03x06 - Beyond the Aquarium

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Baby". Aired: 30 November 2018 – 16 September 2020.
A coming-of-age story that explores the unseen lives of Roman high schoolers.
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03x06 - Beyond the Aquarium

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If you're and living
in Rome's most beautiful neighborhood,

you're lucky.

Ours is the best of all possible worlds.

We're immersed in this beautiful aquarium,

but we long for the sea.

That's why, to survive,

we need a secret life.

"I am aware of the legal and moral--"

Can you repeat that, please,
closer to the microphone?

"I am aware of the legal
and moral responsibility…"

"…of my testimony.

I swear to tell the whole truth…"

"…and to not withhold
any knowledge I may have."

Can you state your name, please?

Claudio Fiorenzi.

Place and date of birth?


February , .

So you decided to go back to Mr. Fiorenzi

on the advice
of your mother and best friend?

No. That's not what happened.

I was manipulated by Claudio Fiorenzi.


Why did you decide
to do the live stream and tell everyone

that you were really Emma?

It was the right thing to do.

I was Emma.

Did you ever feel guilty?


That was the problem.

I didn't feel anything.

So why did you do it?

Did it have anything to do with
your relationship with Damiano Younes?

No, it had nothing to do with him.

Not then.

But did he know what you were doing?

I'd prefer not to answer.

So you and Ludovica Storti
were involved with the same people?

Ludovica and I did everything together.

By ourselves at the start,

then with Fiore.

Then at a certain point,
she decided to stop.

He knew he had no power over me.

But with Ludovica, it was different.

And you?


Why didn't Fiorenzi
have any power over you, Chiara?

What happened to you?


Thank you.


Have you been treated all right?


The charges are serious, Damiano.

-Inciting prostitution--
-Again with this shit.

Fiorenzi claims

that you were the one
who brought Chiara and Ludovica to him.

He says all of you tricked him.

I swear, Monica, it's bullshit.

He's just trying
to get a lighter sentence or something.

But you…

Did you know about the girls?

Yes. But I found out later.

No one will believe me, I know that.
It's pointless.

-Even you don't believe me.
-No, I believe you.

I know you'd never do anything like that.

What will happen to Chiara and Ludovica?

I don't know, but I talked to my lawyer.

Unfortunately, there's no one to testify
on your behalf.

Right now, you have to think of yourself.

Damiano was like a brother to me.

He needed money.

The prostitution was his idea.

Through him, I met Emma and Ludovica.

By "Emma,"
you mean Chiara Altieri, correct?

Her testimony will be screened shortly.

However, with regard to Ludovi,
Did you manipulate her?

I was in a relationship with her.

I tried a number of times

to persuade her to stop prostituting
herself because I loved her.

But it was no good.

Neither she nor her friend
had the slightest intention of quitting.

Then I don't understand

why you decided to flee from the police
before they could arrest you.

Ludovica came to me,
begging me to go away.

I thought it might be a way
for me and her to start over.

Instead, she deceived me once again.

I swear, I can't believe it.

Can you believe Fiore?
He can't just do that to Damiano! I…

I see his ugly face on every page
that I can't even study for my finals.


She knows everything!
She knows about Damiano and Martino.

She's the only one who can tell the truth
and testify against Fiore.

Yes, but she has vanished.

How do we find her?

The list of clients keeps growing.

And naturally, all of them
will want to make a plea bargain.

But first, those accused
of exploitation are being tried.

Claudio Fiorenzi, Damiano Younes,
and Simonetta Loreti.

What's the worst that could happen
to my daughter?

Unlike Ludovica,

your daughter has been charged
with inciting prostitution.

Then there's Fiorenzi's statement,

in which he claims
to have been manipulated.

And that doesn't help.

At worst
Chiara gets sent to juvenile prison.


could lose the possibility
of seeing her mother again.

Damiano could go to jail.

But we're trying to prevent that.

And we'd lose our parental responsibility
over Chiara?

I know it's a frightening prospect, but…

the judge will decide
if you two are unfit parents.

What makes a fit parent?

I think it's only natural
that the question is raised

after something like this happens.

Please listen to me.

Whatever happens at the trial,
you won't stop being her parents.

Any news about Natalia?

We've searched for her everywhere,

but we couldn't find her.

What does that mean? Has she left Rome?

Yes, maybe.

Anyway, it's none of your concern.
Especially you.

Didn't you say
you're going to Paris to study art?

Yes. But I don't care about going
if I can't see my mother.

I know. I'm sorry.

But we have to trust the judge, girls.

Don't do anything stupid.

You're going to Paris?

I got into one of the best comic schools.

So you're leaving?

Only if I pass my finals.

Sorry. I wanted to be the one
to tell you, but…

-I was waiting for the right moment--
-It's all right.

I'm happy for you.

I'm not sure if I'll go.

Let's look for Natalia, okay?

So her last photo…

was from Toy.

How long ago?


-Where the f*ck can she be?
-I can ask someone at Toy.

Wait. Let's see…


You gave me such a fright!

I'm sorry. I thought I'd get back
before you realized.

How did you know I was here?

I didn't know where to look for you,
and then I figured you might be here.

I couldn't sleep.

I've never come here, so I thought

I'd come and say hello.

She was always right.

She once said, "Run away
to wherever you want,

but if you don't face up
to your responsibilities,

all the filth you have inside
will catch up with you."

You're not one to run away.

You're not someone who runs away.

Who knows what she'd say now
if she could see us here.

She'd say it's time to go home

before the police realize
that I've gone out.

You're right.

Maybe we could put some flowers
before we go.

-Okay, there isn't even one.
-Come on.

-I'll take some from here!
-No, there's a place to buy some.



Your Honor, the witness continues
to evade my question.

I understand. You don't have to repeat it.

Please remain calm.

We are well aware

that remaining calm
is not in the boy's nature.

Just as we have all heard
about his violent conduct.

Just as we have all heard
about his relationship

with Ms. Altieri Della Rocca.

I don't see
how anyone could fail to believe

that my client, Claudio Fiorenzi,

was manipulated
by these three young people.

Do I keep going straight, Ludo?

-I don't know. I lost the signal.
-But we were almost there, right?

No, guys, we're lost.

It must be here somewhere.

Pull over.

What do you want to do?
Drive around all night? Pull over.

All right. I'll go.

What are you doing here? Go home.

We were just leaving.

We're looking for a party
around these parts.

Turn around and take a left.

All right, thanks.

She said to go back and take a left,

but I don't understand where.
I didn't see any turn-offs.

Let's go take a look.

Turn around.

Thank you.

Watch your step, or you will really fall.

Be careful! That's it.

-Here, you drive.
-I don't feel like it, Saverio.

Let's get in the car.

-What's wrong?
-I'm not going in.

Let's see if she's here.

-If she isn't, we'll leave.
-I'm not going inside.

Do you recognize this place?

-You're not going in either.

Trust me. Let's go.

We can't give up now, okay?

What? You think
we can just fix everything now?

Maybe, or at least try! I don't know!

It's bullshit.

That's not true.

I'm not going back into that shit.

And if you go in, I'm leaving.

Fine, I'll go in by myself.

You're f*cking obsessed.

Where is she going?

Home. Do you want to go too?


Everything's sorted. They will let us in.


To me, it sounds more like a game,
to use your own words.

A game you kept hidden,
like a precious secret.

How is it possible that no one,
not even at your school,

ever found out
about your illegal activities?


I was the only one who knew.

Is that why Chiara Altieri decided
to use Sofia Mancini to blackmail you?

She didn't blackmail me.

I was blackmailing her.

Explain what you mean, please.

After Fiore broke my nose,
I started following him.

I found out about his ties
to Chiara and Ludovica.

And when you found out, you did nothing?

When I took her money,
I didn't know with any great certainty.

That's not what I asked.

I was afraid

that her future
would be compromised forever.

Fiore's framing me, Damiano, and Ludovica.

You don't say!

You can help us by testifying.
You're our only hope.

Not a chance.

Fiore's guilty.

And you know it.

It's only right that he should pay.

And you're not guilty of anything?

You've got the nerve.

You even had the courage
to come here and ask for my help.


I know you hate me,
but I'm not the only one in trouble here.

There are a lot of people in trouble,
and you're the only one who can help them.


I already gave you a chance.

What do you want?
Do you want money? Well, how much?

What do you take me for?

A whore?

You know what…

I don't feel like working tonight.
Here's what we'll do.

I'll take his money, and you go with him.

That's my price.

Then we'll talk.

Come on, show me that you're still good
at this game, Emma.

What? You don't like it anymore?

You got yourself a great deal.

Have fun.

Chiara, where the f*ck are you going?

Who are you? Her new boyfriend?

Relax, don't torment yourself.

She will be fine without you.

Did I ask you anything?

Because I don't think so.

Oh, god,
I think I've seen this all before.

She likes this life too much.

Don't you realize
she's trying to fix things?

You all think you're so great
just because you have money.

So that's why
you want to drag her back into it.

It's all a game to you.

Well, having fun?

Do whatever the hell you want
about the trial. I'm going to find her.

Did he hurt you?

I sent him away.

Are you all right?

I can't…

No more.

Get me out of here.

These things didn't happen to me.

I was the one who chose to do them.

Chiara, if there's anything else
you want to say, we're here to listen.

Otherwise, we're finished.

There is something.


I have always observed others.

I could never understand why everyone...

knew who they were,

but I didn't.

I never knew who I was.

I was afraid of making mistakes.

I was afraid of letting others down.

Sometimes the clients
treated us like objects.

But in those moments,

it didn't bother me.

The apathy I told you about

made me feel grown-up.

It seemed to be the answer.

To everything.

That's how it works, isn't it?


They're just illusions.

Whereas money…

Money's real.

I don't want to live like this anymore.

Being Emma helped me understand that.

When I look in the mirror,

I don't see a victim.

Then I look around…

and think that the right thing…

would be to admit that…

at the end of the day, we're all guilty.


Seen as you chose the Cultural Revolution
of as your topic,

please tell us

about the historical background
to that period.

What was happening in Europe?

Well… Yes.

is remembered
as a time of great change.

Not just political,
but also cultural, social, and sexual.

What do you mean by "sexual"?

What I mean is

changes concerning the role
of women in society.

In fact, they began demonstrating
to obtain their rights.

Today, they would probably be disappointed
by the new generation of women.

With all due respect,

I think they'd be ashamed
at how men still treat women.

In fact, they didn't want
to be seen only as mothers.

Their struggle was to obtain
the same rights as men.

Of the many achievements gained
regarding female emancipation,

I'd like to highlight the passing
of the divorce law.

Do you remember the year?



Well, before closing,

I see there is
one final witness to testify.

I confirm her presence, Your Honor.

Show her in.

"I am aware

of the legal and moral responsibility
of my testimony."

"I swear to tell the whole truth

and to not withhold any knowledge
I may have."

If I may, I'd like to bring her this.

What is it?

My final year exam results.

It's not fair that you're being sent
to a community home.

It's better than juvenile prison.

I'll call you every day.

I don't think you can.

And maybe it's better for both of us.


When do you leave?

Next week.

So soon.

Yes, I have to look for a house.

Will you come and visit me
when this is all over?

Just imagine all the trouble
we'll cause together in Paris.

We'll meet again.

I'll never forget.



Darling, you did great!

How embarrassing!

I had never seen it before.

Then watch it now.

Can you manage?


Chiara, you have a visitor.

Here are the books for the revision.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

This is where we do gardening.

What else do you do?

A bit of everything.

I made pizza the other day.

-I swear!

You don't get bored then?

No, and I'm learning lots of things.

In the end, it's not so bad here.

Don't you ever feel lonely?


But right now, it's okay.

Thanks for stopping by.


How are you?

Great. What about you?

Very well, thank you!
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