and you have to be ready.

- You've always lied to me.
- A mother can even lie for love.

- For the love of whom?
- Believe me. I had no choice.


Go away!


Here, before your lifeless body...

I swear...

that I will guide my comrades

and I will not let a woman
into my heart again.


Not only will you be part
of the brigade...

but you'll guide it...

at my side.

I swear on my honor...

that the Benandanti will always come
first and foremost.

Even before my own self.

You let the girl you supposedly loved
k*ll your father...

and now you're allowing
this filthy traitor to join our ranks...

making him our guide.

A leader that is not able
to recognize the valor

and the loyalty of his men...

doesn't deserve to be followed.

Whoever is with me, draw his sword.

And may Heaven preserve us.

May courage guide us!
May faith burn within us!

I baptize you
with the name of Luxor.

Like the light
that will preserve us from darkness.


Ade, go...

Go to them.


♪ Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah ♪

♪ Good Lord, where have you gone? ♪

♪ Why have you left me? ♪

♪ Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah ♪

♪ Good Lord, where have you gone? ♪

♪ Why have you left me? ♪

♪ I've been such a good Christian son ♪

♪ Said all my prayers ♪

♪ Joined your house and children
Every Sunday ♪

♪ But still, I'm feeling so ill ♪

♪ But still, I wonder if you give a... ♪

♪ Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah ♪

♪ Good Lord, where have you gone? ♪

♪ Why have you left me? ♪

♪ I know you can see
All my deepest secret ♪

♪ And I know that surely you know ♪

♪ My devotion ♪

♪ I've been such a good Christian son ♪

♪ Said all my prayers ♪

♪ Joined your house and children
Every Sunday ♪

♪ But still, I'm feeling so ill ♪

♪ But still, I wonder if you give a... ♪

♪ Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah ♪

♪ Good Lord, where have you gone? ♪

♪ Why have you left me? ♪

♪ How can I pray till the end? ♪

♪ I will obey till the end ♪

♪ But my hands are full of sand ♪

♪ Full of sand ♪

♪ Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah ♪

♪ Good Lord, where have you gone? ♪

♪ Why have you left me? ♪

♪ Ooh-ah, oooh-oooh-ah ♪

♪ Good Lord, where have you gone? ♪

♪ Why have you left me? ♪
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