01x10 - Episode 10

Episode transcripts for the TV show "1992". Aired: March 24, 2015 - April 21, 2015
Set in Rome and Milan, the series follows six people whose lives are intertwined with the rapidly changing political landscape of the early 1990s.
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01x10 - Episode 10

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What we're proposing isn't politics,
but a dream.

The dream of being free, at last.

Free from the State, from bureaucracy,
from history.

What's going on?

What's going on?

Leonardo Notte,
we're arresting you for m*rder.

There must be a mistake,
I've not done anything.

I've not done anything, let me go!

I've not done anything!

Please, no, please!

I've not done anything!

Let me go!


You shouldn't be here.
You need authorization.

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

You were going to cover that
with cement.

- What?
- You said that'd be a car park.

Are you checking up on me?

Is everything okay?

Have you ever done terrible things?

All the time.

Come with me to my office,
I need to pass by there.

Well? What did you do
that's so terrible?

I have to go.

You're not sleeping here?

I've not been sleeping at all


I dreamt that Di Pietro
was coming to arrest me.

Promise me something...

Whatever you've done,
don't ever tell me about it.

How come you didn't go away?

A few things changed.

For better or for worse?

For better and for worse.

You're not allowed there,
it's private property!

Get out!

- Are you the guardian?
- Who are you?

What's that?

The first half.

For the rest, call me when
they pick up the consignment.


Good afternoon.

Well, I wouldn't say "good"...


Did you think about my proposal?

Joining the Christian Democrats?
Well, I dunno...

The CD party is struggling now,
but it has nine lives like cats.

Everyone keeps going on about
the Second Republic...

Do you know what that means?

That you'll get the scraps
from the first one. That's what.

The parliamentary authorization
committee voted in favor.

When a big party like the CD
suffers leadership troubles,

what follows is the settling
of internal affairs.

- Did a colleague betray you?
-I can't say. Onofri, the Dorothean.

Never trust those who repent
in church.

And even with the committee's approval
the Chamber's decision is needed.

I've got an abacus at home,
you've seen it.

I used it to count how many friends
I have in Parliament.

I have plenty, some above suspicion.

I'll walk up.

It's not time for the new men yet!

Can you hear the heartbeat?
There's another heart inside you.

I'm glad you changed your mind.

I said "maybe"!

Are you one of those Catholics
who want to convert people?

You've made the right decision.

- I'll take that.
- Thanks.

- Hello? Caste/lo speaking.
- Giuliani, it's me. ls it a bad time?

Yes... No, no, what is it?

- I wanted to talk to you.
- Me too, I've got important news.

- You're pregnant?
- No!

- I'm coming to Rome soon.
- Hi. see.

- You can't talk.
- No, I'm in the newsroom.

- Can you call me tonight?
- Oi course, sure.

Sorry. Bye, speak later.


I wanted to show you this.

Of course.

Don't you want to know what it is?



All right.


Don't worry.

You should be running more checks.

They're saying he's a drug dealer.

What will it be next?


Excuse the mess,
I'm never home.

So what's this important news?

I found more contaminated blood.

Thousands of liters of plasma.

- Where?
- In a storeroom out of town.

Hidden in dozens of refrigerator rooms.

Why haven't you told anyone?
Have it seized.

It'd take months to prove
Zenit and Lemures are the same thing.

If I wait for them to deliver it
to Zenit, I'll catch them red-handed.

How will you know
when it'll be collected?

- I bribed someone.
-No, I didn't hear that.

Giuliani, listen to me,
my investigation isn't legal...

I'm your anonymous informer, right?

Why don't you take the credit?

Hello? Castello speaking.

Yes, I'll be right there.

Balzamo is d*ad.


Rocchetta? I called this morning.

- Are you Bosco?
- Yes.

Excuse me, come over to my desk.

Here it is.

- You wanted the Nobile file, right?
- Yes.

Why are you interested in what
the authorization committee does?

If I vote for someone to be arrested,
I want to know what they've done.

You're the only one.
Nobile did loads of dodgy deals!

Did he do what Onofri said or not?

You know what I think?
That Onofri got caught...

so now he fancies
screwing things up for an enemy.

CDs are like mafiosos,
they fight amongst each other.

- So he's innocent.
- What do you care?

Let's get rid of this lot.

Let's get rid of them...

Thanks, Rocchetta.

This morning in Milan
at San Raffaele hospital,

the Socialist Party treasurer,
Vincenzo Balzamo, passed away.

The country is in shock following
the death of the Socialist Balzamo

who died this morning in Milan
at San Raffaele hospital

after suffering a heart att*ck.

His condition had worsened
during the night...

Don't worry.

I'm not armed.

Pastore, what do you want?

Now they'll blame everything on him,

What do you care?

I want to be back on your team, sir.

Another one!

I read an article your friend wrote
about Mainaghi, have you seen it?

Yes, it's all true.

We can get the bigwigs
at the Department of Health.

You can't just do as you please.

Will you take me back?

Craxi and Balzamo had been
close friends for over twenty years.

We speak to an emotional Craxi.

For months he'd been
in an anxious state.

I did my best to encourage him

to understand that sooner or later

the situation would become
more tolerable, more feasible...

I taught my dog not to bother
coming back if he's caught no prey.

Or I'll give him a beating.

You want to come back, Pastore?

Help me get to him then.

Give me another one.

- Did you go to rehearsals?
- Hi to you too!

You shouldn't do strenuous stuff
in the first three months.

I'll speak to the production team
tomorrow and tell them.

- Come on!
- Come on...

Listen, once I've had this darn baby
I'm going back to work on TV.

Don't get any funny ideas about
me being a housewife, you got that?

Say "I get it".

I get it.


What are you reading?

The documents for the authorization
to proceed against Nobile.

Gaetano? What's he done?

He's been accused of corruption.

But it's his word against
that of another Christian Democrat

from another faction,
who hates him.

- Are they framing him?
- So it seems.

Well, don't vote against him then.

How can I do that?

- What's wrong?
- I feel sick.


In the name of the Italian people,
the Tribunal of Milan,

based on article 317 and 319
of the Penal Code,

declares the accused, Mario Chiesa,

guilty of bribery and corruption

and sentences him to six years

in addition to paying
the cost of the proceedings.

The Court deems
that the accused must pay

6 billion, 500 million liras

as partial compensation
until the total amount

is decided in the Civil Court.

The Court is dismissed.

Sir, are you going to appeal?

Sir, can you answer my question?
Will you appeal or not?

Why are you here?
Any news on the blood?

Not yet. It's the first Clean Hands
trial and I wanted to be here.

Di Pietro isn't happy, he wanted
a 10-year sentence.

He's not happy because now that
Balzamo's d*ad, Craxi is safe again.

Now that they have a scapegoat,
they'll never talk.

Unless they find someone
who still has it in for Craxi

and who has nothing to lose.


Someone like the Socialist Party's
old secretary. What do you want?

I need a favor.

Open the door, I know you're there.

You know about this?

- Meaning?
- Read it.


- No, I didn't...
- So how come your friend

Giuliani Castello writes this crap?

I saw you talking in court yesterday.

Mancini's lawyer called me

and asked me if it was true.

I said:
"No, he's not being investigated."

Of course he didn't believe me,

then he said that Mancini wants
to give a voluntary statement.

You told me to bring you Craxi
and I tried.

A bluff?

We have the results from the checks
we did on those accounts.

From the Mainaghi case?

From Mario Chiesa's kickback account.

Another kickback was revealed
for a contract to build a clinic.

So now I have to question Mainaghi.

I'm just telling you because
I thought you'd want to know.

In fact, why don't you question her?

You know I got a right telling off
because of you?

The news hasn't been confirmed.

I hope it was worth it.

I'm pleased.

You owe me one.

Bye, Luca.

Here she is!

This is my sister, Veronica.

Careful, it's taken an hour
to make me look pretty.

- They've done a good job.
- Yes, I look good.

How about you?

I've got some news.

I bet I know what it is.

Who told you?

Well, I'm your big sister.

L keep an eye on you!

How come you're here?

They saw me on TV during an interview
with some Clean Hands reporters

and they said I'm expressive
and credible.

They asked me to do a segment
that'll be part of "Buona Domenica".

I've not stopped writing, tomorrow
I'm back at the prosecution office.

What did you want to tell me?

I need some advice.

Good morning. Alessandra,
is everything ready next door?

- Yes, Mrs. Cuccarini, it is.
- Good.

She's interviewing me, you know.

Shall we have a coffee?

Some other time.

You're busy now.

I'll call you.

See you. Goodbye.

Did you see the videotape I gave you?

Do you smoke?

Only when I'm very cross.

As a young man, you were a communist.

I do my homework
on those who work for me.

What was it that you preached?

Oh yes...

the liberation of work,
the right to enjoy things,

desire as a form of liberation.

But who actually achieved
those things?

We did.

And you think you have
something to teach me?

Did you watch the video or not?

You were supposed to do one thing
but you did another, with my money.

Who gave you authorization?

Answer me!
Who the hell gave you authorization?

Did you watch it or not?

You think you're so clever?

Do you think you're a genius?

I don't give a toss about you!
I need people who are trustworthy.

- And I am.
- Really?

My bank manager called me.

He said you tried to withdraw
one billion liras,

then you changed your mind and left.

What the hell
were you planning to do?

Did you watch the video or not?

You're still the deluded narcissist
you were as a young man.

And I want nothing more to do
with you, is that clear?

- I've worked very hard for this job.
- I couldn't care less.

You're fired.

He could've axed us too,
but you covered for us. Thanks.

- It was my idea.
- A g*dd*mn brilliant idea!

I'd imagined myself as
Minister of Joyous Living!

What's the saying?
It's always the best who go...

It's been a pleasure.



- Hello?
- Luca Pastors?

- Yes.
- It's about that consignment.

The truck's arrived to collect it.

Does the delivery note say
where it's going?


- Hold that consignment.
- What?

- The consignment that just arrived!
- It's already gone in!

- We had no choice.
- You know how much we lost?

I know you founded Lemures
to shift the blame for the blood.

I said you were a smart girl.

That's why I destroyed that plasma.

The prosecutor wants to question me.
We just avoided

a huge scandal and you want to risk
more trouble for peanuts?

- What if they'd caught us?
- It wasn't peanuts...

I'm not going to jail for you.

We'd never have been caught.

You're the one with scruples,
you're a milksop.

- You're not like you're father.
- I'm looking after our interests.

Next time check with me first.

f*ck you.



- Did they release you?
- Yes, awaiting trial.

Good luck.


Do you have something for me?

- Have you run out of sugar?
- Do you have something?

Didn't you notice I've lost my job?

Well, that makes two of us.

I'm sure you have
an emergency stash, dammit!

f*ck off.

Come on...

I k*lled a man.

I smashed his head in
with a carjack.

I k*lled a man!

Darling, what have I done?

Forgive me.

I forgive you.

- Hello?
- Leo.

Sorry for calling you at this time.

- Can't you sleep?
- N0, I need your help.

What for?

Emotional support,
the prosecutor wants to see me.

Please, help me, I have to put on
a hard-nosed front, I can't do it.

Okay, I'll come pick you up.


- Hello?
- Bosco, it's Bortolotti.

- What is it?
- You know what day it is today?

We'll send your friend home today.
They're waiting for your vote.

Don't forget.

- Are you there? Did you hear me?
- Yes.

And don't screw up!

- All right.
- Don't be late.


Remember, let's stay united,
we've got to send him packing!


Ready to do what you have to do?

Honorable colleagues,
we are all present here today

to vote for the authorization
to proceed against Gaetano Nobile.

Make sure we all stay united.

Dear colleagues! Please!
Proceed with the voting.

I'm watching you, understood?

Well done, Pietro.
You did the right thing.

Honorable colleagues,
the voting is closed.

Voters present: 612.

Majority: 307.

In favor: 311.

Against: 301.

You see? Your vote made
no damn difference anyway!

The Chamber has approved
the authorization to proceed

against Honorable Nobile.

Well done, everyone!

Now count to ten...







Mr. Mancini, please, come in.

Beatrice Mainaghi.

You're doing the questioning?

I'm sorry, you didn't make me
lose my job.

Will you clarify the reason
for the summons?

Just a few questions.

It's my client's right to know
why he's here.

I told you,
he's not being investigated.

But I'm glad that Mr. Mancini
has volunteered to be a witness.

A witness for what?

You were a Socialist leader
for decades, you must know plenty!

You must have some idea
about how Craxi ran the party.

"Mr. Mainaghi paid 250 million liras,
in two installments,

to gain authorization
for the construction

of the new plastic surgery clinic.

He wanted the work to begin
with no setbacks."

Those are Franco De Roberti's words,
the assessor, now held on remand.

Are we really talking about this?

We're talking about a kickback, yes.

I have to pay for my father's sins?

Mr. De Roberti also says
that the Mainaghi firm

continued to, let's say...
"cultivate their relationship."

I don't know this man,
I've never given him money.

Maybe not directly.

Maybe someone else
makes decisions on your behalf.

- Can we talk in private, please?
- No way.


At first I believed in Craxi,

I helped him to become secretary.

He was a nice lad,
I liked his energy and determination.

I wanted to give him a chance,
it was just a temporary position.

I'd never have imagined
we'd stoop so low.

Do you mean the immoral way
he financed the party?

I mean that you're destroying
our party with your blows.

I feel terrible about what happened.

Not only in this past year...

But my opinion was no longer
of any importance.

Balzamo was burdened with
a huge responsibility,

managing illegal funds
worth billions for years,

without the secretary knowing.

A responsibility that unfortunately
Balzamo cannot elucidate.

He went with dishonor,
I'm sorry about that too.

Maybe because the dishonor
wasn't just his.

I know you were forced to do that
conference against the prosecutor.

BY Who?

Tell me. It's just me and you.

Who's really in control?

Who's thr*at you?

- I can protect you.
- It's too late, I think.

I did some decontaminating.

You planted this the night you came
to say you wanted to be with me.

And you expect me to trust you?

The reason you came to see me
had nothing to do with me.

You don't even like me.

I've listened to you
all this time, Bibi.

Even when it hurt me.

I listened to you having sex
with another guy.

I've listened to you cry.

I've missed you, you know.

When you destroyed that blood
I realized you hadn't changed.

Mancini, you know that Balzamo
was simply following orders.


do something for your party.

If you were still the secretary,
what would you do?

I'm no longer the secretary,
I'm no longer in charge.

Craxi's in charge.


Craxi runs the show.


Craxi calls the shots, Craxi collects
the money, Craxi takes it.

He can't not know...

Craxi knew what Balzamo
was doing, he knew everything.

- What do you want from me?
- That you confess your father's sins.

And if I don't?

We've got sufficient proof
to arrest you.

How, with your recordings?

You weren't working for
the prosecutor, they're illegal.

Why continue being a victim
for your father?

- You're a fine one to talk...
- Just walk away from it all.

Send them all to hell,
what do you care?

So you'll use those recordings
and get your revenge?

You'll ruin the Clean Hands
operation too.

Because that's what'll happen.
I don't think you'll use them.

Why not handcuff me
and take me to jail?

I knew it.

I'll send my lawyer in
to finalize the report.

Well, Mr. Mancini...

- Good clay to you.
- Goodbye.

Can you give us a statement?

Thanks for coming,
I'm almost done.

I'll wait here for you.

Sign here, I'll see to the rest.

Maybe one day we'll arrest you
for real.

- Attilio...
- Hello.


Take it easy.

Shit, stop! The baby!

There is no baby, I had an abortion.

For that shitty program?

L Pity you.

It's not even what you want.

How do you know what I want?

In that shitty head of yours
you'll always be a slut.

And you're just a loser
who'd marry a slut

just to have someone
who pretends to love him.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

I'm sorry.

It's over.


Here they are.

Pastore, you lost the bet.

- 1,000 liras.
- 1,000 liras.

Come with me.

We've got Craxi.

We did it!

Just imagine his face when he gets
his notice of investigation!

Sir, it doesn't end here, does it?

The Department of Health, yes.
But give me a smile.

g*dd*mn crook!

Let's proceed, seal off that area.


I've seen those around, what is it?

The future.


Good evening.

No, it's fine. Go ahead.


Goodnight to you.

Who was that?

1993 is going to be a fantastic year.

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