03x08 - Those Who Leave, Those Who Stay

Episode transcripts for the TV show "My Brilliant Friend". Aired: November 18, 2018 - present.
An Italian- and Neapolitan-language coming-of-age drama that's named after the first of four novels in the Neapolitan Novels series by Elena Ferrante.
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03x08 - Those Who Leave, Those Who Stay

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Eleonora showered us with gifts,

she paid at the restaurant

and wanted to buy dresses

for Dede and Elsa.

Then they returned to Naples.

Against all odds,

time didn't collapse without Nino,

on the contrary, writing absorbed me.

Thinking of it now,

I wrote of how men had invented us

so that we would always be

at their service,

just because he would read me

and say: "Well done."


Elena, I'm enthusiastic about it!

Can I translate it into French?

Some friends run

a small publishing house in Nanterre,

they often publish female authors,

they'd be keen.

Without your encouragement,

I'd never have done it.

My mother will call you,

she knows I've read the book,

she'll be offended

because you didn't send it to her first.

No, as if she'd be offended.

I have to go now. Bye, Mariarosa.


How is it that you let

Mariarosa read your work before me?

I was afraid it wouldn't interest you.

It's only seventy pages.

It's not a novel,

I don't quite know what it is.

When you don't know what

you've written, it means it's good work.

Let me decide

if it interests me or not. Send it to me.

- All right.

- Bye, Elena.


- Lenù.

- Hi!

I'm in Florence.

- We were expecting you tomorrow.

- I'll explain later.

If it's a problem,

I can make other arrangements.

No problem at all.

I'll be there in half an hour, I'll

leave my suitcase and go to the library.

- Won't you eat something first?

- No, I can't stay for lunch.

- All right.

- I'm on my way.


- Come in.

- May I?


Hi there, meatball!

How are you?

Hi there, little meatball.

Are you shy?

Or are you tired?

- Dede?

- She's at school.

Would you like a coffee?

How's your work coming along?

Well, I gave the pages

to Mariarosa to read.

She said she wants

to translate them into French.

I had no doubts at all.

How is Mariarosa?

Always very active.

Franco's staying with her

until he recovers.

He still hasn't recovered?

- Not a lot.

- Pieces of shit.

For him and Silvia it's been very hard.

I was very struck

by something you wrote.

For you, in the Biblical story, woman

is no different from man, she is man.

Yes, Eve can't, doesn't know how,

she doesn't have the means

to live outside Adam.

Her good and evil are

good and evil according to Adam.

It's as if she were Adam as a woman.

God's work is so successful,

she herself doesn't know what she is.

She doesn't have a language of her own,

a spirit of her own, a logic of her own.

- And she has a pliant body.

- And she loses her shape easily.

Now I have to go. Thanks.


Bye, meatball, see you soon.

Where do I put this?

I'll do it.

You sure? Thanks.

- I'll see you later.

- Bye.

Nino, I was talking

about responsibility in general.

Responsibility? You're always

on about values, morality

In the ideal world of Pietro the priest,

Elena is your governess.

See you later. Dede, be good.

Have fun.

Pietro's friendship with Nino

did him good.

He was happy with this bond,

he had discovered

the pleasure of not feeling alone.

I'll get you, don't worry.

Nino? Magic trick.

Dede, don't be annoying, just eat.

Papa, you're the annoying one.

Are you ready?

I'll go.

Another one?


It's me, am I disturbing you?

No, we were just finishing lunch.

I'll only steal a minute.

I finished it last night.

It's intense, accurate.

- At times illuminating, very topical.

- Thank you.

Send it to the publisher tomorrow.

They can make a small volume

to be published simultaneously

with the publication in French.

All right.

You did such good work,

I knew you would.

Say hello to the girls,

actually to everyone, my son too.


- Who was that?

- Your mother.

Was it Grandma Adele?

And what did she say?

They want to publish my book

simultaneously with France.


We have to celebrate!

To your mother, a great writer.

I'll toast with prosciutto.

Did you read it in the end?


I haven't had time.

What does that mean?

That you work too much.

I'm swamped with work.

Better that you don't read it at all.

What do you mean?

It's not stuff for you.

- Have you read it?

- Of course I've read it.

I left it on your desk.

I know,

it's just that I've been busy

and I couldn't manage it, sorry.

What did you mean by

"not stuff for me"?

That it's too intelligent.

That is? What do you mean?

That you're less intelligent than Elena.

- Are you disappointed?

- Eat, Dede.

- Are you offended?

- No.

More magic.

More magic?

Enough for today.

Papa is offended.

Excuse him, Pietro works a lot

and sleeps very little.

I don't know

how you put up with him.

I love him.

Dede, have you finished eating?

Go to Papa.

- Go.

- My prosciutto

Take it with you.

- I'll do, leave it.

- Lenù, relax.

You make the coffee, I'll do the dishes,

play with the girls, then go to work.

- I'll do it, don't worry.

- I'm a guest, I'm happy to.

I'll be there in five minutes

and we'll play.

Go to Papa.

Want me to pick you up?

- I need to pee.

- Let's go.

What was happening?

I should have done something about it

but I did nothing,

actually, deep down I liked

seeing how an Airota lost ground,

got confused,

replied with flabby quips

to the quick

and cruel aggressions of Nino,

my schoolmate, my friend,

born in the neighborhood like me.

"Sir, he replied,

it is not up to me to choose.

So I shall always be pleased

with whomever you assign to me."

I waited for you for half an hour

outside the university.

Forgive me, I was held up.

Hi, girls.

Hi, Papa.

What happened?

Don't ever bring people from Naples

into my home again!

The police came to the university.

It's your fault,

you shouldn't have reported that boy.

Who did you report?

- It's normal for them to follow up.

- Who did you report?

It has nothing to do with the boy!

They showed me some photos,

they named some people.

But who did you report?

I did what was necessary then

and I should have done it today.

I didn't say anything

because you were involved.

How do I come into it?

Aren't Pasquale and Nadia your friends?

Pasquale and Nadia?

The police showed me pictures

of t*rrorists, they were there.

So now you snitch to the cops?

You inform on comrades?

Does your father know?

Your mother, your sister?

What informer, Nino?

A while ago, Pasquale Peluso

came to visit us, remember?

No, I don't remember him.

He came with Nadia, they're together.

- Nadia?

- Remember her?


Nadia Galiani? She's the nicest

and kindest person I know.

And only you and a couple of thick cops

could think she's part

of the armed struggle.

What nonsense, Nadia Galiani!

Girls, let's go eat.

Just be a professor,

not a law enforcement informer.

Now eat, defense of the established

order can do without you tonight.

Do you want sauce on your meatballs?

- How many do you want?

- Three.

The usual meatballs.

Eat one, at least.

Enjoy your meal.

Mamma, can I go and call Papa

and tell him it's ready?


Are you coming to eat?

No, papa's tired, you go and eat.

Good night.

I'm leaving tomorrow.

- Have you finished your work?

- No.

- Then stay.

- I can't.

- Pietro's a good person.

- You even defend him?

Papa said he wants to go to bed.

Evidently he wasn't hungry.

Dede, eat.


What an unpredictable person,

extremely intelligent and stupid,

a failed Airota,

he had stumbled along the way.

Perhaps Nino wanted to help me

see my husband for what he really was.

In those last days

all he did was rebuke me

for having had two daughters

with a nobody.

But did he realize

he was offering himself

as an alternative model of virility?

He had been rash.

He had sown confusion in a situation

that for me constituted

the only possible equilibrium.

Who had asked him

to open my eyes and save me?

Nino had made a mistake.

If he really cared about me,

he needed to bring everything

back to the starting point.

He had to regain

Pietro's liking and friendship,

my husband asked nothing else.

I had to talk to him,

tell him that was foolish

to treat Pietro that way.

Come in.

At last you've made up your mind.

I was very tired last night.

And also very rude.

I'll apologize to him, all right?

You should apologize to me.

I'm sorry.

The police often

come to us at the university.

A few months ago they asked

for information about some students,

so I asked them if they were sure

those students had committed crimes.

You know what they replied?

"Not yet."

So I showed them the door.

When they came back

for Pasquale and Nadia,

I didn't say they'd been here.

Not to defend you, but because

the police are overdoing it.

With the excuse of terrorism,

they're criminalizing all dissent.

You look nice.

Anyway, he's leaving today.

I'll go get the girls out of bed,

you check the coffee.

Stay longer.

I can't.

Swear you'll come back.

I swear.

- Tell me you won't leave me.

- I won't leave you.

- Tell me you love me.

- I love you.

Say it again.

I love you.

- Swear it's not a lie.

- I swear.


What's your favorite color?

- Green.

- Mine too!

- Really?

- Yes.



- Hello?

- It's me.

I just arrived in Naples

and I called to say hi

and to ask how you are.

I'm fine.

What are you doing?

- I'm with the girls.

- How are they?


Is Pietro there?


Did you like making love with me?


A lot?

Very much.

I have a lesson, I have to go.

Okay, thanks for the call.

- Why are you so cold?

- I'm not cold.

You demanded

I tell you that I love you and I did.

Even though I don't say it to anyone,

not even my wife.

I'm glad.

But do you love me?


Tonight you're going to sleep with him?

Don't you sleep with your wife?

- It's not the same thing.

- Why?

- Because I don't care about her.

- Then come back.

How can I?

Leave her.

- I'm out of coins, I'll call you back.

- Okay.


Who was that?

No one.

- Was it Papa?

- Yes, it was Papa.

That's not true.

Yes, it's true.

- Shall we go in there?

- Let's go in there.

Let's go.


I've called you five times.

When I call you,

you gotta be at home, all right?

I can't always be at home.


we're going on vacation in a week.

I thought you'd never answer

but I would've let it ring forever.

I would have loved

the sound of the telephone,

that hollow sound

seemed to be all that was left.

All I do is think about you.

Me too.

I wish I could bite your shoulders,

as I slowly stroke you

between your legs.

I wish I could smell

the odor of your breast,

make it sing, make it beg,

just to have another kiss.

Me too.


Were you talking to your boyfriend?

What boyfriend!

Why would you think that?

Anyway, I put the shopping bag

in the kitchen.


Look at me.

- Hello?

- Come out.

Where are you?

I'm on the other side of the square.

Come out.

Come out, or I'll come there.

How can I?

Then, I'm on my way.

I'll be right there.

I have to go

and buy some things for the beach.

Give me two minutes and we'll go.

It's all right, I'll go.

It won't take long,

you stay here with the girls.

I'll see you soon, be good.

It's so funny.

What were you thinking?

I drove all night.

Yes, all night

All night, Lenù!

You're crazy.

- Why?

- Here?

Tell me you love me.

I love you.

Let's leave, let's go away together.

Let's go now, don't go home.

And Pietro? The girls?

And us, Lenù? What about us?

Are we to live a life

that doesn't belong to us?

We have to take everything,

you understand?

Even if we think it's impossible.

I can't bear the idea

of not seeing you for all of August.

You have to call me every day.

What if Eleonora answers?

- Hang up.

- And if you're at the beach?

I have to work,

I'll never be at the beach.

We'll take a day,

at least one,

to be alone just you and me.

It's madness.

We'll go to your place

and make love all day.

I can't leave the girls with Pietro.

Make up an excuse.

Say you have to go to Florence

to get a book.

I'll make up an excuse for Eleonora.

Say yes.

I love you.

I was happy.

I could feel the touch of his hands,

his kisses on every part of my body.

The craving for pleasure

wouldn't calm down,

my thoughts were all about the day

I'd see him again.

I'm an idiot.

I forgot some books at home

that I need to correct the proofs.

Without them

I'll never make it for October.

I'll go get them tomorrow.

No, you stay here

with the girls, I'll go.

I like driving, I can easily go tomorrow.

You stay here, I'll leave tomorrow

morning and be back the next day.

You can come back tomorrow night.

Will you leave me in peace?

Can't I have a day off?

Maids get one, why can't I?

Don't get so worked up.

I said it because

I like driving and you don't.

Can I come too?


- You'll stay here with your sister.

- Why?

So you can spend some time with Papa.

I'm going to take a shower.

For me it was a unique experience,

for him a repetition.

I thought of all the crazy things

he'd done for Lila.

I remembered how she fell to bits

when Nino left her.

What's wrong?


Did he only know how to love

in that excessive way?

Tell me what's the matter.

Nothing's the matter.

Was that mad love of ours

a reproduction of other mad loves?

What happened?

Is there something wrong with me?

With sex?

What do you mean?

What I said.

Is there something

wrong with me with sex?

Like Lila?

You don't have to answer.

I didn't understand what you said.

I was quoting you.

I never said anything like that.

You did, at the restaurant in Milan.

Anyway, I don't want to talk about Lila.

Why not?

I don't want to.

Never mind.

- It might be Pietro.

- Who cares?


Elena, it's me. How are you?

Fine, you?

Why are you whispering?

Is everything okay?

Everything's fine. How are you?

We're at the beach.

Hear the music? The girls are dancing.

We're fine.

- Will you put Elsa on?

- Yeah.

Elsa, come here, it's Mamma.

She doesn't want to come,

I'll put Dede on.

Dede, come here, please.

Mamma's on the phone.

Hi, Mamma!

How are you?

I'm dancing with Lucrezia and Bruno.

- When's she coming back?

- When are you coming back?

I'm coming back tomorrow.



Will you be back tomorrow?

Yes, I'll be back tomorrow.

See you tomorrow, then.


What a good wife.

What a good mommy.

What about you?

In October, I have to go to Montpellier

for five days for a conference.

Have fun.

- Are you going with your wife?

- No, I want to go with you.

- That's impossible.

- Why?

Because I have two daughters

and I have to stay with them.

And us?

We're both married, Nino.

We shouldn't see each other anymore.

If that's possible for you, fine,

for me it's not.

That's just talk.

You've had a full life,

even without me.

You'll soon forget me.

Promise me you'll call me every day.

I'm not calling you anymore.

If you don't, I'll lose my mind.

I'll lose my mind

if I keep thinking about you.

There's only one way

to go to Montpellier with you.


Tell Pietro everything.

Are you really ready to do that?


On the condition

that you tell Eleonora everything.

You can't ask me

to hurt Eleonora and the boy.

Won't I hurt Pietro and my daughters?

Deciding means hurting people.

- Albertino's nearly four.

- Elsa's three.

And you don't care about Dede?

Let's do it after Montpellier.

- Don't play with me.

- I'm not playing.

If you're not playing,

then act accordingly.

Speak to your wife

and I'll speak to my husband, tonight.

It's not that simple,

it'll take time.

Then let's end it here.

Eleonora is a fragile woman,

as a girl she attempted su1c1de

more than once.

I can't do this to her.

I don't want to understand anything.

You're saying it too:

better to end it here.

I'm not saying that.

I'm saying it'll take time,

it's a delicate situation

and we can do it after Montpellier.

Bear in mind

your father-in-law respects me

and making our relationship public

would lead to an irreparable break

with the Airotas none of us can afford.

I've already wasted too much time,

I should have realized it earlier.

What do you want to do?

Acknowledge that my marriage

is meaningless and go my own way.

- Then, let's go to Montpellier.

- No.

I said my way, not yours.

- It's over between us.

- Don't be stupid.

I'm not joking.

- You always make a fuss.

- I'm not joking.

We're so good together.

No, you have to go, I'm not joking.

- I'm serious.

- Let's make love.

- No, you have to go.

- Five minutes.

You have to go.

Nino! You have to go!

I said you have to go.

You go first.

Nino didn't really want me.

He pretended a lot

and loved very little.

He wanted to f*ck me

as he had done with countless others.

But loving me was not in his plans.



What are you doing?

I made 150 lire.

I sold a sheep,

a giraffe

and a shell.

Well done.

Why are you sad?

Because Grandma's not well.

Did you cry?

No, I didn't cry.

Let's go.

Elsa, look who's here!


A butterfly.

How are you?


- You haven't slept.

- I slept badly.

Did you find the books you needed?


Where are they? Are they in there?

No, they're at home.

I checked what I needed to

and left them there.

I'm going to take a shower.

We called you last night, Elsa wanted

to talk to you, but you weren't there.

It was hot, I went for a walk.

By yourself?

Who would I have gone with?

Just imagine,

Dede says you have a boyfriend.

Dede has a strong bond with you,

she can't wait to replace me.

Maybe she sees

and hears things I don't see and hear.

What do you mean?

What I said.

If you want to add jealousy

to all your complaints, say so.

No, I'm not jealous.


I can't stand jealousy.

Let's go.

What did he expect from me?

I loved Nino, I'd always loved him.

How could I tear him

from my breast, my head, my belly?

During the last days of the vacation

all I did was cry.

I said I was tired,

it was too hot, I had a headache.

Nino was probably

still in love with Lila.

In the course of his life

he would love only her,

like so many who had known her.

And because of this

he would stay with his wife forever.

His love for Lila was the guarantee

no woman would ever

endanger that fragile marriage.

I least of all.

Everything okay?


How's your mother?

My mother?

Dede told me she's not well.

She's better now.

I called her,

your mother's been in excellent health.

Do you think I'm blind, deaf?

You think I didn't notice

when you flirted

with those morons

who came to the house?

Before Elsa was born.

What are you talking about?

You know perfectly well.

No, I don't.

Are you talking about people

who came to dinner years ago?

And I flirted with them? Are you crazy?

And didn't you flirt

with that long-haired engineer?


See? You remember him.

Of course I remember him,

why shouldn't I?

He's one of the few interesting people

who's been to the house

in seven years.

So you found him interesting?

What's wrong with that?

What's the matter with you tonight?

I want to know.

Can't I know?

What do you want to know?

What I know, you know.

It must be four years since

we saw that guy, why bring him up now?

Then let's talk about more recent things.

What is there between you and Nino?

No, Pietro.

Why did you ask me that?

You've spoiled everything.

Now there's nothing we can do.

If only you'd just stayed silent.

But you couldn't help yourself.

What should I do?

Should I go?

Do I have no choice but to go?

I've loved him since I was little.

When I was resigned

to never having him, he came back.

All the dreariness, the bleakness

you plunged me into,

the loneliness you forced on me

I couldn't help it.

I love him, do you understand?

Have you made love?

Tell me.

You're hurting me.

I had lied to him

out of fear for the irreparable,

out of shame, out of despair.


Back in Florence, we reduced our

communication to the bare necessity,

using friendly tones

in front of the girls.

Pietro slept in his study,

I slept in the marriage bed.

I couldn't decide what to do

and so I did nothing.

Say goodbye to Mamma.

I'll get it.

Nino hadn't called

and Montpellier was approaching.


Let's go, give me your hand.

Always the same trick, huh?

See you later.


Hi, Eleonora, it's Elena Greco.

That slut Elena Greco?

Leave my husband alone!

You bitch, don't you dare

ever call here again!

As God is my witness,

I'll come and bash your brains out!


I went from rage to unbridled joy.

Nino wanted me to the extent

he had told his wife about us.

He'd ruined his marriage.

So it was true, he loved me.


My marriage is over, I'm free.

- Did you speak to Pietro?

- I've started to.

- You haven't told him?

- Yes and no.

You want to back out?

- No.

- Then hurry up, we have to leave.

I'll see you in Rome and we'll catch

the plane, I've arranged everything.

And if I have problems with the girls?

Bring them with you.



You'd take me with you,

even with the girls?

Of course.

It's a living hell at my house, Lenù.

I'm afraid about what Eleonora might do.

But you and I are stronger

and our union is

an unavoidable necessity.

You really love me?


Suddenly I felt invulnerable.

Pietro was not Stefano Carracci,

let alone Michele Solara.

We would face each other down,

argue, explain ourselves,

but in the end

we'd come to an agreement.

- Yes?

- May I?

Come in.

May I speak to you?

Come in.

What are you working on?

What is it, Elena?

I'm having an affair with Nino.

Stop it.


Enough, stop it.

You can't ignore it.

I'm telling you

I'm having an affair with Nino.

When I came to Florence in August

it was to be with him.

But you told me something else.


Be reasonable.

You're telling me you have someone else

and I have to be reasonable?

It's not true, Elena.

- It's not true, you're wrong.

- It's true.

- It's not true.

- Look at me, it's true.

- Tell me it's not true.

- It's true.

It's not true, I said!

We love each other,

we have to be together

Stop! Shut up!

Just shut up!


Don't speak!

Now you go and tell your daughters.

Leave them out of it.

If you've made up your mind,

you have to tell your daughters.

Leave the girls out of it,

they're little.

Then you're ashamed, you're not sure

of what you're doing. Let's go!

- Let's talk about it.

- I said let's go!

Leave the girls alone,

let's discuss it first.

Come with me.

Why do you have

to bring them into it? They're little.


Your mamma

wants to tell you something.

- I'm begging you.

- Tell Dede.

Explain it to her, she's the elder.

Dede, your father

and I love each other

but we don't get along

and we want to separate.

That's not true.

Your mother wants to leave and

it's not true that we love each other.

She doesn't love me anymore. Go on.

It's not that simple.

We can love each other

even if we don't live together.

No, that's false!

It's false.

If we love each other, we're a family

and we live under the same roof.

But we don't love each other anymore

and we're not a family anymore.

If you tell lies,

what will she understand? Go on.

Go on, explain clearly

the reasons why you want to go.

I don't want to go.

I'd never leave you,

you're the most important thing I have,

but I have problems with your father.

Tell her.

What are these problems?

You have to tell her.

You have to say them.

What are these problems?

Listen, Dede.

Go on.

I love someone else

and I want to live with him.

His name?

His name.

The person's name!

Tell Dede.

Tell her.

What's his name? Are you ashamed?


Even she knew.

It's Nino. Your mother

wants to go and live with him.

I figured it out,

but please, don't leave us.

No, sweetheart, I won't leave you.

I won't leave you.


I'm sorry you had

to hear all these things.

I'm only going away for five days,

then I'll be back

and we'll see how it goes.

All right?

Are you lying to me?

No, I'm not lying.

They don't believe you either,

you're clearly not coming back.

It's not true.

Why aren't you

taking me away with you?

I'm only going away for five days.

Then I'll come back, I'm not leaving you.

I'll come back and we'll be together.

I'd never leave you.

The next day, while Pietro

was at the university,

I asked my neighbor if she'd look

after Dede and Elsa for a few hours.

They were confused times.

The old way people lived was dissolving

and with the books I had written,

with my very life, with Nino,

I was part of that dissolution.


Can I call you back?

Are you busy?

A little.

They k*lled Manuela Solara.

Did you hear me?

Who are you looking for?

Some say they slit her throat,

others say

they fired five g*n at her,

others, that they b*at her

and kicked her.

They say

she fell face down on the landing

and nobody noticed.

The Solaras have gone crazy.

They've called people

from all over Naples.

All their businesses have stopped,

not even I went to work today.

The neighborhood's scary,

you can barely breathe.

I think

I'll send Gennaro to you tomorrow.

I know I'm taking advantage of you,

but I can't keep him here.

You're the only one I trust.

Lila, I'm going away.

I'm leaving my husband.

My marriage is over.

I met Nino again and we realized

we've always loved each other.

Since we were kids,

without realizing it.

So I'm leaving, starting a new life.

Are you kidding?


Pietro's an extraordinary man.

Good, extremely intelligent,

you're crazy to leave him.

Think of the harm you'll do to your kids.

I can't live with Pietro anymore

because I can't do without Nino.

We're leaving today,

we're flying to France.

It's my first time in an airplane.

You're throwing away

everything you are for Nino?

You're ruining your family for him?

Don't do it, he'll use you.

He'll suck your blood,

he'll take away your will to live.

And then he'll abandon you.

Why did you study so much?

What use was it imagining

you'd live a wonderful life for me, too?

I was wrong.

You're just an idiot.

Good morning.


Good morning.

Open your eyes.

Look outside.

Are you happy?

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