03x06 - Awakenings

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Suburra". Aired: 6 October 2017 – 30 October 2020.
In 2008, a fight over land in a seaside town near Rome spirals into a deadly battle between organized crime, corrupt politicians and the Vatican.
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03x06 - Awakenings

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[Angelica prays in Sinti]

[Angelica continues to pray in Sinti]

[continues praying in Sinti]

[cold, plaintive music plays]

[doctor] I'm so sorry,
you've lost the baby.

No, it's not true.

I don't believe it.

[sobbing softly]

[opening theme music plays]


[tense music playing]

[breathes heavily]

[tense music turns frantic]



What room is Angelica Anacleti in?

- [in Sinti] Are you crazy?
- Where is she?

- It's too risky.
- I don't care. Where's Angelica?

I have to tell you something.

She lost the baby.



[dramatic music playing]

- How's Angelica?
- She's alive.

She's okay.

They will discharge her
in a couple of days.

Now do you see what you have done?

You've ruined everything.

This is all your doing.

You tried to m*rder your own brother
and this is God's punishment.

Now, you have to go away.
The family is out looking for you.


[Nadia] I'm sorry.

Thank you for being here.

You were there for me too.

One sec.

Do you want one?

- Since when do you smoke?
- I just started.

Half an hour ago.

[Aureliano] You ever think about Lele?

It seems like it was a different lifetime.

We accomplished a lot. Hm?

Like when you have a nightmare
and you tell yourself…

I'll just wake up now.

But the nightmare doesn't end.

When Livia was dying in my arms,
that was the feeling I had then.

How did you deal with it?

I'm not sure I woke up.

It was a mistake.

Aureliano had no way of knowing
you were in the car.

The real mistake was Spadino's.

He could have k*lled Manfredi.

Angelica, we've all made mistakes here.

We all did.

But it was a dream
that wasn't ours, though.

[delicate chamber music plays]


He got away from me too, bro.

And I really f*cked up with Angelica.


We'll get it sorted out.

So long as we stick together.

Look at me.

Stick with me,
we'll get through this trouble.

You are my best friend, okay?

You're my only friend.

What took so long to meet you then?

You're okay.

[Angelica cries]

[slow, dramatic music playing]

[distant chatter]

[all] And forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those
who trespass against us.

I'm the one that got sh*t

and these f*cking cops
decide to break my balls.

The f*ck kept me in the police station
all night long.

I'm back. Now we can get started.

We've got some shit we got to do.

[in Sinti] What do we do?

For starters…

I'm taking my room back.

[man in Sinti]
What do we do with Spadino?

I'll wait for him here.

d*ad or alive, he'll show up eventually.

Holy Mary, Mother of God.

Pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death, amen.

[brooding music plays]

[Cinaglia] Alice?

You shouldn't be here.

I've come to get you.

I miss you, Alice.

- Amedeo. Has something happened?
- No.

Nothing's changed at all.

Except I'm on the verge of total victory.

Do you realize what this means
for us and for our family?

Our troubles are over.

You are nothing to me now.

If you go and turn me in now,

you'll be destroying not just our lives,
but the children's as well.

That's not the point.

I could have saved you.


Do you remember what you used to say?

"Do whatever it takes
to make your family happy and safe."

You know I didn't mean this.

You don't make sense anymore.

You are holed up in some
g*dd*mn convent with our children.

And you recite prayers.

Who are you really saving, huh?

I'm doing what you said you wanted.

- It wasn't. No.
- Yes, it is.

Alice. Alice, please don't do it.

Give me that!

[Alice gasping]





[desolate music playing]

[breathes heavily]


[breathes heavily]


[trembling breath]


[phone chimes]


[sorrowful music swells]

["R.I.P." by Noyz Narcos playing]

If Cinaglia doesn't show up with the money
we'll have to find another solution.

Either way,
I'll b*at the shit out of that assh*le.


Get down!

[song continues over g*n]

- [g*n]
- [grunts]


Hey man, you okay?

[engine starting]

[tires screeching]

[Spadino] These assholes
must be working together.

It's like they've all
turned against us now.

Cinaglia, Badali, the cardinal, that bitch
Sibilla, and my brother, of course.

How else could he have gotten out of jail?

It had to be one of them.

- Let's split. I got to go see Angelica.
- Okay.

- What the f*ck are you looking at?
- I've got an idea, I'll tell you later.

[Nascari] Don't go.


Don't you see?

The evil has been defeated.

Now, we can begin to change all the things
we don't like about the Vatican.

The things I don't like are here.



I am not like those criminals,

- I only used them to help.
- Do you want the truth?

I felt better before I found out
you were my father.

[indistinct chatter]

[breathes heavily]

[knocking at door]

[tense music plays]

You're crazy to show your face.

I was scared I'd never see you anymore.

I'll help you escape.

I can do it on my own.

Where are we going?

The only safe place I know.

To your father's.

He's the only one we can trust
to protect us now.

He's always been on our side.

And now he will be even more so,
now my brother k*lled his grandchild.

We can try again.

Whenever you want to.

- Two, three, four babies...
- Why did you let him live?

How dare you talk about more children?

If you had done what you were supposed to,
we wouldn't be here.

Do you know what it is?

The problem is with you and me.

We've tried hard enough.

We have never been a real couple.

That's not fair!
I'm here, you can count on me.

But your heart is elsewhere
and you know that!

I don't feel anything.

Your father will help us out.

I thought I'd be coming here
with my baby.

I was going to show her my bedroom.

Come to Papa.

It's all Manfredi's fault, Papa.
He forced me to get into his car.

I want to get back everything we've lost.

And I need you to help me to do it.

By setting up that assh*le.

My friend and I will handle the rest.

Both of you already tried to k*ll him.

No luck.

What makes this time different?

Everything is different now.

This time it's for Angelica.

And for our child.

I want to bring you that animal's head

so you can hang it up there, in the yard.

What should I do?

I know you're feeling guilty
about Angelica.

But that's wrong.


Nobody really knows what's right
and what's wrong.

Pushing me away isn't right, though.

Whatever I touch, dies.

Even a baby died.

What do I do if it happens to you?

I'd k*ll myself.

[gentle music plays]

I love you.

You too.

Let's go.


I'm counting on you.

[Flavio] Don't worry.
Call me when you want us back.

I'll let you know what happens.
Keep your eyes open.

He's agreed to meet with us
at the place you said.

- But not tomorrow, tonight.
- How come?

His appointment is tomorrow.

After what happened,
he rescheduled his appointment.

It must be a safety precaution.

- Let's go.
- Shit.


Spadino, if you want
to take back control,

the credit for what we are about to do

needs to be yours alone.

Yeah, you're right.

I feel safer here than at home.

Then this is your moment of truth.

[in Sinti] Let's roll!

First we go to the w*apon cache
and then to Rome.

[Angelica] Alberto.

What's going on?

After I get back,
we'll be going home again.

If you want to.

sh**t him in the face for me.

[engines start]

You're lucky, Sibilla.

Because with women, I never get violent.

- But what the f*ck do I do with you?
- [scoffs]

You're taking it out on the wrong person.

- I have nothing to do with it.
- Who is then?


Have a look at the company you keep.

Like Badali and Cinaglia,

who ordered me to hand over
all the paperwork to them.

Not the kind of command I defy.


[Sibilla] Aureliano, I've had enough.

Ever since you k*lled Samurai…

for me personally, these offices…

are nothing but a prison.

This was the life insurance he kept.

File folder number .

In here you'll find all the dirt
on the Badali family.

This is the key to Rome's kingdom.

I want you to have it…

because Rome needs to be governed
in order to survive

and you maybe the only one
capable of doing that.

I've seen many people pass through here.

People of every type.

But you're unusual.

Because you have suffered.

Like Samurai did.

I can see that you're not like the others.

You've figured out
what you have to do to survive.

That's something you share with Samurai.

What does this gift cost me?

[Sibilla] Not much.

I don't want to see any of you anymore.

[Sibilla sighs]

Call Badali.

Make an appointment.

You come with me to negotiate.

If it goes well, you're free to do
whatever the f*ck you want.

Thank you.


I don't want to see anyone.

[knocking harder]

I'm not gonna hurt you.
You have to come with me to see Manfredi.

I always knew you were on his side.

Angelica, don't make me do things
I don't want to.

How come my father's men let you inside?

We're trying to settle things reasonably.

With reasonable people like who?

Your father and Manfredi, to start.

[Angelica] My father?

- He's involved?
- Hey.

Careful, Angie.

I need a minute.

No f*cking around, all right?

The number you dialed is unavailable…

Oh, Spadi.

- [Nadia] Angelica.
- Nadia.

- [Aureliano] Let's go.
- Coming.

[phone rings]



What is it?

A problem.

- [Sibilla] We have to go. They're waiting.
- I can't do it now.

- Wait for me here.
- Aureliano.

This thing is a one-time offer.

If you don't make the deal now,

these documents will end up
in someone else's hands.

Wait for me here.

[tense music plays]

I'll go find cover there.

[Sale chuckles]

No point in that.

You've screwed up too often, Spadi.

[g*n cock]

[Manfredi] I screwed up too.

Letting you marry my daughter.

[Manfredi] Throw that piece away.

I knew someone was missing.

Look how bad you got f*cked.

All you did in the end
was dig your own f*cking grave.

You wanted it all.
An empire, a wife, a daughter.

You don't deserve shit.

Now you're all through.

Then come on.

I'm doing you a favor, Spadi.



[Manfredi groans]

[g*n continue]

[Aureliano breathes heavily]

[g*n continue]

- [man] Bastard!
- [Spadino] Behind you!

[man] f*ck you!


Dammit! f*cking shit!

[g*n continue]


You okay?

I'm sorry, Angelica.

- You got caught in the middle...
- Don't talk to me!

We've always ended up on opposite sides.

But you know I've always liked you.

- [g*n]
- [glass shatters]

- Come, Angelica! Get in here!
- [horn honking]

[tense music playing]

[g*n continue]

Time to die, Spadi.

Get his g*n, Spadi!

Go, go!

Piece of shit!


[empties g*n]


Will we make it?

Yeah, we're gonna make it.

As expected.


You've always been
such a predictable bastard.


[Badali] Burn everything.

[g*n continue]

[man] It's over!
We'll f*cking get you now.

Bye, brother.

No, Aureliano! No!

Come on, you bastards!



It's nothing.

Hey, hey…

Get up. Get up.




[desolate piano music playing]

Come on, nothing wrong with you.

Nothing's f*cking wrong with you.

I'll get you home now, okay?

It'll be okay.

It hurts, Alberto.

No, it doesn't.

No, you're fine.

I guess we f*cked it up.

[crying silently]

[piano music swells]


Get up.

No. Get up, get up, Aureliano!


Don't leave me. Don't leave me.


[gentle piano music plays]

- [Fabrizio] Daddy!
- [Vittoria] Daddy!

[Cinaglia] Let's go.

[Fabrizio] Where's Mommy?


[Manfredi groans]

[Manfredi groans]

[tense music playing]

[Manfredi breathing heavily]

[Manfredi moans]

[breath trembling]

[Manfredi groans]

[Manfredi grunts]

This is what you deserve.


Are you kids hungry?

Papa, when will we see Mama?

We talked about this earlier.

Didn't I explain it enough?

Only for a goodnight kiss, Papa
Then Mommy can go back to heaven.

[brooding music playing]


[sorrowful music plays]

Go on in.

Sit down.

Hi, Amedeo.

Hi, Marcello.

Can you turn the TV on?

You have a package.

[man on TV] The price of oil
will not fall below $. a barrel.

Now let's move on to the foreign news.


[woman on TV] "The Church is God's
instrument to gather His family together

under the Cross of Christ."

These are the words of the Holy Father
uttered minutes ago

during the mass celebrated in Washington.

Here, unexpectedly, he announced
that an extraordinary Jubilee

will be held in Rome…

Let's have a couple of sandwiches.

- They're not here.
- Let's get out of here.


- Papa?
- [Cinaglia] Yes?

Is it because of you
that Mommy had to go up to heaven?

Listen carefully to me.

Mommy's gone forever.

She's not coming back.

But it's no one's fault.

She watches and she can see everything
that you're both doing

and she hears you too.

I promise you.


Daddy didn't buy you kids fries?

Get some fries for the kids.

What's wrong with you?

Let's talk.

Stay here while Daddy
talks to that man for a minute, okay?

So now you're a mailman, Cina?

Looks that way.

[commentary over TV continues]


[Badali] The good news is
that Aureliano Adami is d*ad.

But Spadino isn't and Manfredi is.

We can find someone else
to run Rome's drug rackets.

[woman on TV] The Jubilee will be
a great occasion to boost the economy

of the capital

especially thanks
to the religious tourism

in preparation for which…

What says the Holy Father?

[woman on TV]
..facilities to receive the faithful.

What should I get him to say?

[woman on TV]..that over the last year
encountered many shake-ups

starting with the resignation
of the former mayor

and the new elections swiftly called
to give s*ab to the city.

Either way, we can all appreciate…

[slow, sorrowful music playing]

[music swelling]

Where is he?


Where is he?

Talk. Where is he?

Come on, tell me!

Where is he?


He said he wanted to be near his sister.


Here, you should have this.

[Angelica] Let's go home.

I want to go home again.

You were right before.

It's different now.

No, it's not.

The family has to have you.

They need us.

But I don't need them any longer.

I don't need anyone anymore.

But I need you, Spadi.

I can't give you the love
you deserve to have.

I just can't.

Don't cry, Angelica, it's nobody's fault.




[sorrowful music playing]





[elegiac music playing]

[desolate music playing]

["Scivola via" by Piotta playing]
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